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Satanic Hysteria ... and Tasmanian Politics ...

Freedom FROM Religion

EXCLUSIVE: Why would Catholic Church put “a man like that” in role, his accuser wants to

Complaint Withdrawn, But The Emperor is Still Naked ...

Mammon’s rules lead our churches astray ...

The paradox of Christianity: Right or Left wing ... ?

Quincentenary of The Reformation ...

Defiant Faith ...

'Cable Car Enabling Bill Strong Echoes of Paul Lennon and John Gay'

Trumpetism ... an age-old belief system

Religious freedom cannot be allowed to dwindle ...

The terrible, fatal lie ...

Fear and loathing on the Camino trail, day 14: Beer Goggles

Fear and loathing on the Camino Trail. Day two ...

Teen Challenge 'denial' pays off

Teen Challenge Tasmania and Assemblies of God: why the denial?

George Pell subject of Victoria Police investigation into multiple allegations of sexual abuse

Rodney Pople's Creative Mind ...

The Vatican does ... and we should stop it

The 'attack on the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1999' ...

Dr Richard Condie, fundamentalist Bishop of Tasmania ...

Jesus Free Zone

A much more serious plague ...

The truth about the so-called exoneration of George Pell ...

Losing my religion for equality

Catholic Church in Australia is 'an obstacle to the wellbeing of society', senior Archbishop claims

A response to Lissa Johnson ...

Hobart woman Emma Grace Parkinson injured in Paris

Complaint against Catholic anti-equality booklet, "Don't Mess with Marriage", to be lodged today

Order emerges out of Chaos: the fundamental insight of science

Silence Of The Churches

Scientology ...

Removal of Schulim Krimper commission from St Mary's Cathedral, Harrington St, Hobart

The terrible consequences of fundamentalism ...

HERETIC: Why Islam needs a Reformation NOW

Rodney Croome's Lent Lecture to St Matthews ...

Beyond belief Down Under

Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

NATION: Tony Abbott's Reshuffle ...

Who was Man Haron Monis, the man behind the Sydney siege? Pakistan ...

Tarkine: International call to protect nation's heritage

The Moral Irrelevance of Christian Doctrine ...

My Pagan Youth Within The Walls Of Christianity

Philae probe makes historic landing on comet

What Makes Them Tick: Inside The Mind Of The Abbott Government

NATION: Travel to a Muslim country. Travel there now.

STATE: Insanity ... !

Demonizing the Enemy

At Franklin, desecration before deconsecration

Living authentically in the real world – without blind faith or mystery-mongering

All Will Be Well: The Radical Optimism of Julian of Norwich

Honouring remembrance

The Hunter of Franklin

Bringing up the bodies in Ireland

Us v Them, Australia vs Asylum Seekers, Slaves vs Everyone Else: Is there a difference?

The Lives of Brian

Can we divorce theology from politics?

Nicholas of Cusa and the Instruction of Ignorance

Brian Harradine Remembered

Launceston Easter Community Festival

Launceston Easter Community Festival

Moral values and religious doctrines

Send them to the pews . . .

Jesus would not have turned 'them' away ... from Dark MOFO ...?

The Order of the Universe – its Source and Implications ...

Pell: Abortion is bigger sin than priest abuse

Pell mell ...

Leviticus 20:13

St Davids, Easter 2013

So, what is Easter ... ?

Priest Perera

Pope Francis elected as 266th Roman Catholic pontiff

The Pope who resigned

Magdalene laundries: Ireland accepts state guilt in scandal

Joy, Love, Paradox ...

The hero at the heart of the Royal Commission

The suppression of our animality ... and its terrible consequences. The Royal Commission

'Protect marriage'. Jensen 'must apologise'. HCC backs marriage equality

People of the Void, or Why I am Better Than a Christian

Chaplains safe despite High Court ruling: Roxon

Lest we forget about what?

For whom the Pell trolls

George Pell's mischievous attack

Who is scarier Romney or Ahmadinejad?

Missing on the money

Walking in the footsteps of Archbishop Romero

Renowned Blake Prize Exhibition in Clarence

‘Mark No religion’ - Atheist Census Campaign

Gay marriage and a Dissenting Christian

Christ Lightning

Queen offers sympathy to Irish victims of troubles

The Passing of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Aussie, Christian or universal values?

