Writer's Articles - Satire

The Can of Worms ...

Pope Francisyphus

Mr Trump visits Europe ...

The Neo Doctrine ...

Will the Honourable Snivelling Grub ...

Mr Trump and the Nobel Prize ...

Election posters ...

Martyn Turner ... Syria ...

Leunig on ball-tampering ... Lehmann resigns. Warner the architect

Martyn Turner: Trump's latest bedmate ...

We're going on a Bear hunt ...

Vlad ... and diplomacy ...

A New Notion

Tony marries Eric ...

Blinded by the light ...

Parliament House Refuse Disposal ...

A Southern Paradise ...

The meaning of BREXIT ...

A Christmas Pudding ...

The fish (story) that the NY Times rejects …

Before I saw the light ...

The Circus goes to Canberra

Tassie Pine - Eric Happy, Women Not

Grownups in dressups

The Rancid Hypocrisy ...

Re-emergence of historic Lake Myer prompts Heritage listing by Council ...

Boris ...

MAN-Made Climate Change ...

The out-of-touch elite ...

Brexit ...

This week on the campaign trail ...

A poem as lovely as a tree ...

Election ... and Teeth ...

Good Friday ...

Biomorph: Experiments in Simultaneous Biography: Scott Walker (1943- and 1967-)

What Nick Kyrgios could learn from Conor McGregor ...

Five arrests, thousands of dollars in fines and almost 50 notifications to “Move On”

Tasmania, the Apps of 2016

Tony Abbott's New Year's Dishonour List

A Cosmical Comicular Event

Coming Home: An Interview with Myer

Tassie Pine - Episode 39: A Gem of an Offer

Tassie Pine - Episode 31 - Harris Beats Paris

Top Hat Turnbull Touts for Tassie

Footy ... a solution?

Fortescue Bay Beach 2050 ...

Madness ...

Tassie AFL dream to be realised

Judge to decide before the fan hits

MPs’ expenses: sniff test reveals overnight faecal imbalance

Strings attached: Julian Burnside commissions Tony Abbott-inspired composition

Facebook goes mad for Bronny ...

Gay Marriage Will Ruin Childhoods: Nikolic

Turn back the Spirit ...

MONA Proposes Giant Yoni For Kunanyi

Tassie Pine - Episode 15 - Ergo Fingerdob Explains Free Trade for Dummies

Keep it in the ground ...

Tassie Pine - Episode 11 - Abbott Loves Women

Meet The Tasmanian Comic Book Artist Taking The United States By Storm From His Bedroom

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

Tassie Pine - World Press Freedom

Double hit of Tassie Pine ... The danger for journos ...

Wildlife To Be Hit Hard In Tas Budget

Tassie Pine ... Episode 7 - Lambie's Party Splits North Motton

Tassie Pine: Episode 6 - Horse's Gamble Pays Off

Government keeps regional (media) in state

Tassie Pine ... Essendon tries philosophy

Tassie Pine - Episode 4 - Horse's Greyhound Scandal

Israel ...

Endangered Species Makes Last Stand At Bellerive

A Jew Stands up for Palestine ...

Feast on Martyn ...

Glenorchy: A place in the Guinness Book of World Records

NATION: Satirists' rallying cry is being made by Tony Abbott, a caricaturist's dream

Paddington Bear saves the Planet?

FT: Nothing has changed ...

How Great Cities Deal With Woodchips

Even more macho than Vladimir Putin

Lazlo and the Toxic Dump near Carlton River (2)

STATE: Insanity ... !

Lazlo and the Toxic Dump near Carlton River

And Nothing Changes (3)

And Nothing Changes (2). Christopher Nagle: Shylock in the 21st century ...

And nothing changes ...

Winter Rats Festivals Draw Weird Acclaim

Tas film industry taking off

Tas Crayfish Robert Wows The World

James Packer v David Gyngell: Thunder From Down Under

Barry O'Farrell To Guest Star At Dark Mofo

Battery power helps political cartoonists peddle the whisky trail in Tasmania

Stable Vision Takes Shape

A Rational Fact: Tony Abbott's timber speech with added facts

Biker Gangs Battle In SoHo

It's Pozible!

