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At long last! We're shutting down for a month to upgrade ...

Capitalist globalisation and nationalism: when race and the ethnicity of money debases debate

Is Low Police Numbers in Rural Tassie Areas The Norm?

Continuous land clearing ...

Of Envoy's Past ...

The bitter harvest for Federal Tasmanian Liberals continues, 2 years on: The Turnbull legacy

Launch: Among the Willows and Wild Things, TFWF Sept 15, 1.15pm

REVIEW: ‘Refining the definition of wilderness’ by Hawes, Dixon & Bell

REVIEW: The Power of Hope

Hobart's Smart City Strategy: captured by vested interests ...

‘I am not a Woman’ - Transsexuals and Transgender Women Speak Out

'Prof Robert Jensen: 'There Clearly Is No Decent Human Future Possible in Capitalism''

We were warned about climate change in 1912 ...

Smoke and mirror madness ... Forestry burns legal, yet backyard BBQs could be censured

Reverse Alchemy ... STT turns forest gold into more chips and debt

Reviewed! Eroding the Edges of Nature

Reflections on a Queensland senator’s recent remarks …

Sign a Petition: John Hawkins starts a petition ...

Reefgate or reefport?

Gingivitis – Boiling the Gum in Tasmania

Women call for review to sex discrimination laws

Geelong Star & Basslink ...

‘Ecotourism’ ... the new greenwash term

Van Badham ... Desperate to be relevant ... ?

Australia’s renewable energy ... We have a long way to go!

A culture is no better than its woods - WH Auden

Silencing and Censorship in the Trans Rights debate

'The world is being undone before us. If we do not reimagine Australia, we will be undone too'

Silencing and Censorship in the Trans Rights debate

China’s military take climate-change offensive

On a break from Sydney ...

I didn't want to write this, but the courage to listen to different ideas is vanishing

Official Report on MH370 Disappearance Inconclusive ...

Why the Braddon pork barrel is a giant rort ...

Satanic Hysteria ... and Tasmanian Politics ...

'Was Geelong Star the cause of the Basslink failure ... ?'

Iceland – lessons for Tasmanians ...

TasWater: Looking Through A Lens Of Lead ...

Dear Senator Abetz ...

Geelong Star ... and Basslink ...

Progressives are their own worst enemies ...

Mr Docking ...

The Senate Register of Interests, 83 Davey Street, Hobart and Senator Abetz ...

Tarkine Rivers Run Wild and Free

'Walls of Jerusalem face threat of Biblical Proportions'

Tasmania, the GST and Peter Pan economics

Murder and Mayhem ...

'Walkley Award-winning journalist Evan Whitton dies, aged 90'

Tasmania’s new electricity smart metering rollout ...

The Inconvenient Truth: Geelong Star and Basslink

Environmental damage at Chauncy Vale

Max Atkinson ... And the Importance of Values ...

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

Edgeborough Revisited: End of innocence

Exporting renewable energy … An ethical commodity

'Archbishop accused of free speech hypocrisy after priest silenced on marriage ... '

Response to David Gee's Statement to the Parliamentary Inquiry into 'Religious Free Speech'

GST top-up to cost $80 billion ...

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

Complaint Withdrawn, But The Emperor is Still Naked ...

How safe is our GST?

First Day July ...

Respect The Earth ... Tarkine Heritage under Siege!

Smartphone addiction ... are you hooked?

Low wages – and how the government keeps them there

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

Dark Mofo and tourists ...

All about Tassie's endemic birds

Reviewed! Ian Moss ...

Long Live our gracious Aunty ...

A Tourism Apocalypse

The (austere) golden age of Peter Gutwein

Damn, dash, bother ... !

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

Want to get filthy rich: Exploiting the Earth’s resources is the surest way ...

Loaves and Fishes ...

The human footprint ... It’s bad on all accounts ...

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

The 1950s, Tripe and the Iceman Cometh ...

An energy policy for Tasmania and all the things that should matter ...

An Independent Inquiry into UTAS?

Noel Pearson stories from the heart of Australia

'Hodgman Liberals Biggest Threat to Tasmania on World Environment Day'

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

Vedanta Resources: What next in Tasmania?

Why we don’t need the Adani lemon ... !

Is Space the new Green?

Bombshell revelations about Cable Car Company and Tourism Tasmania ...

Tourism Tas boss joins secret Cable Car lobby group

Tarkine on the wing ... First Day ....

Is the Methane time bomb about to be released?

Has Tasmania’s Parks & Wildlife Service lost the plot big time?

Mammon’s rules lead our churches astray ...

A quick fix to your 15 Minutes of Fame?

Cable car: Richard Flanagan's speech in full ...

Stop Hodgman Liberal Government subsidies to Vedanta's Mt Lyell mine ...

The Twelfth Commandment …

The Greens' Kathleen Maltzahn – Conviction, But No Courage ... ?

The Economist appraises latest progressivista stupidity from the Left’s useless idiots ...

The Neo Doctrine ...

Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world

Launched! Tom McHugo's Gallery ...

Abetz now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay ...

(TONIGHT) Friday, May 18: Tom McHugo’s launches Ordinary Heroes ...

Tarkine ... The big one that got away!

Saul Eslake’s 'vision’ for Tasmania in 2050

The Talented Mr Michael Ferguson: Onward Christian Soldiers

Climate Change - Teller told us so!

First Day ... May ...

Sue Hickey: 'You are in the Liberal Party, not the Labor Party'

The Homeless: Thoughts from Parliament Lawns ...

'Mountain MayDay Sunday 6th May @11am, Cascade Gardens'

Letter to the Editor on Mayoral Legal Expenses Fund

'Agreement reached on TasWater'

Whose terms ... ?

Liberal Blitzkrieg of Fear in Prosser

Winners of the 2018 Tasmanian Media Awards announced

The paradox of Christianity: Right or Left wing ... ?

Wilderness Access – A Conservationist's Paradox

Malcolm’s Prayer ...

'Richard Flanagan: 'Our politics is a dreadful black comedy' – press club speech in full'

'Doctors alarmed by renewed Tarkine destruction ... '

The Good Samaritan: Give Directly to Refugees

Alien Abduction ...

Overview of poll results by John Hewson

Tarkine old-timers ... Gone are the days of abundance!

Oh, to be so Rich …

Abbott’s unconscionable coal coterie

Is Tasmania really heading for a mini Ice Age?

'Deficiencies in Integrity Commission’s Report of Serious Concern'

More Companies Teach Workers What Colleges Don’t

'The Great Election Stick-up!'

Today's Prize-Fight for Real-Time Reporting at TasWater ... VICTORY ...

Mind what you eat. Bon appetit ... !

'Housing Crisis, or Political Vacuum?'

Edmund Burke and the ‘World Turned Upside Down’ ...

Is this the Quantam Leap in Renewable Power Storage ... ?

Reviewed! Ducks for Dark Times ...

A Simple Target: Zero Homeless

All for a few boards of Musk ...

Arctic Heat Wave – An Ominous Sign!

This report is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the white liberal regime

First Day ... April

Corporate tax cuts: the new ball tampering ...

The Unity of Art, Literature, Music and Life

Big Ideas for Tasmania’s future

Tarkine wildness ... and the discovery of Tiger Hollow

PETITION: Ending Homelessness in Australia ASAP

Harnessing the Ocean’s Energy

Tasmanian State election: The Pearlfish factor

Kim Beazley: the best 21st century Labor PM we never got to vote in ... ?

Tarkine ... fuel reduction burning marginalises endangered species

A Christmas Carol

The Clean Coal Calamity ...

A Tarkine Park ... The Campaign Continues ...

TTP and the investor-state dispute settlement procedures ...

Tony Benneworth: 'Genial giant Koala'

Fixing the Housing Crisis ...

Just what are funerals for ... ?

First salvo in a trade war that could lead to a global recession ...

Machiavelli was alive and well in the Hobart Tally Room last Saturday ...

Cheeky: Gunned down by Rene

Three things Australians could learn from the Japanese

Tasmanian democracy is bought ... democracy is sold ...

Money well spent on women's health in the sex trade ... or not ... ?

Shutting down the 'charity' sector ...

The Climate to Come ...

March 3 – The day Tasmanians willingly crossed the line ...

The 'Zone'

This election ...

The health message that has escaped both major parties ...

A quadra dose of Lazlo Steigenberger v Greg Farrell

Embracing a gloomy future for our democracy ... !

A major ethical dilemma for Tasmanians: how to vote – or not

First Day ... March

Justified ...

In the Pits ...

Is there really anyone to vote for?

Overheard on the Prosser River Mouth

Abolishing the carbon tax to reduce power bills ...

Syria ... where ideology and identity politics makes life 'poor, nasty, brutish and short'

Does Tasmania need a Climate Change Plan?

The Blue Sea ...

Liberals new anti-protest laws doomed to failure!

Outrage over Oxfam investigations into paedophiles, sexual misconduct ...

Tasmania’s Ailing Health System and Forestry Debt – It’s inextricably linked ...

Huon mayoral wannabe picks at an old scab

Liberal health pledge cooks the books

Caring for humans ... as wildlife

Sea of Blue

Bugger off Barnaby ...

It's all John Howard's fault ...

So you want my vote ...

'Nonsense ... The figure is $75 million ...'

Election Execution in Lyons

Hospital emergency crisis revealed in leaked document

Hedges in the Tasmanian landscape ...

A Tasmanian Christmas Story ... A history leading to pokies

Pokies: New allegation about collapse of 1972 Tasmanian government

Reviewed! First Person ...

Heritage and Flood Plans Needed at Ross

First Day (Belated) ... February 2018

The Fake President ...

HOMO ... Hotel Mona ...

An open letter to Rebecca White

Launched! Tasmanian Whisky, The Devil's Share ...

Songlines: the foundational Australian story ...

We're back tomorrow ... err, looking the same ...

Tassietimes is back on February 5 (hopefully ...)

Thankyou guyz ... The Chrissy shutdown ...

Pokies: Two rippers from John Lawrence ...

Greetings from the Tarkine’s elusive waterfalls ...

A Poker Machine led boost for Tasmania’s economy and social health

Fox program investigation findings

A Submission to the Senate Enquiry into Forestry Managed Investment Schemes

Chinese Political Donations to the Libs in Tasmania? Naaaaaaah ...

Barnett defends the indefensible GBE with more spin, deception and blame

Poker machine apocalypse? LABOR'S POLICY ...

The tear of reminiscence ...

The Prosser dinosaurs ...

Big year for centenaries, this 2017 ...

A former mayor says nay to an old warhorse

There’s certainly some good news in this year’s Tasmania Report ...

I don't want smart meters

The Robot Journo ...

For Eleanor ...

Misrepresentation, lies, deception and fraud ...

The commercialisation of the Tasmanian wilderness ...

My terrible experience of flying Jetstar ...

Who wins the Dodo award this week?

On Being a ‘homophobe’

First Day: December

Vintage Nudes in the Snow Gallery ...

Tarkine wonder ... what a blooming delight ... !

Peter Gutwein is wrong on debt. Here are the numbers that prove it

The latest on coal ...

'Senate says 'Yes' to marriage equality' ...

Sweltering summers – the face of things to come ...

'Community Health underfunded by $84 million'

Forestry Tasmania's demise in detail: Billion Dollar Loss

The Quest for Security: Is it rational? has it actually made us safer? At what cost?

Funding cuts to Scarlet Alliance: Michael Keenan gets it right ...

Jail Time and Debt Recovery using the powers vested in Senator Ryan, then Special Minister of State

So there’s an election. What happens now?

NATION: Have I missed something ... ?

Welcoming tourists to our Southern Forests ...

Forestry Tasmania's final report: The Billion Dollar Loss

The Embalmer from Burnie who Buried the Liberal Party ...

Elon Musk powers ahead whilst Australia goes limp

Letters to my grandchildren (26)

The latest on coal ...

Tasmanian consumers to feel the pinch in 2018 ...

Perhaps they think I'm money laundering: My experience of Centrelink ...

Quincentenary of The Reformation ...

Pembroke by-election is a referendum ...

Oils ... and John Howard ...

DPIPWE quietly abandons Fox probe. What's going on here?

'Schools shortchanged by $51 million, analysis shows'

Australian journalism’s freak show: how a serious newspaper deals with its enemies

Ross Bridge Festival

The exotic plantation curse: an environmental and fiscal catastrophe ...

An apocalyptic future ... ?

World’s wilderness at further risk

The latest on coal ...

And the Man Booker goes to ...

MLC Ruth Forrest's review of The Balfour Correspondent

THIS ARVO: Fullers Bookshop, The First Casualty ...

Double Trouble ...

'Public servants getting away with misconduct, corruption, watchdog chief Murray Kellam says'

What Happened to the Public Reserve along the Droughty Hills?

Amnesty International's capitulation to women's increasing poverty and subordination to men

Two walkouts in the name of transparency

TARKINE: Why the Tasmanian Forest Intergovernmental Agreement got it wrong ...

Please help me. I am in serious trouble ...

Cable car: Stand by your convictions ...

The missed chance goes to China ...

The latest on coal ...

The (lack) of mountain road maintenance

Does Australia have a free press?

Fullers Bookshop: The First Casualty by Peter Greste

Retrofitting South Arm Highway

The Downfall of Amnesty International (Part 1)

Mingling amidst our forest elders

Ross Bridge Festival

First Day ... October

A treat, an absolute treat ...

Robert Manne's Monthly article detailing the editorial opposing invasion of Iraq

Same sex marriage ... as if you haven't read or heard enough already

A philosopher’s view of the same sex marriage debate

Richard Flanagan In Conversation with Phillip Adams

'Answers to gaming questions can be found in community’s voices'

Wilderness, especially mountains, are so foreign ...

Vision Drum

CoalWire: The latest ...

How (Not) to Run a Modern Society on Renewable Energy ...

Federal Group’s 20 year haul

The Sacred Trust of Ross Heritage

Clean Coal is Just Dirty Coal – Here’s the Facts!

FT's coming of age?

'Businesses call on political leaders to act to protect Tasmanian communities and economy ...'

A Pumped-hydro Bonanza for Tasmania ... ?

How to fix our hospitals

Cucumber Straighteners: Well done Charles Vivian ...

Letters to my grandchildren (25)

ABC Bias or the ABCs of Cognitive Bias?

Gadfly on Eric ...

Tasmania and my stolen soul

The latest on coal ...

Love, Truth and Noodles for North Korea

I will give these most interesting objects to the QV ...

The gentle launch ...

Strategy of the Commons ...

The wind moaning through the scree and eucalypt canopy screams NO ...

A ‘Contradictor’ - The Club - and the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

Kicking Sacred Cows : Is giving flu vaccinations to elderly nursing home patients really advisable?

We Can Make This Nation Work

Ban the Businessman’s Burqa

Special Timbers Submission by George Smiley

Room 39 and Forestry in Tasmania – Is There a Connection?

Takata's killer canisters?

A China Tale from Tibet ...

Why is this?

Tarkine - A Sumac National Park here we come!

Eric Abetz: What the High Court said ...

Will the ALP Dance to Lennon and Old’s Pokies Play List?

Wake up Malcolm – Coal is Moribund!

The Micro-Plastics Nightmare

Why and how English law is a taxpayer-funded racket, luckily for Cardinal George Pell

Eric Abetz MUST resign

Mincing my words ...

'You’re the problem, not the art'

They will be wrong ...

Is the pot calling the kettle black ... ?

A pleading letter to the Derwent Valley Council

Forestry economics is a form of brain damage!

Parliament House Refuse Disposal ...

Toughness and unwillingness to back down ...

How long did Senator Eric Abetz hold dual citizenship: 16 years ...?

'Removing poker machines good for economy'

The likelihood of a Hung Parliament ...

Reconciling takayna

Liberal senator urged to prove eligibility

Is the Tarkine’s Keppel Creek the next forestry battleground?

Eric Abetz: Expect a question ...

Twittered out in Tasmania

Only governments can stem the tide of tourism sweeping the globe

'Minister Barnett’s assurance contradicted by the EPA on the Shree bond'

First Step ...

South Australia’s GM crop ban under fire: Tasmania’s GM ban will be next ...

Worried about Australia’s Marine Reserves? ... You should be!

A soaring city reaps a terrible toll

Death by Airbag ...

The Global Growth Slump: Causes & Consequences

The net tightens ... Abetz and his German Citizenship and Renunciation

Do the Liberals Really Want to Destroy the Logging Industry ... ?

Ludlam and Abetz: The Goose and the Gander ...

When is an airbag not an airbag ... ?

Sustainable Timber Tasmania – The Farce and Insanity Continues!

Defiant Faith ...

The Uninhabitable Earth ...

FREE! Two books to give away ... BOTH gone ...


North Korea - Does the US approach make sense?

A Mobile Friendly update ...

Is Australian Sustainable Hardwoods just another Ta Ann ... for the plantation resources?

Energy Proofing Tasmania

'Former Australian Water Association boss warns of need to keep water utilities in public hands'

The dissolution of Forestry Tas ... and its feeble attempt to obtain FSC

The Frankland Forests – The Clock is Ticking Down Fast

First Day July ... a Solstice celebration

Latest policy proposals have done nothing to resolve issues in Tasmania’s forestry industry

FOXES: Tasmania’s fantastic joke

Do not miss the Giblin Lecture ...

Eagles about ... Eagles about ...

Syria: Melting Pot of War

Forestry Tasmania's destruction of El Grande ...

'The fact is the war in Afghanistan was lost long ago ...'

A Crying in the Wind ... Tom's story

Naked in the Derwent ...

The Tarkine Pebble Route – Myth or Mystery?

A Crying in the Wind ... a Tasmanian story

An Inquiring letter to Guy Barnett ...

Who runs politics? The Dead Camel Party? The Shitters’ Party?

A dim (re)view of Tasmanian Yrs9-12 education

Open letter to David Walsh ...

Just Incredible ... the $70 million payout ...

Lilydale Water Supply: correcting a $7m error ...

Mining the last Old-Growth ...

Letters to my grandchildren (24)

Welcome to Kohbart ...

The Forestry Insanity ...

The Annual Reports of the Forest Practices Authority ...

Strategies, strategies everywhere ...

'Groom obligation to act on ongoing illegal takayna 4WDing ... '

New Tarkine Frog Discovered? – Not Quite!

First Day June ...

Bricklaying in Launceston ...

How is money to fight Ice being spent ... ?

A Father's remonstrance to a dead son ...

The Logs Pile High as History Repeats Itself ...

How it was ... When Tasmanian Trees were Trees ...

TODAY, Moonah Arts Centre, 7pm: James Dryburgh in conversation with Caroline Brothers

The DarkMofo/Nitsch Debate ...

Ice addicts ... and the mainland ...

The wooden skyscrapers that could help to cool the planet ...

The wondrous history of the Saracen Foundry ...

Rebates freeze hits GP bulk-billing rates again

Neo Disposables – A Consumable Alternative

Why has Democracy been Suspended in Ross?

The Gates to Heaven ...

MEAA awards ... TT drew a blank ... but ...

TasWater's Owner-Councils Vote To Reject State Takeover

Gutwein's TasWater asset grab would hurt ratepayers, says Huon's former mayor

ScoMo's Budget 2017: The Verdict ...

Federal license: Police Commissioner’s stunning decision

'They do not allow construction of high rise buildings in their cities’ historic heart ...'

John Hawkins' questions for Senator Abetz ...

Fish farming in Macquarie Harbour ...

Barnett, the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement and a possible swindle ...

What Bob Brown's High Court challenge is all about ...

Around Australia by Schooner: Best in Show

What a lot of bull ...

Is populism any better than elitism?

Gas Generation - Not the Answer to our Future Energy Needs ...

The Decline and Fall of the Modern Era ...

Are We There Yet?

Sub-Tropical Wife Swap

Letters to my grandchildren (23)

You would be crazy to miss this wondrous exhibition ...

It's bad news from New Zealand's Survivors ...

Today: Flanman at Fullers ...

Gutwein denies Huon a role in LG reform process ...

Can Tasmania be turned into Australia’s peak load generator?

Baroque is back ...

Take Note Malcolm, the UK Will Soon be Coal Power Free!

A Death In Interview Room 1

Gutwein should foot the Huon council inquiry bill, says former mayor

The MH 370 Search & Track Records at Pine Gap ...

Tas Government Upstages Mona with 3 Capes Art

The Gates to Hell ...

Why ... ?

Health groups blame Government for hospital crisis

Launched! Vast ...

World War ... ?

