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'Government shuts down parliament amid leadership crisis – politics live'

'Premier misled public over Martine Haley scandal'

UTAS: Navigating the News ... starts Sept 10 ...

The cable car ...

'The British Heat Wave and Aerial Archeology'

Books to giveaway ... ALL GONE!X

'Paul Keating unleashes vitriolic attack on Nine’s takeover of Fairfax'

Respect The Earth ... Tarkine Heritage under Siege!

The 1950s, Tripe and the Iceman Cometh ...

I am a liberal. But I know Democrats in office are no better than Republicans

How Australia's education debacle is still creating victims

The Mercury ... and energy

Sue Hickey: 'You are in the Liberal Party, not the Labor Party'

Winners of the 2018 Tasmanian Media Awards announced

The paradox of Christianity: Right or Left wing ... ?

Dear Premier Hodgman ...

Freebies ... !

NATION: Tony Abbott's great big backward slow bicycle race to nowhere

How pioneering Mediapart has set the French news agenda

This election ...

No risk: The family who own Tasmania's gambling industry ...

The death of reading is threatening the soul

We're back tomorrow ... err, looking the same ...

Tassietimes is back on February 5 (hopefully ...)

Lost Copy review: John Martinkus on the hazards of the media speaking out

Australian journalism’s freak show: how a serious newspaper deals with its enemies

Come in ‘Jonesy’

Does Australia have a free press?

A treat, an absolute treat ...

Richard Flanagan In Conversation with Phillip Adams

ABC Bias or the ABCs of Cognitive Bias?

Forestry economics is a form of brain damage!

First Day of the Month ... August

A Mobile Friendly update ...

Australia Day: The Black War could have been avoided if there had been a treaty ...

NATION: G20 no ode to joy

James Thornton: Saving the planet, one court case at a time

Grenfell reflects the accountability vacuum left by crumbling local press

NATION: Mar a Lago Hillbillies ...

A Human Rights Act for Tasmania ...

MEAA awards ... TT drew a blank ... but ...

Federal license: Police Commissioner’s stunning decision

NATION: A narcissistic, immature Turnbull government ...

NATION: Barnaby's edible donkey skin trade easier to swallow than Turnbull's 18C lies ...

The massive public subsidy of a private family-owned firm ...

We're back ... !x

Education, productivity and economic performance: Tasmania, then, now and tomorrow

This is the man ...

Braddon voters back real-time political donations disclosure

Right of reply, free speech and editorial discretion ...

Hydro knows what caused Basslink to fail. Why can't the Plebs know ... ?

The Mercury ...

Sexual assaults at the Falls Festival ...

Avoiding the Sadistic World of Trolls ...

The Mercury goes shopping at the Boxing Day sales

Comment: Is Bigger Media really a good option for Tasmania’s democracy?

The Chrissy/New Year hiatus ...

The growing financial crisis in Tasmania’s newspaper industry

Will Jacqui Lambie back Big Media’s merger plans?

First Day ... December ... a tribute to Leonard ...

Why? BAFTA-Award winning doco on Mr Flanagan has received no ABC promo ...

Arnold Bloch Leibler, acting for the Receivers v Abetz Curtis, acting for Forestry Tasmania

Letter to the Editor on Mercury paywall ...

TT: The Future ...

NATION: Kiss your ring of steel ...

Can Spiderman save the Mercury from oblivion?

In Tasmania, some people never change ...

Stupidity is on the rise in our age of enlightenment

'New era for the Mercury ... '

Dylan: The Simple Twist of Fate ...

Is a door flying open on Geelong Star ... ?

Passion in the raw down Huon way. SACKED! Taylor is Commissioner ...

Digital economy is our fifth pillar ...

TT upgrade .. and glitches ...

How low can Huon’s council go?

How Rupert Murdoch went bad ...

Tasmania's Power Crisis ...

Melbourne Writers' Festival Panel Dispute Exposes Anti-Survivor Agenda

FIRST DAY ... August

Four Corners: Dylan Voller releases letter apologising for crimes, thanking community for support

How technology disrupted the truth ...

CHILCOT REPORT: Crushing Iraq War verdict ...

MEDIA: Perfect storm facing digital news. Latest circn figs? Guardian's great article ...

A Mobile-Friendly Upgrade Report ...

Tonight (Mon): ABC Australian Story. Tonight (Wed), Wild Island: Collaboration for a Cause ...

Melbourne = somewhere. Hobart = nowhere. The way it always has been ...

NATIONAL, STATE: Lesson learned ...

Tasmania leads the NATION ...

A Big Week for Boy-Men

NATION: The 'opportunistic Trots ...'

Challenge to LCC's gift to UTas: LCC DEFEATED

Joburg: The Lost City

In Memoriam ...

The beermat of laughter, and loss ...

Bob's Tarkine vision ...

Paul Mason warns political journalists: 'You have no real idea what is going on'

The Australian Financial Review goes missing on Unaoil scandal

TT: It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends ...

A serve for Third World Internet ...

Tasmanian Media Awards 2016

Disappointing start to Federal election campaigning

The role of white privilege in the 60 Minutes kidnapping saga

Inbred, fat: Liberal MP attacks political advisers

In Lebanon, 60 Minutes was creating a racist fiction for senior xenophobes

Van Badham's freedom of speech for some?

The Saturday Paper: Speaking Up ...

How the media does terror's work

And the winner is ...

BASSLINK wrap: Libs secretly migrated own Internet services off Basslink. Will, Entura, Board ...

Tourism ...

Fairfax Media management says strike is ‘unlawful’ and will dock striking journalists

Basslink's website woes


The Saturday Paper's Exclusives ...

Notes on the Syrian exodus: ‘Epic in scale, inconceivable until you witness it’

Turn it Off

Gaming the system

STATE: Bad News Trainwreck for Good News Matthew

Andrew Nikolic Chucks a Wobbly

What an absolute ripper of a book!x Tennis ...

Party ... Animals!x

Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

Three Capes Track takes the wild out of wilderness

Only the Dead ...

The Making of a Post-Modern Testament ...

The Fight about Western Might Being Right ...

Documentary maker David Bradbury is in the Dole-drums

STATE: Erich's triumph ...

A response to Lissa Johnson ...

How and why ISIS emerged ...

PRIVACY: This Chrome extension publishes details of every website you visit

STATE: The Truth about Jobs ...

Hobart woman Emma Grace Parkinson injured in Paris

STATE: Lonely Planet stands by advice ... Tassie's Australian of the Year ...

Junk Food Journalism: Why Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet Is Toxic

Chronicle 67: Life at the Typeface

Did Murdoch win?

All bets are off if deal’s lost: Greg Farrell puts heat on Libs ... will they buckle ... ?

Michael Ware's war record

Closing down FOI: a case study in sneaky government

Reporter gets angry about Matt Damon, David Cameron, Alan Sugar...etc!

You get what you pay for: Aussies unwilling to cough up for good journalism online

And so, it's come to this ...

NATION: Another week, another Prime Minister. The five-point bounce. Abbott's fury ...

Return of Rebekah

Bill Reynolds, the journalist who loved subbing - and subs

Reply to Herald Sun article about my son: Lambie

Heartland – The bush loves its ABC

Rob Walls' record of the Candlelight Rally and Vigil. Wilkie: Double it!

