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'Spirit of Tasmania owners sued over the deaths of 16 polo ponies amid claim they died on board'

Capitalist globalisation and nationalism: when race and the ethnicity of money debases debate

Is Low Police Numbers in Rural Tassie Areas The Norm?

NATION: You've got to hand it to Morrison before he takes all credit for himself

The bitter harvest for Federal Tasmanian Liberals continues, 2 years on: The Turnbull legacy

REVIEW: ‘Refining the definition of wilderness’ by Hawes, Dixon & Bell

'Tasmanian Liberal renegade Sue Hickey's blast for Abetz, Duniam, Bushby over Turnbull 'sabotage''

'Hello Rupert, bye-bye Malcolm'

'The Saturday Briefing ... ‘We know where the bodies are buried’'


'Government shuts down parliament amid leadership crisis – politics live'

'Malcolm Turnbull survives Peter Dutton leadership challenge – for now'

Dr Eric Woehler: Is this the East Coast we want?

Hobart's Smart City Strategy: captured by vested interests ...

'Redneck Liberals Open National Parks and World Heritage Area for Hunting'

Tourism Tasmania goes to war?

The Can of Worms ...

'Premier misled public over Martine Haley scandal'

More than just engineering, science and money ...

NATION: Dutton circles Turnbull sensing blood in the water

The sad story of St James, Montagu Bay ...

‘I am not a Woman’ - Transsexuals and Transgender Women Speak Out

'Future of the East Coast in focus – Hobart public meeting'

'Mount Wellington cable car backers vow to push on after Council land setback'

'Prof Robert Jensen: 'There Clearly Is No Decent Human Future Possible in Capitalism''

We were warned about climate change in 1912 ...

Smoke and mirror madness ... Forestry burns legal, yet backyard BBQs could be censured

'The National Picture: overwhelming reminder of wilful gaps in Australia's history'

Reverse Alchemy ... STT turns forest gold into more chips and debt

Reviewed! Eroding the Edges of Nature

Did you know ... ?

'Norfolk Bay Salmon Farm Shock Galvanises Locals'

Government a joke after gag attempt ...

Pope Francisyphus

Jobs for the boyzzzzzzzzzz ... ?

Anna Reynolds, Independent for Mayor ... not Green ... ?

Letter to Eric Abetz on UTAS properties ...

Is NZ No Longer a Trout Fisher's Paradise?

Reflections on a Queensland senator’s recent remarks …

The sounds of the Silent Majority ...

Sign a Petition: John Hawkins starts a petition ...

The cable car ...

The Cable Car (2)

'Get glyphosate off our globe'

'Woodchip fan-girl gets real'

Geelong Star & Basslink ...

NATION: Turnbull’s leadership a sham. Seeks to evade GBRF scandal, climate change with NEG

EXCLUSIVE: The case of the missing Beach judgment: NAB vs Lawrence

'Future of the East Coast'

The cable car ...

Kunanyi ... Little Signposts ...

'Mount Wellington cable car project hits council hurdle as backers revealed'

'Adding insult to injury, Howlett personally assured me that she wouldn’t run in Prosser ... '

‘Ecotourism’ ... the new greenwash term

'Michael Ferguson referred to police'

A business-as-usual approach to climate change

Australia’s renewable energy ... We have a long way to go!

A culture is no better than its woods - WH Auden

NATION: Turnbull snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

'Victorian Premier advised to ignore Crown licence renewal'

Silencing and Censorship in the Trans Rights debate

'The world is being undone before us. If we do not reimagine Australia, we will be undone too'

Tasmanian devil cancer: human intervention the likely cause ... ?

The light-lipped Brendan Nelson ...

China’s military take climate-change offensive

'It’s Time for Light Rail ...'

Dear Sally McManus and loyal comrades ...

On a break from Sydney ...

NATION: Not so super Saturday for Mal ... but silencing of dissent a winner

'GUILTY: Coroner's findings damn offshore detention'

Official Report on MH370 Disappearance Inconclusive ...

NATION: Cleansweep ...

'PM and Opposition Leader make last ditch bids to win over Braddon voters'

Freedom FROM Religion

The biosecurity threat of Southwood ...

Iceland – lessons for Tasmanians ...

TasWater: Looking Through A Lens Of Lead ...

'Craig Garland is just an honest, fair-dinkum bloke ... '

Dear Senator Abetz ...

'New Laws Will Allow the Use of Military to Break Protests'

NATION: Look out! Bill's behind you

Geelong Star ... and Basslink ...

Mr Docking ...

'All Tasmanians deserve to feel safe'

The Senate Register of Interests, 83 Davey Street, Hobart and Senator Abetz ...

2017: Blast from the past

'Behrouz Boochani #5YearsTooMany on Manus Island'

Tarkine Rivers Run Wild and Free

Rosny Hill: Symptom of a broken system ...

'Walls of Jerusalem face threat of Biblical Proportions'

'Deals behind deals?'

Tasmania, the GST and Peter Pan economics

'Loggers ask Federal Government for more millions – Conservationists outraged'

Poker machines – a time for change?

'Badger cull operation cost taxpayers £76,000 per animal'

NATION: Who is the real baby, Trump or Turnbull?

Murder and Mayhem ...

Tasmania’s new electricity smart metering rollout ...

'Lack of public information on polo pony deaths after Tasmanian event worries vet, horse breeder'

'BirdLife Tasmania welcomes DPP’s appeal of penguin killer’s sentence'

The Inconvenient Truth: Geelong Star and Basslink

'McKinsey's catastrophic part in the CBA – Bankwest takedown'

Environmental damage at Chauncy Vale

Max Atkinson ... And the Importance of Values ...

'Patients spent up to six days waiting in Royal Hobart Hospital ED for psych bed, stats show'

'Australia broke the law in East Timor scandal'

Addressing demand in prostitution, which political party has the courage to do it right in Australia

'First US land-farmed Atlantic salmon go on sale'

The missing argument ...

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

NATION: Abbott's insurrection fails but Turnbull undermines a just and fair society

Tasmanians Unite!

'Woodchip proposal in southern Tasmanian raises questions over truck routes, forestry deals ...'

Edgeborough Revisited: End of innocence

Exporting renewable energy … An ethical commodity

Forestry deals, trucks every 5 minutes ... the questions keep coming ...

Fact check: Will removing poker machines from Tasmanian pubs and clubs cost thousands of jobs?

An Open Letter to Cassy O'Connor, Rosalie Woodruff and Greens Party members ...

'Archbishop accused of free speech hypocrisy after priest silenced on marriage ... '

Where does a police state start ... ?

Response to David Gee's Statement to the Parliamentary Inquiry into 'Religious Free Speech'

GST top-up to cost $80 billion ...

'Mt Wellington Cable Car company should abandon its doomed project'

'Archbishop Philip Wilson to lodge appeal against conviction'

The short-term thinking ...

The Bridgewater Jerry in Sydney

Complaint Withdrawn, But The Emperor is Still Naked ...

NATION: Turnbull's Kill Bill drama can't hide his failure to sell his NEG to his own backbench

How safe is our GST?

'KeepCup and Sea Shepherd partner to protect and preserve'

'A statement regarding request to AFP to investigate Witness K/Collaery leak'

'Live animal export corruption'

Justice Pierre Slicer and contempt of court?

Respect The Earth ... Tarkine Heritage under Siege!

Smartphone addiction ... are you hooked?

Low wages – and how the government keeps them there

A letter to the Attorney-General, Elise Archer

'Senate report provides national blueprint to solve recycling crisis ...'

'State government is keeping solar owners in the dark'

Dark Mofo and tourists ...

'Iconic brand moves to protect iconic mountain ... Brown'

NATION: Aspirational? Don't try to take us all for a ride, Mr Turnbull

'Brown condemns political violence'

Long Live our gracious Aunty ...

A Tourism Apocalypse

The (austere) golden age of Peter Gutwein

'I'm nearly 100, I saw 1945 refugee crisis firsthand. I need people to listen to my warning. Vid'

'Cable car proponents threaten legal action over protest website'

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

'Looming Disaster for Norfolk Island'

'Poker machine fine for Canberra Raiders wiped ...'

NATION: Can Trump's farcical Singapore Summit alert us to dangers we face in our own democracy ... ?

'Fragrance Towers in Elizabeth Street, Hobart ... Donate ...'

'Ending the Nation's shame ...'

Want to get filthy rich: Exploiting the Earth’s resources is the surest way ...

Read a list of the Libs' re-election bribes ...

'Democracy dies in darkness'

Green Policy ...

'Commonwealth Department Intervention "calamitous" for Island: Claim'

'Challenge to Premier Hodgman over Crown land reserves'

Tasmanian Budget 2018: Winners and losers

NATION: Nothing but blue ties? Or academic and democratic freedoms ... ?

An energy policy for Tasmania and all the things that should matter ...

Letter on Climate Change ...

An Independent Inquiry into UTAS?

Noel Pearson stories from the heart of Australia

Neville-Smith treating residents like mushrooms

A beautiful tribute: EDITORIAL: Barry Everingham's final deadline. Video is priceless ...

'RTI documents reveal Threatened Species advice not passed to Wellington Park Management Trust'

Supreme Court of Tasmania: Comments on passing sentence ...

French Bulldogs, Faberge and the Romanov Family

Vedanta Resources: What next in Tasmania?

NATION: Effing get over it: the Turnbull government's new anthem ...

Why we don’t need the Adani lemon ... !

Right to Information ...

Is Space the new Green?

'Victims of bank corruption suffer emotional trauma on top of financial ruin'

Bombshell revelations about Cable Car Company and Tourism Tasmania ...

Cable Car: Back to the Future ...

Tourism Tas boss joins secret Cable Car lobby group

Tarkine on the wing ... First Day ....

A century after ... we remember his excellence

Is the Methane time bomb about to be released?

'Archer Must Explain Decision not to Exit Macquarie Harbour'

'350 year-old celery-top pine logged in Tarkine ...

Has Tasmania’s Parks & Wildlife Service lost the plot big time?

Telstra ... the company Australians love to hate ...

NATION: Hastie goes over the top while Hanson spills the beans ...

A quick fix to your 15 Minutes of Fame?

Cable car: Richard Flanagan's speech in full ...

Stop Hodgman Liberal Government subsidies to Vedanta's Mt Lyell mine ...

'Hobart nosedives to Australia’s least affordable capital to rent ...'

NATION: Does the Coalition have a woman problem or just a problem with humanity?

'Bob Brown backs Malaysian inquiry into Abetz-backed Sarawak logging'

The Twelfth Commandment …

That wedding ...

'Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of ‘community safety’

The Greens' Kathleen Maltzahn – Conviction, But No Courage ... ?

'Majority Oppose Cable Car in Denison ...'

Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world

Abetz now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay ...

'State loses $188 million GST ...

Oh god! Too Many Trucks ...

Rich white trash ...

'McCarthy review a dud ... live export ban the only option'

'Fish Farm Partnership Ignores Environmental Reality'

NATION: No ScoMo. It's not Bill. Your own pants are on fire

Tarkine ... The big one that got away!

'Top secret surveillance shows fisherman Joe Pirrello was the common link in drug syndicate'

Mr Trump and Gaza ...

'Bruny Island community groups front Storm Bay Fish Farm expansion hearings ...'

Saul Eslake’s 'vision’ for Tasmania in 2050

NATION: Neither budget mania nor Macron mania divert the Coalition's war on the poor

A simple question ...

Budget 2018: 'Nice for some ... but a good Budget ...

After Afrîn: the Ottoman dreaming of Sultan Erdoğan

The Mercury ... and energy

The Talented Mr Michael Ferguson: Onward Christian Soldiers

'Cuts to Federal Environmental staff will see the extinction of Tasmanian species'

Budget 2018: Coalition touts $24.5bn infrastructure spend as pre-election sweetener

Sue Hickey: 'You are in the Liberal Party, not the Labor Party'

Teen Challenge Tasmania’s #NotEvenOnce® … Not ever!

'Mountain MayDay Sunday 6th May @11am, Cascade Gardens'

Why I am standing for Hobart ...

Letter to the Editor on Mayoral Legal Expenses Fund

'Hobart former lord mayor Sue Hickey swoops on Speaker role, blindsiding Liberal colleagues'

'Cardinal George Pell to stand trial on historical sexual offence charge'

'Agreement reached on TasWater'

'Mystery deepens over Kevin Lyons MP shock resignation ...'

Liberal Blitzkrieg of Fear in Prosser

Those corporate ties ...

Was Vanessa Goodwin's cancer caused by Wentworth Park, Howrah ... ?

Letter to the Editor: Liberals abandon tourism jobs target

Guess Who ...?

Kiwi Anti-Poison Public Spied On ...

'Greens launch plan to reboot recycling'

NATION: Hockey golfs with Trump but is it game over for the banks?

Wilderness Access – A Conservationist's Paradox

'More Crown Casino poker machine allegations'

Kim Beazley: the best 21st century Labor PM we never got to vote in ... ?

Letter to the Editor ... My Neighbours are being evicted ...

Anticoagulant pesticides in Australia ...

Election posters ...

Malcolm’s Prayer ...

The massive immorality of mass immigration

'Richard Flanagan: 'Our politics is a dreadful black comedy' – press club speech in full'

'Doctors alarmed by renewed Tarkine destruction ... '

'Big-name chefs back seafood entrepreneur'

Has TasWater breached the Law by opening the Emergency Gate Valve?

Tarkine old-timers ... Gone are the days of abundance!

'New Minister = Peacemaker?'

NATION: Trump reaches for the Tomahawk while Turnbull’s rivals sharpen knives ...

'The truth hurts: why whistleblowers get such a hard time'

Oh, to be so Rich …

A Letter to the Editor in response to Elise Archer

'Tasmanians rally for a ban on live animal export'

Dear Premier Hodgman ...

Abbott’s unconscionable coal coterie

Is Tasmania really heading for a mini Ice Age?

'Tasmanian regional forest agreement delivers $1.3bn losses in ‘giant fraud’ on taxpayer

'Deficiencies in Integrity Commission’s Report of Serious Concern'

More Companies Teach Workers What Colleges Don’t

'The Great Election Stick-up!'

'Ex-Commando calls on PM to establish an independent investigation into Police Raid'

Estimating the extinction date of the thylacine ...

Today's Prize-Fight for Real-Time Reporting at TasWater ... VICTORY ...

Welcome to Tasmania Professor Rufus Black ...

'Live animal export outrage: Minister called to shut down trade immediately'

Mind what you eat. Bon appetit ... !

'Housing Crisis, or Political Vacuum?'

Australian Defence Minister Marise Payne ... and 'swatting' ...

Reviewed! Ducks for Dark Times ...

A Simple Target: Zero Homeless

'Rainforest logging and Aboriginal heritage damage revealed'

NATION: It's just not cricket ...

All for a few boards of Musk ...

Can’t we return to a simpler, more sustainable way of life ... ?

This report is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the white liberal regime

Big Ideas for Tasmania’s future

The Sound of Silence: Afrin and the Darkness of Australia’s Foreign Policy

Tasmania’s Energy Future

'Commitment to tabling human rights law'

'Legends want Steve Smith sacked after ball-tampering scandal'

NATION: Turnbull lost down dangerous data-mine shaft

The Cable Car ...

Martyn Turner: Trump's latest bedmate ...

'Industry veteran warned of 'disaster' in fish farm expansion on Tasmania's Macquarie Harbour'

PETITION: Ending Homelessness in Australia ASAP

Harnessing the Ocean’s Energy

'Sue Neill-Fraser murder case: Man pleads guilty to perverting course of justice over his evidence'

Lisa Singh's Matters of Public Importance Speech on Gun Control

Port Arthur ... A retrospective ...

Tasmanian State election: The Pearlfish factor

'Ministerial documents reveal Commonwealth concerns about 'old science' ...

NATION: From the conundrum of the SA election to the riddle of the ASEAN Way

Tarkine ... fuel reduction burning marginalises endangered species

Myer today announces a half-billion dollar loss ...

Cambridge Analytica Ain’t Nuthin: Look Out For i360 and DataTrust

A Christmas Carol

Personal statement by Tim Costello about Nick Xenophon

The Clean Coal Calamity ...

'Griggs demands Macquarie Point be part of solution to housing crisis'

‘Twas a very strange Tasmanian State election (2018) ...

A Tarkine Park ... The Campaign Continues ...

Let’s talk about problem gambling ...

For the love of cement ...

NI Self-Determination: Update on meetings and presentations in UK 25th Feb – 2nd March 2

'Senate Inquiry hears Australia now in nationwide recycling crisis'

Communique - Tasmanian Housing Summit

TTP and the investor-state dispute settlement procedures ...

'Housing crisis is our biggest challenge ...'

The problem record immigration is supposed to solve doesn't exist

Just what are funerals for ... ?

Traffic ... post-election

'Geoffrey Robertson QC appears for Norfolk Islanders ... '

Machiavelli was alive and well in the Hobart Tally Room last Saturday ...

NATION: Despite light at the end of the tunnel, journey ahead will not be smooth ...

Turnbull’s parliamentary circus ...

'‘Catastrophic’ decreases of Tassie ducks ahead of annual shoot'

A new piece of Social Infrastructure ...

Tasmanian democracy is bought ... democracy is sold ...

No Right(s) to Information

Money well spent on women's health in the sex trade ... or not ... ?

NATION: One armed bandit steals Tassie election ...

March 3 – The day Tasmanians willingly crossed the line ...

Open letter to Mike Brewster, from Helmut Ernst, resident, Waratah ...

The 'Zone'

Libs' gift $250,000,000 to the pokies ... financial incompetence or apparent corruption ... ?

Rundle: the rotten heart of the Apple Isle

Planning, Heritage and the Tasmanian Election

Wrong development ...

Will Hodgman: I've never seen my campaign plan or budget ...

