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NATION: You've got to hand it to Morrison before he takes all credit for himself

Tourism Tasmania goes to war?

Racists are ugly?

NATION: Dutton circles Turnbull sensing blood in the water

Anna Reynolds, Independent for Mayor ... not Green ... ?

The Cable Car (2)

'Woodchip fan-girl gets real'

NATION: Turnbull snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Coincidence ... or nepotism ... ?

NATION: Not so super Saturday for Mal ... but silencing of dissent a winner

Freedom FROM Religion

NATION: Look out! Bill's behind you

2017: Blast from the past

UTAS properties in the city ...

NATION: Who is the real baby, Trump or Turnbull?

NATION: Abbott's insurrection fails but Turnbull undermines a just and fair society

Tasmanians Unite!

NATION: Turnbull's Kill Bill drama can't hide his failure to sell his NEG to his own backbench

NATION: Aspirational? Don't try to take us all for a ride, Mr Turnbull

NATION: Can Trump's farcical Singapore Summit alert us to dangers we face in our own democracy ... ?

Trump's ultimate triumph?

Mykonos ...

Abbott’s desire for a 90d tilt to the right stumbles along

NATION: Nothing but blue ties? Or academic and democratic freedoms ... ?

Kevin Andrews' War on Love

NATION: Effing get over it: the Turnbull government's new anthem ...

NATION: Hastie goes over the top while Hanson spills the beans ...

NATION: Does the Coalition have a woman problem or just a problem with humanity?

Rich white trash ...

NATION: No ScoMo. It's not Bill. Your own pants are on fire

NATION: Neither budget mania nor Macron mania divert the Coalition's war on the poor

NATION: A boot stamping on a human face ...

NATION: Hockey golfs with Trump but is it game over for the banks?

NATION: Trump reaches for the Tomahawk while Turnbull’s rivals sharpen knives ...

NATION: Tony Abbott's great big backward slow bicycle race to nowhere

NATION: It's just not cricket ...

Tasmania’s Energy Future

NATION: Turnbull lost down dangerous data-mine shaft

Enriching language by government!

NATION: From the conundrum of the SA election to the riddle of the ASEAN Way

Raise a beer to any fictitious god ...

NATION: Despite light at the end of the tunnel, journey ahead will not be smooth ...

NATION: One armed bandit steals Tassie election ...

NATION: 100 years of mateship or a government in crisis, desperately posturing?

NATION: 'One way or another, Barnaby's cactus' and Turnbull's gov't may be ...

NATION: Turnbull's Joyce will cost him dearly ...

We citizens need nationalism, flag-toting, political ranting about our goodness and virtue ...

Painful periods? Acne? Weight Issues?

I believe you; Stories of Missed and Delayed Diagnosis

Will Hodgman wants you ...

NATION: Turnbull's Yellow Peril 2.0 is the panda in the room

NATION: A double agent in the house ... ?

NATION: A shameful betrayal of trust and responsibility

NATION: Turnbull's week begins badly; ends in disaster

Mmmmm ... Uni vice-chancellor salaries ....

NATION: Turnbull's worst week ...

NATION: Turnbull government lurches from crisis, to catastrophe

NATION: Turnbull government fails Australians on energy and jobs

NATION: A government which cares not for health nor human rights, nor its people

European ARTlessness

NATION: Turnbull's new security suite puts all of us at risk

NATION: Turnbull’s fake gas crisis upstaged by Dutton’s real cruelty

A letter to Myer

Help! Dad's leaving my inheritance to his floozy ...

Aboriginal Education and the 800 large

NATION: Abbott attacks Turnbull on two fronts

NATION: Turnbull government marks two years of inertia, paralysis and failure

The Liberal National [Coalition] Power Crisis

NATION: Our little Aussie Bwana

The Dangers of Poorly Managed Chronic Pain

NATION: Super Mal of Monaro

NATION: Whatever The High Court decides, Turnbull lost the nation

Why you should buy a house. Right now!

NATION: Turnbull government loses the plot in its worst week ever ...

Cultural deviation and the Conservative Coalition

NATION: Macho Mal ...

Toughness and unwillingness to back down ...

The Therapeutic Conversation

How to survive the coming crash

NATION: Turnbull’s terror bust raises big questions over his government and his leadership

NATION: Mr Abetz ... and the anomaly of citizenship ...

Intellectual Slobbery ...

NATION: Turnbull's super-ministry ...

