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  1. Congratulations on wasting your time Decoder.

    We now see in action the process by which myths get converted into facts.

    Adele Sainte-Marie, a google-no-hit-wonder (see “rats earlier messenger shooting comment”), makes some claims with pompous authority in an earlier post (“My work in the intelligence sector keeps me associated professionally with organizations that focus on fiscal probity and formal means of assuring that democratic systems report accurately back to the people so that they may make informed judgements at election time”). 

    Without any balance and devoid of evidence, she repeats the usual extreme green dogma.  We can only guess at who had her ear on her visit from Canada (nice place - home of myth busting Patrick Moore, ex-Greenpeace founder).

    And along comes Decoder to expand on it and provide us with an ever so authoratative table!  Keep it up.  Another dozen or so analyses of Adele’s earlier article and it will become fact.

    The 303,001 hit (doesn’t seem enough) “rat”.

    Posted by rat  on  14/03/05  at  12:50 AM





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