Dear Rebecca ...

The Terrible Burden of the Responsible Adult ...

'Tassie’s ‘whitefella’ community says ‘not in my name Will Hodgman’'

In the Pits ...

Is there really anyone to vote for?

Community required to pay for public land management

Loopholes and lies. The real scandal of Barnaby Joyce ...

The multiple misrepresentations of Liberal pollies and industry lobbyists ...

Abolishing the carbon tax to reduce power bills ...

Syria ... where ideology and identity politics makes life 'poor, nasty, brutish and short'

The Rocky History Of The Adani Carmichael Mine

1080 Whistleblower Wins Case

'The Liberals' grubby little secret'

NATION: 'One way or another, Barnaby's cactus' and Turnbull's gov't may be ...

The Blue Sea ...

Liberals new anti-protest laws doomed to failure!

'TCT’s Fish Farm Election Policy Scorecard'

'Review of Party Planning Policies'

'Community Energy to power the future'

Tasmania’s Ailing Health System and Forestry Debt – It’s inextricably linked ...

Removing Tasmania's pokies would help gamblers without hurting the economy

Huon mayoral wannabe picks at an old scab

'84% of Tasmanians want donations disclosed before the election'

Liberal health pledge cooks the books

NATION: Turnbull's Joyce will cost him dearly ...

Sea of Blue

How much are they paying ... ?

'Cable Car scandal a case in point – Tasmania needs robust planning laws'

Bugger off Barnaby ...

Mental health services are in crisis ...

'Nonsense ... The figure is $75 million ...'

We make our own Luck ... Chicanery

Election Execution in Lyons

'Liberals must reveal all Federal Group donations ...'

'Wilkie takes on poker machine lies in Parliament'

Hospital emergency crisis revealed in leaked document

No risk: The family who own Tasmania's gambling industry ...

Corruption that kills

A Tasmanian Christmas Story ... A history leading to pokies

The Marlboro 'Digital Nicotine Robot'

'Southwood, Mr Neville Smith misleading public on their proposed woodchip export facility in Dover'

'Road safety awareness campaign to save wildlife lives'

Malcolm Turnbull can't relate ...

Hitler of the Middle East ...

Reviewed! First Person ...

We citizens need nationalism, flag-toting, political ranting about our goodness and virtue ...

Heritage and Flood Plans Needed at Ross

The Killing Nation ...

'Tarkine Logging Blitz uncovered by conservationists'

TasWater takeover: It's all spin ...

The Fake President ...

Falls Festival needs to take responsibility for sexual assault cases

I believe you; Stories of Missed and Delayed Diagnosis

An open letter to Rebecca White

A letter to the Prime Minister ...

A Global Distrust of Leadership

Renewable way to reduce energy bills

Pokies: Two rippers from John Lawrence ...

Greetings from the Tarkine’s elusive waterfalls ...

NATION: Turnbull's Yellow Peril 2.0 is the panda in the room

Fox program investigation findings

Letter to the Editor on POKIES

A Submission to the Senate Enquiry into Forestry Managed Investment Schemes

Saving seed in Tasmania ... and a multinational company ...

Chinese Political Donations to the Libs in Tasmania? Naaaaaaah ...

Barnett defends the indefensible GBE with more spin, deception and blame

Poker machine apocalypse? LABOR'S POLICY ...

A former mayor says nay to an old warhorse

Letter to the Editor ... on Flinders Island ...

NATION: A double agent in the house ... ?

'The Palace, the Governor-General and the Dismissal of the Whitlam government ...'

Why 'Love Makes a Way' is not loving

I don't want smart meters

Southern-fried half-baked woodchips

The Decline and Fall of RMPAT: Tribunal loses its teeth

Whose victory was it that the MPs were celebrating ... ?

Just how removed is the Integrity Commission from government influence ... ?

Misrepresentation, lies, deception and fraud ...

Policies for a Sheltered Workshop

NATION: A shameful betrayal of trust and responsibility

The commercialisation of the Tasmanian wilderness ...

NATION: Turnbull's week begins badly; ends in disaster

Mmmmm ... Uni vice-chancellor salaries ....

Tarkine wonder ... what a blooming delight ... !

Peter Gutwein is wrong on debt. Here are the numbers that prove it

While we were sleeping ...

Push for expanded protection of Tarkine to become a poll issue ...

The latest on coal ...

'Senate says 'Yes' to marriage equality' ...

We are in deep trouble ...

Cry, my beautiful country: Barnaby’s shameful legacy to the lifeblood of Australia

'Community Health underfunded by $84 million'

The mess we're now in: The leaked TASSAL document ...

Forestry Tasmania's demise in detail: Billion Dollar Loss

The Quest for Security: Is it rational? has it actually made us safer? At what cost?

Geoffrey Dyer's genius ...

'Norfolk Island heading for disaster ...'

'5000 Tasmanian households go without meals each year ...'

EXTRACT: The ignoble end ...

Funding cuts to Scarlet Alliance: Michael Keenan gets it right ...

Jail Time and Debt Recovery using the powers vested in Senator Ryan, then Special Minister of State

The latest on coal ...

Australia's same-sex marriage postal survey: 61.6% YES, 38.4% no – live

'Major Projects Legislation will fast-track the cable car, skyscrapers and resorts in reserves'

EXTRACT: Christine Milne, An Activist Life ...

So there’s an election. What happens now?

NATION: Have I missed something ... ?

Fiction, or Gaming ... ?

Welcoming tourists to our Southern Forests ...

Forestry Tasmania's final report: The Billion Dollar Loss

The Embalmer from Burnie who Buried the Liberal Party ...

Elon Musk powers ahead whilst Australia goes limp

'More NW Fish Farms Without Community Consultation'

NATION: Turnbull's worst week ...

Tasmanian consumers to feel the pinch in 2018 ...

Bird and bat species’ global vulnerability to collision mortality at wind farms revealed ...

'Australia must take on United Kingdom on their rogue tax havens'

Letter to the Editor on ... pokies

Perhaps they think I'm money laundering: My experience of Centrelink ...

'Sam' and 'Brad' tell it like it isn't ...

Becoming a pokies addict is not a failing or a sign of a flawed character, it is to be beguiled ...

Pembroke by-election is a referendum ...

DPIPWE quietly abandons Fox probe. What's going on here?

First Day: November ...

NATION: Turnbull government lurches from crisis, to catastrophe

POKIES: We have all felt the talons of this addiction ...

An Inconvenient Woman: a review of the play finishing in Hobart this Saturday

An Inconvenient Woman: a review ...

Barnaby Joyce ruled ineligible for parliament, government loses majority – politics live

'Greens push for establishment of Marine Plastics CRC in Hobart'

The exotic plantation curse: an environmental and fiscal catastrophe ...

The End of the Beginning ...

An apocalyptic future ... ?

Big tobacco targets children with toxic filters. AGAIN ...

NATION: Turnbull government fails Australians on energy and jobs

World’s wilderness at further risk

'Crown Casino allegations'

Killing whales ...

Corruption that kills

The latest on coal ...

'Environment Groups condemn Tasmania’s plan to log oldgrowth rainforest reserves'

EXTRACT: Wilkie opposes new national security laws ...

Do I have a snowflake's chance in hell ... ?

'Police must investigate Glenorchy City Council wrongdoing'

'Over-the-top and unnecessary ... '

NATION: A government which cares not for health nor human rights, nor its people

'Federal Government protecting Tasmania’s remote shorebirds from the Tasmanian Government'

Asylum seekers: Festival of the Dead ... Halloween ...

Double Trouble ...

'Public servants getting away with misconduct, corruption, watchdog chief Murray Kellam says'

'WBO World Welterweight Champion Holder Jeff Horn joins the fight against Bullies!'

What Happened to the Public Reserve along the Droughty Hills?

Amnesty International's capitulation to women's increasing poverty and subordination to men

Meeting my political match in Tokyo

Two walkouts in the name of transparency

TARKINE: Why the Tasmanian Forest Intergovernmental Agreement got it wrong ...

'New slaughterhouse expose projected onto wall of butcher'

Expect Future Storms To Intensify

Bob Brown's Green policy blindside - Adani and Vedanta are mining ... not just the earth ...

'Return of Kings Run Shows Community Leadership'

NATION: Turnbull's new security suite puts all of us at risk

Mistake to consolidate Premier and Attorney-General portfolios

Please help me. I am in serious trouble ...

Cable car: Stand by your convictions ...

The missed chance goes to China ...

Bring on the election ...

The latest on coal ...

The (lack) of mountain road maintenance

Fullers Bookshop: The First Casualty by Peter Greste

The Downfall of Amnesty International (Part 1)

Mingling amidst our forest elders

NATION: Turnbull’s fake gas crisis upstaged by Dutton’s real cruelty

Ross Bridge Festival

'Premier Must Explain Why Liberals are Taking Chinese Money'

Smaller parliament rips us all off

First Day ... October

'Fragrance highrise a backdrop to community concerns over development laws'

A sad day for pyjama manufacturers ...

Help! Dad's leaving my inheritance to his floozy ...

Southern Outlet: sleep disturbance from trucks at night

'TasWater takeover bad policy based on scare tactics'

A philosopher’s view of the same sex marriage debate

Richard Flanagan In Conversation with Phillip Adams

4WD tracks in the Tarkine: The Wilderness Society's submission to the Commonwealth ...

Aboriginal Education and the 800 large

Vision Drum

NATION: Abbott attacks Turnbull on two fronts

The absurdity of a 25-seat Parliament ...

Father of Hare-Clark: Andrew Inglis Clark (1848-1907)

Wind on kunanyi/Mt Wellington and MWCC's proposed cable car ...

NATION: Turnbull government marks two years of inertia, paralysis and failure

'Renowned Wilderness man, Les Southwell, dies aged 88'

'Gutwein's Major Projects Legislation will deliver Fragrance Skyscrapers for Hobart and Launceston'

Federal Group’s 20 year haul

The Sacred Trust of Ross Heritage

Clean Coal is Just Dirty Coal – Here’s the Facts!

FT's coming of age?

'Businesses call on political leaders to act to protect Tasmanian communities and economy ...'

The Viability Report has yet to be formally released ...

The Liberal National [Coalition] Power Crisis

'Plantation fire sale a short-sighted subsidy for Hodgman’s native forest logging'

'Disappointment at Government’s delaying tactics'

Revisiting the good, the bad ... and the ugly ...

A Pumped-hydro Bonanza for Tasmania ... ?

How to fix our hospitals

NATION: Our little Aussie Bwana

If only Turnbull had some authority ...

Norfolk Island business confidence slumps following Australian Government takeover

Cucumber Straighteners: Well done Charles Vivian ...

ABC Bias or the ABCs of Cognitive Bias?

'Dodgy Brothers, Lennon and Gay, Back in Business'

'Leaked takayna 4WD track decision a betrayal of reconciliation'

Gadfly on Eric ...

'Threatened Species Unit should be added to threatened list on International Threatened Species Day'

Love, Truth and Noodles for North Korea

'Government move to cost councils up to $45.7 million a year'

'Spirit Walker walks out on meeting with Prime Minister'

'Permits for the Tamar Valley pulp mill remain valid'

I will give these most interesting objects to the QV ...

NATION: Super Mal of Monaro

A ‘Contradictor’ - The Club - and the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

A guide to parliamentary democracy ...

I have never seen so much butt-covering ...

'SNF: Top barrister handed over explosive file on murder - he didn’t foresee reaction'

First Day ... September ...

PULP MILL: It's official. WE WON!!!! We really, really did ...

'State Growth Consultation Summary does not accurately represent the views ...'

'Tasmania dawdling in renewable energy challenge'

The Pokies Horror ...

NATION: Whatever The High Court decides, Turnbull lost the nation

'Sold to the highest bidder'

'Call-In Power Planning Laws Recipe for Corruption'

Room 39 and Forestry in Tasmania – Is There a Connection?

Despoliation by developers ...

'RTI Confirms Liberals at Behest of Salmon Farming Industry'

The Archbishops' hurtful and damaging NO Pastoral Letter

Takata's killer canisters?

Chinese Dragon Gobbling Up Australia and NZ

A China Tale from Tibet ...

'Rainforest logging submission highlights flaws in special species plan'

Why is this?

Why you should buy a house. Right now!

Tarkine - A Sumac National Park here we come!

'RFA “Death Sentence” for Swift Parrot'

Vigil for Sue Neill-Fraser: eight years in jail, still no final answers

Eric Abetz: What the High Court said ...

The Hope of Saving the Far N/W Tas Seabed from Salmon farms ...

The Rise of the Sleeping Midget

NATION: Turnbull government loses the plot in its worst week ever ...

Will the ALP Dance to Lennon and Old’s Pokies Play List?

Cultural deviation and the Conservative Coalition

Why and how English law is a taxpayer-funded racket, luckily for Cardinal George Pell

Eric Abetz MUST resign

Mincing my words ...

'Federal and State Governments admit that world's largest freshwater lobster is in trouble'

They will be wrong ...

Is the pot calling the kettle black ... ?

NATION: Macho Mal ...

A pleading letter to the Derwent Valley Council

Contrarian Views On Temperature Have Melted Away ...

Forestry economics is a form of brain damage!

Adding insult to injury ....

'Bill of Rights introduced into Parliament'

How long did Senator Eric Abetz hold dual citizenship: 16 years ...?

The likelihood of a Hung Parliament ...

Reconciling takayna

Reviewed! Game of Mates

'TCT calls for Peter Gutwein to rule out special deal for Fragrance Tower'

'Four Corners exposes crisis in nation’s recycling industry while government sits silent'

Tasmanians 4 Tasmania ...

NATION: Turnbull’s terror bust raises big questions over his government and his leadership

Eric Abetz: Expect a question ...

Only governments can stem the tide of tourism sweeping the globe

'Gutwein wants TasWater as a cash-cow, says ex-Huon mayor'

'Manus Island death at Dutton’s feet'

'Minister Barnett’s assurance contradicted by the EPA on the Shree bond'

First Step ...

Mt Wellington and the cable car: The quick and easy road ...

The story of whisky in Tasmania ...

'VDL sale opponents were right'

'Commercial fisherman launches Okehampton Bay occupation' Federal approval ...

NATION: Mr Abetz ... and the anomaly of citizenship ...

'Alarming report into sexual assault and harassment at university'

Death by Airbag ...

NZ’s Conservation Minister Shows 'Sad' Wild Animal Hatred?

The net tightens ... Abetz and his German Citizenship and Renunciation

Do the Liberals Really Want to Destroy the Logging Industry ... ?

The Long Goodbye ...

NATION: Turnbull's super-ministry ...

Ludlam and Abetz: The Goose and the Gander ...

When is an airbag not an airbag ... ?

'Ex-mayor calls for Huon-Kingborough LG reform talks'

'Cable Car Enabling Bill Strong Echoes of Paul Lennon and John Gay'

The View from the Top

NATION: G20 no ode to joy

The Great Australian Minerals and Energy Resources Rip-Off ...

The dissolution of Forestry Tas ... and its feeble attempt to obtain FSC

'Macquarie Harbour Waste Collection Needs Independent Monitoring'

NATION: Not easy being Green ...

The Frankland Forests – The Clock is Ticking Down Fast

James Thornton: Saving the planet, one court case at a time

Silvertail subversives: the men aiming to change a system in which they prosper

Cardinal George Pell charged with at least three serious sex offences

FOXES: Tasmania’s fantastic joke

Saving for Kids (no more tears)

Personal Statement from Kristie Johnston

Eagles about ... Eagles about ...

NATION: Corks pop for Gonski 2.0 but Turnbull government has nothing to celebrate ...

NATION: Turnbull government in crisis as ministers face contempt charges

Who runs politics? The Dead Camel Party? The Shitters’ Party?

Just Incredible ... the $70 million payout ...

Lilydale Water Supply: correcting a $7m error ...

'BirdLife Australia calls for immediate end to the Tasmanian RFA and logging on Bruny Island'

LIES ...

Unofficial Dark Mofo fringe event to protest forestry firestorms

'Legal slip strengthens case to remove Minister Gutwein from local government portfolio'

NATION: Trump's Paris exit spells real trouble for Turnbull

Strategies, strategies everywhere ...

After Mabo ...

How is money to fight Ice being spent ... ?

Scathing audit report confirms Tassal breaking state laws

Democracy is sick – long live democracy

Is it true: The Rosemary Armitage saga ... ?

The DarkMofo/Nitsch Debate ...

Do we really wish to be known as Phallus City ... ?

'Spectacular fail for patients and staff is outrageous ...'

NATION: Mar a Lago Hillbillies ...

The wooden skyscrapers that could help to cool the planet ...

A Human Rights Act for Tasmania ...

Gutwein's TasWater asset grab would hurt ratepayers, says Huon's former mayor

'They do not allow construction of high rise buildings in their cities’ historic heart ...'

John Hawkins' questions for Senator Abetz ...

NATION: A narcissistic, immature Turnbull government ...

Fish farming in Macquarie Harbour ...

What Bob Brown's High Court challenge is all about ...

New Animal Cruelty Exposé Adds to Mounting Pressure on DPIPWE

What a lot of bull ...

'The people of Glenorchy have already suffered enough ...'

'An erosion of trust. An erosion of human rights. An erosion of dignity ...'

Gutwein denies Huon a role in LG reform process ...

A Death In Interview Room 1

The wondrous (bloody) Art of Hermann Nitsch ...

Gutwein should foot the Huon council inquiry bill, says former mayor

The MH 370 Search & Track Records at Pine Gap ...

Why ... ?

NATION: Trunbull blindly follows Trump ...

Burge v Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Hypocrisy of Eric Abetz

Canadian trade ministry bows to Malaysian tycoon over OECD standards

Long distance transport of Tasmanian animals ...

