Image for Christ Lightning

From time to time and as has been seen in the media recently (World doesn’t end: Guardian HERE), people come to believe that the end of the Earth is nigh and look to the heavens for the physical return of Jesus. This is predicted to be from the east like a bolt of lightning (Matthew 24: 27). For two millennia ardent believers have been listening for the thunder of the second coming, but what if the answer to this puzzle lies in a different way.

Jesus often referred to the kingdom of God as being within (Luke 17: 21) and pointed out that there was no difference between himself, anyone else and the Father (John 17: 21-23). So if the home of God is within the heart, is the place to look for the lightning also from within? Rather than a physical return to establish an iron rule on Earth, must we consider the iron rule being more personal and involve how each person lives?

If the awakening to a new way is within the heart of the individual, then the art of fearless compassion described in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37) would indicate the path of the heart that a new awakening would involve. If enough people on Earth were to become dedicated practitioners of this art, then it is quite clear that poverty would be sent into history quick smart and starvation could be no more.

Jesus was a radical teacher and we could not expect the Christ way to be the most convenient trail to the donation box. Faced with environmental crisis, where the use of fossil fuel has allowed human civilization to become unsustainable on this planet and cause Earth changes that could lead to the death of Nature, a radically different way forward is needed at this hour.

The key to progress is energy and for an advanced civilization, the logical place to look is the Sun. We can build solar farms on Earth to harvest sunlight, but the real change to an unlimited future will happen when we bite the bullet and make the investment in solar power stations in space, accessing the unlimited energy-well of the Sun and being able to build automated factories beyond Earth that can make any product for Earth and future space markets.

With factories located in space, our environmental footprint on Earth would shrink, while our production capacity will increase beyond Earth with infinite potential. Rather than a hand-over-fist existence for all the wealth any individual can grab, which is now draining life from the Earth, a new way could focus on the quality of life for all and the quality of the environment on Earth.

Unfortunately, while humanity insists on clinging to the Earthly nest in a fight over limited resources, we are steadily messing the nest and creating our own doom. With power stations and factories operating in space, we will also be able to build Earth-gravity star cities and islands across the Solar System and even look to expeditions to the stars. In this hour we have the choice of sliding into doom on Earth, or the thunder and lightning of the great adventure beyond Earth.

We could have started working on this vision for the future of humanity in the 1970s, but we insisted on fighting wars like that in Vietnam and drain all our money away into the Earth along with the blood of those killed. We chose to drill down into the Earth for the fossil carbon of dead life, instead of up to the Sun and now we are facing the price, which could be the making of a hell on Earth with few survivors.

When we read “as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24: 27), I cannot help but wonder if this is a prophetic view of the future, when those who are awakened to the fearless arts of compassion travel between the communities in space and the Earth, where celestial ways bring a new age of peace on Earth.

How could life in space lead to peace on Earth? Simply, human habitations in space are fragile bubbles in a vacuum, all too easily burst from within or without by conflict and or terrorism. The most direct way to deliver security is space is to work for peace on Earth and this can be achieved through the practice of compassion that delivers poverty into history and also opens a new future of unlimited creative opportunities beyond Earth.

In essence, celestial needs will lead to celestial values that delivers peace and a healthy life for all Earth’s children. Why risk hell on Earth when we can win the heavens, where the key act will be to build solar power stations in space? This would be a far better investment to make with Australia’s vast recourse wealth, than ending up with no more to show than a fist full of dollars in the dust of the empty coal mines of a hot desert Earth.