Writer's Articles - Peter Henning

Reefgate or reefport?

A culture is no better than its woods - WH Auden

Latest policy proposals have done nothing to resolve issues in Tasmania’s forestry industry

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be disastrous for Australia ...

NATION: Abbott’s Dark and Chilling Vision for Australia

Noon Today, Black Buffalo: A Tribute to the 2/40th

The Doomed Battalion ... Petrarch's Saturday, Hobart Bookshop Nov 7

The Rule Of Law – Tasmanian Style

Tell me a story… about free trade


Snollygostering in Port Macquarie: The Numpty Abbott Entitlement. Randall's '$5,259 trip'

Something Phoney Happened on the Way to the Senate. Albo v Shorten

Loosing the Dogs of Xenophobia

How will you determine who to vote for?

Lurch Beyond Brutopia. The Manus Whistleblower ...


Can’t you just see Bob walking towards you, in your mind’s eye?

Veils and Tin Hats

Veils and Tin Hats

FSC International and Tasmania: Irreconcilable Issues and Values

The Cardinal Sin of Transparency


TFA: A small window of opportunity

There Must be a Better Way

Roundtable for Two Please

The party interest

Remembrance, Memory and Silence: Forgetting a Larrikin Tasmanian Digger

Plantation Isle Forever!

Huge Win for Tassie: Hot Shot Advisers!

Clear air exclusion

Tassie Water: Pure Enough for Roxby Downs?

An Anzac Story – Finding the Nurses in Sumatra

Labor Death Wish – cutting umbilical cords

Burning Tasmania: The Mercury Perspective

Sterilisation Burns for Tourists a Must for Tasmania’s Future Prosperity

West’s Protest-Free Pulp Mill Vision: A Recipe for Escalating Conflict

Paul Harriss MLC should resign. Questions which must be answered


Armistice Day: A Tasmanian Remembrance Story

Roundtable Creation Myth Has No Vision Splendid

Power Sharing is a euphemism for Coalition

Hush, Lara, Hush

McKim’s stable government

Residual Residue

Ancient History

Throw away the dictionary

Thinking About Anzac 2011

As nightfall does not come all at once

The Tasmanian Plantation Elephant

Burke and the EPBC Act: Beyond Ignorance and Ineptitude

Forestry Roundtable – Working for the Man

Launceston Examiner : Subverting Freedom of the Press?

Section 11 Again, and Again … FSC report. March Mill start?: L'Estrange

Naked and Exposed

Bartlett’s World of Forestry Fantasy

The Future Eaters: Being Vigilant for The Man 2007-2010

Accolades for Aird

Tasmanian of the Year 2010

Mill backing: I made no such comment. Peter Henning: It was in The Australian

What ever happened to the Loony Left?

The Tragedy of Tasmania

Cousins willing to back Tamar Valley mill*

Tasmanian Election 2010: The Main Issue

Tasmanian Election 2010: Cynicism as Virtue

Zero Tolerance for Any New Tasmanian Pulp Mill

The Zombie Contagion for Plantation Isle

Emptiness in the Sky without Diamonds

Llewellyn: Minister of State for Gunns

Tasmania: The Word, the Secret and the Way

Dissent and be Damned

David Bartlett’s Melbourne Cup Day 2009

Sheer Terror

High moral ground indeed

The Examiner and Lennon: Contempt for due process

Nicklason: Above and beyond cant and media cowardice

The Government simply appears to have stopped listening to the people ...

One Sunday at Beaconsfield

Bartlett – A Real Corporate Man

Bartlett at Beaconsfield: Simulation of Democracy

Section 11 Once More

Tasmanian Political Rot: The PMAA Revisited

Will Hodgman: Is this just a collection of random thoughts?

Misinformation represented as genuine news stories ...

A Letter from China

Bartlett's outrageous hypocrisy

Forestry v Bob Brown

Labor-Liberal amalgamation: Tasmania’s Future?

Bartlett's LibLab accord

Working for the Man

A compliant press, a vision rooted hard into the past ...

Please keep writing Tom

Elimination of all democratic rights

Facing the Future: A Greg Suitor update to Peter Henning

David Bartlett and Gunns' pipelines

Some Tasmanian nurses – An Anzac Story

Anzac 2009: Thinking about memorialisation and commemoration

Llewellyn and the pulp mill

Planning Tasmania ... a place to know your place

Rusted-on voters are flat-earthers

The perverted, anti-democratic caucus system

Caucus Curse: A Blind for Labor-Liberal Corporatism

Break away from the rigid caucus mentality

Facing the Future: A conversation between Peter Henning and Greg Suitor

Tasmania’s new ALP neo-liberal generation

Bartlett's plan: Here we go again ...

Time for a new way (2)

Ivan: Tell the electors of Windermere

Devastating analysis

Tasmania: Time for a New Way

Not kind, not clever, not connected

Michelle's menu

Garrett’s pulp mill approval and sovereign risk: Baloney?

Voices for the people?

Tasmania: Look Away!

Armistice Day – Let’s get it right about the First World War

Hypothetical? Police Need to Expand Their Vision!

Last Words: The Tamar Valley and 2009

John West, a printing press on a cart ... and TT

The compassion of Peter Cundall

Armistice Day – the most egregious exclusion

Armistice Day: The egregious exclusion of Tasmania’s military nurses

The Millstone

Lennon lite?

Heart of hearts betrayal of the Tamar Valley

“Trust in Democracy” and Section 11 of the Pulp Mill Assessment Act

Ethics and Tasmanian politics: the real challenge

Tasmanian Water: Where To From Here?

Pipedream: When will the public be told?

Pipelines and Bartlett’s Future

Lennon leaves a bitter legacy

Law and Justice Part Company – Tasmanian Pulp Mill Assessment Act 2007

The profound contempt of the Lennon government

Governance and memory: An Anzac story

So What? - Ethics and Governance in Tasmania

ANZ and social conscience

Tasmanian neo-liberalism - A new vision for terra nullius

The acid on Rudd

Mill: detailed complaint to ACCC

Rudd and the pulp mill