Huon council short-shrifts former mayor's plea to pay his legal costs ...

Old farts ...

Deconstructing the Disability Trump Card

That 1000-pound Gorilla on Mount Wellington: An Occupational Health and Safety issue

This is the man ...

Crescent Bay 'substantially commenced'. No it isn't ... !

Launch of 'Losing Streak' today (March 14) ...

Punctuality is the Politeness of Princes ...

One for the Men: On Prostitution and Thankfulness

Will Ross be Moved? (Part 2)

Who judges the judges? The latest on civil liberties ...

White Paper or Whitewash?

Will Ross be Moved? ~ Part I

Drinking water is a human right

Jacqui Lambie: Invective and white noise ...

I might yet vote for the Liberals ...

'Forestry Tasmania: Illegal roading in the Tarkine'

The Human Microwave – Will We Get One?

Seafish Tasmania, Cocaine, Trawlers and a fine Stink ...

The grotesque failure of MIS plantations ...

What Happened to the Republic Malcolm?

Fencing rivers, or what you do when you don’t want to do anything ... !

Releasing vulnerable people from the oppression of our own government ...

The Frankland River Forest: an Impending Liberal Siege ...

TICT’s Ambit Claim = More Wilderness Development ...

Change The Date

Dawn of the Centrelink Robot ...

NATION: Trump's new world disorder catches Turnbull government napping

Plastic Pollution and our Noxious Consumerism

Sexual assaults at the Falls Festival ...

The growing financial crisis in Tasmania’s newspaper industry

Will Jacqui Lambie back Big Media’s merger plans?

Foxes: A letter to Dr Vanessa Goodwin

If it does succumb, it will take any hopes of reviving the Tasmanian forestry industry with it ...

People of Tasmania would like to know ...

The War on Welfare ...

Boycotts ramp up on The Body Shop and L'Oreal

NATION: All tip and no iceberg ...

The Liberals Plan to Flog off Taroona’s School Bushland

Feminists celebrate MPs' defeat of Victorian Birth Certificate Bill

Tarkine Gems Threatened by Future Liberal Logging

End discrimination against Tasmania ...

Foxes ...

NATION: Into the gutter with Dutton ...

Talking of failures ...

Purple Ribbon takes message to White Ribbon Australia

NATION: Kiss your ring of steel ...

The family of the case study is without primary income, a husband and a father ...

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill offers hope to Tasmanians

Ruby, Camilla, and all that lovely prickly, tasty, delicious gorse ...

Trumped into Climate Change

Young Labor Didn't Do its Homework

MPs abandon rule of law

What is your view on what caused the Basslink failure?

Survivors Slam Young Labor's sex industry policy

'First protect human life ... then irreplaceable natural and cultural heritage values ... '

Where do survivors fit in Australian sex industry research?

Major Victory for Protection of the Southern Ocean

SSM: Santamaria, Tony Abbott, Cardinal Pell, John Howard, self-appointed guardians of morality ...

Renewed confidence in the private forest sector ...

Fight corruption to end conflict

Trans Activists Trumped By Their Own Flawed Policies

A concerned politician’s guide to donations reform

Basslink: The very secretive State Government ...

New Forests and its $5m feasibility study ...

NATION: Creepy Clown hysteria ...

TasWater Should Report in Real-Time, Says Legislative Council

Parliament should reject 'jail without justice' plan

The reluctance of Tasmanian authorities ...

A response to the news that ...

Lincoln’s irreverent sense of humour and joie de vivre ...

Passion in the raw down Huon way. SACKED! Taylor is Commissioner ...

The sale of the Printing Authority of Tasmania

Women, men who identify as women, feminists and Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner

Punishing offensive behaviour

Whistleblowers Tasmania backs call for Parliamentary Inquiry ...

Off the Back of a Truck ...

Likely cause of Basslink failure is the Geelong Star

Will Tourism assist Vandalism?

Was NZ’s OSPRI the successful business model for the Tasmanian false-fox program ... ?

Just bad manners or something more sinister?

NATION: Turnbull's backflip marks a year of stunning under-achievement ...

How political donations distort democracy

Shooting the messenger … a subjective analysis of a new millennium Tasmanian inquest

Dastyari-bashing a risky gambit for Turnbull

The Goose and the Gander ... Dastyari and Harriss

Australia has lost its way

Petition: Stop Hillwood Clearfell

Jacqui ... and Cory ...

HVC’s $54,000 BoI defence is still under wraps

Burning down the Aboriginal bark hut at the Tarremah Steiner school ...

Erich ... and 18C ...

Can secret political donations be justified?

Careers Australia and its long-running tangle with controversy

Susan Neill-Fraser faces her 8th year in Risdon prison

Why Huon Valley Council should still be sacked

Animal protection does not win votes ...

Mines must pay levy and mining whistleblowers need protection ...

NZ: The incredible costs of Predator-Free

LINGIARI: Until the chains are broken

Before it happens, here is the news from the Huon ...

Rodney Croome: this is personal – why I can't resign myself to a plebiscite

NZ: The warning to Tasmania ...

Pokies: Tassie players are sheep being shorn ... or sheep being skinned ...

1080 Smoke and Mirrors ...

Torture and the whole damned thing ...

NATION: We could have had a Royal Commission into Australian banks ...

Melbourne Writers' Festival Panel Dispute Exposes Anti-Survivor Agenda

Takayna Forests ... Masterpiece ...

The King Hit ...

Nigel Scullion not interested in child abuse: Does that ring a Pell?

Four Corners: Dylan Voller releases letter apologising for crimes, thanking community for support

Huon Valley Guessing Games: The Plot Thickens

Royal Commission into banking, financial services: Why ASIC cannot do the job

Our Rural Roads (Part 8): Tourism and all that jazz

Victorian (and Tasmanian) Liberal Party ex-director jailed for stealing $1.5m from party coffers

A Cry from the Heart: Suffering under government / centrelink / service providers ...

Mayor Coad rejects Huon Council’s Mediation Tactics

Why does our outrage just fade away ... ?

Huon Valley Guessing Games: A council with no shame

SMH pulls Neill-Fraser article, apologises to Tim Ellis ...

Tasmania Police to look further into Fox Taskforce allegations

Tobacco industry duplicity, legal arguments, the Legislative Council ...

UK: lost, divided and alone

The outrage at the Australian government takeover of Norfolk Island

POKIES: What the Candidates reckon ...

Neighbours of Fish Farming: What the candidates say ...

Lapoinya: What a waste ...

A new approach to democracy

The questions around Biosecurity Tasmania's review ...

The 'attack on the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1999' ...

A poisoned chalice ...

Let’s hear it for the voiceless, and those left behind ...

Nikolic complaint to be referred to Anti-Discrimination Tribunal

Future for Norfolk’s Tourist Accommodation Houses looks Bleak

Huon Valley Council: Read for Yourself ...

Unsustainable Tasmanian waste management

Call the 2016 elections off - chaos for postal voters

Australians care about political finance – and they want to see the system tightened

How taxpayers are obliged to fund a racket

No bribes please, we’re corrupt Australians!

Damning findings on training company spark calls for Tasmanian Liberals to return donations

Paul Mason warns political journalists: 'You have no real idea what is going on'

Why we need a Royal Commission into banking and financial services

Tasmanian Liberals land private training company as a major donor

BASSLINK: Tasmania's power crisis

Let's dare to talk about it … a message of hope

Firefighting review confirms TWWHA values protection bungle

PNG gives middle finger to selfish Australian overlords ... and good on them

Government chooses polluters over people with Adani

NATION: PNG's Supreme Court rules detention of asylum seekers on Manus illegal. Punitive, immoral...

Port Arthur memorial service to mark 20th anniversary of massacre

Norfolk Islanders Occupy Former Parliament Grounds ...

A poem as lovely as a tree ...

The recolonisation of Norfolk Island is a heavy-handed act of regression

A Sham ...

Unions say Eric Abetz a hypocrite over concerns a federal Icac would harm reputations

Report highlights crisis facing Tasmania’s low income renters

Stephen Colbert mocks Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apology video

NATION: Probe needed into $4b meltdown of failed forestry schemes

STATE, Mutual Valley: Logging is scheduled to commence today ...

NATION: It's on, July 2 Poll

Prostitution – the global humanitarian disaster of the 21C

NorMAC Nastiness in Hobart: A response

Federal Hotels' $25M Bluff

Why shouldn’t we raise the legal smoking age to 21 ... ?

Tasmanians say: ‘Show Us Our Drinking Water Data’

Human rights atrocity in Victorian psychiatric hospitals

STATE: Blue Derby, nature tourism revival that could be lost to logging. ERIC and Libs' ticket ...

Tasmanian MLC queries police progress on complaint alleging fabrication of fox evidence

Naïve at best. Appalling at worst ...

'NorMAC nastiness in Hobart'

Wentworth Park ...

Greens to move motion calling for Royal Commission into the Financial Sector

The case for integrity ...

Five out of five reasons for a Royal Commission

Please Minister Gutwein ... Listen to Mike Newell's (7HO) interview with Mayor Coad ...

Humans and the environment: New Zealand's lessons for Tasmania ...

Pro sex trade group Vixen Collective ramps up campaign ...

NATION: PM's COAG gambit fails while Uranium sales to Ukraine proceed. Newspoll ...

Women and girls the big losers in Options Paper ...

John Hawkins' submission to the Senate inquiry into MIS

Submission on the role of the criminal justice system ...

Australia’s private pathology lobby shifts political donations strategy

Download Clarion ...

Peter Coad walks out ...

Who profits from the sex trade?

Senator Eric Abetz: why dumping me was a big mistake

The passenger on Team Australia: Is it time to cut Tassie loose?

Air quality ... courtesy of Forestry Tasmania ...

Advance Australia Where ... ?

We serfs, indeed, have a new feudal landlord ...

Stopping attacks on gay people is not an attack on freedom

STATE: Government may end Federal Group's monopoly on poker machines

The Billions lost on MIS ...

The Attorney-General, the Public Trustee and donations to the Tasmanian Liberals

The Critics ...

COMMENT: The right to know & donations to the Tas Liberal Party by the Public Trustee's lobby group

Tasmanian parliament to host screening of explosive pokies documentary ...

What can you expect from a Hydro Board with five business/finance backgrounds ...

Anti-Protest Laws to be Challenged in High Court

Forestry Managed Investment Schemes: $4 billion more reasons for a Royal Commission

Seafish Tasmania fined $40,000. EPA investigation cost $100,000

An outsider's look at the contentious practice of clearfell logging ..

Gaming the system

In Defence of Thoughtful Young People ...

Cr Mike Wilson's Facebook page ...

Calling for help from a lawyer ...

Lapoinya: The Blog ...

Launched! Wanted ...

Fail on key environmental criteria for Forestry Tasmania’s FSC bid

Closing 4WD tracks important first step in permanent protection of takayna/Tarkine

No (poker) machines = healthier communities

MLC Ivan Dean claims false evidence sparked $50m fox hunt

Forestry Tasmania's death throes

Mayor Peter Coad responds to Cr Mike Wilson’s allegations

Why Australia should not become a republic

The Evil Empire Has The World In A Death Grip

'Come Home (Cardinal Pell)': A message from Tim Minchin ...

The ANU graduates of 1975, Forestry Tasmania, Ta Ann Tasmania and Captain Rolley

NATION, STATE: $280m Van Diemen’s Land Company sale decision

What's going on here?

Waking in Fright In the Tasmanian Justice System

Save Mutual Valley demand immediate halt to all operations

HCC's strong anti-pokies stand ...

NATION: How can I help you win today? The politics of fear and division

Businesswoman Jan Cameron plays the long game

Theoretical Malcolm

STATE: Paul Harriss disease spreads to WA ... HARRISS QUITS! Why? Gutwein opposed clearfelling ...

Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it 'probably causes cancer'

Mantach affair would never have happened if Tasmanian Liberals had acted

This Heritage Horse Trough must be returned ...

Branded a rapist for daring to be an NHS whistleblower ...

Locking away our civil rights

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (6)

Protecting the nation from going down the US path ...

NATION: 'The only grave threat I found was to the credibility of the Liberal government'

Why does international condemnation on human rights mean so little to Australia?

Andrew Robb is running scared on independent TPP scrutiny

Assange warrant still active: UK police

Tasmanian Liberals disclose origins of less than one-fourteenth of income

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (4)

Mark Latham: Former Labor leader says domestic violence a 'coping mechanism' for men

Gutwein Huon probe report due Friday

Government blindness spells doom for an ailing company

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (3)

Racial Reflection Rewritten

Is eco-certification the solution to forest destruction?

'Jessica Hoyt, nurse, mother and a child of the Lapoinya Forest arrested ...'

That illegal Franklin jetty: a question begged?

VDL in Australian hands: What’s in it for Tasmania?

Dual names to preserve Aboriginal heritage

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (1)

Moratorium mocked as exploration expands

Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron plans rival bid to buy Tasmanian dairy giant VDL

Three Capes Track - it is free if you camp ...

Sex offender's sentence must be appealed

Cronulla ...

The future of human rights in Australia

The slow-burn, devastating impact of tobacco plain packs

Will Tasmania be left as the last state without regulation of political donations?

Who are the invisible major donors behind the Tasmanian Liberal Party?

Three Capes Walking – The Denial of Freedom

Federal Hotels nonsense

Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia ...

The Plan to poison Lord Howe Island ...

Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

The Tasmanian Politician ... and the powerful will of Mr Farrell ...

A miscarriage of justice ...

Tasmania Report: A Tale of Two Tasmanias

$7.5 million ... for a done (FSC) deal ... ?

Don't sell off the farm ...

Former Gunns boss John Gay should not have to pay back money made from insider trading, lawyers say

Is what has now become a failed equalisation scheme, to be the Coalition’s legacy?

This is appalling ...

Review of Integrity Commission Act 2009

'Building plan threatens heritage-listed trees'

Mal Brough and Mr Ashby ...

What the leaders say about Marriage Equality ...

VDL sale: Chinese businessman Lu Xianfeng revealed as buyer

TODAY: Registered Clubs Association of NSW folds ...

Researchers suspect fox evidence fabrication, Tasmania Government opts not to investigate

Report Dispels Myth of Cheap Tassie Rent

Inside the tiny village in Gujarat riven by the sex trade

Anglicare is opposed to the transfer of titles of Tasmanian public housing properties

Man charged in relation to disappearance of funds from a Victorian Parliamentary Party

Legal Aid has been reduced to a shadow of itself and people are denied access to justice

Brighton Council votes unanimously to join anti-pokies’ groups

PARIS: You can't Bomb the World to Peace ...

An Argument for Assisted Dying in Australia: Andrew Denton’s Di Gribble Argument in full

Shame on the Pokies industry ...

Nikolic complaint: UTAS refuses to renew employment of outspoken lecturer

The Pokies Cup. Five Runners. What are the odds?

Amnesty's disturbing report ...

'My body was not mine, but the US Military's'

COMMENT: Does the Tasmanian Government really know what its policy is on pathology privatisation?

Trust's 'disgraceful amendment'. Keep the mountain as is, says Don Knowler ...

Government House: Kate Warner honours the EDO ...

NATION: Get your snout out of the trough ... GST

The malady: why untrained judges need help from ordinary people

Federal Hotels' predicament

All bets are off if deal’s lost: Greg Farrell puts heat on Libs ... will they buckle ... ?

A Human Rights Scandal – by Kat Banyard

Michael Ware's war record

Closing down FOI: a case study in sneaky government

Arrest in Kiwi 1080 Baby Food Scare Clears Public

Copping Toxic Lawsuit Discontinued: 'More than a SLAPP suit'

Unions raise concerns around corruption allegations in Chinese partners

Whatever the truth of Garrett’s story, it’s about gambling industry politics & influence

Burning off: This risky situation is completely unacceptable ...

Who murdered Lulu ... ? Contamination scare ...

Tasmania's Farrell family moves up in Australia's rich list

Wilkie: A statement regarding the possible bribery of politicians

Loughnane’s departure allows for Mantach truth to come out

Resignation of Integrity Commission Chief Executive Officer

DwDTas praises Californian Governor for signing assisted dying law

Rewilding the Earth ... An Ethical Conviction

Booklet makes me feel my family is inferior

NATION: New wine in old bottles. The Summit ...

Former Gunns boss John Gay faces new court action to strip his assets

Complaint against Catholic anti-equality booklet, "Don't Mess with Marriage", to be lodged today

Rape victims and whistleblower speak out about Nauru violence

‘We view this place as home now'

Decriminalise the use of small amounts of illicit drugs ...

Je suis Karen

'Absolute insult ...' 'Wedging the Mayor ...' 'Threat to residents ...'

Integrity in Public Office Reforms Defeated

Plug and Play ... the Neo-Wilderness Experience

Integrity Commission Right on Gift Policy Problems

Uruguay shows the way by leaving secret trade deal

David Walsh takes on the Farrells ...

Geelong Star: The Grim Reaper ...

Peter Coad: Some issues may not be properly dealt with ...

A light at the end of a decade-long tunnel ...

Franklin Square: International Day Against Live Exports

How can you not despair?

Liberals Back Old, Destructive Loser. The Blackmail Threat ...

What is missing ... is any determination of fault

An Open Letter to John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand

In prison for six years ...

Reply to Herald Sun article about my son: Lambie

Dear PPB Advisory: Possible misuse of public funds to prop up seemingly bankrupt companies

Abbott's war on governance

How English politicians, judges and lawyers went for the money

Tasmania’s suburban theft hotspots revealed

It is outrageous ... Abbott rejects Greens call to open doors ...

Expert internal advice to Government identified logging will ‘significantly affect WH values'

NATION: A conga line of clowns and illusionists. FLANAGAN on Border Force. DYSON stays put ...

Heroic Clare Rewcastle Brown as Malaysia teeters ...

