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At long last! We're shutting down for a month to upgrade ...

A PM who represents Bondi to a PM who represents Cronulla ...

'Spirit of Tasmania owners sued over the deaths of 16 polo ponies amid claim they died on board'

NATION: You've got to hand it to Morrison before he takes all credit for himself

'Tasmanian Liberal renegade Sue Hickey's blast for Abetz, Duniam, Bushby over Turnbull 'sabotage''

'Hello Rupert, bye-bye Malcolm'


Tourism Tasmania goes to war?

NATION: Dutton circles Turnbull sensing blood in the water

The sad story of St James, Montagu Bay ...

'Future of the East Coast in focus – Hobart public meeting'

Smoke and mirror madness ... Forestry burns legal, yet backyard BBQs could be censured

'The National Picture: overwhelming reminder of wilful gaps in Australia's history'

Reverse Alchemy ... STT turns forest gold into more chips and debt

Reviewed! Eroding the Edges of Nature

Did you know ... ?

Government a joke after gag attempt ...

Pope Francisyphus

Anna Reynolds, Independent for Mayor ... not Green ... ?

Letter to Eric Abetz on UTAS properties ...

Is NZ No Longer a Trout Fisher's Paradise?

Reflections on a Queensland senator’s recent remarks …

The sounds of the Silent Majority ...

Sign a Petition: John Hawkins starts a petition ...

The cable car ...

The Cable Car (2)

Women call for review to sex discrimination laws

Geelong Star & Basslink ...

NATION: Turnbull’s leadership a sham. Seeks to evade GBRF scandal, climate change with NEG

EXCLUSIVE: The case of the missing Beach judgment: NAB vs Lawrence

Kunanyi ... Little Signposts ...

'Adding insult to injury, Howlett personally assured me that she wouldn’t run in Prosser ... '

‘Ecotourism’ ... the new greenwash term

Van Badham ... Desperate to be relevant ... ?

'Ferguson named as revealing health information to employer ... '

A culture is no better than its woods - WH Auden

NATION: Turnbull snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Silencing and Censorship in the Trans Rights debate

Silencing and Censorship in the Trans Rights debate

Tasmanian devil cancer: human intervention the likely cause ... ?

Ten Questions for Brendan Nelson

The light-lipped Brendan Nelson ...

Coincidence ... or nepotism ... ?

NATION: Not so super Saturday for Mal ... but silencing of dissent a winner

'GUILTY: Coroner's findings damn offshore detention'

I didn't want to write this, but the courage to listen to different ideas is vanishing

NATION: Cleansweep ...

'PM and Opposition Leader make last ditch bids to win over Braddon voters'

Satanic Hysteria ... and Tasmanian Politics ...

'Craig Garland is just an honest, fair-dinkum bloke ... '

Dear Senator Abetz ...

NATION: Look out! Bill's behind you

Geelong Star ... and Basslink ...

Mr Docking ...

The Senate Register of Interests, 83 Davey Street, Hobart and Senator Abetz ...

2017: Blast from the past

'Deals behind deals?'

NATION: Who is the real baby, Trump or Turnbull?

Tasmania’s new electricity smart metering rollout ...

The Inconvenient Truth: Geelong Star and Basslink

Environmental damage at Chauncy Vale

'Patients spent up to six days waiting in Royal Hobart Hospital ED for psych bed, stats show'

'Australia broke the law in East Timor scandal'

'First US land-farmed Atlantic salmon go on sale'

TOM KENT’S when-I-feel-like-it COLUMN

Sexist abuse in Parliament - it's never OK

Forestry deals, trucks every 5 minutes ... the questions keep coming ...

Fact check: Will removing poker machines from Tasmanian pubs and clubs cost thousands of jobs?

Rail Link v Linage ... International report on the North East Rail Line ...

'Tony Mulder suspended from Liberal Party for running in Prosser'

Where does a police state start ... ?

A critique of Noel Pearson's agenda and everything

The short-term thinking ...

The Bridgewater Jerry in Sydney

Justice Pierre Slicer and contempt of court?

Respect The Earth ... Tarkine Heritage under Siege!

Smartphone addiction ... are you hooked?

Low wages – and how the government keeps them there

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

NATION: Aspirational? Don't try to take us all for a ride, Mr Turnbull

All about Tassie's endemic birds

Long Live our gracious Aunty ...

A Tourism Apocalypse

Damn, dash, bother ... !

'I'm nearly 100, I saw 1945 refugee crisis firsthand. I need people to listen to my warning. Vid'

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

'Looming Disaster for Norfolk Island'

NATION: Can Trump's farcical Singapore Summit alert us to dangers we face in our own democracy ... ?

Trump's ultimate triumph?

'Fragrance Towers in Elizabeth Street, Hobart ... Donate ...'

Want to get filthy rich: Exploiting the Earth’s resources is the surest way ...

Read a list of the Libs' re-election bribes ...

'Democracy dies in darkness'

'Ombudsman agrees to new Centrelink investigation'

The human footprint ... It’s bad on all accounts ...

'Shared statement from peak bodies relating to short stay accommodation'

Abbott’s desire for a 90d tilt to the right stumbles along

NATION: Nothing but blue ties? Or academic and democratic freedoms ... ?

The 1950s, Tripe and the Iceman Cometh ...

An energy policy for Tasmania and all the things that should matter ...

Letter on Climate Change ...

An Independent Inquiry into UTAS?

'Hodgman Liberals Biggest Threat to Tasmania on World Environment Day'

Neville-Smith treating residents like mushrooms

A beautiful tribute: EDITORIAL: Barry Everingham's final deadline. Video is priceless ...

Supreme Court of Tasmania: Comments on passing sentence ...

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

Vedanta Resources: What next in Tasmania?

Kevin Andrews' War on Love

NATION: Effing get over it: the Turnbull government's new anthem ...

Why we don’t need the Adani lemon ... !

Right to Information ...

Is Space the new Green?

'Victims of bank corruption suffer emotional trauma on top of financial ruin'

Cable Car: Back to the Future ...

Tourism Tas boss joins secret Cable Car lobby group

A century after ... we remember his excellence

Is the Methane time bomb about to be released?

'350 year-old celery-top pine logged in Tarkine ...

Has Tasmania’s Parks & Wildlife Service lost the plot big time?

Mammon’s rules lead our churches astray ...

Telstra ... the company Australians love to hate ...

NATION: Hastie goes over the top while Hanson spills the beans ...

How Suzi lost her business, marriage and home at the stroke of a pen ...

A quick fix to your 15 Minutes of Fame?

'Frenchmans Cap Rec Zone Plan highlights Hodgman’s EOI sham'

Cable car: Richard Flanagan's speech in full ...

Stop Hodgman Liberal Government subsidies to Vedanta's Mt Lyell mine ...

'Hobart nosedives to Australia’s least affordable capital to rent ...'

NATION: Does the Coalition have a woman problem or just a problem with humanity?

How Australia's education debacle is still creating victims

The Twelfth Commandment …

That wedding ...

The Economist appraises latest progressivista stupidity from the Left’s useless idiots ...

Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world

Launched! Tom McHugo's Gallery ...

Abetz now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay ...

Oh god! Too Many Trucks ...

'A bad outcome for Dover ...'

'McCarthy review a dud ... live export ban the only option'

NATION: No ScoMo. It's not Bill. Your own pants are on fire

(TONIGHT) Friday, May 18: Tom McHugo’s launches Ordinary Heroes ...

Tarkine ... The big one that got away!

Letter to Will Hodgman: Is democracy dead in Tasmania ... ?

Criminally minded ... and how you can change it all

'Record rain, flash flooding inundate CBD and parts of southern Tasmania. Vid'

'Bruny Island community groups front Storm Bay Fish Farm expansion hearings ...'

Budget 2018: 'Nice for some ... but a good Budget ...

After Afrîn: the Ottoman dreaming of Sultan Erdoğan

The Mercury ... and energy

The Talented Mr Michael Ferguson: Onward Christian Soldiers

'Campaign Against the Cable Car Reaches Dizzying New Heights'

First Day ... May ...

Budget 2018: Coalition touts $24.5bn infrastructure spend as pre-election sweetener

The Homeless: Thoughts from Parliament Lawns ...

Cable Car: Silence of the Lambs ... The Libs ...

'Mountain MayDay Sunday 6th May @11am, Cascade Gardens'

Kiwi Ex-1080 poison Worker Condemns 1080 Poison

Letter to the Editor on Mayoral Legal Expenses Fund

'Cardinal George Pell to stand trial on historical sexual offence charge'

NATION: A boot stamping on a human face ...

'Mystery deepens over Kevin Lyons MP shock resignation ...'

'Rental market lock-out'

Liberal Blitzkrieg of Fear in Prosser

Winners of the 2018 Tasmanian Media Awards announced

Those corporate ties ...

Was Vanessa Goodwin's cancer caused by Wentworth Park, Howrah ... ?

Guess Who ...?

Kiwi Anti-Poison Public Spied On ...

'Greens launch plan to reboot recycling'

NATION: Hockey golfs with Trump but is it game over for the banks?

Wilderness Access – A Conservationist's Paradox

Kim Beazley: the best 21st century Labor PM we never got to vote in ... ?

Anticoagulant pesticides in Australia ...

Malcolm’s Prayer ...

'Richard Flanagan: 'Our politics is a dreadful black comedy' – press club speech in full'

'Big-name chefs back seafood entrepreneur'

Overview of poll results by John Hewson

'New Minister = Peacemaker?'

A Heritage lost ... ?

Oh, to be so Rich …

'Tasmanians rally for a ban on live animal export'

Dear Premier Hodgman ...

Abbott’s unconscionable coal coterie

Is Tasmania really heading for a mini Ice Age?

'Tasmanian regional forest agreement delivers $1.3bn losses in ‘giant fraud’ on taxpayer

How my book - A Wink from the Universe - got its title ...

'Maintain The Rage ... Flash Ban Live Export Rally'

NATION: Tony Abbott's great big backward slow bicycle race to nowhere

Estimating the extinction date of the thylacine ...

Welcome to Tasmania Professor Rufus Black ...

'Live animal export outrage: Minister called to shut down trade immediately'

Edmund Burke and the ‘World Turned Upside Down’ ...

Leading human rights barrister Julian Burnside examines asylum seeker policies worldwide

Architectural Visualisation - Adrian Bold* style

Is this the Quantam Leap in Renewable Power Storage ... ?

'Rainforest logging and Aboriginal heritage damage revealed'

All for a few boards of Musk ...

Can’t we return to a simpler, more sustainable way of life ... ?

First Day ... April

The Unity of Art, Literature, Music and Life

Tarkine wildness ... and the discovery of Tiger Hollow

Is this the last Platypus ever to be seen in Waratah Water Reservoir?

The Cable Car ...

Martyn Turner: Trump's latest bedmate ...

Harnessing the Ocean’s Energy

The devastation in Afrin ...

A Christmas Carol

Raise a beer to any fictitious god ...

The Clean Coal Calamity ...

'Griggs demands Macquarie Point be part of solution to housing crisis'

A Tarkine Park ... The Campaign Continues ...

Let’s talk about problem gambling ...

For the love of cement ...

Communique - Tasmanian Housing Summit

Tony Benneworth: 'Genial giant Koala'

'Housing crisis is our biggest challenge ...'

The problem record immigration is supposed to solve doesn't exist

Just what are funerals for ... ?

First salvo in a trade war that could lead to a global recession ...

NATION: Despite light at the end of the tunnel, journey ahead will not be smooth ...

Rocket Men ...

Tasmanian democracy is bought ... democracy is sold ...

Shutting down the 'charity' sector ...

March 3 – The day Tasmanians willingly crossed the line ...

Rundle: blitzed in the side bar at Will Hodgman’s monster’s ball

Open letter to Mike Brewster, from Helmut Ernst, resident, Waratah ...

The 'Zone'

Libs' gift $250,000,000 to the pokies ... financial incompetence or apparent corruption ... ?

A quadra dose of Lazlo Steigenberger v Greg Farrell

Embracing a gloomy future for our democracy ... !

A major ethical dilemma for Tasmanians: how to vote – or not

Will Hodgman: I've never seen my campaign plan or budget ...

'Tassie’s ‘whitefella’ community says ‘not in my name Will Hodgman’'

Shame on those responsible ...

The multiple misrepresentations of Liberal pollies and industry lobbyists ...

'Thousands March for takayna / Tarkine in Hobart'

NATION: 'One way or another, Barnaby's cactus' and Turnbull's gov't may be ...

The rise and fall of Hobart property values ...

Removing Tasmania's pokies would help gamblers without hurting the economy

Huon mayoral wannabe picks at an old scab

'Liberals bent on destroying college system ... '

Liberal health pledge cooks the books

Sea of Blue

We make our own Luck ... Chicanery

Election Execution in Lyons

The New York Times Opinion: A moral necessity

'Liberals must reveal all Federal Group donations ...'

Corruption that kills

The death of reading is threatening the soul

'Southwood, Mr Neville Smith misleading public on their proposed woodchip export facility in Dover'

'Road safety awareness campaign to save wildlife lives'

Malcolm Turnbull can't relate ...

Reviewed! First Person ...

Painful periods? Acne? Weight Issues?

The Killing Nation ...

Public Education. How important is it?

TasWater takeover: It's all spin ...

Where have the Birds of Prey Gone!?

Falls Festival needs to take responsibility for sexual assault cases

HOMO ... Hotel Mona ...

An open letter to Rebecca White

Songlines: the foundational Australian story ...

A Global Distrust of Leadership

We're back tomorrow ... err, looking the same ...

Pokies: Two rippers from John Lawrence ...

A Poker Machine led boost for Tasmania’s economy and social health

NATION: Turnbull's Yellow Peril 2.0 is the panda in the room

Letter to the Editor on POKIES

A Submission to the Senate Enquiry into Forestry Managed Investment Schemes

Saving seed in Tasmania ... and a multinational company ...

Chinese Political Donations to the Libs in Tasmania? Naaaaaaah ...

Barnett defends the indefensible GBE with more spin, deception and blame

The tear of reminiscence ...

The Prosser dinosaurs ...

Housing is a human right ...

Letter to the Editor ... on Flinders Island ...

' ‘Fake News,’ Trump’s Obsession, Is Now a Cudgel for Strongmen' ... ask Will ...

Why 'Love Makes a Way' is not loving

I don't want smart meters

Southern-fried half-baked woodchips

The Decline and Fall of RMPAT: Tribunal loses its teeth

Just how removed is the Integrity Commission from government influence ... ?

For Eleanor ...

Policies for a Sheltered Workshop

The commercialisation of the Tasmanian wilderness ...

Who wins the Dodo award this week?

Pimp/Porn inquiry needed in Tasmania

Vintage Nudes in the Snow Gallery ...

Tarkine wonder ... what a blooming delight ... !

Peter Gutwein is wrong on debt. Here are the numbers that prove it

While we were sleeping ...

Push for expanded protection of Tarkine to become a poll issue ...

The latest on coal ...

'Senate says 'Yes' to marriage equality' ...

We are in deep trouble ...

Cry, my beautiful country: Barnaby’s shameful legacy to the lifeblood of Australia

Sweltering summers – the face of things to come ...

'Mountain gathering calls on Cascade Brewery to protect kunanyi/Mt Wellington'

'Reminiscent of a tin-pot dictatorship ... '

Celebrating diversity ...

Geoffrey Dyer's genius ...

'Norfolk Island heading for disaster ...'

The 1821 Macquarie Bicentenary ...

'5000 Tasmanian households go without meals each year ...'

EXTRACT: The ignoble end ...

Jail Time and Debt Recovery using the powers vested in Senator Ryan, then Special Minister of State

Australia's same-sex marriage postal survey: 61.6% YES, 38.4% no – live

'Major Projects Legislation will fast-track the cable car, skyscrapers and resorts in reserves'

EXTRACT: Christine Milne, An Activist Life ...

So there’s an election. What happens now?

NATION: Have I missed something ... ?

Fiction, or Gaming ... ?

Welcoming tourists to our Southern Forests ...

The Embalmer from Burnie who Buried the Liberal Party ...

'Community-owned Tourism Plan Required for Bruny Islanders'

Letters to my grandchildren (26)

Tasmanian consumers to feel the pinch in 2018 ...

Perhaps they think I'm money laundering: My experience of Centrelink ...

Becoming a pokies addict is not a failing or a sign of a flawed character, it is to be beguiled ...

Lost Copy review: John Martinkus on the hazards of the media speaking out

Oils ... and John Howard ...

DPIPWE quietly abandons Fox probe. What's going on here?

First Day: November ...

POKIES: We have all felt the talons of this addiction ...

6 reasons to vote for Willink

'Greens push for establishment of Marine Plastics CRC in Hobart'

Ross Bridge Festival

The exotic plantation curse: an environmental and fiscal catastrophe ...

The End of the Beginning ...

NATION: Turnbull government fails Australians on energy and jobs

World’s wilderness at further risk

Corruption that kills

The latest on coal ...

EXTRACT: Wilkie opposes new national security laws ...

Do I have a snowflake's chance in hell ... ?

And the Man Booker goes to ...

Who is more clever, a teeny-tiny glider or a fancy bird scientist?