Fighting for a Fair Go

Can human greed and denial ever end? The climate crisis as a transformational opportunity (1)

POWER ... and a road to glory ...

Canadian trade ministry bows to Malaysian tycoon over OECD standards

Probability of being fooled ...

Huon council short-shrifts former mayor's plea to pay his legal costs ...

Hearts Detached from Heads ...

Thomas Kent and the Sex Party propaganda machine ...

Around Australia by Schooner: Light speed in the Australian outback

Sustainability is a Two-Edged Sword

The massive public subsidy of a private family-owned firm ...

Old farts ...

Who Am I?

We're back ... !x

Dissent in White Ribbon Starts to Bite

Education, productivity and economic performance: Tasmania, then, now and tomorrow

That 1000-pound Gorilla on Mount Wellington: An Occupational Health and Safety issue

Grid Battery Storage - Like it or Not Liberals? - Here it Comes!

This is the man ...

VAST ... The Landscape of Central Australia

Taking a Monumental Stand on Renewable Energy

Braddon voters back real-time political donations disclosure

Launch of 'Losing Streak' today (March 14) ...

A chance for Gutwein to do the right thing

Pothole Spotting Competition in Ross

Right of reply, free speech and editorial discretion ...

Punctuality is the Politeness of Princes ...

The Linen Book ...

FT’s Blatant Disregard for Nature’s Wonders ...

The emergency in Emergency

The barenaked truth about strategy documents

Will Ross be Moved? (Part 2)

Save the Fruit Bats = Save the Planet

Will Ross be Moved? ~ Part I

The Gift That Keeps On Giving ...

Letters to my grandchildren (22)

'Collaborative on-Country action to research, restore and protect takayna/Tarkine'

An Incursion Of Frantic Fun Into Paradise

The Great Coal Skulduggery ...

Trumpetism ... an age-old belief system

I might yet vote for the Liberals ...

Federal Hotels' 1993 submission to extend pokies to the 'Burbs. Federal's own Social Study report

The Human Microwave – Will We Get One?

Creating a Future Beyond Homelessness ...

Seafish Tasmania, Cocaine, Trawlers and a fine Stink ...

The grotesque failure of MIS plantations ...

Letter to the Editor on Smart Meters

What Happened to the Republic Malcolm?

Dumb deals from a dumb government ...

Premier Will's plan is 'virtually impossible ...'

The Frankland River Forest: an Impending Liberal Siege ...

First Day ... February

TICT’s Ambit Claim = More Wilderness Development ...

Why we should Change The Date ...

You can buy John Gay's house for $2.5m ...

Dawn of the Centrelink Robot ...

Unemployment: an exercise in spin ...

The Mercury ...

Voller and friends ...

2016: A very good year in the life of the HVC — now for the final clean-up

When hospitals make patients sick ...

Perish the pension ...

Plastic Pollution and our Noxious Consumerism

The whole damned thing ...

Letters to my grandchildren (21)

The Mercury goes shopping at the Boxing Day sales

Comment: Is Bigger Media really a good option for Tasmania’s democracy?

The Chrissy/New Year hiatus ...

A gentle wake ...

And they're at it again ...

The growing financial crisis in Tasmania’s newspaper industry

Will Jacqui Lambie back Big Media’s merger plans?

Smart meters: The adverse effects on health ... ?

The EPIRB - It’s Use and Abuse

Pillow Talk ...

Letter to the Editor on power bills ...

Saul Eslake's Tasmania Report ...


The Truth about Forestry Tasmania ... in its own words ...

Politicians and Wilderness – They just don’t get it!

Foxes: A letter to Dr Vanessa Goodwin

The parallel worlds of public hospitals and Peter Gutwein ...

Making the most of what you have - my end of year message

Chairman Downie Says, 'We Can Make TasWater More Accountable'

BASSLINK: Dracula in charge of the blood bank?

If it does succumb, it will take any hopes of reviving the Tasmanian forestry industry with it ...

People of Tasmania would like to know ...

I am calling it early ...

Boycotts ramp up on The Body Shop and L'Oreal

Growing Within the Community ... The Christmas Party ...

The Liberals Plan to Flog off Taroona’s School Bushland

Feminists celebrate MPs' defeat of Victorian Birth Certificate Bill

The Masturbation Series ...

Tarkine Gems Threatened by Future Liberal Logging

Peace: the final frontier

Foxes ...

Why? BAFTA-Award winning doco on Mr Flanagan has received no ABC promo ...

Arnold Bloch Leibler, acting for the Receivers v Abetz Curtis, acting for Forestry Tasmania

The USA elections and our broken system ...

Should public opinion determine policy?

Letter to the Editor on Mercury paywall ...

Honouring Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Robin Banks

Peter Gutwein, do your duty for the Huon ...

TT: The Future ...

Why The Trump & Abbotts of this World Can’t Stop the Neo-Revolution

Bulk-billing rates crash

The family of the case study is without primary income, a husband and a father ...

Can Spiderman save the Mercury from oblivion?

In Tasmania, some people never change ...

Huon council's benign dictatorship can't solve its serious problems ... The Payout ...

Around Australia by schooner: Things that make me nervous

Ruby, Camilla, and all that lovely prickly, tasty, delicious gorse ...

Trumped into Climate Change

Stupidity is on the rise in our age of enlightenment

What might have been ... Democrats' embrace of neoliberalism won it for Trump ...

Nine Steps to a Stellar Future

Young Labor Didn't Do its Homework

Forestry Tasmania's insolvency report ...

True? Tasman Island historic buildings secretly opened for commercial development

Defined by pride of place ...

What is your view on what caused the Basslink failure?

Around Australia by schooner: Queensland, I still love you. Sort of.

'First protect human life ... then irreplaceable natural and cultural heritage values ... '

Where do survivors fit in Australian sex industry research?

First Day: November ... and the future ... ?

Around Australia by schooner: Lost in space, and the world's best burger ...

Around Australia by schooner: Undercover in Hervey Bay ...

Asgardia: the (Russian) space nation

Forestry Tasmania ... We have a right to know about your economic incompetence

Trans Activists Trumped By Their Own Flawed Policies

Well may we protest ...

Dylan: The Simple Twist of Fate ...

A concerned politician’s guide to donations reform

Giant Underwater Forests Almost Gone!

Around Australia by schooner (of beer): Killer cockroaches and the worst counter meal ever ...

Basslink: The very secretive State Government ...

Around Australia by Schooner (of beer): Skyrockets in flight

Battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066 - 950th anniversary, 2016 ...

Around Australia by Schooner: Roadhouse blues, foraging for insects and $8 schooners ...

'Illegal actions may have been taken by those persons behind the campaign ...'

Australia’s Primal Dinosaur on the Skids

TasWater Should Report in Real-Time, Says Legislative Council

The Power of the Sun

Tasmanian butchers go vegan. Teachers do not want more public education ...

Perhaps the erudite readership of Tasmanian Times could cast an investigative light ...

The reluctance of Tasmanian authorities ...

Tasmania Police review of fox documentation

Thanks once again to everyone at The Royal

Basslink Lemon - Take 2. A Fiscal Encumbrance

Harnessing the World’s Extreme Energy Sources

Is a door flying open on Geelong Star ... ?

Passion in the raw down Huon way. SACKED! Taylor is Commissioner ...

Turnbull’s Lunatic Attack on Renewable Energy

We are the Life of the Stars

The Second Lesson ...

Punishing offensive behaviour

Whistleblowers Tasmania backs call for Parliamentary Inquiry ...

Off the Back of a Truck ...

First Day ... October

Likely cause of Basslink failure is the Geelong Star

Bushranger Brady teaches that defeat is never the last word ...

Will Tourism assist Vandalism?

Will Malcolm Bendall launch a new religion?

Open Letter from Mayor Peter Coad to Huon Valley Ratepayers and Residents ...

Was NZ’s OSPRI the successful business model for the Tasmanian false-fox program ... ?

HVC’s 'dysfunctionality' in full media flood ...

Closing of the Guard ... ?

TT upgrade .. and glitches ...

How political donations distort democracy

The sparrows ...

How low can Huon’s council go?

Shooting the messenger … a subjective analysis of a new millennium Tasmanian inquest

Handouts to transnationals while hospitals in crisis ...

The Goose and the Gander ... Dastyari and Harriss

UTAS: Conceit and deceit

The Sixth Global Extinction – We are Now Entering it ...

Nellie the Elephant ...

Not only Winners are Grinners ...

Tell Murdoch's Wormtongues to Tell the Truth about Turnbull

Coral or Coal? – Can’t Have Cake and Eat it Too ...

Australia has lost its way

Second Earth?

HVC’s $54,000 BoI defence is still under wraps

First Day ... of Spring!

Erich ... and 18C ...

Before I saw the light ...

Tasmanian Whistleblower tells all in explosive new book ...

ASIC ... and 'overdue' payment

Can secret political donations be justified?

Careers Australia and its long-running tangle with controversy

Careers Australia digs deep to donate to the Tasmanian Liberals

Over 600 Tasmanians caught up in Careers Australia marketing scandal

The Moo-Brew etchings ...

1080 and the contamination of water

Sex industry lobby group disrupts Survivor book launch

Launched! Physick ... and a true Elder

The threat posed to women's rights ...

Why Huon Valley Council should still be sacked

Head in the sand ...

The Worthiness of Trees – Reflections from an Activist

Postcard from Hua Hin ... Letters to my grandchildren (19)

Mines must pay levy and mining whistleblowers need protection ...

Ted's Tarkine ...

How Rupert Murdoch went bad ...

Before it happens, here is the news from the Huon ...

Rodney Croome: this is personal – why I can't resign myself to a plebiscite

Vedanta's guilt ... not only at Copper Mines of Tasmania ...

NZ: The warning to Tasmania ...

1080 Smoke and Mirrors ...

JOHN LAWRENCE, Mercury: Power game played in the dark

Torture and the whole damned thing ...

Tasmania's Power Crisis ...

NATION: We could have had a Royal Commission into Australian banks ...

Melbourne Writers' Festival Panel Dispute Exposes Anti-Survivor Agenda

Can an Aussie Paper Cat survive a hungry Chinese Panda?

CAUTION ... 1080 Poison ...

Takayna Forests ... Masterpiece ...

The Rancid Hypocrisy ...

Tasmania's rebellious history: Bushrangers and absconders fight an unfree society

7HOFM: the ACMA decides

Tall poppies: Yesteryear and today

Rolled on smokes: Blow to Ferguson authority

Tasmanian Federal Liberal’s Bitter Harvest: Parts 1 & 2

Statement – Completion of Tasmanian Senate Count

Baby Boomers hijack the debate ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: The Plot Thickens

Royal Commission into banking, financial services: Why ASIC cannot do the job

Letters to my grandchildren (18)

Lisa's Cop This! to Labor Central

Donor reveals Tasmanian Liberals host secret ‘policy forum’ for corporate contributors

Erich, you have passed your used-by date, you are off, you are on the nose mate ...

Tasmanian fox collection flawed

Tarkine Embellished in Winter’s Charm ...

Mayor Coad rejects Huon Council’s Mediation Tactics

How technology disrupted the truth ...

CHILCOT REPORT: Crushing Iraq War verdict ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: A council with no shame

NZ: The horror of wild animal poisoning

MEDIA: Perfect storm facing digital news. Latest circn figs? Guardian's great article ...

A Mobile-Friendly Upgrade Report ...

The out-of-touch elite ...

NATIONAL, STATE: Lesson learned ...

Rodney Pople's Creative Mind ...

The NSW ban on greyhound racing ...

Letters to my grandchildren (17)

Can the Liberals change on health?

The Mayfair Gulag ...

STATE: How Hodgman, Gutwein and Ferguson lost the election ...

FEDERAL Election 2016: Good Heavens ...

THE VERDICT: Federal Election 2016

It’s up to all of us

The destructive madness of hospital funding

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Dysfunction’s the name of the game

The Triumph of Iceland ...

The AMA's attack on Liberal policy ...

End of an empire

The faceless men of the Tasmanian Liberals’ Senate team

When Does Democracy No Longer Matter?

BASSLINK: Energy Council damns Libs' Energy Strategy

World’s largest wind farm study finds sleep disturbances aren't related to turbine noise

Huon Valley Council: I will fight on as mayor, says Peter Coad

What Happens When the Sky Starts to Fall?

The horror of Australia's Live Export trade. Rally TODAY (Sat)

The questions around Biosecurity Tasmania's review ...

The 'attack on the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1999' ...

Political Harlotry ...

The Right Connections ...

Nikolic complaint to be referred to Anti-Discrimination Tribunal

Letters to my grandchildren (16)

Why Such a Bloody Long Election?

Sledgehammered to death ...

Joburg: The Lost City

Huon Valley Council: Read for Yourself ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: It’s time to act, Mr Gutwein

Rupert Murdoch: Our Part in His Evil Upfall* ...

BASSLINK: Sunny Groom's holiday as Basslink fried. Mr Brooks ... resigns ...

An Open Letter to all Candidates ...

Will Will awaken from a Premier slumber?

The beermat of laughter, and loss ...

Only the Greens ...

The Deluge ...

Bob's Tarkine vision ...

In the three years of the Abbott/Turnbull government my premium has increased by 31% ...

The ABC fails Australia again, this time in a big way

Doubts about jobs and growth

Be under no illusion: Malcolm Turnbull wants to destroy Australian literature

First Day: June!

The danger to health of cruise ships ...

How taxpayers are obliged to fund a racket

Cassy O'Connor's 2016-17 Budget Reply Speech

NATION: There are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

So, you want my vote? An open letter to all politicians

Immigration? That's a portfolio?

Doubly Disillusioned

Peter Brohier's rebuttal ...

eBay / Myer's new virtual reality shopping store ignores possible eye damage to the user

A horror budget for patients

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Huon waits on the real umpire’s call

Damning findings on training company spark calls for Tasmanian Liberals to return donations


The Australian Financial Review goes missing on Unaoil scandal

More young Tasmanians take up smoking

Why we need a Royal Commission into banking and financial services

Tania Rattray Supports the Real-Time Reporting of Drinking Water Data

Another Eagle Electrocuted

Tony Abbott, an envelope with $5000 in cash and a Liberal campaign donation

Tasmanian Liberals land private training company as a major donor

TT: It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends ...

Letters to my grandchildren (15)

Tim Slade responds to Mr Brewster, CEO of TasWater

THE BUDGET: Crying for a tax break

May Day ... First Day of the Month ...

Surviving the Carbon Apocalypse

The people’s case for transport equity

BASSLINK highlights State's budget woes

Moreton Bay to Port Arthur

Donald Trump and the critique of liberalism ...

Letters to my grandchildren (14)

STATE: Who are the Tasmanian Liberal Party’s secret gift-givers?

Tasmanian Media Awards 2016

Letters to my grandchildren (13)

The festival that got away ...

STATE: Tasmanian Greens Call for an Inquiry into TasWater

Prostitution – the global humanitarian disaster of the 21C

Tasmanian Aborigines were cut off by the rising waters of the Bass Strait ...

NorMAC Nastiness in Hobart: A response

William McHenry’s whisky vision realised

Tasmanians say: ‘Show Us Our Drinking Water Data’

Letters to my grandchildren (12)

Launched! Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival

A reality check on sex work

STATE: Lies trump truth in the GST carve-up

Tasmanian MLC queries police progress on complaint alleging fabrication of fox evidence

Why France Is Adopting A New Law That Criminalizes The Clients, Not Prostitutes

Dr Richard Condie, fundamentalist Bishop of Tasmania ...

Letters to my grandchildren (11)

Van Badham's freedom of speech for some?

STATE: Four common budget myths busted

BASSLINK: Is Hydro insolvent?

Women and girls the big losers in Options Paper ...

John Hawkins' submission to the Senate inquiry into MIS

Submission on the role of the criminal justice system ...

Vortex: The Future Generation of Wind-Powered Energy

After the Huon mayor walked out . . .

Australia’s private pathology lobby shifts political donations strategy

Names ...

Letters to my grandchildren (10)

First Day ...

NATION: Turnbull's Tax Plan: A disaster for Tasmania ... ?

Who profits from the sex trade?

Senator Eric Abetz: why dumping me was a big mistake

Trumpism ...

Inadequate policing and inadequate penalties

Nature under threat from the Far Right

Fire in the Tarkine – A Dynamic Ecology

Letters to my grandchildren (9)

Easter 1916 - a terrible beauty?

A Lake Geeves Walking Track: More invasions into our Sacrosanct Wilderness ...

Gutwein and the Huon: Tough talk, or will he squib it?

Patriotism is bullshit

STATE: Government may end Federal Group's monopoly on poker machines

The Billions lost on MIS ...

The Attorney-General, the Public Trustee and donations to the Tasmanian Liberals

Tourism ...

The Critics ...

Letters to my grandchildren (8)

COMMENT: The right to know & donations to the Tas Liberal Party by the Public Trustee's lobby group

Nero fiddled. Basslink fried ...

My rage dissipates ...

The great big crash in tobacco consumption


Letters to my grandchildren (7)

STATE: Basslink under water?

Barnaby ... and Tony ...

Notes on the Syrian exodus: ‘Epic in scale, inconceivable until you witness it’

Forest follies

Gaming the system

A much more serious plague ...

Launched! Wanted ...

First Day: Taking Flight ...

MLC Ivan Dean claims false evidence sparked $50m fox hunt

1080 blackmailer Jeremy Kerr was in business with Government

Why Australia should not become a republic

Letters to my grandchildren (6)

Fighting Tasmanian Fire Service website incompetence is harder than fighting the fires ...

The ANU graduates of 1975, Forestry Tasmania, Ta Ann Tasmania and Captain Rolley

The Re-making of a Town ...

Is Huon council GM playing for time?

What Premier Will Hodgman should have said about the fires ...

Andrew Nikolic Chucks a Wobbly

Branded a rapist for daring to be an NHS whistleblower ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (6)

Protecting the nation from going down the US path ...

Letters to my grandchildren (5)

Year of the ... monkey

Some suggestions for bushfire control authorities in Tasmania (and elsewhere)

Basslink: A short summary of risks ... UPDATES ...

Flogging off the (dairy) farm to China ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (5)

Following in the footsteps of our First People

Tasmanian Liberals disclose origins of less than one-fourteenth of income

John Lawrence: FT directors quit ... and ...

First Day ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (4)

Letters to my grandchildren (4)

Fires in the Wilderness - the Long Hot Summer Ahead

Gutwein Huon probe report due Friday

Professor West and the Lone Soldiers of Lapoinya

Port Arthur archaeological dig uncovers prisoner tokens for gambling

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (3)

The Western Fires ...

Racial Reflection Rewritten

Marriage ... as an institution of unique value

Letters to my grandchildren (3)

That illegal Franklin jetty: a question begged?

Mt Wellington this morning ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (2)

What an absolute ripper of a book!x Tennis ...

John Lawrence's wonderful analyses ...

Letters to my grandchildren (2) ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (1)

A Tasmanian Murder Mystery: Who is Killing Ross?

Gunns, Solvency and the 30th June 2011

The memories ...

Sex offender's sentence must be appealed

Letters to my grandchildren (1) ...

Optimism Is The New Denialism In A Warming Malcolm Turnbull World

Cronulla ...

Is a plebiscite more democratic?

STATE: Tasmania the roadkill capital of the world ... as captive-bred devils die ...

Party ... Animals!x

The pathology scare campaign

Will Tasmania be left as the last state without regulation of political donations?

Who are the invisible major donors behind the Tasmanian Liberal Party?

Three Capes Walking – The Denial of Freedom

There goes Lapoinya ...

Federal Hotels nonsense

This place changed my life ...

RIP ... the video store ...

Reforestation of the Earth: Australia’s Inaction ...

Memories ...

Global Underwater Digital Cable: Why?

A Grave Matter in Ross

The Emperor Has No Clothes

SHOCKER: Will Minister Harriss outlast FT?

The Tasmanian Politician ... and the powerful will of Mr Farrell ...

Tasmanian Upper House MP alleges evidence of foxes in state fabricated ...

Turnbull’s Political Philosophy

A miscarriage of justice ...

HVC: Time for an administrator?

A Response: The Fight about Western Might being Right

The Knot in my Stomach

Left behind ...

Saving our Heritage ....

The Making of a Post-Modern Testament ...

$7.5 million ... for a done (FSC) deal ... ?

Winners of the Premier’s Literary Prizes ...

The Fight about Western Might Being Right ...

Is what has now become a failed equalisation scheme, to be the Coalition’s legacy?