The Weekly Beast: the Australian spreads the word in a Shorten sandwich shocker

Why the Murdoch press wants to exterminate public broadcasters

TT: A brief hiatus ...

How the Murdoch press has waged a relentless campaign against the BBC (and why it’s worked)

Tassie AFL dream to be realised

Rupert’s back in town

Mercury: The Fall ... and why it matters

Increasingly, we can't trust journalists to decipher finance

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

NATION: Poor, Poor Joe ...

Bob Ellis says he may have weeks to live after liver tests deliver 'very bad' news

Rupert Murdoch's News UK shamed by failure to pay legal costs

A fragment of Balmain history

Six reasons Abbott’s peace deal on Q & A isn’t quite what it seems

Tasmanian Times & Anonymity of comments

The Myths Big Media Peddle to Demand Deregulation

The hypocrisy ... the monumental hypocrisy ... ?

Hockey’s defamation win is dark news for democracy and free speech

ABC 'on the side of Australia', managing director Mark Scott says, amid firestorm over Q&A

These photographs are generous, sensual, painterly ...

MEDIA: The delicate art of the interview ...

We need you ... THANKYOU!x

Two of Us: A beautiful love story ...

The day Letterman said ‘no’ to Rupert Murdoch

Nick Davies, a journalist who investigated his own

STATE: John West would turn in his grave ...

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is ATO's top tax risk

Deceptions and such pranks are fun though ...

MEDIA: Ready for the reputation rumble ...

MEDIA: Insided Out ...

Tassie Pine - World Press Freedom

STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

Double hit of Tassie Pine ... The danger for journos ...

MEDIA: The system turns journalists into thieves and liars ...

Public-interest journalism is under threat ...

Media Awards: Tassie Times gets a gong!x

Tumult at the Daily Telegraph

Stop flip-flopping Abbott and help all women

Hockey v Fairfax: another strong headwind buffeting responsible journalism

Gunns: The Wall of Silence. Sawmiller cash referred to Integrity Commission

Four Cases ...

NATION, STATE: National conversation called by those who are deaf to all form of entreaty

Regional newsrooms sliced in half in Fairfax scythe. Tassie next ...

High Court rejects attempt to make media watchdog toothless

Julian Burnside: Independent media for reality's sake

Why I have resigned from the Telegraph . ABC Print figures. Death, Drugs and HSBC ...

Is media objectivity an outdated model?

HuffPo meets Fairfax and you won't believe what happens next

Mercury price hike to slow profit fall

V. J. Carroll and the essence of journalism

Freed Greste won't be silent on jailed colleagues

Rupert Murdoch's Queensland Election Hissy Fit

Tasmania. Little island, little interest

Terrorism 101: A little history ...

Ten things to watch on and after election night in Queensland

Abbott, Credlin, Murdoch ...

The fall and fall of The Mercury

Fact-Checking Julia Jabour and Indi Hodgson-Johnston

Dickens on our corrupt legal system

Maxine's story from the Trenches v Julia's story from the Benches

Rupert's at it again ...

NATION: Satirists' rallying cry is being made by Tony Abbott, a caricaturist's dream

How to be an ace reporter

Stand up ... before our capacity to do so is stolen from us ...

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, we must resist the clash-of-civilisations narrative

Gamergate: Swedish gaming companies tackle sexism in video games

The grotesque must-read of the year

The storm clouds gather; the goal posts recede ...

The very best for Chrissy/New Year ...

But wait ... there's more: TT's Tasmanians of the Year

News Corp’s siege coverage built on a ‘take-no-prisoners’ culture

What kind of ABC do we want?

What can we say? Pakistan ...

TONIGHT: TT H@A ... Come on Barbie, let's go party ...

Who was Man Haron Monis, the man behind the Sydney siege? Pakistan ...

When the Forces of Media Disruption Hit Home

Don't miss Defendant 5, Mon Dec 8, ABC2 9.30pm. FREE tickets to preview ...

Is this the beginning of the end of the ABC as we know it?

The Wedding Hiatus ...

Crikey says: Abbott's ABC pledge must be taken in context

St Andrews - Home of “Golfe”

ABC, SBS: Another Broken Promise

Mayne: Murdoch salaries hit $600 million — but you wouldn’t read about it

Kerry Packer at the Queen's Club

Her Majesty's garden party

Letter to 2015 AP Stylebook Editor, David Mintho

Mary and Mohammad meet Parliament

Groundswell stands in solidarity for freed journalists in West Papua

Big Ben

The Probe is closed

Bill Wentworth meets Pavarotti

Bitter Harvest ... ignorance in Tasmania

NATION: National security law an outrageous attack on press freedom in Australia

TT Systems crash: Reboot and Resend ...

Saffron lumbered

Now there's a surprise ...

Oram attempts to fang Pontiff

The internet can deliver better journalism, not just clickbait

Tony Fitzgerald on the parlous state of Queensland and the Courier Mail

How to interview an assassin

The Rotorua Circus

Chattanooga's Gig: how one city's super-fast internet is driving a tech boom

Ms Bacall is not amused

Kim Williams calls News Corp leaks a festival of vengeance

News Corp cuts up rough ...

Who is Nathan Carswell?

How to get a job in journalism

Getting to the Truth: Courage and Persistence in Investigative Journalism

Launched in Launi: James Dryburgh's Essays (and all the speeches)

NATION: The search for the clean coal holy grail ... as Galilee gets go-ahead

The pervasive power of Rupert Murdoch. The Bullying and Hypocrisy of Andy Coulson

Five reasons every journalist should be fired (me included)

An ABC interview ...

Examiner: The rage over the comics ...

Mercury: 'Still the top newspaper brand in the state' ...

Rupert’s red top: the rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks

Media: The Way We Were ...

Rolf Harris: Mail and Sun blame Leveson inquiry for his 'secret' arrest

Simon Bonny's First Day of the Month

Phone-hacking trial was officially about crime; but in reality, it was about power

Peter Greste and Al Jazeera: Death on the Nile

It would signal the end of the ABC and must be strongly opposed ...

Greste guilty

It has been disappointing to see photos of young women who smoke ...

Divide & Conquer In Tasmania

Fear ... and Mercury

Modern fashion by design-short back and sides in a world of the “undercut”

Hodgman criticises The Mercury for cable car reporting

Help Tassie stay with the Times

On the level ...

For the Record: Winners of the 2014 Tasmanian Media Awards

Government department libraries being closed to public access

ABC: PM Abbott risks being branded a liar

The Way We Were

Chronicle 67: Ohhhhhhh Monty's ...

Planting urban green space in a collaborative environment

FREE!x A cookbook and two CDs

A Rational Fact: Tony Abbott's timber speech with added facts

It's Pozible!

I'm a conservative, but this asylum seekers comic is disgusting

Climate science must be part of national curriculum

Rupert Murdoch's attack on 'our ABC' like a mediaeval siege

Upside Down World

Land of the Unfair Go

Tony Abbott's YouTube suspended after 'deceptive content' complaint

Normal service resumes on Monday, February 24

Abbott goes after the ABC ...