Linking the Microbiome, Diet, the Brain and Mental Health

Investing for kids (Part 2) - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

NATION: Turnbull tries to hide in Menzies' mantle ...

Investing for Kids (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

NATION: G20 no ode to joy

A Discussion on the ‘High Fat’ Diet Fad and Health Benefits of Good Fats and Cholesterol

NATION: Not easy being Green ...

Saving for Kids (no more tears)

NATION: Corks pop for Gonski 2.0 but Turnbull government has nothing to celebrate ...

Prescription Medications and Other Things That Could Be Making You Fat!

One is pissed off with the Lord Mayor ...

NATION: Turnbull government in crisis as ministers face contempt charges

Warren Buffett’s Biggest Mistake ...

Theresa May's rout sends message to Turnbull's government of slogans, secrets and lies ...

Looking to land your dream job?

NATION: Trump's Paris exit spells real trouble for Turnbull

A Zombie in the White House ... ?

Is it true: The Rosemary Armitage saga ... ?

NATION: Mar a Lago Hillbillies ...

NATION: Dodgy bastards' budget of lies ...

NATION: A narcissistic, immature Turnbull government ...

NATION: 'A man who doesn't understand his job as Prime Minister'

NATION: Daddy knows best, dear ...

NATION: Australia follows USA blindly into disaster ...

NATION: Trunbull blindly follows Trump ...

NATION: Morrison clowns while Turnbull tax cut fools no-one

NATION: Barnaby's edible donkey skin trade easier to swallow than Turnbull's 18C lies ...

NATION: Jay Weatherill speaks truth to power ...

NATION: WA Labor Landslide buries Turnbull and Hanson ...

NATION: The loss of all credibility ...

'Discover the North East ...'

NATION: Turnbull embraces Netanyahu; lets everything else go to hell

A judgment in the Magistrates Court ...

NATION: Turnbull follows Trump’s lead in politics of personal abuse and campaign of lies

NATION: Malcolm in a flat spin amid a volley of cheap shots ...

NATION: Malcolm slapped down by The Fake President ...

NATION: Turnbull government a dead parrot as power-crazed Trump cuts loose

NATION: Trump's new world disorder catches Turnbull government napping

NATION: Turnbull's Christmas message neither comfort nor joy ...

NATION: Say it ain't so, Bro ...

The rise of the lumpen fuhrers ...

NATION: All tip and no iceberg ...

NATION: Into the gutter with Dutton ...

NATION: Kiss your ring of steel ...

NATION: A great and momentous choice

NATION: "We were robbed ... "

NATION: A Prime Minister missing in action ...

NATION: Turnbull declares war on Abbott ...

NATION: Creepy Clown hysteria ...

NATION: Government by circus and sideshow diversion

NATION: Lights are going out for Turnbull government

Norske Skog set to close ...

NATION: Turnbull's UN speech cannot disguise his government's refugee crisis

NATION: Turnbull's backflip marks a year of stunning under-achievement ...

Dastyari-bashing a risky gambit for Turnbull

NATION: Turnbull loses control

NATION: Scott Morrison's War on the Poor ...

The Circus goes to Canberra

NATION: a government drowning by numbers

NATION: A government in diabolical trouble ...

Grownups in dressups

NATION: Nothing to fear but fear itself ...

NATION: Serious questions of judgment ...

Tasmania's rebellious history: Bushrangers and absconders fight an unfree society

The descent of Man and the ascent of Women

NATION: Out of Touch. Out of Time

NATION: Malcolm buys his Mandate ...

NATION: Someone else to blame ...

MAN-Made Climate Change ...

Tasmania leads the NATION ...

NATION: The 'opportunistic Trots ...'

A bright new extension lead for Basslink, which is down (again)

NATION: Malcolm and Andrew tread water ... Andrew's boycott?

NATION: Like a pantomime horse ...

Turnbull campaign proves a fizza

Stop the nonsense Mr Turnbull

When the going gets tough on the campaign trail ...

Turnbull stumbles into election campaign

The Budget ...

NATION: No roadmap on Manus for Turnbull

NATION: Live within our means?

NATION: PM's COAG gambit fails while Uranium sales to Ukraine proceed. Newspoll ...

Election ... and Teeth ...

NATION: Turnbull declares war on Abbott faction. Newspoll, Abbott, Nauru, The Reef ...

Trumpism: The Apprentice With The Golden Arse

NATION: Turnbull capitulates to a right wing rump. July 2 POLL?