Ted's Bio-Blitz ...

First Day ... December

COP21: For a just, transformative & gender-responsive climate agreement

What the leaders say about Marriage Equality ...

Mt Lyell re-opening likely within two to three years

Researchers suspect fox evidence fabrication, Tasmania Government opts not to investigate

'World’s Best Practice' ... ? Rebuff Libs, say Weber, Putt, McKim ...

STATE: Erich's triumph ...

A response to Lissa Johnson ...

Inside the tiny village in Gujarat riven by the sex trade

PARIS: Spot The Extremists ...

STATE: Wages in private boom but public slump

Mercury sees the light ...

Brighton Council votes unanimously to join anti-pokies’ groups

PARIS: You can't Bomb the World to Peace ...

A parrot from the past ...

We cannot learn from the past ...

An Argument for Assisted Dying in Australia: Andrew Denton’s Di Gribble Argument in full

The lost dog

STATE: The Truth about Jobs ...

Climate change puts UTAS plans at risk

Nikolic complaint: UTAS refuses to renew employment of outspoken lecturer

What has happened to University culture? Whither the Launceston campus?

Now Turnbull ... what next?

STATE ... of denial

Nikolic Referred to Anti-Discrimination Commission

'My body was not mine, but the US Military's'

COMMENT: Does the Tasmanian Government really know what its policy is on pathology privatisation?

Urgent patients waiting months or years for care

State Government considers secret private bid for public 'medical services'

Health underfunded by $1.4 billion over a decade

Vice-Chancellor Dumps on Launceston

The Demise of the Dinosaur Fossil Fuel Industry at Last!

The malady: why untrained judges need help from ordinary people

Chronicle 67: Life at the Typeface

The Oxymoron of Self-Publishing

Celebrating the first day of the month

Has FT turned the corner?

What happens if a major political donor doesn’t disclose?

Who’s a Liberal donor gonna call? Rentbusters!

The private pathology industry emerges as major Tasmanian Liberals donor

Federal Hotels' predicament

Pioneer folk wonder if TasWater’s WorkSafe Tasmania Award is a joke ...

Tarkine Vandalism: More Forestry Untruths Exposed ...

NATION, Turnbull: ‘Small L’ Liberal Or Planet-Eating Death Star ... ? Amnesty, Abyan

Launceston ...

Germaine Greer and the scourge of 'no-platforming'

Millennial Masculism Man (2)

Will Space Miners Save the Earth?

All bets are off if deal’s lost: Greg Farrell puts heat on Libs ... will they buckle ... ?

Richard Flanagan is inaugural Australian literature professor at Melbourne Uni

UTAS Women's Collective: A new meaning for inclusive?

A Human Rights Scandal – by Kat Banyard

The Price of God at Coronation Hill

UTAS Launceston move to Inveresk a 'great deception'

'Retribution and familial links in the Valley ...'

I am dumbstruck ...

TPP and Tasmania’s GMO moratorium. Corporates can sue. What we don't know. Positive to Libs

Reviewed! Crimson Peak

A beautiful corner cabinet ... and blackwood logs on the Burnie wharf ...

FSC: Mission Impossible ...

Who wrote these words ... ?

Rewilding the Earth ... An Ethical Conviction

Living with Grandma

First Day of The Month ...

You get what you pay for: Aussies unwilling to cough up for good journalism online

Don't Miss ... Three upcoming Economic Society of Tasmania events ...

‘We view this place as home now'

The Queen and I go a long way back ...

Decriminalise the use of small amounts of illicit drugs ...

As a young African woman, I have a privileged position ...

What's Australia coming to ... ?

'Absolute insult ...' 'Wedging the Mayor ...' 'Threat to residents ...'

And so, it's come to this ...

Plug and Play ... the Neo-Wilderness Experience

Kneecapped ... !

Fate of a House on a Fort on a Hill

David Walsh takes on the Farrells ...

World's best ... anywhere but Tasmania ...

A light at the end of a decade-long tunnel ...

How can you not despair?

The only gap in our nation ...

Peter Dutton And Tony Abbott May As Well Have Been Laughing At Aylan Kurdi

What is missing ... is any determination of fault

Millennial Masculism Man

Bill Reynolds, the journalist who loved subbing - and subs

Dear PPB Advisory: Possible misuse of public funds to prop up seemingly bankrupt companies

Mr Abetz and the Exclusive Brethren ...

Board of Inquiry for Huon Valley Council

Smells like Team Australia ... Guess How Many Virtual People They Killed ...

Footy ... a solution?

How English politicians, judges and lawyers went for the money

It is outrageous ... Abbott rejects Greens call to open doors ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Double vanishing act down in the Huon

Political Correctness: Its Origins and the Backlash Against It

First day ...

NATION, STATE: Mantach ... Who is the Power behind the Throne?

Lucille ...

Tasmania ... explore the delusions ...

Making the National Sea Highway more effective ...

Truth Hurts: The Science Behind Why People Don't Care About The Death Of Our Planet And Democracy

STATE: ‘True’ unemployment rate hits 18% – the nation’s worst

STATE: If You Go Out in the Woods Today You’re in for a Big Surprise ...

Lapoinya: Missing In Action

Thinking outside the Icebox

Does God or Anybody Else Really Want a Plebiscite?

Rupert’s back in town

Mercury: The Fall ... and why it matters

Dyson Heydon ... and the Sir Garfield Barwick Address

Amnesty votes to support pimps, johns and brothel owners

'Peace is Generosity' (Thanks TT)

Creating a Future that Works

Carbon accounting & FT profitability

Ta Ann, Forestry Tasmania and the loss-making Take-or-Pay Contracts

Order emerges out of Chaos: the fundamental insight of science

Peter Brohier's submission to Senate Standing Committees on ... Transport

Rob Walls' Picture Essay of today's (Sat) Hobart City Hall rally in support of ...

Can a hydro-power industry and a high quality tourist trout fishery ever co-exist?

Is this our social contract?

The renaissance of small-scale manufacturing

Nine must-ride trips for cyclists

Why has Scandinavia got it right and we haven't?

Increasingly, we can't trust journalists to decipher finance

Misconduct alleged at Senate inquiry into forestry investment schemes

Lapoinya Letter of Learning

This week's Feminist Roundup

Exclusive: Amnesty International UK's stitch-up job?

Dear Amnesty International

STATE: The case for a tunnel under Davey Street, Hobart

First Day of the Month Salute ...

After a big win for Brisbane, Baroque looks at China

Doing justice to Tasmania’s role in the national marriage equality debate

Eric Abetz is Rodney Croome’s best friend

Down in the Huon, who would like their money back?

Shark-attack Insight ...

The Troglodytic Liberals and the Epoch of Coal

Local Councils Vote for Transparency at TasWater

Global Advocates to Amnesty International: Vote No on Policy to Legalize ...

A Key Lesson for Space Advocates from the Netherlands

Rolley laments Gunns mill blunder

What prostitution really means for women

Wise old Mother Nature is absolutely indifferent to the human condition ...

Amnesty PR machine in overdrive

Landmark $25,000 penalty for torrent of anti-gay abuse

A fragment of Balmain history

International Acclaim for Bicheno Boathouse

Malaysian corruption scandal

Tasmanian Times & Anonymity of comments

NATION: Through his words we know him ... Hewson on the rise of Isis

Community Engagement Policy Options: Battery Point Foreshore Access ...

Amnesty International ... the sex trade's new best friend

Amnesty International condemned over fast-tracking of sex laws policy

Ta Ann Tasmania: Just like Google ...

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be disastrous for Australia ...

Advocates call for Tas Gov to enforce gay-hate decision

Magna Carta, Waterloo ... not so important after all ... ?

STATE: Promoting tourism in the Tarkine ... a way ahead

Sexuality, Feminism and the Coming Crunch

The rabid attachment to the past

First Day: A celebration of the West Coast ...

Open letter, $4m lost, an illegal jetty . . .

A typical kneejerk reponse ...

STATE: Poisoning our Western Rivers – When will it stop?

'When all the time we want to move the stars to pity ...'

Scientology ...

NATION: The Joe Hockey Real Estate Primer Part 3

Tasmania ... and Schizophrenia?*

US Supreme Court delivers marriage equality ... bittersweet for Australia

Is the Abbott Government fascist?

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Light is in the air

Hospitals hit workload crisis

Tasmania ... 350 snouts in one small electoral trough ...

Come on Sue ... spill the beans ...

How it feels to be caught in the headlights ...

The Joe Hockey Real Estate Primer Part 2

How Wild is the Tarkine Wilderness?

Wilkie urges forestry probe

Forestry Tasmania comes of age ...

The housing crash we had to have: A Gen Y perspective on the bubble

Tasmanian Integrity Commission should act on Forestry Tasmania

The Big Bang Theory

The Old Man Of The Sea And The Humble Tassie Scallop

Judges pervert ...

Forestry Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie MP and the tabled document ...

Tasmanian Greens Deep In Limbo - Where To Now?

Job numbers ‒ good, bad, ugly

Peter Gutwein, I am appalled at the inadequate response you have sent me, Another $10m for FT

STATE: Torching the Tarkine - More Liberal Lunacy. The terrified bushwalker ...

Rodney writes a book ...

Land of the Northwestern Redneck ...

Disasters ...

To Bluey ...

The narrow road to the deep north ...

Is There a Need for a Better Criminal Investigation Regime in Tasmania?

Famous historian inaccurate on Napoleon ...

Isla's Feminist Roundup ...

Brush up on the Roos of the World

Keep it in the ground ...

FIFA and Blatter: how money and sport are joined at the hip

No ticker in Heart of the Huon for LG reality

NATION: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Why We Torture Asylum Seekers ...

STATE: The mean little god of small government

STATE Budget: Is it good management or good luck?

We need you ... THANKYOU!x

First Day, June 2015

The Super-Ministry of Fish 'n Chips ...

Drug Running, Executions and The Whole Damned Thing

Whatever happened to Murray Kellam and Tassie's toothless tiger?

Tasmanian Authors: The Real Gems of Australia

Two of Us: A beautiful love story ...

The Budget ... REACTION

WATCH the wind: Live!

Following Ireland down the path to equality

They are too busy writing badly to read well ...

In the Huon Valley, a Clayton's strategy

Dear Brett Whiteley ...

A simple yes or no will suffice

STATE: John West would turn in his grave ...

Tassie couple's NZ ceremony fulfills their dream to marry ...

Ella ... and the story that created our nation ...

Peter Brohier's letter to Tony Abbott. All Peter Brohier articles on TT

Flicking footy tipping

Amnesty Members put No Confidence motion in Amnesty Australia Board at Hobart AGM

Lucille Butterworth - Tasmania's Oldest and Most Baffling Murder?

Budget 2015 ... Reaction. Bill's Budget reply ...

STATE: MIS post mortem. Forestry job losses

Lucille: Four people of interest in 46yo case, Tasmanian coroner says

The Tarkine Coast – A Wildlife Refuge

Little tiny smudge of fur, How I wonder what you were ... ?

Triabunna: Despite the autumn colour, spring (is) in the air ...

Deceptions and such pranks are fun though ...

For Nepalese women this is not about choice

Knowledge is power ...

MEDIA: Ready for the reputation rumble ...

MEDIA: Insided Out ...

JOBS: The outlook is gloomier than it has been for a long time. Charities under pressure

INTERNATIONAL: Britain heading for hung parliament

Your money ... and how it is spent

Waterloo Bay: The Great Deceit

NATION: A serious own-goal by the brain dead. Chan, Sukumaran ...

Caught in a net of deceit

Rednecks hoon through the Tarkine ...

Stop driving the Tasmanian devil to extinction. Sign the Petition ...

'So we'll be poor ... but refreshed ...'

If I were God ...

Mine graduates could help fill teacher void

Eight Best Places In Hobart For The Literary-Minded

Paul Harriss Pretence: FT closer to closure

Celebrating ... the First Day of The Month ...

Lapoinya ... The Battle for Middle Earth

The Great Plunder ... Wilkie revelation. Booth ...

What makes Tasmania different ...

Chinatown: It would wok around the clock ...

NATION: The failure of The System ...

Not the corporate miner we want ...

Footfalls echo in the memory ...

Reviewed! Seminar ... and The Black Rose ...

Bread-and-circuses live on ...

Public-interest journalism is under threat ...

Rosebery - 7 years on and still waiting for safe water?

Inspiration or isolation?


Media Awards: Tassie Times gets a gong!x

'Wooley, you are selfish ... you just want to keep the place to yourself ...'

Reviewed! Germaine at MONA ... it began well ...

The State Government’s under-funding of health ...

A Blast from the Past in the Tarkine Karst

Why does it cost more to ship to Melbourne ... than from Melbourne to UK?

The Far-Right threat to Federation ...

Jobs: Tassie's recovery halts ...

Is this the end of a very bad dream?

Told you so, TasWater and Dr Roscoe Taylor

Hobart City Council unanimously backs marriage equality motion

Battery Point Walkway ... and the vanities of a small community

An Everest of Hilary's: Hunting. Regeneration. Handwriting. Glamping ...

What does Andrew Nikolic MP for Bass, stand for?

Abbott is of course not the only liar in public life ...

It’s not the Tasmanians I know. The Tasmanians I know are proud, resourceful, curious

Health reform ... and the perils of hope

A dog's death from 1080 poisoning ...

The genius of the common law ...

No wonder he's grinning ...

Help! Saving Australia

Last word. Introspection

Lapoinya ...

This is a very fishy business ...

The Price of Milk

Rodney Croome OAM out of order on surrogacy

Prostitution: A Word That UN Women Do Not Want to Hear

First Day of the Month ... a celebration of 10 Murray ... and Entropy ...

A chat with Omar bin Musa

New Zealand is stockpiling pure Compound 1080 ...

STATE: The Dubious Liberal Handback ...

Australia ... be outraged by the real terror

The Pioneer Cup – Horse-trading for safe drinking water in Tasmania

FEA’s Receivers Deloitte has at last found a buyer for FEA’s land and trees

Legal persons at risk for cartel conduct

University Stands up to Political Bullying

Specialty Timbers Scandal Lingers On

Welcome 'home', Richard ...

BirdLife Tasmania calls for immediate cessation of logging of Swift Parrot habitat

NZ's 1080 blackmail letters' threat to poison dairy products: The Fallout for Tasmania

The Surplus Fetish ...

Rodney Croome's Lent Lecture to St Matthews ...

A history of two legal systems in 700 words ...

Seven per cent can’t afford the doctor

Entropy ...

Leading Tasmanians defend Safe Schools program

Liberating Australia from an Addiction to Unemployment

Play ...

Freedom of conscience and the Liberal Party

Four Cases ...

Moon rising over Saltwater River

Hobart health risked by cruise ships? Background Briefing's shocking report

MH370 flew to Kazakhstan: Jeff Wise outlines new theory

Huon Valley Guessing Games: The Waterloo Bay fiasco

Triggs was attacked for defending the powerless – and one day another PM will apologise for it

Medicare: the co-payment lives!

Dying Like An Animal: The Price Of Empathy And How Governments Use Yours Against You

High Court rejects attempt to make media watchdog toothless

Real leaders ... and real equality

Lots of questions ...

The Prescience of Evan Whitton

Myrtle rust in Tasmania ...

Things that can't last ... FT fails the test, says Examiner

STATE: Lapoinya; Institutionalised duck-shoving. EMRS ...

NATION: Abbott’s Dark and Chilling Vision for Australia

Why I have resigned from the Telegraph . ABC Print figures. Death, Drugs and HSBC ...

Seeds of life ...

Beyond belief Down Under

Terrified of terrorists?

Breaking the Silence ...

'He seems to belong on Route 66 instead of the Devil’s Highway ...'

The Final Mother Mountain ...Symphony of Birdsong (52)


Toxic TasWater, Part 2 ~ From the Operating Room to a Public Meeting with the Health Minister

First Day of March 2015

Apocalypse Now ... Lapoinya

Riding the Devil's Highway

Transportation Press: Transportation islands and cities launched. Welcome Iran!

Pulp mill stink spelled the end of Gunns

We need to think this big ...

Costa Rica Introduces Law to Mandate Valuation of Natural Capital

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (51)

Fracking Our Way into Hell on Earth

Minister Colbeck should think again ...

A reasonable doubt for a reasonable price

Noon Today, Black Buffalo: A Tribute to the 2/40th

Dr Powell, The Examiner letter and Mr Nikolic MP

There just isn't the trust that local needs will be properly met ...

Gone to the dogs ...

Lapoinya: Has FT found the way?

Lapoinya: You just could not make this stuff up ...

The disastrous economics of the past 50 years ...

Bright OLD things ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (50)

Fog on the Lake

Tasmania’s whole-of-government LGBTI leadership

How the law protects serial rapists and organised criminals

Porn, manga and the 21st century Japanese man

Brisbane Baroque is the reinvention of a highly successful music festival ...

PM's infrastructure plan failing growth and cost-benefit goals

Lies, damned lies and Peter Gutwein

Mercury price hike to slow profit fall

Fairness as a political principle

World Heritage Area bureaucratic obfuscation ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (49)

V. J. Carroll and the essence of journalism

Flanagan's island

Rise and Fall of Gunns: The Grand Folly ...

Tasmania ditches defamation law changes after public backlash

At All Costs: The Dark Psychology Of Abbott Government Climate Policy

Big Tobacco donated to Tasmanian Liberals

Tasmanian Liberals coffers swell in election year

Rupert Murdoch's Queensland Election Hissy Fit

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (48)

A prize that pales all others

Terrorism 101: A little history ...

First Day of February 2015 ... after a night of astonishing results ...

Hobart Baroque? No. Brisbane Baroque

More pie-in-the-sky in The Huon?

A request for the removal of an Eric Abetz ad

Dear Eric Hutchinson ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (47)

The fall and fall of The Mercury

Tasmanian achievement a matter of national pride

STATE: Fixing hospitals? Here’s how. Nyrstar's hand out ...

Smart meters proposed for Tasmania in a current government draft for public comment

Reviewed! Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Reviewed! Little Missy Patisserie

Love is stronger than hate ...

Fox Scientists: Both Sides Stumped?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (46)

Dickens on our corrupt legal system

Wilderness – going, going, gone!

Transportation Islands and Cities: A Launch

Doctors versus Liberals (1)

Transportation launch: Fullers Bookshop, 5.30 tonight

Maxine's story from the Trenches v Julia's story from the Benches

Free Ranging the Tarkine – An ATV Invasion

World Heritage Desecration

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (45)

How to be an ace reporter

Ever wonder what happens when you drain a lake ... ?

Meaning lies deep and goes in all directions, like a dream

STATE: Deal ... or No Deal? Revelations from the Triabunna Chip Mill Inquiry ...

Poetry and Anti-poetry

NATION: The Political Capital Of Fear: How It Helps Governments And Why

Gamergate: Swedish gaming companies tackle sexism in video games

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (44)

The storm clouds gather; the goal posts recede ...

First Day of the Month ... and Year ...

The very best for Chrissy/New Year ...

But wait ... there's more: TT's Tasmanians of the Year

When is temporary really temporary?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (43)

Why Australia is a paradise for white collar criminals

How to squash an economy

FT and the Economic Regulator

TONIGHT: TT H@A ... Come on Barbie, let's go party ...

MYEFO takes $86 million from Tasmania's Health Budget

Effectiveness and efficiency – is that what local government is really about?

A “lesson for the ages” from two Dead White Mediterranean Blokes

To stay or go into exile

Prince Cnut Defies the Waves of Reality

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (42)

Undermining The Tarkine

A breach of competition policy? FLAG ...

The Flan Man and Bob Graham give it all away ...


Reviewed! Hamlet ...

The Withdrawal of Grand Theft Auto V

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (41)

Launching the Giving Tree

When the Forces of Media Disruption Hit Home

Another B.S Woodchip Myth Busted!

FT and FSC: Accreditation is simply Not Possible. Your $30 million to subsidise FT ...

Ted Mead: Forestry Tas Disingenuous About FSC

The last of Leo ...

Franklin’s unapproved jetty: Questions, questions!

Slowly, slowly back to normal service ... To Rache and Trav ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (40)

Fix it!

First Day of the Month Picture Special - December 2014

Cheeky anarchists

Opposition to education cuts grows

Anarchist graffiti

Jeremy Rockliff, anti-government student organiser

Very little made sense … apart from crowd control and money-making

The Wedding Hiatus ...

Wine! You know enough ... to know what you like!

Feminists please don't shut up ...

