Writer's Articles - Margaretta Pos

Launch: Among the Willows and Wild Things, TFWF Sept 15, 1.15pm

Dr Richard Condie, fundamentalist Bishop of Tasmania ...

Branded a rapist for daring to be an NHS whistleblower ...

An Argument for Assisted Dying in Australia: Andrew Denton’s Di Gribble Argument in full

Health: Integrity Commission's damning indictment

Death in Amsterdam

Copy that! Tony's example helps Mercury fall, Sport ...

My sin? I wasn't the Chosen One


Joan Brown, Shell Necklace Maker

The joyful abandon of someone witnessing a spectacle

Red Dog

Pervan: Probe terminated. Cost: $100,000 ... so far

Banned choir member goes back to Brit

Tasmanian community choir member thrown out of UK

Margaretta Pos - Galibi

Michael Pervan, David Roberts and the echoes of the UK case

Health Workforce Australia's first board appointed

Health head's travel bill a costly one for taxpayers

Deadliest UK hospitals identified in damning report

DHHS: Dame Catherine was not paid a fee

Pray salute, Lord Mayor Pos

It's sickening to see NHS health funding so misappropriated by bureaucrats

All about Godwin Grech!

Government bypasses tenders

A curious domain

$40,000 for fly-in consultant

Shutdown. No more answers from the Health Department

It's time to slay the bureaucratic monster that's ruining the NHS

The Dame's Tasmanian trips: More questions

Dame Catherine: More questions

The traditional media has ignored it all. Why are the shutters down?

$40,000 to fly out Dame Catherine

Dame Catherine: No response

Dame Catherine joins health bureaucrats' flying visits

Another letter goes unpublished

DHSS staff’s international trip

Our Nobel Prize contender

GP's full-frontal assault on Tasmania's 'carrier pigeon' health system

Being helpful

Serious misinformation

Health prediction wrong

The curious case of the health contracts

Where was Bub?

DHSS staff's international tour


The curious case of Dr Raj Mattu and Tasmanian Health Department Head David Roberts

Rupert's wife and Joel Fitzgibbon

The makings of a rivetting show ...

Wonderfully strange

A sense of deja-vu

Spellbinding Metamorphosis

At the request of the Governor ...

Shame, Shame, Shame

The doctors' perk

Screen Tas: Where's the media?

No class!

Amanda Lohrey's senior fellowship

It's time!

The controversy at Nile (2)

BP: the annual meeting

Waterfront: the big guns

Just 142 behind!

An anomalous entity

MEAA: $10,000 to stop my election

A gorgeous young man

Do not miss this!

The Long Literary Lunch

Couple of winners

Lynne Uptin to leave

Handmark Gallery sold

The controversy at Nile

Battery Point: Castles built on sand

The Bruvvers are at it again

Rockefellers' Tassie trail

Battery Point: jetties on the foreshore

A beautiful day

Mate, mate, maaaaaate

Battery Point: public's right of access

Battery Point: are the titles valid?

$10,000 prize winner

Battery Point looney tunes

Battery Point and Orwell

Battery Point: shameful!

Henry, Uni and history wars

Our Nobel Prize contender

Battery Point rally

Battery Point: swords scalp outsiders

Battery Point: swords raised

Battery Point: swords drawn

Where's the money Mr Lennon?