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  1. Great article! We are ovewhelmed with pro-Graham advertising in our community at the moment.

    Let’s have more rational debate and broad minded views rather than a blind acceptance of what we are fed by The Mercury (newspaper)

    Posted by Andrew James  on  12/03/05  at  01:39 AM
  2. The underlying philosophy of this character (Franklin Graham) and all his cohorts is truly hideous.

    I can’t help reflect on my upbringing (50’s & 60’s……. Franklin’s father Billy, being the purveyor of the message that “we have all the answers”) which was filled with frightening images ..hellfire & damnation, the thought of going outside at night and finding the moon had turned to blood was absolutely terrifying to a young North West Coast Lad being brought up in a fundamentalist following …… more Plymouth Brethren (Gospel Hallers) call them what you like, to the square kilometre than anywhere in Australia.

    I just wish there was some way of getting the hierarchy of the long established Christian religious followings - not the sects, the Roman Catholics, Anglicans etc - to see sense and advise against having anything to do with this lot.

    Posted by Cedrict  on  12/03/05  at  10:05 AM
  3. “The God of Islam is not the same God. He’s not the son of God of the Christian or Judeo-Christian faith. It’s a different God,”

    Did NBC pursue this.

    In Graham’s world how many gods are there besides the one true one, where do they reside, are they all men.

    Jarred Diamond in his latest work “Collapse” describes the role that mistaken belief can have in the decline of a society. Of course, the more complex the mix of beliefs that influence direction the longer or more limited the decline can be.

    In the context of a society’s survival the most dangerous beliefs are the inflexible fundamental beliefs.

    Elements of Islam, Judaeism and Christianity are bound by such beliefs and we can see the results in New York, Palestine and in reaction to the attack on the ‘temple of mammon’ the World Trade Centre in Iraq.

    Simplistic views do not suit the complexity that we understand the world has. They do however meet the needs of some of the stupid monkey’s psyche.

    Ensuring that those same stupid monkeys never ever hold the balance of power is a key in ensuring survival of the complexity of and so our world.

    Above us is only sky, we can however create our own new hells in the image of the many we have created before.

    Posted by phill Parsons  on  12/03/05  at  11:16 PM
  4. Monkey see, Monkey do

    I believe from personal account that Franklin speaks with humility.

    I believe from observation and calculation that Bush lies, orders horror and destruction and doesn’t always go back and fix up his mess (not that he can repair maimed genetics). I hear that Bush and Franklin are cofidantes. I notice that the Catholic church appears to have originated by having hijacked the work of Jesus and shaped it to riches and power.

    I hear that Franklin’s dad (was)  part of huge business based on hijacking and boosting Jesus’s simple message. Franklin jets in and the kids are served coke. Afganistan is still a mess. I am wary as I speak, for humiliy is a rare and precious state of character. Is it true that this same man supports, not the turning of the other cheek, but bombastic brutal intrusions. Is there another type of hijack going on?

    Would Jesus serve coke while blowing legs off kids in a farwaway country? Is this man going to say anything that can’t be said, any time, anywhere, by local Jesus people of equal humility, preferably real and complete humility, and regardless of crowd, with the same measure present of the omniscient spirit?

    Is sensationalism necessary? Monkey see, monkey do. Will converts notice who is bombing? Hopefully it has nothing to do with Franklin.  He’s not one of the billionaire dodos who see fit do such things. Listen to the simple truths and not the razzamataz.

    Posted by M J Latham  on  14/03/05  at  08:11 AM
  5. Is there more to life? That was Franklin’s question.

    It certainly got 1000s of tassie teenagers pouring in the gates for the BigNightOut with the Son of Billy.

    Or perhaps it was the Free Pizza and Coke—

    Every spotty kids’ idea of Heaven?

    Posted by MugWump  on  16/03/05  at  03:27 AM
  6. Send me some of that free pizza and coke please, where was it again? Were you there? right…of course you were ...

    Posted by pmuwgum  on  21/03/05  at  11:51 AM
  7. Great blog and great article by James Boyce! Re the Rapture Index, a new and hard-hitting reaction to it entitled “The Rapture Index (Mad Theology!)” is on some engines like Google and Netscape. The same fantasy is part of the current Armageddon Theology, a theology supporting politics and even military action to bring about the End.

        Historian Dave MacPherson has traced the “seeds” of the same proud and power-mad Armageddonism back to a quarterly British journal known as “The Morning Watch” which, in its September 1830 issue, had the first public teaching of the “pretribulation rapture” (the most popular feature of “dispensationalism”).

        In that issue a writer stated that the raptured Christians would then collectively become “the victorious ministerer of the great tribulation” upon those left behind!

        An 1832 issue of “The Morning Watch” taught that the “vials” of wrath in the book of Revelation “shall be poured out by the risen [raptured] saints,” and a few months later another issue went even further and declared that the collective group of raptured ones will “wield the thunders of its power against the dragon [Satan] and his angels, and cast them down from heaven”!

        But where in the Bible did those British fanatics find support for such “Rapture Rage,” and where are the followers of Christ commanded to pick up a sword and conquer and convert non-believers with it - or even support such sword-bearers?

        The above is a tiny fraction of MacPherson’s 300-page book “The Rapture Plot” - the most detailed and documented history of the “pretribulation rapture” view merchandised by Hagee, LaHaye, Falwell, Lindsey, Van Impe, Ice etc. for their agendas. The same devastating work, the royalties of which go to a nonprofit research group and not to any individual, can be obtained via online bookstores. A revealing Google article throwing light on the same rapture’s roots is “Pretrib Rapture Diehards.”

        Now you know the beginnings of the sinister end-of-the-world belief that has even been influencing America’s Middle East policies!

    Posted by Jon Edwards  on  10/09/06  at  03:07 AM
  8. Excellent interpretation of the historical facts. Tasmanians beware, Christian and non-Christian alike. As an American who lived in OZ and who defines himself as a Christian deep ecologist, I would recommend more rational study and reflection by all those concerned about the environment, the future and faith. We need to restore spaceship Earth and move beyond simplistic self-serving values.

    Posted by Dr. Marc A. Wessels  on  16/02/07  at  09:53 PM





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