The Moral Irrelevance of Christian Doctrine ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (39)

St Andrews - Home of “Golfe”

The Devil Disease: The Counter Argument ...

Forestry Poisons implicated in devil disease ... as President Xi strokes baby devil ...

'Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'

Reviewed! Burlesk As You Like It!

The Monster Ants

Wilderness and Development ... Having your cake and eating it too!

The Consequences of fox baits

The Light ... and The Dark

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (38)

My Pagan Youth Within The Walls Of Christianity

Kerry Packer at the Queen's Club

Who’s knocking on Tasmania’s aldermanic doors?

Planning and governance reform: Will someone have the courage?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (37)

Women’s America

This handmade thing ...

Revitalizing Local Democracy

Her Majesty's garden party

FT: Nothing has changed ...

A Forest Industry that only Survives thanks to Taxpayer Largesse

Writers and artists ... saving wildlife and habitats ...

The colour of envy

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (36)

Garbage Guts!

Whitlam at the Palais Seidler: “When we're alone ...”

London clubs: “Put him on the bill”

First day ...

What Makes Them Tick: Inside The Mind Of The Abbott Government

The Doomed Battalion ... Petrarch's Saturday, Hobart Bookshop Nov 7

The Abetzian Nightmare

The thing that fills your heart ...

Unyielding Imagination

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (35)

Reviewed! You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Tassie's forestry wars echo UK's motorway wars ...

The Flan-Man's Triumph

I met a lady nearly twice my age today ...

Voting: How low can we go?

The Flan-Man Triumphs

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (34)

The Probe is closed

Newcombe on winning

Robert Armstrong’s adieu

HAWTHORN: It’s a con. A fraud

What winning the Man Booker prize would mean to Tassie's Richard Flanagan

Missing Plane: Emirates Head Critical of MH 370 Investigation

'It's Time for Change ... '

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (33)

Bill Wentworth meets Pavarotti

Reviewed! Magic in the Moonlight

STATE: Insanity ... !

Mementos of Displacement

Green Shoots In Latin America: An Environmental Vote Of Confidence

'Old Chook' Retirement solution

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (32)

Does Fairness Matter ... ?

Franklin: A right pickle on the Petty Sessions’ foreshore

World War III. Or, A Night at the Opera House

First Day of the Month Picture Special

This should be a no-brainer ...

Corporatised Sport: As scandalous as drug-taking ...

Some Things Never Change

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (31)

Ella and Gould at Murrayfield

Acts of madness ...

Pay freeze will increase hospital costs

Simply, the way we evolved ...

TT Systems crash: Reboot and Resend ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (30)

Hydatids: An update

Saffron lumbered

Hydro Tasmania's rivers dry up?

Over to you Mr Nikolic ...

Another climate expert retreats to Tasmania

Now there's a surprise ...

Venture Minerals takes aim at Rainforest Wonderland

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (29)

The Smell From The Swell Becomes a Communal Solution

Commercial Asylum Seekers

Oram attempts to fang Pontiff

Reviewed (Twice)! Hamlet Heads or Tails ...

Hydatids found in Tasmanian dogs

Richard Flanagan shortlisted for the Man Booker prize

The Fox Stared Down ...

Reviewed! Tell Tails

In Search of Wisdom

The Influence of China on Global and Australian Housing Markets

Witch-Hunter Barnett uncovers a Phoenix ...

Has Politics Failed Us?: No, but there's a lack of authenticity, passion and leadership

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (28)

How to interview an assassin

A warning on the occasion of said cousin's daughter's 13th birthday

The Budget Reality ...

Shree Minerals under federal investigation for environmental permit breaches

Reviewed! What We Do in the Shadows ...

A bad budget for patients

Isla MacGregor's First Day of the Month

Liberals' missed opportunity

Tarkine - A National Park Beckons

Critic of Tasmania’s health reform gets Government invitation to contribute to plan

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (27)

Swedish journalist visiting Australia calls for a stop to surrogacy

The Rotorua Circus

Tasmania's economy - out for lunch. Back Soon

Huon mayor missing in inaction

"Nathan Carswell" called

More Follies on the Capes

The Governor’s Legacy

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (26)

An Open Letter to Joe Hockey

Ms Bacall is not amused

Kim Williams calls News Corp leaks a festival of vengeance

SOCIAL: Baby Gammy, Scarlett Alliance

State Governments can’t control the economy. There, I’ve said it ...

Lost opportunity the real NAPLAN Story

News Corp cuts up rough ...

Why a drover’s dog* will win the next federal election

Triabunna and Government: Victim of cognitive capture by self interested promoters and groups

I sat ... where my ancestor sat, transported for machine-breaking ...

Tarkine: Another mine struggles ... and greenies blamed

Hobart Baroque and the Tasmanian economy

Crude Awakening

Who is Nathan Carswell?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (25)

Bacall and Bogart

Abortion-on-Demand Revisited

Mediocrity: The New Normal

Techniques of neutralisation – a framework of prejudice

Guy Barnett and The Witch Hunters: Answer these questions, Mr Barnett ...

Tasmania faces a budget emergency

Shree and The Tarkine: The Black Knight Always Triumphs ... The Pictures tell the story ...

'Mike Kent For Mayor'

NATION: Abbott’s flight of fancy

Sunken treasure or desperate forest policy?

At Franklin, desecration before deconsecration

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (24)

The Vietnam experience

What is a woman?

How to get a job in journalism

The brief life and swift death of Hobart Baroque

NATION: Unemployment hits highest since 2002. Hewson warning. Abetz, Visa fraud ...

Mt Wellington winds would have shut cable car

Abbott fiddles as the nation burns

Social media post 'damaging and unprofessional'

Ripping off hospitals

In politics, keeping one’s word is sacrosanct

How does the Renewable Energy Target affect your power bills?

This is insane

Launched in Launi: James Dryburgh's Essays

Launched in Launi: James Dryburgh's Essays (and all the speeches)

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (23)

Tasmania's newest attraction - a barren pit in the Tarkine


“Say it Again Tony” (And Again, And Again)

'Something You Need To Know...'

Living authentically in the real world – without blind faith or mystery-mongering

Elizabeth Warren is Special

NATION: The search for the clean coal holy grail ... as Galilee gets go-ahead

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (22)

The Torquay Ferry Cross the Mersey

Five reasons every journalist should be fired (me included)

Tassie: Public Servants make up carbon tax shortfall

Tabloid-driven sentencing policies waste public money and lives

An ABC interview ...

Richard Flanagan lone Aussie on Booker longlist

Will voters find out who is funding Tasmanian local government election campaigns?

When the mayor’s away, a relaxed council plays

Catastrophic failure of justice system in Sue Neill-Fraser case

Public opinion and democracy

Growing up Queer: Caleb Nichols-Mansell

Asset recycling no dream for Hockey, but efficiency boost likely

Beyond the Craic Down Under

Examiner: The rage over the comics ...

Mercury: 'Still the top newspaper brand in the state' ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (21)

1.9 Capes - Another Bungle in the Jungle

Tasmania's Senators on the repeal of the carbon tax: what they said and how they voted

Maria Island

Don't conduct any due diligence ... Just throw money ...

New poll shows record 72% support for marriage equality

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (20)

Media: The Way We Were ...

Carbon Tax - All bets are off

'Praise for Thorpe coming out'

The night I met Jimbo, Donzo fell UP the stairs ...

The night I met Jimbo, Donzo fell UP the stairs ...

Massive loss to Tasmania when the Carbon Tax is repealed

Liberal Cadart stands firm on his grand vision

Women forced into sex industry - Abbott must fund Exit Programs

Hello Jan Davis ... Do you a deal!

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (19)

Councils: they will have no reason to exist

Bertrand's 'bogans' riles locals

Festival of Voices' spectacular start

Save the Tarkine seeks a Statement of Reasons for decision to approve Mt Lindsay Mine Lease

The questions swirling around Mt Lyell ... Mt Lindsay ...

Bryan Green’s Asbestos Mine

The Broken System

Poverty of the progressives

Free from senseless and uneconomical exploitation that has ravaged them over the past four decades

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (18)

A phyrric victory for Abbott. The good news for Tasmania

Foxes: Please check your facts Nick ...

Dear Mark and Eric ...

When words are bullets

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (17)

Racism, imperialism and sorryspeak (1)

Racism, Imperialism and Sorryspeak (2)

Dark MoFo Meets the Marine Board Building

Dark MoFo

A miracle of job creation? It's genius!

Evidence for foxes is discredited

Bringing up the bodies in Ireland

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (16)

The Free World ...

Public Hospitals: Cost up, Services down, Safety poor

Kiwi oil rig worker Mike McKay fired

Have we placed too much faith in our forensic sciences?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (14)

Shree: Tom Ellison right on the (lack of) money ...

Broken promises and shameless lies ...

Casting the first stone of breaking convention might come to haunt Abbott

No soft landing with Captain Abbott

Us v Them, Australia vs Asylum Seekers, Slaves vs Everyone Else: Is there a difference?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (13)

Stuart Tipple: Chamberlain 30 Years On and What Lessons Have Been Learned?

Virtual Reality for politicians

Welcome, June 2014

Greg Hall and the unspoken Sins of Omission

So, where is it?

Respect for Women Please!

Health: Integrity Commission's damning indictment

Federal parliamentary leadership code and anti-corruption is off the agenda

Nepotism, even perceived, will haunt Abbott

A New Political Sport: The Demonizing of Age

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (12)

Tas Queers: Once the most marginalised, now the most considered

Hodgman criticises The Mercury for cable car reporting

The Great Western Tiers Tasmania - Listed or Logged?

Tasmanian detectives question man over suspected murder of Lucille Butterworth in 1969

Enrique Peñalosa (running Sunday to be President of Colombia) talks to Tasmanian Times

Help Tassie stay with the Times

Shree: Another mining accident waiting to happen? Ta Ann's last handout?

Cable car company to be sold to Canadian investor

Abbott trapped by radical ultra-dry pseudo-Christian social engineering creed ...

Joe’s pretty pleased with himself ...

The Quid pro Quo of Political Patronage

‘I can stand for mayor again,’ says MLC Armstrong

He treats his volunteer labour like shit, but put a camera in his hand and he’s a genius ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (11)

Adoption green light raises questions about marriage

Joe Hockey's face ...

Double-Dissolution ... now. The bond of trust is broken

Health: These newest cuts simply worsen an already dire situation

An attack on pensioners, families, students, workers, the disabled and small business

Leading the Australian economy to the Abbott-oir

All-powerful Paul Harriss. Mendicant ($45 million) Ta Ann ...

Sacred Promises

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (10)

Shree: Tasmania will certainly never see a cent in royalties ...

Foxes: Read for Yourself; The Background Briefing Transcript

'BandAids’ for HVC’s Cygnet medical centre

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (9)

The great Tasmanian fox hunt ... the Background Briefing report

The Verdict: MLC for Huon and Rosevears

Three Capes Project - A Monumental Lemon

Can the Fox (Leopard) change its spots?

Tasmanian Foxes? World study finds serious deficiencies ...

MH370: Simulation stymied as it all gets curiouser and curiouser

Shree Minerals: Few prospects, even less cash, and virtually no credibility ...

Audit: Staggering ignorance of health care funding. Diesel rebate: Policy insanity

State politics in the raw: The Born-to-Rule mentality. The Spending ...

My Twitter dialogue with Sam McQuestin. Robocalls ... and Will

Where is it? MH370 Flight To Be Simulated

Last Rites for MIS

Chicanery and political deception of the highest order

Evil Was Only a Visitor

Selling state assets is ideology rather than logic

The Mass Mobilization of Populations

MH 370 debris ... ? Just as John Hawkins predicted on TT ... ?

Whither the Liberal Conscience?

The Politically Corrupting Bottle

An interim report on the state of play regarding MH 370

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (7)

Why a cable car won't work

Tough times for the Tasmanian Greens

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (6)

Forests: Reality bites for Paul and Will ...

Andrew Wilkie: The rebuild is a mess and the previous State Government misled the community

Environment Protection Authorities – ultimate off-side spin-doctors?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (5)

Fat Cat cull is not enough

Jim Bacon: The Emperor has no clothes

Lead! Who is going to take responsibility for this?

Moral values and religious doctrines

Our daily grind

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (4)

Richard Flanagan's Road to Indie success

Richard Flanagan’s Road to Indie success

Over to you, Mr Bond ... The Search for Truth ...

Bled dry by Macquarie Bank ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (3)

Too Big, Too Fast, Tooooo Close!

Winning was easy ...

Another Sad Birthday Lucille

An unfortunate juxtaposition of real-estate and political advertising ...

Chronicle 67: Ohhhhhhh Monty's ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (2)

Take a bow, Aurora ... and they did, sensitively!

How to kick-start the economy: swap the paid parental leave scheme for small business tax concession

Bob Brown: Liberals’ Lie to Voters on World Heritage Forests

CONSULT … before the first stone is turned, or the first load of fish-gut is delivered

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (1)

Hobart ... and architectural masterpieces

Barbara Etter: PUP is a real threat. Concept Paper on an anti-corruption authority

The letter from Erich

This mantra is seriously delusional ...

Franklin’s vision: a blend of wood and wind

Tasman National Park Goes Under The Knife

Liberals score zero on honest government plan

Staying in Power

Where the rot begins

Medic alert in Cygnet

World Heritage mockery ... An act of real bastardry

Honest Government not on the election agenda for the Major Parties

For women’s organisations, a historic step forward towards gender equality ...

Pulping State Politics ... or Ducks on a String

Hobart #LightTheDark vigil, Parliament House lawns

United? Kingdom. Great? Britain

Conservationists promote tourism initiative on the Tasman Peninsula

Green Point’s disappearing act

Killing renewables softly with endless reviews

Bertrand Cadart races ahead ...

Police Minister supports continued secrecy over Tasmania Police manual

Aurora’s storm vulnerability

Part 2 of the Leon Compton Interview with Geoffrey Cousins ABC radio Tuesday 11 February

The Fight to Protect our Rights and Liberty

Lake Burbury

Senate inquiry into move to gut recent World Heritage forests listing

What to look for in Lara's Mid-Year Financial Report

Tasmania does not need a law and order auction or a punitive justice system.

Barry Greenberry vindicated

Pulp Friction: one independent's perspective

The New Forestry

Most Tasmanian political donors remain in the shadows.

Normal service resumes on Monday, February 24

The Failure of Far Right-Wing Ideology

Find me ...

The Rule Of Law – Tasmanian Style

A Wave of Unreason

Big Coal’s annus horribilis

Pray As You Go

A new Devil: Cost benefit analysis

The art of the reptile

Why I'm standing for Denison

STATE: Mr Gordon, please answer these questions

Tell me a story… about free trade

Tour Tasmania's mining legacies from the past and in the making

How Lara Giddings comprehensively failed ... and why her demise is certain

Call to suspend oversight of police complaints

Conflict of interest in the ACCC and its possible affect on Tasmania

Amazing Scenes: Adventures of a Reptile of the Press (1)

Missing millions and the law of triviality

Running Ghost Tours in Tasmania?

Evan's last extract: How to get justice ...

Focusing on systemic corruption and injustice

Justification and excuse

A happy new year is unlikely ...

Martin Gilmour: Here is a quick lesson ...

Why the Tasmanian Fox Eradication Program has been worse than a complete and utter failure


Words, meaning and Hobart architecture

Tasmania is run by unrepentant idiots. TAI damns forestry industry ...

Justice ...

The Remedy: The investigative system is better in every respect ...

The Wedgie and The Fox (2)

Cygnet’s sheltered agony

A Festival of Waste

The New Forest Way?

Will Abbott dump him?

We’re in the [adversary system] tart shop now, boys

2013 Federal Election: Best And Worst Pollsters

War's terrible legacy ...

Tassie's missed opportunity ...

TT of the Year ... now TASS gets a Human Rights Award

This Tasmanian tiger is no more! He has ceased to be!

He was the guy who got the dingo off

Former jail boss speaks out on Tasmania's 'laughing stock' prison

A Very Deliberate Destruction

Some rare night-time images of Tasmania’s amazing eastern quoll

Should freedom ignore fairness?

“How do those judges sleep at night?”

Tasmania is a Very Special Place

The Last Temple ...

Turning politicians into corporate servants ...

Federal Hotels: End of a chapter

24 truth-defeating devices (5): Why rape victims vomit on the witness box

Lest We Forget: the need to morally justify Afghanistan

Joe Lyons and Benito Mussolini

24 truth-defeating devices (5)

The Nation: The idea of a mandate

Travels in Tasmania (2)

Don’t let our mentally ill be misunderstood

24 truth-defeating devices (4)

The Red Queens

Hobart Airport: A shameful public policy

Foxes: Ivan Dean and the Kitchell report

Law, morality and the legacy of HLA Hart

Dead-tree media stirs for resurrection ...

Now the Tassie gay marriage bill has been found to be constitutionally safe ...

Put Your Feet in the Street for a Safe Climate

24 truth-defeating devices (3)

Hydro Tasmania: The fall guy?

Hobart Architecture and The Dilemmas of Development

Advocates call for Upper House to act on marriage law ...

Pro-logging campaigner to be pursued for costs

The Universal Threat: Believists!

Travels in Tasmania

Can Do Campbell establishes a New Order

Snollygostering in Port Macquarie: The Numpty Abbott Entitlement. Randall's '$5,259 trip'

Cynics Corner (a jaundiced view of the world)

Open letter to Bryan Green

Miners' figures don't add up

24 truth-defeating devices (2)

The Eradication of Scepticism (and foxes)

State sponsored drug growing and media promotion of drugs

Poetry, without a shred of pity

Death in Amsterdam

24 truth-defeating devices

Toxic Tas Water

Copy that! Tony's example helps Mercury fall, Sport ...

TASMANIA: Fox, FIFOs, Tarkine, NBN, Aurora, euthanasia, tourism ...

Dear Premier: I note that I have had no formal response to this letter

Look Who’s Laughing. Flannery, Booth

Will Brian Wightman protect Tasmanian’s World Heritage Area forests?

Don't believe the miners' hype

Ex-staffer lashes Huon council

Is the Tasmanian Government telling us the real facts about a Tasmanian smart meter rollout?

Former Director of Prisons still seeks Justice

Truth-defeating devices

Something Phoney Happened on the Way to the Senate. Albo v Shorten

Tasmania’s election results and the forest deal

The Nature of Death

Faster, simpler, fairer justice

Sarcasm And Truths In My Fantasy World

A possibly unique silver equestrian statuette of Benito Mussolini

An Excited Mining Industry Reveals ‘One-dimensional Concern’ for Labor Force

Acting GM gets HVC’s top job

Timber!!! Strange bedfellows in Huonville. Advice from a truckie ...

Would someone please pick up the pieces?

Call on Rudd and Abbott to condemn anti-gay marriage hate flyers

The Debt Fallacy

Tasmania’s Prisons System – under the microscope

Class actions

A Tasmanian Houdini ...

Nick Evers remembered

Frank Nicklason on John Gay: I have a bad case of indigestion

Essendon besieged

TT Tasmanian of the Year Award 2013

A bail-out of a badly managed private consortium

Capricious and partisan – Is that how the Legislative Council wants to be seen?

Larceny by trick: tax evasion

Internet muddies ethics on child pornography

The only proven thing helmets protect us from are fines

It's all lies

Loosing the Dogs of Xenophobia

Tas government slashes solar feed-in tariff. Milne's power plan

Tasmanian conservationists target Ta Ann on World Orangutan day. Ted Mead Picture Essay

Nick Evers: Gentle, into that good night

Dead-Tree Media continues to topple ...

Lessons from Love Canal: toxic expertise and environmental justice

Corrupt libel law

Love and fairness are not radical fashions

Muffled Voices

The underlying problems are twofold

How will you determine who to vote for?

The corrupt civil process

Farewell Dear Friends

The So Called "Bunnings Lie" in the Sue Neill-Fraser Case

The judge as Humpty Dumpty

An error of fact

“I’m Sorry”

How to fix our hospitals

Deadbeat dads and the luck of the Irish

The cartel: law as business

Ta Ann: the supreme beggar

Lurch Beyond Brutopia. The Manus Whistleblower ...

Right To Information denied on Savage River mine tailings dam spill

The false dichotomy of clearfell or reserve must be abandoned. Vica Bayley on free speech.

Larrikin indie takes on big parties in bellwether Bass

Now the Police are farmers as they 'harvest' the highways

Councillors behaving badly

So you can basically lie ...