The Billions lost on MIS ...

Nero fiddled. Basslink fried ...

NATION: Turnbull creates storm in double d cup in a week of dithering and indecision

NATION: Abbott's kamikaze attack on Turnbull threatens to destroy both

NATION: Turnbull goes the full Tony ... NBN ...

Get set for huge taxpayer dollars spent on PA massacre commemoration ...

NATION: How can I help you win today? The politics of fear and division

Andrew Nikolic Chucks a Wobbly

Turnbull's new cabinet crew all at sea in perilous waters

NATION, Philip Ruddock: Appointing a cigarette company CEO to champion health ...

NATION: Turnbull has no time for democracy over GST

NATION: Soft-and-cuddly Sco-Mo resets to Rottweiler ...

NATION: Morrison's fantasy nightmare path to recession

NATION: Morrison's pitch to raise the GST rests on a pack of lies ... and worse

It's ridiculous ...

NATION: The People's Messiah ...

NATION: The Silly Season reveals Turnbull's real agenda

Turnbull's curse

Tasmania, the Apps of 2016

The Innovation Conjuring Trick ...

NATION: Malcolm's Flash as a Rat with a Gold Tooth ...

Turnbull goes to Paris climate talks with 'a policy that does not exist'. Bishop ... of Entitlement

NATION: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It's Super Mal!

PARIS: You can't Bomb the World to Peace ...

NATION: A Malcolm for All Seasons on tour ...

NATION: Another week ... Another backflip

NATION: Get your snout out of the trough ... GST

NATION: Love is in the Air ... Amnesty, Abyan ...

NATION: The Hole in Malcolm's argument ...

NATION: Stop the boasts ...

NATION: There's never been a more exciting time to be Malcolm Turnbull ... MH17 ...

NATION: Everything is on the table

NATION: New wine in old bottles. The Summit ...

TIPS: Southern Design Centre closes. Cruise ship season race against time

NATION: Another week, another Prime Minister. The five-point bounce. Abbott's fury ...

Top Hat Turnbull Touts for Tassie

NATION: Not waving, drowning. TURNBULL quits, challenges Abbott ...

NATION: It's all about the people of Canning

NATION: A conga line of clowns and illusionists. FLANAGAN on Border Force. DYSON stays put ...

NATION: Theatre of the Absurd. 'Sleepwalking'. The Christian Right. Greste. Bart ...

NATION: Abbott's pigeons come home to roost

Goodbye Tuvalu

NATION: Round 1 to Skink and Snake ...

NATION: Bronny ... the 'bad' system's poor 'victim'. PM Tony: Worst ever? Abetz ...

NATION: All you need is talk ...

NATION: A hole in the heart ...

NATION: the Bill Shorten Show Trial. Hewson on the rise of Isis

Gay Marriage Will Ruin Childhoods: Nikolic

NATION: The dreadful, dreadful Abyss

NATION: Captain Abbott flags full steam astern ...

NATION: Abbott trashes the Rule of Law. Housing bubble. Q&A ...

NATION: A record-breaking tally of red cards. Abbott at odds with the Pope ...

MONA Proposes Giant Yoni For Kunanyi

Patriot Games

NATION: Facing mutiny ... Abbott goes on the attack

NATION: Hairy-chested, Tough Guy stuff ...

NATION: Abbott's boatload of accountability

International Museum Day ... and TMAG was CLOSED!

NATION: Hockey's incredible Budget Back-Flip

NATION: Where there's smoke there's Joe (and Tony)

NATION: Balls of steel and feet of clay

NATION: ANZAC makes week a long climb in politics

Wildlife To Be Hit Hard In Tas Budget

An ANZAC reflection ...

NATION: Surplus to requirements ...

Lost wolves in sheep's clothing ...

NATION: Taxing times for Senate sub-commitee

An Aldi Easter ...

NATION: Morrison's bogus call for a coalition of ideas

Stop flip-flopping Abbott and help all women

Julie Bishop gets her message out

NATION: The Energiser-Bunny ...

NATION, STATE: National conversation called by those who are deaf to all form of entreaty

Endangered Species Makes Last Stand At Bellerive

IGR: An alarming piece of sloppy propaganda

The Intergenerational Report and Triggs' TFC: What it says about us. Thursday: Living to 100

Brandis must resign

NATION: A dark new chapter ...

NATION: National security ...

NATION: Unfunded empathy. The Gillian Triggs offer ...

Joe Hockey calls for a conversation ...