The art of the reptile

News appoints Matt Deighton as new Mercury editor

Amazing Scenes: Adventures of a Reptile of the Press (1)

Be thankful a free press exposes corruption ...

Christmas Times (11). New Year Times (12)

Martin Gilmour: Here is a quick lesson ...

Chile: The US billionaire who creates national parks

Farewell to former Mercury journalist David Stockdale, who has died at age 66

The Print. Online. Takes on the World's Crowd

Justice ...

Today, December 1, 2013

Walkley Awards: Joanne McCarthy wins gold

'Lonners' leaves a legacy

Four Ways to Improve the Culture of Commenting

Today, November 1, 2013

Rupert pushes for immigrants ... but no mention of Andy 'n' Rebekah's six-year affair

Dead-tree media stirs for resurrection ...

A widow's son outlawed: Ned Kelly versus the emptiness of Chopper Read

From Green Warriors to Greenwashers

eBay Founder Commits $250m to New Media Venture with Glenn Greenwald

Open letter to The Mercury: Make it stop!

Keith Dunstan and his place in the Australian sun

Copy that! Tony's example helps Mercury fall, Sport ...

A new creative hub breathes life into old Mercury building

Advocating for the jobless ...

Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling licence To Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch

TT Tasmanian of the Year Award 2013

Capricious and partisan – Is that how the Legislative Council wants to be seen?

Lucy’s Story: Media Manipulation

Asylum Seeker Myth Buster

Dream over for boat people back in Sri Lanka

Dead-Tree Media continues to topple ...

Are news sites restricting readers' comments?

Edward Snowden, meet Jeff Bezos

Muffled Voices

It's on: Rudd gets the Col shoulder as Murdoch telegraphs his punches

Screaming print media

Helen Thomas: Feisty journalist broke glass ceiling

Scotland Yard seeks Rupert Murdoch secret tape

Andrew Nikolic, The SMH ... and the Press Council

Leaving Australia, a confounding and complex country

Ten reasons why most Australian MSM journalists are absolute shyte

Hey, MSM: All Journalism is Advocacy Journalism

Watching the watchmen: Charles Lewis on non-profit journalism

Australia should turn away from GM crops, new study shows

Murdoch divorce stuns Satan

Seven Myths About Bradley Manning

The gay community's struggle for equality

The Four Reports of the Climate Apocalypse?

WikiLeaks Party demand federal shield laws for journalists

Why the 5:1 ratio should stay in family day care

ABC van closure a blow to Tasmania

Is the press too big to fail? It's dumb journalism, stupid

One almighty crash

Balance is appeasement. Fairness is truth ...

No justice

Public Office is Public Trust?

Jim checks his watch ...

Only GroupThink will be tolerated ...

ABC: Fresh commitment to regional Australians

No mail in, no mail out ... Telstra snip bounces emails. Sat: Back to normal!x

My sin? I wasn't the Chosen One

Bolt the Alienated. Heiss the Luminous

Political Apocalypse. Disastrous poll

Comment is free. Moderation is difficult

Wilkie won't back media reform bills ... as Rudd forces gather

What they say, Christine Milne, Scott Ludlum, Adam Bandt: Media reform, Andrew Wilkie

Willkie – don’t abandon the public interest on media reform

Threats to free speech?

Labor’s hand forced on size of Parliament

Tasmanian Writers Festival - Get Involved!

Ten Days on the Island

Media reform: great care needed

Boom and Bust cowboys hit The Tarkine

The cost of hubris

The Cardinal Sin of Transparency

CNN names Tarkine first in CNN’s world's last great wilderness areas

Disrespect, concentrated power and a lost narrative. Abbott's surge

Climate Change is Real

Solitary saint warns of collective sins

Downer ...

Guitar wood supplier predicts sound future

I am Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie

What’s wrong with Tasmania, Australia’s freeloading state?

Dead-tree media and the battle to control online content

Three Ways Sensible Gun Control Could Have Prevented Aurora Shootings

And though the last lights off the black West went ...

The three-day Mercury ... ?

Environmental Movement Loses a Champion

Internode extends $20 discount to 2800 exchanges

Assange looks to contest Senate election

CPSU to rally to support for ABC jobs

That fateful call

Tree-top vigil - First Anniversary

The rise of Hamas

Mercury moves to Pagemasters. Is this why ... ?

How not to make policy: Tasmanian forest deal

CPSU Delegates to rally in support of Tasmanian jobs

Cameron rejects call for statutory press regulation

Pontville: Take Two!

Heritage laws need reviewing

Steal what you will from the blueness of the sea and the sand of memory

CPSU Welcomes Senate Inquiry into ABC Regional presence

Jose Mujica: The world's 'poorest' president

ABC cuts in Tasmania are a breach of the corporation's charter

The Glen Esk Road Fox

Lefties! throw off your tired affection to Microsoft or Apple!

Hemp ruling a potential boost for Tasmanian agriculture

Argentina 'freezes Chevron assets' over Ecuador damage

Sub-standard facts

Taxpayers’ money shouldn’t be invested in cigarette companies

One night in Rosevears ...

Rosevears Pub, Thursday, Nov 1: Tasmanian Times' Tasmanian of the Year ...

Battery Point Sullivan's Cove Community Association Newsletter

The red alert

Brighton´s open Hand

UN Climate Chief urges Australia to beware of climate tipping points

The Ivory Tower is breached

To tweet or not to tweet?

Rueful confessions of an outed plagiarist

The Examiner's letters policy ...

Ordinary People?

No, you're not entitled to your opinion

Closed minds in newspapers lead to closed newspapers

The whole story ...

Old Boys No Longer Run Tasmania

Buddha and the Tamils

Elisabeth Murdoch rounds on brother James

UK 'threatens' to raid Ecuador embassy over Assange

Frolicking with the pixies at the bottom of Lara’s garden

The Murdochratic State

Free speech debate is coloured by hypocrisy

You Will Be Assimilated

West Papua: The cold wind of history

Arrogance, hypocrisy and wilful ignorance

Mercury has left the building ...

Net closes as Coulson, Brooks charged

No talking back: the value (and cost) of commenting

The Spirit of the Press Room

Hodgman stirring division over Wellington cable car

Green Left TV

News Values

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

13 million Australians spend 18 hours a day online

The future of News

The Future of Hobart’s rail line

“A significant gap remains”

Losing strength? An alternative vision of Spain’s indignados


ALP attempts to Thorpedo the past

Laying waste ...

In his own words: Julian Assange

Environmental activists 'being killed at rate of one a week'

SOS: Save a Mainlander Campaign

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Electroconvulsive or Shock Therapy

Standing up for sex workers is standing up for pimps

A canary in a coal mine

First for Australia – a law to stop governments stacking the ABC Board

News to shrink divisions in cost-cutting sweep

'Citizen journalists' can't replace papers. Fairfax slashes jobs, goes tabloid paywall. Gina looms

I bitterly regret it

Fears for jobs fires media, uni staff, police

ABC Tasmania invites you to an exhibition ...

Ravenous consumption threat to third of vulnerable species

Rinehart aide urges editorial influence

The Shape of Things to Come

Beware of conservatives

Foreign aid: moral imperative and national interest

Send a ‘please act now’ to Minister McKim. Booth: Hydro betrays Tasmanians

Rhiannon caught out bagging Greens in ghost-written op-ed

It's Official: Watching Fox Makes You Stupider‏

A Legend Leaves

Book sales have fallen off a cliff: What next for the Australian publishing industry?

