Renegotiate Deal & Provide for State AFL Support
The Tasmanian Greens today released their “A Home for Hawks: Keeping the Hawthorn Football Club at Aurora Stadium”, policy commitment which will seek to negotiate a new contract of up to five years with the Hawthorn Football Club, and provide further support for local Tasmanian football.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP, who launched today’s policy commitment with Greens Member for Bass Kim Booth MP, said that a key plank of the policy is to invest $1 million from revenue generated from signage and ticket sales at Aurora into grassroots football in Tasmania.

Mr McKim also said that the proposed new arrangements would be worth $2 million annually for up to five years, which is reduced from over $3 million currently, and will require Hawthorn to play four to five Premiership matches at Aurora Stadium.

“The Greens will honour the current Hawks’ deal but when it expires in 2012 we will seek to negotiate a new contract for up to five years which will see four to five premiership matches, and one pre-season game, played at Aurora stadium,” Mr McKim said.

“Currently an estimated $1 million annually flows to Hawthorn from signage and ticket receipts at Aurora, and under the Greens’ plan this will instead be directed to Tasmanian grassroots football, including country and junior football clubs.”

“Under the Greens’ plan the annual funding arrangements will be renegotiated to ensure it provides the best value for the Tasmanian people.”

“We are committed to keeping the AFL in Tasmania but we do not think that maintaining naming rights sponsorship of an AFL club is the top priority.”

“Eventually, we would like to see our own stand-alone Tasmanian football team in the AFL,” Mr McKim said.


Attached: A Home for Hawks: Keeping the Hawthorn Football Club at Aurora Stadium policy initiative, launched by Nick McKim MP and Kim Booth MP.