Not Gunns again ...

Lucille ...

1080: Chemotherapy or Holocaust for the NZ Ecosystem

NATION: Theatre of the Absurd. 'Sleepwalking'. The Christian Right. Greste. Bart ...

Stalin would be proud ...

EDO Tasmania ... Not a cracker ...

Native forest policy full of loopholes and inadequate to protect species and climate

Gutwein Preparing to Roll Over to Federal

Victorian Liberals made no checks on alleged embezzler. Nothing to see here, say Page and Archer ...

Goodwin Puts Environment at Risk

Victorian Liberal Party probes missing $million-plus. Tassie Libs in damage control ...

Kellam's warning as Will says: 'There's nothing to see here ...'

NATION: Abbott's pigeons come home to roost

Dyson Heydon ... and the Sir Garfield Barwick Address

Amnesty votes to support pimps, johns and brothel owners

Let’s rule out brown paper bag donations

Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin ...

Stranger Danger ... Talk to your child ...

Carbon accounting & FT profitability

Ta Ann, Forestry Tasmania and the loss-making Take-or-Pay Contracts

NATION: Round 1 to Skink and Snake ...

The 'appalling consultation' over planning scheme changes ...

Rob Walls' Picture Essay of today's (Sat) Hobart City Hall rally in support of ...

Lambie’s heartfelt plea for mandatory detox

NATION: Bronny ... the 'bad' system's poor 'victim'. PM Tony: Worst ever? Abetz ...

Future of Carmichael mine hinges not on skinks or snakes, but its business case

A renegade trawler, hunted for 10,000 miles by vigilantes

Bronny: Worse than getting your wisdom teeth out ...

Mt Lyell: At last ... the charges ...

Factory Trawler Cries Poor at Dolphin Protection Measures

Are Australians the worst drivers in the world?

Dirty Money and Dirty Deals

Liberals Must Rule Out Changes to Permits

I fear this coming weekend may be my last as a member of the once-proud ALP ...

Door to door community-led campaign of Taroona finds 71 per cent support for marriage equality

Barnaby Joyce hates sheep as well as dogs and cows!

NATION: Poor, Poor Joe ...

Rolley laments Gunns mill blunder

NATION: A hole in the heart ...

What prostitution really means for women

Amnesty PR machine in overdrive

Rupert Murdoch's News UK shamed by failure to pay legal costs

Activists target Myer for sponsoring animal cruelty

Landmark $25,000 penalty for torrent of anti-gay abuse

INTERNATIONAL: Iran nuclear deal moves to battleground of US Congress

Community Engagement Policy Options: Battery Point Foreshore Access ...

Amnesty International ... the sex trade's new best friend

Amnesty International condemned over fast-tracking of sex laws policy

Chinatown ...

The hemp industry frustration ...

Geelong Star now completely off the leash ...

Advocates call for Tas Gov to enforce gay-hate decision

Abbott urged to play fair, not foul on marriage equality bill

The bid to crush the green movement

US Supreme Court delivers marriage equality ... bittersweet for Australia

Integrity Committee report a missed opportunity

Sue Neill-Fraser and Dr Bob Moles ...

Come on Sue ... spill the beans ...

Sara ... Behind The Wire ,,,

Victorians explain how they will take over Aboriginal legal services in Tasmania

How Wild is the Tarkine Wilderness?

'I forgive you ...'

Sue Neill-Fraser and the Australian Women's Weekly ...

Forestry: The courage to speak out ...

Iraq: It's time for an inquiry ...

Tasmanian Integrity Commission should act on Forestry Tasmania

A pathetic attempt at justifying an atrocious decision

When will Justice be done?

Andrew Nikolic: The man who would tell the ABC how to tell us how to think

Patriot Games

Judges pervert ...

Forestry Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie MP and the tabled document ...

Andrew Wilkie: Time for a Royal Commission into Forestry Tasmania. TV Pulp Mill spruiked ...

Peter Gutwein, I am appalled at the inadequate response you have sent me, Another $10m for FT

Rodney writes a book ...

World Heritage delegation seeks protection for Tasmanian Wilderness

Queen's Birthday honours: Former political leaders and legal minds head Tasmania's list

Land of the Northwestern Redneck ...

I approached the Labor government ... but they would not help

TCT shares Tasmanian Environment Association doubts on Single Statewide Planning Scheme

Is There a Need for a Better Criminal Investigation Regime in Tasmania?

Famous historian inaccurate on Napoleon ...

Isla's Feminist Roundup ...

Tony Abbott is almost certainly a British dual citizen — and so he can't be our PM

Gillian Triggs has the right to criticise politicians' use of power, says Labor

The questions around the NBN rollout

The liquidation of Nature

Advocates to pursue legal challenge against anti-bias exemption

NATION: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Why We Torture Asylum Seekers ...

NATION: Hairy-chested, Tough Guy stuff ...

Drug Running, Executions and The Whole Damned Thing

Whatever happened to Murray Kellam and Tassie's toothless tiger?

Budget drives Sydney pensioner to spend $25,000 on Alaskan holiday

NATION: Gina Rinehart, Barnaby Joyce slammed for 'extraordinary' actions during trust case

RFA: We are concerned by the lack of openness ...

A simple yes or no will suffice

How I Didn’t Become A Victim To Bullying: Caroline Dean, TEDxQueenstown

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

Australia: The only Anglosphere nation without marriage equality ...

Nick Davies, a journalist who investigated his own

Religious freedom does not extend to excluding children ...

Greens say Australia should take Rohingyan refugees

STATE: UTAS students risk arrest for fossil free divestment

Tasmania’s environmental laws leave plenty of room for improvement

Off-road motorists' continued use of Tarkine tracks makes farce of ban

Tassie couple's NZ ceremony fulfills their dream to marry ...

Lucille Butterworth - Tasmania's Oldest and Most Baffling Murder?

Submit to two really important reviews ...

Sarawak Report: Action on corruption at last ...

Government must come clean on Forestry exit funds fraud and non-compliance

STATE: MIS post mortem. Forestry job losses

Geelong Star dolphin deaths condemned by Senate

Lucille: Four people of interest in 46yo case, Tasmanian coroner says

The Tarkine Coast – A Wildlife Refuge

Petition to Ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture

STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

NATION: A serious own-goal by the brain dead. Chan, Sukumaran ...

Why Does 1080 Poison Make Kiwis Like Lewis Angry?

Hard line on refugees undermines principled opposition to execution

New report finds need for fundamental change in Tasmania’s forest laws

Paul Harriss Pretence: FT closer to closure

Bigots' Charter passes despite growing community concern

WORLD: Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran executed by Indonesian firing squad

WORLD: Hold your fire President Widodo; What are you trying to hide?

The Great Plunder ... Wilkie revelation. Booth ...

Neither Knights, nor the bastard gentry

Tasmania introduces “religious freedom” legislation, just days after Indiana scraps it

State of imprisonment: Tasmania escapes 'law and order' infection

Public-interest journalism is under threat ...

Super Trawler ban must ban Super Trawlers. Don Knowler: The forgotten stakeholders ...

What comes after sorry?

Spot the Similarities

Andrew Nikolic ... and Anzac Day ...

I would be delighted to take a trip to Hobart ...

Hobart City Council unanimously backs marriage equality motion

NATION: Taxing times for Senate sub-commitee

Abbott is of course not the only liar in public life ...

Hobart council aldermen expense claims under scrutiny

Minister Harriss to hand 61,500 hectares of Tarkine reserves to mining speculators

Will Whiteley condemn quad-bike riding vandals?

The Way We Were ...

A dog's death from 1080 poisoning ...

The genius of the common law ...

No wonder he's grinning ...

Lapoinya ...

Prostitution: A Word That UN Women Do Not Want to Hear

Australia ... be outraged by the real terror

HERETIC: Why Islam needs a Reformation NOW

Legal persons at risk for cartel conduct

Flabbergasted ... !

University Stands up to Political Bullying

Miserable reading ...

A history of two legal systems in 700 words ...

Break the Federal Group monopoly

Jacqui Lambie goes into bat for Diggers

An extraordinary invasion of privacy of an ordinary private citizen. Examiner tale vanishes

Hockey v Fairfax: another strong headwind buffeting responsible journalism

Another Super Trawler heading to Australia

Mr Nikolic MP, Dr Powell and freedom of expression ...

Leading Tasmanians defend Safe Schools program

Assange says Swedish about-face a victory

NATION: Resist the Fear and Loathing. First Dog ...

Triggs was attacked for defending the powerless – and one day another PM will apologise for it

Dying Like An Animal: The Price Of Empathy And How Governments Use Yours Against You

NATION: You should care about Brandis’s Creeper Laws. Jamal Rifi. 4-Corners ...

Julian Burnside: Independent media for reality's sake

The Prescience of Evan Whitton

ALP's abrogation on the insidious metadata legislation

Things that can't last ... FT fails the test, says Examiner

Indonesian President Joko Widodo's son begs him to spare Chan and Sukumaran

Lambie refuses to be intimidated by a beheading threat

Terrified of terrorists?

Toxic TasWater, Part 2 ~ From the Operating Room to a Public Meeting with the Health Minister

Brandis must resign

NATION: National security ...

The Dodgy USD$700,000,000 Loan Deal At The Heart Of 1MDB’s Mega Debt Crisis

The Ghost Woodchip Carriers Of Tasmania

Let's Do The Time Warp Again: Senator Colbeck Is Repeating Labor Mistake

David Hicks wins appeal against terrorism conviction

An 'Unscientific' Reading of the Case

Tasmania’s whole-of-government LGBTI leadership

How the law protects serial rapists and organised criminals

Tanya Plibersek: my husband's life after drug conviction shows what Bali Nine pair have to offer

Children in detention exposed to danger, Human Rights Commission finds

Tax Office knew about Australians channelling money into Swiss accounts

Wales follows Scotland and votes in favour of fracking moratorium

Tasmania ditches defamation law changes after public backlash

Social and Economic Impact Study Report, The Federal Group

Companies suing critics. That's the real enemy of free speech

Indonesian and World Hypocrisy on the Drugs Issue

A prize that pales all others

Terrorism 101: A little history ...

Ten things to watch on and after election night in Queensland

Former corruption commissioner fears for the future of good governance

Hicks, Brandis, Guantanomo ... and fear

Something in the Water ... An urgent need to re-evaluate

NATION: Manus; We must act ...

A request for the removal of an Eric Abetz ad

Call for State and Uni to dump Taib Mahmud ... and Ta Ann

Tasmanian achievement a matter of national pride

Fact-Checking Julia Jabour and Indi Hodgson-Johnston

STATE: The Irony; France, Tasmania ... and Freedom of Speech

The Smith Street Band attacks Tony Abbott's refugee policy with new song

Dickens on our corrupt legal system

Saudi Arabia's history of hypocrisy we choose to ignore

Wilderness – going, going, gone!

Free Ranging the Tarkine – An ATV Invasion

World Heritage Desecration

Keogh free: Royal Commission needed

How to be an ace reporter

Stand up ... before our capacity to do so is stolen from us ...

Government to Enable SLAPP Suits ... the only state in Australia

STATE: Deal ... or No Deal? Revelations from the Triabunna Chip Mill Inquiry ...

NATION: How Scott Morrison was parachuted in ...

Gamergate: Swedish gaming companies tackle sexism in video games

Tasmanian DPP Tim Ellis gets suspended jail sentence, driving ban over fatal crash

Bank anger

Why Australia is a paradise for white collar criminals

How to squash an economy

FT and the Economic Regulator

Tarkine: International call to protect nation's heritage

Hopefully we can start to deal with this matter ...

The Withdrawal of Grand Theft Auto V

Civil Liberties in Peril Down Under

Another B.S Woodchip Myth Busted!

FT and FSC: Accreditation is simply Not Possible. Your $30 million to subsidise FT ...

Tim Ellis, Tasmanian DPP, loses death by negligent driving appeal

Criminalising dissent: anti-protest law is an ominous sign of the times

Feminists please don't shut up ...

Unique Plan a Recipe for Secret Deals for Liberal Mates

Rust Belt 2.0 - What will the China-Australia deal mean for Australian jobs?

The Consequences of fox baits

Can it get more ridiculous?

Who’s knocking on Tasmania’s aldermanic doors?

NATION: Renewable energy target thrown into confusion as negotiations collapse

Tasmania touted as humane, cost-effective, productive asylum seeker solution

Minister Hunt must act after Tasmanian Government commits to destruction of Aboriginal heritage

Obituary: Barbara Zochling - 17.1.1938 - 15.10.2014

Tasmania Police Manual – release of RTI documents

Libs and live animal export: Evil death cult

Criminalising Nature Lovers

STATE: How are things going, Will?

This genuine Aussie talent ... and Tassie busking laws

Why the anti-protest bill is necessary to achieve FSC ...

Committee grabs for power

Norfolk Island dies while Australian Government thieves and thrives (2)

Global Efforts to Protect Southern Ocean Blocked by China and Russia

'Frightening the community into silence ... ' Bill passes. FT's $43m loss ...

The plan to undermine the Land Rights Act

Ice: The destruction of my tenant's life ...

Medical Cannabis: Dear Mr Hodgman ...

Mary and Mohammad meet Parliament

Tolerating disrespect will lead to bullying

Trading away the National Interest

Five months and still no answer on Nelson Bay River Mine breach.

ICC asked to prosecute Abbott government. Refugee Convention Death Knell ...

Where's the acknowledgement that a crisis exists?

Is the taxpayer entitled to any level of basic health protection ... ?

An open invitation to corruption ...

STATE: The Inquiry is plunging Triabunna back into a state of grief. UPDATE ...

STATE: The Gift Register: When is a donation not a gift?

STATE: Time for peace with foreshore residents

Tas Libs slammed over 'shameful' vote against marriage equality

Triabunna Intrigue

Bill C-36, the Canadian government's prostitution bill, passes

Does Fairness Matter ... ?

This is an important moment in the life of Spring Bay Mill

Abalone industry fears over Salmon Farms

What Damon Thomas says about Myer ...

Government is seeking to go way beyond what is necessary

Abolishing Integrity: 'Straight out of the Campbell Newman Playbook'

An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Greens are needed now more than ever

Legal prostitution in Europe: the shady facade of human trafficking

NATION: National security law an outrageous attack on press freedom in Australia

The Shame ...

Playing favourites on tourism

Tasmanian Government told: Throw out flawed protest bill as tinkering won’t fix it

Acts of madness ...

A Bitter Pill to swallow ...

Scotland ... NO!

NATION: The Terror ...

Over to you Mr Nikolic ...

Norfolk Island takes lead on Marriage Equality

I was sexually assaulted ...

Tony Fitzgerald on the parlous state of Queensland and the Courier Mail

'Real-Time' acid on local, state, federal pollies

The Sue Neill-Fraser Trial Transcript ...

Plan to change criminal appeals law

Former Royal Hobart Hospital boss Jane Holden sues Government to clear her name

Witch-Hunter Barnett uncovers a Phoenix ...

Asylum seeker's 'brain death' shows failure of care and of democracy

DPP targets John Gay’s millions ( ... on an equal footing with drug dealing ... )

I could go to jail for this next month

The callous, appalling and simplistic response of Brett Whiteley

Sue Neill-Fraser: Two views of her guilt

Sue Neill-Fraser – fundamental failure of the rule of law

John Gay's $3.1m illegal trading windfall pursued by Commonwealth

Harriss Amendments Threaten FSC

I sat ... where my ancestor sat, transported for machine-breaking ...

The Mitchell Judgment

Who is Nathan Carswell?

Hundreds rally to oppose Tasmania’s repressive anti-protest laws

Guy Barnett and The Witch Hunters: Answer these questions, Mr Barnett ...

Tasmania has Important Role to Play to Progress Medicinal Cannabis Trials

Down Memory Lane

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages is Powered by a Dream

Getting to the Truth: Courage and Persistence in Investigative Journalism

Aldermen may be in breach of the LGA over campaign donations - failing to declare gifts

O&A (Objections & Answers) Why should Dr Bob Moles be heard by MPs?

WikiLeaks gag order: open justice is threatened by super-injuctions

'Something You Need To Know...'

The Insincere Campbell Newman. Background Briefing's Qld special

Catastrophic failure of justice system in Sue Neill-Fraser case

No ʻBravoʼ ... Australia!

Shake-Up on Opium Island (Tasmania)

Charlie's cows: To whom it may concern ...

Rupert’s red top: the rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks

All our staff acted in a lawful and professional manner

It's Time To Talk About Sue

'Praise for Thorpe coming out'

NATION: In limbo on the High Seas. Piracy? says Burnside. Coalition stalled. Tax repeal stalls

Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete

Hemp's hamstrung potential

TAP derides proposed anti-protest laws

Poppy company says medical cannabis in Tasmania 'makes sense'

'One law for one, another law for others'

Charlie wins

Save the Tarkine seeks a Statement of Reasons for decision to approve Mt Lindsay Mine Lease

Hutchinson questions TFA conflicts of interest. Harriss. Weber: Appalling allegiance of loggers

Rolf Harris: Mail and Sun blame Leveson inquiry for his 'secret' arrest

Rolf's guilty

Federal Liberals’ repressive anti-environment vendetta

Dark day for democracy but Tasmanians will not be silenced

Bill to Protect Workers From Protesters to be Tabled in Parliament This Week

Rebuked, Rebuffed, Reviled!

Andy Coulson guilty over phone hacking as Rebekah Brooks walks free

DPP Tim Ellis found guilty of causing death by negligent driving

When words are bullets

Call for Federal corruption watchdog

Indigenous people appeal to World Heritage Committee

Abbott left in Obama's wake as US acts on ocean conservation. PLUS: Chaplains

Save the Tarkine welcomes today’s Supreme Court decision

Being respectful at work is NOT optional

Being respectful at work is NOT optional

The Fall of Jane Holden and why it matters

Have we placed too much faith in our forensic sciences?