Upside Down World

Giddings' Green Clean Dumps Antony

This Tasmanian tiger is no more! He has ceased to be!

Abbott: Think Of Me When You Smell Incompetence

Bad Taste: Food Festival on the Ropes

Halloween Terror Grips Lindisfarne

Hobart Indies Embrace Palmer

Open letter to The Mercury: Make it stop!

Abbott Takes Command Of Lodge Renovation

Bowen Determined To Undermine Himself

How to vote on September 7

Denison: “I'm Not Trying Too Hard.”

Sir Humphrey and Bernard

Abetz Claims Clear Lead

Rudd: Australia Is At War

Murdoch divorce stuns Satan

Big bank evicts Bill Oddie over Sarawak protest

How to vote on May 4

Leviticus 20:13

The Substantially Built Mill

Pulp mill dreaming

Jim checks his watch ...

Fox Eradication Just The Beginning

Once Upon A Time in Tasmania ...

Abbott: Time To Act On Climate Change

UTAS Launches JAPS Research

Mercury Contamination Scandal Widens

Exclusive: Beatlemania, Wrestlemania, Tasmania

Slade Runs For Pope

Once Upon A Time in Tasmania

Over The Clifford

Dogs playing poker ...

Thank you, Prime Minister Abbott

Sack Nick McKim. No, sack Will Hodgman ...

The Meaning of Vandielaff

Bio-morph – experiments in simultaneous biography No. 8: Bryan greEno

Golden Tonsils to replace G Bailey? Judy Tierney v Julian Amos

Gunns: Flatlining ....

MONA – the Sex, Death and Taxes Gallery

The Yellow Silt Road ... oops Waterfall

NewExaminer, Shock: Public servant collapses ...

Andrew Nikolic and The New Examiner. 48,000 visit New Examiner ...

How to Vote Informal in Hobart

Forestry Tasmania ... and The Yellow Brick Road

Log some humour

Postcard from Tassie

Adventures in Wonderland

The 2020 News

Why women hate me for being ugly

Sterilisation Burns for Tourists a Must for Tasmania’s Future Prosperity

The Deplorax ...

The Cargo Cult

The Vision, 2012

Fable of a white elephant and pigs that fly

The Mad Hatter?

My name is Bartlett ...

Hope KR's grammar is better in Mandarin...

The Sinking Ship. The Sinking State

Sunday Porkatorial: Bland Edition

Time's past, Robert ...

Substantial Inconvenience. Alistair Graham's words have come true ...

Visiting Tasmania ...

Brighton Asylum-Seeker Shock Horror

Is this responsible reporting?

Fear, Inc.: America's Islamophobia Network

Bio-morph – experiments in simultaneous biography No. 7: David (O’)Byrne

Harvey Norman has again been hit by protest action ...

The Snouters Award

Southern Water savaged ... and no response to Susan of Howrah

New Facebook Examiner Exclusive: Green protects loggers. Gail Kelly scoop

New Facebook Examiner a big hit

New Facebook Examiner: Lara exclusive

National Parks Unlocked for Woodchipping

The Thatcherising of Lara Giddings

Health cuts target hospitals, Wilkie lash. Union fury.

Dr L'Estrangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pulp Mill

The Bin Laden Interview (Part 2)

The Bin Laden Interview - A World First for Tasmanian Times

How to push poll?

A Reference for David Bartlett

Government Set Top Box program to be expanded in Tasmania

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Lin Thorp

Is this Labor's vision for Tasmania?

Scaremongering by police association unfounded

Media release - stage two of the NBN welcomed ...