Chronicle 66: That naughty Michael West

Occupied Economy

Dear Minister Wightman

Coffee revs for life

Nine problems stopping The Global Mail from getting an audience

The Naked Emperors

NewExaminer, Shock: Public servant collapses ...

David Cameron, Rebekah Brooks and the hazards of political friendships

Our beloved green rectangle: New York's (fraught) romance with Central Park

White Australian Policy Affecting our Jobs!

Tasmania's loss is NSW's gain

Andrew Nikolic and The New Examiner. 48,000 visit New Examiner ...

Island may be devil's last chance

Rupert: Lots of Love, or is that laughs, from Rebekah ...

The flip side to Bill Gates’ charity billions

Chemicals: The Dismal Failure

Wilkie takes a budget cut to Live Below the Line

Opposing signs at Brighton. Massina v. Flint

Murdochs: 'Not a fit person'. 'Wilfully ignorant'

Winds turn against Murdoch influence

Mike Wallace and American Media

New views crucial to Australia's literary culture

Mercury cops record $124,000 payout for defaming cop

A World Bank president who’s not a crony or a war criminal?

Save Our SBS

How bad is News Corp? The newspaper future?

Burning Tasmania: The Mercury Perspective

Tasmanian Roots

Rupe vows to fight back over piracy claims, as the heir quits

Tasmanian Sex Laws Paper is a Sham Poll

You need to seek to find

The Empty Ocean

The Kiwis have landed

Winning the Vogel can change your life

‘The victims need to be the subject of a campaign, not Kony’

Thank god for that ...

Monsanto's Roundup threatens future of global food supply

Correcting media misrepresentations

Rebekah Brookes: noose tightens


Oldest Arctic Sea Ice is Disappearing

Send in the sock puppets: social media manipulation and Kony

Robert's brave endorsement. Mercury's bold backing

We don't need saving from our media. Be careful what you wish for

Time for new Aboriginal heritage legislation (Part 3 of 3)

Occupy Draws Strength From the Powerless

Is Murdoch the ultimate insider now on the outer? News Media Council

Time for new Aboriginal heritage legislation (Part 2 of 3)

The real cost

The Chronicle 65: Nick

Time for new Aboriginal heritage legislation (Part 1 of 3)

Journalism's historic battle: safeguarding a liberal press

Rinehart grabs for media control

Rich London, poor London – a tale of two cities

Austral Reflections

Sun setting on Rupert

Chance for Tasmania to lead on political donations reform

Towards an economic theory of capitalism - MACRO supply and demand

Amid pride and prejudice, it's time for a new flag

McKnight on Murdoch, 7pm tonight, Michael Veitch, ABC Radio

Asylum seekers battle - Keep Pontville open

The Tragedy of Tasmania's Forests: One act on from Flanagan

Hazara in detention wins prestigious Human Rights Art Award in Darwin, Australia

The perception of the planning process in the media

Gina's Fairfax grab. The Unpretentious Charmer. Mercury sells history

Race to save Ecuador's 'lungs of the world' park

Harp Seals On Thin Ice After 32 Years of Warming

Killer Drones, Dieback and Democracy

‘Democracy does not apply to Aboriginal people’

The Chronicle 64: Waiting for the paper

Climate Adaptation Difficult for Europe's Birds, Butterlfies

Outrageous Examples of Hidden Charges Companies Pass Off on Consumers

Palestine: Rafeef Ziadah´s poem‏

Who is scarier Romney or Ahmadinejad?

The Chronicle 63: James A. Jones

The urban speed paradox: time pressure, cars and health

Guantánamo: Ten Years and Counting

Two cases of Big Oil in South America

Saving Amazonia: Winning the war on deforestation

Welcome to the world of hate blogging

Go wild with us this year!

Tassie TV production at risk: Another reason to properly fund ‘Our ABC’

Stick a Fork in Her: China's Done

Is the World Really Safer Without the Soviet Union?

The shake of Rupert's power finger

Support Alison Bleaney to clean up our water

The thumb is proving mightier than a pen

What is really needed to address climate change?

Martine, Ellen, Steve or Mike?

Oz writer wins on animal ethics

Good reason to worry about our democracy

The protest against mining ... Peruvian style

The Fox Eradication Program does not disclose personal information

Garry Bailey steps off the page and onto the airwaves

Julian Assange: he's not the messiah, he's just my boy


Garry Bailey: My last day will be Thursday, January 5

Gillard Govt makes right decision on Australia Network

Crises can be openings

The clout of the arms industry

An eye on the future

Suppressing Nonviolent Dissent

Forget NIMBY—the new battle cry is ‘Not On Our Planet’

Giveaways hide true picture of newspaper circulation carnage

Tassie Times awarded commendation from PIA

Chill through media history: Mercury moves to the Antarctic ...

The Loss of a Champion

Murdoch buries the lead as reshuffle has Hartigan bowing out at News Ltd

Public disdain for journalism has never been greater

Probe on call for paper bosses to face character tests

J M Coetzee, Bob Carr to judge TT writer Suzanne

drumMUSTER leads rural recycling revolution

Youth Poll: Democrats will find out what 15-20 year olds really think, want and do

Bringing civility back to the parliamentary cockfight

'Hackers' threaten Mexican drug cartel in YouTube film

21 Today

Why euphemism is integral to modern warfare

Maynelining with Stephen

Is the world’s population really a time-bomb?

Power out. Mail down. Resend, over ...

Make a submission to the Media Inquiry

Help Little Bear: Tasmanian Times foster band!

Spain’s slow-burning revolution

The Oz paywall launch. Rupert roasted

Hydro-Ta Ann link?

Slow-motion genocide of an ancient indigenous people

Herald Sun ordered to post corrections with Bolt column

TT is free and always will be ... but not The Australian ...

The Media is not your friend. It is a marketing platform

Murdoch v Murdoch in climate change ad stoush

The Chronicle 62: The beautiful freelancer

Sue Neales goes Bush: At last, dams are deep and meaningful

Occupy Wall Street: Why So Many Demands for Demands?

Window to Togatus (8): A Chat with the Director of The Hunter

TODAY, Town Hall Hobart 8pm: Andrew Wilkie presents the TT Lecture

Independents welcome investigation into broadcast breach

Should there be a maximum wage? Wall St demos. How traders really think ...

The Chronicle 61: Farewell Deon du Plessis

Action on marine plastic needed

Harvard's Kindness Pledge

Did defaulting rescue Argentina and could it work for Greece?

Get Arthur-Pieman tracks closure on track

Poppies need greater oversight

Bolt decision: ‘Irresponsible journalism illegal’? Think again

Bob McMahon: Protests to escalate if project continues

Cold Turkey for tobacco donations

Leaked: News Ltd bites the dust

Senate recommendations aim to halt koala decline

Letter from Cairo: the struggle for a free press

PM fiddles while apparatchiks plunder ALP empire

Not again ...

