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NATION: Not so super Saturday for Mal ... but silencing of dissent a winner

'PM and Opposition Leader make last ditch bids to win over Braddon voters'

The likelihood of a Hung Parliament ...

Will Ross be Moved? (Part 2)

Division is death: Tasmanian Greens running out of time to do housekeeping ...

NATION: Trump's new world disorder catches Turnbull government napping

Can secret political donations be justified?

Swing ... but Libs triumph. Tassie backs the wrong horse, ERIC bites the dust, RICHARD rises ...

Legislative Council 2015: Windermere, Mersey and Derwent Live And Post-Count

Australia no longer has a 2-party system ...

And the implications federally are ... ?

NATION: A dark new chapter ...

NATION: Unfunded empathy. The Gillian Triggs offer ...

The Idiotic State of Abbott: How Did We Get to This?

Abbott: the slathering junkyard dog ...

Tony Abbott is 'a very good captain ...'

Queensland vote rocks Abbott

Former Tasmanian premier Lara Giddings refuses to commit to full term

The revealing facts on bikie laws and crime in Queensland

A gamma-ray burst

The Verdict: MLC for Huon and Rosevears

Palmer United Party candidate Jacquie Lambie claims last Tasmanian Senate spot

Judgment Day: Abbott triumphant. Rudd concedes, won't recontest Labor leadership

If You Care About Gay Rights, Vote Below The Line In The Tas Senate ...

ReachTEL (State): The Same Story Told Many Times

Andrew Wilkie: The Crikey chronicles. Labor polls woe

The Anti-Wilkie Denison Billboard Stoush

Rudd v Abbott: The Pollsters. The Debate

ReachTEL – Tas Federal BaByLon Still Falling

ReachTEL - State Labor Back To The Lifeboats

Federal Labor Getting Smashed All Over Tasmania

In Rudd we trust, say voters as annihilation looms for Labor. ADF sex scandal. Hairdressers ...

Longest-serving Pollie quits 'to support his wife'

Brenton Best Crosses the Floor!

Montgomery, Nelson, Pembroke ...

What is an independent liberal?

Liberty, Abortion and the "Salamanca Declaration"

Nelson Legislative Council polling

Public opinion and the Mt Wellington cable car proposal

Boyce, Wilson, Johnson, Hay/Thorne, Cica ...

Tasmanian Lower House: 25 or 35 Seats?

EMRS: Liberals locking in support

LegCo: Pembroke and Nelson Challengers

Federal Labor Getting Smashed In Bass

Uneven Swing to Liberals in Tasmanian State Election Polling

Labor support dips in latest Newpoll

The LegCo's Claimed Reasons For Rejecting Same-Sex Marriage

The Compliant Coalitionists: Voting Patterns in the Tasmanian Lower House

Embattled Abbott Thirty-Six Below The Wave

Don't write off Labor ... yet. Greens slump in latest poll

Gap narrows but Liberals still cruising

Greens/Labor tie is meaningless

Legco: Labor crushed

LegCo: two colourful campaigns

The Verdict

Poll: no public mood for rolling Giddings

Tasmanians show little faith in leaders

Terry Martin: the insufficient media coverage. Justice Porter: The reasons why. Class Action

Hobart Council: blues take the reins

Hobart Council elections 2011 – the verdict live ... and elsewhere. Mayor Damon Thomas

Is the pulp mill an issue in council elections?

Has Politics Failed Us?

(Hobart) Council: who will be the new Lord Mayor?

Your City Council: sorted from green to blue (2009-11)

When both leaders are loathed – a polling dynamics history

Atrocious poll, or just atrocious polling?

Poll: Libs in majority position

LegCo: Labor’s long way down, Abetz’s nightmare

LegCo poll: McQuestin thrashed. Thorp gone

LegCo: Log on to Kevin

LegCo: The stage is set

The Upper House: A bumper crop

No Giddings Bounce – Is Labor Doomed?

LaborLeaks: Why the dogsbodies are disaffected

Labor’s late swing curse

Election 2010: how Denison confused the nation

EMRS State Poll: Drop in undecided response worry for the Libs


Wilkie: Little doubt left

The Verdict, live. HUNG: Likely 72-73-5 (72 Labor)

Poll: Election Comment and the TT Portal ...

Lib preference scare, Labor response: both rubbish

Election 2010: The campaign about nothing

EMRS Poll - Looking good for Labor

Election 2010: a pre-and-post-Rudd primer

Swing voters mistrust Labor-Green coalition

Elwick ...

Taylor clear favourite in Elwick

It’s quiet on the LegCo front

Don’t take the ministries, Nick

April fools: the Bartlett swindle

Co-operate! (1)

Position Vacant: Statesman

A question for Dr Kev

Election over – 10-10-5

A basic principle of sound tactical voting

Bye Dave, Hi Bec, Bye Scott, Hi Brian ... and reactions

Archer wins … on Green exhaust?