NATION: A government which cares not for health nor human rights, nor its people

'Federal Government protecting Tasmania’s remote shorebirds from the Tasmanian Government'

European ARTlessness

THIS ARVO: Fullers Bookshop, The First Casualty ...

Asylum seekers: Festival of the Dead ... Halloween ...

Double Trouble ...

'WBO World Welterweight Champion Holder Jeff Horn joins the fight against Bullies!'

Amnesty International's capitulation to women's increasing poverty and subordination to men

Meeting my political match in Tokyo

Two walkouts in the name of transparency

TARKINE: Why the Tasmanian Forest Intergovernmental Agreement got it wrong ...

'New slaughterhouse expose projected onto wall of butcher'

Expect Future Storms To Intensify

Bob Brown's Green policy blindside - Adani and Vedanta are mining ... not just the earth ...

NATION: Turnbull's new security suite puts all of us at risk

Please help me. I am in serious trouble ...

The missed chance goes to China ...

Bring on the election ...

The latest on coal ...

Fullers Bookshop: The First Casualty by Peter Greste

Mingling amidst our forest elders

NATION: Turnbull’s fake gas crisis upstaged by Dutton’s real cruelty

Ross Bridge Festival

First Day ... October

A treat, an absolute treat ...

'Fragrance highrise a backdrop to community concerns over development laws'

A sad day for pyjama manufacturers ...

Help! Dad's leaving my inheritance to his floozy ...

Preparing to live sustainably alongside increasing natural risks

'TasWater takeover bad policy based on scare tactics'

Same sex marriage ... as if you haven't read or heard enough already

A philosopher’s view of the same sex marriage debate

Richard Flanagan In Conversation with Phillip Adams

Wilderness, especially mountains, are so foreign ...

Vision Drum

The endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ...

The absurdity of a 25-seat Parliament ...

Wind on kunanyi/Mt Wellington and MWCC's proposed cable car ...

NATION: Turnbull government marks two years of inertia, paralysis and failure

'Renowned Wilderness man, Les Southwell, dies aged 88'

FT's coming of age?

The Viability Report has yet to be formally released ...

'Plantation fire sale a short-sighted subsidy for Hodgman’s native forest logging'

NATION: Our little Aussie Bwana

If only Turnbull had some authority ...

Cucumber Straighteners: Well done Charles Vivian ...

Letters to my grandchildren (25)

ABC Bias or the ABCs of Cognitive Bias?

'Dodgy Brothers, Lennon and Gay, Back in Business'

'Leaked takayna 4WD track decision a betrayal of reconciliation'

Financial Times' David Tang on Burnie ...

The Dangers of Poorly Managed Chronic Pain

'Spirit Walker walks out on meeting with Prime Minister'

'Permits for the Tamar Valley pulp mill remain valid'

I will give these most interesting objects to the QV ...

The gentle launch ...

Australia's contribution to nuclear proliferation risks

The wind moaning through the scree and eucalypt canopy screams NO ...

NATION: Super Mal of Monaro

A ‘Contradictor’ - The Club - and the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

Kicking Sacred Cows : Is giving flu vaccinations to elderly nursing home patients really advisable?

Ban the Businessman’s Burqa

I have never seen so much butt-covering ...

First Day ... September ...

PULP MILL: It's official. WE WON!!!! We really, really did ...

The Pokies Horror ...

Special Timbers Submission by George Smiley

Room 39 and Forestry in Tasmania – Is There a Connection?

Despoliation by developers ...

'RTI Confirms Liberals at Behest of Salmon Farming Industry'

The Archbishops' hurtful and damaging NO Pastoral Letter

Takata's killer canisters?

Chinese Dragon Gobbling Up Australia and NZ

'Rainforest logging submission highlights flaws in special species plan'

The genesis of Liftstraightup ...

Why you should buy a house. Right now!

'RFA “Death Sentence” for Swift Parrot'

Vigil for Sue Neill-Fraser: eight years in jail, still no final answers

Eric Abetz: What the High Court said ...

The Hope of Saving the Far N/W Tas Seabed from Salmon farms ...

The Rise of the Sleeping Midget

NATION: Turnbull government loses the plot in its worst week ever ...

Will the ALP Dance to Lennon and Old’s Pokies Play List?

Wake up Malcolm – Coal is Moribund!

Cultural deviation and the Conservative Coalition

New Zealand’s “Progress Trap” is Killing Country’s Rivers

Why and how English law is a taxpayer-funded racket, luckily for Cardinal George Pell

Eric Abetz MUST resign

'You’re the problem, not the art'

'Federal and State Governments admit that world's largest freshwater lobster is in trouble'

They will be wrong ...

Is the pot calling the kettle black ... ?

Under threat: The cradle of vulnerable, rare and endangered species ...

NATION: Macho Mal ...

A pleading letter to the Derwent Valley Council

Contrarian Views On Temperature Have Melted Away ...

Forestry economics is a form of brain damage!

Terminal Decline ...

'Bill of Rights introduced into Parliament'

Toughness and unwillingness to back down ...

Tim Minchin's video goes viral ...

How long did Senator Eric Abetz hold dual citizenship: 16 years ...?

'Removing poker machines good for economy'

The likelihood of a Hung Parliament ...

Reconciling takayna

Liberal senator urged to prove eligibility

Is the Tarkine’s Keppel Creek the next forestry battleground?

'TCT calls for Peter Gutwein to rule out special deal for Fragrance Tower'

'Commbank’s $10 billion profit is a siren song on what is wrong with the Australian economy'

'Four Corners exposes crisis in nation’s recycling industry while government sits silent'

Where did the North-East passenger trains go?

Tasmanians 4 Tasmania ...

How to survive the coming crash

NATION: Turnbull’s terror bust raises big questions over his government and his leadership

Twittered out in Tasmania

The neglect of Tullah Cemetery

Only governments can stem the tide of tourism sweeping the globe

'Gutwein wants TasWater as a cash-cow, says ex-Huon mayor'

'Manus Island death at Dutton’s feet'

'Accusations Senator Abetz may have sat wrongly in Senate for up to 16 years should be cleared up'

Special Timbers Welfare State ...

The story of whisky in Tasmania ...

Game of Tones ...

Remembering Irish exile 150 years on ...

'VDL sale opponents were right'

'Australia’s PM Turnbull must explain why and how whistleblowers’ letter was leaked'

A soaring city reaps a terrible toll

NATION: Mr Abetz ... and the anomaly of citizenship ...

First Day of the Month ... August

The net tightens ... Abetz and his German Citizenship and Renunciation

Do the Liberals Really Want to Destroy the Logging Industry ... ?

The Long Goodbye ...

The Neoliberal Wolf as the Good Shepherd of Mass Immigration

NATION: Turnbull's super-ministry ...

Ludlam and Abetz: The Goose and the Gander ...

'Sustainable' Timber Tasmania and the logging near Styx road ...

Linking the Microbiome, Diet, the Brain and Mental Health

Investing for kids (Part 2) - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I am no longer a proud Australian ...

Deterioration in public psychiatry

Sustainable Timber Tasmania – The Farce and Insanity Continues!

Defiant Faith ...

NATION: Turnbull tries to hide in Menzies' mantle ...

The Uninhabitable Earth ...


North Korea - Does the US approach make sense?

A Mobile Friendly update ...

Australia Day: The Black War could have been avoided if there had been a treaty ...

Investing for Kids (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

Is Australian Sustainable Hardwoods just another Ta Ann ... for the plantation resources?

Energy Proofing Tasmania

The View from the Top

Kiwi PC 'anti-exotic-phobia' hooks Into trout

'Former Australian Water Association boss warns of need to keep water utilities in public hands'

The Redemption of Malcolm Turnbull ...

NATION: G20 no ode to joy

The dissolution of Forestry Tas ... and its feeble attempt to obtain FSC

Local Government in Tasmania is Very Broken

A Discussion on the ‘High Fat’ Diet Fad and Health Benefits of Good Fats and Cholesterol

NATION: Not easy being Green ...

The terrorists are over here because our troops are over there

The Frankland Forests – The Clock is Ticking Down Fast

First Day July ... a Solstice celebration

Latest policy proposals have done nothing to resolve issues in Tasmania’s forestry industry

The destruction of Defender

Keens Curry Cuts the Mustard

James Thornton: Saving the planet, one court case at a time

Silvertail subversives: the men aiming to change a system in which they prosper

Cardinal George Pell charged with at least three serious sex offences

A letter from Martin Flanagan ...

Personal Statement from Kristie Johnston

Do not miss the Giblin Lecture ...

Eagles about ... Eagles about ...

Syria: Melting Pot of War

Forestry Tasmania's destruction of El Grande ...

NATION: Corks pop for Gonski 2.0 but Turnbull government has nothing to celebrate ...

Prescription Medications and Other Things That Could Be Making You Fat!

'The fact is the war in Afghanistan was lost long ago ...'

'Tasmanian Brand at Risk if Salmon Farming Continues Unchecked'

NZ to Top 'Maniacal 1080' With 'Wacko Science' ... ?

'Two Year Reprieve for Threatened Forests'

The Tarkine Pebble Route – Myth or Mystery?

Warren Buffett’s Biggest Mistake ...

A Crying in the Wind ... a Tasmanian story

An Inquiring letter to Guy Barnett ...

'Not in Australia's interest': Ban the Bomb vigil ...

Who runs politics? The Dead Camel Party? The Shitters’ Party?

A dim (re)view of Tasmanian Yrs9-12 education

Open letter to David Walsh ...

Just Incredible ... the $70 million payout ...

Just who is a 'proper stakeholder' Minister Frydenberg ... ?

Lilydale Water Supply: correcting a $7m error ...

Looking to land your dream job?

Mining the last Old-Growth ...

The Fox in the Henhouse ... ?

Letters to my grandchildren (24)

Welcome to Kohbart ...

One Flew Over the Kookaburra's Nest ...

'BirdLife Australia calls for immediate end to the Tasmanian RFA and logging on Bruny Island'

Glenorchy City Council: Letter to Peter Gutwein ...

LIES ...

Wattle and Daub ...

Artists Talks – why give them, why go along?

'Premier bans Tassal from east coast – without banning their east coast salmon farm'

Unofficial Dark Mofo fringe event to protest forestry firestorms

'Legal slip strengthens case to remove Minister Gutwein from local government portfolio'

NATION: Trump's Paris exit spells real trouble for Turnbull

The Annual Reports of the Forest Practices Authority ...

Strategies, strategies everywhere ...

After Mabo ...

'Groom obligation to act on ongoing illegal takayna 4WDing ... '

New Tarkine Frog Discovered? – Not Quite!

White Rabbit in a Snowstorm ...

First Day June ...

An Indigenous seventh state: a radical idea from a constitutional conservative

Scathing audit report confirms Tassal breaking state laws

Democracy is sick – long live democracy

A Zombie in the White House ... ?

'Government blind to Hobart Airport risks'

A Father's remonstrance to a dead son ...

The Logs Pile High as History Repeats Itself ...

How it was ... When Tasmanian Trees were Trees ...

Is it true: The Rosemary Armitage saga ... ?

The DarkMofo/Nitsch Debate ...

Do we really wish to be known as Phallus City ... ?

'Building Tasmania's Future'

Top 10 Tips for flying with a baby

'Spectacular fail for patients and staff is outrageous ...'

Tasmanian government bike trail fears ...

The wooden skyscrapers that could help to cool the planet ...

A Human Rights Act for Tasmania ...

AMA Tasmania declares no confidence in Tasmanian Health Service senior management

Feedback on the exposure draft Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendment ...

Tasmanian farmers join chorus for climate action on and off farm

Rebates freeze hits GP bulk-billing rates again

The Gates to Heaven ...

MEAA awards ... TT drew a blank ... but ...

Gutwein's TasWater asset grab would hurt ratepayers, says Huon's former mayor

Federal license: Police Commissioner’s stunning decision

The dilemma with tourism ...

Gutwein’s wrecking ball over land use planning continues

NATION: A narcissistic, immature Turnbull government ...

Barnett, the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement and a possible swindle ...

First Day May ...

What a lot of bull ...

NATION: 'A man who doesn't understand his job as Prime Minister'

Gas Generation - Not the Answer to our Future Energy Needs ...

The Decline and Fall of the Modern Era ...

CSIRO cuddles up to climate change deniers

Rockliff must release death probe ...

'An erosion of trust. An erosion of human rights. An erosion of dignity ...'

National media ... please ... !

Gutwein denies Huon a role in LG reform process ...

Can Tasmania be turned into Australia’s peak load generator?

Take Note Malcolm, the UK Will Soon be Coal Power Free!

The wondrous (bloody) Art of Hermann Nitsch ...

Gutwein should foot the Huon council inquiry bill, says former mayor

Tas Government Upstages Mona with 3 Capes Art

The Gates to Hell ...

Why ... ?

Age-Friendly Communities ...

Wood smoke: Suck it up ...

NATION: Australia follows USA blindly into disaster ...

Launched! Vast ...

World War ... ?

You can be a successful writer, but only if you live in Melbourne or Sydney ...

A lot more richness is revealed ... (1)

Top 5 Firewood Tips

Fighting for a Fair Go

NATION: Trunbull blindly follows Trump ...

Burge v Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Hypocrisy of Eric Abetz

The Best from Civil Liberties Australia ...

Long distance transport of Tasmanian animals ...

Huon council short-shrifts former mayor's plea to pay his legal costs ...

Hearts Detached from Heads ...

Thomas Kent and the Sex Party propaganda machine ...

Sustainability is a Two-Edged Sword

NATION: Barnaby's edible donkey skin trade easier to swallow than Turnbull's 18C lies ...

Teen Challenge Tasmania's acceptance of donation from ALH Group ...

The coming property Armageddon ...

The massive public subsidy of a private family-owned firm ...

Frances Bender 'Environmental Warrior': I beg to differ ...

Old farts ...

Who Am I?

Dissent in White Ribbon Starts to Bite

‘Slouching towards Kingston to be Born’... or ‘Flustercluck Highway’

Deconstructing the Disability Trump Card

Grid Battery Storage - Like it or Not Liberals? - Here it Comes!

This is the man ...

Taking a Monumental Stand on Renewable Energy

The death announced today ...

Launch of 'Losing Streak' today (March 14) ...

A chance for Gutwein to do the right thing

Missing was Sir William Don ...

NATION: The loss of all credibility ...

Right of reply, free speech and editorial discretion ...

'Discover the North East ...'

Punctuality is the Politeness of Princes ...

Launched! Far Away is Close at Hand ...

FT’s Blatant Disregard for Nature’s Wonders ...

One for the Men: On Prostitution and Thankfulness

Vale Max Angus, a total inspiration ...

Save the Fruit Bats = Save the Planet

First Day March ...

NATION: Turnbull embraces Netanyahu; lets everything else go to hell

Who judges the judges? The latest on civil liberties ...

White Paper or Whitewash?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving ...

Drinking water is a human right

Letters to my grandchildren (22)

Reviewed! Flames of Fear

An Incursion Of Frantic Fun Into Paradise

The Great Coal Skulduggery ...

I might yet vote for the Liberals ...

Seafish Tasmania, Cocaine, Trawlers and a fine Stink ...

The grotesque failure of MIS plantations ...

Fencing rivers, or what you do when you don’t want to do anything ... !

Releasing vulnerable people from the oppression of our own government ...

NATION: Turnbull government a dead parrot as power-crazed Trump cuts loose

Religious freedom cannot be allowed to dwindle ...

ACOSS letter to Malcolm Turnbull on the Centrelink disaster ...

TICT’s Ambit Claim = More Wilderness Development ...

A sense of betrayal ...

Why we should Change The Date ...

A letter to Jeremy Rockliff: I am appalled ...

You can buy John Gay's house for $2.5m ...

Abrupt Climate Change: A Further Update ...

Division is death: Tasmanian Greens running out of time to do housekeeping ...

MOFO 2017 (1): Beyond the Headliners ...

MOFO 2017 (2) ...

Dawn of the Centrelink Robot ...

NATION: Trump's new world disorder catches Turnbull government napping

Summertime ...

Hydro knows what caused Basslink to fail. Why can't the Plebs know ... ?

The Mercury ...

Voller and friends ...

When hospitals make patients sick ...

Perish the pension ...

Plastic Pollution and our Noxious Consumerism

The terrible, fatal lie ...

The whole damned thing ...

Sexual assaults at the Falls Festival ...

Letters to my grandchildren (21)

A gentle wake ...

Bob Brown writes to Guy Barnett ... (update with new Bob letter)

And they're at it again ...

The Peter Principle ...

Which history narrative should prevail?

Will 2017 Be the Year Democracy Dies?

Politicians and Wilderness – They just don’t get it!

The nub of the central issue of modern times ...

Government Rains “1080 Hailstones” On Visiting Anglers

NATION: Say it ain't so, Bro ...

Chairman Downie Says, 'We Can Make TasWater More Accountable'

A Christmas Pudding ...

Long term motorcycle travel ... my experience

BASSLINK: Dracula in charge of the blood bank?

If it does succumb, it will take any hopes of reviving the Tasmanian forestry industry with it ...

The War on Welfare ...

I am calling it early ...

Growing Within the Community ... The Christmas Party ...

The rise of the lumpen fuhrers ...