Festival to celebrate the power of belonging

Harold Evans: 'Rupert Murdoch is the stiletto ... a cold-eyed manipulator'. Paywall looms

In Tasmania ... local footy costs cash-strapped ABC $22 per viewer

Tsunami to hit Australian real estate

The Megalomaniac ...

China: the greater the bubble, the greater the collapse

Deep-sea fish in deep trouble

Conroy flags super-regulator for media

Milne: Mining versus the Tarkine

Ownership, privacy to be debated in media inquiry

Wilkie challenged to put up. The Wilkie response ...

Is national heritage a sham?

Selling West Papua to buy Peace with Indonesia ~ Realpolitik or Terrorism?

Epitaph for Another September 11

Thank you for supporting Tasmanian Times

Why Political Coverage is Broken

Latin America thrives during US 'lost decade'

Greens’ bill would give people right of reply on phone towers

Kidnapped in Iraq; attacked in Australia

With a rare touch of restraint the term tree-hugging was not used ...

Rupert ... my part in his (near) downfall. MPs circle the Scion

Locked on! Misleading information and bias in The Examiner. TV ads. Gunns ... but no Roses

What Does the Community Lose if the Tasmanian Theatre Company Closes? Damian Bugg responds ...

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment. Damian Bugg responds ...

Bad News: Murdoch’s Australian and the Shaping of the Nation

Biofuels - the good, the bad and the ugly

Systematically Biased Reporting

The Red Queen and the Poet Lorikeet

Forget democracy. It's corporations that rule the west

Australia: The Consequential Country

A pressing case for standing up to Rupert Murdoch's bullying

Greens getting on with the job

Is this responsible reporting?

Fear, Inc.: America's Islamophobia Network

Gillard calls; Australian sorry

Generation F*cked

Lies, promises and mandates

Public opinion and representative democracy

Louisiana paper mill spill causes massive fish kill

Africa’s Black Revolution

States get a bigger say on the environment

The forest companies of the future

A Director for NewsStand

Is Glyphosate safe? – Eminent Professor of Plant Pathology to Visit Australia

Mobile phone towers under scrutiny

Will Thomson probe cause the HSU to implode?

Print is at the root of good news

Window to Togatus (7): Hannah's Devine response

Rupert Murdoch's American Scandals

The ABC tragedy

It's all about the profits. Fund new media. Worse for Rupert. The anonymity debate. Trust?

Demand an Inquiry. Mercury outsourced to Adelaide: Apparently not!

Criticism of Tasmania’s fox baiting program

A matter of trust for Tasmanian beef producers

Poll shows support for media regulation inquiry

Load of trouble

'Not a likely scenario son'

Lonely Planet is wrong!

A new jury to put the British public interest first

Going Bush ... err Bust (now with added notes)

Matt's a finalist: First on Tasmanian Times (for the second time)

Friends of the ABC wants inquiry into the ABC

Questions, but no Answers, in Hobart

Three quarters of Australians back mandatory limits on poker machines

Gazing wistfully at old magazines…

Framing The Narrative: Murdoch v. Assange

Amid the Murdoch scandal, there is the acrid smell of business as usual

Plantations up in biomass smoke

Political parties violate our rights to privacy

Tales of Megafauna Media: The Man in the Mac: A Life in Crime Writing

Commonwealth moves to seize Hicks royalties

Newsgate: Ever closer to Cameron. Privacy move in Oz

Politicians won't push for more media diversity, they're too scared

Newsgate: 'I knew nothing'. But we learnt something ...


It just gets worse for Rupert

The Humbling of Rupert

Very bad to worse for tired Rupert as calls for Oz probe grow

How campaigning dealt a blow to the Murdoch empire: An analysis

Murdoch's Watergate ... as BSkyB bid scuttled and Harto panics

Triabunna's Wood fosters online journalism

Evil Genius? Do you reap all that you sow?

No-one is buying GM canola in WA

Opinions, values, journalism and David Hicks

Kingmaker Graham Richardson says Wilkie could bring down Gillard

Bolivia moves to end dependence on foreign seed firms

Tasmania and School Retention Rates. Unfair treatment in a mainland education broadsheet

The inaugural Tasmanian Times survey

Letter from a refugee — ‘We thank you for remembering us’

Seems like toxins in the water may have had an effect on journalism standards

Go back to where you came from

Happy birthday to Fleet Street's ranters

A handful of thoughts before the dust

Tasmania must push for ban on big tobacco bully tactics

Greens urge release of donations discussion paper

King Island: Hub of excellence potential

ABC: The Royal Park rally should have been covered

Window to Togatus (2)

Global war on drugs has 'failed' say former leaders

Failed Lib-Lab policies behind soaring electricity price rises

Edge Radio 99.3FM Celebrates Eight Years of Youth Radio

Chile judge orders Pablo Neruda death probe

Go-ahead for Oz paywall. Mercury next year

Killing scoop via press release a clear signal pollies are hurting

Letter to all Tasmanian Councillors

Sue Neales, you will be missed

Gunns pulp mill permit to expire again?

Get set for the paywalled Merc

Log on to Crikey.Ken

Up goes the wall: New York Times banks on reading quotas

Anti-logging activist murdered in Amazon

What if trees could sue?

Betancourt speaks to SBS

Push to scrap three networks

Smart Map Tasmania

Mogul in the corner

Brown brands News the ‘hate media’ in presser salvo

Journalist's Facebook arrest: transcript of police interview

Queen offers sympathy to Irish victims of troubles

A week in the world´s forests

Tweaking TT. Thank You!x

Subless Fairfax is a fast-sinking ship. The strange, misshapen creatures

Rainbow Warrior testing waters off Fukushima

Osama! Why are people dancing in the streets?

Arctic Melts

Job export plans abandoned

Making Trouble: Essays Against the New Australian Complacency & other new books

Online activist network targets Rupert

A healthy nudge? No, shock us to our souls

Green Environments Essential for Human Health

Why are US presidents so keen to be Irish?

Sex with a horse? Only in The Australian

The Chronicle 60: Ringing the changes

Mind Games

The TT Traffic report

Mercury in Parliament

Bolivia enshrines natural world's rights with equal status for Mother Earth

Cattle damaging Possum Banks Heath land In Arthur Pieman

Greens deliver renewable energy loan scheme

Community consultation on Three Capes applauded

Don't miss Daniel: Today, 2pm, Fullers

Thank you

Mercury's bottom line at risk

Founding fathers turn on urban Greens

Watch out for Captain Greenwash!

NSW Greens call for atrazine ban

Can journalists ever be heroes? Is journalism worth dying for?

Mercury: Tasmanian Government to approach News Ltd. Margaretta Pos ...