Abbott’s Great Big Carbon Tax Lies – Part 1

Loopy economics from the Greens

The fox plea to Premier Lara

What common lawyers do

The Final Acceleration – Just Waiting for the Great Disruption?

The Department of Injustice

Judicial corruption in our system

Actions Speak Louder. TFA Threats. Sarawak Blackout. Sarawak Activist Deported. Obendorf Transcripts

On the Abolition of All Political Parties

What does it say about the Legislative Council ... ?

MIS class action makes slow progress

The moral failure of law schools

Rudd, PM!

It’s a 3% rate rise for the Huon

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom Chapter 3

Watching the watchmen: Charles Lewis on non-profit journalism

Reason and unreason on same-sex marriage

Bonaparte reforms inquisitorial system

Beaming ...

Where time stands still

Doing the Climate Maths with Bill McKibben

Tassie's debt and liabilities: a comparison

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom Chapter 2

US fatally persists with common law

Why I’m Not Drinking The Water

Tasmania scraps fox baiting program

Understanding Budgets: A Better Way

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom Chapter 1

Like shooting goldfish in a barrel

Liberals are putting politics before people. The church billboard controversy

The Order of the Universe – its Source and Implications ...

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom

Corruption in the Chancery Court

The Magic Wand of the Confidence Fairy

Climate Change Alarmism as a Moral Responsibility

The gay community's struggle for equality

Hospital doctor numbers slashed by 120 after cuts

Austerity pitfalls and alternatives

Origin of the adversary system


Fear and Freedom

The cartel rejects truth

When Your Playlist Dates You

Public meeting on smart meters

It’s what’s left unsaid

I don't agree

It's no secret. Tasmania's economy is buggered

Why Tasmania's Upper House election was a step forward for marriage equality

A challenge for Tasmania to adopt a much needed reform

Is the press too big to fail? It's dumb journalism, stupid

Running through rain

Old things can be desirable, can't we?

Lessons from Senator Hubert Humphrey

Mary ...

Christine Milne: ‘Picking over a dead carcass’

The Feed-In Tariff/Aurora debate ...

Tonight I watched Four Corners ...

The big gay marriage election fraud ...

Can’t you just see Bob walking towards you, in your mind’s eye?

Vampires and Sex Toys ... La Dolce Vita

Origin of the investigative system

The Parlous State

Dump it! Pullinger, Edwards: 'Constructive discussions'

French leaders show true leadership in face of violent opposition

Funded fox-hunts continue in Tasmania … but for how long?

The health money-go-round

Reality, or a $2m fantasy?

Organised criminals start common law

Liberty, Abortion and the "Salamanca Declaration"

Tasmania, Tourism and the Elephant in the Room

The Tasmanian Forest Gravy Train

MP leads a new war of the woods

Veils and Tin Hats

Veils and Tin Hats

Whitton: Origins of the two systems

Demons in our midst

Sister City

Take a bow, Leo

A Firey Spectacular

Mining Bauxite

Robbing Pensioners to Help the Rich

Tailings spill: The concerning inconsistencies. Ringarooma warning ...

No mail in, no mail out ... Telstra snip bounces emails. Sat: Back to normal!x

My sin? I wasn't the Chosen One

Health heads must roll


Marriage Equality: 40,000 flyers target pollies

Call on Australian Government to recognise Ellen and Portia's marriage

Byrneing questions that need to be answered

FSC International and Tasmania: Irreconcilable Issues and Values

Old Age and Cunning Wins!

Comment is free. Moderation is difficult

Set in concrete, concrete, concrete . . .

Is near enough really good enough?

The worst in Australia

Justice demands inquest in Chappell case

Devil’s advocate at large in Cygnet

The Power of Word

Fox resort by the water

The metaphorical fox in Tasmania

Ordinary Australians may be giving up on politics

Labor’s hand forced on size of Parliament

Tonight: 60 Minutes to Cover Sue Neill-Fraser Case

Underbelly: The suggested grounds for a Royal Commission

1080 fox baits in the Burnie water supply reserve

Show me the money!

They shoot ducks don't they?

The Cardinal Sin of Transparency

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania

Giddings knew Gunns was insolvent

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez dies aged 58

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania. Julia pledge on pulp mill

The Unbelievable Charade


1080 poisoning continues despite no foxes

Underbelly: Paul Harriss; A Step Too Far?

Judge Blast for Tasmania Police

Mid year report: pass or fail?

What is a Small Mine?

Tony’s Tropfest

Mining Problems and Possible Solutions

Downer ...

Federal Hotels: the turning point?

Solution to the Tasmanian Fox Saga

Democratic hemlock: saving earth from our animal selves

Something had to give ...

UK marriage equality vote puts pressure on Australian leaders

Tassie's unfunded superannuation liability

The gambler: At home with David Walsh

In Julie Bishop’s World

World-wide Mining Predicaments

Intelligence-Led Policing? Not in Tasmania. The Sue Neill-Fraser Case

The café stripped bare

Will the Truth set him Free?

Why are our public hospitals so wasteful?

What gives, Mr Mayor?

Tasmanian Forestry Agreement: The Real Issue

Sustainable forestry (2)

What Mining Executives Do Not Tell Us

Tasmanian Devil: THE full NEW YORKER

A Plantation in downtown Deloraine

Uneven Swing to Liberals in Tasmanian State Election Polling

Lance Armstrong: a Bold Deceiver & Cool Tripper

The uselessness of a TIC public service presentation

TFA: A mockery of due process

Tasmanian Devil

TFA: A small window of opportunity

Sustainable Forestry ... I Think Not!

Dead-tree media and the battle to control online content

Les Dick pledges Defender repair

Erich Abetz at Number 10 ...

RBF: A hard road ahead

And ... a Happy New Year!x

Joy, Love, Paradox ...

And though the last lights off the black West went ...

Reason and passion on Israel

Some leaders! Some vision!

Bedtime reading for MLCs ... before the $50 million vote

There Must be a Better Way

It would be brave to say no

Hunting an enigma in Tasmania – not easy!

Call for Human Rights Impact Report on Prostitution in Australia

Shoulder to shoulder, after burying the hatchet. Cargo cult benevolence and corporate welfarism

Roundtable for Two Please

Evan Rolley – Tasmania’s forest chameleon [Part 1]

Wisdom from Hector the Protector

Farewell Ricky ...

The party interest

Healing the divide ... as Libs pledge to trash it all. The meaning of Clause 58

Tight Pants and Man Perfume

Red-Green politics retrograde on prostitution

Cygnet, you’ve been told!

Lara’s Gambit

Rafferty Rules: The Incredible FT Saga. Crikey: The forestry con job ... and response

Crashing through in Cygnet, or . . .

Bits and pieces

Remembrance, Memory and Silence: Forgetting a Larrikin Tasmanian Digger

Open letter to the Premier

The Wacky World of Tasmanian Liberal Forest Policy

Forestry Tasmania: Wilful deception and crass incompetence

Sirolli gets going

The Blinds and the Blind

Edmund Burke on politicians

Tasmanian fox - a litany of lies and deceit

We are all vulnerable

One night in Rosevears ...

Super Trawler science further discredited

Rosevears Pub, Thursday, Nov 1: Tasmanian Times' Tasmanian of the Year ...

Close AFMA, says fisheries scientist

Earlier this year Ta Ann was revealed as a loss-making dog. Now?

Brighton´s open Hand

Pippa's Dilemma: The Moral Demands of Affluence

Mart day

Old feral cat’s fighting days are over. Bob Annells. Tony Burke. Gunns' last days

Sirolli breaks the silence

The Decline of Love and the Rise of Non-Freedom

Thanks Aurora ...

A licence to discriminate

The Ivory Tower is breached

Twist to $40m fox tale

To tweet or not to tweet?

Rodney Croome: We will not be silenced. Friday's Glenorchy rally

Message to Guy Barnett: marriage equality supporters won’t be silenced.

The duty of politicians to principles, not mob rule

Borthwick fisheries review integrity compromised?

Amos bells the feral cats

Ordinary People?

The Sirolli silence

Sex work is just work. Or is it, really?

Blue lights flashing

How to enjoy a mountain

How to enjoy a mountain

Gunns: The morning after

The Sandford Shapeshifters. Calder Rd gets baits

Sirolli who?

Changing of the Guard among Tasmania’s forestry moguls

Bad boys and tattoos

The legal ambush that sank marriage equality

The Naked Emperors (2)

Cygnet stirs as council bumbles

A disaster for the taxpayer. Change focus ...

Closed minds in newspapers lead to closed newspapers

Trolling and bullying.

Tomorrow and the day after

The Bounder, Thomas

$40 million to be wasted on another health review instead of surgery and nurses

Let us hope the days of the cargo cult are over

That’s the way the money goes! The federal health bailout and its priorities

Unsupportable Fox Baiting has no ‘Social Licence’

A Problem of Cunning Tasmanian Foxes or Much Less Cunning Innovation?

ENGO chaos in the Forest Fog

Mr Elliott, stop this 1080 baiting!

Precautionary Tails! South Arm cops another dose of 1080

Big Cat hunt is over in Victoria due to lack of evidence

Miles abandons sinking FT ship but Ken comes to the rescue

Mashed Potato Mountain

Fish and Chips on Fridays

A bus ticket to nowhere

Disability, sex rights and the prostitute

Caught out

Understanding the science behind the super-trawler’s quota

Marriage equality: state laws the way forward

More fox baiting in Southern Tasmania - Why?

Should Colbeck consider looking for a new job?

The man on the mountain

Sleep, Interrupted

Is this no country for old women or men?

The Contribution of 'Corruption' to Miscarriage of Justice Cases

How Copping is copping it!

Tasmania’s forestry saga - in limbo again!

Big question mark over solar tariff?

Forestry Association still playing cat & mouse

Keeping it in the family


Schizophrenia is not so black or white

Super Trawler: Failing The Canberra Times test

‘Cargo cult’ mentality is not an economic development policy

Don't write off Labor ... yet. Greens slump in latest poll

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last…

Chips off the Old Bloc

Paul Gilding: Prophet For Our Times

Over beyondblue

They call it couch surfing

Erich Abetz and Attacks Ads

Turning FORESTS into chips

Cygnet: Now you see it ... now you don't

Never say die, until you have to! Shareholders want help for Gunns

Marriage equality a step closer

Steele Rudd ... and the Last Days of The Mill

Ta Ann is at the centre of any Signatory Deal

Politics and power wars

Bryan the Bashful versus the Nome King

Steele Rudd ... and the Last Days of The Mill

Who’s watching our children?

Buddha and the Tamils

Why tobacco prohibition won’t work

Electricity ... a perspective

Vale Mike Cassidy 1950 – 2012

When personal best isn’t enough

Amnesia rules, Abbott revels

Ta Ann’s Wood Supply Agreements

Max Bound 1924—2012

Shame on us all

Frolicking with the pixies at the bottom of Lara’s garden

Give us untold confusion over unacceptable discrimination and fearmongering anyday

Health bailout surgery to start this month

Irregular maritime arrivals, anyone?

Pulp mill no part of Tasmania’s future

Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

Crook as Maggoty Mutton

Dealing with FT: John Powell's tortuous saga (includes all articles)

The Murdochratic State

No-show after school

Guy Barnett's surprise about-face on same-sex marriage. 500 brave the rain ...

The Second Coming is more likely ...

Forest Peace Deal - a game of multiple hoaxes?

Denial piled upon delusion ... enough material for a whole round of psychiatric conferences

D-Day Today: Decision or Deferral or Dead. The Cost. And another pause ...

Too little, too far away

The Effectiveness of Tasmanian Times

Thanks Coach!

Defining ‘Waste’ In Old Growth Forests

Plantation Isle Forever!

The End for the Pulp mill and a New Victory for Social Licence?

Super Trawler: Questions for Mr Geen. Green's doubts. National campaign launched

ABC: The Shape We're in

The Cassandra syndrome: two economists and the coming financial crisis

Victorian fox bounty flushes out the reynards. In Tasmania ...

What Terry and Vica told Leon ...

Appointment of Integrity Commission CEO

Is prevention really better than cure? And how much does it cost?

Why are oil prices going wild?

Huge Win for Tassie: Hot Shot Advisers!

No talking back: the value (and cost) of commenting

The Spirit of the Press Room

Greens call for clear heads at Observer Tree ... at Make-or-Break time

Another federal health plan falls apart

Will the Lara-Nick double-act have to come to an end?

Torture ... by Greg

Tasmania, Ground Zero for Toxoplasmosis ...

Carnegie, RIP ... a final rip-roaring exhibition?*

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Joining the dots

News Values

Clean water needs revised forestry operations

To Rachael Tuffin, 30

Joan Brown, Shell Necklace Maker

The idea of Myanmar

Hospital budgets to be cut by new pricing scheme

This is the way the world ends ...

Michael Pervan back ... as the boss!

Gunns: Writing on the wall?

A Loss for Words

Tasmania’s foxes remain phantoms in photo-shoot

Vandals incorporated

ALP attempts to Thorpedo the past

How to save our hospitals

Laying waste ...



Tracks to oblivion

The federal health package: less than meets the eye

Our copycat Opposition

Hospitals and the $100 million band-aid

Hope for the Huon ... and Tasmania?

But wait! There’s worse!

Is Labor the least worst?

Two great hoaxes ...

Fish before the rocks get slippery

I’ll Always Be Labor (but I don’t have to vote for them!)

Beware of conservatives

Foreign aid: moral imperative and national interest

It's not over yet

457 Outrage

Where to Tasmania?

Wilful blindness and the new forest industry. Booth: Broke FT puts its hand out, again ...

Clear air exclusion

Chronicle 66: That naughty Michael West

Jurisprudence and Julian Assange

The Lady with the Keys

Feathering nests or furthering Tassie ... ? GetUp's banned ad

Without fear or favour

Our beloved green rectangle: New York's (fraught) romance with Central Park

The Corner Bakery

Is Tasmania a failed state ... ?

Tell me why. The Obama Bombshell. Rallies ...

Toe the line, or you don't work in Tasmania

Geoff: It's far worse ... Forestry Tasmania’s shrinking estate

Tassie Water: Pure Enough for Roxby Downs?


On the trail of the elusive Greg Hall, MLC

Just Doomed ...

Murdochs: 'Not a fit person'. 'Wilfully ignorant'

Teacher sacking over gay marriage Facebook comment hits free speech

The Fox of Urban Britain

Winds turn against Murdoch influence

Janet Laurence: After Eden

Greens cry wolf on Integrity Commission

An Anzac Story – Finding the Nurses in Sumatra

The case of Julian Assange: do constitutional principles matter?

The Gag goes in

Big Brother hovers

The State: The glorious folly of one ...

In Dog We Trust… or do we?

Snipe from the trenches ... or enlarge the vision

What’s in a Name?

Carmen ... give in dammit!x

Tasmania Police Investigation Procedures - Are they Adequate? Eve Askew ...

John Hawkins takes on Greg Hall

Labor Death Wish – cutting umbilical cords

Greed or Survival?

Adventures in Wonderland

How bad is News Corp? The newspaper future?

Flying in the face of old age (15): The Inevitable Bike Accident

This was exciting stuff

Erich Abetz and the mystery of those MIS facts. John Lawrence: It was Ponzi ...

Burning Tasmania: The Mercury Perspective

Giddings still overlooking revenue boost from tax reform

The Fox Files Uncut

White Like Me

Sterilisation Burns for Tourists a Must for Tasmania’s Future Prosperity

West’s Protest-Free Pulp Mill Vision: A Recipe for Escalating Conflict

Flying in the face of old age (16): One Wart Too Far

Dream on ...

From Go to Woe… it didn’t make sense!

State of the State: What your mother didn't tell you, graph by graph

You need to seek to find

Jung at heart

Faecal Fools or Fabricated Faeces?

In Cygnet, the philistines are on a roll

Thank god for that ...

Requiem for Tasmania's Fox Program: 2001- 2012. Invasive Species Response Boosted

I have lost faith ...

Have you seen these people?

Fox positive scats confirmed from Burnie and Railton

Paul Harriss MLC should resign. Questions which must be answered

Push to expand Fox Taskforce into Feral Species Unit

We don't need saving from our media. Be careful what you wish for

Abetz, Carr and a Senate Casual Vacancy

Many desperate Afghans are also looking for an exit

Simply red: Why are people so unkind to redheads?

Nobody’s buying ...

Fewer ceiling fans ...

Australia's problem? We never talked about Kevin Rudd

The $50 Million Fox Hunt

You never hear about most people ...

If Kevin Rudd wins today ...

Huon activists anything but anarchic

An Imbalance of Power?

Why spruik a dying industry? One law for Ali ... Message for Ta Ann customers. Peg Putt's message

The Chronicle 65: Nick

Rules is rules, Mr Mayor

Cliched, populist drivel

HCC and Conflict of Interest

Kings of tin

What Lara said. True History of Forest Violence. Lara sorry. Bryan's trade trip. Booth's mill call

Journalism's historic battle: safeguarding a liberal press

HCC: A circuit-breaker is needed, fast

A dog: The financial truth about Ta Ann Tasmania. MLCs 'premature'. World protests

Austral Reflections

Comfortably numb

Council gets it wrong — again

All about bums on toilet seats


The Hypocrisy of Will Hodgman's Liberals

Working against the global sex industry

Towards an economic theory of capitalism - MACRO supply and demand

John Wilson

Last roll of the dice

Gunns' White Knight gallops in. Pollies, Lara. Tom Ellison: 'It's desperation'

Sometimes you get lucky ...

Not the New Yorker

Local government, land value, Labor and Leo ...

Are 35 Fools More Talented Than 25?

Historic Agreement, My Arse

Learning the Lessons from legalising prostitution: Response from a Sex Worker

HCC: Ancanthe ... and all that ...

BookMark this into your day

Learning lessons from legalising prostitution in Victoria

How adventurers adjust to life back in the ‘burbs

Harp Seals On Thin Ice After 32 Years of Warming

The Justice Secretary “Resigns”

Huon Valley Guessing Games: A bit of decorum, please!

The Barbarians are coming ...

The Chronicle 64: Waiting for the paper

Climate Adaptation Difficult for Europe's Birds, Butterlfies

The Barbarians at the gates of Cygnet

Are the Barbarians at the gates ... (2)

The joyful abandon of someone witnessing a spectacle

The Chronicle 63: James A. Jones

A ‘temporary’ aberration, surely?

Wings from the past

MIS growers felled again

Writers, artists, journalists ... how to foment a (peaceful) revolution

Richard Tuffin's Romania Report

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Three-way split

Death ... and instant sainthood

More police powers? NO!

Super Subs

Go wild with us this year!

The Family

Gunns: A forlorn hope ...

Don't bother coming back after Christmas. The meaning of Clause 27. Gunns Ltd plumbs new depths

Minister Wightman’s press release is full of holes

The shake of Rupert's power finger

Fifth degree 'the hardest, the worst and the best'

A Response to Mr Ellis

The sound of good shiraz, liberally poured!x

My god, there's hope!

The Fox Eradication Program does not disclose personal information

Fox watch on chicken coop: Is this a serious breach of privacy?

Fishing for a fox


Ivan Dean MLC: The Bosworth Fox. Parkinson quizzed

The Ghost Fox of Van Diemen’s Land

Sex and the Reasonable Man

Garry Bailey: My last day will be Thursday, January 5

Forestry Tasmania's arrogant trashing of Aboriginal and settler history

New Tasmanian Heritage Council Chair ... and conflict of interest

Jan Davis, you are wrong

Australian Party a potential third force as Katter shows he is not quite Right

Assessing the risk of devil poisoning

Scat does not maketh the fox!

Tasmania: The poppy cutting isle

How Labor pinched IGA funds for Forestry Tasmania

If Italy Can Do It ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Politics of division

Huon Valley Guessing Games: A question of governance

'Who's on First? and What's on Second?'

Crying ‘Fox’ too often…

Giveaways hide true picture of newspaper circulation carnage

Henry Savery ... and The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Tassie Times awarded commendation from PIA

Obama: China reacts angrily. Watch Obama live

Is Gillard attempting to revive China free trade

Chill through media history: Mercury moves to the Antarctic ...