Glenorchy: A place in the Guinness Book of World Records

Abbott: the slathering junkyard dog ...

Tony Abbott snatched a victory of sorts ...

LNP spills Abbott's guts

Abbott dealt out of the game

Tony Abbott is 'a very good captain ...'

Abbott at the Press Club: A tin-pot General of open-market ideology ...

A nervous 24 hours ...

Abbott, Credlin, Murdoch ...

Hicks, Brandis, Guantanomo ... and fear

NATION: Manus; We must act ...

NATION: Caught like a bunny in a spotlight

Razer: Je ne suis pas Charlie ... Urban Wronski ...

Spinners who would sell their own grandmothers ...

Doctors versus Liberals (2)

NATION: Satirists' rallying cry is being made by Tony Abbott, a caricaturist's dream

Abbott's secret trip to Iraq

Stand up ... before our capacity to do so is stolen from us ...

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, we must resist the clash-of-civilisations narrative

NATION: Tony Abbott's Reshuffle ...

'Old Chook' Retirement solution

I could go to jail for this next month

Poor Jan really cops it ...

The Hon Eric needs an Electorate Officer. Send, Send, Send to meet your obligation ...

Ten Days ... what is going on?

Winter Rats Festivals Draw Weird Acclaim

Tas film industry taking off

Who is picking up the tab for the Myer redevelopment?

Barry O'Farrell To Guest Star At Dark Mofo

Stable Vision Takes Shape

The Bradbury Effect (or Why the Liberals Can't Win in 2014) Part 2

Sorell Council redundancies ...?

Biker Gangs Battle In SoHo

Giddings' Green Clean Dumps Antony

Abbott: Think Of Me When You Smell Incompetence

Bad Taste: Food Festival on the Ropes

Show, and tell ...

Halloween Terror Grips Lindisfarne

Whereas the others have actually made a transition, Tasmania has been a relative failure ...

Hobart Indies Embrace Palmer

What is going on at Greens Point, Cygnet?

No man is an island ... except in Tasmania

Abbott Takes Command Of Lodge Renovation

Bowen Determined To Undermine Himself

“And the ice will refreeze”

Denison: “I'm Not Trying Too Hard.”

Abbott the boatie

Learning nothing and forgetting everything ... the Liberals crash into reality again

Abetz Claims Clear Lead

There is only one conclusion ...

Together We Can

Farewell Dear Friends

Rudd: Australia Is At War

Now the Police are farmers as they 'harvest' the highways

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom Chapter 3

Michael Polley's whale of a time ... ? Skywhale upsets Ald Waddle

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom Chapter 2

Guns and Solar

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom Chapter 1

Fred Fridley Finds Freedom

The first duty of every government: namely, to preserve the nation’s finances

We sentence you to Ten Days on the Island

Stock, standard licious

The Bradbury Effect (or why the Liberals can’t win in 2014)

What a beautiful Pussy you are, you are

Fox Eradication Just The Beginning

The all-powerful Paul Harriss

The Angry Summer

UTAS Launches JAPS Research

Mercury Contamination Scandal Widens

Tony’s god dam(n) madness

Slade Runs For Pope

Over The Clifford

The New Normal

The three-day Mercury ... ?

And Ta Ann will hang around. Paul Harriss knew that ...

Bio-morph – experiments in simultaneous biography No. 8: Bryan greEno

The Naked Emperors (2)

The Australian defies the evidence on the climate again

The Dinosaurs of the TCCI

Super Trawler plans sunk!

Gunns Ltd ... the worst disaster!

Coalition Working Group to Grow Tasmania. What Tony told the faithful. What HAG saw. YouTube

Last (w)rites

The Naked Emperors

'Next month' ... and 'APRIL' ...

Alderman Sue Hickey to stand for the Senate ??? Senator Bushby's response

We don't need saving from our media. Be careful what you wish for

The anti- depressant/placebo smackdown

Gunns Ltd: A pig without lipstick ...

Running hot and cold

Who exactly has the frontal lobe damage?

Travels around Tasmania with some latte sippers - the sequel

An over-abundance of hyperbole ...

A child protection system under serious stress

Notes for a kind taxpayer

MARGOT'S BACK: Forensic coverage of the HCC resumes ...

Back in Brit: Did this bloke save Nicola Hodgman?

Back in Brit ...

Window to Togatus (8): A Chat with the Director of The Hunter

Slash and burn in Tasmanian Polytechnic?