Protest over paper cuts

Tasmanian Government joins Mercury Fight

Real ale and real newspapers

Mercury in the Senate

Tasmanian government must protect local honey industry

TCT dismayed at Norske Skog's quick and dirty Forest Stewardship Council certificate

World’s largest tidal farm highlights green ambition

Mercury Rising

The Mauritius economic miracle

Hidden Republic

In the new digital world, 'sunset' media can't cling to old ways

The Asturias Pledge, A Shoppers Guide To Pesticides

Once a jolly clever swagman tried in vain to help homeless

Christmas Island asylum seekers desperate to escape hell

Sunday Tasmanian: Our award-winning writers

Mercury jobs on the line. Art Deco Facade to be sold ...

murundak - songs of freedom

Shield laws a victory for free speech

Mercury, satirical Lara and defamation

Save Our Mercury

Behind the Art Deco Facade

Journos' fury as Mercury, Voice of Tasmania, outsources editing to Melbourne. Happy Birthday Rupert

Putting the words to the TT motto

Two-faced policy on refugees exposes Liberals' ugly side

Not the final word

Daily Star reporter quits in protest at tabloid's 'anti-Muslim' coverage

Rupert gets his way

Laws that give corporations power over people

Hamilton: We need a new brand of environmental radicalism

The media is not there to help. It does not feel your pain

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

The Senator claims PR con on foxes in 2002

Aromatherapy for Tasmanian Times

An Interview With Former Guantanamo Detainee David Hicks

Politics and Media: Dumb and Dumber

Launceston Examiner : Subverting Freedom of the Press?

Secret Genocide, by Daniel Pedersen

Everyday Brits Are in Revolt Against Wealthy Tax Cheats


Freshly Squeezed onto the airwaves –SEAFM Northern Tasmania’s The Juice starts Monday

A depressing Australian Story

New Media: Six years to $US315 million

Uruguay's $2 Billion Pulp Mill: A different problem

The Chronicle 59: In New Media is Grub Street reborn

The Science of GM Crops and Food - Fit For Public Consumption?

Origin of News Agencies

Have you entered the 2010 Tasmanian Media Awards??

Northern Tasmania’s only dedicated talkback radio program

A very News Corp Daily

Confiscate Howard’s literary proceeds of crime

Part-time Examiner

The Chronicle 58: Fleet Street of the Sky

Phone hacking scandal shakes UK Govt

Launceston, Hobart Wikileaks rallies: What the rallies are for

Rupert Murdoch set to arrive in UK with News Corp mired in crisis

The Birth of Greenleaks

Arts PR becomes arts journalism

Welcome to the world's first murdochracy

Gullible and derelict in duty to the majority of their electors

Capital´s War Against Wikileaks

Democracy's Napster Moment

Christmas Times (9)

The Chronicle 57: Newspaper heaven in the platteland

Football Fighting Gang Culture

The Chronicle 56: Fleet Street at work and play

Evil truth behind all those blog comments

Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans Against Venezuela

Taking out Klan Troll

Reclaim the Cyber-Commons

Meedja: Incest, narcissism, journalist as player ...

TT's Letter to Santa

What Wikileaks do the media choose to see - El Salvadoran Case Study

Chronicle 55: Life and death in black and white

The Australian tries to remake its relevance in a changing world

Radio is once again Live & Local in North-West Tasmania

Ecuador's Amazon drilling pledge still to take shape

How the Sydney Morning Herald edited Bob Brown

Leon replaces Tim Cox?

Socialist Alliance Statement on `Tasmanian Forests Statement of Principles'

Truth is ´´not in the public interest´´ (we want to host the World Cup!)

An open letter to the President of the Senate

The Chronicle 53: The Wetstone

The Splintering of the Fourth Estate

Brumby´s Appointments Diary

In defence of anonymous pricks

Fairfax plans fundamental shift from print future. Goodbye local subs ...

International Activists Challenge Corporate Crimes

Net journalism: Paywalling here. Business strife there ...

The Best Australian Essays, Poems

A Master Class in Cooking ... and a Visa plea

CAUGHT! Frank, you're a champ!

Pokie losses for 2010 over $160 million, so far ...


Wilkie reform wins support of the House

Andrew Wilkie presents bill to protect journalists

How to be a Murdoch man ...

The Chronicle 52: Chris Munnion ...

Mercury Ed's Breath of Fresh Air ...

DPP defends decision not to prosecute

The Chronicle 51: Le Coq d'Or

Green Left Weekly's Environment Film Festival Friday Oct 8th & Saturday Oct 9th

Xenophon and Wilkie join forces to protect journalists and their sources

Commonwealth Games and journalistic scum

TT: A site dominated by a small band of narrow minded loony lefty mates

The Australian: Gunning for the Greens

A couple of interesting links, Mercury and the Press Council

Chronicle 49: The “Stop Press Express”

Tasmanian Times: A Rage Against the Dying of the Light ...

FOXing the facts at the ABC

Grant Broadcasters acquire new commercial radio licence in Launceston

John Hartigan: We will own the agenda. All day. Every day.

Chronicle 48: A master of the written word

Miranda Devine and thuggery

The way we were

Chronicle 47: The Long Streak of Piss

Poll: Election Comment and the TT Portal ...

It will matter to the ABC who is elected on Aug 21

Media warned on Princess Mary's privacy

Killer Upgrade

Newsprint may soon be a thing of the past

Matt's a finalist ... first on TT

Election 2010 - Issues re future of the ABC

The Secret ABC

Balance the scales, it's election time

Book Launch: ‘Standing Strong: Stories of Courage and Activism’

The Tabloid Treatment

No comment

Death comes to the newspaper

In case you were wondering ...

How Crikey kept on trucking

ABC fails in bid to vanish Andy

Truth gets lost in media campaign

A suggestion for local politicians

Martin Gilmour new Examiner Editor

Why Edge must be saved ...

New Matilda ... growing, but folding?

New Matilda, RIP

Keeping the Edge

Oooh Mercury: Come in Spinner ...

Save Edge Radio

Putting a Price on Words

Call for Edge Radio financial support

Bank of America ... and Gunns

Humility goes both ways

Catherine Deveny Bites Back

A win for citizen journalism

Thurday, Friay etc ...

Fiona Moves On From The Examiner

Where's the apology, Fiona?

Forestry Tasmania goes bush ... and hides the cost

This Floatingworld

News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments

Censorship: frightened and appalled

Publish and be damned

Changing ...

Paywall: Is it the end for Rupe?

I'd like some news in my newspaper, please!

Gunns and TT: Making sustainability our business ...

ABC should declare on Gunns

Comments: Thank you, thank you, thank you

Mercury's take on sex abuse?

A beacon of hope in the gloom

Send again, Over

What the papers say ...

Floor mops and the appalling Akerman

Web 2.0 versus Control 2.0

Bentley 45: The Bag Lady, Amy and the Pigeons

When the world is nothing but extremes

Tasmanian Times Traffic Report (2)

Last drinks: Fear and Loathing in the Newsroom. Why newspaper journalism has lost its soul

Rudd should fear the swing

Slipping up again

Here's the award, Mercury

Blase Editors

It's time to change the law


Rupert tells Tasmanians how to vote

Peter Cundall, hero. Rupert Murdoch, villain

Don't You Dare Look Back, Warns Bartlett

Bartlett Launches Ploy to Shunt Greens off Debating Stage

Leaks: Suspicion, cynicism and keen interest

Media Watch on Mercury Sport

The Merc Style Guide

The leak is the beginning of the story ...

The difference betwixt B and M

TT's bumper Monday edition

Tell Mercury what you think of it ...

The Hugh Cudlipp lecture: Does journalism exist?

The currency quarrel with China is a dangerous distraction

Backflips, backlash, backwash, backwards

The Examiner at it again

FABC Calls on Govt to Fund ABC News 24/7

Global scenario starts at difficult, ends at Doomsday

Science must end climate confusion

Broadcaster of the Year

Journalism and blogging ...

