Writer's Articles - David Obendorf

'Deficiencies in Integrity Commission’s Report of Serious Concern'

Fox program investigation findings

Misrepresentation, lies, deception and fraud ...

DPIPWE quietly abandons Fox probe. What's going on here?

FOXES: Tasmania’s fantastic joke

Foxes: A letter to Dr Vanessa Goodwin

Foxes ...

Tasmania Police review of fox documentation

Off the Back of a Truck ...

Was NZ’s OSPRI the successful business model for the Tasmanian false-fox program ... ?

1080 and the contamination of water

NZ: The warning to Tasmania ...

1080 Smoke and Mirrors ...

CAUTION ... 1080 Poison ...

Tasmanian fox collection flawed

NZ: The horror of wild animal poisoning

Tasmanian MLC queries police progress on complaint alleging fabrication of fox evidence

MLC Ivan Dean claims false evidence sparked $50m fox hunt

1080 blackmailer Jeremy Kerr was in business with Government

Year of the ... monkey

Tasmanian Upper House MP alleges evidence of foxes in state fabricated ...

Researchers suspect fox evidence fabrication, Tasmania Government opts not to investigate

A dog's death from 1080 poisoning ...

New Zealand is stockpiling pure Compound 1080 ...

NZ's 1080 blackmail letters' threat to poison dairy products: The Fallout for Tasmania

Myrtle rust in Tasmania ...

Fox Scientists: Both Sides Stumped?

Very little made sense … apart from crowd control and money-making

The Devil Disease: The Counter Argument ...

Forestry Poisons implicated in devil disease ... as President Xi strokes baby devil ...

The Consequences of fox baits

Acts of madness ...

Hydatids: An update

Hydatids found in Tasmanian dogs

The Fox Stared Down ...

Foxes: Please check your facts Nick ...

Evidence for foxes is discredited

Foxes: Read for Yourself; The Background Briefing Transcript

The great Tasmanian fox hunt ... the Background Briefing report

Tasmanian Foxes? World study finds serious deficiencies ...

Tough times for the Tasmanian Greens

Environment Protection Authorities – ultimate off-side spin-doctors?

Liberals score zero on honest government plan

Staying in Power

Honest Government not on the election agenda for the Major Parties

Part 2 of the Leon Compton Interview with Geoffrey Cousins ABC radio Tuesday 11 February

Barry Greenberry vindicated

Running Ghost Tours in Tasmania?

Focusing on systemic corruption and injustice

Why the Tasmanian Fox Eradication Program has been worse than a complete and utter failure

The Wedgie and The Fox (2)

Former jail boss speaks out on Tasmania's 'laughing stock' prison

Tasmania is a Very Special Place

Foxes: Ivan Dean and the Kitchell report

The Eradication of Scepticism (and foxes)

TASMANIA: Fox, FIFOs, Tarkine, NBN, Aurora, euthanasia, tourism ...

Will Brian Wightman protect Tasmanian’s World Heritage Area forests?

Former Director of Prisons still seeks Justice

Tasmania’s election results and the forest deal

Tasmania’s Prisons System – under the microscope

Lessons from Love Canal: toxic expertise and environmental justice

Right To Information denied on Savage River mine tailings dam spill

The fox plea to Premier Lara

The Department of Injustice

Actions Speak Louder. TFA Threats. Sarawak Blackout. Sarawak Activist Deported. Obendorf Transcripts

Tasmania scraps fox baiting program

Christine Milne: ‘Picking over a dead carcass’

The Parlous State

Dump it! Pullinger, Edwards: 'Constructive discussions'

Funded fox-hunts continue in Tasmania … but for how long?

MP leads a new war of the woods

Tailings spill: The concerning inconsistencies. Ringarooma warning ...

Health heads must roll

Fox resort by the water

The metaphorical fox in Tasmania

Ordinary Australians may be giving up on politics

Labor’s hand forced on size of Parliament

1080 fox baits in the Burnie water supply reserve

Show me the money!

1080 poisoning continues despite no foxes

Solution to the Tasmanian Fox Saga

Will the Truth set him Free?

