Moonah Arts Centre – July 14 – July 26

LAUNCH 6:30pm Wednesday July 14th, by Georg Andersch


(Dawn Oakford, Janet Walmsley, Robyn Stanley, Lynn Hasenkam)

Chinese Whispers celebrates the coming together of four unique and very different artists:- Dawn is nationally recognised for her unique slip cast shapes and colourful decoration, Janet is also a slip caster with exquisite drawing and decorating skills; Robyn’s sophisticated sense of form embraces several media including wood, resin and clay and Lynn embellishes her terracotta/raku clay forms with rich and tactile surface treatments.

The four artists known as CLAYmates present a very different and exciting exhibition which challenges the accepted notions of creative practice.

The exhibition is based on the children’s game, Chinese Whispers. The object of the game is to transform the original drawing or statement step by step, piece by piece into a completely different entity without reference to all that has gone before.

CLAYmates have taken the premise a step further and created an entire body of work in the same fashion with often unexpected results.

Every piece in the exhibition, whether functional or sculptural, has been made by all four artists working together to explore both the playful and the darker aspects of Chinese Whispers.

During the course of the exhibition a short film will be running showing the making process from start to finish. Audiences will have a chance to see behind the scenes as all four artists are filmed at work in the studio.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors to the Gallery will be asked to join in the Chinese Whispers game by drawing on pre-prepared tiles.

By the end of the exhibition, CLAYmates will prepare the tiles for installation at a suitable location within the Moonah/Glenorchy area.