Gun leak targeted

Abbott Government wastes World Heritage Committee’s time ...

The Gay Verdict: A nation disappointed. The John Lawrence analysis ...

Learning from the mistakes of the US prison regime

The Fearnley dispute

Us v Them, Australia vs Asylum Seekers, Slaves vs Everyone Else: Is there a difference?

Stuart Tipple: Chamberlain 30 Years On and What Lessons Have Been Learned?

Jan Davis: Wisdom prevails in GM case

Health: Integrity Commission's damning indictment

The future of organic and non GM food in Australia is uncertain ...

End this Nation's Shame

Federal parliamentary leadership code and anti-corruption is off the agenda

Vigils in Parliament House Gardens

The Great Western Tiers Tasmania - Listed or Logged?

RSPCA funds ‘threat’ after MP’s son fired

Tasmanian detectives question man over suspected murder of Lucille Butterworth in 1969

Oh ... for a Tassie ICAC ... ?

The Quid pro Quo of Political Patronage

Adoption green light raises questions about marriage

World Heritage Committee rejects Abbott's bid to delist WHA

An attack on pensioners, families, students, workers, the disabled and small business

All-powerful Paul Harriss. Mendicant ($45 million) Ta Ann ...

Cannabis a health issue not a legal one, a Hobart forum hears

Asylum seeker lifeboats stripped of their safety equipment

Andrew Wilkie, Diary of a Manus Island guard: 'They went into tribal mode'

Evil Was Only a Visitor

Historic rally in Tasmania's Upper Florentine Valley

Whither the Liberal Conscience?

Liz Smith - Why I’m standing for the Legislative Council as an independent

In Tasmania, even crooks like Gay can run a business

Mike Baird replaces Barry O'Farrell

Convicted insider trader John Gay cleared to run companies again

Live export industry leaves Wilkie on the dock

What would be the effect on farmers if there was contamination of the water table ... ?

Forests: Reality bites for Paul and Will ...

Japanese whalers plan return to hunt. Abbott turns a blind eye.

400,000 hectares of Tasmanian forests to be logged, not reserved

Shree Minerals admits acid-producing waste to be twenty times higher than approvals for Tarkine mine

We must have the Precious Forests

Public forum on the Government's proposed phasing out of suspended sentences

Opposition leader Bryan Green admits fault over city crash

Victory for the Whales

Their corporate reputation will be tarnished ... The Gunns doco ...

World heritage fabrication exposed at Senate Inquiry

Flight 370: Does Geraldton hold the key?

Tony Fitzgerald QC slams Qld LNP, Newman and Bleijie's 'old, bad habits'

The Great Leap Backward

Brandis amendments to RDA an effective attack on free speech for Aborigines

Premier Hodgman Starts A War He Will Not Win

Andrew Wilkie: Parliament turns its back on problem gamblers

James Hird's wife Tania reveals details of 'tip-off' phone call. Keeping it all in the AFL 'Family'

How Sinodinos stood to gain about $20 million. Arthur's financial woes ...

Another Sad Birthday Lucille

Commonwealth pursues Gay for proceeds of crime

Passengers describe drama of turning asylum seeker boats back

ASADA, the AFL and WADA - The Main Game

What ASIC told me about Korda Mentha ...

What the parties said about access to justice

Fishing authorities say super trawler 'Abel Tasman' banned from Australia can fish in Irish waters

Barbara Etter: PUP is a real threat. Concept Paper on an anti-corruption authority

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Abetz refuses to say if super trawler ban will be made law ...

Senate vote confirms Greens only party standing up for farmers against big mining

Greens introduce Bill to protect the Public Interest against Trojan horse provisions ...

Labor, Greens to hold Senate inquiry into Manus Island violence

East Timor 1, Australia 0.5

The key to who forms the next government ...

Honest Government not on the election agenda for the Major Parties

Five Ideas That May Change How You Think About Privacy

For women’s organisations, a historic step forward towards gender equality ...

More whales slaughtered in whale sanctuary

Cape Barren urgently needs law and order before someone gets killed

Liberals make key commitments but Greens and Labor streets ahead

Sea Shepherd ambushed in night attack ... Open Letter

Forest Protester sent to jail in Tasmania

Major Tasmanian Political Parties Confirm Support For Permanent Super Trawler Ban

Liberals demand answers on why the public has been kept in the dark on AIDS charges

FSC Preliminary Assessment of Forestry Tasmania

Bertrand Cadart races ahead ...

AFL and James Hird: A sad history of ignorance ... The Love-In

Protest in the 21st century: is naked the new balaclava?

Land of the Unfair Go

29 MPs let corporate interest dictate their votes ...

Michael Mansell calls for 7.5 per cent of state land tax ...

Greens to move no confidence on basis of toxic legislation. NGOs warning. Defeated ...

Save the Tarkine applies to Supreme Court for release of secret EPA documents

Find me ...

The Rule Of Law – Tasmanian Style

No Federal Police action on Gay

The Pulp Mill Follies

Former government heads back plan for honest government

An act of little more than foolishness

How Korda Mentha instructed Premier Giddings to act. The Legislation ...

The still unanswered questions about Bob Chappell’s disappearance

Asylum-seeker policy could amount to crime

Taken for a Ride

Overcoming the Tyranny of Distance

Tell me a story… about free trade

Protest in support of Sue Neill-Fraser

FOI details on $100M Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan

Sue Neill-Fraser: the sentencing, blow by blow

Call to suspend oversight of police complaints

Willink's plan for Police Specials

The real reason behind the whaling backflip

Amazing Scenes: Adventures of a Reptile of the Press (1)

Integrity comes from within - but it also needs to be seen from outside

Evan's last extract: How to get justice ...

Focusing on systemic corruption and injustice

When Justice loses its appeal

Be thankful a free press exposes corruption ...

The day Australia failed the test of the most basic common decency ...

Abbott breaks election promise on whales

Big Brother is watching ... and disseminating your personal data ...

I didn't do it, I wasn't there

2013 Review of the Moratorium on GMOs in Tasmania

Legal aid funding crisis

100 days, 40 failures: a preview of a secretive, cruel and chaotic government. MYEFO

The Case for a National Criminal Cases Review Commission

Continued ...

Nepotism claims at the government's north-west health organisation

The Remedy: The investigative system is better in every respect ...

Death of the Forestry Department: Part 3

This trade agreement is big — and much too secret

High Court rejects ACT same-sex marriage laws

Andrew Wilkie: Inquiry needed into Sue Neill-Fraser conviction

Will Abbott dump him?

We’re in the [adversary system] tart shop now, boys

Death of the Forestry Department: Part 2

Tassie's missed opportunity ...

Memo to Tasmania: ’twas an industry done-deal

Tony Fails to Stop The Boats

The House Wins: Gaming Reforms Ditched

Australia Needs a National Response to Miscarriages of Justice

Continued ...

Revealed: Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens

Death of the Forestry Department: Part 1

He was the guy who got the dingo off

Former jail boss speaks out on Tasmania's 'laughing stock' prison

Australian Greenpeace activist Colin Russell granted bail in Russia

This has been sent to all Tasmanian MPs in both the State and Federal Parliaments

“How do those judges sleep at night?”

Exceptional circumstances in the Sue Neill-Fraser case

Federal Hotels: End of a chapter

24 truth-defeating devices (5): Why rape victims vomit on the witness box

RSPCA probe evidence handed to authorities

Free Colin Russell

NATION: In Hiding ... Carbon tax bill introduced. Tony's plan for Tassie

In the face of all this unspeakable cruelty to Australian animals ...

Justice system would be a 'laughing stock'

24 truth-defeating devices (5)

STATE: Buyers Beware; Pulp mill permit may be declared invalid. Jobs go etc ...

You Hypocrites!

The Nation: PM Abbott must break silence and act for Colin Russell

Letter sent to UN regarding arbitrary eviction of public housing tenants

24 truth-defeating devices (4)

The Nation: Senate recount, Clive's victory, Rudd v. Gillard. Ludlam, Dropulich succeed ...

Mining starts in existing Tarkine reserve

It’s a Father Knows Best, big brother, nanny state ...

Captain Paul Watson is back in the USA! Bob Brown to testify

The Red Queens

No body, no weapon, no witnesses. Inquiry into murder conviction essential, says QC

Foxes: Ivan Dean and the Kitchell report

ASIC calls for tougher penalties for white collar crime

Tasmania: Brenton's bitch. Entura's ditch. Same-sex, same result ... ?

Law, morality and the legacy of HLA Hart

Now the Tassie gay marriage bill has been found to be constitutionally safe ...

Antarctic marine reserve threatened by sunset clause. Vigil/Rally, Hobart, Monday

24 truth-defeating devices (3)

The conservative – and quite bizarre - view that growing industrial hemp ...

Australia: Climate laggard lashed. Al Gore responds to Tony ...

Advocates call for Upper House to act on marriage law ...

'Illegal' label lashed

Release of 'game-changing' same-sex marriage legal opinion

GE-free status is the key to markets, Jan Davis

Tears on the handling of the Western Tiers ...

Law Reform Report "Tasmania can pass same-sex marriage laws"

24 truth-defeating devices (2)

Why Afi came to Australia

State sponsored drug growing and media promotion of drugs

Are Australia's political parties illegal?

State to purchase cage-free eggs only

New hope for marriage equality

Greenpeace: Speak up for our silenced activists

Environmentalists launch another bid to stop a Tarkine mine

Government must speak out on heavy handed treatment of activists – Greens

Death in Amsterdam

Tasmanian markets in danger from noisy pro-GE lobby

DPP pleads not guilty to charge of causing death by negligent driving

Councillor seeks legal advice after a Grand Final scuffle with Deputy Premier Bryan Green

RBA, ASIC must answer to Parliament on corruption claims: Bandt. Brandis 'hypocrite'

24 truth-defeating devices

Emergency Protest against Illegal Deportation to Place of Further Persecution

Human rights crisis in Sarawak, Hydro Tasmania culpable as Murum Dam floods

Is it illegal to turn back boats in international waters to Indonesia?

Christine Milne: Bishop must intervene on Australians held in Russia

The Pearl of Para(lysis) has sailed

Peg Putt: We will not be gagged ...

Dear Premier: I note that I have had no formal response to this letter

Julian Burnside: Alienation to alien nation

Will Brian Wightman protect Tasmanian’s World Heritage Area forests?

The Thistle and the Drone: The Real Story Behind the War on Terror

Woolworths and its worth to winos

North West farmer avoids jail for cruelty

Shooters push for weaker gun laws

Ex-staffer lashes Huon council

Former Director of Prisons still seeks Justice

Another live export disaster

Sydney analyst Trent Martin faces five years' jail after insider training guilty plea

Truth-defeating devices

Asylum Seekers: Julian Burnside's Tasmanian solution

Faster, simpler, fairer justice

Call on Rudd and Abbott to condemn anti-gay marriage hate flyers

Charges to be laid over crash involving Tasmanian Chief Prosecutor

Public Rally: End Asylum Seeker Cruelty

Prosecution calls to send peaceful environmentalist to the Supreme Court

If You Care About Gay Rights, Vote Below The Line In The Tas Senate ...

Tasmania’s Prisons System – under the microscope

Class actions

TFA passes

Dudded on Durability: How the Members of the Legislative Council are being misled

Rolf Harris charged with indecent assault and making indecent images of a child

Forest and Human Rights campaigners appear in court over Ta Ann protest

Essendon besieged

Capricious and partisan – Is that how the Legislative Council wants to be seen?

Asylum Seeker Myth Buster

Larceny by trick: tax evasion

Former Gunns boss John Gay avoids jail for insider trading

Greens compassionate refugee plan will save billions

Kill it, says Paul Harriss. Federal Labor's 'final betrayal'

Loosing the Dogs of Xenophobia

Tasports wastes public money over breach of process

Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years' jail for WikiLeaks data breach

Tasmania, The Peephole State

Corrupt libel law

Free speech is not free activism

Edward Snowden, meet Jeff Bezos

Greens to help tourism industry break dirty Coca-Cola habit

Leading barrister asks A-G Wightman to hold Inquiry into ‘unsafe’ conviction

Ex-Gunns boss John Gay fears prison will harm health

Love and fairness are not radical fashions

The Anti-Wilkie Denison Billboard Stoush

FSC® Australia welcomes Forestry Tasmania to membership

Party-political ads disguised as official notification?

The corrupt civil process

Open letter in support of free speech and reform in Tasmania

Former Gunns boss John Gay pleads guilty to insider trading

The So Called "Bunnings Lie" in the Sue Neill-Fraser Case

The judge as Humpty Dumpty

An error of fact

Murder conviction does not comply with law, legal expert says. The Herald-Sun report

ICAC recommends charges against former NSW Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald

Butler approves Tarkine mine ...

He is the quintessential whistleblower

'Greens lost in wilderness on toxics'

'Powerful doco shows justice gone feral'

Animal cruelty, Tasmania

The cartel: law as business

Shadow of Doubt cast over grandmother’s 23 years' sentence for murder

$1 bet limits: I'm already on board. The Greens Policy

Lurch Beyond Brutopia. The Manus Whistleblower ...

Dud DAFF report demonstrates need for animal welfare office. Farmer's guilt

Mine’s impact on Tasmanian devil. Why is Shree Minerals a Protected Species?

Right To Information denied on Savage River mine tailings dam spill

Now the Police are farmers as they 'harvest' the highways

So you can basically lie ...

We are concerned that Telstra has breached the Privacy Act

Friday: Shame; Milne lashes Rudd's Fix. Tuesday: Suicide and self harm attempts at Pontville

What common lawyers do

The surreal prosecution of the dead Whistleblower

Whaling: The Lie

The Department of Injustice

Judicial corruption in our system

Pragmatic answers to the asylum seeker question. Rudd and Indonesia

GE-Free gives Tasmania competitive edge

The bugging of Ecuador's London Embassy ...

Has organised crime corrupted Tasmania Police?

MIS class action makes slow progress

The moral failure of law schools

Tasmanian World Heritage extension rewards 20 years of dedicated work

Farmers are copping it more than anyone else

Kickbacks, conspiracy, rorts

Greens urge support for GE-free status

The Question of the Royal Derwent Hospital ... as then-Minister bids for comeback

Reason and unreason on same-sex marriage

When will the mythologies stop? The Final Speech of Judy Moylan

Whistleblower Snowden escapes arrest in Hong Kong thanks to US errors

Bonaparte reforms inquisitorial system

Greenberry inquiry must be transparent and protect witnesses

Tasmanian forestry contractors using loophole to continue work after being paid to leave industry

US fatally persists with common law

The Protest against Ta Ann

A health issue, not a criminal one. MLCs delay bill

Union anger over prison boss exit costs

Nine dead, 60 missing in another asylum tragedy

A glorious lawyer-driven revolution

Seven Myths About Bradley Manning

State political donations reform must be in place by state election ...

Liberals question land deal 'kickbacks' for ex-Premier

Liberals are putting politics before people. The church billboard controversy

This shocking animal abuse

Silencing the Whistle-Blowers

Corruption in the Chancery Court

Withhold Royal Assent

Australia's donation law fails to stand up to big business influence

Undermining due process

Rally against Monsanto

A critical issue about conflict of interest and the independence of CMW

Prison head's complaints tabled in Parliament

Brown v Adair, Crean in Sarawak ...

Forest deal 'greenmails' the green groups

Pokies: Woeful arguments of Bacon and Rockliff

FSC meets TAP: A Citizen's Report

Federal Court extends injunction on Tarkine mine. Awards costs to applicant

Beach Bums Triumph

Rudd's gay change of heart

Origin of the adversary system

The ‘blackmail provisions’ in the TFA Act

WikiLeaks Party demand federal shield laws for journalists

The cartel rejects truth

Why the 5:1 ratio should stay in family day care

Historic Tasmanian Aboriginal land purchase

Federal Court issues an injunction on Nelson Bay River Mine.

Why Tasmania's Upper House election was a step forward for marriage equality

A challenge for Tasmania to adopt a much needed reform

One almighty crash

It Takes More than Love to Fill the Justice Gap!

Ludwig faces protest

Reject the forest agreement

The big gay marriage election fraud ...

She's Apples for Mr Plod. Radio woe

Origin of the investigative system

Waterhouse's submission is a joke that's not funny

Nelson MLC’s abortion law claim: alarmist and extreme moral panic

Dump it! Pullinger, Edwards: 'Constructive discussions'

The Substantially Built Mill

Special Timbers sector 'would be gutted'. Mulder passes. Wreckers, says Milne. Bill passes

Would you protect our individual freedoms or take them away?

Organised criminals start common law

Shock of The New Amendments

MP leads a new war of the woods

Abortion: My Real Story

Whitton: Origins of the two systems

Message from a voter

Childhood lead exposure linked to crime in adulthood

Abortion: Here is my story ...


Sea Shepherd welcomes World Court date. James Price Point ...

Time to end rodeo cruelty


John Howard still misleading over Iraq fiasco

Greens call for optional lower voting age. The Vote ...

It's time to kick the can ...


The Bill will now go to the Upper House

Community campaign launched against 'part-time, inaccessible elected official'

What is justice?

Alvin Chong’s ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ Shines Spotlight On Other Top Clients

International Coalition Supports Iceland’s Legislation on Porn

Whistleblower exposed as sex abuse royal commission to begin

Julian Assange's Australian Senate campaign

Keeping us honest: protecting whistleblowers

Anti-pokies forum head of $1 bet limit vote

Govt silent on prison boss departure

Logging of World Heritage nominated forest in the Tyenna halted by peaceful protest

Revealed: The real conditions on live export ships

Evan Whitton: Investigative v Adversarial Law

Fraud on the Commonwealth?

