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  1. Is another reason Paul Lennon is keeping hold of Brian Green’s portfolios is that he doesn’t want any of his other incompetents accidently spilling more beans about the other problems within these portfolios?

    Posted by Christopher Purcell  on  24/07/06  at  10:36 PM
  2. Drink up H, for Labor to turn around will require a miracle [revolutions not alowed] and whilst its acolytes in voter land continue to approve the behavior [Green’s vote predicted to go up] it is many sleeps to sobriety.

    Posted by phill Parsons  on  24/07/06  at  10:37 PM
  3. There is a word that sums up the way The Examiner operates in the cosy Cartel of Northern Tasmania and the Launceston Old Boy’s network….the word is ‘Accommodating”.

    A suggestion for Tasmanian car registration plates is: “Tasmania - the Accommodating State.”

    Posted by David Obendorf  on  24/07/06  at  11:02 PM
  4. Wasn’t it a bit pointed, ignoring the claims of the obvious backbencher for promotion? 

    Especially after she kept her mouth shut over Paula’s stuff-up re Cataract Gorge? 

    What does Michelle have to do, grow a moustache?

    Posted by Justa Bloke  on  25/07/06  at  12:56 AM
  5. I wish John West were alive today. Not so much to redeem the Examiner as to kick Michael Stedman in the backside for a few hours and then teach him the basics of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Statewatch is a column that never ceases to amaze me in the cliche ridden sport desk phrasing and childish analysis of the author. I send copies to interstate friends when a real “Stedman special” comes along” and they still think I am making this stuff up.

    Posted by R. Clifford  on  27/07/06  at  02:10 PM





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