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Senator Eric Abetz has been granted Leave of Absence from Parliament by the Prime Minister - this poses the question as to why?

I have had an advertisment on Tasmanian Times regarding Abetz, his Channel Highway property transactions and a potential capital gains tax liability for some three years ( Abetz and Channel Highway Land Deals, here ).

Despite my raising the matter with the ATO it has seemingly been studiously ignored.

In the intervening years Public Servants in the Tax Office have been threatened with official punishment if they mention Abetz’s name in internal or online discussion about pay and conditions - further Abetz welcomed the resignation of tax official Daryl Adams over his tweeting in the matter of the anti porn campaigner Melinda Reist and a large number of ATO staff have been terminated as a cost cutting measure by the Liberal Government.

As a result Abetz acting as the Public Service Minister may have turned the tide at the ATO over what I suggest is a much needed Tax Audit into his Channel Highway property transactions.

I ask Senator Abetz in this forum: Is the Channel Highway land deal behind his current Leave of Absence?

A simple yes or no will suffice.