Last snap of the Old Dragon's tale [sic]?

What a Bumber

The arrogance of ordinary people

TAP's next edition

Anti-mill paper hot off the Press

The Oil and Money Straitjacket

Some cheer for the New Year

Dear Ms Reynolds

Radiohead's Thom Yorke 'disgusted' by Copenhagen summit

Silly old Cnut

Delusions of grandeur ...

They said it ...

Ramadan Xmas

Climate deal cannot ignore rainforests

TT Tasmanian of the Year

Clean feed: dirty deed

The Australian in denial

End of innings for 'Stockers'


Who'd Pay for Rupert Murdoch's Climate Change Skepticism?

Please Release Me ...

TT HQ, Grape!

OUR ABC – Photo Exhibition at Federation Square

Alison, You Beauty

TT Tasmanian of the Year

Ready, set, go ... 6.30pm Strathlynn tomorrow

Chris Masters on: Investigative Journalism Endangered

You can read all about it in Tas Times on 28 Nov 2009, or catch up in the Mercury 11 days later ...

Seeking to end Conflict: Comment thread closed

US: Pulitzer Board elects Politico co-founder US Pulitzers

Thank you, Mercury

TT's Strathlynn celebration: What you are getting ... and what you are missing ...

Thank god the Mercury isn't like this ...

Tell us it aint true, Mercury

If Nothing Else, Save Farming

TODAY: Last chance to celebrate TT

The Coming Insurrection

Starving trolls is key to internet harmony

Is social media killing the web as we know it?

How the Australian Gulf Country was Settled in the 1880s

Climate Rage

How the U.S. Funds the Taliban

Apology to Fiona Reynolds ...

Coalition Still Seeks to Stack ABC Board

Why the syrupy start to the article, Sue Neales?

We are debasing and devaluing Tasmanian Times

Republic of Fools: The Evil Empire

Death Denial

A double shock for Australia

Pokies: Bullying has done its job

The Ex sticks to its guns

Rupe v. ABC's Mark Scott: Two visions of Media's future

Climate deal 'unlikely' this year

UN endorses Goldstone report

Honduras pact crumbles over unity government

No Merger of ABC International Services without Independence Guaranteed

A day with a hyperactive leftist leader, Bolivia’s Morales

EU eyes bigger global role

An apology is due, 'Lady' Fiona

ABC: Distortion and hyperbole?

Examiner: moral, not legal right

Much public activity in the old days

Brenton's elementary howler

Brenton defends free speech

Greens Attack Free Speech in Tasmania

She even had a dig at Jarvis

Full text of my edited Letter to the Examiner

Frightening Truth Revealed

Why good bloggers are good for print

buyselltrade is BACK

Tom Ellison: They didn't have any guidelines about not printing those they didn't like

Death by Media

The Incomparable Dog ...

Aids for reading Tasmanian newspapers

The internet doesn't exist

My complaint to the Press Council

End of The Free Ride ... pondering further thrashings of the Old Dragon

The Fall of Rome: Media after Empire

How to frame a news story

Behind the mask…picturing politicians…

Concealed by mainstream media

High moral ground indeed

Why the newspaper is copping so much flak

The thrashing of the mediasaurs

Chavez says Obama did "nothing" to deserve Nobel

Statewatch on Sunday - Some pulp protesters shredding credibility

The Future of Journalism -- Stage II?

The Morning After Hobart

Be quiet, Lindsay

The Future of Journalism – Blueprint for Progress

The traditional media has ignored it all. Why are the shutters down?

Selling Papers By Accusing the Innocent

Dr Nicklason calls for a completely independent and rigorous examination of woodchip piles

Examiner Day!

Lennon: Vigilantism has been part of the tactics of anti-pulp mill activists for some time

Five key reasons why newspapers are failing

The Chronicle (44): Like a fox

The Population Myth

Oh, dear. New technology saves Old technology

The Future of Journalism

Another letter goes unpublished

The Examiner put to the test ...

Down they go ...

The Chronicle (42): Cats

Naomi Klein Interviews Michael Moore on the Perils of Capitalism

Brits Protest Mandatory Vaccinations

Honduras Coup Regime ups the ante

The Chronicle (42): Kunzea up yer khyber

EU in tussle over CO2 emissions

Bye Pat

Woman Bites Dog: Unequal Affairs in Australian Politics

The Chronicle (41): Life and death at the typeface

If only we could rely on our local media

Bugger the Pulp Mill, Sponsor an Idiot!

The Chronicle (40): Referee Turner

Methane seeps from Arctic sea-bed


Dancing with Socrates

U.S. must get tough to help restore democratic order in Honduras

Young Mr Murdoch

Fear for the Free Press ...

More cracks in Old Media: James Murdoch's tirade at the BBC

Fidel - Hopefully I am mistaken

“Yes we can!” – Tasmanian Climate Challenge

Media ways

The Decline and Fall of Old Media

Swine Flu Vaccine Linked to Paralysis, Leaked Memo Reveals

Blessed are the troublemakers

It's a wrap for Rupe

Death of newspapers: it's the advertising, stupid

Gadd - Bartlett bungle could cost taxpayer $240, 000

‘Georges Bay Trust’

Australian story ...

Lovers of quality journalism ...

Agenda setting Journal of Note ...

Rupert and the death of hubris ...

Misinformation represented as genuine news stories ...

There are now less people doing the same amount of work and a LOWER wages bill

The end of Rupe ... or is it?

A Land of Promise...

Free media versus traditional press

Government Swine Flu Advisor On Vaccine Maker Payroll

Queensland returning to dark corrupt past - 7:30 Report Transcript

A blatant lie

You are right, it is troubling

Why there was no doorstop

Accurate, verifiable and ultimately absolutely correct

How I was muzzled at The Examiner

Fox eats Mercury

Crawford's tribute to Keith Welsh

An alleged campaign of covert censorship

This thread is now closed to comment ...

People's bank to break the Big Four

The Examiner: Sailing close to the wind?

Bright future for News Ltd journalism ...

News Ltd: Bias, what bias!

Budget Response - Terry Martin

Register of GM-Free Farms, Businesses & Councils launched

Moving times?

The Chasers War on Sentimentality

Beekeeper's concerns ignored

History repeats itself

This photographer's life

Profile of Metiria Turei - NZ MP

Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy

Tasmanian Times needs your help

Another type of on line political publication...

Bartlett’s Promise in Tatters

Opening the door to inappropriate coastal development

A legal tussle for the right to communicate

Vindictive bail conditions axed

I didn't know...

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food

Jenny’s Coffee House - Book Launch

Combet's attack shows Greens success

Did Sturges Fail to Seek New Rail Funding?

Conflict of interest in forest-based tourism management

The clogging of Hobart

Up to 80 per cent of media content is PR spin

The future of journalism

A compliant press, a vision rooted hard into the past ...

A raving whacko, cum sex symbol ...

Please keep writing Tom

Sacked ...

Stop press ... Read all About It! ... Future of quality journalism

Community alarm

Tough times at the Examiner

State of Play

When was the last time you heard any of the big debates in-depth on Local ABC?

Anatomy of a Smear Campaign

More doctors needed. Not more politicians!