Into the Abyss. IGA secret agenda, says TFGA

Window to Togatus (7): Go Forth Wharfie, Punch Someone

Bio-morph – experiments in simultaneous biography No. 7: David (O’)Byrne

Will Lara be drowned in The Spill? Michael Field warns of disunity

Rotten, stinking and crawling with maggots

Gunns posts $355m loss

Better get a lawyer, son. Permits. Code Green strike. Forestry incorrect

Window to Togatus (7): Hannah's Devine response

Window to Togatus (6): Beautiful Lies

Window to Togatus (6): Nancy v. Warnie

Window to Togatus (5): My Q&A night with Lara and Tony ...

Lara: Like a spoiled rich teenager with a spending problem ...

You've got to be joking

Window to Togatus (4)

The buck stops here – Part Two: The Chronicles of Despair

Tasmania: 20 years behind, even Queensland.

Window to Togatus (3)

Contract signed to turn forests into pellets: Is this true?

Not the GFC: 12 years of Labor neglect, Stupid

THE BUDGET: Ignore the rhetoric ... is Giddings up to it?

Window to Togatus (2)

The buck stops here

TT Line - Tasmania's Own Titanic

TT Line and the footy bill ...

Window to Togatus

Colony 47: It's all in the name

Government Set Top Box program to be expanded in Tasmania

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Lin Thorp

The Budget: What's in it for mental health ...

Gunns last days...?

LegCo - why an informal vote should be legal

Scaremongering by police association unfounded

Media release - stage two of the NBN welcomed ...

Misguided enthusiasm at The Ex

Mr Gordon: Set the record straight

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Mr Aird

Euthanasia: Do we really want this?

Premier Lara: Let them eat Cake

A depressing Australian Story

Why don't the Libs like this vid ... ?

Islamists waiting in the Arab streets

An Aus/Tassie conundrum ... or just plain stupidity?

Brighton: Echoes of the Franklin, says Brown. Independent review? Emergency listing.

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Kerry O'Brien

Dear Minister for Mental Health

The Coming Dark Ages (or how Labor turned paradise into a parasite)

TasRail teeters 'on the brink' ... confirming TT's Jarvis Cocker ...

Off the rails ...

For a few dollars more ...

The Travelling 'Roo-oil Salesman

Bio-Morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Paul Hogan

Is the Strengths Perspectives to blame?

Commonwealth Games and journalistic scum

Bio-morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Doug Parkinson

Major parties (still) failing on the environment

Growing up is certainly hard to do with many lessons for the immature

Forests: Jarvis reveals the deal

Is Abbott right to end Marine Protected Areas

Rudd the Lonesome Dud

Once were universities - Once were scholars

Australia’s soccer World Cup Bid Rankings

Another one gone

World First: Cross-benchers discovered in Tasmania

Mill: Gunns is stuffed

Voters hammer Rudd for dumping ETS

Bio-morph – experiments in simultaneous biography: Brett Whiteley

Strategic review.... or yet another downgrade?

Thank you Ken. But how much is it costing us?

Lara to replace Dick ... ?

Brooksy ... maaaaaaaaaaate!

No Comment

I'm tired of seeing his mug in the paper every day

All set for the next EMRS poll ...

Dirty business

Bartlett's vision: Burn baby burn

Slipping up again

Poll: Pretty boys, religious weirdos, and ... who cares?

Here's the award, Mercury

Hot rocks a cool idea?

Tiptoeing through the trees

David Bartlett: Tell us the truth

The Writer's Wrath

No Carbon cut makes a nonsense of Abbott's approach to a safe climate

The leak is the beginning of the story ...

The feral right is salivating already

Tasmania: The Fairer Isle?

Tasmania's BBB Rating

They said it ...

The Australian in denial

Tony Abbott’s new old Liberal Party, whither do they wish us to go?

A National Cultural Commozssariat

Awwwwwwww, Mate

Tell us it aint true, Mercury

Report from the end of the Stupidocene ... and the new Copenhagen Diagnosis

HCC: A very taxing evening

Lisa eyes Duncan's seat

Mawson Place 14.11.09: Set in Concrete

Reports from the end of the Stupidocene 15NOV09

Councillors at Work

Reports from the end of the Stupidocene 2nd November 2009 [5 weeks to Copenhagen]

A potential pot of gold

phill Parsons reports from the end of the Stupidocene 23OCT09

Meander Valley Council Candidate phill Parsons Supports Commitment to a New Planning Scheme

Welcome to the climate of the middle Miocene

RETENTION: What happened in 2005?