Lance Armstrong: a Bold Deceiver & Cool Tripper

Hunting an enigma in Tasmania – not easy!

Shoulder to shoulder, after burying the hatchet. Cargo cult benevolence and corporate welfarism

Evan Rolley – Tasmania’s forest chameleon [Part 1]

Wisdom from Hector the Protector

Healing the divide ... as Libs pledge to trash it all. The meaning of Clause 58

Tasmanian fox - a litany of lies and deceit

Old feral cat’s fighting days are over. Bob Annells. Tony Burke. Gunns' last days

Twist to $40m fox tale

Amos bells the feral cats

The Sandford Shapeshifters. Calder Rd gets baits

Changing of the Guard among Tasmania’s forestry moguls

Unsupportable Fox Baiting has no ‘Social Licence’

A Problem of Cunning Tasmanian Foxes or Much Less Cunning Innovation?

ENGO chaos in the Forest Fog

Mr Elliott, stop this 1080 baiting!

Precautionary Tails! South Arm cops another dose of 1080

Big Cat hunt is over in Victoria due to lack of evidence

Miles abandons sinking FT ship but Ken comes to the rescue

More fox baiting in Southern Tasmania - Why?

How Copping is copping it!

Tasmania’s forestry saga - in limbo again!

Forestry Association still playing cat & mouse

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last…

Turning FORESTS into chips

Never say die, until you have to! Shareholders want help for Gunns

Ta Ann is at the centre of any Signatory Deal

Ta Ann’s Wood Supply Agreements

Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

Forest Peace Deal - a game of multiple hoaxes?

D-Day Today: Decision or Deferral or Dead. The Cost. And another pause ...

The Effectiveness of Tasmanian Times

The End for the Pulp mill and a New Victory for Social Licence?

Victorian fox bounty flushes out the reynards. In Tasmania ...

What Terry and Vica told Leon ...

Greens call for clear heads at Observer Tree ... at Make-or-Break time

Will the Lara-Nick double-act have to come to an end?

Tasmania, Ground Zero for Toxoplasmosis ...

Clean water needs revised forestry operations

Tasmania’s foxes remain phantoms in photo-shoot

The Fox of Urban Britain

In Dog We Trust… or do we?

What’s in a Name?

The Fox Files Uncut

From Go to Woe… it didn’t make sense!

Faecal Fools or Fabricated Faeces?

Requiem for Tasmania's Fox Program: 2001- 2012. Invasive Species Response Boosted

I have lost faith ...

Fox positive scats confirmed from Burnie and Railton

Push to expand Fox Taskforce into Feral Species Unit

The $50 Million Fox Hunt

Minister Wightman’s press release is full of holes

The Fox Eradication Program does not disclose personal information

Fox watch on chicken coop: Is this a serious breach of privacy?

Fishing for a fox

Ivan Dean MLC: The Bosworth Fox. Parkinson quizzed

The Ghost Fox of Van Diemen’s Land

Assessing the risk of devil poisoning

Scat does not maketh the fox!

Crying ‘Fox’ too often…

Money disappearing around a fox hole

Fox: The Questions

Believing everything… knowing very little

Tasmanian DNA fox-positive scats

Hunting foxes in the fog of war

Letter to the Fox Eradication Program

Please Aunty, Can we have a debate?

A response to: 'Fox skull find riddle'

Fox: Curiouser and curiouser ...

Tasmanian foxes - an endangered species

The Fantastic Story of Mr Fox

Decline of Tasmanian Devils opens the way for introduced predators

Tasmania’s Fox Scat Degradation Study. Eco-disaster fear ...

Where has the evidence gone?

Fox scat test accuracy doubt

Criticism of Tasmania’s fox baiting program

An infamous ‘peace deal’ - roundly condemned

Do foxes exist in Tasmania?

Fox baits laid in suburbs ... as Maria cull lashed

Kelty Peace Deal - Is it signed, sealed and delivered?

Hunt cats, says Dean

Ecological Forestry (2)

Caught on camera!

Ecological Forestry

Dear Mr Wightman, please tell us ...

