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A response to comments on Cassy O’Connor: A view from inside and outside the tent, so to speak ...:

OK ... a few matters to respond to. Enough, in fact, to try a dot point approach, probably in parts as it is late Monday evening.

No ‘sugar syrup’ and I wrote the above myself, Mr Danny Know it All but, us, not your name.

For those who didn’t name themselves in this thread, sorry .. I don’t have time.

To those posters who shot through some warmth in response to my article, thank you. It means alot ...

To the angry - I knew I would fire you up!

Rick: Politicians expect, and sometimes welcome, criticism. It’s part of the job and I’m seasoned to it by Ralphs Bay and three years in politics.  As a participant in this (TT) democracy, I’m also entitled to put a view.  Your Honour, I was provoked ...

You know, I still quite like listening to you on radio, but not as much as I used to.

Heather: thanks for the constructive feedback, but we do ever rail against the prospect of that pulp mill as the Parliamentary and public record . We have made many, many clear statements about that odious project.

Put ‘pulp mill’ into the Hansard search engine for 2010-11. Some dates ... 25/5/11 Part 2 ... 6/7/10 Part 2 ... 21/9/11 Part 2 (Libs anti-trespass Bill) ... 6/7/11 Part 2 ... 14/6/11 Part 2 ... 9/6/10 Part 2. Also, lots of Qs without notice relating to the mill in Q Time.

Since 2006, I personally have put hours and months into volunteering (with TAP and others) or working (preparing State and National Greens submissions etc) to stop the mill.  I am the same person who made her inaugural speech at Albert Hall, in the Tamar Valley.

Entirely logically, Kim Booth is our designated spokesperson on the pulp mill, which is why you most often hear from him on the subject. We all, however, have had and will continue to have, our say on how 100% wrong the project is for Tasmania and its people.

Just because it hasn’t been reported doesn’t mean it hasn’t been stated, clearly.

Ian Rist: you are mistaking your version of the truth, for the actual truth, or the truth that those who are not skeptical and weigh the evidence choose to believe.

I believe there is a small number of foxes in Tasmania; that the body of evidence put before me (scats, a growing number of credible sightings, independent DNA tests and authentic stories) is enough to demand a response; that the decline of the Devil has given foxes space in the landscape; that the threat to Bettongs, Bandicoots, Potoroos and their kind is too great not to take every step we can to avert another ecological disaster in Tasmania; and that I will take Nick Mooney’s word for it over yours, any day.

And, that’s the last time I engage with you on foxes. It’s a futile exercise.

While I’m on a late night roll, for better or worse ...

Russell Langfield: to clear the Cat One waiting list in December last year is to spend $640 000 on equipment and life aids for people with disability who had been waiting too long for what they need.

We have never supported nor lauded the AFL or V8 sponsorships. In fact, we have frequently condemned them as the record shows. They were initiated and delivered by Labor Treasurers and Ministers.  These relationships and deals go back some way ...

More recently, TT Line made the decision to sponsor AFL at Bellerive, out of its marketing budget. It’s a GBE, largely autonomous like Forestry Tasmania.  That one didn’t come to Cabinet.

Yes, the protection of HCV forests tagged under the IGA is reliant on many things coming together ... on the tenure process delivering the National Parks and formal reserves, on FT ceasing its rogue agency behaviour, on a strong public/grassroots campaign, on the negotiators as well as State and Federal Labor - particularly - sticking to the Agreement, AND critically, the Leg. Cos. passing the reserve package mid next year.  It is all quite precarious. I hope you are painting a banner and lobbying your Labor MPs and Upper House members vigorously.

No IGA HCV forests just yet, but 78,000 hectares of reserve quality unclassified Crown Land in Tasmania formally and quietly protected by Environment Minister Wightman as a result of $16 million extra in Parks funding last year. The $16 M to Parks and Wildlife that secured the 78,000 hectares of new reserves was negotiated by the Greens in the 2010-11 Budget.

The remainder of your commentary is just offensive.

Last one for the evening ...

Frank Strie: I have long liked and respected you Frank, and re your comment - I understand why you and others feel that way ....the history here is long and sour, and there is much at stake.

I think you would appreciate the objectives of our scientific Forest Carbon Study which is just about to get underway in earnest.  Another Greens initiative in government ...