The Parsons Climate Report: Danger, Climate Destruction Ahead, Reduce CO2 Emissions Now

Bye Pat

Some questions for Mr Aird

The painful tyranny of time

The Parsons Climate Report

Robert's interesting background

How to get elected

The Parsons Climate Report

SCOOP – secret minutes of Gunns’ board meeting

Reflections on Tasmania - the sad state

The Parsons Climate Report

Forestry Tasmania: further definitive analysis ...

Forestry, Hydro: Someone's trying to pull the wool over our eyes ... but wait, there's more

Forestry profit: Even the ABC fell for it ...

Faults of the old parties

The Parsons Climate Report

Australian story ...

Lovers of quality journalism ...

Mirror, Mirror ...

It's spun as 'child-centred education'

The Parsons Report

Downsizing, government-style

Parsons Report 01August09

Well, he would say that, wouldn't he ...

Parsons' report: Rich trawling at the end of the week

Questions over the curious case of the Education Foundation

Dead can vote on merger

PM Kevin Rudd told nuclear is best hope by Rio Tinto

Credit Unions and the Profits of Doom

Mill: The Pipeline starts...?

The Parsons Report

Goodwin to dodge debate?


More in sorrow than anger: Nostradamus and the Three (plus 1) wise monkeys

Trouble a t'college?

Keeping it in the Family?

Coming home

The stench of decay is everywhere

The Chasers War on Sentimentality

The Parsons Report

C E Chipping Reports

Hawks... the claimed benefits ...

The Parsons Report (4)

The quality of pollie is not strained

Climate: The Parsons Report

The Parsons report (3)

The Parsons Report (2)

But she doesn't exist anymore ...

Obama Mia!: Nuzzling David Bartlett

The Parsons Report

A raving whacko, cum sex symbol ...

Logan's Run

Told you so!

Freedom of speech at risk?

The perfect storm...

Politics, Police and the Mall

Tasmania's very own Royal Family

Tough at the top (1): His and hers

Lennon set to return

CE Chipping reports ...

What you can do ...

New World in the Morning?

Election Night in Queensland

Get set for Heritage cuts

Friends, Romans and... er; my fellow Tasmanians

CE Chipping reports ...

AFL: Give me back my $4,500 in Stamp Duty, Airdy

Fires: The Debate

The disconnection

Restoring faith in human nature - via a trip down memory lane

Gunns' half-year result

Jarvis wishes to be persuaded ...

Years of sea change

Governor's step-daughter for Denison

Our fate is not always in our own hands: a morality tale

The Government Meets the People

Wooden Boat Festival 2009

A husk of Labor principles

Greens climate dilemma

Gunns: she'll be right ...

Real action is the only hope for our planet

Labor loses backing on emissions

Fourteen months but who's counting? I am!

Great promotion Michelle. Gunns wines?

Nostradamus: sincere and moving

Tasmania 2009 -- Plus ça change... plus c'est la même chose?

Green cloak over Labor's coal-black heart

We are individuals

Hawks: Well, she would, wouldn't she?

Nostradamus Redux

Dickens stuffed it in Oliver Twist

Clever politics, diabolical end

Arrest them all Captain Watson

Climate Change - More New Problems


Winds, hail and rain

Tasmania, you're standing in it!

Have we got rights for you

Tasmania, situation normal

Why bother?

Wee Davey: Log, baby, log

The sad and sorry state of the South Island

Why is it important to give all primary products a carbon value?

The massive breakdown in public trust


Flying pancakes and other phenomena

Are you being served?

Nostradamus - Waiting for the other foot to fall.

TMAG - Embrace the Past and the Future

Airdy's lovely din dins

Climate Policy, Greenhouse and Governance Disconnections

One hundred days, but who's counting?

You could have fooled me

Do we need a Bill of Rights?

Governments Dysfunctional in Time of Need

Gunns: why things are grim

Moving on from talking the talk

A very unusual week in Tasmania

The misuse of power

Costello's mistake

In thrall of the machines

Life on Mars

Sea Star thanks the HCC

Political crisis driven by climate instability

Mammon v culture

Bartlett’s new climate changes less day by day

HCC: the aldermen sit back ...

No to bizarre sculptures and travel jollies

Rating the leaders

State growth fears

HCC: Party to a holey mess

HCC: Hands up for a trip

HCC: A nice little side trip

The talentless rump

Six weeks, but hey, who's counting

Arrogant AFL pricks!