It will be a tough 2012

Lest We Forget: the need to morally justify Afghanistan

Tasmania: Lagging in Integrity

Money disappearing around a fox hole

Observing Remembrance Day: a personal reflection

Armistice Day: A Tasmanian Remembrance Story

The best way to push bad policy is to wrap it in a ‘security’ blanket

Murdoch buries the lead as reshuffle has Hartigan bowing out at News Ltd

Public disdain for journalism has never been greater

Fox: The Questions

Transforming a system in crisis

Roundtable Creation Myth Has No Vision Splendid

Jamming with Marjorie

What a Tangled Web we weave ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Where apathy rules

Red Dog

In a move to compulsory voting, let's not forget community

Cassy O’Connor – Just a Regular Politician

21 Today

Professor Stewart didn’t get much right

Believing everything… knowing very little

Greens take a right step in Labor waltz

This is a racket

What Arab Revolutions?

Tassie Integrity Commission a toothless tiger. SA goes for a tiger

Tasmanian DNA fox-positive scats

Black Ice Economics

Travelling further than Oatlands ...

Power Sharing is a euphemism for Coalition

Perhaps it was because of incompetence ...

Hush, Lara, Hush

TT is free and always will be ... but not The Australian ...

James Boyce launches Island 126

Health: My experience of Lara

What Leo says about Richard Flanagan ...

McKim’s stable government

David Crean's subdivision proposal sparks opposition

The Chronicle 62: The beautiful freelancer

Our corrupt legal system

Huon Valley Council election forum

Wallaby shows support for Marriage Equality at Rugby World Cup

Has Politics Failed Us?

TODAY, Town Hall Hobart 8pm: Andrew Wilkie presents the TT Lecture

Gonzo Greg’s Report Card

Hunting foxes in the fog of war

The Chronicle 61: Farewell Deon du Plessis

Bob McMahon: Protests to escalate if project continues

Letter to the Fox Eradication Program

Please Aunty, Can we have a debate?

Leaked: News Ltd bites the dust

Not again ...

A response to: 'Fox skull find riddle'

Fox: Curiouser and curiouser ...

Get out of Afghanistan

Harold Evans: 'Rupert Murdoch is the stiletto ... a cold-eyed manipulator'. Paywall looms

Tasmanian foxes - an endangered species

Residual Residue

Attacking the High Court judges

The Fantastic Story of Mr Fox

We were just getting out of the hospital when ...

Kathy Stuff

The Megalomaniac ...

Ancient History

Hot Tea Trot

Sudden Impact – When Will Gunns Finally Hit the Wall?

Decline of Tasmanian Devils opens the way for introduced predators

Huon Valley Guessing Games: A council culture in ferment

Thank you for supporting Tasmanian Times

Why Political Coverage is Broken

Pervan: Probe terminated. Cost: $100,000 ... so far

Why David Hicks must win

Rupert ... my part in his (near) downfall. MPs circle the Scion

Loal Government reform and the Tasmanian Economy

Bad News: Murdoch’s Australian and the Shaping of the Nation

Tasmania’s Fox Scat Degradation Study. Eco-disaster fear ...

Electric cars and Tasmania's future

A pressing case for standing up to Rupert Murdoch's bullying

Rewnewable energy push

Throw away the dictionary

Lies, promises and mandates

Public opinion and representative democracy

Where has the evidence gone?

A Director for NewsStand

Print is at the root of good news

Tampa ... and the loss of Labor's soul

The Snouters Award

The crisis of the global economy. Was it a planned disintegration?

Rupert Murdoch's American Scandals

It's all about the profits. Fund new media. Worse for Rupert. The anonymity debate. Trust?

Fox scat test accuracy doubt

The bottom line is ...

Tackle the fundamental problem

Demand an Inquiry. Mercury outsourced to Adelaide: Apparently not!

In Australia the people are sovereign

Questions ANZ and Gunns must answer

Criticism of Tasmania’s fox baiting program

Red Dog ... and Me. Don't miss Kimisis

Flying in the face of old age: Buck and Joan in the Wars

Permits - is Gunns out of Time? Triabunna 13 litigation ends. Forestry hates me. Animals arrested

History teaches us ... we learn nothing from history

Load of trouble

A sense of despair

Walking in the footsteps of Archbishop Romero

Prospects for the global, Australian and Tasmanian economies

Tasmania is not Greece ... nor is it America

'Not a likely scenario son'

Our compass for hope into the future

Tasmania verdant with Green tourism

Flying in the face of old age: The Inevitable Bike Accident

The Meaning of August 4

“Would You Like To See Where Lucille Is Buried?”

An infamous ‘peace deal’ - roundly condemned

The Silver Bullet Men

Questions, but no Answers, in Hobart

Big Rod and Julia's bribe

Do foxes exist in Tasmania?

The Road to Nowhere

Potosí: Tribute to a city and a work of art

Fox baits laid in suburbs ... as Maria cull lashed

Tales of Megafauna Media: The Man in the Mac: A Life in Crime Writing

This Soap Opera: The Abusive Minority of the Powerful

The Triabunna Experiment ... a new dawning ... ?

Kelty Peace Deal - Is it signed, sealed and delivered?

Hunt cats, says Dean

The exciting world of Print On Demand

Ecological Forestry (2)

Consciousness Lost. Looking back at 1972

Flying in the face of old age (13): It aint getting any better


Forestry Tasmania: The Time is Nigh

Caught on camera!

‘The mountain that eats men alive’

WORTH THE WAIT? A Look at the Auditor General’s review of Forestry Tasmania

Ecological Forestry

Tasmania ... and the Conquest of Australia

How does a fiscal stimulus work these days?

Commit to ending hate, Libs told

Banned choir member goes back to Brit

Tasmanian community choir member thrown out of UK

Opinions, values, journalism and David Hicks

Flying in the face of old age (12): I love you ... you

Gunns is dead. Long live Gunns. Gunns Bottom 10 of worst performers

Dear Mr Wightman, please tell us ...

Georges River: the ABC apology is ridiculous

Gunns: Vale Auspine

What really happened in the 1980s and where are we now?

Hardwired humans: Why we act as we do ...

Lara, Will ... and the Corner Store

Is Tasmania Closed for Business?

Business as usual in Triabunna?

Happy birthday to Fleet Street's ranters

Tasmania is eradicating its cryptic fox population. We'd scrap FEP, say Libs

Budget avoids tackling the hard issues

This is not just another Budget. It is a critical indicator of political and policy intent.

State Budget needs to come to grips with over-spending and under-delivery

Triabunna: This is a matter for all Tasmanians

Tasmania teeters

If they loved the ordinary bush ...

The Denison Debate – Another Night at the Burbury

Go-ahead for Oz paywall. Mercury next year

Fox: As rare as the Thylacine. Ex-hunter: they don't exist

Gunns: The Final Death Throes? Share Price tanks. The meaning of 'Substantial Commencement'

Gunns: The Last Throw of the Dice

Forestry Tasmania’s secret

Ingrid Betancourt talks to Tasmanian Times

Faecal DNA detection ... the case of feral foxes in Tasmania

Hunt for fox proof 'ends'

Margaretta Pos - Galibi

Flying in the Face of Old Age (11): Stupid old man!

History teaches us: We learn nothing from history

Up goes the wall: New York Times banks on reading quotas

Syrupy Gutwein's ode to Rauma ... and the truth

$70m and still no live foxes. Government committed to continued funding

The Galahs

Mogul in the corner

Reflections of an unemployed ‘new’ Tasmanian

Rally: Watch the march, hear the speakers ... count the numbers

Our only weapon is our refusal

$35m: Ms Giddings this is a disgrace ... will you act? The Giddy carousel

What I told Greg Hall. His reply

Why is Tasmania’s per capita gross State product 21% below the mainland’s?

The Lost World

'69 were taken by (feral) cats and only 11 per cent by foxes'

Flying in the Face of Old Age (10): Old Wilbur

Winners and Losers

A Night at the Burbury – Shaping Tasmania’s Future

Suu Kyi should leave Burma, says Karen leader

God ’elp us all!

Aussie, Christian or universal values?

Thinking About Anzac 2011

Flying in the Face of Old Age (9): One Victorious Crocodile and Two Dead Pigs

The Chronicle 60: Ringing the changes

Gunns, FT ... and serious cash flow problems

The TT Traffic report

Necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Don't miss Daniel: Today, 2pm, Fullers


The peculiar investment of UniSuper in Gunns Ltd

Budget blues: time to fine-tune finances

Libs' same-sex surrogacy push fails

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Signage of the times

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ...

Thank you

The claimed Tasmanian Fox Shooting that didn't happen in Tasmania

Real ale and real newspapers

Punished for being gay

New Prospects for North West Tasmania

Will Gunns remain afloat?

Greg responds to Richard ...yet again

Sissies returns! Flying in the Face of Old Age (8)

Oil spill catastrophe highlights Tassie dangers

Greg responds to Richard ... again

Saul Eslake: Annual Report on the Tasmanian economy

Vigil for marriage equality

The night I saved Ricky Ponting’s career

Mushroom time again

Silent monuments to political chicanery

As nightfall does not come all at once

Holding up Gunns through secret deals

The Parable of the Insolvent Company

The failure to think

Farmers complain about rain, there's too much

Playwright Martin Lynch talks to TT

TAP, TPEHN condemn Principles because of pulp mill tie. Engos stark choice ...

Tasmanians will not wear it! Kelty must go, says Cousins

Fishwise funds used to pay staff

The Power greater than Money

Economic Effects of the Pulp Mill – A tale of two assessments

A short moral history of the Iraq war

Japan: the need for cultural change

Democracy Betrayed

The hollow industry

Maths, law and Gunns' Tamar Valley pulp mill - a story of beer and effluent

Compo for Gunns - Deja vu? Lara, Tony on YouTube. No seal of approval. Greens rift? More please ...

The Tasmanian Plantation Elephant

Putting the words to the TT motto

Not the final word

Sweet-reasonable L'Estrange monsters Flanagan 'cynicism and contempt'

Burke and the EPBC Act: Beyond Ignorance and Ineptitude

The Resistance strikes back

Dark clouds on the horizon

Constitutional question not an excuse to fail to act on same-sex marriage

Zombie Firms

Not the cake, Lara, the Bread ...

Marriage act validity

Deja vu - Tasmania's WMDs?

Asia Pulp and Paper Part II

Sunday: Bob Brown to welcome Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin, Bob Barker

The Great Betrayal

Asia Pulp and Paper - A History by John Hawkins

Forestry Roundtable – Working for the Man

The media is not there to help. It does not feel your pain

No Giddings Bounce – Is Labor Doomed?

Peak oil will hit Tassie too ... as Libyan crisis drives upward spike

The Senator claims PR con on foxes in 2002

Aromatherapy for Tasmanian Times

Climate Bombshell

Travels without a Donkey: Goodbye

Scary new world's uncertain Borders

Morality, politics and asylum-seekers

Another digger dies (2)

The Naked Emperors

Greg's Chutzpah ... and Postscript. FT profit ... and Bob Gordon's performance ...

Political gymnastics down at the Mercury, Libs and Labor HQ's

Government must come clean on support for Gunns

The Secret Genocide

Aurora: The wisdom of hindsight...

Launceston Examiner : Subverting Freedom of the Press?

Secret Genocide, by Daniel Pedersen

The Path to Joy ...

People at the Crossroads

Budget cuts: The Saul Eslake view

Section 11 Again, and Again … FSC report. March Mill start?: L'Estrange

The Forests ... The Forests ...

The Fox Trail - Part 2

Dear Mr L’Estrange ...

The Chronicle 59: In New Media is Grub Street reborn

At the crossroads ...

My tribute to Mona

Things to worry about

Naked and Exposed

Bartlett's mess

Eradicating Tasmania’s political foxes

The Fox Trail - Part 1

The Chronicle 58: Fleet Street of the Sky

Hobart - in the Urban Dictionary

The war against government lies, spin, corruption, secrecy, obfuscation and bullshit

Phone hacking scandal shakes UK Govt

The politics of family

Giddings supports pulp mill. McKim does not ...

Mona, masterpiece

Dammed government or damned Labor?

Travels without a Donkey: Back to Bahia

The spiral staircase takes you into Deep Time

All about Abalone Ganglioneuritis. Booth lashes 'gorging Green'

My sharp new sunglasses ...

What I (nearly) read at Christmas

Was Tasmania riddled by foxes?

The Tasmanian Fox Farrago*

Help us provide Life's Lessons

Buck and Joan Emberg caught in Queensland!

The Tasmanian Fox who had no balls

Tassie bid to import foxes

'I've got a few holes in me'

Don't be taken in by the spin

Michael Pervan, David Roberts and the echoes of the UK case

STOP PRESS - The Newest Fox Facts for 2011

Forestry Tasmania's cover-up

Do I win the reward?

Christmas Times (9)

$5000 Fox Reward ends ... 'Mystery of the missing fox bait'

Ponzi government?

Assange: what it means to be a suspect

The Chronicle 57: Newspaper heaven in the platteland

Trust us. Not yet!

The Weeping Sore

Why consult the electorate?

The Chronicle 56: Fleet Street at work and play

Bell Bay aluminium smelter announces long-term energy contract

Flying in the Face of Old Age (7): Yank Hating Cop and Pig Dogs on White Utes

Reclaim the Cyber-Commons

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Cygnet, heal thyself

Meedja: Incest, narcissism, journalist as player ...

TT's Letter to Santa

Chronicle 55: Life and death in black and white

The Australian tries to remake its relevance in a changing world

'North-West fox colony evidence discovered'

Same sex marriage: Is public opinion a moral value?

Orchids of the propaganda dead zone

Infrastructure Investment and Productivity

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Smoke and mirrors

Delusions, Gutwein and Forestry

Bartlett’s World of Forestry Fantasy

Australian soccer's cultural failure

The Chronicle (54): Butterflies on the semi-fast from Basingstoke

The Light at the end of the tunnel

The Elephant in the Living Room and the Ghostly Presence

Rio Tinto Alcan's new lobbyist ... Jody Fassina

As power prices spike, Rio Tinto Alcan launches a charm offensive

WikiLeaks: A Truly Historic Moment

Bob Brown, Poet

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Mayors rules

Flying in the Face of Old Age (6): The Cop Who Hated Yanks

An open letter to the President of the Senate

Travels without a Donkey: Chile

The Chronicle 53: The Wetstone

Public service profligacy

The Future Eaters: Being Vigilant for The Man 2007-2010

Fox scats: The Lights have finally come on ...

The Splintering of the Fourth Estate

In defence of anonymous pricks

Hawkins v Abetz: What the High Court said

Burnie Advocate endorses marriage equality

Flying in the Face of Old Age (5): Counting the Miles and The Troubles

Footy: Another extension of the Nanny State

Who's polling for local government amalgamation?

Travels without a Donkey: Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

War and Peace

Accolades for Aird

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Trial by Water

Travels without a Donkey: Argentina (2)

Afghanistan and the duty of our representatives

Tasmanian of the Year 2010

CAUGHT! Frank, you're a champ!

Flying in the Face of Old Age (4): I Hear The Call of the Road Today

ABA 100: It's not smart to sell all of your assets

Llewellyn's back ... as a lobbyist

The Afghanistan Debate

Enter the Bruny Island Ultra ...

Mill backing: I made no such comment. Peter Henning: It was in The Australian

Senator Abetz - Statement to the Senate

Gunns: The Next Chapter?

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Philistines . . . is nothing sacred?

Tribute to Jean Blyth Panton

Mercury: Abetz challenge 'withdrawn'

'How to eradicate foxes' in 2003

Afghanistan: why are we still there?

Foxes: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

Insolvency, disclosure and FT. Ruth Forrest's forensic eye

Back to where it all started ...

Travels without a Donkey: Uruguay

Flying in the Face of Old Age (3): Retirement begins ... Right Now!

Ninety-nine Not Out!

The Chronicle 52: Chris Munnion ...

On the fox frontline. Fox dollars

Tasmania's Right to Information reforms found wanting

Travels without a Donkey: Argentina (1)

Foxes: Are they or aren't they? (Part 1)

Lennon: Peace push 'breakthrough'; mill will be built in Tamar Valley. Biomass row.

Gunns: Is the worst over?

Crowded Out

W(h)ither soccer's A-League

What happened on Illawarra Rd in 2001?

An ethical debate on the war in Afghanistan

Flying in the Face of Old Age (2): Forced Ageing

Bounties on Tasmanian foxes

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (4) (Potosí 2 & to the border)

First do no harm

The philistines ... Arbor amour: a kiss of death

A Cry from the Heart: The home in the Valley

The Chronicle 51: Le Coq d'Or

But Where Is The Fox? Nine years on. Ivan Dean's 'great concern'

What does it cost to polish a premier?

Afghanistan: review of the war and use of the war power

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (3) (Potosí)

And that's before a price on carbon ...

What ever happened to the Loony Left?

Abetz's 2010 Senate nomination form

TT: A site dominated by a small band of narrow minded loony lefty mates

Afghanistan and the alliance argument

Flying in the Face of Old Age (1): Gateways to Ageing


Abetz leaves citizenship row to High Court

The death of Forestry Tasmania?

Afghanistan: new US policy favours reconciliation

Are the Tasmanian Greens losing heart?

Craven dependence on dreaded focus groups

Abetz and Channel Highway Land Deals

Afghanistan: the supposed threat to national security

Flying in the Face of Old Age: Buck's new series

Chronicle 49: The “Stop Press Express”

El Salvador: Truth and justice still denied

Outfoxing the fox in Tasmania - a short review

Tasmanian Times: A Rage Against the Dying of the Light ...

FOXing the facts at the ABC

Into The Woods - the battle for Tasmania’s forests

Iraq ...

Forestry Tasmania wins secrecy bid on the costs of Going Bush

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (2)

John Hartigan: We will own the agenda. All day. Every day.

Chronicle 48: A master of the written word

'Real Julia' and 'Safe Tony'

Miranda Devine and thuggery

Get out of Afghanistan ...

Chronicle 47: The Long Streak of Piss

Mark Poynter's Devine defence breached

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (1)

Godlike pronouncements

The morning after ...

Poll: Election Comment and the TT Portal ...

The Devine Lie

Amos and Wells on Forestry Subsidies: Round 3

Abetz, Integrity and the Law revisited

Beware of Academics Bearing Arithmetic (Round 2)

Abetz, the Senate and the Court of Disputed Returns

Dr Amos, It's just plain nonsense

Hunting Foxes

Travels without a Donkey: Peru (2)

Gifts and Arithmetic

A Tasmanian Story

Beware of Academics Bearing Arithmetic

Compensation for Gunns?

Wretched of the Earth

MIS: An abject failure with no place in the future of Tasmania’s forest industry

Beware of Politicians Bearing Gifts

AFL - Economic saviour, or financial disaster?

To call middens "tips" is utter ignorance

Let's hope that Bartlett and Co don't get wind of that approach!

Travels without a Donkey: Peru (1)

Foxileaks.....Minister is outed by his own Police Department

Many questions, few answers. What to believe?

Death of a blackwood

The Secret ABC

Straight from the Minister for Foxes' mouth

Fox Plot: Who to Believe?

No social licence. The Tamar Valley Pulp Mill, irretrievably damaged.

The fox that wasn’t there?

‘Minor’ eruption gets major

ABC of The Fox

Travels without a Donkey: Ecuador (4)

A generous salary increase for politicians

Book Launch: ‘Standing Strong: Stories of Courage and Activism’

Fox search moves to Bruny

Public loss, private gain?

Travels without a Donkey; Ecuador (3)

Tasmanian Reverie

Our rights to know what is going on are under threat

Farms snub fox bait layers

Tasmania’s ‘Fox Line’

Travels without a Donkey: Ecuador (2)

Death comes to the newspaper

As forests burn and marine algae disappear


A watery mirage

Concrete cultures collapse forestry

A new method of Labor rule

Travels without a Donkey: Ecuador (1)

The brutal execution of a flawed leader

Don't laugh. This is serious ...

Who is the Minister for Foxes?

The forestry assault

Stop to bank funding

Did Will call Nick?

Plantation reprise (Part 2)

The Truth About Plantations

Public Trust - who do you believe?

Good riddance, John Gay

New Matilda, RIP

Life on the Edge

Oooh Mercury: Come in Spinner ...

Gunns shares sink even more

The state of Tasmania’s biodiversity highlighted in the International Year of Biodiversity

Round and round the same old table?

Travels without a donkey: Venezuela (3)

The Tragedy of Tasmania

Parliamentary inquiry best response to Church discrimination demand

Asbestos silence

Forestry: We were warned ...

