·    Tasmanian racing industry in free-fall

·    Premier condemned for his arrogant, dismissive response to successive race cancellations

·    Labor has betrayed the Tasmanian racing industry time and time again

The Tasmanian racing industry is in free fall as a result of Labor’s mismanagement, incompetence and betrayal.
Successive race meeting cancellations at Elwick have seen losses for industry stakeholders mount – losses that stakeholders say could have been avoided with proper maintenance and drainage at $30 million new facility.
And this was the Premier’s response to an industry that is hurting:
“in the wettest winter since 1934, I think we can expect a few cancellations.”

What an arrogant response from Mr Bartlett.
He has demonstrated typical Labor disregard for the racing industry, and the thousands of Tasmanians who depend on it.
And he has again reinforced how out of touch this government is after 11 long years in office.
The racing industry is the State’s 4th largest employing industry and worth tens millions of dollars to Tasmania.
Current and emerging problems for the industry include continued race cancellations at Elwick estimated to cost upwards of half a million dollars, a budget shortfall of $5 million as a result of the State Government’s inability to pursue a product fee, and then the continued uncertainty surrounding the sale of TOTE – a sale the industry was told last year by this government wasn’t going to happen.
On top of major reform late last year, the industry deserves greater respect from the State Labor Government and the Liberals have raised these concerns as a Matter of Public Importance in Parliament today. We are deeply concerned about the government’s betrayal of the Tasmanian racing industry and its lack of understanding of the impact that its mismanagement is having on the many stakeholders involved.
The industry is hurting and the Minister for Racing cannot continue to be a hands-off spectator. The Premier, meanwhile, should get up to speed on the contribution that this industry makes to Tasmania and start backing it, not fobbing their concerns off.