A very exciting political future ...

Still Yes Minister in Hobart

A Scottsdale Fairytale

Investment analyst or pokies player?

An open letter to the Premier, the Hon. David Bartlett

Rates and rorts

I object

Marti in Chicago

HCC: Gosford hasn't got the same pulling power...

Riding the roads and rails


Panic stations

Mayor defends trip to France

Summer in Europe

Splendiforous Paula

An unhealthy role

Train lines in the sand

A fractured state, within the state

Life: A Day at the Magistrates Court

Where to from here?

The day after tomorrow

HCC: All front

Bombshell: Mr 17 per cent and Federal Labor

Rudd breaks the wrong promises

C'mon boy, do it!

2020 Tokens, Tracks and Tossers

Green machines

The storm

The unrelenting assault

Wish it'd rain!

HCC: pay pals

Don't you worry about that, Mr Parkinson

Hydro hard times

Knock, knock

Hobart City Council vs The Walking Frame

HCC: Foreshore for sure, hoons and histrionics

Gunns and subsidies ... but wait there's more

Young drivers today

Guy Nicholson: Honourable and unbending

HCC: Those battery hens

The Premier and climate change

Seafood sustainability

Mill: project on hold ...


HCC: ANZ and the mill

Garnaut: my submission

The Deckchair Shuffle

Pots ‘n’ kettles talking colour

As others see us ...

Capitalism – the root cause of global warming

Carbon trading is coming

Boarding house gets court OK

HCC: Personal touch

HCC: Roundup

HCC : The Shed

Failing to meet the Menzies model

HCC: Signs of the times

Lennon, exit Stage Right

Hobart City Council and Your View

Out of the frying pan

HCC: The new-look council

HCC: Wish list

Are tax cuts the only choice

The new high tide line

Dumb and duller?

Don't hoax us

Voters: a poll

Dear Jeff


The ancient tribal HCC

HCC ... and Family

Say sorry and become a human

Dangerous greenhouse

Meeting more people

Who's up for Deputy?

Lord Mayor: the personalities

HCC: Questions for candidates

Meeting the people

PM to sign Kyoto!

Some questions for new candidates

Garrett: hypocrisy alive and well

Mill: the national issue

HCC: The candidates

The most appalling charade we have ever seen

There oughta be a law

Go with the floe towards Malthusian catastrophe

Stihl the one!

HCC ... behaviour

HCC: Anti-social behaviour ...

It's on

Boiled by oil and not a drop to drink

Robbing the future

Wedges or chips

HCC: the Briscoe trajectory

More good news on the benefits of climate destabilization

No apology

An issue heats up

Failure requires no preparation

A Tasmanian revenant

HCC: Payments for Aldermen

The real question

I'm so angry I could spit

Who will swindle whom?

Turn your back

It beggars belief

Star St: why

Star St: Appeal!

Sister act

The Mawson dilemma

Socrates recommends a re-examination

Time to move forward

Why delay matters

Star St: Appeal dismissed

'Trust me'propaganda

Marieville to Sandy Bay Rd

On using all the tools

The Philistine (2)

Goodbye Simon Bevilacqua

The Menzies era and the Delphic Oracle

Paying teachers for performing what?

The Menzies era

A form of denial

To support justice

It's about David Hicks

A draught please

Terrorists of Tasmanistan

Orange Friday No. 4

One question for the aldermen

Debunking a sceptic

More Oranges, please

Needle work

Pulp mill paranoia

Kons reveals USA A-G invite

This is worse

The dust settles

The costs of global heating

The new Chairman

Beautiful and political

The art of navigation

Confusion follows clarity

Coalition of the Villains

Questions for the council

Beyond a king

They don't get it

Boys' town! Where are you Lord Mayor?

Is HCC a Gentleman's Club?

Paint it black

Who gets the Chair?

The blame game

Moving times in BP

HCC: the ceiling didn't fall in

Climate change denial

Empty chair: still empty!

Voters' Block against the Mill

The Empty Chair: Hobart City Council

Gimme Shelter ...

The real conspiracy

Pissing Away The Good Times

Sceptic blackened by Greens

Greed above need

Wielangta fallout

A very Merry Christmas council

Could fascism arise in Tasmania?

Consumers united

You reap what you sow

Dear David Llewellyn

Point of Interest

North Hobart: the burning question ...