Marriage Equality: 40,000 flyers target pollies

Destroy The Joint!

FSC must be obtained, and peace demonstrated

Discrimination, assault and fear of crime.

Call on Australian Government to recognise Ellen and Portia's marriage

Free book. Our Corrupt Legal System can now be downloaded free

FSC International and Tasmania: Irreconcilable Issues and Values

Tasmanian DPP in hospital after fatal crash

We'll never get over it …

MLC moves to cut down forest reserves

Whalers Nisshin Maru sued over high seas run-in


Revealed: Taib, deforestation and illicit outflow

Ruth Forrest's amendment to the Tasmanian Forest Agreement Bill weakens the Forest Practices Act


Senate - and state - inquiry into forestry grants

New anti-corruption commission No. 1 on the election agenda

Justice demands inquest in Chappell case

Ordinary Australians may be giving up on politics

Tonight: 60 Minutes to Cover Sue Neill-Fraser Case

Corrupt or incompetent? The $44 million question as Leg Co report revealed ...

Leg Co's Key Findings, Final Report on the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Bill 2012

Unresolved Concerns with the Integrity of the Upper House

Media reform: great care needed

Objections to the nomination to extend the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area pour into Paris

The Cardinal Sin of Transparency

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania

Meet the new Chief Justice

Tasmania, let's spare a thought for the ducks

Giddings knew Gunns was insolvent

The all-powerful Paul Harriss

Julia Gillard Needs to Come Clean on Duplicitous Pulp Mill Stance

How to make Government media releases disappear

Some astonishing revelations about corruption ...

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania. Julia pledge on pulp mill

Equality is at the core of who we are

Conflict of interest: Sinodinos breached the rules ...

The Vigilante Mentality

This is a wake up call

State forest revoked to benefit Gunns pulp mill. Bad news for creditors

Legal obligations and course of action on World Heritage logging outlined

Government continues to ignore whaling risk

Judge Blast for Tasmania Police

Ombudsman Refuses Release of Gunns Pulp Mill Appendices

Democracy and ratepayers winners in LG reform

Nick Xenophon: Security Risk !

Government must verify whaling claims

Israel's 'Prisoner X' was Australian Mossad agent, documentary claims

Leaders unite on need to recognise first people

So did I

Not just Lance ...

Former RSPCA CEO withdraws claim

UK marriage equality vote puts pressure on Australian leaders

The Committee Chair has a self-disclosed pecuniary interest in Ta Ann Tasmania P/L

In Their Own Words: Asylum seekers, children in detention, Manus, Pontville, ACT Liberals

Praise for community consultation on voluntary assisted dying legislation

Intelligence-Led Policing? Not in Tasmania. The Sue Neill-Fraser Case

Sex industry overhaul delays

WHA: The Facts

Coronial inquest sought in Chappell case

Sue Neill-Fraser Case: Call-Taking and Recording. Doorknocking ...

The close relationship of TWS, ACF and Ta Ann

Greens eat Greens

Open letter to Tasmanian Conservation Trust

A Plantation in downtown Deloraine

The uselessness of a TIC public service presentation

TFA: A mockery of due process

Oprah: Armstrong 'met the moment' with admission

The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz

Three Ways Sensible Gun Control Could Have Prevented Aurora Shootings

Erich Abetz at Number 10 ...

Money Laundering? Questions In Australia for Taib’s Brother Onn

US spies on Assange in UK Ecuador Embassy

Adam Lanza: the quiet, friendless boy whom no one knew

Not before Christmas ...

Slipper sexual harassment case thrown out

Assange looks to contest Senate election

Plan C: No to TFA 2

Call for Human Rights Impact Report on Prostitution in Australia

Labor must abandon assault on environmental laws

Back to Square 1?

Developing the conversation on future forestry

Evan Rolley – Tasmania’s forest chameleon [Part 2]

200 attend marriage equality beach BBQ

In Their Own Words: Milne, Bandt, De Natale, Wilkie

Healing the divide ... as Libs pledge to trash it all. The meaning of Clause 58

Is There a Super-Trawler-Sized Loophole in Burke’s Ban?

Do We Have A Trawler For You!

Forests deal: Edwards, Brown, Milne, Giddings, Green, ET, TWS, ACF, TFGA, TMC, FGWT. Gibson, Weber

If we can’t manage to come to a commonsense conclusion ...

Act breach 'accidental'

Copping Open Day replaced by tours

RSPCA: Dismiss the board

Marine reserves – Australians pay the price

Protest at Ta Ann timber mill in Tasmania, Apologise Giddings, say Weber, Booth

Margiris/Abel Tasman: Minister Burke must not backflip on two-year ban

Controversial religious exemption clause removed ...

Parliament Square enabling legislation not supported

The suppression of our animality ... and its terrible consequences. The Royal Commission

Minister backflips on sow stall ban

Argentina 'freezes Chevron assets' over Ecuador damage

Turmoil in the RSPCA

Australian law gives shelter to illegal acts in the name of the environment

Forestry Tasmania: Wilful deception and crass incompetence

The images will stay with me forever

China blocks marine park plan

Wilkie acts to help whistleblowers

The red alert

Life ban for Lance ... Read for yourself.

Super Trawler Still Trying to Fish In Spite of Massive Public Opposition and Ban

Pirate fishing off West Africa

Tasmanian company under pressure for human rights violations

Saying sorry

1080 baiters move into Tranmere

Message to Guy Barnett: marriage equality supporters won’t be silenced.

The duty of politicians to principles, not mob rule

Gambling causes grief to 25,000-plus Tasmanians, including 2000 children

Dear Tim Morris MP. Tim Morris responds

There is no life here ...

Inquiry not needed. MLC 'hate' campaign uncalled for

Sex work is just work. Or is it, really?

Queries on pokies levy ...

That man stole something from me ...

And we thought that the worst atrocities had already happened

Public interest before policy purity

Copping flak

Gunns: The morning after

This sorry saga ... Canberra Media's failure ...

The Sandford Shapeshifters. Calder Rd gets baits

The legal ambush that sank marriage equality

The role of government in the rise and fall of Gunns. L'Estrange on Gay shares sale

1080 baiting Arm End: This is a sacrilege

Flatlining pokie losses are nothing to celebrate

Celebrations are premature over the Margiris

Legislative Council holds Tasmania back. SA seizes the day

RSPCA in internal row crisis

Unsupportable Fox Baiting has no ‘Social Licence’

SSM: 'The Bill is doomed'. Crikey runs the numbers. Croome: We back the backers

Driving pokies reform ... it's up to us!

Women's place in 1963: why baby boomer women have no money

Tasmania's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner wrong to say same-sex marriage is a human right

Speed limits as cash cow

It's not mob rule ... it's protecting Tasmania's interests

Caught out

Marriage equality: state laws the way forward

If a child of an addict could ask the Federal Group why ... ?

Was Australia intended as a hemp colony?

Prostitution - exit strategies first

Where is the Devil Recovery Plan?

Ombudsman busts AFMA ... Wilkie complaint upheld

Sailing away ... Rally goes ahead

Arson attack against Camp Florentine

Minister: Where is the transparency? Terry Long: Shree has a rehab plan

The Contribution of 'Corruption' to Miscarriage of Justice Cases

How Copping is copping it!

Tasmanian Cronyism: the more things change, the more they remain the same

Just one week in the live export trade. Wilkie's new push

Naming, shaming the banks ...

Milne v Wallace, marriage equality

Margiris: Burke’s Intervention 'Not Enough'. United front against Labor. Dolphin killer

Margiris: UTAS VC must investigate. Updated analysis. Kim Booth: Fresh questions. SA bound?

Smoking, the shabby placenta, children and the Legislative Council

Ta Ann is at the centre of any Signatory Deal

The bizarre, unhealthy, blinding media contempt for Julian Assange

Is Animal Fear and Pain Justifiable Entertainment in the 21st Century?

Dear Senators Brandis and Abetz

Failures of Australian fisheries management. Wadsley: Catch determination is unreliable, unsafe

National Commission against Corruption call. What Christine said. Marriage equality backed

Banned for life! Lance Armstrong disgraced ...

Greens table container deposit scheme petition

The Trouble with Margiris

Gay rights v. Christian lobby. Council backing. ACT follows Tassie. Giddings 'humbles' Christians ..

National coalition push to change sex laws

Tasmania considers phasing out cigarette sales

More AFMA failures come to light as Ombudsman confirms probe

Julian Assange takes aim at United States as row deepens

Amnesia rules, Abbott revels

PM ignores question mark over quota and trawls ahead with Margiris registration

UK 'threatens' to raid Ecuador embassy over Assange

Irregular maritime arrivals, anyone?

Suck on that Big Tobacco

Federal Attorney-General asked to intevene on same-sex marriage

Dealing with FT: John Powell's tortuous saga (includes all articles)

The Murdochratic State

Gunns loses ...

Minister Green dodges the questions on Stanley River mine lease

Tasmania is the logical 'first mover' on marriage equality

Last (w)rites

Advocates hail Tasmanian Government's commitment to state marriage equality. 'Beacon of hope'

Pokies swallow another $200m in 2011-12

Scarlet Alliance condemns the forming of yet another abolitionist group

Asylum seekers ... and Dan Ryan

I have really had enough of this

Super Trawler quota not worth the paper it is written on ...

The End for the Pulp mill and a New Victory for Social Licence?

A forest a day … when will logging of our spectacular forests actually cease?

Speaking truth to economic and political power

Scotland takes lead on marriage equality ... follow, says TGLRG

The curious case of Timothy Byrnes, ASIO and the National Security Hotline

Appointment of Integrity Commission CEO

Julian Assange: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Net closes as Coulson, Brooks charged

Smoke and Mirrors

Time for Turnbull to walk the talk on gay marriage

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

Flatlining Gunns now faces $64m tax bill

Political donations: campaign for reform

The gross failure of animal cruelty sentencing

NAB loans to ‘Fat Tony’ Mokbel and the missing files

Police to merge districts, cut senior jobs

Australian prostitution laws helping Korean human traffickers

Back off Walsh, says Brown

Simon Overland named new Tasmanian Secretary of Justice

Michael Pervan back ... as the boss!

Liberals' plan crackdown on rogue protesters

O'Byrne insists union gift was not a conflict. All good, says Giddings

Every controversy re-states case for political donations reform

Paralysis in Parliament. Why the Greens voted against

News journo implicated in Slippery slope

The Apples and the Lemon?

Standing up for sex workers is standing up for pimps

Draft legislation welcomed

Assange seeks asylum in Ecuador

Dr Warwick Raverty: Many acts of bullying and intimidation in CSIRO

Greater support for reform

Court rules Assange cannot reopen appeal

Government planning huge marine park expansion as new study lays blame for warming oceans

Fears for jobs fires media, uni staff, police

Victims of Bullying, Harassment, and Victimisation in the CSIRO

'The Truth is Out'

The less guns the better. Lax laws = more gun crime

Dear Minister Green. Air pollution health risks

Crossing the Line. Gay blood review continues unfair stigma

Forum decides: Councils need a bigger say on pokies. Watch the Forum

People smugglers set up business in Australia. Captain Emad does a runner

Scarlett Alliance Fails in Bid to Gag Professor

Lost ... in the scandal

Why The Assange Case Is Important

Stanley River Mine Lease invalid. Fri: Mistaken Green must revoke invalid lease ...

Assange loses appeal

Tasmanians' right to protest still at risk

Marriage equality: a modest but significant step

Beware of conservatives

Witnessing Margaret Court

Bob Gordon: FT is solvent. Burnie wharf: Specialty timbers wasted; the challenge to Bryan Green

IA editor gets legal muscle in battle against NAB

Wilkie backs watered-down pokies bill

The Craig Thomson statement

Jurisprudence and Julian Assange

Free Captain Watson Hobart protest

Feathering nests or furthering Tassie ... ? GetUp's banned ad

The National Unaustralian Bank

Without foundation, says Thomson, as Julia lays foundations for a surplus ...

What Tony said ...

Paul Harriss

More proof needed for Gunns 'equity offer'. What The Ex says ...

Murdochs: 'Not a fit person'. 'Wilfully ignorant'

The Desolate Life of a Chained Dog ...

Dean, the Budget, Harriss, Hall and Hawkins

Ban quail killing

Thomson quits Labor

Forestry Tasmania – A Compelling Case for Reform

Greens cry wolf on Integrity Commission

Last Roll of the Gunns' Dice ... as Pulp World burns

Slipper touches down, Labor poised to blow up. Wilkie

DISMISSED! Paul Harris 'called out'. The Stench. DISMISSED: Court rejects Gunns

The case of Julian Assange: do constitutional principles matter?

The Gag goes in

Mercury cops record $124,000 payout for defaming cop

House of Reps survey on same sex marriage

Australian live export animals unconscionably subjected to known risks

Tasmania Police Investigation Procedures - Are they Adequate? Eve Askew ...

No Evidence of Tree Spiking: Tasmania Police

Big business declares war on the community

Making Sex Work: A failed experiment in legalised prostitution

Bizarre pulp mill land titles ... but what are they for?

Stop it now ... permanently. Caught! FT roading, logging and burning in HCV forests

Attacked by Vandals. Found! New roading, logging and burning in HCV forests

Setting the stage for government to persecute people, particularly farmers

Less crime and less punishment

The Sound and Fury

Rock Lobster Crisis: the real story

Pressure grows for no new Taser gun upgrade

Tasmanian Sex Laws Paper is a Sham Poll

Professional Standards Act 2005 – useless

Advance, Tasmania fare!

Discussions continue on Government pokies reform

Hemp ban stifling fledgling industry. Wed: Federal push for reform

TOTE execs to face grilling

Confronting the Australian politics of resignation on prostitution

We don't need saving from our media. Be careful what you wish for

We believe in her and will continue the battle. The Sentencing Speech

Time for new Aboriginal heritage legislation (Part 3 of 3)

Questions over Bob Chappell murder case. Appeal rejected

Politicians share the love at Sydney Mardi Gras

Read for yourself: Forestry Tasmania, FIAT's MOU with TAC. The Sarawak connections ...

Committee of Privileges releases legal considerations

Pokies, Big Business and the PM's backbone

Time for new Aboriginal heritage legislation (Part 2 of 3)

NZ trumps Australia on keeping Japanese whalers out: Brown

Prostitution laws - Towards a coherent philosophical underpinning

Arthur-Pieman & 4WDs: Minister Wightman, Feds need to approve

An Imbalance of Power?

Gay marriage worth minimum $100m to Tasmania ...

Time for new Aboriginal heritage legislation (Part 1 of 3)

HCC and Conflict of Interest

Terry Martin became a different person ...

Adding insult to the injury of prostitution

How can a Conservation Area morph into a monstrous toxic pulp mill?

Not guilty, says Gay

Sun setting on Rupert

Gunns' White Knight gallops in. Pollies, Lara. Tom Ellison: 'It's desperation'

Pontville closure deadline looms: take action!

Why the role of our Head of State is important

The $200,000 prisons chief on Twitter ...

Learning the Lessons from legalising prostitution: Response from a Sex Worker

What price human rights?

The Assange case means we are all suspects now

Gunns Supreme Court bid dismissed

Life Imprints: Living in a Contaminated World

Libs still taking Big Tobacco's blood money ... Heat on Wightman. Paul Barry analysis

Historic equal pay win

Labor Inaction Threatens State’s Clean Green Image

Learning lessons from legalising prostitution in Victoria

Strip search row: Children's Commissioner must have powers. Heat on O'Byrne

The fundamental injustice of the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995

Pontville asylum detainees on hunger strike

The Justice Secretary “Resigns”

Justice for the few: NAB v. Society

Wilkie walks after Gillard's broken promise. PM to pay clubs $37m

Etter reviews Chappell murder

Hi-Tech tree sit to beam the forests direct to a Parliamentary picnic

The Bad Fairy

Who is going to hold this company to account?

$195m pokie losses. Wilkie: Bryan Green misleads Tasmania; I won't back down

Urgent need for patrol vessel: Brown

A pox on both their houses ...

The Tragedy of Wags

Pokies: Greens say all roads lead to one dollar

Why cannot we treat the refugees with more humanity

Guantánamo: Ten Years and Counting

IGA: Tear it up, says Colbeck ... as FT 'runs amok'

Greens' whale-saver bill goes to Opposition

Case against Gunns dismissed

The Victorian Injustice System

AFP spies targeting green activists

Ancanthe Park subdivision approval demonstrates state planning laws are undemocratic

TFGA says get real on hemp

Assange faces new spying charge

The risk to Gunns. NAB 'ceasing to be a substantial holder'

More police powers? NO!

Why Tasmania needs an independent inquiry into child sex abuse

John Gay fronts court

The Mad Hatter?

Democratic right to protest is not for sale

Govt fights Etter damages claim

A Response to Mr Ellis

I am truly tired of every self-styled expert ...

Fox watch on chicken coop: Is this a serious breach of privacy?

Julian Assange: he's not the messiah, he's just my boy

Sex and the Reasonable Man

West Papua: Slow-motion Genocide

Heat on Abbott for conscience vote. Tasmania pushed to go it alone.

Self disgust is the real justice

Resist Bryan Green's bid to easily approve marine farms expansion

Hodgman: Stand up and be counted. Judith King's Citizen's Report

A deficit of leadership

Beggaring belief

Terry Martin: the insufficient media coverage. Justice Porter: The reasons why. Class Action

Casino pokie losses grow

Suppressing Nonviolent Dissent

Barbara Etter: We need you ...

Terry Martin: the other factors involved

John Gay charged

Etter sues state

Terry Martin guilty

Apology for wrongful dismissal

Tarkine: State must act

Stop delaying marine reserves. Green overrides experts

Liberal and Labor water down fish farm planning laws

Shame on Tasmania. The Tasmanian detective ...

