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*Pic: Double trouble for planet earth! Image: Ted Mead

First published October 13

When it comes to addressing the planet’s climate change issues, the world is in desperate need of inspiring leadership, techno-innovation and political impetus, but for some inexplicable reason we are experiencing some of the most retrograde theatrics by prominent loons ever.  As the earth warms up, these deluded confidantes seem to be in a constant state of denial, and continue to preach that there is no case to answer, stating life may actually be better in some ways.

Just recently Tony Abbott made a provocative speech in London to a climate-sceptic thinktank in which he mocked climate science and likened climate policy to pagan sacrifice, and claimed global warming could be beneficial:

OK, we know that Tony Abbott is no longer the Prime Minister of this country but his performances of dire negativity sent climate change denial statements around the globe rippling throughout Australia’s Parliament and resonating into the receptive ears of, coal extraction, energy guzzling, high polluting enterprises, and anyone gullible enough who thinks Tony’s ‘head in the sand’ approach is the way Australia should continue.

Abbott in his London speech also said measures to deal with climate change would damage the economy, and were likened to “primitive people once killing goats to appease the volcano gods”.

The London speech – titled Daring to Doubt – was similar in content John Howard’s speech four years ago, where Howard said climate “zealots” had turned the issue into a “substitute religion”.

Abbott, who trained to be a Catholic priest, called climate change a “post-Christian theology” and said the decline of religion in society had left a hole in which other forms of “dogma” could take root.

Most, including many in the Liberal Party, think Tony Abbott has now entered into the loopy class ... though alarmingly he still has a very strong support base with the elected Nationals in Australia.

Greens’ climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt called Mr Abbott “a dangerous fool who could be simply ignored were it not for his ability to dictate Malcolm Turnbull’s climate policy”.

Abbott’s objective regarding the abandonment of the Clean Energy Target may yet be fulfilled, but if so, that will probably come at the cost of the Turnbull government as Abbott is probably convinced that Turnbull’s demise at the next Federal Election is probably the only mechanism for him to regain the Liberal Party leadership.

On a positive note, the Trumps and Abbotts of this world are powerless against the surge of renewable energy developments across the globe as other countries and individual US states are being driven by private investment not Dark-Age political policies.

As for Trump, you’ll need a crystal ball to see where his career ends up, though in the meantime it seems America and Australia’s action on climate change will continue to spin in retrograde for some time yet!

*Ted Mead was in disbelief when Tony Abbott was elected as Australia’s prime minister. Believing that rational debate over climate change had hit rock bottom and could only move upwards, until Donald Trumps’ election to the world stage pushed the global climate change debate into a deeper abyss. Ted is optimistic that rest of the world will continue on in addressing the climate issues regardless of the dark and conservative era of the Tweedles’ presence.