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Back in 2010, I published a piece called ‘Edgeborough: testament to the old school’ ( ). It was a fifty year plus reflection on my two years there from the ages of eight to ten and and a discussion of the key legacy it had left me from the perspective of a now ageing man.

However at the time of writing, I was blithely unaware of the tragic events that presumably (?) occurred after I left the place at the end of the summer term of 1958; i.e., the sexually predatory behavior towards students at the school by the then headmaster, Charles Mitchell, during the early-mid 1960s.

Recently, one of my slightly senior peers while I was at the school alerted me to to the terrible story of the sexual abuse of Marc Sindon, as reported in the Daily Mail in November 2015 (

I felt as if Mitchell had posthumously stuck a knife in my back in an act of absolutely unforgivable betrayal, not just of his students, the school, his family, himself and me, but everything that he had ever purported to stand for.

In my original essay, I perhaps rather naively said in reference to to my time at Edgeborough, “It was the only cultural experience I have ever had where the institution I was in was still fully intact, alive, breathing normally and still possessed of its integrity.”

Well, if that were indeed then still the case, it didn’t have long to live …

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*Christopher Nagle has been writing for the last 20 years as an essayist, poet and polemicist. The twin tower attacks propelled him from being a liberal/Marxist critic of capital to a broader critic of modern thinking, myth-making and practice across the board, which has culminated in his collection of essays, ‘The Secular Fundamentalist’ ( )