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Eric Abetz from his website ...

First published July 21

Eric Abetz is a nasty, self-serving, dirt-digging politician … in my opinion … and others.

According to some long-term voting Liberal stalwarts his recent tirade against the independent standing Craig Garland in Braddon has backfired big-time.

Eric Abetz plays politics old school … therein lies the loser!

Craig Garland is just an honest, fair dinkum bloke. Someone who Abetz has NO affinity with.

Abetz is wanting to scare and make sure anyone who has any real life experience (and be independently minded – rather than a political party hack) does not run as a parliamentarian …

Your nasty, lie-in-the-grass style politics is OVER Abetz!

Abetz gives lawyers and the Liberals a bad name … a supporter of rich criminals over the safety of children, workers, small business entrepreneurs.

He controls Brett Whiteley (Liberal candidate for Braddon) for no-one other than the elitist style Liberal Party upper echelon.

Abetz - He is society’s number one enemy, in my view …

VOTE 1 Craig Garland … he’s got his finger on the pulse …

Claire Gilmour wants to see some truth, justice, fairness and decent public political representation brought back into politics. She believes in independent thinkers in parliament over those without a conscience … the toe-the-party-line politicians.



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