The AFL appears to have broken the spirit – if not the letter – of Tasmania’s Hawthorn deal with the 2010 AFL fixture.

Hawthorn is scheduled to play four games in Tasmania – North Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Fremantle. However only one of these teams is a Victorian team.

There has always been an expectation that there would be two Victorian-based teams play in Tasmania each year.  In fact last year the AFL even promised “more games and better games” for Launceston.

It appears that the AFL is arguing that Brisbane is a Victorian-based team because it merged with Fitzroy.

This is an absurd proposition.

It’s also disappointing that it appears that all of these games will be shown on pay-tv and none live on free to air.

It’s difficult to maximize Tasmanian exposure and get value for our dollar when these games aren’t exposed to the maximum free-to-air audience.

Michelle O’Byrne must explain how she allowed this to happen. As we feared, it would appear that the Government has taken their eye off the Hawthorn ball in the pursuit of a Tasmanian team.