·    More than $27M has been spent upgrading Elwick

·    Governor’s Cup meeting today has been cancelled

·    Thoroughbred track only the tip of iceberg in gross project mismanagement

The cancellation of another race meeting at Elwick Racecourse today raises serious questions about gross mismanagement of the development of the tri-code facility.

Well over $27 million of taxpayers’ money has been spent at Elwick improving facilities and upgrading the course.

But today the second race meeting in a fortnight has been cancelled because 300 metres of the track is reportedly unsafe to use. 

Even with the heavy rain Tasmania has experienced, the track should have adequate drainage infrastructure to cope. 

A facility that has so much money spent on it should, at the very least, have proper drainage, but this problem is only the tip of the iceberg. 

All three codes of racing have experienced problems and at times been highly critical of the infrastructure relevant to their code.  The blame can be laid squarely on Labor Government mismanagement. 

Even participants in the industry concede that the management of the Elwick redevelopment has given the Tasmanian racing industry a bad name.

The Racing Minister, Michael Aird, seems to have adopted a ‘hands-off’ approach to his responsibilities for an industry which employs thousands of Tasmanians and brings millions to our State each year.

His backflip on the sale of TOTE Tasmania just highlights Mr Aird’s disregard for – and lack of understanding of – the industry.

In the absence of Mr Aird, the Premier must explain precisely how one of our premier racecourses could be in this situation, after so much public money has been spent to improve it.