Tasmania: Lagging in Integrity

Tassie's tough new smoking laws

TOTE'S $5m losing bet

The best way to push bad policy is to wrap it in a ‘security’ blanket

Our new climate laws will not endanger economic growth. Tasmania's Temco smokestacks

Public disdain for journalism has never been greater

The Parade of Pride

Julian Assange loses appeal

Kellam attacks. Wilkinson defends

Logging must stop. Nick McKim. Paul O'Halloran's Notice of Motion. Biomass burning ...

TCT seeks Supreme Court determination that the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill permit has lapsed

Upper House rejects Libs' forestry snub. Forestry Tasmania debt shock

Tassie Integrity Commission a toothless tiger. SA goes for a tiger

Ombudsman ‘assassinated’

Minister dodging questions on Forestry handout. Mill buyers. Gunns quizzed

Herald Sun ordered to post corrections with Bolt column

Janet Albrechtsen’s Jurisprudence

The Privileges Committee and those explosive revelations

Minister must investigate FT involvement in Gunns mill sale

Shut the detention centres down

Ali released on bail. The action against Gunns. Logs off to China

Nothing has changed ...

Kidnap inquiry hears of disastrous delay

Gunns in Hobart Magistrates tomorrow

Exit Etter: Was it internal differences ... ?

Integrity CEO quits

Dr McGinity in mediation over complaints

Our corrupt legal system

Wallaby shows support for Marriage Equality at Rugby World Cup

Tasmanian Conservationist in court after 29 days in prison. Update. Gunnsblog. Last Stand

Independents welcome investigation into broadcast breach

Explosive letter confirms Gunns voluntarily gave up contracts, rights

Council kickbacks 'tip of the iceberg'

Wilkie to complain over Ch 9 pokie comments

Brown condemns Japan’s blood money

Call for Moratorium on New Mines in Tasmania. 'Shree's deception makes them unfit'

Standoff as MLCs demand Gunns $34m compo advice

Bolt decision: ‘Irresponsible journalism illegal’? Think again

Pulp mill permit non-action equates to interference by default

Schaap gives the nod. Booth: Courts should clarify pulp mill permit. Alex Schaap: My reasons

Sporting leaders must stand up for pokies reform. 'Chilling' pokies

Bolt guilty

Submission: Gunns' Application for Permits to Undertake Dam Works. Double-standard, says Booth

Vigils held across Tasmania for incarcerated forest activist Ali Alishah

Tasmanian heads troubled union

Most Integrity complaints against police

The heart-shaped island

Gunns and our government ... Maybe the time is now

Forestry should not receive settlement money until disputed logging ends

Leading the Nation ...

Lara must release advice on Gunns compo. TCT case dropped

Residual Residue

Attacking the High Court judges

Abbott, Gillard race to bottom on asylum policy

Code Green steps into the breach ... 9 arrests

Corruption needs to tackled head on

Call for Forestry Tasmania administrator as Lara, Julia hand over $34.5 million

Gunns: No way to establish emails' veracity. Les Baker: I wrote some; they are ancient history ...

DPIWE must explain decision to process dam permits. Second week in custody. Gunns' End Game.

Gunns dam permit application is premature

Resurrection of the Ruddbot. No to offshore processing

Application for a Permit to Undertake Dam Works at 'Bell Bay'

A revised offer to Gunns

Get a fxckxng real job!

Pulp the Mill launches prosecution of Gunns

Pervan: Probe terminated. Cost: $100,000 ... so far

The queue grows of people waiting for Gunns to pay them ... Protest stops logging

Why David Hicks must win

Reflections from the vigil-site, Long Reach

Brown counters Abbott’s offer

Asylum seekers arrive in Tasmania ... as the screws turn on Gillard

Surely the pulp mill is dead?

Deal scuttled

Mill Permits: Acid on Wightman as Giddings stays silent and flick-passes

The Permit: Last minute surprise! And much tortuous detail...

Case dismissed!

Gunns posts $355m loss

It was not self-evident to me that the works that Gunns had undertaken ...

Marriage equality and the Christian persecution narrative. Meeting Julia. Wilkie: Denison divided

Andrew Wilkie regarding Craig Thomson

Is this 'substantial commencement'? Greens seek legal opinion

Burnie: The Denial of Bail. Another protest

Rupert Murdoch's American Scandals

All they, like sheep, have gone astray ...

Giddings: Gunns eligible for up to $23 million. Brown: Open the books, FT

Tasmania keeps apple ban

Southern Water, please explain

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: The Dangers

My business is at risk because of the dead hand of bureaucracy

Safe Food Foundation retains Slater & Gordon Lawyers

In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

Frail 96yo British woman faces deportation

Go back to where you came from: High Court brakes on

A new jury to put the British public interest first

Solutions for Peace in our Forests

The Meaning of August 4

“Would You Like To See Where Lucille Is Buried?”

Campbell spent big in run-up to last election

The terrible threat of political violence

'Eco-pirate' Paul Watson is in danger of losing his boat

Framing The Narrative: Murdoch v. Assange

I hope I'll be an example to others

Walker Corp fined a record $200,000 for unlawful land clearance

Conservationists shut down Harvey Norman outlet in Nowra

Commonwealth moves to seize Hicks royalties


It just gets worse for Rupert

Same-sex marriage debate: Is the victim card being played?

NBN: The Scam

Lara goes mute

Gunns files profit drop defence

Banned choir member goes back to Brit

Tasmanian community choir member thrown out of UK

Taking Planning Seriously

Federal Court challenge to Tamar Valley pulp mill set to proceed

Separate the Role of Commissioner of Police and Secretary of the DPEM

Bryan: I take full responsibility. I have counselled him, says Lara. Split not to blame: Bryan

Spreyton: Green 'under a cloud'

Cloud over $11m racing splurge. Racing Minister loses the plot

Report slams Risdon Prison

Live export of livestock undermines Tasmanian economy

National Day of Action against live exports

Legal argument over Royal CEO

Are these Tasmanian lobsters?

TCT seeks Federal Court review of Burke’s mill decisions

Gunns pulp mill permit to expire again?

Wilkie and Xenophon call for immediate ban on live exports to Indonesia

We ask once again: So Bryan, who are the PAL winners?

Pulp mill permit confusion

Syrupy Gutwein's ode to Rauma ... and the truth

A Forestry roadmap. More on the Black Flag rally, tomorrow

What if trees could sue?

Half-cocked Feds stumped by heritage permit

Journalist's Facebook arrest: transcript of police interview

Raid by the AFP on an age pensioner

Download: Strategic Review of Forestry Tasmania - Request for Tender. What is HCV forest?

Detained on Manus Island: Labor's competence and honesty

Storm over blocked sex files

Police case damned

Death of terror's big fish leaves a sour taste

Cuts to police numbers: The Real Story

Probity of racing under a cloud

Saga of the Royal Hobart Chief Executive

Residents fear detention centre riots

Gunns class action: What Maurice Blackburn says. Download statement of claim

So Bryan, who are the PAL winners?

Mr Gordon: Set the record straight

Animal welfare group challenges Green

Campbell Newman's support for equality

The Mason Report

Has nothing changed in 2011

Clubs Australia media blitz irresponsible

$100k bill in RHH chief case

Pontville. Foster welcoming. Wilkie wary. Lawyers cautious.

Punished for being gay


Protesters brave cold to send pro-equality message

O'Connor 'too busy' to pay

The extraordinary assault on Andrew Bolt and freedom of speech

Lin Thorp: What Labor said. What Lara says. What Cassy doesn't say.

Vigil for marriage equality

As nightfall does not come all at once

Pictures of protests

Christmas Island asylum seekers desperate to escape hell

Threat of Legal Proceedings – Allison Ritchie

Shield laws a victory for free speech

Democracy Betrayed

Beware of the pest litigant move ...

CEO in dark on bully claims

Leaked email on Gunns shows pulp mill site unassessed. Gunns support deal ...

Amos bluff and bluster over appeal process

Libs: McKim under investigation

Pressure for Premier not to pay Parkinson court costs

Mining companies fail to publicly disclose environmental risks to ASX

The Need for Licensing of Politicians

Compo for Gunns - Deja vu? Lara, Tony on YouTube. No seal of approval. Greens rift? More please ...

Burke and the EPBC Act: Beyond Ignorance and Ineptitude

TCT: Burke has done nothing ...

Gunns deal 'sheds responsibility'. Burke 'ludicrous'. Gunns glitch. Booth threat

Mill approved: Chronicle of a death foretold

Hospital chief's inquiry review

Liberals/Nationals proposal on prisoner recidivism

Constitutional question not an excuse to fail to act on same-sex marriage

Hansard: The prison breakout

The Chief Scientist and the Gunns Pulp Mill. Gunns woos Tamar Valley.

Greens push for PMAA repeal. SEARCH ponders direct action. Giant banner unfurled.

Marriage act validity

David Traynor: Why?

Asia Pulp and Paper Part II

Australia on Trial

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

Julian Assange attacks 'rubber-stamp' warrant as he loses extradition battle

The Marriage Wars. Croome's call

An Interview With Former Guantanamo Detainee David Hicks

The penalty for misleading the market

Forestry payout fraud probe. More protests

Chevron Guilty

Time to question the point, and cost, of airport security rituals

Inquiry into a pre-commitment scheme: Hobart

Dick's message ...

People at the Crossroads

Even Hydro and Transend are buying power interstate

Thorp's $3000 trip penalty

Section 11 Again, and Again … FSC report. March Mill start?: L'Estrange

President orders halt on logging in Philippine forests

Confiscate Howard’s literary proceeds of crime

I'm a better man, says Bryan Green

Legislative Council inquiry into PV Fortescue

Rupert Murdoch set to arrive in UK with News Corp mired in crisis

Can governments spot whistle-blowers?

RHH chief loses appeal

In Tasmania?

Why consult the electorate?

Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans Against Venezuela

Assange freed ...

The deeply disappointing Julia Gillard. Bob Brown on honesty. Open letter to Gillard

Minister sabotages Tarkine protection

Same sex marriage: Is public opinion a moral value?

State-based political donation reform

We will not let Julian Assange go down by himself

Open letter. Mark Arbib, CIA Agent 007. Hackers hit back. Wilkie lashes Gillard

Ecuador's Amazon drilling pledge still to take shape

Australia has betrayed me. New hurdles for WikiLeaks. Swedes make it up

Sacking fiasco probe

Tasmanian 'Yes" to marriage equality poll shows state leads the nation

Mum and dad left to pay ...

Watchdog eyes shooting probe

Draft Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy

Wong's public commitment to marriage equality hailed

Education in Prison seminar highlights low funding


Hawkins v Abetz: What the High Court said

Firearm review revives gun debate

Michael Tate's integrity role

The sinking of Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil - Pete Bethune replies

Wilkie supports marriage equality

Abetz wins in the High Court - 'Eligible to serve'

Bartlett support for marriage equality welcomed

Spotlight on lobbyists and corruption needed in Tasmania

Tas Greens commitment to reintroduce same-sex marriage laws next weekend welcomed

Oldest known stone axe found in Arnhem Land ... Older than Brighton?

Failed police investigation 'went very wrong, very early'

The long road to proving innocence

Not too much confidence in internal investigations ...?

Zen Monk leaps into Museum Fray!

State of the Unions: Construction union snubs ALP. Harkins takes the reigns

Senator Abetz - Statement to the Senate

Mother’s Day 22 charges finally dismissed. The Whiteout ...

Mercury: Abetz challenge 'withdrawn'

GetUp! A Left-wing front. Just admit it

Children's Commissioner sacked after criticising Tas Govt

Pulp Mill: GetUp Campaign forum for Tas Integrity Commission

Acting top cop gets the job as Wallace replaces Challen

Crowded Out

DNA to confirm if girl's baby fathered by pimp

DPP defends decision not to prosecute

No 'nasty political witch-hunts' from watchdog

Tasmania to recognise same-sex marriage

Xenophon and Wilkie join forces to protect journalists and their sources

A Conversation with Barbara Etter

A golden cage is still a cage

What ever happened to the Loony Left?


This is really disturbing ...

Are the Tasmanian Greens losing heart?

Abetz and Channel Highway Land Deals

Over $18 million lost on pokies in July alone

Tasmania moves to recognise same-sex unions

Media warned on Princess Mary's privacy

Abetz, Integrity and the Law revisited

Killer Upgrade

Abetz, the Senate and the Court of Disputed Returns

Major Milestone for Integrity Commission

An abysmal lack responsibility

Compensation for Gunns?

Abetz, Integrity and the Law

Abetz, the Constitution & the Law

TAP has no intention of meeting with Frances Duffy

Paid to whistle

Where is the document Senator Abetz?

Legal bid to oust Abetz

I intend to take Senator Abetz to the High Court

Mental Tribunal offer rejected - Saeed Dezfouli

The Green/Labor alliance will need to pick its game up

A list of Australia's most dangerous pesticides ...

Florentine Mothers Day protest charges dismissed

No social licence. The Tamar Valley Pulp Mill, irretrievably damaged.

Florentine Defenders Vow to Keep Fighting Forestry Tasmania’s ‘Mysterious’ Exclusi

Florentine Defenders Vow to Keep Fighting Forestry Tasmania’s ‘Mysterious’ Exclusi

No comment

Pete Bethune's suspended sentence

The sun was shining on the sea

Gunns, Finance Pty Ltd, MIS & ASIC


Integrity on hold

Mental Tribunal deception exposed by audio record

Upper Florentine Defenders Keep up the Fight

The Rot Remains at the Core of Forestry and Government

The farmer gets $5 a kilo. You pay $69

Peaceful Protesters Case Dismissed

Concerns raised over top cop post delays

Greens pleased, Libs say budget a 'let-down'

The power of big business to bring down government

I am grateful to Duncan Kerr ...

Truth gets lost in media campaign

Pulp mill has no social licence. Petition against Forestry burns

Ellis: "I see you're out of Coward's Castle"

Mr Kerr's attack was cowardly, lazy, self–serving, specious and elitist

April pokie losses $17,744,041 as Federal fights bet cut

Integrity Commission secrecy, says Hodgman

Rudd fights wailing

Political motivation, says Ellis

Legislate to keep the bastards honest

Australia takes Japan to court on whaling

Gunns: Now Maurice Blackburn lawyers join the action ...

Forestry burns choke East Coast ... again

Quentin Dempster launches this important new book

Forestry Tasmania Still Has Case to Answer

Rally against uni attacks

Uni students rally today after street attacks

Tassie author in national Gay Marriage debate book

George River Water Quality Panel Bias: Claim

Into the Wilderness Inc.?


TWS hierarchy 'blatant to the point of dishonesty'

Integrity? What integrity!

Gunns' Timo and the Uruguay mill

Mental patient challenges abuse

Academic freedom under attack from foresters institute

A win for citizen journalism


Regeneration burns another reason for forestry transformation

Why I disagreed with the Governor’s reasons for recommissioning a Bartlett Government

The buck stops with the Mayor

Forestry challenges Ombudsman's order to disclose Going Bush costs

A microcosm of what is happening throughout Tasmania

FEA: Here come the Receivers


Whistleblowing protections don't go far enough

Are our freedoms being lost?

Going Troppo

Jails set to expand

George River Water Quality Panel


Forestry worker admits rampage


The Smoking Gun: Who gave the orders?

Tenfold rise in whistleblower cases taken to tribunal

Water toxicity inquiry appointment questioned

Gunns: Gay under the cosh. Japanese get tough. Class Action mooted. Mitre 10s, Tamar Ridge to go

Gunns: The Last 10 Years

And, the government did what, exactly?

The Next Step In Establishing Tasmania’s Integrity Commission

FIAT pulp mill compensation claim wrong – Michael Stokes and Tom Baxter, UTAS

Upper Florentine ‘Mother’s Day’ Defenders Still in Court

Upper Florentine ‘Mother’s Day’ Defenders Still in Court

Overview Report on Dr Taylor

Slicer Pans Greens Prisoner Voting Plan

Gunns 13 – Gunns likely “Misleading and Deceptive” on pulp mill old growth wood

LibLabs ignore open letter

Unhealthy relationship: Open letter to politicians

Beware the 'eco-terrorism' dirty tricks brigade

Union boss Kevin Harkins 'paid for ALP memberships'

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne: The Sentence

No Comment

Libs pledge to get tough on forests protests

Vandals 'frighten' Gunns chairman

Cundall's pulp protest charges a test case

Tasmania: Still the most homophobic

Japan charges Pete Bethune

People of Tasmania v O’Byrne: The Judgement

Police persecution of trade union activists

Probe into water quality, panel members

Gunns' approval for mill 'invalid'

Lawyer to hold Ellis inquiry

Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...

Deadly water for Launceston and Tamar Valley

Do I trust your government? No, I do not! Plus: Transcripts of AS

Lilydale: the arguments for logging

The ethics commission is too far off


Rosebery: Slater and Gordon take the case

'A complete corruption and betrayal of the FOI legislation'

Sea Shepherd Captain Detained Onboard Japanese Whaling Vessel

Scrutiny on Pulp Mill Process Welcomed

Human Rights And Public Protest

Gunns: Up the Tamar without a paddle

Prison Lock Down Must End

... But Bartlett won't rule it out ...

It's theft, says TAP


Fraud used to be a crime

Environment Tasmania seeks input from the public about forestry governance

Professor’s report highlights potential BREACH of FOREST PRACTICES CODE

Labor land grab for Gunns pipeline

Mt Arthur: Forest Code breach?

Mt Arthur: The Planner's view

What happened?

The questions swirling around Paul Lennon

Gunns backs down

Wilkie: The difference between the Greens and me

TAP supports Cundall’s accusations of corruption

TAP supports Cundall’s accusations of corruption.

Greens' pokie-free Tasmania pledge

Gunns continues to sue ...