Forestry Tasmania is the stumbling block

Global extinctions accelerating - the World gets another Wake Up call on biodiversity loss

Travels without a donkey: Venezuela (2)

The Big Picture: Rudd's brave new world

Cousins willing to back Tamar Valley mill*

Zucco’s love of the motor car knows no bounds

Travels without a donkey: Venezuela (1)

Market Watch: Tamar Ridge for sale

Tasmanian Greens need to re-engage on foxes

Marine safety report into Ady Gil sinking a political cop out: Brown

Did the Wilderness Society have to explode?

Fox blitz faces resistance

Superannuation changes; too little, too late. The Kohler analysis

Travels without a donkey: Nicaragua

Minister Garrett should be sacked - Lessons for the pulp mill

A Narrative - The Unfolding of the Global Financial Crisis. Part 1 (Update 3)

Big Picture 77: the urgent need for action

Accounting for Dummies—Lessons from the Forest Industry

An agenda for a new Tasmania

Nothing has changed


Fiona Moves On From The Examiner

The Great Victorian Denial

The Synthetic Ocean

Bartlett chose O'Connor. The Body language ...

The buck stops with the Mayor

Where's the apology, Fiona?

Forestry Tasmania goes bush ... and hides the cost

Travels without a donkey: El Salvador (4)

Big Picture: Stuck!

Fox'd: This is a very dangerous book ...

To Richard Tuffin, 30

Gunns Through the Looking Glass

Bartlett opts for interim cabinet. Calls McKim ...

News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments


The Chronicle 46: Vale Alec

A vision of Australia in Lego

Open Letter to Members of the House of Assembly

Bartlett grabs the reins

Tasmania - Quo Vadis?

Act now to save our birds

That’s what we need, Will

The Randwick Inclusive Power Sharing Arrangement – a Model for Tasmania?

El Salvador plea update (3)

Is native wildlife at risk from fox baits?

Just what we've all been waiting for!

Bartlett gives up power

Gunns and TT: Making sustainability our business ...

The bells ring for Llewy. Some advice for Bec

Forestry Tasmania supervisor turned back on contractors sledgehammer attack

Comments: Thank you, thank you, thank you

A degree of iconicness

Travels without a donkey: El Salvador (3)

Tasmania's lesson: when Labor attacks the Greens, it threatens itself

A case for coalition government in Tasmania

Prize picture just too good to be true

Attack Ads: Labor unrepentant

Heritage canal under siege

El Salvador plea update (2)

Wrecking the lives of millions

Wilkie: The pokie factor

David Bartlett's appointments diary: making time for the makeover merchants

There is no such thing as a US economy anymore

Here We Stand

Andrew Wilkie: So close to $856,000,000

From the Shoulders of Giants to the Gutter

Healing the Great Wound

Tasmanian Election 2010: The Main Issue

Election Comment. Candidates. Turn over to Page 2. Read the Press Releases

Gunns: on an expedition to discover the headwaters of S—t Creek without any Plan B

The far-reaching implications of Gunns boardroom drama

Beware the 'eco-terrorism' dirty tricks brigade

Labor trashed: You read it here first

Libs pledge to get tough on forests protests

Tasmanian Election 2010: Cynicism as Virtue

The Sky News 'leader's debate': the question not asked

Sky News 'Leaders Debate' Shunned by Tasmanian TV

Preferencing a power-sharing arrangment

$5000 Fox Reward, now closed

ALP's attack ad claims on Pedder don't stack up

A Tactical Error

Bentley 45: The Bag Lady, Amy and the Pigeons

After the crash ...

The big power subsidies the free-marketeers won’t talk about

Tourism on the teat. When will it end?

Travels without a donkey: El Salvador (2)

El Salvador Plea Update...

NSW Labor and golden staph

Liberals pledge to blow some cash on forestry PR

Why The Pokies (and Andrew Wilkie) matter

FEA treading water

A cry from the heart ... and a plea for help

Travels without a donkey: El Salvador (1)

Blackouts ahead?

We’re crying out here that there's something in our water

Keating! By Gough it's good ... but ...

MIS may be worthless ...

Who gets to meet Premier David Bartlett?

'Avoid pointing finger at Bleaney'. 'A very easy interview'. 'Assuming snooze position now ...'

David Bartlett’s Appointments Diary: Meeting with the Loggers

David Bartlett’s Appointments Diary: A Close Encounter with the Freedom of Information Act

West Coast Council's anger over mine funds reallocation to foxes!

What power?

Dr Amos: Dated material of little relevance

Forests Plan: Barlett's blind acceptance is staggering

Zero Tolerance for Any New Tasmanian Pulp Mill

Greatest moral issue of our time

Gunns' banking dilemma

A lib/lab coalition is a disaster for both major parties

Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...

The Zombie Contagion for Plantation Isle

How David Bartlett's spin-doctor engineered an election 'debate'

Spend, spend, spend ...

Collared ... a night at the cricket

The world will not stop warming

Egg Island: From this ...

"Anti-forestry" and "anti-logging": Dressing Industry Propaganda Up As Fact

Travels without a donkey: Panama

McKim checks out the Huon’s historic canal

What role for anonymous sources in election reporting?

Health Workforce Australia's first board appointed

Tasmanian Times Traffic Report

No fault of the Minister

Global Trade Imbalances as a Statistical Artifact

Don't You Dare Look Back, Warns Bartlett

Where are you Michael Bound?

Bugger history, the environment and aesthetics

Worst cancer death rate in the Commonwealth

Travels without a donkey: Bogota

Economic Assessment of the Gunns Pulp Mill 2004-2008

A Tale of Two “Leaks” … and Bartlett in Apology Mode

Foxes: Fantastic feral evaders

Remembering the 1970s' Energy Crisis

Fox skull found in Central Highlands

Our vanishing tax base

Emptiness in the Sky without Diamonds

My School - Your Spin

Bartlett Launches Ploy to Shunt Greens off Debating Stage

Pipeline threat to Franklin history: Huon Valley Guessing Games (17)

Forest Industry Plan: Just another glossy edition...

Replacing food production with trees

Will Hodgman and Reaganomics ...

Whatever Happened to Forestry Tasmania's "Battered Briefcase"?

Chardonnay Socialists, tradies desert Labor. Eric's in control ...Duh!

A brilliant exposition

Zombie politics, the self-perpetuating mediocracy

Scott McLean's walk in the park: What I filmed ...

Who's donating to Tasmanian political parties?

Another bogus fox claim

Stuffed into parking meters ...

The Hugh Cudlipp lecture: Does journalism exist?

Llewellyn: Minister of State for Gunns

Our Economic Black Hole

HCC: Timber talks, heightened sensitivities

Funny business over forests

Like maggots engorged on a roadside carcass

The currency quarrel with China is a dangerous distraction

Huon Valley Guessing Games (16): Non-core, non-core, Mr Mayor?

Bookmark 5

Journalism and blogging ...

A deplorable response

We must attempt the impossible

Tasmania's 'silent killer' on the rise

Last snap of the Old Dragon's tale [sic]?

What of the 20 year Wood Supply Agreement that underpinned Forestry Tasmania

Restraint, not pork barrelling

Restraint, not pork barrelling

The Oil and Money Straitjacket

Some cheer for the New Year

The Federal Police should be asked to investigate

Why, Minister Llewellyn? Why?

1983 'Ponzi Game' prediction

The birth of Zimbabwe ...

This week's fireworks

Silly old Cnut

Devil disease hope

We need to split religion from spirituality

Welcome to the Third World, Tasmania

Jim Wilkinson's serious omission ...

A response to Evangelical Atheism

This week's Bookmark

Is it accepted? Will it work?

Christmas Times (7)

Christmas Eve Fox Report: Shit happens, but still no foxes!

Ady Gil Arrives in Antarctica

Judy: Let's be frank here

Go Rick!

Foxes here, says report

Health head's travel bill a costly one for taxpayers

Flogging logging in the Age of Climate Change

Gunns' spray and the clean, green facade

El Salvadoran leftist: ‘You must be with the people’

ABA's linking service

Huon Valley Guessing Games (15): Egg Island threat

Build the largest petition in history ...

Building the largest petition in history

Who'd Pay for Rupert Murdoch's Climate Change Skepticism?

Oz Opera visit cancels Ten Days on the Island

HCC: A slowly crumbling ton of bricks

Do the shade sails work?

Stop the subsidies to stop the conflict

Served over a Right Wing bed of hardmen

Alison, You Rock!

Huon Valley Guessing Games (14)

Alison, You Beauty

Ready, set, go ... 6.30pm Strathlynn tomorrow

Huon Valley Guessing games (13): Franklin's Challenge


Kingston Bypass: A poor Nation Building project

NW jobs and the pulp mill: The gross failure of Rockliff, Green, Kons, Best and Whiteley

Church, Hall and House

Seeking to end Conflict: Comment thread closed

Deadliest UK hospitals identified in damning report

Conversation with a Councillor

A comfortable lounge tilt armchair

TT's Strathlynn celebration: What you are getting ... and what you are missing ...

Bruny pain halts Tasmanian Times

Tasmania: The Word, the Secret and the Way

One of the most spectacular political backflips since John Howard's GST

Why Tasmania needs a community-based eco-toxicology research fund

A bed of government fries

Byelections may indicate popularity of Liberal position on the Climate

Turnbull and his rabble

Compassion, legislation and human rights

Is social media killing the web as we know it?

The possibility of minority government

Another night, in paradise

New email skirmish in teachers' war

Dear Premier Gay and Mister Bartlett

Fresh garden salad

El Salvador - Ex - guerilla in politics, visiting Australia

Protest the pulp mill ... and get banned from Salamanca, the waterfront and Battery Point

Looking for a cool change? Tasmania gets some 2020 vision

Teachers Union Elections - AEU moves to Control Debate

Teachers’ war turns toxic

DHHS: Dame Catherine was not paid a fee

Joker 3 Mill or what? A Battle of Ideas

Eco-Toxicology Research Fund Public Launch

Tas Eco-Toxicology Research Fund Public Launch

Lost at sea

Huon Valley Guessing Games (12)

Pray salute, Lord Mayor Pos

Power Sharing Government for Tasmania? What works, what doesn’t work

Extra virgin olive oil

The Joker (2): Losing control

Pokies: Bullying has done its job

Battlelines drawn in teachers' war

The Joker's Reply

It's sickening to see NHS health funding so misappropriated by bureaucrats

Rupe v. ABC's Mark Scott: Two visions of Media's future

A discombobulatory translator for the buzzspeak of climate change

Simple perfection wins award

All about Godwin Grech!

Dissent and be Damned

She's got some power, this Sarah Day

David Bartlett’s Melbourne Cup Day 2009

The Joker in the Tas-Times pack

Sheer Terror

Move Kingborough Beyond 2020

Government bypasses tenders

Bartlett's Natural Law of Government: That Spin is inversely proportional to transparency

Senator Abetz, Shields Heritage and Gunns

Rudd's example

A curious domain

Final proof that the Bruny Ultra is good for you ...

$40,000 for fly-in consultant

Slip shift 2

The familiar could soon vanish

Shutdown. No more answers from the Health Department

Hydro Past Constrains Future

The ETS news

Climate change news

It's time to slay the bureaucratic monster that's ruining the NHS

Why good bloggers are good for print

Tom Ellison: They didn't have any guidelines about not printing those they didn't like

Death by Media

The Dame's Tasmanian trips: More questions


The internet doesn't exist

Burma crackdown on ethnic nationalities

Concealed by mainstream media

High moral ground indeed

Why the newspaper is copping so much flak

The thrashing of the mediasaurs

Dame Catherine: More questions

A subtle weaving of passion and despair

Statewatch on Sunday - Some pulp protesters shredding credibility

The Future of Journalism -- Stage II?

The Morning After Hobart

Be quiet, Lindsay

The Future of Journalism – Blueprint for Progress

The traditional media has ignored it all. Why are the shutters down?

$40,000 to fly out Dame Catherine

Labor caves in

The Examiner and Lennon: Contempt for due process

Dame Catherine: No response

Shame on The Examiner for being complicit in this ruse

Dame Catherine joins health bureaucrats' flying visits

The Big Picture: Climate Change

The Chronicle (44): Like a fox

Nicklason: Above and beyond cant and media cowardice

The Government simply appears to have stopped listening to the people ...

An Open Letter to Peaceful Community Protesters

Fire down under

One Sunday at Beaconsfield

Bartlett, forget your silly community forums.

Social Engineering in Australia

Huon Valley Guessing Games (11)

Another letter goes unpublished

The new meaning of service in Tasmania

The Chronicle (42): Cats

Rivetting Robyn

Watch Sting sing about Saving the Rainforests

Beaconsfield: 21 arrests; rabbits in the spotlight

Anthem for Beaconsfield

DHSS staff’s international trip

Our Nobel Prize contender

Dairy farmers need help now; this situation is more than “awkward”, Minister

A pungent exploration of the idea that our politicians are somehow worth huge salary increases ...

The Chronicle (42): Kunzea up yer khyber

MyState: $7 million ripped out of the local economy

Bartlett – A Real Corporate Man

Brand aid needed

The Chronicle (41): Life and death at the typeface

Leadership Renewal Need for Launceston

Your portal to the world

Bartlett at Beaconsfield: Simulation of Democracy

We also need people who can read a simple set of accounts

Tasmanians have bird germ

The Great Pulp Mill Swindle: A Chronicle of Deceit

Reality versus reality , a meditation on the modern world

Served in a terra cotta steamer

The Chronicle (40): Referee Turner

Huon Valley Guessing Games (10)

The slip shift

Critical weakness

Tony Burke responds to the analysis of Graeme Wells

Accounting for Dummies ... A look at Forestry Tasmania

Moving on - time for a breakthrough

Periodic bursts of high-frequency current

“Yes we can!” – Tasmanian Climate Challenge

Forestry Tasmania: further definitive analysis ...

GP's full-frontal assault on Tasmania's 'carrier pigeon' health system

ALP: A severe malaise that requires urgent correction

The Health burnout

Plantations, tax breaks and rortery ...

The Bartlett Vision (1)

Gunns out of control

Section 11 Once More

'Rudd Government delivers a massive blow to Fox Taskforce'

Tasmanian Political Rot: The PMAA Revisited

Where did all the money go?

Tasmanian Labor's UltraLite Lobbying Code

The incompetence of Tony Burke

Fox: Yet another of State Labor’s political scandals

Huon Valley Guessing Games (9)

How many times will Saul Eslake be bothered to spell it all out?

The Whole Hog

Will Hodgman: Is this just a collection of random thoughts?

Why Labor will lose the 2010 election

We have to sit by and watch as people's lives are destroyed, just to line the pockets of a few

Wild ideas for a better Australia

Misinformation represented as genuine news stories ...

Wanted: Fresh fox poo

We need more info, Matt

An open letter to Scott McLean CFMEU and putative Labor candidate for Tasmania

The Growing Sadness of our Political Process

Unhealthy decision making in our Health system

Pembroke: A worthy collection of 'normal people'

Being helpful

Dear Minister Llewellyn

Seeing and believing are different things and they are often wrong

Serious misinformation

Huon Valley Guessing Games (8)

Accurate, verifiable and ultimately absolutely correct

How I was muzzled at The Examiner

Tainted philanthropy

Bust Me Gall and Break Me Neck - Patsy Adam Smith 1968

Applause for Labor

Taking shorter showers doesn't cut it

Fox eats Mercury

PAL Policy: Lazy, hopeless LibLabs

Da Vinci, Picasso and Minister Tony Burke

An alleged campaign of covert censorship

The importance of principle

How to get rich or stay poor

Chronicle (39): End of an era/ Start of an era

This thread is now closed to comment ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games (7)

Health prediction wrong

Negotiation with extreme prejudice

Foxes: The numbers and sex ratios have changed again!

The Tasmania Tomorrow education disaster

Michael Field: There is a lot at stake in Pembroke

Tasmanian Fox Reward is extended for the 6th time

Are our politicians real people?

Foxes: Case closed or case ongoing?

The curious case of the health contracts

The forests are doomed

'Time to ditch climate policies'

'Bogans' are the most important catalyst for social change

It's time to learn from frogs

The bogan undercurrent (2)

Where was Bub?

Enemy of the People

A Letter from China

The Drax trial

Crotty for Pembroke

FEA: From bad to worse; MIS trials and tribulations

Why MIS is Australia's biggest scam

A triumph for absurdity, greed and stupidity

Lies, damn lies and Forestry Tasmania statistics

Chance on Main: No sporting chance in this game of buckpassing

Whose voice should be heard?

Flanagan at the Sydney Writers' Festival

Political parties based on dogma cannot properly represent us

Saints and Savages

Cancer Island

FEA update

The world doesn't seem to care ...

DHSS staff's international tour


Huon Valley Guessing Games (6)

The flawed methodology of this report is not the template to follow

The curious case of Dr Raj Mattu and Tasmanian Health Department Head David Roberts

Voodoo and the Felmingham Report

Picking losers under the guise of picking winners

Impoverished investors

Bartlett's outrageous hypocrisy

A Book of Verse, and Thou ...

Tasmania ... beautiful one day, clearfelled the next

Budget: The Eslake Analysis

A better way

MIS: Is Super being used?

Forestry v Bob Brown

Whither FEA?

Maybe a GENUINE person with a REAL name will catch or kill a fox in Tasmania

Fox force review

Gunns after the deluge

Old Wood Is New Coal as Polluters Embrace Carbon-Eating Trees

A Better Australia (43)

An assault on Medicare

All about consumption

Losing our voice

Huon Valley Guessing Games (5)

Tasmanian Times needs your help

Killing the goose

Convicts and education

Flanagan's unparalleled attack

Fox force job cut claim

Michael Field: A Hung Parliament

The real issue for Minister Giddings

Labor-Liberal amalgamation: Tasmania’s Future?

Huon Valley Guessing Games (4)

Punishing the people

Relief supply mission

Bartlett's LibLab accord

Diminishing the standing of Parliament

Guessing Games in the Huon Valley (3)

Working for the Man

The unfolding of a pandemic (2)

How to save money

The Artifice of the Federal Budget

Defections ...

Validity of the Pulp Mill Permit

Gunns' approval for mill 'invalid'

Guessing games in the Huon Valley

The unfolding of a pandemic (1) - How ‘pig flu’ learned to fly

On The Beach

The real David Llewellyn

Confusing fact and fiction

A compliant press, a vision rooted hard into the past ...

The ETS Jobs Bonanza

Please keep writing Tom

Decision time is nigh

God is in the Details

Bumper week of stories

Making it Better

Sacked ...

Elimination of all democratic rights

Over-run ...

Expelled from Thailand

Why are we failing so abysmally?

Questions for a serious fox biologist

Monopoly - not just a board game

Facing the Future: A Greg Suitor update to Peter Henning

Huff Post on Burma talks

Tassie Times goes (even more) global!x

David Bartlett and Gunns' pipelines

Some Tasmanian nurses – An Anzac Story

Anzac 2009: Thinking about memorialisation and commemoration

Rural communities bear the brunt


The oldest trick in politics

Casualties mount

Llewellyn and the pulp mill

Planning Tasmania ... a place to know your place

Wake Up Call

The toxic open drain

Kelly Slater, Quicksilver team up with Sea Shepherd

The Big Picture

Karen: Ceasefire talks ...

Rupert's wife and Joel Fitzgibbon

Why I will vote for Andrew Wilkie

Hobart Airport - the full monty

Reject this latest piece of advanced folly

Rusted-on voters are flat-earthers

Update on the Trowunna Facial Tumour

Onya James!

The nonsense over the latest devil disease outbreak

The makings of a rivetting show ...

Wonderfully strange

A Tasmanian Wildlife Park experiences another outbreak of facial tumours in its devils

The perverted, anti-democratic caucus system

Caucus Curse: A Blind for Labor-Liberal Corporatism

Compound 1080 (Foxoff™) to ‘eradicate’ Tasmanian foxes - Is this realistic?

The Struggle for Our Future (Part 2)

Rally for Action Against Canal Estates - Speech by Dr Pete Hay

The effects of privatisation

Forget the lights ... shut down the friggin' computer

A global 'national security' issue lurks at Bangladesh's border

A sense of deja-vu

Spellbinding Metamorphosis

At the request of the Governor ...

Forensic Scatology (2) - a reply to Dr Tony Peacock (CEO, Invasive Animal CRC)

Wondrous Wandiligong ... Crass Kempton?

Forensic Scatology - collect enough shit...

‘Annual Report’ on the state of the Tasmanian economy

Break away from the rigid caucus mentality

Pakistan – is this the next war zone?

A Grand Experiment in Economics

Nick Mooney replies

Facing the Future: A conversation between Peter Henning and Greg Suitor

The struggle for our future

The Politics and Science of Foxes in Tasmania: The role of scepticism

A red wine and balsamic reduction ...

