CT4K says picking Krejza will get wickets and sell tickets

“The doosra was delivered late in a Sheffield Shield match already pronounced dead. NSW versus Tasmania was out of breath as a contest, a draw the inevitable result, the crowd either yawning or leaving or long‐gone … and then … and then … Jason Krejza ambled in and bowled the most significant delivery by an Australian spinner since the retirement of Shane Warne.” - Sydney Morning Herald, 23-Nov-2009

The doosra: that most difficult and exotic of all cricket deliveries. While a challenging delivery to perfect, the well-executed doosra presents an often unanswerable challenge to the batsman.

Until now, no Australian had been able to utilise the doosra at first-class level. The doosra remained the domain of Mushtaq, Muralitharan, Botha and Singh. Concerned Tasmanians for
Jason Krejza (CT4K) is pleased to report that last week, Jason Krejza joined the doosra club with a cutting delivery that bamboozled and bowled Usman Khawaja.

“In the post-Warne era of spinning mediocrity, Australia needs is a spinner that can turn the ball, take wickets, mobilise the punters and add to our attack. We haven’t had this since Warne,” CT4K spokesperson Hugh Miller said.

“Concerned Tasmanians for Jason Krejza believes it’s the biggest dismissal since Whitlam. Mr Miller focused his attention upon South Australian lawyer, ordinary ex-cricketer and now
ordinary selector, Andrew Hilditch.

“What Andrew Hilditch doesn’t realise is that Jason Krejza is not only a cricketing dream, but also a promoter’s dream. Why hold back this cricketing phenomenon?

“Picking Krejza will get wickets and sell tickets. Picking Hauritz will bankrupt the game – morally and monetarily.

Following the momentous doosra, CT4K have announced plans to celebrate the dismissal that rocked a nation.

“We are excited to add another date to the Krejza fan’s calendar on 20 November each year: World Jason Krejza Doosra Day,” Mr Miller said.

“Following the success of World Jason Krejza Day, we hope that World Jason Krejza Doosra Day can also prick the nation’s attention and inspire a generation of off-spinners.”

Concerned Tasmanians for Jason Krejza is a non-partisan, not-for-profit community action group of citizens who denounce violence – to a point – and call for the reinstatement of Jason Krejza into the Australian test cricket side.

The 2nd Annual World Jason Krejza Day | 6-10 November 2010 – 346 sleeps to go!

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