Scoop: Staggering times at The Walkleys

The growing contempt for politicians

Paper mill: Bring back Lara!

Oh Kenny, pleeeeease

HCC: Decisions, decisions ...

Bolted on to denial


The poets' paradise

Missing the boat

The Ex gets a makeover: Hello Illawarra Mercury

David's meltdown

The social event of the year

Toe the line or you don't work in Tasmania

I smell a rat

My hero Terry

The Queensland poll

Smoke gets in your eyes

Hawthorn: what Lennon signs away

Circus Maximus

Pulp mill: distracted by Greeny

Lebanon as an orographical expression or perhaps an arboricultural one

The stem cell debate

So, that's how ...

Biofuel babble (2)

Timber plantations to the rescue

Biofuel babble

Mr West turns in his grave

Stage 2 for Ralphs Bay

Howard, Indonesia, Papua

The slow train


Solar water heating v nuclear

The windfarm threat

Hag comes to the Premier's aid

Dazza and Dazzler

Is this true?

Closer to catastrophe

Flanagan: The truth about spin

Big Brother's dilemma

Jane's lazy foreign life

Noisier worlds

Drive 'em around the twist

The voice

V/AFL one-club 200-gamers!

What happens next

The black and white issue

The pollen of an electoral spring

Taz-mania: the review

The joy

A history of Australia


King Canute

A doomsday scenario

Sucking up expensive piss


Heads in the sand

What I fear, hope for, in 2006

A big year

HAG-lets: A yachtie's jibe

Heat and noise

The scalpers' Fall

Three HAG-lets


An end to onanism

A bit of goss from the old Hag

The conscience vote

Hag: Soothsayer (2)

Hag: Soothsayer (1)

Playing with globalised balls

The Cassy coup

The Grand Coalition

A right Royal coincidence

Well said Harry

Lisbon from the ashes

You bet

The Road to Serfdom

Betfair: done deal!

Climate of fear

Beersheba's great race

We'll be very, very sorry

Paul's Great White Elephant Park

Teaching ... a primer

Troubled Spirit and The Truth

The Freedom Fighters

Trafalgar ... 2005

I'm insecure

Enough of this democracy

Bikie speed and skunkweed

Why Rene supports Howard's IR way

Reading, Riting and Rithmetic


Mr Green, log trucks, pulp mills

I was an influenza zombie

The climate crisis

Come and join us

Paul and the Gov

The runaway train

The myth of bad minority government

The Picasso in all of us

Essentially, Health

Ms Wriedt's mushrooms

Bitch back, bites!

An unhealthy obsession

Doing good

The makeover of cuddly Paul

Hypocrisy and the politics of fear

Freeze frame

Bring it on. Please!

Water, water ... nowhere

Bustline Theory

Where's Doug?

The stench of '89

The Thinking Reed

SPOT 3 moves to Hobart

The values love-in

The Howard denial

Happy as a pauper in Paradise

Four things John Howard wants you to believe ... and why you shouldn't

Time warp of denial

I wish

The contradictions of Jihad

The sound of Hillsong

London 7/7 ... why?

Gunns writ large

A complete Tasmania experience

Whales and hypocrisy

Movement at the station

Where the buck stops

No rescue for David Hicks

For Sale: the Fifth Estate

Mandatory reading

Monty Python and the holey rail

Going to water

The Big Picture


The Precautionary Principle

Recherche ...

The trouble with unions

Time for an ABC review

Curiouser and curiouser (2)

Ugly, ugly

It's not over

Early warning

Rodney breaks cover

The exclusion zone

Tea drinkers asleep at the wheel

The bipartisan stone wall

Ripping off the goods of nature

Not the prisoners' fault

Sorry Brett ...

Little Johnny, Big Chris

Nice piece of sycophancy

The Prince

Not proud to be Australian

Premier Wriedt

Rene goes Poll dancing

Governors’ wisdom

Getting off the gas


Told you so

Bad 'Mornings'

Streams of darkness

In the mourning

Once Upon A Time

The Public Sphere: A Primer

Sow the wind...

It's the Constitution, Stupid!

Hag, Paul and RBTs

The Bitch list

Company for Ken

Petition ...

That's education

People and glass bottles

Why am I not invited?

Banishing your Inner Brit

The Devil Disease: control-freak political management

Why do we eat what we eat?

Droooool ... kill me now!

Mont, Kenny? And The Examiner eulogy


Mary's amazing news

Casino games

Divine dining in Hobart? No.