Where did the Wilkie vote come from?

Preferences ... and behind-the-scenes party deals

Hare-Clark: The exhausting system explained

Is Bartlett dealing from strength?

Braddon could be closer than it looks

The Verdict

Labor facing massive swing after terrible campaign

Newspoll: 10, 10, 5

Demolition row

Majority rules: Even if it's Green ...

Bacon shock as minority rules: EMRS Crystal Ball

Green Speaker?

Hit on iElect

New poll cannot be trusted

“Internal polling” strikes again

On your bike David!

We're back, says Bartlett

Labor fails to stop the rot

Councils: a case against compulsory voting

Council: Haigh retains but Freeman gone

Haigh has overtaken Freeman ...

Brenton's elementary howler

Council: Thomas up, cliffhanger for Deputy

Council: will there be another clean-out?

The level of comment from the media has been so earth shatteringly quiet

1-3-1 scenario in Franklin is pretty outlandish

Your City Council, sorted from green to blue

It makes more sense for Michael Hodgman to stand

Labor: it looks bad

Labor rolls back down the mountain

That doesn't mean the Libs have a realistic chance of getting a majority

Be afraid, be very afraid

Stunning result for Will Hodgman

EMRS: Labor, Bartlett's massive hit

A blunt instrument, but the next EMRS poll will be very interesting

Goodwin demolishes Pembroke poll

PEMBROKE: Latest here

Pembroke Part 2

Labor running scared

A Crotty win, despite his criticisms, would be a good result for Labor, but ...

The problem with Scott Gadd

Crotty for Pembroke

Hodgman stunner

Bad Malcolm

The intriguing Goodwin move

Wood fibre costs rise

Michael Field: A Hung Parliament

Labor within striking distance

May EMRS poll - voters hold the line

Support for parties drops

No portent

The Legislative Council wash-up

Labor's position is strengthened

Windermere is most interesting

The definitive analysis: Legislative Council elections (Pt 2)

Three very interesting Legislative Council elections

What chance Andrew Wilkie?

Nothing about motions of no confidence

Labor solid in latest poll

Feb EMRS - Labor staying firm

Gunns: Woodchip market outlook

Is my Super destroying the environment?

Greens preference Labor

Kathryn Hay to return?

Some things never change

A decade of poll trends and other interesting things

Cut in Labor's Franklin margin

Gunns squeezed by credit crunch

Fixed term Parliament

Latest EMRS - 30 all

Redistribution in Tasmania

Bad planning is bad politics

Paul Lennon - past his use-by date

Harriss and Finch (Part 2)

Settle, people, settle

A little bit of Harriss and Finch ...

Is Bryan Green really a goner?

NZ cow jokes?

Statewide poll is best

The Emperor really has no clothes

Mercury report card

Lennon death knell …

Why the Liberals are in trouble in Tasmania

The election that was

Tasmanian politics ...

The Verdict, The Fallout

How Green is my Hobart?

It Ain't The Economy, Stupid

The death of the Sandy Bay Right: a council wrap-up

Council: three sitting aldermen in trouble!

The message to the ANZ

New politics site

The shrinking pulp mill backlash

Council: the Archer factor

YouTube: All the Low Head rally speeches

Fate of the coast ...

Howard the campaigner: legend or reality

What will happen to Bass?

Your City Council, sorted right to left

The Experts' Conclusion


Our Weeks of Shame

It's getting interesting ...

Libs: a psephologist's view

Ritchie returns

Another Leg Council no-brainer

Tasmanian ALP's 'annus horribilis'?

Poll: worse for Lennon than for Labor

More poor poll results for Labor

Chance to restore public confidence

Best Liberal poll result in four years

EMRS Poll – bad for Labor, cautiously good for the Libs

Can Libs turn tables?

Green, White face court

Tassie polls: Business as usual

Canal project lesson

Is Bryan Green really a goner?

Pulp, seals and dioxin (2)

Why minority government matters

The teflon coat

Incumbency is king

Rowallan and Wellington

Why the Greens won't win Wellington

The outcome nobody predicted?

Booth's victory

Franklin firms, Bass unclear

The poll: no surprise

Lennon wins as Green vote softens

Labor likely to win

Labor's serious chance

The odds of a Labor majority

Comparing polls and papers

Labor majority hangs by a thread

Hanging loose

Lies, damn lies, and polls

Poll: the crucial Green vote

Michelle's back

Council: the post-mortem

Council: three-way fight

Council ... a verdict

Online Opinion: The Liberal mountain

Elections: A mildly biased primer

Poll ... a premature hanging?

The loss of democracy in Tasmania