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  1. It surely is.

    With Greenhouse Gases at 425ppmv carbon dioxide eqivalents that is an average warming of 1.3dC.

    With the business as usual approach by all parties led by the US the tipping point is guaranteed.

    Poeple argue that Australia’s contribution is negligible so what does it matter.

    Besides the warm inner glow from setting an example by attempting to do the right thing avoiding complete disaster should be a stroing motivator.

    Another is the huge economic potentail of the innovations to curb greenhouse gas production.

    Unfortunately, without a major disaster looming on the immediate horizon, government by itself is incapable of acting.

    If you wish for your descendents to have a future then some inconveniece in ther here and now will be required.

    The more you delay the greater the pain for any gain and the less likely a successful outcome is.

    The tipping piont is when it no longer matters how much greenhose gas humans produce the changes in the arctic and boreal, in forest and in the seas are such that gloabl warming and the concomicant climate change is self feeding.

    It’s parts of a second to midnight.

    Posted by phill Parsons  on  02/08/06  at  09:36 PM
  2. It is election night, November 1992 and I am in a room with other Clinton/Gore supporters at the Democrat’s national headquarters in Washington D.C.. We are cheering wildly.

    Why? Because with Al Gore winning the election as Vice President,  it seemed a surety that the environment would finally be on the agenda of political discourse and decision making and no longer regulated to some dingy, back room of vetoed promises.

    Gore had just written the politically and environmentally powerful book “Earth in the Balance” and it demonstrated an acute, intelligent understanding of the science behind the global environmental problems facing the world. Here would be somebody to lead America out of its addictive consumerism into a more balanced earth friendly relationship with the world.

    But nothing happened for eight years. Nothing. Silence from someone who knew. Tragic.

    The result was that Bush won the 2000 election because the disillusioned green vote went to Ralph Nader. And now look where we are.

    I believe that “An Inconvenient Truth” is an important movie to see. However, I am sceptical that there are any Australian politicians capable of speaking the truth about the environment and forcefully seeking legislative change. I have no doubt that within the Labor and Liberal parties there are those members of parliament who want to better protect the environment, but, like Al Gore, they are silenced by the party machine and can only sit on their hands for fear of losing position and power.

    We all suffer from this silence.

    Posted by Peter Adams  on  02/08/06  at  11:14 PM
  3. We get very noisy about the pretty and quaint things that are imposed upon by development.  We stand and shout, shame and fight, pour in money and dont sleep at night.

    But someone offers us a tax refund and we vote them in again.  The nature of people as a body corporate has written on the walls along with prophets, poets and scientists for many years.

    We note that the momentum of people’s ongoing tom-foolery continues to build.  The prophets prophesies are unfolding.  We hear that train acomin’ ...
    Whether we die all at once over a long time choking and gasping in a suffering wilderness or go out singly in a flash of new artillery, we die.

    Or we choke on a crumpet we die.  Is any different if we all die?

    And is that the end or is it the train ... and is this itself not a point of shattering uncertainty.

    So what should we do rather than shuffle the deck chairs brothers and sisters. Where should we focus our work.  Faith and word is mightier than the chain saw, the vote and the complaint.

    Posted by Global Pale  on  03/08/06  at  01:59 AM
  4. Global warming? Global cooling? Climate change?

    The planet has been going through phases of cooling and warming for millions of years. And now Al wants us to believe the sky is falling.

    30-40 years ago we were being told the sky was falling because of the new ice age pending.

    For those that may want to consider an alternative to Al’s view have a look at :

    (sorry if the link doesn’t work)

    Keep an open mind kiddies. The conclusions being drawn by some based on interpretations of imprecise data should be questioned. Unless, of course, you’re like Terry Lane and his article in the Sunday Age about Iraq… “..I fell for it because I wanted to believe it.”

    And I love the way “our” ABC is trolling for stories about global warming on its website. But anecdotes are only wanted if they support the mantra.

    Posted by barking toad  on  04/08/06  at  01:33 AM





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