Georges River: the ABC apology is ridiculous

Tasmania is eradicating its cryptic fox population. We'd scrap FEP, say Libs

Fox: As rare as the Thylacine. Ex-hunter: they don't exist

Faecal DNA detection ... the case of feral foxes in Tasmania

Hunt for fox proof 'ends'

$70m and still no live foxes. Government committed to continued funding

'69 were taken by (feral) cats and only 11 per cent by foxes'

The claimed Tasmanian Fox Shooting that didn't happen in Tasmania

Deja vu - Tasmania's WMDs?

The Senator claims PR con on foxes in 2002

The Naked Emperors

The Fox Trail - Part 2

Eradicating Tasmania’s political foxes

The Fox Trail - Part 1

All about Abalone Ganglioneuritis. Booth lashes 'gorging Green'

Was Tasmania riddled by foxes?

The Tasmanian Fox Farrago*

The Tasmanian Fox who had no balls

Tassie bid to import foxes

STOP PRESS - The Newest Fox Facts for 2011

Do I win the reward?

$5000 Fox Reward ends ... 'Mystery of the missing fox bait'

'North-West fox colony evidence discovered'

The Elephant in the Living Room and the Ghostly Presence

Fox scats: The Lights have finally come on ...

Tribute to Jean Blyth Panton

'How to eradicate foxes' in 2003

Foxes: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

Back to where it all started ...

On the fox frontline. Fox dollars

Foxes: Are they or aren't they? (Part 1)

What happened on Illawarra Rd in 2001?

Bounties on Tasmanian foxes

But Where Is The Fox? Nine years on. Ivan Dean's 'great concern'

Outfoxing the fox in Tasmania - a short review

Into The Woods - the battle for Tasmania’s forests

Hunting Foxes

A Tasmanian Story

Foxileaks.....Minister is outed by his own Police Department

Many questions, few answers. What to believe?

Straight from the Minister for Foxes' mouth

Fox Plot: Who to Believe?

The fox that wasn’t there?

ABC of The Fox

Fox search moves to Bruny

Farms snub fox bait layers

Tasmania’s ‘Fox Line’

Who is the Minister for Foxes?

Did Will call Nick?

Public Trust - who do you believe?

The state of Tasmania’s biodiversity highlighted in the International Year of Biodiversity

Global extinctions accelerating - the World gets another Wake Up call on biodiversity loss

Tasmanian Greens need to re-engage on foxes

Fox blitz faces resistance

Fox'd: This is a very dangerous book ...

Is native wildlife at risk from fox baits?

Prize picture just too good to be true

$5000 Fox Reward, now closed

West Coast Council's anger over mine funds reallocation to foxes!

Worst cancer death rate in the Commonwealth

Foxes: Fantastic feral evaders

Fox skull found in Central Highlands

Another bogus fox claim

A deplorable response

We must attempt the impossible

Tasmania's 'silent killer' on the rise

The Federal Police should be asked to investigate

Why, Minister Llewellyn? Why?

Devil disease hope

Jim Wilkinson's serious omission ...

Is it accepted? Will it work?

Christmas Eve Fox Report: Shit happens, but still no foxes!

Foxes here, says report

Gunns' spray and the clean, green facade

Build the largest petition in history ...

Building the largest petition in history

Why Tasmania needs a community-based eco-toxicology research fund

Eco-Toxicology Research Fund Public Launch

Tas Eco-Toxicology Research Fund Public Launch

Tasmanians have bird germ

'Rudd Government delivers a massive blow to Fox Taskforce'

Fox: Yet another of State Labor’s political scandals

Wanted: Fresh fox poo

Dear Minister Llewellyn

Seeing and believing are different things and they are often wrong

Bust Me Gall and Break Me Neck - Patsy Adam Smith 1968

Fox eats Mercury

Foxes: The numbers and sex ratios have changed again!

Tasmanian Fox Reward is extended for the 6th time

Foxes: Case closed or case ongoing?