Light rail ... It beggars belief ...

Letter to the Editor on Eric Abetz ...

The Liberals Plan to Flog off Taroona’s School Bushland

Tarkine Gems Threatened by Future Liberal Logging

Peace: the final frontier

Foxes ...

Why? BAFTA-Award winning doco on Mr Flanagan has received no ABC promo ...

Should public opinion determine policy?

Talking of failures ...

Purple Ribbon takes message to White Ribbon Australia

Honouring Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Robin Banks

TT: The Future ...

Why The Trump & Abbotts of this World Can’t Stop the Neo-Revolution

The family of the case study is without primary income, a husband and a father ...

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill offers hope to Tasmanians

Around Australia by schooner: Things that make me nervous

Ruby, Camilla, and all that lovely prickly, tasty, delicious gorse ...

Stupidity is on the rise in our age of enlightenment

Young Labor Didn't Do its Homework

Global call on ALP to reject sex policy

What is your view on what caused the Basslink failure?

Around Australia by schooner: Queensland, I still love you. Sort of.

Survivors Slam Young Labor's sex industry policy

How Far Off Is Abrupt Climate Change?

Where do survivors fit in Australian sex industry research?

A taste of totalitarianism ... ?

Happiness is not necessarily cheap: Day 19 of Fear and Loathing on the Camino trail ...

Major Victory for Protection of the Southern Ocean

Asgardia: the (Russian) space nation

Forestry Tasmania ... We have a right to know about your economic incompetence

Procrastination ... Day 15 of fear and loathing on the Camino trail ...

Trans Activists Trumped By Their Own Flawed Policies

NATION: Turnbull declares war on Abbott ...

Well may we protest ...

Dylan: The Simple Twist of Fate ...

Fear and loathing on the Camino trail, day 14: Beer Goggles

The long march ... Fear and loathing on the Camino trail, Days 11-13 ...

Giant Underwater Forests Almost Gone!

Heart of darkness ... Fear and loathing on the Camino trail, Day 10

Around Australia by schooner (of beer): Killer cockroaches and the worst counter meal ever ...

Where is the Public Planning Vision for Tasmania?

Coup d'etat: Day nine on the Camino trail ...

Basslink: The very secretive State Government ...

A response to Eric Abetz's comments about 'coming out' ...

Homosexual Marriage: a plebiscite for late modern times

Tenderness and treachery: Day eight on the Camino ...

Around Australia by Schooner (of beer): Skyrockets in flight

Such a beautiful day. Portugalete to Castro Urdiales. 19km. Day 7 on the Camino trail ...

Football, football, football and gooooaals ... Day Six on the Camino trail ...

'Illegal actions may have been taken by those persons behind the campaign ...'

TasWater Should Report in Real-Time, Says Legislative Council

Art, art and more art. Day five on the Camino trail ...

Tasmanian butchers go vegan. Teachers do not want more public education ...

Rain, rain and talk the walk. Day four on the Camino trail ...

Fear and loathing on the Camino Trail. Day three PICTURES ...

Fear and loathing on the Camino Trail. Day two ...

Parliament should reject 'jail without justice' plan

Perhaps the erudite readership of Tasmanian Times could cast an investigative light ...

The reluctance of Tasmanian authorities ...

A response to the news that ...

Lincoln’s irreverent sense of humour and joie de vivre ...

Just. Three. Words.

We are the Life of the Stars

Women, men who identify as women, feminists and Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner

George Town Council and the Curious Case of the Arbitrary Highway Buffer Zone

The Only Thing We Need To Cut Is Our Misguided Faith In Trickle-Down Economics

Norske Skog set to close ...

Bushranger Brady teaches that defeat is never the last word ...

Will Tourism assist Vandalism?

Teen Challenge 'denial' pays off

Australia panders to a despot and a loyal citizen pays the price ...

Will Malcolm Bendall launch a new religion?

Open Letter from Mayor Peter Coad to Huon Valley Ratepayers and Residents ...

Closing of the Guard ... ?

Just bad manners or something more sinister?

World’s Wilderness Gone By 2100 ...

NATION: Turnbull's backflip marks a year of stunning under-achievement ...

The Secret Life of Trees ...

Digital economy is our fifth pillar ...

The sparrows ...

How low can Huon’s council go?

Shooting the messenger … a subjective analysis of a new millennium Tasmanian inquest

Restoring the numbers to Parliament ...

The Goose and the Gander ... Dastyari and Harriss

The Sixth Global Extinction – We are Now Entering it ...

Long, dark and handsome

Nellie the Elephant ...

Not only Winners are Grinners ...

Tell Murdoch's Wormtongues to Tell the Truth about Turnbull

Australia has lost its way

Second Earth?

Kiwi Government ‘in Denial’ Over Rivers Crisis

Erich ... and 18C ...

Before I saw the light ...

NATION: Scott Morrison's War on the Poor ...

Tasmanian Whistleblower tells all in explosive new book ...

ASIC ... and 'overdue' payment

1080 and the contamination of water

'I am just so happy to be alive', he said ...

Sex industry lobby group disrupts Survivor book launch

Susan Neill-Fraser faces her 8th year in Risdon prison

Launched! Physick ... and a true Elder

The threat posed to women's rights ...

Animal protection does not win votes ...

The Worthiness of Trees – Reflections from an Activist

How the world media reports Nauru abuse ...

Ted's Tarkine ...

NZ: The incredible costs of Predator-Free

LINGIARI: Until the chains are broken

How Rupert Murdoch went bad ...

Rodney Croome: this is personal – why I can't resign myself to a plebiscite

Vedanta's guilt ... not only at Copper Mines of Tasmania ...

NZ: The warning to Tasmania ...

Pokies: Tassie players are sheep being shorn ... or sheep being skinned ...

1080 Smoke and Mirrors ...

Torture and the whole damned thing ...

NATION: The Census: Another rumour ...

Melbourne Writers' Festival Panel Dispute Exposes Anti-Survivor Agenda

CAUTION ... 1080 Poison ...

Takayna Forests ... Masterpiece ...

The Rancid Hypocrisy ...

Move to shut down community voice slammed ...

FIRST DAY ... August

The descent of Man and the ascent of Women

The King Hit ...

Nigel Scullion not interested in child abuse: Does that ring a Pell?

Statement – Completion of Tasmanian Senate Count

Four Corners: Dylan Voller releases letter apologising for crimes, thanking community for support

George Pell subject of Victoria Police investigation into multiple allegations of sexual abuse

Will ‘conservative white males’ ever be prepared to act on evidence on tobacco control?

Confessions of an amateur political campaigner

How Pauline Hanson changes politics through fear

NATION: Out of Touch. Out of Time

Letters to my grandchildren (18)

Religious Holidays: Time for a Change

A brief history of fossil-fuelled climate denial

A Cry from the Heart: Suffering under government / centrelink / service providers ...

It’s not dirty dairy – it’s dirty people!

Tarkine Embellished in Winter’s Charm ...

Mayor Coad rejects Huon Council’s Mediation Tactics

How technology disrupted the truth ...

Martial arts a win for Hobart woman in the battle for mental health ...

Why does our outrage just fade away ... ?

NZ: The horror of wild animal poisoning

Tobacco industry duplicity, legal arguments, the Legislative Council ...

NATIONAL, STATE: Lesson learned ...

The NSW ban on greyhound racing ...

Letters to my grandchildren (17)

STATE: How Hodgman, Gutwein and Ferguson lost the election ...

THE VERDICT: Federal Election 2016

It’s up to all of us

How well do you know the new Senate Candidates ... ?

Why Norfolk Island is not an Australian country town

Jo Cox ... and the Language of Hate ...

Everyone rejoice, Manus Island is 'open and free'!

A Big Week for Boy-Men

Brexit ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Dysfunction’s the name of the game

Neighbours of Fish Farming: What the candidates say ...

Tasmania’s Alternative Government: Who really runs Tasmania?

The AMA's attack on Liberal policy ...

End of an empire

When Does Democracy No Longer Matter?

Huon Valley Council: I will fight on as mayor, says Peter Coad

The horror of Australia's Live Export trade. Rally TODAY (Sat)

The 'attack on the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1999' ...

Political Harlotry ...

The Right Connections ...

Future for Norfolk’s Tourist Accommodation Houses looks Bleak

Sledgehammered to death ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: It’s time to act, Mr Gutwein

NATION: Malcolm and Andrew tread water ... Andrew's boycott?

BASSLINK: Sunny Groom's holiday as Basslink fried. Mr Brooks ... resigns ...

An Open Letter to all Candidates ...

Will Will awaken from a Premier slumber?

The beermat of laughter, and loss ...

The Deluge ...

How (and why) Australia is trying to usurp the PNG govt

What Goes On at TasWater?

The good, the bad and the ugly, even crazy (1) ...

Dirty Dairy ...

Bob's Tarkine vision ...

In the three years of the Abbott/Turnbull government my premium has increased by 31% ...

Call the 2016 elections off - chaos for postal voters

The ABC fails Australia again, this time in a big way

Be under no illusion: Malcolm Turnbull wants to destroy Australian literature

eBay / Myer's new virtual reality shopping store ignores possible eye damage to the user

The Budget ...

With the fall of the Green Zone, 'our' Iraq comes undone

NATION: No roadmap on Manus for Turnbull

Letters to my grandchildren (15)

Precious Freshwater diverted to Aquaculture

Tim Slade responds to Mr Brewster, CEO of TasWater

Leicester ... !

Let's dare to talk about it … a message of hope

Surviving the Carbon Apocalypse

The Horror of 1080 Poison ...

Sad Postscript to the Clearfelling of Lapoinya Forest. Meanwhile in Mutual Valley ...

Moreton Bay to Port Arthur

Letters to my grandchildren (14)

What nobody dares say to you about climate change ...

PNG gives middle finger to selfish Australian overlords ... and good on them

NATION: PNG's Supreme Court rules detention of asylum seekers on Manus illegal. Punitive, immoral...

Port Arthur memorial service to mark 20th anniversary of massacre

Norfolk Islanders Occupy Former Parliament Grounds ...

Jose Ramos Horta: Australia needs to negotiate not litigate with neighbours

The recolonisation of Norfolk Island is a heavy-handed act of regression

Disappointing start to Federal election campaigning

The Huon Valley war. Charge the fish farmers ...

Letters to my grandchildren (13)

The festival that got away ...

Unions say Eric Abetz a hypocrite over concerns a federal Icac would harm reputations

Report highlights crisis facing Tasmania’s low income renters

My campaign for medicinal cannabis

STATE: Tasmanian Greens Call for an Inquiry into TasWater

STATE, Mutual Valley: Logging is scheduled to commence today ...

Prostitution – the global humanitarian disaster of the 21C

NorMAC Nastiness in Hobart: A response

Rebuilding lives after the Nepal earthquake

'Embracing the Climate Challenge' ...

East Timor is mad as hell, and it’s our fault

BASSLINK: A Wrap. $400m cost? The Senate Inquiry ...

Tasmanians say: ‘Show Us Our Drinking Water Data’

Super Trawler Senate Inquiry Hears of Diminishing Transparency

Inbred, fat: Liberal MP attacks political advisers

Letters to my grandchildren (12)

April 17: Bill McKibben's Hobart Oration. The Rogue Nation ...

In Lebanon, 60 Minutes was creating a racist fiction for senior xenophobes

Human rights atrocity in Victorian psychiatric hospitals

A reality check on sex work

The Slaughter of Rhinos is a Crime ...

Forestry Tasmania is thoroughly unprofessional ...

STATE: Blue Derby, nature tourism revival that could be lost to logging. ERIC and Libs' ticket ...

STATE: TasWater emails show company planned to hit back at scientists

Why France Is Adopting A New Law That Criminalizes The Clients, Not Prostitutes

Naïve at best. Appalling at worst ...

Dr Richard Condie, fundamentalist Bishop of Tasmania ...

'NorMAC nastiness in Hobart'

Wentworth Park ...

Letters to my grandchildren (11)

The case for integrity ...

NATION: We have the fifth lowest tax to GDP ratio out of 34 countries ...

Van Badham's freedom of speech for some?

STATE: Is the UTG to be Tasmania's moral compass?

Humans and the environment: New Zealand's lessons for Tasmania ...

STATE: Greens' Response to Announcement of New Political Group

Women and girls the big losers in Options Paper ...

John Hawkins' submission to the Senate inquiry into MIS

Submission on the role of the criminal justice system ...

Names ...

Letters to my grandchildren (10)

Peter Coad walks out ...

Who profits from the sex trade?

Mutual Residents seek to have Forest Practices Plan Revoked

INTERNATIONAL: Sarah Silverman’s Hilarious Video for Bernie Sanders goes Viral

They serve the same Corporate Masters ...

Trumpism ...

The passenger on Team Australia: Is it time to cut Tassie loose?

Inadequate policing and inadequate penalties

Nature under threat from the Far Right

The good transformation of us: outsiders now insiders

Maori Trusts Allow 1080 Poison to be Dropped Directly into Water

Letters to my grandchildren (9)

Air quality ... courtesy of Forestry Tasmania ...

Advance Australia Where ... ?

TARKINE ... After The Fire ...

Red alert: Experts warn of dire health impacts from climate change

We serfs, indeed, have a new feudal landlord ...

Stopping attacks on gay people is not an attack on freedom

Author Richard Flanagan on Syria's great exodus

STATE: Government may end Federal Group's monopoly on poker machines

Tourism ...

Letters to my grandchildren (8)

News with a negative frame: a vaccination case study

The Direct Help

Tasmanian parliament to host screening of explosive pokies documentary ...

NATION: Turnbull creates storm in double d cup in a week of dithering and indecision

Anti-Protest Laws to be Challenged in High Court

The Unnoticed Death of Our last Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel

Barnaby ... and Tony ...

AFL Tasmania chief Scott Wade quits after 16 years in job

Notes on the Syrian exodus: ‘Epic in scale, inconceivable until you witness it’

In Defence of Thoughtful Young People ...

A much more serious plague ...

Letters to my grandchildren (7)

Lapoinya: The Blog ...

Launched! Wanted ...

Closing 4WD tracks important first step in permanent protection of takayna/Tarkine

Forestry Tasmania's death throes

Mayor Peter Coad responds to Cr Mike Wilson’s allegations

'Come Home (Cardinal Pell)': A message from Tim Minchin ...

Fighting Tasmanian Fire Service website incompetence is harder than fighting the fires ...

The ANU graduates of 1975, Forestry Tasmania, Ta Ann Tasmania and Captain Rolley

Waking in Fright In the Tasmanian Justice System

The Re-making of a Town ...

Save Mutual Valley demand immediate halt to all operations

HCC's strong anti-pokies stand ...

What Premier Will Hodgman should have said about the fires ...

Businesswoman Jan Cameron plays the long game

Road safety, government and the individual ... A different view

STATE: Paul Harriss disease spreads to WA ... HARRISS QUITS! Why? Gutwein opposed clearfelling ...

Andrew Nikolic Chucks a Wobbly

Pell: Abuse survivors to travel to Rome for Cardinal's testimony after crowdfunding campaign

TASSAL's Plans To Introduce Fish Farming To East Coast. Geelong Star 'caught whale shark ...'

Tasmania is still burning

Why doesn’t TFS management want to put these fires out?

Branded a rapist for daring to be an NHS whistleblower ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (6)

Turnbull's new cabinet crew all at sea in perilous waters

A positive note on population

Letters to my grandchildren (5)

‘There’s no heroes here’: the price paid by foreign correspondents

Some suggestions for bushfire control authorities in Tasmania (and elsewhere)

Tassie's devastated World Heritage ...

Read for yourself: Liberal energy promises ... and solar reality ...

Five arrests, thousands of dollars in fines and almost 50 notifications to “Move On”

As much resemblance to a Festival of Voices line-up as I do to Leonardo di Caprio ...

More Zika virus victims expected in Qld

Assange warrant still active: UK police

Stop Needless Live Export Abuse

NATION: Soft-and-cuddly Sco-Mo resets to Rottweiler ...

Letters to my grandchildren (4)

Fires in the Wilderness - the Long Hot Summer Ahead

NATION: Morrison's pitch to raise the GST rests on a pack of lies ... and worse

Have you seen this bear?

The greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War ...

Letters to my grandchildren (3)

'Jessica Hoyt, nurse, mother and a child of the Lapoinya Forest arrested ...'

VDL in Australian hands: What’s in it for Tasmania?

Mt Wellington this morning ...

Mofo 2016 Weekend at Walshy's

Lapoinya: The Bulldozers move in ...

My son got leukaemia ... after catch-up vaccinations ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (2)

What an absolute ripper of a book!x Tennis ...

From the Berlin Wall to Crony-capitalism

Letters to my grandchildren (2) ...

Teflon’s toxic legacy

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (1)

A Tasmanian Murder Mystery: Who is Killing Ross?

The memories ...

Letters to my grandchildren (1) ...

The truth about John Howard’s East Timor ‘liberation’

I don't give a **** if we agree about Climate Change

Cronulla ...

12 Historical Women Who Gave No F*cks

Losing my religion for equality

2015: the year it became exciting to be alive ... apparently

SUNK: The publicly-funded Tallship rusting and rotting in Qld

STATE: Tasmania the roadkill capital of the world ... as captive-bred devils die ...

