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  1. An illuminating and plausible gentle piece of reporting, Geraldine.  It has a shuddering kick in it.

    The yarn, to jaundiced observers such as I,  is a scary illustration of the corruption of power.  All who witness the broad reaction of the public to politicians will be aware of the “respect” and subservience on which most pollies endlessly preen.

    No wonder they can never accept defeat, why they never want to step aside, why they play Brutus with their colleagues at every opportunity ... no matter what shabby disguise they may be wearing at the time, they DO expect a little flattery about their emperor’s new clothes.

    It seems, Geraldine, you were not up to speed on the personal protocol and you could not have been too surprised at being thrown in to the tumbrils of speaking to the Hon Member’s staff.

    A “confrontation” (or polite inquiry) from an intelligent voter with a genuine interest is a very difficult situation for these blokes to handle.  And if they cannot handle a simple situation like this, they may not be worthy of a vote.

    I loved the vignette, would have loved more to have been a witness in the background.

    Posted by guy parsons  on  22/03/05  at  03:09 PM
  2. “The conversation went on for a long time with no acknowledgement of my presence…. more than 5 minutes,”. 

    Viz: “I (Kons) am a Minister of State and a very important person and you don’t count”. 

    Last refuge of the truly ill-mannered low self esteem lobby - or those with very poor peripheral vision?

    “I then asked the Minister to tell me just how much they were committed to the promotion of Organic Agriculture… I cited the example of the beekeepers ... the Government’s policy was ‘not enough revenue in the industry to warrant putting it ahead of bigger earners, such as forestry’, 

    Viz: “The only thing that matters is, making a quid -  and bee-kepers are probably vegetarians or bio-terrorists anyway - or anyway bees are”.

    Thank’s Geraldine for this further insight into the character and politics of the esteemed Minister Kons.

    Posted by Sandra John  on  10/05/05  at  04:57 AM





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