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Bushranger Brady teaches that defeat is never the last word ...

America is a Gun

A poem as lovely as a tree ...

Wentworth Park ...

Mayors of Clarence ...

Trumpism: The Apprentice With The Golden Arse

TARKINE ... After The Fire ...

The Apple Cart


Tasmanian Toast ...

The Making of a Post-Modern Testament ...

A parrot from the past ...

I want the truth ...

The Lift Home




the night porter

Scoop Boy, Melbourne, 1890

I leaned in for the kiss ...

Little tiny smudge of fur, How I wonder what you were ... ?

Deceptions and such pranks are fun though ...

Hey There Mister Prime Minister

Dear Hodgy

Poetry and Anti-poetry

To stay or go into exile

Writers and artists ... saving wildlife and habitats ...

Postcards from Bruny

It's about all of US

Death in a Garden

A Poem in Anger

The Eve Masterman Peace Poetry Prize winners

Violet-haired, pure, honey-smiling Sappho

Island at the Farm Bar - Friday 4 April 2014: Launching Island 136

Six degrees ... The Race ...

The Last Temple ...

Drowning in poetry ...


The Race That Stops The Nation – A Poem for All Australians

Island launches North and South this weekend

The Election ...

Tim Thorne joins James McAuley, Gwen Harwood

Australian Poet at Oxford Literary Festival

Australian Poet at Oxford Literary Festival

Ridge Fire/Morning Alight

Ridge Fire/Morning Alight

A poem for Rick

Hobart Bookshop: Yeah No

Pictures and words from the Tasmanian Poetry Festival earlier this month ...

We of The Tamar

Forgotten, rejected, overlooked

Steele Rudd ... and the Last Days of The Mill

Find me ...

This is the way the world ends ...


The Deplorax ...

Beautiful Madness

Palestine: Rafeef Ziadah´s poem‏

My name is Bartlett ...

Swan Song

The Liffey

مسالم علي (salaam Ali)

The less poetry we have in our lives, the sicker we become ...

Not very good poetry ... but from the heart!

The peace before the storm


Who loves me, as did Allah love the prophet..."/

The Tasmanian Robin

An autumn evening. A song at first light. The Leavings. The Conquest

Chile judge orders Pablo Neruda death probe

Gunns demise foretold in writer's dream...

Warm regards from India

Poems for Monday

Bob Brown, Poet

TODAY: Bob and Lindsay ride again

The poems were written at a time in Senator Brown’s life ...

Bob and Lindsay ride again

Poetry for Pakistan (2)

Over time ...

Poetry for Pakistan

Recession Poetics ...

Poet Peter Bakowski at Fullers Bookshop, Monday, 11 October 6pm

The 2010 Tasmanian Poetry Festival: FINAL

The fibres in my walls are taut and strong

Brum Bramich Kicks a Goal

A polite reminder

The 2010 Tasmanian Poetry Festival

Australia on the turn

The Poetry of Bridh Hancock

Sense of place poetry prize on offer


Spoken by a Tree

In defence of Anzac Day

Poem from section 4

I met a man in Hobart Town

Crazy Café

Launch by Robyn Mathison of Peter Macrow

A night poem

Waiting for the Mountain


The Great Big Dirty Campaign

a Chinese Interlude

Ships in the night

We Are The Boghemians

Three corners to a square





Against the Darkness

Oh keyboard, I am your slave

Piece of the Action

Tomorrow: Poetry book launch


Poems by Rodney Williams

Trains of Treasure!

Seeking fitness

Stanley, echoes

Two Mothers

A Book of Verse, and Thou ...

Painted Lady

Airport Café Reflections


God is in the Details

Stations of the Cross

Ode to Corrugated Iron

Country dog

A Sunday in Richmond

Ode to Henry Miller

Try Lawn Bowls

Swift Parrots

The Seven Deadly Sins

Sandline Dave

Love talks to anger

The experience of poetry

Lieing in the sand

A Lawn Bowler's Lament (a true story)


Welcome to Adelaide

A stone skimming water


Don't miss the poetry festival

The Hundredth Monkey

The poetic image

The launch of Thuck

The Kwakka

water has no selfish

Northern Fires

Several Decades

Don't miss: Famous Report 37 launch tomorrow

Bass Straitened

Poetry awards

A Poem for a Hermit in the High Country

Today: Peace Prize


Green fronts ... or The Busted Sav's Lament



It's a sobering thought - drink is inspirational

The Shameless Carnivore

Nervous Krakatoa (incomplete)

Green means stop

Leaves Speaking in the Breeze


Changsha beauty

History of sparrows

Meanwhile, at the Republic ...

At Storys Creek

The Poems of James

Ending and Beginning

Mix of Things

The Unknown Citizen



The Straw Hat

Fog is its own country

Travel fragments

Me and Klaus and the Plumber

The Mountain

Day's Eye

Rose and the blue Boy

Live a life of poetry

Going Back

hampshire in passing

A Poem For Idiots

Don't miss

Three poems about food

The poets' paradise

We Send Soldiers

Blue Giraffe: The poems within the poem

Walking the Baby

No More Garish Postcards

Fear and Loathing on The Mountain

Judge me by my words

The Poetry Mafia

My Earliest Sin

A poem

Poetry, joy

A Sunday poem

A poem

A poem

Who will remember

Eeyore’s monologue

The Returning Dead

The Robin

Tassie devils on the road

A picture of Dorian Gray

The things we do to fish

The Blitzkrieg

Carousing as poetic inspiration

The Blue Giraffe waterhole

A genetically modified poem

Hay, don't miss it

The overflowing bounty

My friend, Margaret

Tribute to a Tasmanian Tiger

The Blue Giraffe

928 – 201 = 727

The Other Ozymandias

New Jesus

Modern rhyme