First Day January ...

Party ... Animals!x

The pathology scare campaign

Three Capes Walking – The Denial of Freedom

RIP ... the video store ...

A Cosmical Comicular Event

How to benefit from Tassie's tourism boom but not bugger up what tourists came for. Pokies blackmail

The Rise and Rise of Brisbane Baroque

Metro asked to Reverse in Uphill Struggle

Reforestation of the Earth: Australia’s Inaction ...

An Open Letter to Shane Warne

Getting to know the shy albatross ...

Global Underwater Digital Cable: Why?

Crypto Party: Cygnet Town Hall Supper Room, 20th December 2-5pm (after the market)

The Plan to poison Lord Howe Island ...

New Zealand New-born Deer Fawns Left to Starve and Die

Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

A Grave Matter in Ross

The Emperor Has No Clothes

The Tasmanian Politician ... and the powerful will of Mr Farrell ...

A miscarriage of justice ...

Tasmania Report: A Tale of Two Tasmanias

‘Remembering the Children of the Royal Derwent’

Russell River ... and Huon Aquaculture ...

NATION: Malcolm's Flash as a Rat with a Gold Tooth ...

No Planet B, no Planet A

Corporate profits and 'jobs, jobs, jobs' appear to dominate in our Aquaculture industry

A Response: The Fight about Western Might being Right

The Knot in my Stomach

Left behind ...

The Making of a Post-Modern Testament ...

Catholic Church in Australia is 'an obstacle to the wellbeing of society', senior Archbishop claims

Bob Brown challenges Brett Whiteley to front up

Turnbull goes to Paris climate talks with 'a policy that does not exist'. Bishop ... of Entitlement

The Fight about Western Might Being Right ...

Former Gunns boss John Gay should not have to pay back money made from insider trading, lawyers say

This is appalling ...

Ted's Bio-Blitz ...

Thousands Rally in Hobart for Climate Action

Documentary maker David Bradbury is in the Dole-drums

Mal Brough and Mr Ashby ...

COP21: For a just, transformative & gender-responsive climate agreement

What the leaders say about Marriage Equality ...

Tassie Pine - Episode 39: A Gem of an Offer

Mekong: Troubled Waters ...

One dead in log-truck smash ...

VDL sale: Chinese businessman Lu Xianfeng revealed as buyer

TODAY: Registered Clubs Association of NSW folds ...

Mt Lyell re-opening likely within two to three years

Senate fails to reinstate night-fishing ban on super trawler Geelong Star by a vote

Researchers suspect fox evidence fabrication, Tasmania Government opts not to investigate

'World’s Best Practice' ... ? Rebuff Libs, say Weber, Putt, McKim ...

STATE: Erich's triumph ...

NATION: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It's Super Mal!

A response to Lissa Johnson ...

How and why ISIS emerged ...

Population is the World’s Number One Problem, says Kiwi Conservationist

A Cry from the Heart – Morwell residents done and dusted

The Invitation – An Introduction to A Letter to an Unknown Artist

Inside the tiny village in Gujarat riven by the sex trade

PRIVACY: This Chrome extension publishes details of every website you visit

The Rise and Fall of for-profit schools

Jason Day: Letter to my Younger Self

PARIS: Spot The Extremists ...

STATE: Wages in private boom but public slump

Mercury sees the light ...

Shame on the State Governments of the past 20 years ...

Legal Aid has been reduced to a shadow of itself and people are denied access to justice

Brighton Council votes unanimously to join anti-pokies’ groups

Starlight ... sense of safety and sense of Place

PARIS: You can't Bomb the World to Peace ...

Planning Tasmania’s electric future

A parrot from the past ...

We cannot learn from the past ...

An Argument for Assisted Dying in Australia: Andrew Denton’s Di Gribble Argument in full

NATION: A Malcolm for All Seasons on tour ...

The lost dog

STATE: The Truth about Jobs ...

Hobart woman Emma Grace Parkinson injured in Paris

FSC ... and public health. The Log Truck Danger ...

Eric wants to know ...

Shame on the Pokies industry ...

Praying for Rain. Surging Seas: UTAS Launi plan under water ... ?

Nikolic complaint: UTAS refuses to renew employment of outspoken lecturer

The Pokies Cup. Five Runners. What are the odds?

Hobart's iconic pub Knopwood's to close its doors

What has happened to University culture? Whither the Launceston campus?

Now Turnbull ... what next?

Nikolic Referred to Anti-Discrimination Commission

TPP Trade Pact Would Give Wall Street a Trump Card to Block Regulations

'My body was not mine, but the US Military's'

First Paleo Toilets To Be Installed In Fitzroy ... !

Urgent patients waiting months or years for care

Junk Food Journalism: Why Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet Is Toxic

Michelle ...

Government House: Kate Warner honours the EDO ...

Vice-Chancellor Dumps on Launceston

Is Neo-Liberalism on the way out?

NATION: Get your snout out of the trough ... GST

The Demise of the Dinosaur Fossil Fuel Industry at Last!

Senator Eric Abetz drops racist slur on radio while defending opposition to gay marriage

Chronicle 67: Life at the Typeface

Peter Cundall: organic charcoal good for your greens

The refugee crisis, captured in one staggering animated graphic

Did Murdoch win?

The Framing of Gender Apartheid: Amnesty International and Prostitution

Japan’s whaling gambit shows it’s time to strengthen the rule of science in law

Federal Hotels' predicament

PLANNING: Open Letter to the Legislative Councillors ... bill passes ...

PLANNING: An Open Letter to MLCs

Dear Mayor Coad ...

Palm oil, pollution and pyro-politics

Launceston ...

Millennial Masculism Man (2)

Lambie meets with Fox and talks about a Fast Cat Ferry service for Bass Strait

26 bankers already sentenced to a combined 74 years in prison

Diesel exhaust alters half of flower scents honey bees use to find food

Will Space Miners Save the Earth?

Hundreds without life savings. Burning-off's limits. 'Another handout for Forestry ...'

All bets are off if deal’s lost: Greg Farrell puts heat on Libs ... will they buckle ... ?

NATION: The Hole in Malcolm's argument ...

Richard Flanagan is inaugural Australian literature professor at Melbourne Uni

UTAS Vice Chancellor’s Office Occupied: Day 8

Case against Australia builds at The Hague

Effective harm-free treatments suppressed

Ka-Ching: pokies documentary reveals what makes the machines so addictive

How We're Surrounded by Disaster Capitalism

UTAS Women's Collective: A new meaning for inclusive?

A Human Rights Scandal – by Kat Banyard

She wore frumpy clothes ...

Michael Ware's war record

TLC’s Jane Hutchinson shortlisted for the Tasmanian Australian of the Year Award

Closing down FOI: a case study in sneaky government

Is the Fox guarding the Forestry 'Chook House'?

TPP and Tasmania’s GMO moratorium. Corporates can sue. What we don't know. Positive to Libs

TODAY, Parliament Lawns, Hobart: National Ban Live Export Rally

NATION: Stop the boasts ...

Copping Toxic Lawsuit Discontinued: 'More than a SLAPP suit'

Mercury Exclusive first look: Hobart’s newest high-end hotel revealed

A beautiful corner cabinet ... and blackwood logs on the Burnie wharf ...

FSC: Mission Impossible ...

On Bullshit ...

Whatever the truth of Garrett’s story, it’s about gambling industry politics & influence

Tasmania's Farrell family moves up in Australia's rich list

Rethinking Mental Health

DwDTas praises Californian Governor for signing assisted dying law

Rewilding the Earth ... An Ethical Conviction

The never-ending madness on Nauru

Underfunded CPS traumatises families

Booklet makes me feel my family is inferior

Living with Grandma

Triabunna Wharf: 'Working with Mr Wood ...'

First Day of The Month ...

Former Gunns boss John Gay faces new court action to strip his assets

Complaint against Catholic anti-equality booklet, "Don't Mess with Marriage", to be lodged today

Rape victims and whistleblower speak out about Nauru violence

‘We view this place as home now'

The Queen and I go a long way back ...

The Tarkine Tiger

Where to from here?

As a young African woman, I have a privileged position ...

Advocates of the Far Side

What's Australia coming to ... ?

And so, it's come to this ...

Tasmania takes the lead in affordable housing

Integrity in Public Office Reforms Defeated

Kneecapped ... !

Whipping away nasty compassion

Green Death from Above

Fate of a House on a Fort on a Hill

David Walsh takes on the Farrells ...

World's best ... anywhere but Tasmania ...

A light at the end of a decade-long tunnel ...

Franklin Square: International Day Against Live Exports

Prime Minister Turnbull ...

NATION: Not waving, drowning. TURNBULL quits, challenges Abbott ...

What is missing ... is any determination of fault

Millennial Masculism Man

Classy Tasmanian MPs' acts ...

Asylum seekers are being abused on our watch. It's time to put detention under surveillance

Ta Ann's Abdul Taib Mahmud amd money laundering ... ?

Mr Abetz and the Exclusive Brethren ...

Tasmania ... the highest rate of female suicide in Australia ...

Rob Walls' record of the Candlelight Rally and Vigil. Wilkie: Double it!

Smells like Team Australia ... Guess How Many Virtual People They Killed ...

NATION: It's all about the people of Canning

It is outrageous ... Abbott rejects Greens call to open doors ...

NATION: A conga line of clowns and illusionists. FLANAGAN on Border Force. DYSON stays put ...

1080: Chemotherapy or Holocaust for the NZ Ecosystem

Pesticides linked to bee decline for first time in a countrywide field study

Truth Hurts: The Science Behind Why People Don't Care About The Death Of Our Planet And Democracy

Child protection report fails to answer key questions

Christian leaders arrested in Hobart

Show Tassie some respect ...

Colin Russell's Arctic arrest by Russia found to be illegal by The Hague

Thinking outside the Icebox

Will the Aussies claim expenses ...

Kellam's warning as Will says: 'There's nothing to see here ...'

Nauru rapes: ‘There is a war on women’

Rupert’s back in town

Mercury: The Fall ... and why it matters

The Forgotten Coast ...

National Aboriginal meeting to consider constitutional recognition and alternatives

Amnesty votes to support pimps, johns and brothel owners

Goodbye Tuvalu

Fair’s fair Jacqui Petrusma

Spain's communist model village

Creating a Future that Works

Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin ...

Stranger Danger ... Talk to your child ...

This Politician’s Speech About His Gay Uncles Will Give You Chills

Carbon accounting & FT profitability

Order emerges out of Chaos: the fundamental insight of science

Medical students concerned new emissions reduction target jeopardises health of Australians

Rob Walls' Picture Essay of today's (Sat) Hobart City Hall rally in support of ...

Amnesty International votes for policy calling for decriminalisation of prostitution

Young Tasmanian musicians take the sweet sound of success to Victoria

Lambie’s heartfelt plea for mandatory detox

What else the rorting of the public purse via travel expenses has exposed ...

Australia was ready to act on climate 25 years ago, so what happened next?

Call for submissions re the Tasmanian Government’s Review into the Industrial Hemp Industry

Researchers find pear juice can ward off hangovers

How to save the Planet ... and Humankind

How Mohammad Nasim Najafi died in a detention centre

Obama's flexible fix to climate change as dirty power dominates in Oz

Why has Scandinavia got it right and we haven't?

Australia’s relentless corporate welfare to Malaysian logging company as new forest mill opens

NATION: All this bullshit has gone too far ...

But, Why?

Nordic Model Sex Work

Lapoinya Letter of Learning

Xenophobia is killing our Planet

This week's Feminist Roundup

The Protest at Vedanta ...

Racist booing of Adam Goodes: this is Abbott’s Australia

Dear Amnesty International

A renegade trawler, hunted for 10,000 miles by vigilantes

Bronny: Worse than getting your wisdom teeth out ...

Tony Abbott, 2012: The Speaker is the guardian of parliamentary standards ...

Mt Lyell: At last ... the charges ...

Neighbours of Fish Farming group forms to take community concerns to industry

Factory Trawler Cries Poor at Dolphin Protection Measures

Tasmanian Government killing off last 2000 Swift Parrots

Are Australians the worst drivers in the world?

Doing justice to Tasmania’s role in the national marriage equality debate

Dirty Money and Dirty Deals

Shark-attack Insight ...

The Troglodytic Liberals and the Epoch of Coal

Aerial Hobart

Global Advocates to Amnesty International: Vote No on Policy to Legalize ...

Diesel toxins

I fear this coming weekend may be my last as a member of the once-proud ALP ...

Door to door community-led campaign of Taroona finds 71 per cent support for marriage equality

Barnaby Joyce hates sheep as well as dogs and cows!

The Son With No Name ... Island and Julian Burnside

Rolley laments Gunns mill blunder

NATION: A hole in the heart ...

INTERNATIONAL: What Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was a prisoner of war ...

What prostitution really means for women

Bob Ellis says he may have weeks to live after liver tests deliver 'very bad' news

Rupert Murdoch's News UK shamed by failure to pay legal costs

Landmark $25,000 penalty for torrent of anti-gay abuse

NATION: Poor, poor Bronny ...

A fragment of Balmain history

Malaysian corruption scandal

Treasurer Gutwein's fantasies ...

NATION: the Bill Shorten Show Trial. Hewson on the rise of Isis

Amnesty International ... the sex trade's new best friend

Amnesty International condemned over fast-tracking of sex laws policy

Hadi loses his family ...

Chinatown ...

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be disastrous for Australia ...

Advocates call for Tas Gov to enforce gay-hate decision

The hypocrisy ... the monumental hypocrisy ... ?

Magna Carta, Waterloo ... not so important after all ... ?

A boomer's take on the housing crisis: a personal response

This week's Feminist Roundup

Abbott urged to play fair, not foul on marriage equality bill

The Yezidi: Hadi's Cry from the Heart ...

A typical kneejerk reponse ...

Nothing much has changed in almost half a century ...

Tasmania’s World Heritage Heroes recognised at Bonn World Heritage meeting

Scientology ...

Tasmania ... and Schizophrenia?*

US Supreme Court delivers marriage equality ... bittersweet for Australia

RET vote means Tasmania loses three times over

Sue Neill-Fraser and Dr Bob Moles ...

‘Spin’ – It’s no substitute for a positive response!

A British Genocide in Tasmania

Thanks to Paul Lennon ...

Sara ... Behind The Wire ,,,

Victorians explain how they will take over Aboriginal legal services in Tasmania

The Importance of Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment

Securing Economic Rights ... The Time has Come ...

Thinking ... Positively ...

How Wild is the Tarkine Wilderness?

'I forgive you ...'

Sue Neill-Fraser and the Australian Women's Weekly ...

Wilkie urges forestry probe

Forestry: The courage to speak out ...

Glenorchy: I am disturbed at what is happening with the council

Saul Eslake resigns from Bank of America Merrill Lynch to run Tasmanian consultancy

Andrew Nikolic: The man who would tell the ABC how to tell us how to think

The Self-Poisoning of New Zealand by Name and by Nature

Judges pervert ...

Forestry Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie MP and the tabled document ...

Peter Gutwein, I am appalled at the inadequate response you have sent me, Another $10m for FT

Rodney writes a book ...

Young female scientist to join international team in Antarctica

I approached the Labor government ... but they would not help

To Bluey ...

The narrow road to the deep north ...

Isla's Feminist Roundup ...

Brush up on the Roos of the World

Tony Abbott is almost certainly a British dual citizen — and so he can't be our PM

Gillian Triggs has the right to criticise politicians' use of power, says Labor

Nauru guards were spying on Sarah Hanson-Young, Senate inquiry told

The questions around the NBN rollout

The Lord Howe Island Rat Eradication Programme

Advocates to pursue legal challenge against anti-bias exemption

NATION: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Why We Torture Asylum Seekers ...

NATION: Hairy-chested, Tough Guy stuff ...

Tasmanian Authors: The Real Gems of Australia

The philosophy of giving

I am somewhat obsessed with pigeons ...

Following Ireland down the path to equality

NATION: Abbott's boatload of accountability

How I Didn’t Become A Victim To Bullying: Caroline Dean, TEDxQueenstown

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

Australia: The only Anglosphere nation without marriage equality ...

Religious freedom does not extend to excluding children ...

Dear Mrs Petrusma: This decision is short-sighted

Greens say Australia should take Rohingyan refugees

STATE: UTAS students risk arrest for fossil free divestment

STATE: Dark Mofo artist Leon Ewing suggests high school students use drugs to expand creativity

Meet The Tasmanian Comic Book Artist Taking The United States By Storm From His Bedroom

Tassie couple's NZ ceremony fulfills their dream to marry ...

Federal Treasurer needs to explain ice comments

NATION: Personal choice and economic reality; Paid Parental Leave

Ella ... and the story that created our nation ...

Martyn Turner visits Oz ...

We need to change thinking and direction. Our future demands it ...

The end of compassion ...

The More Things Change ... 1994: No Cable Car!

Geelong Star dolphin deaths condemned by Senate

The Tarkine Coast – A Wildlife Refuge

NZ: A programme to poison a nation

Petition to Ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture

Deceptions and such pranks are fun though ...

For Nepalese women this is not about choice

After Shorten's shabby Milne send-off, can Labor's Greens resentment end?

