"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Tourism Tasmania goes to war?

Image for Tourism Tasmania goes to war?

The Hag*. Pic: screenshot of Jude Franks' comment
23.08.18 5:53 am

“We need to make sure the benefits of tourism are not gained at the expense of the destination itself or the social well-being of our local communities. As global demand for Tasmania continues to grow and more investors, developers and tourism operators engage in the sector, we need to make sure our increased popularity doesn’t undermine the many natural and social benefits that Tasmanians enjoy and that make our island so appealing to others. This is especially true of a tourism offer based around the natural environment and historical-cultural heritage.”

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Anna Reynolds, Independent for Mayor ... not Green ... ?

The Hag*. Pic: of Anna, right, at her launch ...
16.08.18 5:15 am

Image for Anna Reynolds, Independent for Mayor ... not Green ... ?

So, why is Anna Reynolds running as Independent for Mayor ... rather than a Green?

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The Cable Car (2)

The Hag*
14.08.18 12:30 pm

Image for The Cable Car (2)

The Hag doesn’t like the cable car. It would immensely spoil what remains of the ambience of Hobbit, she says ...

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‘Woodchip fan-girl gets real’

The Hag*
14.08.18 5:53 am

Image for ‘Woodchip fan-girl gets real’

As a special guest of dishonour, the Hag attended the Private Forestry Tasmania forum last week at the ‘main bar’ at the Hobart Showgrounds. With the vibe of half Gothic hipster mock-but-real 1980s hostelry, half abandoned low-rent truck-stop, 40 or so grizzled, hard-bitten and wary foresters gathered to discuss one thing: How the fuck to make cash out of trees these days …

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2017: Blast from the past

The Hag* Pic*
22.07.18 6:00 am

Image for 2017: Blast from the past

In February, 2017, the Department of the Premier received an updated Conservation Management Plan for the Treasury Buildings next to Franklin Square. This had been commissioned by the department of Treasury and Finance, who wanted an earlier 1992 conservation plan brought up to date. This is the expert’s very clear advice from the report (all 341 pages of it, download available at the bottom of the page) …

Mercury Talking Point: Hobart’s coming apart at the seams

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UTAS properties in the city ...

The Hag* Bill Kinnane, Rosetta
20.07.18 5:15 am

Image for UTAS properties in the city ...

But wait there’s more ... It’s a planning application for a UTAS development at 40 Melville Street.  Compare the descriptions - UTAS and HCC - and tell me if you think the council’s fudging the details …

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Mykonos ...

The Hag*
18.06.18 5:07 am

Image for Mykonos ...

Mykonos takeaway has been an institution in Sandy Bay, Hobart, for decades; if you haven’t had a late night feed there, you haven’t experienced Hobart …

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Mmmmm ... Uni vice-chancellor salaries ....

The Hag* Pic: of Peter Rathjen
01.12.17 4:46 am

Image for Mmmmm ... Uni vice-chancellor salaries ....

How fascinating is this. It seems the Uni Of Tas vice-chancellor Peter Rathjen’s salary - ( Rathjen is about to move to Adelaide HERE ) - is above that of Glynis Breakwell, the UK’s highest-paid vice-chancellor ... which led former UK education minister Andrew Adonis to call for her resignation (because of the package) …

Guardian: Bath University vice-chancellor quits after outcry over £468k pay

Guardian: Birmingham academics protest over university vice-chancellor’s pay Staff seek ‘reform of system which sees those at top allocate themselves huge salaries, while denying fair pay to those at bottom’

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Aboriginal Education and the 800 large

The Hag*
27.09.17 6:05 am

Image for Aboriginal Education and the 800 large

In July this year four state government tenders were awarded to a media company called DCNSTRCT Pty Ltd. They totalled more than $800,000 …

ABC: Government department backs process for granting $880,000 in tenders to ‘relatively unknown company’ … Responding to questions over their successful bids, DCNSTRCT directors Dr Raef Sawford and Aden Narkowicz said. they had “worked in the film and multimedia industry for a combined 25 years plus”. “We have previously produced content for AES which was published on their website in December 2016,” they said. “We spent a lot of time and effort to produce what we thought were very strong submissions for each of the tenders, with a bold and considered creative response borne out of research into the subject matter. “Our website did not form part of our submission and is not currently part of our marketing strategy. “We were of course delighted with our success, but we can’t speak for the selection process … “

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One is pissed off with the Lord Mayor ...

The Hag*
22.06.17 4:00 pm

Image for One is pissed off with the Lord Mayor ...

Chatting to a local dudette who was deeply pissed off I hazily remember (I was taking rather too much absinthe at the time) the Lady Mayoress of Hobart (Sue Hickey) and her ‘spending sprees’ …

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Is it true: The Rosemary Armitage saga ... ?