It's time to learn from frogs

Cancer Island

Maybe a GENUINE person with a REAL name will catch or kill a fox in Tasmania

Fox force review

Fox force job cut claim

The unfolding of a pandemic (2)

The unfolding of a pandemic (1) - How ‘pig flu’ learned to fly

The real David Llewellyn

Questions for a serious fox biologist

Update on the Trowunna Facial Tumour

The nonsense over the latest devil disease outbreak

A Tasmanian Wildlife Park experiences another outbreak of facial tumours in its devils

Compound 1080 (Foxoff™) to ‘eradicate’ Tasmanian foxes - Is this realistic?

Forensic Scatology (2) - a reply to Dr Tony Peacock (CEO, Invasive Animal CRC)

Forensic Scatology - collect enough shit...

Nick Mooney replies

The Politics and Science of Foxes in Tasmania: The role of scepticism

Foxes: Certainly bad news

Fox scats latest ...

Tarkine road and the impact on devils

Five healthy devils disappeared. 1080?

Open Letter from Concerned Scientists on the Tarkine Road and the Tasmanian Devil

The Premier who moved the devils from endangered to extinct?

Sign the e-petition

The way it is done in Tasmania

A serious malaise

Foxes: Weapons of Mass Deception

The troubling approach to foxes

Contagious cancer: The evolution of a killer

Breach of law may halt roo cull

Fox Reward extended

Feral cats: Where have all the quail gone?

What do the latest DNA-positive fox scats tell us?

The toxic detail about PCBs

Hope of cure for dying Tasmanian devils

Devil of a cocktail

Sensitive devils a pollutant risk

The consequence of bad eggs

We reap what we sow

Llewellyn doesn't want to know...

Where are they from?

Platypus and the Hydro

Wonderland to Wasteland

All about POPs

Clean, green, pristine ...

Poison Island (2)

Poison Island

The sceptic

The Fox ... the Facts ...

EI: Time to vaccinate Tasmanian horses

Sympathy for the devil

The land of nepotism

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Fox: I've lost faith

Elusive fox the new Tasmanian devil

Fox: an update

Tassie 'hoodwinked'

The devils' disease: an update

The rendition of the devils

Call to end live exports

The silencing of dissent

Oh what a tangled web we weave

The world's frogs are croaking

Once more for the record

The dead fox that crossed the road

What do you believe, Mr Llewellyn?

Foxing clever ... ?

$1000 FOX REWARD ...

Public myths ... convenient untruths

Foxes, quolls, devils and 1080 (2)

Tasmania is dying!

Foxes: loads of politics, pinch of science!

Old Beach: was it a Bengal Tiger?

Devil disease: locked out!

Rotten apple sours the barrel

Devil disease, Denmark and that ludicrous decision

Ralphs Bay: A heavy problem

The insidious invasion of Bioterror

The emu road-kill?

Every pack of dogs needs a bone to chew

Fox: The questions unanswered

Fox: that reward still stands

Fox: slack biosecurity

Proposed inquiry into quarantine

Poisons and the Devil (4)

Poisons and the devil (3)

Fox: failure of process

Devil disease progress

Fox: the recurring theme

Fox-kill driver is a hero, but who is he?

Basil and the fox

Big Brother is watching you

Poisons and the devil (2)

Unravelling political spin and established mythology

The truth about the Devil Disease

Fox: don't believe all you read

Evan joins the dots

Taz in UK

What threatens our wildlife

The fox failure

Crying fox

Taz and spin


Can of worms

Minister led down a foxhole

Order of the Crusty Curmudgeon

The other state of the Derwent

The saga of Tamar silt

The devil paradox

The truth about dioxin

Danish gift under fire

Foxes and 1080

We foul this nest

Fox alarm bells

The Nonsense! of FIAT and The Ex

Devilish political control

Politically stage-managed disease

The AIDS devil

Foxes: Wrong!

Just tell the public

The corruption of science

The War on Foxes

Cheeky: Thanks, Bob

The devil disease: cowboys

Devil disease: Answer this (2)

Devil disease: answer this

Devil disease: The chemical bombshell

Devil Disease: Too little, too late?

Foxes: The questions remain

What to believe?

Shooting the messenger

Tasmania's WMDs

The Breakdown

Why the devils are dying?

Chemical fears, the devil disease