Paraguay postscripts

STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

NATION: RET deal means fewer jobs, less clean energy and more pollution

This vandalism occurs without any apparent sign of action by Tasmania Police ...

Your money ... and how it is spent

Waterloo Bay: The Great Deceit

The Waterloo Bay proposal and the Southwood site ...

Rednecks hoon through the Tarkine ...

Labour exploitation, slave-like conditions found on farms supplying biggest supermarkets

Why Does 1080 Poison Make Kiwis Like Lewis Angry?

'So we'll be poor ... but refreshed ...'

Beautiful Tasmania has suffered so long ... for nothing

If I were God ...

Public apology proves there’s more to China story

Eight Best Places In Hobart For The Literary-Minded

Bigots' Charter passes despite growing community concern

WORLD: Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran executed by Indonesian firing squad

WORLD: Hold your fire President Widodo; What are you trying to hide?

Lapoinya ... The Battle for Middle Earth

The Horror, The Horror of Ice ...

Chinatown: It would wok around the clock ...

Discovering the Spirit of Tasmania ...

Will the Homeless again be struggling ... ?

Cherrytopia & Hipsteria ...

Footfalls echo in the memory ...

Tasmania introduces “religious freedom” legislation, just days after Indiana scraps it

Venture Minerals' 2 cents worth

An ANZAC reflection ...

Bread-and-circuses live on ...

The lessons of history are critically important ...

Super Trawler ban must ban Super Trawlers. Don Knowler: The forgotten stakeholders ...


What comes after sorry?

Reviewed! Germaine at MONA ... it began well ...

Black War: The incompetent in pursuit of the intangible ...

A Blast from the Past in the Tarkine Karst

Spot the Similarities

Why does it cost more to ship to Melbourne ... than from Melbourne to UK?

From Paraguay to Gallipoli

Losing my religion for equality

Where does the law stand on immunisation?

Andrew Nikolic ... and Anzac Day ...

Why the future depends on restoring democracy ...

All that Tassie has lost ...

Mission Creep ...

Told you so, TasWater and Dr Roscoe Taylor

The axing of Pesticide Monitoring in Waterways

I would be delighted to take a trip to Hobart ...

Hobart City Council unanimously backs marriage equality motion

An Everest of Hilary's: Hunting. Regeneration. Handwriting. Glamping ...

Handel’s Sensational Opera at Brisbane Baroque. The dedication to Peter Underwood ...

What does Andrew Nikolic MP for Bass, stand for?

The dystopian lake filled by the world's tech lust


Hobart council aldermen expense claims under scrutiny

Leo: Mea Culpa ...

It’s not the Tasmanians I know. The Tasmanians I know are proud, resourceful, curious

70 artists spend 3 days in Tarkine wilderness to capture threatened landscapes

Health reform ... and the perils of hope

The Way We Were ...

A dog's death from 1080 poisoning ...

The genius of the common law ...

An Aldi Easter ...

No wonder he's grinning ...

Who is Andrew Nikolic, Member of Parliament for Bass?

Baroque and bogans battle over the menu at lunch with Leo Schofield

NATION: Morrison's bogus call for a coalition of ideas

Last word. Introspection

Lapoinya ...

Rodney Croome OAM out of order on surrogacy

it seems that it's a "pay up, or piss off and die", type of scenario!

April Fool's Day ...

Clubs Australia: Shameless and defamatory

Counter rally to an anti-Islam rally

Super Trawler: This is not an April Fool's Day Joke

First Day of the Month ... a celebration of 10 Murray ... and Entropy ...

Discover the Spirit of Tasmania ... and Western Civilisation

The terrible consequences of fundamentalism ...

In defence of Andreas Lubitz

Australia ... be outraged by the real terror

Stop flip-flopping Abbott and help all women

The Pioneer Cup – Horse-trading for safe drinking water in Tasmania

HERETIC: Why Islam needs a Reformation NOW

FEA’s Receivers Deloitte has at last found a buyer for FEA’s land and trees

Specialty Timbers Scandal Lingers On

BirdLife Tasmania calls for immediate cessation of logging of Swift Parrot habitat

The Wisdom of The Elder

A Curious Episode in Sarawak

Rodney Croome's Lent Lecture to St Matthews ...

A multi-billion dollar disaster in the making

Wotif founder Graeme Wood takes stake in battery storage developer Redflow

Greedy Californians are almost out of water

Hobart Community Rallies to Support Embattled Pensioners

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser dead at 84

Jacqui Lambie goes into bat for Diggers

Andrew Nikolic: An attack on the long-standing principle of academic freedom ...

Mr Nikolic MP, Dr Powell and freedom of expression ...

A very dark territory where our conduct as a nation betrays our vision of ourselves

All about women ...

Leading Tasmanians defend Safe Schools program

Play ...

Great Speech (2)

Lambie calls for Pyne’s sacking over his latest Higher Education threat

NATION, STATE: National conversation called by those who are deaf to all form of entreaty

NATION: Resist the Fear and Loathing. First Dog ...

Triggs was attacked for defending the powerless – and one day another PM will apologise for it

The song of the Bali Two executioners: Jokowi vs Gibran

Dying Like An Animal: The Price Of Empathy And How Governments Use Yours Against You

NATION: You should care about Brandis’s Creeper Laws. Jamal Rifi. 4-Corners ...

The Intergenerational Report focuses on the old, when the future belongs to the young

Real leaders ... and real equality

A Jew Stands up for Palestine ...

War, what's it good for?

The Prescience of Evan Whitton

The Intergenerational Report and Triggs' TFC: What it says about us. Thursday: Living to 100

NATION: Abbott’s Dark and Chilling Vision for Australia

Why I have resigned from the Telegraph . ABC Print figures. Death, Drugs and HSBC ...

State of the State ...

Anthropogenic Climate Change Denier’s Nightmare

Lambie refuses to be intimidated by a beheading threat

Seeds of life ...

Beyond belief Down Under

She moved us to Melbourne to avoid the possibility ... that I would kill my father ...

Breaking the Silence ...

The Final Mother Mountain ...Symphony of Birdsong (52)

Toxic TasWater, Part 2 ~ From the Operating Room to a Public Meeting with the Health Minister

Why Fifty Shades of Grey sends a troubling message to young women

Brandis must resign

The deer poachers

UK man behind Isis beheadings identified as Mohammed Emwazi

Teaching degrees are an easy option ...

Brawl over ‘wannabe’ and ‘tick-a-box’ Aborigines

Fracking Our Way into Hell on Earth

Help promote ... Turning Points to Compassion

More Projects Moving on to Second Stage of EOI Process

TMAG Farewells Trustee Chair

David Hicks wins appeal against terrorism conviction

Gone to the dogs ...

Lapoinya: Has FT found the way?

Lapoinya: You just could not make this stuff up ...

The attacks on Gillian Triggs

Bright OLD things ...

Ban Fracking in Tasmania

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (50)

Fog on the Lake

Porn, manga and the 21st century Japanese man

Brisbane Baroque is the reinvention of a highly successful music festival ...

Children in detention exposed to danger, Human Rights Commission finds

Tax Office knew about Australians channelling money into Swiss accounts

World Heritage Area bureaucratic obfuscation ...

Wales follows Scotland and votes in favour of fracking moratorium

The Street People

Sorrowful Songs

Is this accountability ... ?

Freed Greste won't be silent on jailed colleagues

Social and Economic Impact Study Report, The Federal Group

Abbott at the Press Club: A tin-pot General of open-market ideology ...

Companies suing critics. That's the real enemy of free speech

Indonesian and World Hypocrisy on the Drugs Issue

A prize that pales all others

Terrorism 101: A little history ...

Germaine Greer to women at Cambridge Union: “kick ass and take names and ...

Former corruption commissioner fears for the future of good governance

Hicks, Brandis, Guantanomo ... and fear

Hobart Baroque? No. Brisbane Baroque

NATION: Manus; We must act ...

NATION: Australian of the Year; Rosie Batty. Abbott mocked over Prince Philip ... Tom Uren ...

Call for State and Uni to dump Taib Mahmud ... and Ta Ann

Call for Alternative Australia Day Date

Tasmanian achievement a matter of national pride

STATE: The Irony; France, Tasmania ... and Freedom of Speech

Reviewed! MOFO a few years down the track

Love is stronger than hate ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (46)

Saudi Arabia's history of hypocrisy we choose to ignore

Wilderness – going, going, gone!

The Truth About Ta Ann. 'The biggest environmental crime of our times'

Rupert's at it again ...

Keogh free: Royal Commission needed

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (45)

Stand up ... before our capacity to do so is stolen from us ...

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, we must resist the clash-of-civilisations narrative

Meaning lies deep and goes in all directions, like a dream

Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

Poetry and Anti-poetry

NATION: The Political Capital Of Fear: How It Helps Governments And Why

NATION: How Scott Morrison was parachuted in ...

NATION: Tony Abbott's Reshuffle ...

The storm clouds gather; the goal posts recede ...

First Day of the Month ... and Year ...

But wait ... there's more: TT's Tasmanians of the Year

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (43)

Who was Man Haron Monis, the man behind the Sydney siege? Pakistan ...

The more things change ...

The Tragedy of the Commons

Tarkine: International call to protect nation's heritage

STATE: Royal Hobart Hospital Decision

STATE: Education; Will’s Music Report. The RHH

The Flan Man and Bob Graham give it all away ...

NATION: What are we afraid of in this country? The Climate Terrorist. Prahran. GP co-payment ...

Hopefully we can start to deal with this matter ...


West Papua: 5 civilians shot dead, up to 22 people injured

The Withdrawal of Grand Theft Auto V

Launching the Giving Tree

When the Forces of Media Disruption Hit Home

STATE EDUCATION, Will Hodgman: You are failing Tassie's children. Letter from a 12-y-o ...

STATE: Pushing a destructive dig it up – chop it down economic vision for Tasmania

NATION: Trauma of seeing asylum seekers die at sea. TPVs back ...

Jeremy Ball wins prestigious Award

Tim Ellis, Tasmanian DPP, loses death by negligent driving appeal

Slowly, slowly back to normal service ... To Rache and Trav ...

The Wedding Hiatus ...

Devil disease: I wish I was a scientist

Wine! You know enough ... to know what you like!

Feminists please don't shut up ...

They are failing us miserably ...

The Moral Irrelevance of Christian Doctrine ...

Forestry Poisons implicated in devil disease ... as President Xi strokes baby devil ...

Ferguson Cops Out on Medicinal Cannabis Reform

The questions around a Vice Principal ...

NATION, STATE: Self-harm, suicide rates soar. Jacquie junked. Ackland's spray at Morrison

Rust Belt 2.0 - What will the China-Australia deal mean for Australian jobs?

Wilderness and Development ... Having your cake and eating it too!

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (38)

China and US strike deal on carbon cuts in push for global climate pact

Philae probe makes historic landing on comet

Planning and governance reform: Will someone have the courage?

NATION: Renewable energy target thrown into confusion as negotiations collapse

Historic Governor Appointment

World governments failing Earth's ecosystems, says top conservationist

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (37)

Women’s America

This handmade thing ...

Letter to 2015 AP Stylebook Editor, David Mintho

STATE: How are things going, Will?

This genuine Aussie talent ... and Tassie busking laws

Writers and artists ... saving wildlife and habitats ...

The colour of envy

Garbage Guts!

'Frightening the community into silence ... ' Bill passes. FT's $43m loss ...

Damon Thomas: This surreal feeling ...

What Makes Them Tick: Inside The Mind Of The Abbott Government

STATE, LOCAL: Lord Mayor Hickey, Kent takes control, Slade slain

Peter Gutwein's axe ...

The plan to undermine the Land Rights Act

The most horrific abuse yet seen

Elite sport remains a cesspit of casual misogyny

Ice: The destruction of my tenant's life ...

The thing that fills your heart ...

Mary and Mohammad meet Parliament

The story of the Phoenix Timber

Canada's Terror: 5 Fast Facts

Death of a Giant

ICC asked to prosecute Abbott government. Refugee Convention Death Knell ...

Tassie's forestry wars echo UK's motorway wars ...

Keeping alive the British colonial tradition of tugging our forelocks ...

I met a lady nearly twice my age today ...

STATE: Fracking poses risks to agriculture, tourism, Tasmania's reputation ...

STATE: The possibility of Eden

A Statement from the Maslin Family ...

A memory of John Arlott ...

Pesticide monitoring in Tasmanian waterways cancelled

Lake Pedder project wins big at national awards

Anna Reynolds: My ideas for Hobart’s future

NATION: Travel to a Muslim country. Travel there now.

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (33)

Bill Wentworth meets Pavarotti

Tas Libs slammed over 'shameful' vote against marriage equality

Malala's unlikely journey to the Nobel Peace Prize

NATION: Australian Premier Moves Swiftly Against ISIS, but Analysts Question Benefits

Bill C-36, the Canadian government's prostitution bill, passes

An artist's sermon on that word ...

My Tasmanian political hero: Andrew Inglis Clark

Bitter Harvest ... ignorance in Tasmania

This is an important moment in the life of Spring Bay Mill

Nation: Tony's Promise

Break O Day Refugee Welcome Zone declaration

Government is seeking to go way beyond what is necessary

Boost for solar industry in East Timor

The Saudi Arabia of the South Pacific ...

Greens are needed now more than ever

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (31)

An ambitious mission

Legal prostitution in Europe: the shady facade of human trafficking

The Shame ...

An incident between a policeman and a councillor ...

Acts of madness ...

Hodgman Should Condemn Lambie and Whiteley's Xenophobic Comments

Simply, the way we evolved ...

Addressing community attitudes is key to violence prevention

A Bitter Pill to swallow ...

Harriss Must Apologise or Resign

Selective Harvesting or Selective Memory

MOU-MOUing the future eaters *

Norfolk Island takes lead on Marriage Equality

Abetz still in the woods, fighting a lost war

I was sexually assaulted ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (29)

Live animal export is unethical ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (28)

A bad budget for patients

NATION: Joe Hockey says $6.5 billion hit to budget bottom line is 'damn good deal'

Tasmanians puffing twice need to seek advice: National Asthma Week 2014 (1-7 Sept) ... Morwell ...

Isla MacGregor's First Day of the Month

The Fearnley dispute: An update by a mate

A tale of two towns

Swedish journalist visiting Australia calls for a stop to surrogacy

The Governor’s Legacy

An Open Letter to Joe Hockey

Sue Neill-Fraser – fundamental failure of the rule of law

State Governments can’t control the economy. There, I’ve said it ...

John Gay's $3.1m illegal trading windfall pursued by Commonwealth

News Corp cuts up rough ...

Why a drover’s dog* will win the next federal election

Bacall and Bogart

Mediocrity: The New Normal

Techniques of neutralisation – a framework of prejudice

NATION, Joe Hockey: Poor don't have cars ...

Sick of this market-driven world? You should be

The Vietnam experience

A major task ...

What is a woman?

Social media post 'damaging and unprofessional'

O&A (Objections & Answers) Why should Dr Bob Moles be heard by MPs?

“Say it Again Tony” (And Again, And Again)

NATION: No job snobs, says Eric. Sending job applications to Senator Abetz ...

My anger at the instant blaming of the Ukrainian resistance and Russia

An ABC interview ...

Righteous pollies come down hard on Jacquie ...

No ʻBravoʼ ... Australia!

Growing up Queer: Caleb Nichols-Mansell

Livestock school highlights positive attitude of next generation

Beyond the Craic Down Under

Don't conduct any due diligence ... Just throw money ...

New poll shows record 72% support for marriage equality

How to watch the International Space Station fly over Tasmania ...

Media: The Way We Were ...

'Praise for Thorpe coming out'

NATION: In limbo on the High Seas. Piracy? says Burnside. Coalition stalled. Tax repeal stalls

Liberal Cadart stands firm on his grand vision

Mount Lyell: 'Terrible news'

A letter from Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson to Japanese PM.

Women forced into sex industry - Abbott must fund Exit Programs

Peter Underwood, Tasmania Governor, dies aged 76

'One law for one, another law for others'

Bertrand's 'bogans' riles locals

NATION: Innes broadside. Lambie's Abbott 'political psycho' lash. Burnside blast

Hodgman Government all over the place on Medicinal Cannabis Trial

Rolf Harris: Mail and Sun blame Leveson inquiry for his 'secret' arrest

Rolf's guilty

Phone-hacking trial was officially about crime; but in reality, it was about power

Tassie schools perform above national average: Auditor-General

Peter Greste and Al Jazeera: Death on the Nile

Andy Coulson guilty over phone hacking as Rebekah Brooks walks free

DPP Tim Ellis found guilty of causing death by negligent driving

When words are bullets

Greste guilty

Indigenous people appeal to World Heritage Committee

Tell the governments you're mad as Hell, and you're not going to take it any more

I can't hear you ...

Another perspective on the NDIS

Buckland’s beauty

It has been disappointing to see photos of young women who smoke ...

Complaint to Salil Shetty on Amnesty's sex work policy

The Last Train ...

Support for asylum centre processing centre in Pontville

Another reason to block the Appropriation Bills ...

Being respectful at work is NOT optional

Grassroots revolt against Federal Budget

And more to the point, Jan Davis, where was the protest from the TFGA when this happened?