Foxes: Certainly bad news

Fox scats latest ...

Tasmania’s new ALP neo-liberal generation

Death in the Morning

Tarkine road and the impact on devils

The real nature of our 'financial' crisis

How long to repay debt...

Thank you John Lawrence

Questions Huon Valley Council must answer

Don’t get more staff, get fewer managers ...

Five healthy devils disappeared. 1080?

Outrage at Franklin

Power shift

ABA: Violating a basic survival rule

CO2 rise in atmosphere accelerates in 2008


Open Letter from Concerned Scientists on the Tarkine Road and the Tasmanian Devil

Bartlett's plan: Here we go again ...

The Carbon Credibility Gap

Time for a new way (2)

No 'back to normal' for our economy

Great Southern to quit Tasmania

Tasmania Welcomes the Return of the Steve Irwin to Hobart

Media is creating a bipolar disorder

Ivan: Tell the electors of Windermere

Devastating analysis

The Premier who moved the devils from endangered to extinct?

Tasmania: Time for a New Way

Into the breach, fellow councillors

Who takes the decision?

A political shift - Burma’s democracy movement

ABA 27: Defeating our systems

Eating less meat could cut climate costs

Sign the e-petition

Like championing the KGB

We need a better understanding

The way it is done in Tasmania

Sea Shepherd Returns From the Whale Wars

A better way forward

Real leadership?

A much Better Australia

Indestructible truths

How the Rich are destroying the earth

No-one would be foolish enough

Power fantasies of ALP heavyweights

The State Budget Update: Panic or Celebrate?

The Battle for the Whales in the Ross Sea

Not kind, not clever, not connected

Good research

Michelle's menu

Break the habit

Getting into trouble

The public pays ...

What Forestry says

No end to the cancer

Steve Irwin in Hobart

A challenge to Dr Amos

The General


Chronicle (38): Taxi for Mr Bentley

Arrested and executed

Not many have the guts ...

A serious malaise

Steve Irwin update

Garrett’s pulp mill approval and sovereign risk: Baloney?

Voices for the people?

Celebrate Dubya Day

Regaining democracy

The problems are systemic

Inspired by Bryan Green ...

See-saw battle

Desperate battle for survival

Without the subsidies...

Foxes: Weapons of Mass Deception

Great Southern heads further south

Special Treatment for Plantation Growers

A Better Australia: Latest

Carbon or food

Tasmania: Look Away!

Farms die for Rudd's trees

The best novel this (past) year, or several to come ...

Chronicle 37: From the Smoke

Trees and forecasts

Sea Shepherd Clashes With Whaling Fleet in Australian Waters

Whale wars most watched

Financial Crisis Strikes Father Christmas

Hobart Dreaming

Strengthen inclusion

It's time!

A Happy Xmas ...

Local runner gets his Molesworth

Part of the solution, rather than the problem

The Eslake analysis

What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan?

Armistice Day – Let’s get it right about the First World War

The forests hysteria

Hypothetical? Police Need to Expand Their Vision!

The Salamanca Apology

Witless victims of a corporate sales cycle

The opposite direction

The Mountain and Tasmanian Times

Christmas Times partied ...

Last Words: The Tamar Valley and 2009

MIS debacle hurts us all

The Green New Deal: Public or Private?

Tiger or pussy cat?

John West, a printing press on a cart ... and TT

The compassion of Peter Cundall

The troubling approach to foxes

The $8.5 trillion bailout

Race to the bottom

Global warming: Faster, stronger, sooner

Armistice Day – the most egregious exclusion

Time to end Cabinet amateur night

Here comes Bryan

Why I am anonymous

Crisis of confidence

Armistice Day: The egregious exclusion of Tasmania’s military nurses

A Better Australia 17

Call Karen!

Unnecessary danger signals

Collapse of MIS

Outdated, prejudiced

Collapse presents a rare opportunity

Dark heart of desire

An end to Western barbarism?

EXCLUSIVE: Flanagan plagiarises Akerman

CFMEU - Acting for Members or for Forest Companies?

Flano's fantastic oratory

Young Einstein

The Millstone

Gunns: World leaders, sustainable, environment friendly

A politician's prayer

A Better Australia (14)

Justifying illegal acts

Coming: The Revelations of Deeper Throat

MIS scheme goes belly-up

A Better Australia 13

Michael Stokes: Re pulpmill pipeline

Lennon lite?

My hero, the Reverend Gilbert White

Shame, Shame, Shame

For Folks' Sake - Happy 5000th TT

Equal treatment for everyones' sake

The Pain of Wearing Pants

Hey Don, drive the Tassie roads

A one-sided protrayal of Tasmania

Tassie Hawks: Another festering sore

The first theatre of conflict

The role of parks in Tasmania's economy

The Digital Economy Minister's website didn't work properly ...

Sub prime MIS

A Tale of Temma (2)

No place like home

The Black Hole

The Anti-Discrimination Act: why it’s important and how it’s threatened

Burma opposition offered guns by Islamists

Heart of hearts betrayal of the Tamar Valley

A tale of Temma

Suu Kyi hunger strike

Akerman recycled

Getting the science right

The death of MIS

A vote against Gunns

An Editor's note

There must be an unfettered Commission of Inquiry

Flanagan's call for a Royal Commission

Secret Genocide

Gunns: Hoist by their own petards

The taxpayer subsidy

“Trust in Democracy” and Section 11 of the Pulp Mill Assessment Act

Mill: What is credibility worth?

Chronicle (36): Pigeon

A taxpayer view of the economy

Gunns and the sale of assets

Tasmanians' $30m gift to the pulp mill

Eat Ya Vegies

Forwards into the past?

Contagious cancer: The evolution of a killer

The lips have it

Washing hands of responsibility

Chronicle (35): A Touch of Class

Ethics and Tasmanian politics: the real challenge

Tribute to Guy

Chronicle (34): The Woking Cowboy

Tasmanian Water: Where To From Here?

Milne 1, Rudd 0

Warming: Questions and answers

Pipedream: When will the public be told?

Pipelines and Bartlett’s Future

Who’d be a politician?

The Chronicle (33): The Wheels of Ire

Rudd, Scottsdale and Gunns

Inconsistent signals

A night for looking back ... and forward

The legacy of Guy Parsons

Breach of law may halt roo cull

The map is not the territory

Fox Reward extended

The doctors' perk

Are YOU fit to govern?

The Chronicle (32): the stings!

Splendiforous Paula

Feral cats: Where have all the quail gone?

Why 'sorry' matters

Clayton's democracy

Saul Eslake's assessment of the State Budget

Waiting for a warlord

John Howard, Companion of the Order of Australial! It’s enough to make me vomit!

Agenda for change

Turning a leaden Tasmania back into gold

A man with a gun in the middle of the night

The Chronicle (31): The Unruly Journalist

Lennon leaves a bitter legacy

Briggsy launched!

At a loss in Burma

Karen National Union chairman Saw Ba Thin Sein dies

A cancer in our midst

The standing ovation

The Chronicle (30): The Tartan Terror

The boot or the gun

Burma: military force the only way

Who should control our vital resources?

The Chronicle (29): The Inquest

Law and Justice Part Company – Tasmanian Pulp Mill Assessment Act 2007

How do you write a constitution?

The Generals' lies

Tamar Residents Will Fight On

Who can prove how the dead voted?

The Chronicle (28): The naughty sub and other drunks

Take a Dipso like you

The profound contempt of the Lennon government

The Royal Hobart Hospital grand plan

The Chronicle (27): The football match

A chronicle of perfidy, bias and lack of representation

Paranoid delusions

Why Public Truth matters

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Shredding the Anti-Discrimination Act?

Governance and memory: An Anzac story

So What? - Ethics and Governance in Tasmania

Our system is organised to betray taxpayers

Richard Flanagan accepts the Premier's invitation

The Chronicle (26): The Birdbath

Can the world survive China?

The Premier replies

Pokies: Dear Jim Wilkinson

Lennon: the claims, a wrap

Howard's legacy ... Rudd's problem

How homophobic are we?

What do the latest DNA-positive fox scats tell us?

The Chronicle (25): John Braine

Home Economics Part 2: Governance

The toxic detail about PCBs

Battle cry for our Tasmania

Mill: the massive disconnect

Forestry: The Big Secret

ANZ and social conscience

Tasmanian neo-liberalism - A new vision for terra nullius

Tasmania and the risks to Rudd

Hope of cure for dying Tasmanian devils

Love and marriage

The Chronicle (24): Herbie Taylor

Devil of a cocktail

The Chronicle (23). The Renault 4

Sensitive devils a pollutant risk

Rudd's blinded by minders

Home economy or indentured servitude

Meltdown: global warming by the numbers

Guy Nicholson: Honourable and unbending

What Mr Lennon and Mr Farrell don't want you to know about their pokies contract

Gay role model

The Shepherds head home

The tragedy foretold

The Chronicle (22): Enter Miss Norway

Identifying and dealing with organisational problems

Scandal in the pipeline

Gallows Hill, Murderers Plains, Killman Point

Defending the Wild

A global power shift

Systems logic and the pulp mill battle

Too few tears

It's a sobering thought - drink is inspirational

The Chronicle (21)

Federals' contempt

The consequence of bad eggs

A week in the life of Australia

The acid on Rudd

Commentary on Mid-Year Review of 2007-08 Tasmanian Budget

The Chronicle (20)

Karen leader killed

A terrible, beautiful history of hope

Screen Tas: Where's the media?

An invitation to the future

Childish stories

Complex Systems of Cutting Budgets

We reap what we sow

Story of fundamental truth

The Chronicle (19)

The Lost Larrikin

Llewellyn doesn't want to know...

What the hell is going on?

The Chronicle (18)

Where are they from?

Platypus and the Hydro

The Deckchair Shuffle

Freedom! (1)

Wonderland to Wasteland

All about POPs

The Chronicle (17)

Clean, green, pristine ...

Poison Island (2)

Some things never change

A survivor's guide to current affairs

Litter vandals

The Chronicle (16)

Whalers: off the scent

The Cold War at the bottom of the Planet

Trickle up economics

Canberra action?

2007 – the Turning Point

Dangerous words, Prime Minister

The Chronicle (15)

Best books to curl up with

The solution to East Coast water problems

Christmas Times (6)

A step beyond

Rudd, national security and you

It's not my fault!

Never in the affairs of humanity . . .

Break out!

Mill: detailed complaint to ACCC

Critical lessons from the mill debacle

Poison Island

Tasmania's economy: How much change is enough?

The Chronicle (14)

Rudd and the pulp mill


Howard: timidity, fear and shame

Burma ...

Gunning for Flanagan

The Chronicle (13)

China 4: China's work-choice law

No class!

Kevin Rudd's $110 million gift to Gunns pulp mill

Amanda Lohrey's senior fellowship

The Great Wall tunnel and highway

Flanagan: Uniting against the mill

Now is the time for turning

Why don't they tell us it's costing us $250 million a year to destroy our carbon sinks?

Monsieur Downer and Chris Johnson

The accidental terrorist

China 3: The Long March to global economic domination

Climate change to threaten a third of wildlife

Analysis: the wood supply contract

China 2: No pulp fiction in this bilateral relationship

China 1: New wall to free speech

Burma: A War of Attrition (2)

Saving ourselves from catastrophe

The sceptic

The Fox ... the Facts ...

The food shock

The right to know

Global warming versus economy: Economy wins

The system is broken (2)

It's time!

The Chronicle (12)

The hardest work you will ever love ...

The Chronicle (11)

How dare they

Complex, tragic Burma

The American Club

EI: Time to vaccinate Tasmanian horses

The Chronicle (10): Diary of a hack (continued)

Please help us

Burma's tragedy

The elevation of mediocrity

The Chronicle (9)

Sympathy for the devil

Lennon's baby?

Hey, hey, we’ve got a PM again

The Prophet Field

The credit market bubble

Analysis of regulatory and enforcement powers available under the Pulp Mill Assessment Act 2007

The land of nepotism

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Protester

A vealy good meeting

Dear Editor, Wentworth Courier

The controversy at Nile (2)

Fox: I've lost faith

Elusive fox the new Tasmanian devil

Mill: the 55,000 Flanagan drop

The Chronicle (8)

Where the PM's mate got his inspiration

Our Weeks of Shame

The power of Parliament to amend the permit

Powers and Duties of Members of Parliament under the Pulp Mill Assessment Act

Rudd's rough ride

More on those Elwick pokies ...

The pokies submission

Who cares?

A moving encomium for an old viper

The Chronicle (7)

BP: the annual meeting

You can't stop process

Elwick ... and the pokies

Can't see the Gunns for the trees

Tasman Bridge fears ...

We are watching you

Puppet Master has lost his touch

Why we need a Commission for Ethics

The Chronicle (Part 6)

A journalist's life (2)

Libs: Just like Labor

The failure of the politics of results

Truth, politics and democracy

After the Iraq pullout, what next?

The irony men of the West

War on Terror hobgoblin

The Chronicle (Part 5)

A journalist's life

The Chronicle (Part 4)

Tasmania's war machine

The Chronicle (Part 3)

The incensed locals


The Chronicle (Part 2)

Legal eagles hover above the law

Eslake: Budget analysis

Eslake: Budget 2007

The Chronicle (1)

The Ocean in Our Blood

My memories of Natone Area School

Out of control

Waterfront: the big guns

Catholic move blasted

A trio in terror

Bastard offspring

Tasmanians for Transparency

Just 142 behind!


The Robin Gray factor

Flanagan's 'brilliant' Terrorist

The worm that turns

Gunns: Out of Control

Fox: an update

Dear Will Hodgman (2)

An anomalous entity

Dear Will Hodgman

MEAA: $10,000 to stop my election

April 25: Anzac Fools Day

The art of darkness

What we lose

Where have the bees gone

Economists and the arts

Tassie 'hoodwinked'

Take it back

The Right of a Parliamentary Scrutiny Committee to Seek Independent Legal Advice

Justice is perverted

The devils' disease: an update

Diminished responsibility

Carmen going, Hanson coming ...

A gorgeous young man

Tasmania compared

Comments on Pulp Mill Assessment Bill 2007

Lennon's State of Shame

Scrapping the RPDC process

Employment implications of Forestry timber sales

Opinion on whether the Acting Premier, Mr Steve Kons, is guilty of contempt of parliament.

Mrs Mopp had it right

Do not miss this!

Dr Raverty's lecture

The Long Literary Lunch

The potential tragedy for John Howard

The Holy American Emperor

The rendition of the devils

IPCC report 'watered down'

A journey back in time

Call to end live exports

Silence, in court

Genocide: the hard call

The silencing of dissent

Oh what a tangled web we weave

The world's frogs are croaking

Couple of winners

The governments' contempt

Not so happy feet

Once more for the record

Tales of magnanimity and irony

Productivity, prosperity and Tasmanian living standards

Encore la monnaie!

Unfit to be the lawmaker

Tasmanian mid-year-budget review

Robert Hunter holed

Lost and found in the frigid ocean

The dead fox that crossed the road

Universal amnesia

Lynne Uptin to leave

Live a life of poetry

Double jeopardy, boil and bubble

What do you believe, Mr Llewellyn?

Handmark Gallery sold

The controversy at Nile

Voters' Block against the Mill

Foxing clever ... ?

Savvy analyst, ruthless spin doctor

$1000 FOX REWARD ...

The Flag

Libel law's grave crisis

Battery Point: Castles built on sand

The Bruvvers are at it again

Why I fight for the whales

Where have all the shacks gone?

Whatever happened to the productivity revolution

The green wash

Justice ...

Rockefellers' Tassie trail

The Faeroe sex decision

Battery Point: jetties on the foreshore

Academics ... and the law

Jolly life choices

The toxic public sphere

Why I wrote The Unknown Terrorist

Dear David Llewellyn

Recession? What Saul Eslake says

Public myths ... convenient untruths

The Bishop's Finger (2)

Port Arthur and the loss of innocence

Dear Princess Mary

Moral myopia rules again

Pain, rejection, confusion

Disbelief, dismay at HCC decision

Defending Tasmania's ancient forest (2)

Foxes, quolls, devils and 1080 (2)

A beautiful day

The Mean Streets of Malvern

Bribery: how much is enough?

A curse and a blessing...

Tasmania is dying!

Foxes: loads of politics, pinch of science!

Mate, mate, maaaaaate

Old Beach: was it a Bengal Tiger?

Devil disease: locked out!

Howard in denial

Battery Point: public's right of access

Ethics, Milat, law

Battery Point: are the titles valid?

April Fool mill

Jonny's bedside manner

The global warming reports

How to fund a hospital ...

Paula misses her chance ...

Democracy and the dripping tap

$10,000 prize winner

To: Ivan Dean: MLC and Mayor of Launceston

Rotten apple sours the barrel

Death on the road

Battery Point looney tunes

Annexing Tasmania

Lawyer-client privilege

Devil disease, Denmark and that ludicrous decision

Battery Point and Orwell

Pol Roger (2)

Battery Point: shameful!

Defending Australia's natural heritage

Shed conundrum

Henry, Uni and history wars

Our Nobel Prize contender

Battery Point rally

Crims in the public sector

Ralphs Bay: A heavy problem

Battery Point: swords scalp outsiders

Battery Point: swords raised

The Truth, Your Honour

The Brethren are not alone

The PM's legless bird

Pulp mill and politicians

The insidious invasion of Bioterror

Who are Australians?

Battery Point: swords drawn

The emu road-kill?

PM: Alone on a melting ice flow

Where's the money Mr Lennon?

Robin Gray was wrong

Mr Burgess ...

Every pack of dogs needs a bone to chew

The tired comfy-zone of sporting heroes

Mill gets water, people get restrictions

Corporate organised crims, and others

Players mild, please

Fox: The questions unanswered

Paul, I'm not on your side

Fox: that reward still stands

Hawthorn: what Lennon signs away

Democracy bound (Part 3)

Sorry ...

Greeny: It is called humility

Democracy bound (Part 2)

Democracy bound (Part 1)

Fox: slack biosecurity

Evolution of the numberplate

You must see this

Reform torts

The tyranny of stacking food!

Brethren: Woe to you, Hypocrites

Proposed inquiry into quarantine

Poisons and the Devil (4)

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

Mr Mayor, 26 billion litres is a deluge of water

Poisons and the devil (3)

The divisive Brethren

In (partial) defence of Bryan Green

A waste of energy

The sorry truth about justice

On The Rampage With Boadicea

Fox: failure of process

The Great Spin Machine

Devil disease progress

Fox: the recurring theme

Why Ralphs Bay must not be touched

Uranium: economic bonanza or faustian bargain?

Fox-kill driver is a hero, but who is he?

Crass conquers class in new suburbia

Basil and the fox

Understanding America

Paedophiles deserve the death penalty

Orange bellied scapegoat

The bully and Ralphs Bay

Big Brother is watching you

Toughest, trickiest, smartest, most ruthless, most resilient little political operators

Poisons and the devil (2)

Unravelling political spin and established mythology

Amazing Scenes: Fun in Journalism

Exposing the TEC

100 days and The Emperor

It's History, mate

Bill 'n' Buffy: other ways to live (2)

On his knees for whales

Gee, thanks Lang, mate

The truth about the Devil Disease

The Power of One ... party

Fox: don't believe all you read

On being compliant

The Government is rattled

Evan joins the dots


Taz in UK

What threatens our wildlife

The fox failure

Horsing around

Crying fox

Taz and spin

Windschuttle, the ABC ... and Aborigines

Gays ... and politics

Budget: The Eslake Analysis


Jogging my memory

Where's your commitment, Minister?

Can of worms

Minister led down a foxhole

Institutionalised Bastardry

Order of the Crusty Curmudgeon

Celebrity bonking

The other state of the Derwent

The saga of Tamar silt

State of the states

The truth beneath the spin

How to be solicited

The devil paradox

A bunch of Hicks

Targa: Nick's off!

Budget: The Eslake analysis

Flanagan: Media seethes

Hope of our tomorrows

Get Targa off the teat

Puppy love

Sunday launched

The truth about dioxin


The party line

Who is Michael Kent?

Why Labor is dominant

The Flanagan archive

The Hay archive

Minority Government: Who benefits?

Pete Hay: trashing the big lie

The Bishop's Finger

Carousing as poetic inspiration

Cheeky: Launched!

Daniel's Turbo Tassie

Gentle, into that good night

Murdoch's War

TT as embryo on Late Night Live

The creative class