The Hag*. Pic*
28.05.17 6:00 am

Image for Is it true: The Rosemary Armitage saga ... ?

And, off the back of a truck comes this wondrous intelligence ... is it true ... ?

• Download The Environment Association’s submission on Guy Barnett’s Bill and ...

• John Hawkins in Comments: … You (Guy Barnett) and your party have backed yourselves into a political corner with the attempt to roll back World Heritage Listing of the Western Tiers and now this attempt to scrap the Tasmanian Forest Agreement and keep the money. Both were and are bad policy, dreamt up to trick the simple and get you and your party into government. The Tasmanian Forest Industry will not get FSC if this legislation is passed by the Legislative Council. …

• Andrew Ricketts in Comments: As a result of this excellent TT article, I have now been informed by a private correspondent that: “It was sad to note Armitage voted for (the) Forestry (Unlocking the Forests) Bill yesterday despite saying she would not at the forum during the election (campaign).” I had not attended the forum and had no knowledge of it or the public commitments which the ostensibly Honourable Armitage made. However it is deeply concerning that people standing for public office are seemingly blithely prepared to engage in such untrustworthy behaviour.

• Rosemary Armitage MLC has had a week to deny this speculative ‘story’ ... she has not responded ...

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Norske Skog set to close ...

The Hag. Pic: Flickr, Soma Kondo. First published September 29
30.09.16 3:30 am

Image for Norske Skog set to close ...

Norske Skog’s New Norfolk paper mill is set to close and be turned into a fuel pellet factory ...

• Jack Lumber in Comments: Interesting .....NS Boyer has despite the excellent efforts of local management struggled to be out side the ” bottom 25% ” in profitability as part of NS pantheon of mills. Declining newsprint and even LWC, would have seen the mill have to “do something ” or close. An elegant solution in the making for the softwood and the currently “stranded” southern hardwood plantation estates—and all using the existing containerisation supply chain that NS and Tasrail have set up. Noice. Now lets see the naysayers….who may actually identify some key points to consider. Keeping open-minded …

• phill Parsons in Comments: The pervasive idea that a ‘cargo’ will arrive in the hands of a white knight investor [Forestry, the hydro, a mining company, a sawmilling company, woodchip exports, world scale fish farms] to save the old guard of the State’s economy will return having festered in the other halls nearby and in Canberra. Until and only when the Tasmania transforms its own products and talents it will remain caught in the eddies of an economic backwater. A rehash of a previous comment but still applicable. As the dysfunctions of new tech and climate instability ripple through society a forward view needs to be taken by government that often checks the rear view mirror for ideas …

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Nero fiddled. Basslink fried ...

Lindsay Tuffin. First published March 10. Pic*
14.03.16 4:00 am

Image for Nero fiddled. Basslink fried ...

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. In Tasmania Parliament has fiddled while Basslink has fried ...

• Mike Bolan in Comments: As I have written elsewhere, we are trying to use regulations written by lawyers in the past, to make decisions about 21st century evolving complex problems - this makes government look like zombies who lurch from one threatening posture to another. It cannot work. Humans do not excel in committees, parliaments and boards of inquiry. We excel when we are responding in real time to evolving inputs - riding horses, flying airplanes, sailing ships and so on. What we’re not good at is writing instructions telling ourselves what to do under future contingencies. There’re a lot of reasons for that …

• Get with the WIDGET ...  Thanks to Peter we have embedded a little graphical widget.  You can see from the yellow bit of the bar how little reliance we have on solar …

• Luigi in Comments: The bar graph widget is a wonderful thing.  The most important thing to appreciate is that it is “live”:  it shows power use/generation right now!  You can easily see this by watching the green part of the bar (wind power) change minute by minute …

Mercury: Tasmania’s internet slows to a crawl

• Pete in Comments: iiNet has posted it as a ’... widespread disruption’ lasting 3 months

• Hag has been told Treasury has a list of contingency plans in the event of crisis-point with power. First to go are householders and last are hospitals/old peoples’ homes. Industrials - which have cut their power use - are somewhere in the middle ... • Hag also hears that the boss of Tas Networks a while ago purchased a generator for his home. I’m told - and this may just be a load of tosh - that he/she has just recently upgraded it to a large one. His view is the lights are going to go out. Political tribalism can’t solve this issue. Hag wondered if perhaps there is reason to form a citizens group to call for the major industrials to be turned off or scaled back now with Federal government financial support? Even the Greens won’t suggest this as it is politically unpalatable. It might get to the point it is too late! …

Hag wonders if potatoes aren’t the answer. Apparently it’s a secret plan of Premier Will and has just been leaked. Read all about what spuds can do on The Big Riddle HERE

• Digital Tasmania has provided a graph of download and upload speeds and ping times on a 50/20mbit NBN service. They have also released an MR which starts at Comment 43. See below ...