Kiwi oil rig worker Mike McKay fired

The Fearnley dispute: What they told Charlie

Nordic model laws tabled in Canada

Divide & Conquer In Tasmania

An ideological crusade against the poorest and most disadvantaged ...

Learning from the mistakes of the US prison regime

The Fearnley dispute

Us v Them, Australia vs Asylum Seekers, Slaves vs Everyone Else: Is there a difference?

Fear ... and Mercury

Peace ... v Anzac Day

Tasmanian household income will suffer most from Federal Budget measures

So, where is it?

Respect for Women Please!

End this Nation's Shame

Men have a right to prostitutes? Really?

Evan Rolley's vineyard

Modern fashion by design-short back and sides in a world of the “undercut”

Deforestation graphically told ...

God no, I couldn't possibly drive to Hobart, I have to fly ...

Adoption green light raises questions about marriage

A colder, meaner, narrower place ...

Double-Dissolution ... now. The bond of trust is broken

Red in the morning, shepherds' warning ...

All-powerful Paul Harriss. Mendicant ($45 million) Ta Ann ...

Asylum seeker lifeboats stripped of their safety equipment

Where is it? MH370 Flight To Be Simulated

Andrew Wilkie, Diary of a Manus Island guard: 'They went into tribal mode'

Evil Was Only a Visitor

Shocking violations of live export rules

Lest We Forget indeed!

The Lives of Brian

Whither the Liberal Conscience?

The Politically Corrupting Bottle

An interim report on the state of play regarding MH 370

The underdog bites back

Health: Copping C cell: The permit extension ...

A decent sawhorse ...

Bob Carr diaries: foreign policy was subcontracted to Jewish donors

We must have the Precious Forests

Fat Cat cull is not enough

Jim Bacon: The Emperor has no clothes

Launceston, Tasmania: Bogan Capital of Australia ... ?

Our daily grind

Premier Hodgman Starts A War He Will Not Win

Andrew Wilkie: Parliament turns its back on problem gamblers

Falling for a Pod of Dolphins. Story Competition ...

GUNNS – The life and death of a rogue corporation

Another Sad Birthday Lucille

Passengers describe drama of turning asylum seeker boats back

The March March against Abbott ...

Chronicle 67: Ohhhhhhh Monty's ...

Happy Voting ...

Unrepresentative Swill ... Yes or No?

Hobart ... and architectural masterpieces

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Greens Senator To Tony Abbott: “We Want Our Country Back”

Labor, Greens to hold Senate inquiry into Manus Island violence

New boost for Tasmanian job seekers

Medic alert in Cygnet

Five Ideas That May Change How You Think About Privacy

For women’s organisations, a historic step forward towards gender equality ...

Asylum seeker attempts suicide after deportation notice

Liberals make key commitments but Greens and Labor streets ahead

Australia asks Cambodia to take asylum seekers ... amid violent crackdown

Wilkie's bid to end live animal exports

Just ask someone trying to get an operation ...

Find me ...

Pray As You Go

Asylum-seeker policy could amount to crime

Indonesia's Marty Natalegawa says asylum seeker lifeboat plan a 'slippery slope'

Call to suspend oversight of police complaints

Amazing Scenes: Adventures of a Reptile of the Press (1)

Integrity comes from within - but it also needs to be seen from outside

Nikolic's meeting. Tony's grand new plan to turn back the boats

When Justice loses its appeal

Christmas Times (11). New Year Times (12)

Grammar - A Selective Public High School

Big Brother is watching ... and disseminating your personal data ...

I didn't do it, I wasn't there

What are you preparing for the table?

The Case for a National Criminal Cases Review Commission

Continued ...

Buy-one, Get-one FREE to The Railway Man. And they've all been snapped up!x

High Court rejects ACT same-sex marriage laws

Gaza Animal Cruelty 'the most shocking'

Andrew Wilkie: Inquiry needed into Sue Neill-Fraser conviction

Feeding Australians with Australian Food at a Fair Price ... but most of all ...

Nelson Mandela, former South African president, dies

The House Wins: Gaming Reforms Ditched

Australia Needs a National Response to Miscarriages of Justice

Continued ...

Revealed: Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens

TT of the Year ... now TASS gets a Human Rights Award

He was the guy who got the dingo off

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Violations at Murum Dam Must End

The Gospel, according to MONA

Federal Hotels: End of a chapter

Goodbye Kevin ...

Free Colin Russell

The Lost is not lost ... it is alive and kicking

I don't want my money supporting these things

In the face of all this unspeakable cruelty to Australian animals ...

Joe Lyons and Benito Mussolini

A Tasmanian Wedge Tailed Eagle Nest ...

It's OK to love yourself

The Nation: Labor says Joe Hockey's super changes show Coalition's 'twisted values'

In calling for revolution, this half-Messiah has hit a nerve

The Nation: PM Abbott must break silence and act for Colin Russell

The Red Queens

Falling Into the Sound of Water

As the Upper House votes against ... advocates vow to continue campaign ...

Tasmania: Brenton's bitch. Entura's ditch. Same-sex, same result ... ?

Dead-tree media stirs for resurrection ...

Put Your Feet in the Street for a Safe Climate

Michael Mansell cannot accept Australia Day nomination

'Illegal' label lashed

This issue will not go away ...

Release of 'game-changing' same-sex marriage legal opinion

Can Do Campbell establishes a New Order

Tasmanian doctors support voluntary euthanasia laws. MPs lobbied

Andrew Wilkie: More live animal export cruelty

Cynics Corner (a jaundiced view of the world)

Open letter to Bryan Green

Leaking or whistleblowing!

WorkCover Tasmania launches workplace bullying research

Why Afi came to Australia

The Brandis Canon ... and other indulgences

Why I no longer support the Blues

State sponsored drug growing and media promotion of drugs

Compassionate Italy. Callous Australia

When scientists attack

New hope for marriage equality

Government must speak out on heavy handed treatment of activists – Greens

Poetry, without a shred of pity

Death in Amsterdam

Keith Dunstan and his place in the Australian sun

Emergency Protest against Illegal Deportation to Place of Further Persecution

Challenges of refugee protection require greater cooperation. Java tragedy

Toxic Tas Water

Copy that! Tony's example helps Mercury fall, Sport ...

Is it illegal to turn back boats in international waters to Indonesia?

Mansell welcomes Bill Shorten’s call for Aboriginal quotas - and suggests alternative idea

Support for voluntary assisted dying law reform

No man is an island ... except in Tasmania

The Pearl of Para(lysis) has sailed

Dear Premier: I note that I have had no formal response to this letter

Selfless victims of Nairobi madness

Julian Burnside: Alienation to alien nation

Dear old Ming would be turning in his grave ...

State to get tough on bullies

Chimay ‘Red’

Politics, State and Federal: Stick with Minority, says Nick. The Rudd salvation

Shooters push for weaker gun laws

Former Director of Prisons still seeks Justice

Another live export disaster

More than 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered: How you can help

West Papuans celebrate arrival of sacred water and fire, despite intimidation by Indonesian military

Asylum Seekers: Julian Burnside's Tasmanian solution

Julia Gillard: losing power 'hits you like a fist'

TASS: The Compassionate Island ...

Sarcasm And Truths In My Fantasy World

Meet Tasmania's (likely) Senator Jacqui Lambie

Charges to be laid over crash involving Tasmanian Chief Prosecutor

Public Rally: End Asylum Seeker Cruelty

What did Andrew Nikolic know ... ?

TT Tasmanian of the Year Award 2013

Into the community ...

Wynyard pokies forum calls for better deal for the North-West

The only proven thing helmets protect us from are fines

Riots and suicide attempts are very likely

What did Andrew Nikolic know ... ?

Misled! How Hydro-Tasmania Played Down Its “Essential” Role In Sarawak

Mansell warns against any threats to Aboriginal delegates campaigning against mining on West Coast

Love and fairness are not radical fashions

Misleading and defamatory Labor Party election material. PM refuses to intervene

Morality lost in a cloud of smoke

Help End Marijuana Prohibition branch launches in Tasmania

The So Called "Bunnings Lie" in the Sue Neill-Fraser Case

Refugee Imperialism: Kevin Rudd and Dumping on the Pacific

At Last: Breaking through the Tasmanian Paradigm

Australian Greens invest in refugee safety

'Powerful doco shows justice gone feral'

It's a boy! D.O.A. Christmas Island July 2013

Shadow of Doubt cast over grandmother’s 23 years' sentence for murder

$1 bet limits: I'm already on board. The Greens Policy

Lurch Beyond Brutopia. The Manus Whistleblower ...

Larrikin indie takes on big parties in bellwether Bass

Jesus weeps, Bishop tells Rudd

An open letter to ...

We are concerned that Telstra has breached the Privacy Act

Friday: Shame; Milne lashes Rudd's Fix. Tuesday: Suicide and self harm attempts at Pontville

The Government should be trying to wind it up, not grow it.

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world ...

The Prejudice of the People

The rise and fall of Julia Gillard - what it means to women

The father of Tasmania's booming olive industry, Attilio Minnucci ...

What does it say about the Legislative Council ... ?

Self-harm fears at Pontville

Meanwhile, at the bottom (but above pollies) ... Australia's Most Trusted Professions 2013

Send them to the pews . . .

Passage of Tas gay adoption law applauded

Afghanistan's terrible toll ...

The Joy of Six: Ricky Ponting

The Most Trustworthy ...

Beaming ...

The fight for Afghan women's rights

No more kids in detention

Stop the slaughter of native ducks

Liberals are putting politics before people. The church billboard controversy

This shocking animal abuse

Prison smoking bans deter crime

Silencing the Whistle-Blowers

Talking Straightly

It was all so much better in my day ...

Greens introduce bill for independent Office of Animal Welfare

Unscrupulous Business in a Broken Landscape

Welfare agencies report increasing demand

Pokies: Woeful arguments of Bacon and Rockliff

Rudd's gay change of heart

What a horrible, mean, stingy country we have become

New footage of cruelty to Australian livestock

Fear and Freedom

When Your Playlist Dates You

Running through rain

Old things can be desirable, can't we?

It Takes More than Love to Fill the Justice Gap!

This kind of hate ...

Tonight I watched Four Corners ...

Dad has died: thoughts from a deep mineshaft of silence

Balance is appeasement. Fairness is truth ...

Gellibrand: The Amazing Son of Tasmania

So, my best friend, my love ...

French leaders show true leadership in face of violent opposition

Would you protect our individual freedoms or take them away?

This Working Life ...

Bob McMahon ...

Outspoken, opinionated, out there? Moi?

Tasmania's abortion bill passes

Message from a voter

Abortion: Here is my story ...

Hobart Baroque: The long-cherished dream becomes reality ...

Rally For Reproductive Health

Salamanca Declaration welcomed: further backdown on abortion bill needed


Tas abortion forum hears impacts on decriminalising abortion

What is justice?

Anti-pokies forum head of $1 bet limit vote

Govt silent on prison boss departure

Destroy The Joint!

Priest Perera

Discrimination, assault and fear of crime.

Call on Australian Government to recognise Ellen and Portia's marriage

Behaviour protocols part of asylum policy: Morrison

Tasmanian DPP in hospital after fatal crash

Old Age and Cunning Wins!

We'll never get over it …

Alex Schaap was incorrect

PM apologises to forced adoption victims

Justice demands inquest in Chappell case

Tonight: 60 Minutes to Cover Sue Neill-Fraser Case

Jim'll not fix it

Andrew Wilkie: A statement regarding the Iraq War

They shoot ducks don't they?

Twiggy at play ...

The Amazing Resilience of Kevin Rudd

Equality is at the core of who we are

The salvation of T-shirt treasures

The poker machine industry does not give a toss

The euthanasia debate

Destroy the better mousetrap

Nick Xenophon: Security Risk !

Israel's 'Prisoner X' was Australian Mossad agent, documentary claims

Vandemonian Dreaming

Top five regrets of the dying

Same sex please, we're British


The hope Jon West rejects

Former RSPCA CEO withdraws claim

UK marriage equality vote puts pressure on Australian leaders

Praise for community consultation on voluntary assisted dying legislation

The gambler: At home with David Walsh

Intelligence-Led Policing? Not in Tasmania. The Sue Neill-Fraser Case

The café stripped bare

Mud, Leeches and Stunning Beauty in Tasmania

Will the Truth set him Free?

The Tree-sitters: Designing a habitat on high

Wilderness Society Congratulates Geoff Law for Australia Day Honours

Tasmanian Devil: THE full NEW YORKER

Equality of the sexes

The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz

For the children ...

I resolve to try and do that

The tragedy of West Papua

Joy, Love, Paradox ...

Environmental Movement Loses a Champion

Christmas not a time to forget welfare of voiceless animals

The real hardships of homelessness

Slipper sexual harassment case thrown out

Assange looks to contest Senate election

Tourism campaign reveals Aussies are suckers for romance

That fateful call

Call for Human Rights Impact Report on Prostitution in Australia

Premier must restore job security for public sector workers

Greens call for ban on pokies headphone outlets

We let in the rich. We persecute the poor

Wisdom from Hector the Protector

Farewell Ricky ...

In Their Own Words: Milne, Bandt, De Natale, Wilkie

Aussie campaign against Hydro Tasmania in Sarawak

You give me inspiration

Red-Green politics retrograde on prostitution

Liberal Party backflips on $1 pokie bet limit

Asylum Seekers: Pontville decision welcomed

Bits and pieces

Update for Linda McRae Dreaming

Great toilet tour

RSPCA: Dismiss the board

Remembrance, Memory and Silence: Forgetting a Larrikin Tasmanian Digger

The hero at the heart of the Royal Commission

The suppression of our animality ... and its terrible consequences. The Royal Commission

To the children and families ...

Turmoil in the RSPCA

Tobacco: Light a Candle and think of the Victims

A sure bet? Perhaps not

The images will stay with me forever

ACT set to seize economic bonuses from Tassie ...

Mass hunger strike on Nauru

No plan for bringing troops home from Afghanistan

Deterrence does not work

Pokies: A letter to the Federal Government

Pippa's Dilemma: The Moral Demands of Affluence

All creatures great and greater……

Mart day

A foot soldier

Don’t slug single parents - make mining giants pay their share

Thanks Aurora ...

A licence to discriminate

Another digger dies ...

Mundine slammed for Geale slur

Rodney Croome: We will not be silenced. Friday's Glenorchy rally

Saying sorry

Message to Guy Barnett: marriage equality supporters won’t be silenced.

Gambling causes grief to 25,000-plus Tasmanians, including 2000 children

There is no life here ...

Inquiry not needed. MLC 'hate' campaign uncalled for

Sex work is just work. Or is it, really?

Queries on pokies levy ...

That man stole something from me ...

Public interest before policy purity

The legal ambush that sank marriage equality

Sex education plan targets teen pregnancies

Flatlining pokie losses are nothing to celebrate

Alan Jones and the Oedipussy Complex

Trolling and bullying.

Legislative Council holds Tasmania back. SA seizes the day

RSPCA in internal row crisis

The Silence of the Lambs

SSM: 'The Bill is doomed'. Crikey runs the numbers. Croome: We back the backers

Driving pokies reform ... it's up to us!

Rutting beasts and Cory Bernardi

Fish and Chips on Fridays

Women's place in 1963: why baby boomer women have no money

A bus ticket to nowhere

A Tasmanian good news story

Economics of Same-Sex Marriage: Monday 24 Sept, Parlt House

Quiet achievers surround us

Caught out

Marriage equality: state laws the way forward

Wilkie: More cruelty in the live export trade

From the sublime to the shamefully ridiculous – the Unrepresentative Swill on Vikki Riley

If a child of an addict could ask the Federal Group why ... ?

Sleep, Interrupted

Prostitution - exit strategies first

Arson attack against Camp Florentine

Milne v Wallace, marriage equality

A Dim Economic View

And the first ... shall be last

Latest asylum tragedy: how the emergency unfolded

Reece High Auditorium this Saturday: Sally's Foundation makes a difference

Marriage equality a step closer

Bryan the Bashful versus the Nome King

The bizarre, unhealthy, blinding media contempt for Julian Assange

Who’s watching our children?

Julia comes out swinging. Update: Labor on the rise

Banned for life! Lance Armstrong disgraced ...

Seeking an asylum-seeker solution ...

Gay rights v. Christian lobby. Council backing. ACT follows Tassie. Giddings 'humbles' Christians ..

Max Bound 1924—2012

Shame on us all

Give us untold confusion over unacceptable discrimination and fearmongering anyday

Irregular maritime arrivals, anyone?

Gillard backs experts' asylum seeker report

Dealing with FT: John Powell's tortuous saga (includes all articles)

Supporting the Human Rights of Sex Workers: Sex Party Policy - And Damn Proud of It!

No-show after school

Guy Barnett's surprise about-face on same-sex marriage. 500 brave the rain ...

Pokies swallow another $200m in 2011-12

Too little, too far away

Political party or lobby group? The dark side of the Australian Sex Party

Scarlet Alliance condemns the forming of yet another abolitionist group

Asylum seekers ... and Dan Ryan

Thanks Coach!