Thorp enters the lion's den ... and survives

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Mr Aird

Greg responds to Richard ...yet again

Animal Farm ... and Tasmania

Machiavelli talks to the Tasmanian Princes

Mercury, satirical Lara and defamation

Deal or No Deal

Compo for Gunns - Deja vu? Lara, Tony on YouTube. No seal of approval. Greens rift? More please ...

Eric Abetz responds with dignified silence

Shit happens ...

Why don't the Libs like this vid ... ?

Red blood cells

Hobart - in the Urban Dictionary

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Kerry O'Brien

A leaky Cabinet made up of drips

Ricky Who?

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Paul Hogan

A splendid lunch


A Tassie beer joke ...

Barty's Backflips

Abbott & Abetz Part 1

Bloody hell...

Super downsize

John Gay must run Forestry Tasmania

Island State of Mind

Dear Diary

Confessions of a school brat

Abetz & Hodgman : The Epilogue

Llewy's Easter ...



Peter Garrett Rejects Gunns Pulp Mill ... I wish ...

The Tamar Valley Insulation Installers ...

A Message from Liberal Leader - Hon. Will Abetz

No Comment

Election 2010 You-Tube Highlights

Making up the numbers

Same old, same old

Real Change

Return of the Dinosaurs

My Brilliant Career

I'm a lumberjack and ...

Graeme Sturges and His Maaaaates Ad

David Bartlett confronts his spinners ... and doubts Lara's faithfulness

Libs' 2037 vision

Bring back Paulie

Bluechip advice

Abetz and Hodgman (3)

Simply gorgeous ... and ... Sue Neales ...

Now ya see it ...

Bag O Tricks

Slipping up again

Taste tester

We're looking into it ...

Today's lesson

Love those trees


The Winter Olympics

Huxley vs Orwell

Abetz and Hodgman (2)

A politician's hymn for Lent

True Believers

Who gives a stuff?

Barty's Facebook mates

Spirit of Tasmania

Mr Cox gives a stuff

Nothing to do with forestry

Labor Smear Ad

Pipe Dreams

The Great Debate

Set in Stone

Fraud used to be a crime

Check Maaaaaate

DJ Bartlett: Hell or Hung Parliament?

Don't miss Animated Barty

Bag of Tricks

Captain Plastic Fantastic

The perfect balance

Abetz and Hodgman at the beach

Forest Practices Authority

Forest Practices Authority

El Grande Land


Will nothing stop Gunns?

Exclusive: Barty's latest ad

Foxy move

By the balls

Urbanemyth n. A cool/trendy young lady from the 'burbs'.

The Copenhagenning

Wonderful, Copenhagen

I hate Peter Mandelson

Dear Premier Gay and Mister Bartlett

Barty's education triumph

Bartlett's education reform triumph

Frightening Truth Revealed

The Exaggatorial in George Town

An Indian Island solution

Watch the Bartlett Spin Department ...

In defence of Sturgo

Can't lead, can't spell...

SCOOP – secret minutes of Gunns’ board meeting

Gunns' Floating World

My Little Greed Book

Mirror, Mirror ...

The real wind turbines

The Chasers War on Sentimentality

Outsource your job

The Miracle of South Hobart

Viral vids

Letter of the year

The missing cat

Goodbye George

Inspired by Bryan Green ...

Tasmania: a flow chart

Forestry: new tourist attraction

Where the ...

Sympathy for the Devil

A Real Tragedy

A letter fro Bazza

Carbon storage facility

Keeping the footprint light

Duelling puppets

Hitler's Tassie rants a hit online

Hot tub not good enough for latte-sipping elites

Shocking revelations


Bazza Al Fukawi says a tearful goodbye to the Great Helmsman

Another one down

A visit to Heaven and Hell


Wake up to reality Tasmania

Is this yours?

The Deckchair Shuffle

Trickle up economics


The Advertisement

Bitter Pill

New sites

Another rabbit .... ?

Bennelong Time Since I Rock and Rolled

Vote 1: Hugh Bris, Liberal Lyons

Paulie on the Chase

Stihl the one!

I want it ... NOW