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Get set for huge taxpayer dollars spent on PA massacre commemoration ...

The Hag. First published February 26
26.02.16 4:47 am

Image for Get set for huge taxpayer dollars spent on PA massacre commemoration ...

Perhaps you may have heard, the Port Arthur Authority is planning some sort of a “celebration” of the Port Arthur Massacre, to be held I understand in late April. I do know the chief invite has been extended to John Howard, who let’s face it probably deserves a guernsey for his work on gun control after the massacre.

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TIPS: Southern Design Centre closes. Cruise ship season race against time

The Hag
24.09.15 4:52 am

Image for TIPS: Southern Design Centre closes. Cruise ship season race against time

• The Southern Design Centre in Geeveston will close after 11 years of operation on the 31st of October.

• TASPORTS needs to dredge the River Derwent alongside the new cruise ship terminal at Macquarie Wharf 2, but is racing against time to complete the upgrade before this year’s bumper cruise ship season.

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International Museum Day ... and TMAG was CLOSED!

The Hag. Pub: May 20
22.05.15 4:30 am

Image for International Museum Day ... and TMAG was CLOSED!

Unbelievable. Monday May 18 was International Museum Day ( Read all about it HERE ). Guess what? The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery was closed!  Is this Hicksville?

BUT it seems the elite have special opening powers ...

• Jane Rankin-Reid, in Comments: The recent auditor’s report on TMAG’s performance indicates the dangerous extent of Labor’s poor ministering of the institution over the last decade or so. With $5 million+ missing from TMAG’s coffers and the selective debasement of the institutions collecting and exhibiting integrity among other problems, it’s clear the previous government continually turned a blind eye to major issues affecting our state’s museum and art gallery. I’m not in favor of the early closing or for shutting TMAG one day a week, but at least Minister Goodwin has gone after an experienced real world museum professional in appointing ex director of the Royal Museum of Ontario Janet Carding to run TMAG. This is the first professional museum directorship for the institution in over a decade. Let’s hope TMAG can begin to reach its incredible potential at last.

• Paul Taranto, in Comments: Dear Hag,  I have found other locations that also qualify as “Hicksville”. .London - Museum of London, Paris. - Musee d’Orsay, Florence - Uffizi Gallery, Athens - New Acropolis Museum and Byzantine Museum, Los Angeles - The Getty, Barcelona - Museum di Picasso, Museau d’Historia, Munich - BMW Museum, Prague - City of Prague Museum, Dvorak Museum….... All closed on Monday!

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Poor Jan really cops it ...

The Hag
11.08.14 3:53 am

Image for Poor Jan really cops it ...

Philanthropic Jan Cameron really cops it from them-thar good ‘ol Tassie boys ‘n girls. The latest is a Facebook feeding frenzy not unlike seals attacking fish farms (see below) ... The latest posts include Frances Bender, co-owner of Huon Aquaculture, who, incidentally, has been nominated for a Pride of Australia Medal in the environment category. It’s probably worth noting that when Jan Cameron donated $20 million worth of Gunns’ forest estate to the Tasmanian Land Conservancy it was the largest purchase for conservation in Australia’s history. No Pride of Australia Medal for Jan????

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The Hon Eric needs an Electorate Officer. Send, Send, Send to meet your obligation ...

The Hag
10.08.14 5:15 am

Image for The Hon Eric needs an Electorate Officer. Send, Send, Send to meet your obligation ...

Office of Senator The Hon Eric Abetz, Leader of the Government in the Senate, Minister for Employment, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service, Liberal Senator for Tasmania requires an Electorate Officer. This is your chance to meet your obligation to apply for 40 jobs a month. Send, Send, Send to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). And don’t forget Eric’s special Facebook fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/40jobsl

• John Hayward, in Comments: I want this job so bad that I’m seriously considering falsifying my application. Hoping no one else has the same idea.

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Ten Days ... what is going on?

The Hag. First pub: July 14
16.07.14 7:30 am

Image for Ten Days ... what is going on?

What the hell is going on with the event formerly known as Ten Days on the Island, Hag wishes to know.

Martyn Goddard: A Festival of Waste, includes downloadable financial analysis

• Margaretta Pos, in Comments: Far worse than the state of Ten Days, is the Government’s decision to call for applications for the post of Director of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery - from within the public service. It appears that the acting director has been given the nod. Surely she should have to compete for the job, along with the best of an outside field? Arts Minister Vanessa Goodwin should be held to account over this appalling decision.

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