Defining ‘Waste’ In Old Growth Forests

Greens welcome state apology on forced adoptions promise

A call to action for Happy Days

Scotland takes lead on marriage equality ... follow, says TGLRG

The curious case of Timothy Byrnes, ASIO and the National Security Hotline

Julian Assange: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Le Tour: The Tragedy beneath the Triumph

Healthy Futures – Building a better health system

Tassie Gems

Find me ...

Please Mr Wilkie stop poker machines on the Spirit

What are you shooting ... ?

Cut down The Triffid. Pokie barons plunder carbon compo money

TT Line Ripoff. Insensitive and Untruthful Behaviour

Time for Turnbull to walk the talk on gay marriage

The ducks line up

50 years on and still rocking…

To Rachael Tuffin, 30

Joan Brown, Shell Necklace Maker

If only I could fly

Push v Pull: The Morality of Offshore Processing

Truly stupefying ...

Pokies: Plunder continues

Lonny in trouble ... again. Libs pledge to dredge

I knew it would be a great day ...

O'Byrne insists union gift was not a conflict. All good, says Giddings

Paralysis in Parliament. Why the Greens voted against


Walk Together, Hobart, Saturday 23rd June

We all have shackles

A desperate people tragedy

Greens move to ensure local government has say on pokies

Assange seeks asylum in Ecuador

People Before Pokies!

Going bananas to restrict weapons ... as Aung San Suu Kyi accepts Nobel peace prize ...

I bitterly regret it

Greater support for reform

Six month milestone for Tasmanian tree sitter

Lance: Can it be true ... ?

Victims of Bullying, Harassment, and Victimisation in the CSIRO

'The Truth is Out'

Just to our North ... a horror story unfolds

The Shape of Things to Come

Channel Nine aired ex-prostitute's claim on Thomson, even when she said it wasn't true

Crossing the Line. Gay blood review continues unfair stigma

Forum decides: Councils need a bigger say on pokies. Watch the Forum

Ashamed of our animal instincts

Ghost Story #1

Scarlett Alliance Fails in Bid to Gag Professor

Lost ... in the scandal

Fish before the rocks get slippery

What exactly don’t we know?

Pokies forum to focus on solutions

Marriage equality: a modest but significant step

I’ll Always Be Labor (but I don’t have to vote for them!)

How I stopped worrying and learned to love the stupid

Witnessing Margaret Court

Epistle to the Ecotopians

IA editor gets legal muscle in battle against NAB

Wilkie backs watered-down pokies bill

The Lady with the Keys

Feathering nests or furthering Tassie ... ? GetUp's banned ad

The Corner Bakery

Heart-wrenching stories of addiction. Stand up to pokie barons

The National Unaustralian Bank

Tell me why. The Obama Bombshell. Rallies ...

Once upon a night time ...


Leg Co candidates should declare their hand on pokies

Teacher sacking over gay marriage Facebook comment hits free speech

The Desolate Life of a Chained Dog ...

Out of Vogue ...

Tasmania's Wonder Woman

The Great Joy

Is the thylacine still out there?

Lest we forget about what?

My slant on Anzac Day

Trial plain-packaging on pokies. Wilkie's statement

The case of Julian Assange: do constitutional principles matter?

Is it time for a little Truth & Reconciliation?

Get out of Afghanistan ...next year

Australian live export animals unconscionably subjected to known risks

Earth Garden

Bob Brown's legacy - a politics based on love

Cancers are overwhelmingly caused by environmental factors

Making Sex Work: A failed experiment in legalised prostitution

Why women hate me for being ugly

Five hours goes too quickly ...

Attacked by Vandals. Found! New roading, logging and burning in HCV forests

State's poorest lose millions on pokies ...

Aged care crisis looms for Tasmania

The Market

White Like Me

The Corporate Assassin

Call for pokies plain packaging

Discussions continue on Government pokies reform

Sunday morning in Lonnie …

Thank god for that ...

Crafty Critters v Launceston City Council

Faith no more ...

Libs blow the dog-whistle over Pontville

My reflections from Fukushima, Japan

We believe in her and will continue the battle. The Sentencing Speech

The anti- depressant/placebo smackdown

Derby Girl Doing Good

Simply red: Why are people so unkind to redheads?

What about the rest, Mr Hanna?

Politicians share the love at Sydney Mardi Gras

You never hear about most people ...

Live export assurances are meaningless

Gay marriage worth minimum $100m to Tasmania ...

How to be a responsive minister. UPDATE

The Chronicle 65: Nick

Insight is lost

Sick and tired of dirty, sub-standard housing

Gay marriage 'inevitable', Gillard tells guests. Watch The Wedding Dance

They will help sustain you

Terry Martin became a different person ...

Adding insult to the injury of prostitution

The psychopaths on cycle paths are coming down in pairs

Dying with Dignity

Pokies: This is a weak position

Austral Reflections

Comfortably numb

Opportunity to share farm

Time for local leadership to tackle gambling woes

Greens welcome Federal marriage equality moves

Working against the global sex industry

Back in Brit: A strange encounter

Dear Mr Chandler

The Vigil for Tibet ... a Picture Essay

Sometimes you get lucky ...

Pontville closure deadline looms: take action!

I must be confused about the date ...

Who exactly has the frontal lobe damage?

The $200,000 prisons chief on Twitter ...

Learning the Lessons from legalising prostitution: Response from a Sex Worker

The Assange case means we are all suspects now

TODAY, TOMORROW: Tasmania Over Five Generations: Return to Van Diemen’s Land?

K&D brick factory to close

Learning lessons from legalising prostitution in Victoria

Strip search row: Children's Commissioner must have powers. Heat on O'Byrne

How adventurers adjust to life back in the ‘burbs

Pokies: Billion-dollar loss while Gillard fiddles

Reduced to a number on a map ...

Travels around Tasmania with some latte sippers - the sequel

Pontville asylum detainees on hunger strike

Lara Giddings and the choice. Restore MP numbers: Sign Petition

The Justice Secretary “Resigns”

Justice for the few: NAB v. Society

Travels around Tasmania with some latte sippers

The picture they didn't want you to see ...

Wilkie walks after Gillard's broken promise. PM to pay clubs $37m

An elegy to Hitch

Justice for the few: NAB v. Society ...

Who is going to hold this company to account?

$195m pokie losses. Wilkie: Bryan Green misleads Tasmania; I won't back down

The Tragedy of Wags

Pokies: Greens say all roads lead to one dollar

Why cannot we treat the refugees with more humanity

Phelps lobs a grenade into the Australian Open

Wings from the past

Bobby-z ... and the Miners of Potosi

Four weeks in tree-sit while PM fails to keep forest promise

The Victorian Injustice System

It's sheer bloody murder, right on our doorstep

Pokie fightback ' hysterical scaremongering'

Susannah’s Angel

Back in Brit: It’s the same all over the English speaking world ...

Richard Tuffin's Romania Report

Death ... and instant sainthood

Go wild with us this year!

The Family

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

How Joss and Anita restored the earth

Fifth degree 'the hardest, the worst and the best'

Interpol and Julian Assange’s red notice

Christopher Hitchens dies aged 62

The Protester: Time Person of the Year 2011

It's time to stop the failed drip-fed funding of Forestry Tasmania

My god, there's hope!

Aurora pay-as-you-go leaves customers in the cold

I am truly tired of every self-styled expert ...


West Papua: Slow-motion Genocide

Garry Bailey: My last day will be Thursday, January 5

Invisible victims in Lebanon

Heat on Abbott for conscience vote. Tasmania pushed to go it alone.

There's something missing ...

It's time

What kind of perverse economic reasoning is this? O'Byrne's response

$18 million lost on pokies in October

A deficit of leadership

Nowhere to go ...

Vale, Dick

Bishop, Wilkie debate gambling

Yates sows seeds of drama for Merridy

Peter Roebuck and the League of Gentlemen

Notes for a kind taxpayer

In Consumer HQ, Heaven becomes Hell

Feds block marriage of Bartlett's sister

Protecting the rights of churches

Those South Pacific Cane Cutters

Apology for wrongful dismissal

New push for Tassie pokies trial

Gillard lines up fights on uranium, gay marriage as her star rises

The horror, the terror, the hurt and the pain, their guilt ...

Observing Remembrance Day: a personal reflection

A woman's opinion is the mini-skirt of the internet

Please don't call them Leavers' Dinners

The Parade of Pride

Back in Brit ...

Housewife Superstar : The very best of Marjorie Bligh

The drowning of the desperate ...

Julian Assange loses appeal

Do you really want to see Eric Abetz get a firmer grip on our precious island ...

Dear James Packer: What about the dead Crown pokies player ... ?

SIEV X: It's time for a Royal Commission

Abbott out of his depth on pokies reform. Greens: Casinos let off the hook by Libs

Tibet tragedies Australia's business

Eric ducks the issue

Animal cruelty roundtable hears calls for reform

Herald Sun ordered to post corrections with Bolt column

Clear majority supports pokies reform

As Wilkie's pokies deal looms, Federal Hotels ...

Labor vote up edges up after weekend of leaks

Federal Group urged to drop resistance to pokies trial

Burnet says welcome refugees

Tas Greens back $1 betting limit

Wilkie/Government poker machine reforms unchanged

iCame, iSaw, iConquered: RiP Steve Jobs

Whose hands do I put him in ... ?

The Chronicle 62: The beautiful freelancer

Wallaby shows support for Marriage Equality at Rugby World Cup

Elective surgery falls under budget knife. Federal takeover?

Independents welcome investigation into broadcast breach

Pokies losses rack up

Hunting foxes in the fog of war

The military and feminism

Wilkie to complain over Ch 9 pokie comments

Stuck on Tassie's beauty

Red Zone Baghdad

Sporting leaders must stand up for pokies reform. 'Chilling' pokies

Greens flag legislation on casino pokies levy. Clubs threaten Wilkie. Eddie lashes 'footy tax'

The heart-shaped island

The High Price of Poverty

Leading the Nation ...

Greens to move in Parliament on marriage equality

C’est la guerre…or such is life…

Live Export Shame Tasmania

We were just getting out of the hospital when ...

Kathy Stuff

Abbott, Gillard race to bottom on asylum policy

Clubs Australia misleads again

Queer eye for a straight victory

Resurrection of the Ruddbot. No to offshore processing

Health chief cash outrage

Why David Foster backs gay marriage

This has got to stop

Why David Hicks must win

Kidnapped in Iraq; attacked in Australia

Reflections from the vigil-site, Long Reach

Brown counters Abbott’s offer

Sitting outside the Long Reach site ... copping abuse, and encouragement ...

Wilkie slams clubs over Salvos claims ... as another $18m lost in Tasmania

Asylum seekers arrive in Tasmania ... as the screws turn on Gillard

Criminality and Cruelty: an open letter to Australian parliamentarians

Gillard calls; Australian sorry

Myer tax hunt focus on Gray

Technology blues

Marriage equality and the Christian persecution narrative. Meeting Julia. Wilkie: Denison divided

Burnie: The Denial of Bail. Another protest

96yo can stay

Fight to end animal cruelty not over

The question of Pontville

Southern Water, please explain

Don't go back to where you came from ...

Tackle the fundamental problem

My Cry from the Heart: Deliver Us From The Message

Shocking Beyond Belief

Red Dog ... and Me. Don't miss Kimisis

Flying in the face of old age: Buck and Joan in the Wars

Our survival insurance policy

The official launch of the SPACE PIONEERS and the BIFROST campaign

See Rick lose it all

The Wild Mind of Gary Snyder

History teaches us ... we learn nothing from history

Frail 96yo British woman faces deportation

'Not a likely scenario son'

Go back to where you came from: High Court brakes on

Tas Labor endorses marriage equality/rejects civil unions

Flying in the face of old age: The Inevitable Bike Accident

Matt's a finalist: First on Tasmanian Times (for the second time)

Big Rod and Julia's bribe

Gazing wistfully at old magazines…

ACT Labor endorses full marriage equality

Children abandoned in East Africa horror

Fox baits laid in suburbs ... as Maria cull lashed

Go back to where you came from! Done deal

I hope I'll be an example to others

You've got to be joking

Political parties violate our rights to privacy

Go back to where you came from! Done deal?

People Get Ready

This farcical waste of taxpayers' money

Same-sex marriage debate: Is the victim card being played?

Flying in the face of old age (13): It aint getting any better

Riding the Spirit

Geoff's Best Reads

Commit to ending hate, Libs told

Banned choir member goes back to Brit

Tasmanian community choir member thrown out of UK

Freedom to marry essay dubbed 'debate-shifting'

Fury at NW gay bashing

Give up an en suite or world goes down toilet

Flying in the face of old age (12): I love you ... you

Bryan: I take full responsibility. I have counselled him, says Lara. Split not to blame: Bryan

NEW: Geoff's Best Reads

Letter from a refugee — ‘We thank you for remembering us’

Barty back to IT business

Never wrong are they? Planes v ferries: weighing the costs

Hardwired humans: Why we act as we do ...

How Australia can solve its asylum seeker 'problem'

Go back to where you came from

Death threats for animal advocates

Who would you trust more ... Andrew Wilkie or Warnie?

43.7 million displaced: a reality beyond politics

Small venues, big problems. Four Corners: Wilkie not budging

Walker's Lia before the MAST

A request - Shaving for Social Justice

Dinner with Julia

My fury at TT-Line. What TT- Line says. TT-Line 'gouging'

The Gillard government’s anti-gay marriage policy goes global

National Day of Action against live exports

Where a wild-dog lives

Political solidarity with Zimbabwe takes priority over regional rule of law in Southern Africa

My fury at TT Line. Clever Lara, says Mercury in eulogy. George loves it. Latrobe Speedway doesn't


If they loved the ordinary bush ...

Lost in the Forests

A Cry from the Heart: Zimbabwe

Labor MPs break ranks over Malaysia deal


$18m lost on pokies for the month of April

Margaretta Pos - Galibi

Flying in the Face of Old Age (11): Stupid old man!

Jubilation in Moneygall

Half-cocked Feds stumped by heritage permit

Journalist's Facebook arrest: transcript of police interview

Raid by the AFP on an age pensioner

Drop-in centre forced to close doors

The Budget: What's in it for mental health ...

Move to get Local Government involved in helping Asylum Seekers in Hobart

How politics neglects feelings

Understanding home energy efficiency


The appalling ignorance of Kevin Andrews

Detained on Manus Island: Labor's competence and honesty

No Way to Behave at a Funeral ...

Now that's dissolute

Historic poker machine reform a big step closer

Storm over blocked sex files

Police case damned

West Papuans Call for a Vote on Self-determination

Family says police failed to act on child sex report

Child protection failure 'totally unforgivable'

The Passing of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Flying in the Face of Old Age (9): One Victorious Crocodile and Two Dead Pigs

Wilkie is right

Residents fear detention centre riots

Brighton Bypass: Monday, April 18

Campbell Newman's support for equality

Necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Brighton Bypass: Arrests at the Thin Blue Line. James Crotty. Sue Neales


Andrew Wilkie accused of ordering teen cadets to salute Hitler

Telstra shocked at the death of employee in smash with log truck

The Mason Report

Libs' same-sex surrogacy push fails

Has nothing changed in 2011

Mercury's bottom line at risk

Clubs Australia media blitz irresponsible

Criminalising gay parenting

Majority of State ALP Leaders now disagree with Gillard on Gay Marriage

$100k bill in RHH chief case

An encounter with wasps

Punished for being gay


Mercury in the Senate


Sissies returns! Flying in the Face of Old Age (8)

Mercury Rising

Same-sex marriage recognition begins today in Tasmania

Protesters brave cold to send pro-equality message

O'Connor 'too busy' to pay

Euthanasia: Do we really want this?

The extraordinary assault on Andrew Bolt and freedom of speech

Vigil for marriage equality

The night I saved Ricky Ponting’s career

Kevin Kiernan's comment. Wilkie at the Press Club ...

Mushroom time again

A great small business for sale ...

Mercury jobs on the line. Art Deco Facade to be sold ...

Bob Brown gives away greenie HQ

Save Our Mercury

CEO in dark on bully claims

Behind the Art Deco Facade

Can anyone remember the CFMEU going into bat for forestry workers cast aside

Journos' fury as Mercury, Voice of Tasmania, outsources editing to Melbourne. Happy Birthday Rupert

The Happy Life: The Search for Contentment in the Modern World

Has anyone seen Rachel?

Sweet-reasonable L'Estrange monsters Flanagan 'cynicism and contempt'

Tragic mum sues state

Lara likes all her presents

Constitutional question not an excuse to fail to act on same-sex marriage

Shed a tear for the Blue Tier

Marriage act validity

Gaddafi's thesis proves money talks, especially in halls of academe

Global Warming and its nemesis –the humble plastic!

David Traynor: Why?

Pokies: We've got the ear of the Premier, says AHA

Australia on Trial

Alex conquers Harvard and the Ivy League

Wilkie: Lance this racist boil, Tony Abbott

The media is not there to help. It does not feel your pain

Acting on ongoing social problems in the Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsman Cove

Bright, amongst the gloom ...

Bypass legal bid fails

Julian Assange attacks 'rubber-stamp' warrant as he loses extradition battle

Trade fees are just another tax grab

No grubby fingerprints on pokies reform

Police mistakes in failed prosecution

Clean Across Bass Strait

The Marriage Wars. Croome's call

Another digger dies (2)

The ads that don't say anything at all ...

