Writer's Articles - Leonard Colquhoun

No man is an island ... except in Tasmania

We don't need saving from our media. Be careful what you wish for

An over-abundance of hyperbole ...

Islamists waiting in the Arab streets

An Aus/Tassie conundrum ... or just plain stupidity?

The Travelling 'Roo-oil Salesman

Commonwealth Games and journalistic scum

Rudd the Lonesome Dud

Once were universities - Once were scholars

Australia’s soccer World Cup Bid Rankings

World First: Cross-benchers discovered in Tasmania

Tiptoeing through the trees

They said it ...

A National Cultural Commozssariat

A potential pot of gold

How to get elected

It's spun as 'child-centred education'

Dead can vote on merger

Credit Unions and the Profits of Doom

Hawks... the claimed benefits ...

The quality of pollie is not strained

A raving whacko, cum sex symbol ...

Freedom of speech at risk?

We are individuals

Hawks: Well, she would, wouldn't she?

Dickens stuffed it in Oliver Twist


Have we got rights for you

Are you being served?

2020 Tokens, Tracks and Tossers

Young drivers today

Pots ‘n’ kettles talking colour

As others see us ...

Out of the frying pan

Dumb and duller?

A Tasmanian revenant

Socrates recommends a re-examination

Paying teachers for performing what?

Sceptic blackened by Greens

Lebanon as an orographical expression or perhaps an arboricultural one

The slow train

Noisier worlds

Drive 'em around the twist

V/AFL one-club 200-gamers!

The joy

A big year

An end to onanism

Playing with globalised balls

Lisbon from the ashes

Beersheba's great race

Teaching ... a primer

Trafalgar ... 2005


The Picasso in all of us

Ms Wriedt's mushrooms

An unhealthy obsession

Where's Doug?

The Thinking Reed

The contradictions of Jihad

Monty Python and the holey rail

The trouble with unions

It's not over

Once Upon A Time

It's the Constitution, Stupid!

That's education

Banishing your Inner Brit