Examiner demands apology

Major American metro goes fully online

Sue scoops the pool

Journalism students don't read newspapers

Heidi's film accolade

The American Media Misdiagnosis

Don't let snide comments and innuendo rule

Burying whales may put surfers on hook instead

Health and planned burns

The Crikey code: Ditto Tasmanian Times?

Obama's War with the Right (& Media)

It's time to end the slaughter

Wrong! Daniel's joined Jim

Arson, arseholes and the law: Part 2

Arson, arseholes and the law

What Tarraleah Lodge said ...

You Can’t Sell News by the Slice

Forestry refuses to engage in community conversations

Young Tasmanian observes elections in El Salvador

Newspapers: slow, painful, unnecessary death

Happy Australia Day!

The Fat Lady is clearing her throat

Coming Out Proud Trust Announces Funding Allocations

Ad of the week

Pretty cheap, really

Gotcha, Cato

Abetz put on notice

TheTimes are a changin'

Throw your weight behind Gaza in the PR war‏

Top Censored News Stories of 2008

Chronicle 37: From the Smoke

Benedict was not misquoted

January 5 should be the end of the road

Maybe Rupe's not such a bad guy after all ...

Armistice Day – Let’s get it right about the First World War

The Mountain and Tasmanian Times

Christmas Times partied ...

Goodbye Allan Oakley

Geoff Law resigns

John West, a printing press on a cart ... and TT

Bartlett congratulated on pulp mill stance

How about Mercury North?

Armistice Day: The egregious exclusion of Tasmania’s military nurses

Search for truth

Media bias?

Murdoch's Golden Age of Freedom

Another News Ltd diatribe

Tasmania should be first in line for new network

The day the Mercury shot Bambi

Shame, Shame, Shame

Headline act

Flat Earth News

Community calls on PM to protect native forests

An Editor's note

The Fairfax axe

Tasmania's Newest Senator to Target Education and Training

Chronicle (36): Pigeon

Silence is not Golden

Chronicle (35): A Touch of Class

The disgruntled writer

American journalism is in a crisis

Tribute to Guy

Chronicle (34): The Woking Cowboy

Mass Media’s Global Monopoly and the Legal Freedom to Lie

Online dissidents

Labor's public service blowout

The Chronicle (33): The Wheels of Ire

Negativity is not the best way forward...

The Chronicle (32): the stings!

The Chronicle (31): The Unruly Journalist

The Chronicle (30): The Tartan Terror

The Chronicle (29): The Inquest

Two views of an issue ...

PM backs culture of disclosure

The Chronicle (28): The naughty sub and other drunks

Take a Dipso like you

The Chronicle (27): The football match

The ad The Examiner wouldn't publish; the Mercury did

TT: Crackpot clearinghouse or forum of ideas?

The Chronicle (26): The Birdbath

Cracking the gloss

The Chronicle (25): John Braine

Island down the plug-hole ... ABC avoids the splash!

The angry journalist

The Chronicle (24): Herbie Taylor

A guide for dissidents

The Chronicle (23). The Renault 4

MEAA and ethics

Kerry, Jude's double act

The Chronicle (22): Enter Miss Norway

Cry 'God for Harry, England and St George'

How Screen Tas helped me, and Blue Rocket

The Chronicle (21)

Flat Earth News ... why TT has to exist!

The Chronicle (20)

The Chronicle (19)

The Chronicle (18)

The Chronicle (17)

The Chronicle (16)

ABC local radio: blocked out!

Journalism: casualities of the Howard era

The Chronicle (14)

War of the Birds ... and horses

Journalism: The Pilger vew

Journalism: the Hartigan view

Meanwhile, in Die Welt

Press Freedom: Australia 28

The sceptic

The mill, the house: Mr Lennon talks to JJJ's Steve Cannane

A letter to The Examiner

A telling week from Labor from your Insiders

The Chronicle (12)

The Chronicle (11)

Ah, so you were a journalist: the deceit of spin

The Chronicle (10): Diary of a hack (continued)

Is the sydney morning herald the new telegraph?

ABC: setting the agenda

The Chronicle (9)

I'm mad as hell ...

ABC: why change it?

Tony Harrison: come in spinner

The Prophet Field

Enough! Already

The online polls

The Chronicle (8)

Glenn does Kevin, Glenn does Glenn

Pulp journalism

Who cares?

The Chronicle (7)

Media Forum: What I saw

We are watching you

Salute a legend

The Chronicle (Part 6)

A journalist's life (2)

The Chronicle (Part 5)

A journalist's life

The Chronicle (Part 4)

The Rupert profile

The Chronicle (Part 3)

The Chronicle (Part 2)

Media bias and double standards

The Chronicle (1)

Just 142 behind!

Goodbye Simon Bevilacqua

MEAA: $10,000 to stop my election

Free Alan Johnston NOW

The potential tragedy for John Howard

Uni journalism ... and the real thing

The lesson of Walkley Glenn

The Net result: a reflection

Piers: I don't like you

Detoxing the public sphere

In case you missed Glenn ...

Scoop: Staggering times at The Walkleys

Bolted on to denial

The Ex gets a makeover: Hello Illawarra Mercury

Greg Barns writ v TT

They won't print my letters

Recent comments

I smell a rat

Letter to the Examiner

The death of journalism?

News is what someone somewhere doesn't want published

Investigative journalism: A Consumer's Perspective

The Great Spin Machine

How to govern

The culture of contempt

Monstrous media power

Cross media Keating

Amazing Scenes: Fun in Journalism

The Barra winner cops another serve

Fox: don't believe all you read

Ten pulls Big Brother

Windschuttle, the ABC ... and Aborigines

Order of the Crusty Curmudgeon

The journalist

Beaconsfield: Carleton memorial

The Orwell winners

Flanagan: The truth about spin

Four choppers, a plane and a princess

Flanagan: Media seethes

Mine: the media disgrace

Hope of our tomorrows

Tiger photos - the real story

Sunday launched

Heidi's second triumph

Sign here

Assault charge

Mr Barns talks to Mr Cox

All quiet on the Wes Young front

The Nonsense! of FIAT and The Ex

It's a conspiracy!

It takes some Cheek


Northern madness

Times Future

Now for some new media thinking, please

Pulp mill: they won't listen

The Ex scoops the Barra ...

Yes, Minister


Cadet: JJJ Hacks in

Cadet: State of oppression

On the record

Here we stand

A letter to The Examiner

Letter to the Editor

Your say: Cadet v Examiner

Your Say: Cadet vs Examiner

Cadet: A fight far from over

Cadet: Anatomy of a dispute

Reinstate this young man

Cadet v The Examiner

Sordid pecadilloes and the media (2)

Sordid pecadilloes … and the media

Read! Is the media failing Australia?

The FOI battle

TT as embryo on Late Night Live

Hello Mont

Times Future (3)

Times future (2)

Daft, inconsistent, nonsense, babble

Times future

The gagging of Peter Cundall


For Sale: the Fifth Estate

Stodgy, complacent, myopic

The Big Picture

Little Johnny, Big Chris

Rupert wakes up to Tasmanian Times

The Masquerade

The Examiner eviscerated ...

The Write Stuff

Talkback questions