Gunns 13 Case Continues Today

A brilliant exposition

Cundall accuses Gunns of corruption

Lilydale: Denied access

Cundall to act as 'test case'

Police Commissioner's payout not contractually required

Johnston retires

Cundall for court

Cundall for court

Jack Johnston bows out

It was their democratic right to protest

Gunns 20: It's all over ...

A SLAPP in the face for free speech

Gunns 20 Fundraiser

Gunns 20 trial next week

Westbury: It is a criminal act

Public Notice:

Rene's smashing idea


$2.5m Tas Tote bet scam alleged

Labor sues itself (2)

Rosebery: Council weighs in

Now Labor sues itself ...

Bay of Fires: “It’s time to give it back to its rightful owners”

Bay of Fires: Give it back

Slater and Gordon expert for toxic Rosebery forum

Toxic Chemicals, Monoculture Plantations and Health

Canberra’s Greenwash proves Abbott-forming

Socialist Alliance Candidates say: Free the Brighton arrestees, put Bartlett on trail for cultural v


New party wants probe into mill assessment process

The Japanese have little respect for us

Mining and health: Brokovich takes on Alcoa; Helps Bindi

The response of David Diprose

The Federal Police should be asked to investigate

The depth of forestry influence

Rosebery: Who pays the piper?

Whales: It is a lie

Steele Report on the Burnie Woodchip Pile

Protest Now. Protest Here

Burnie pile ... disappointing and disillusioning

Abbott boat plan miserable

Controlling Corruption

Vive Le Republique!

Rosebery: Slater & Gordon weigh in. Suddenly there is action!

Lawyers welcome Rosebery environmental testing

Lucky break for relic vandals

Whaling: Dangerous confrontation looms

Another Day Another Forestry Map! Florentine Case Continues 17.12.09


A serious misrepresentation

Relentlessly pursued


Gunns reloads


Johnston case appeal fails

UN May curtail 400 year-old freedom of the seas

Yet another Government backflip

Gagged: the Gunns 20 and other law suits

Gagged: the Gunns 20 and other law suits by Greg Ogle

Tasmania Today: More than 150 arrests a month

Compassion, legislation and human rights

Meeting UN Special Rapporteur Health/detainees

Gunns drops court action against two

Like being punished before we'd even been tried


Arrests on pulp mill biggest for years

Tim Ellis, Darren Hine allegations 'baseless'

Protest the pulp mill ... and get banned from Salamanca, the waterfront and Battery Point


Dollar driven Government, rather than data driven

Peter Cundall among 57 arrests at Parliament House


No confidence ...

Black is white?



Will Hodgman doorstop

McCreadie Affair

Pokies: One brave man

Republic of Fools: The Evil Empire

MLCs pass integrity Bill

Goodwin: The Admission

After six days, an admission from Bartlett


Was the McCreadie appointment discussed in Cabinet, or not?

'It's really quite sad that he can't just tell the truth'

More evidence that the Premier has misled Parliament

Taskforce Warns Rosebery Residents


Bartlett must answers questions – for business’ sake

Profit jump for Federal

Pokies: Bullying has done its job


It’s about the truth, Mr Bartlett

We can't go on like this ...

11am Thursday, Nov 19: My personal protest at Parliament House

Honduras pact crumbles over unity government

Bartlett fails to defend claims he misled Parliament


I didn't mislead the House


Bartlett must explain today if he misled Parliament

Bartlett warned over top cop

David Bartlett must explain


Mill debate gag: Bartlett "a fraud and a charlatan"


Dennis Ferguson: Vigilantism or Counselling?


Lara: The exceptions being ...

Government Response to Ethics Committee




Gunns demands legal costs for mill case

Senator Abetz, Shields Heritage and Gunns

We win!

11 long years and Labor finally acts to reform breach proceedings for sentencing orders

MLC on child porn charges


Integrity Commission legislation

Who will lead?

MPs in the sights of proposed Tasmanian Integrity Commission

Examiner: moral, not legal right

Crony capitalism

TCA Smear Campaign uses Bogus Photos, Ill-gotten Car

Second Best Not Good Enough

Pulp mill saga: Labor, Liberal MPs and MLCs are the real culprits


Full text of my edited Letter to the Examiner

Sober as a judge?

Frightening Truth Revealed

No conditions, no excuses Mr Rudd

Ellis silent on cop row

Bartlett must establish inquiry into McCreadie non-appointment

Ralphs Bay rejection threatens Tasmania's reputation

Bring out the pots and pans!

The safety of woodchip piles and my apology

New website: It's not TAP Into A Better Tasmania and the Voters Block ...

Why the newspaper is copping so much flak

Peaceful Community Protest - Taking the Step

Argentina appeal to UN over pulp mill

What makes a dissident stand up?

Labor caves in

This man required artificial ventilation ...

Lennon: apology needed

Lennon has a long history over attempting to pervert the course of justice

Mr Jeffreys has not been paying close attention to the facts

Their investigations have found the damage was a prank involving several intoxicated men

Lennon: Vigilantism has been part of the tactics of anti-pulp mill activists for some time

Kim Booth must condemn vandals

Does Labor support Sentencing Advisory Council?

TAP warns politicians and commentators

Honduras talks grapple with issue of Zelaya return

Police probe Gay home smoke-bomb

I remain unconvinced the woodchip piles are safe

Gunns Welcomes Apology from Dr Frank Nicklason


The Dilemma


Tasmanians were prepared to be arrested for their rights


Does Rees Protest Too Much?

DPP reveals Labor has failed to act on suspended sentence concerns since 2007



Property rights rule ...

Tasmania’s ethical and moral political wasteland

Faces of the Florentine

The Great Pipeline Swindle

EU in tussle over CO2 emissions

How Israel Targets and Suppresses Opposition to Its Annexation Wall

GetUp on internet censorship


Victims of crime services must be maintained

Mr Ferguson’s response - Rees Housing Amendment Bill


Four weeks and there is still buising

Bartlett – A Real Corporate Man

Uluru and photography restrictions


More community correction orders sparks concerns

Forestry Tasmania's credibility hurt


Bazza says sorry

Hearing adjourned


Politics has failed — time for civil disobedience

Legals defend court panel

Resumption of the Court of the People of Tasmania in the Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

TAP Revegetates Gunns Land Clearing Site

The achievements of Duncan Kerr SC MP

I'm not sure violent protests achieve anything

Queensland mums and dads into the sewer with ALP mates

Concerns over actions of ACL directors

Surely this is blatant electioneering

Argentine pulp mill protestors promise to “fight on” whatever The Hague ruling

I shall refuse bail

We are prepared to put our bodies on the line

U.S. must get tough to help restore democratic order in Honduras

Lawyers for Forests lose appeal

Taxpayers to foot Johnston bill

Keep your public mouth shut, Sir Max ...

Flak flies over top cop appeal

TAP: Where we stand

Arresting peaceful protesters is far more important than nabbing bashers

'Loggers breach eagle nest protection laws ...'

The Police have done nothing to follow up ...

Section 11: Labor's failure fans the flame of fears

Hate ad stoush set to continue

Paul Lennon was right

The facts of legal matters

If the mill is built ...

Forestry on the throne

Legal action is virtually useless

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

Paul Lennon on Section 11

Govt in the clear over Gadd job

Tasmanian Political Rot: The PMAA Revisited

Gadd - Bartlett bungle could cost taxpayer $240, 000

They've been fighting for 26 years. They're still battling

Corruption watchdog for federal MPs long overdue

There is so much about Tassie law that defies my understanding

Johnston: I too am baffled ...

The answer is the survival of Gunns and Forestry Tasmania

Brazil returns hazardous UK waste

Johnston: A baffling judgment

Interstate judge may investigate Johnston

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

Sponsor dinners for financially-disadvantaged groups ...

Court clears Police Commissioner

John Hawkins, heritage landscapes, Scott Gadd, Graham Corney, Peter James and David Bedford

Mr Green should not stand

TT Question Time: How can a private company close public access to the Wielangta State Forest?

Taking political advantage from social activism

Doctors warns Tasmanian death bill too restrictive

“a taste of their own medicine…”

Well, he would say that, wouldn't he ...

Queensland returning to dark corrupt past - 7:30 Report Transcript

Tony Fitzgerald, Queensland corruption ... and Tasmania

Chilean court finds Tasmanian politicians guilty of mendacity

Court finds Celco guilty of polluting Cruces River

How I was muzzled at The Examiner

Bust Me Gall and Break Me Neck - Patsy Adam Smith 1968

On Fox, Shit and Post Modern Tasmanian Social Pathology

These stupid pollies deserve the fate of the Dodo

Tassie to get ethics body

We need an independent commission against corruption

PAL Policy: Lazy, hopeless LibLabs

Actions speak louder than words

Rubber-stamped by a captured and criminal polity

Cheney Sweats Out the Summer

How to remove citizens' rights ...

Resumption of the Court of The People of Tasmania

McGinity rally

Compromise Package of Clayton Reforms

People's Court of Tasmania: first witness gives evidence

Ombudsman caught in logjam

GM lobby to flood the world: Why?

Detailed analysis of the Wielangta decision

A serious breach of probity standards

We need something akin to an independent investigative body

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne: Your chance to participate ...

Sea of Desperation

The trial of Michelle O'Byrne

Burch loses bid for Kons restraining order

Whistleblowers call for input to review

Thanks again, Bob

Justice Department review misses the boat

Ruling On Triabunna 13 Strike Out Application

Brown, the EPBC, and politicians

Brown pays debt. Cash pool plan

Forestry v Bob Brown

In the public interest

Brown's seat at risk; Rudd distressed; It's a stunt, says Ken

Why we need a Commission of Inquiry

An ATO-approved MIS scheme ... or scam

Lost for words

A legal tussle for the right to communicate

Cleaner denies Budget theft

Please, leak a draft of the PMAA

Harris defends inquiry

Worst in the country

Tasmanian GM ban makes sense

Revolution in Brit; passe in Tassie

Call it a virtue ...

The curious case of Dr McGinity

Vindictive bail conditions axed

Death with Dignity

An inappropriate exploitation

Did he know?

This is disastrous legislation

Harris: The Government Response

How to be corrupt

Bartlett's Tasmania: House Arrest

Validity of the Pulp Mill Permit

Premier refuses to meet

Gunns' approval for mill 'invalid'

Forestry Tasmania, the A.L.P and the right to privacy

Another arrest. 'House arrest'. Rally

Private prosecution against Forestry staff

The mill will not be built

Accused monkey-wrencher pleads not guilty (and other cases)

Fire in the forest: Unprofessional Police

New legal challenge to Gunns' pulp mill

Car on Fire, One Activist Arrested

Elimination of all democratic rights

Law and political interest

To anyone concerned about civil liberties and law suits

Labor again ignores due process

Dear Graeme Sturges

The rot is so deep ...

Not surprising, yet mostly deplorable ...

Bartlett ... and public deceit

Ethics: Where to read the submissions

Strengthening trust in government

Packed meeting rejects corrupt planning proposal

What did Green know? What did Kons know? What did Llewellyn know/ What did Bartlett know?

Verdict on pulp mill approval legality

Report slams government

A Crack in Capitalismo's Facade

Pulp mill case goes to Supreme Court

The Commissioner in court

Workplace Standards Tasmania

Pictures of a protest, Hobart Sunday

Website blacklist leaked on internet

Gunns protest claim collapses

Who wants a Code of Conduct?

Disorder in the American Courts

The Proceeds of Crime

Letter to Daniel Hulme

RPDC: No public consultation ...

Theft of Life - A story of struggle against Monsanto

Daniel Hulme – First Speech to the House of Assembly

A clear statement on intervention

Legal blitz questioned

Cambodia Tribunal Monitor

And the Intervention goes on…

Genetically Modfied Seeds: Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

Iraqi shoe-thrower set for trial

Erich Abetz: an update

Some questions regarding plantation forestry

Workers comp: time for justice

The most fatal approach


Please tell, Mr Jones

Dick: move the goalposts

An offence?

The way it is done in Tasmania

Tasmania Police are watching ...

Triabunna 13 defence

War Crimes Trials?

It's time to break the law

Cheney says he gets to decide which records to archive

More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying

Perhaps I have upset him

The cracking of our hearts

Abetz put on notice

Police integrity row

Police gave protesters' names to Gunns

Gunns can't start building, says lawyer

Triabunna 13 launch legal fighting fund

Lara and Bryan: You are responsible

They certainly sue ...

Falls defined by police intimidation

Threat of global warming justifies breaking the law

Legal fight on MIS

Police have no rights to block peaceful protests

No, says the Ombudsman

The drink driving problem

Gaming: Reprehensible

Hypothetical? Police Need to Expand Their Vision!

Tassie: Below standard ...

Justice, democracy and letting off flares

Clive in court

Baseless nonsense

Our Current Overworked, Under-resourced Ombudsman Tasmania

The scariest thing I have ever seen

Kirby: Term limits, TV and Tasmanians

It just gets worse and worse ...

DPP: Ignored

Kons defends memory lapse

My evidence to Jim Wilkinson et al ...

I am still waiting

Law discharged from Gunns case

The crucial role of the DPP

Bartlett's balancing act

Solicitor-General calls for ethics training

Tim Ellis: Clearing the air

Dear Ferdie Kroon

Michael Stokes: Re pulpmill pipeline

A question about statutory declarations

The answer from the DPP was "Yes"

What DPP Ellis told Acting Commissioner Hine ...

Police Commissioner charged

A Tale of Temma (2)

Inquiry subjects rejoice

TT campaign: Retrospective Commissions of Inquiry

Lawyer denies job offer

Heart of hearts betrayal of the Tamar Valley

DPP backs investigative body

Government may seek to strike out pulp mill case

UTAS alumni propose new name for Law School

Gunns pulp mill class action: Register of Interest


Do we need a Bill of Rights?

Commission of Inquiry Act flawed

Burnside backs watchdog

Issues of conflict

Please explain, Mr Bartlett

How freedom is chipped away

Investigate Cardinal Pell

Speaking truth to power

Ethics: Dear Tim Cox

Police probe legal post

CCTV doesn't keep us safe, yet the cameras are everywhere

Abetz and the High Court

Be Aware, Commissioner Jack

Police gear up to cope with pulp mill protest

The need for a public ethics commission

Here's lookin' at you

Life: A Day at the Magistrates Court

Drug sniffing dogs

Ethics: Fix whistleblower laws first

Ethics: David Bartlett is wrong

A cancer in our midst

Brown loses logging battle

Cox, a bribe. Brown, legally not at all clear

Bob Brown, I am stunned

Dear Senator Abetz

FOI debate

It's time to petition The Governor

Governors, Democracy and the Rule of Law

The profound contempt of the Lennon government

Democracy rally: What Peg said

Odd to fear watchdogs, as bark's worse than bite

Citizens' rights and the rule of law

The ad The Examiner wouldn't publish; the Mercury did

Four resolutions for Democracy

Court gives green light for pulp mill legal challenge

Shredding the Anti-Discrimination Act?

Burn-off air scare

Governance and memory: An Anzac story

Pokies: Dear Jim Wilkinson

Questions that must be answered

What Nigel Burch said

Shredded ... the final shred of credibility of Paul Lennon

A shredding of credibility

Guy Nicholson: Honourable and unbending

Green must stay on backbench

Is Forestry pulling the wool over our eyes

In God's name: Go!

White walks free from scandal

Special recall in White case

ALP ex-ministers got $1m in fees

Lawyers against the mill

Maybe the final wake-up call for Tasmania

Anti-Corruption Laws - can they deliver?

Another ray of light

Tasmanian ICAC: the pressure is on

TCC case unravels for three

Good laws and bad laws

Police drop Angel claim

Police state: pay out on Weld Angel

The right to vote

More Gay

The power of Parliament to amend the permit

Powers and Duties of Members of Parliament under the Pulp Mill Assessment Act

A moving encomium for an old viper

An attack on the rule of law

War on Terror hobgoblin

Pulp Mill: a timeline of deceit

Dear Senator Brown

The Great Tasmanian Land Robbery


Legal eagles hover above the law

A victory

Bastard offspring


Legal action against Turnbull, Gunns

Mill: The wife beater

Stopped by Customs

No, Minister

The Right of a Parliamentary Scrutiny Committee to Seek Independent Legal Advice

Justice is perverted

Diminished responsibility

The Porter Opinion

Scrapping the RPDC process

Opinion on whether the Acting Premier, Mr Steve Kons, is guilty of contempt of parliament.

Letter to the Governor

Something rotten in the Apple Isle

Legal anarchy

The Holy American Emperor

Meanwhile in South Australia ...

Silence, in court

Encore la monnaie!

Unfit to be the lawmaker

Forestry's action fails

Bloodless, provocative Ruddock

In breach of bioethics, human rights

Double jeopardy, boil and bubble


Libel law's grave crisis

Phillip Ruddock: failure

The mates' return

Justice ...

Wielangta: Brown wins

Academics ... and the law

Hicks: Federal Court case

Don't miss (2) ... The Law Society

Bribery: how much is enough?

Ethics, Milat, law


Green, White face court

Crims in the public sector

Greg Barns writ v TT

(Old) best comment

The Truth, Your Honour

Right to Know Day

Corporate organised crims, and others

Gunns and free speech

Reform torts

The sorry truth about justice

The Gunns lawsuit

No mercy

Torture chamber

My first lawsuit

A bunch of Hicks

Gunns a loser

The writ shield

A threat to basic rights

Up writ creek without a voice

Assault charge

Gunns 20

Dear Senators

On the record

Here we stand

A letter to The Examiner

The Vercoe witch-hunt

One law for ...

Dear Peg Putt

Gunns 20: website, debate

Styx and stones

The Gunns 20 Litigation

The Gunns writ

Leadership by the third wether from the rear