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  1. Can I have this on a T-shirt please?

    Posted by Simon East  on  08/07/06  at  03:03 PM
  2. I was thinking of the same thing.  Would it be possible to have this image of our “illustrious leader” on a t-shirt, complete with slogan (I can think of many!).  Royalties to the artist, of course, etc…

    Possible slogans:

    (1)  Maaaaate!
    (2)  In case you’ve forgotten who’s responsible.
    (3)  The champion of stable, accountable government.
    (4)  A project of State Significance?, No worries mate!
    (5)  The meek shall inherit the Earth. My mates will inherit Tasmania.

    Just for starters!

    Posted by Tassie Smurf  on  09/07/06  at  12:59 AM
  3. um, maybe

    1. Vote Ringo Harrison, Paul Lennon Sux
    2. Australians for Gunns Control
    3. Fuck off! I’m watching the cricket.
    4. There’s nothing wrong with that - my best mate’s Gay
    5. Life’s a Bleach
    6. Stat dec this, bitches!
    7. Tasmanian Parliament - putting the ‘asses’ in ‘assessment’

    Posted by typingisnotactivism  on  25/03/07  at  02:50 PM





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