New Premier Lennon’s Old Agenda

Another stopgap boss for RHH

Time to question the point, and cost, of airport security rituals

Inquiry into a pre-commitment scheme: Hobart

The Secret Genocide

People at the Crossroads

For Whom does the Bell Toll?

More than Bombs and Bandages

If it had been a pro-mill protest I would have been given a cup of tea inside Parliament ...


Polygamy claim condemned as desperate scare tactic

Thorp's $3000 trip penalty

The Forests ... The Forests ...

Shit happens ...

David Williamson: Labor’s biggest problem? Gillard’s a ham

Things to worry about

Don't inflame prejudice

Call for help: Let the ANZ know what you think

Life behind bars ...

Another digger dies

Gambling: Public hearings into pre-commitment schemes. $214m lost in 2010. Feds power ...

I'm a better man, says Bryan Green

State needs own pokies focus

The heroic Tasmanian who needs your help

The politics of family

Proud Schools’ Show The Way – Outright Youth Submission

My sharp new sunglasses ...

Thoughts for the day ...

TFGA points Tasmanian farmers to Queensland flood help

Buck and Joan Emberg caught in Queensland!

RHH chief loses appeal

Web millionaire bankrolled Greens

'I've got a few holes in me'

A Trail´s Tale: Message to Hobart

Taste this!

2011: A Brave New Dystopia

The Weeping Sore

Why consult the electorate?

Dear Minister for Mental Health

More of Arnold's War ...

Forestry lobby group axes chairman

My husband, the conscientious objector. Assange, Runner-Up as Time's Person of the Year

Christmas Island ...

Planning – A Critique

Flying in the Face of Old Age (7): Yank Hating Cop and Pig Dogs on White Utes

The deeply disappointing Julia Gillard. Bob Brown on honesty. Open letter to Gillard

Same sex marriage: Is public opinion a moral value?

Sacking fiasco probe

$180 million lost on pokies over 10 months

Margaret Tighe. The most powerful woman in Victoria

Millions needed to fix child protection: Commissioner

Watchdog eyes shooting probe

An Indian marries a Pakistani in Tasmania and 50 years of international tension evaporates

Stalled Royal rescue: The real story ... ?

Lifelong Achievement Award for a Remarkable Tasmanian Woman

Wilkie will walk if pokie deal dumped

Burnie Advocate endorses marriage equality

Flying in the Face of Old Age (5): Counting the Miles and The Troubles

Island Earth Seeks Solution to a National Crime Spree!

Wilkie's win on the pokies

The Oaktree Foundation Tasmania Launch - ‘Real Change Before Breakfast’

Foster carers in tears at child protection inquiry

Tas Greens commitment to reintroduce same-sex marriage laws next weekend welcomed

Oldest known stone axe found in Arnhem Land ... Older than Brighton?

Failed police investigation 'went very wrong, very early'

Fullers launches Meditation CDs

URGENT SOS for the Indigenous people of tsunami devastated South Mentawai

A Master Class in Cooking ... and a Visa plea

Crazy-brave Norris calls Swan and Hockey's bluff

CAUGHT! Frank, you're a champ!

Not only in Tasmania: Kept in the dark on child protection

Poetry for Pakistan (2)

A Tragic Dance

Ken Wriedt: A life

Senator Abetz - Statement to the Senate

Stop ...

Forest Principles not Healthy Community Principles

Teacher aides deserve a better deal

Tribute to Jean Blyth Panton

'Museum Director sacked over Asperger’s'

'All people are equal and should be treated as such'

Is the Strengths Perspectives to blame?

A Great Lie: Wilkie slams Government and Opposition over war

The lonely whistleblowers. Girl's best interests? Vengeful bureaucracy? Audit ordered

Tribute to Ken Wriedt

Flying in the Face of Old Age (3): Retirement begins ... Right Now!

Advocates call for education to combat violence

Asylum seeker announcement a major policy shift: Advocates


Children's Commissioner sacked after criticising Tas Govt

Wanted: Female war veterans ...

Jan Cameron: Hero (2)

Activists denounce World Egg Day over cruelty to chickens

DNA to confirm if girl's baby fathered by pimp

Just not my day - Roger's Run

The pokies spat

Cultural heritage backs Brighton bypass

Wilkie urges Tasmanian Parliament to deliver on Pokies Reform

Flying in the Face of Old Age (2): Forced Ageing

Over $18m lost on pokies for the month of August

A Cry from the Heart - Rosebery ...

First do no harm

DPP defends decision not to prosecute

No 'nasty political witch-hunts' from watchdog

Andrew Wilkie's maiden address to Parliament

Premier's winning greyhound saved from execution

This Working Life book

A golden cage is still a cage

Off-shore processing for refugees is about as logical as Blair’s parenting skills

Flying in the Face of Old Age (1): Gateways to Ageing

Shark bite victims unite to save sharks

Elora in Taiji

Over $18 million lost on pokies in July alone

Devine retribution ... John Gay, Working Class Hero

Rick Pilkington's Rogues Gallery ...

$100m-plus lost on pokies over first six months, Saffire blazes ...

Where is the document Senator Abetz?

Dr Chrissie Pickin – who do you think you're kidding?

After 25 years, John Inglis signs-off and clocks in with the Queensland Police

Mental Tribunal offer rejected - Saeed Dezfouli

Roadshow reports Animal Welfare Revolution sweeping across Asia

No social licence. The Tamar Valley Pulp Mill, irretrievably damaged.

Larissa does New York ... and why it matters

Arsenic and Lead Contamination in Tasmanian West Coast Mining Town

Dunc's Fond Farewell ...

Gerrity's hypocricy on asylum seekers

The ever moving pendulum of gender balance

'Don't lock up refugees in Tasmania'

Remembering Leon

Australia on the turn

Gillard's asylum stance 'risks losing votes to Greens'

Fundraiser in memory of kayaker

Launch Report/exposure mental health abuse/Proposal

'Brighton bypass fiasco lessons must be learned'

Equity and ecological sustainability rather than Corporation control

Premier defends A-G's voluntary euthanasia strategy

Rewards for reports of animal cruelty

Mental Tribunal deception exposed by audio record

Power price rises worry business, welfare groups

An Open Letter To Bob Brown And Christine Milne

Pokies review wants $1 bet limit

The forestry assault

ABC fails in bid to vanish Andy

Barnaby Drake responds ...

Dropped on the moon

I am grateful to Duncan Kerr ...

The Davo Picture Show

A brutal rally for housing

Premier Bartlett continues to ignore community representation

Public Trust - who do you believe?

Alison Bleaney nominated for Pride of Australia ...

Why has Liberal Party backed down on $1 on maxium bet limit

Good riddance, John Gay

Ties, Hugs and Men

Life on the Edge

Gaming a super resources tax

Abbott lashed for cruel and inhumane refugee plan

Dear Editor: Dr David Leaman's unpublished letters to Mercury

I'm blessed to have enjoyed such a time

Allan Gillespie: A life of zest and gusto

All about Cameron Tapp

Everyday people's photos

Parliamentary inquiry best response to Church discrimination demand

The Davo Picture Show


Here comes Jessica

Spleen (A list of things that piss me off...)

Rally against uni attacks

Confessions of an old barrow boy

Uni students rally today after street attacks

Forest workers quit state. Greens, Wildos blamed

Rudd's gross inhumanity

Nature turns

Tassie author in national Gay Marriage debate book

Staying Mum

Lost generation ... ?

Tasmania, I wish you well ... Goodbye

Mental patient challenges abuse

Handover of the cows ...

We must fight the good fight

Toxics Group Rejects Toxicology Reports on Poisoned Rosebery Residents

To Richard Tuffin, 30

Agent Orange Trust ... last of the herd

Union anger over mill workers' aid



A tribute to an early pioneer

Bartlett's fury

Wilkie: The pokie factor

I plan to establish a fighting fund

Premier Bartlett, you should be impeached

Peter Gutwein says: "Piss off…" to Two Constituents

Dear Ms Giddings: They deserve much better treatment from you

Floor mops and the appalling Akerman

Vandals 'frighten' Gunns chairman

Tasmania: Still the most homophobic


Japan charges Pete Bethune

The bright shining beacon ...

Where is the good in humankind?

Police persecution of trade union activists

Pokies: Misleading and untrue

Gunns under fire over Gay share sale

Why The Pokies (and Andrew Wilkie) matter

Pokies 'economy killers'

How do we know?

Training wheels on Will Hodgman

The fear of retribution that stalks Tasmanians

Oh, for heaven's sake!

Clearfelling, chemicals ... and Devonport's water

Recollections and Prognostications of an Octogenarian

TT's Tasmanian of the Year on Australian Story

Human Rights And Public Protest


Bartlett Hawks veto claim

Colleagues praise 'tireless champion' Napier

In the face of such apathy I am gobsmacked

Wilkie: The difference between the Greens and me

Brightside has two orphans needing a home

Greens' pokie-free Tasmania pledge


A brilliant exposition

Virgin Blue...an invitation “ to tell it like it is”

Fire alert farce

Cundall for court

$220m+ lost on the pokies


The Last Post

Small mining town divided over plans to sue local mine

Gunns 20 trial next week

No Labor pollies have returned my calls. Please pressure the pollies.

The Rockefeller mystery

The message from Sturgo ...

The Examiner at it again

Slavish adherence to the corporate master

Fixing opposition from community groups

Rosebery: The poisoning of Kuba and Storm

Child pornography and the artist…the new puritanism


Some cheer for the New Year

Greens' Fairer Energy Concessions Policy Welcomed

We need to split religion from spirituality

Ramadan Xmas

Stop supporting Gunns

Neglect of food sources has chooks home to roost

TT Tasmanian of the Year

Clean feed: dirty deed

Alison, You Rock!

Pump House for Franklin

Something rotten in the state of Tasmania

Duncan Kerr couldn’t keep the possums out!

Rainbow Dinner & Awards

Heart attack strikes art centre's troubled tenant

Oakdale Services hosts Successful Forum on Ageing and Disability

Senator Bilyk celebrates International Day of People with a Disability

Why the pulp mill should not be built

Get a life people keep telling me ... I'd love to

A tribute to Joe

Compassion, legislation and human rights

Hostages: the real heroes

We accuse Minister O’Byrne of cultural vandalism


Tasmanian men urged to swear

Starts with "T" ends with "A"

Eric Reece ... and the paradox at the heart of our future

Lieutenant-Governor, David Collins, back in the historic viewscape

Protest the pulp mill ... and get banned from Salamanca, the waterfront and Battery Point

Win for Injured Workers

Origin of the Species ... ?

Wilkie on SBS tomorrow

‘Closing the Gap’: Addressing substance misuse health issues for Aboriginal communities

The Apologies

We are debasing and devaluing Tasmanian Times

St David's Cathedral & the grave of the first Lieutenant-Governor

Tasmanians to protest Rudd’s treatment of Refugees

Tassie tourism: "extraordinarily hypocritical"

Profit jump for Federal

A colonial evil that perpetuated and increased itself

Crusty's Corner ... being the occasional ravings of an elderly gent

Salamanca: A wry comparison to Watergate ...

Improved Workers Compensation Package Welcomed




Who hath woe? Who hath sorrow? Who hath babbling?

We win!

A day with a hyperactive leftist leader, Bolivia’s Morales

Flailing MP calls it a day

MLC on child porn charges

Crusty’s corner

Second Best Not Good Enough


Behind the mask…picturing politicians…

Totally Against Plantations: Who's misleading who?

What makes a dissident stand up?

Advance Tasmania where?

Police probe Gay home smoke-bomb

Snapshots of the Tamar

Malawi windmill boy with big fans


Ashamed to be a human being


Mrs Maree Blacker


Helping TGLRG

Love and Freedom in Van Diemen’s Land

Don Davey: My Life

Snapshots of the Tamar

Tale of Two Houses

Mr Ferguson’s response - Rees Housing Amendment Bill

I thought Australia was indeed the lucky country.


The painful tyranny of time

Woman Bites Dog: Unequal Affairs in Australian Politics

A trip to Latvia

How did we Survive?


Bazza says sorry

Only one decade

State of the world


Bringing the animals home

The private school

Secrets behind push for pulp mill

Don Davey says

Picturing an ethical economy

Consumer win: my triumph over Virgin Blue’s incompetence

Goodbye responsible government

Look on the Brightside

Fidel - Hopefully I am mistaken

“Yes we can!” – Tasmanian Climate Challenge

$128, 890, 544 lost on pokies in just 7 months

Jan Cameron: Hero

Pokies claim another victim

The way they were

Rudd comforts Tasmanian MP Jodie Campbell

Fight for busts

It's our culture, sick as it is

Bashing victim Saul Latham speaks

The facts of legal matters

My sober innocent son's face was smashed at Salamanca early yesterday. The Police did nothing ...

Forestry on the throne

Libs: Anything to avoid a tribunal hearing

Jorgen and Norah on the Ross Bridge

'Return rare Aboriginal busts to Aboriginal community'

Brethren members apologise for election hate ad

Brilliant Wilkie, brilliant

They've been fighting for 26 years. They're still battling

Woodworker's Response


Counting the cost of pokies

Mr Punch agrees to withdraw his Code of Conduct complaint

Pig farmer fined over animal cruelty

53 Reasons to change things around

Frank Strie explains what he believes in

The Growing Sadness of our Political Process

Stop raving and step forward

Doctors warns Tasmanian death bill too restrictive

Free media versus traditional press

It does not take a genius to see a wedge here ...

Applause for Labor

Crawford's tribute to Keith Welsh

“Finding Home far away from Home”

Veiled Reality

Keep gossip out of politics

Rivers of Blood flow in Reykjavik!

The bogan undercurrent (2)

Flamingos Bar: Dear Pastor Muller

A Letter from China

Statement from Nick McKim and Cassy O'Connor

Dear Mr Burke


Crowd welcomes Nitschke

Dear Hans Drielsma - A message from one of your "shareholders"

Thanks again, Bob

A noble heart ... but no Nobel Prize

Dear Premier Bartlett

Paula's tale of woe

Euthanasia bill faces more scrutiny

A risk to dying with dignity ...

Death, being good and the point of life

Profile of Metiria Turei - NZ MP

Jorgen Jorgenson's Liberation of Icelandic in 1809 - A Bicentenary

Anti Discrimination Complaint

The day all hell broke loose

Jon needs a home

Not surprising, yet mostly deplorable ...

What the report says ...

The profound effect of Allan Villiers

A cynical grab for revenue

The dispute

Only a fool refuses to learn new things or change

Kinglake ...

Brenda Rosser: 12 years of pain

Prepared for fire ... you've got to be joking

Forestry – letter to Kevin Rudd

The First Fleet Whores on Australia’s Invasion Day

Tasmania 2009 -- Plus ça change... plus c'est la même chose?

The darkness descends

Why I tried to kill myself

My dad Bob

Death in Antarctica

Pedantic Archbishop Doyle

Gibney and the rednecks

Fascist Benedict

Strengthen inclusion

Lara's sacrifice

Webster passes on

The Salamanca Apology


Every step of the way

Private no longer

Boom, Boom

French Premier Francois Fillon: We're on "the edge of the abyss"

The Anti-Discrimination Act: why it’s important and how it’s threatened

Pipeline parallels to Tasmania

To Whom it must concern

Political views 'all in the mind'

Walk with Theresa

Wriedt relinguished: What Paula says

Musings on Walker Corporation’s approach

Australian Letter of the Year

One hundred days, but who's counting?

The sale is off ...

I love coming home

Wriedt: a timeline

People are hurting enough

Bruce French: Hero

Dad paid off Askin and lent Packer money

Tribute to Guy

Investigate Cardinal Pell

Startling figures lead to search forum

The long road home

The legacy of Guy Parsons

A Cry From the Heart

On The Beach

Guy Parsons is 60

No taxation without recognition


Gay entrepreneur quits

Love and marriage

Out of the trees and into the light

Portraits of activists

John's pain

Tassie girl

Rudie and North Korea

The Bloke is back

A step beyond

Don Davey: my life


My walk to work


John Howard's mistress?

A beekeeping slideshow

The self-important species

All that is left

Sacrifice Zone circa 2007

Don's mail

What we lose

The tyranny of stacking food!

Brethren: Woe to you, Hypocrites

Go the FULL MONTY to stop the pulp mill

Fear and Loathing on The Mountain

Super Annoyed retires from Tasmanian Times!

Winter chills

Other ways to live

Why would anyone choose Tasmania?

My life-changing experience

Why I like Hobart

Anzac Day

Help Kenyi

Spring Bay bravado

Jane's life

My dad ... and unions

The overflowing bounty

My friend, Margaret

Careful with that email, Eugene …

Terror in Zimbabwe

Irynej Skira: A tribute

Psychopath (2)


Crusades (2)

Franklin Graham's mediaeval crusade

Come clean


The creative class

This is my last letter ...

Politicians vie with journalists and used car salesmen in the pits of public esteem

A pillar cracked?

The Accident: a true story

Eye for a bargain

The Birth

Resumption of Duty Day

Cornelia Rau could be me

Shame it kills you

Arise, Prince of Wales

Philip Wolfhagen: Outstanding Artist

Latham the victim