ANZAC Day as a Day for Peace

Daily Star reporter quits in protest at tabloid's 'anti-Muslim' coverage

Brazil bishops say reality TV is bad for society

A Green religious diatribe

Nietzsche and the will to power

Drunk dispute over God leaves two dead

An Indian marries a Pakistani in Tasmania and 50 years of international tension evaporates

Catholics, campaigners debate pope condom remarks

As a gay man this pope annoys me. As an historian he now angers me ...

Phillip Adams: An Atheist Defends Religion

God must be looking down on these people ...


Tonight: Not to be missed

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory

In David's Name

Christianity Alongside Islam

The alter once carved out for God

What lies beneath ... the treasures of Aboriginal history

Happy anniversary David

And the word is: atheism

To war, without a gun

Oh, for heaven's sake!

Christians reject Greens


There goes St Olave's

Park's price tag

So be alert (2)

So be alert

Anglicans: stealth and secrecy ...

The Bishop and the Vikings

On the streets ...

Tax-free Anglicans worshipping Mammon

On the buses (2)

The Case for Atheism

Anglicans: Typical neo-cons ...

Another dimension


Whose park?

Pursue rationality as far as it extends

We need to split religion from spirituality

Ramadan Xmas

On the buses

Mission without cheer

A response to Evangelical Atheism


Lieutenant-Governor, David Collins, back in the historic viewscape

St David's Cathedral & the grave of the first Lieutenant-Governor

The Israeli Brand

Anglican Church shares the gospel

Labor caves in

Small church, big memories

Anthem for Beaconsfield

The case for god

In Monty's memory

'Liberals admit to Exclusive Brethren hate ad collusion'

Brethren members apologise for election hate ad

Reds and the church

Doctors warns Tasmanian death bill too restrictive

Mission possible?

Bridging the divide

Losing my religion for equality

Susannah’s Angel

The church has lost its backbone

Heritage through art

Mission sinks ...

Mission Afloat set to sink

Hall of memories

Healing the Earth?

Euthanasia bill faces more scrutiny

Death, being good and the point of life

Tais that un-bind

On The Beach

The price of disposals

Take heart, Holy Trinity lovers

Unchristian to say the least ...

Shutting doors - how many more churches to go?

The Scandal and Shame of a Stateless Palestine

A question for John Freeman

A question for Vicar General Chris Jones

McDonald's and Starbucks "donating all profits to Israeli war"

The Politics of An Israeli Extermination Campaign

Metro and religious ads

Pedantic Archbishop Doyle

America's Hidden Role in Hamas's Rise to Power

Atheist bus hits the London streets

Holy Trinity ... poisoned chalice

Church row intensifies

Benedict was not misquoted

Come clean, Bishop Harrower

Please come clean

A question for Bishop Harrower

The decision must be made lawfully

The ad they wouldn't run

A politician's prayer

Islamic Finance and the Possibility of Rebirth

Scottish churches 'going green'

Sad story of the Anglican hierarchy

No more delays

The Death of Nature

Investigate Cardinal Pell

The tributes for Christopher Newell

Shredding the Anti-Discrimination Act?

Jesus! do not be re-born in Tasmania

The end of St Andrews ...

Holy Trinity and the Masons

Off your bikes!

A question for Dean Stoddart

Rudie and North Korea

For whom the bells toll

Trinity: grossly premature

Why wasn't the fund used for Trinity?

Out of sight, out of mind

Bye, St Bedes

Goodbye to the old

A matter of faith

The exclusion of traditional Anglicans

Holy Trinity: a picture essay

War of the Birds ... and horses

Education and heritage

St Margaret's and the miracle

Mr Rudd and St John the Baptist

Where have all the churches gone?

The death of John Kipling

Heritage at risk

Vale: St Margaret's

Trinity ... and hell on earth

Trinity: The Fallen

Retaining tradition

Trinity: Not good enough

What about tradition?

Trinity: the Labor link

Dear Primate

Anguish over Holy Trinity

Tune in, many decibels from now

Whither, the Anglican Church .... ?

Trinity: the 101 parishioners

I love Holy Trinity

Trinity: Lest we forget ...

The threat to cultural heritage

Saving Trinity

The Word is Howard will be victor

Catholic move blasted

The self-important species

All that is left

The Brethren link

The Exclusives and the Nationals

The Brethren are not alone

God and science

Brethren: What Eric said

The divisive Brethren

The intolerant Brethren

High heels for Jesus

The Christian paradox

Brethren and the bearpit

Goliath Church v little David

Mindless stupidity

Culture war

The football god

What Eric said to Saltshakers

Celebrating the secular