Writer's Articles - Gunns

Reverse Alchemy ... STT turns forest gold into more chips and debt

The Senate Register of Interests, 83 Davey Street, Hobart and Senator Abetz ...

All for a few boards of Musk ...

Policies for a Sheltered Workshop

While we were sleeping ...

Forestry Tasmania's demise in detail: Billion Dollar Loss

EXTRACT: The ignoble end ...

Welcoming tourists to our Southern Forests ...

Forestry Tasmania's final report: The Billion Dollar Loss

'Sam' and 'Brad' tell it like it isn't ...

The exotic plantation curse: an environmental and fiscal catastrophe ...

TARKINE: Why the Tasmanian Forest Intergovernmental Agreement got it wrong ...

'Permits for the Tamar Valley pulp mill remain valid'

PULP MILL: It's official. WE WON!!!! We really, really did ...

Room 39 and Forestry in Tasmania – Is There a Connection?

Forestry economics is a form of brain damage!

Mt Wellington and the cable car: The quick and easy road ...

Do the Liberals Really Want to Destroy the Logging Industry ... ?

Forestry Tasmania's destruction of El Grande ...

You can buy John Gay's house for $2.5m ...

Arnold Bloch Leibler, acting for the Receivers v Abetz Curtis, acting for Forestry Tasmania

Forestry Tasmania's insolvency report ...

The Secret Life of Trees ...

The Goose and the Gander ... Dastyari and Harriss

The Sixth Global Extinction – We are Now Entering it ...

Before I saw the light ...

Lloyd's 'brewing storm' is in his own teacup ...

Rodney Pople's Creative Mind ...

A poem as lovely as a tree ...

NATION: Probe needed into $4b meltdown of failed forestry schemes

STATE: Is the UTG to be Tasmania's moral compass?

Air quality ... courtesy of Forestry Tasmania ...

We serfs, indeed, have a new feudal landlord ...

The Billions lost on MIS ...

Anti-Protest Laws to be Challenged in High Court

An outsider's look at the contentious practice of clearfell logging ..

The Heart of Gunns' collapse (2)

Fail on key environmental criteria for Forestry Tasmania’s FSC bid

The heart of Gunns' collapse (1)

Vale Erika

Professor West and the Lone Soldiers of Lapoinya

FSC International's puerile, spurious excuse ...

Is eco-certification the solution to forest destruction?

'Jessica Hoyt, nurse, mother and a child of the Lapoinya Forest arrested ...'

Gunns, Solvency and the 30th June 2011

Former Gunns boss and convicted insider trader John Gay to pay $500,000

Federal Government to abandon plans to log World Heritage Area if UNESCO will not ratify it

The Emperor Has No Clothes

SHOCKER: Will Minister Harriss outlast FT?

$7.5 million ... for a done (FSC) deal ... ?

Former Gunns boss John Gay should not have to pay back money made from insider trading, lawyers say

'World’s Best Practice' ... ? Rebuff Libs, say Weber, Putt, McKim ...

What are green solvents and how do they add value to plantation forests?

We cannot learn from the past ...

Has FT turned the corner?

Tarkine Vandalism: More Forestry Untruths Exposed ...

Tasmanian forests, timber craftsmen and another looming battle

Former Gunns boss John Gay faces new court action to strip his assets

How can you not despair?

What is missing ... is any determination of fault

Author of Money Logging in Hobart highlights Tasmanian connection to Asian timber mafia

Dear PPB Advisory: Possible misuse of public funds to prop up seemingly bankrupt companies

Heroic Clare Rewcastle Brown as Malaysia teeters ...

Not Gunns again ...

This is our humble abode ...

Another Forestry Tasmania lie ...

Ta Ann, Forestry Tasmania and the loss-making Take-or-Pay Contracts

Misconduct alleged at Senate inquiry into forestry investment schemes

Liberals Must Rule Out Changes to Permits

Diesel toxins

STATE: Here we go again ... Big Tree ... ?

Rolley laments Gunns mill blunder

The burning question ...

Malaysian corruption scandal

Treasurer Gutwein's fantasies ...

STATE: Feasting off the kill ... ? The independent assessor ...

The rabid attachment to the past

Tasmania ... and Schizophrenia?*

Integrity Committee report a missed opportunity

Come on Sue ... spill the beans ...

The Importance of Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment

Dismantle Forestry Tasmania and sell its assets: A response ...

Wilkie urges forestry probe

Forestry: The courage to speak out ...

Forestry Tasmania comes of age ...

Tasmanian Integrity Commission should act on Forestry Tasmania

Forestry Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie MP and the tabled document ...

Andrew Wilkie: Time for a Royal Commission into Forestry Tasmania. TV Pulp Mill spruiked ...

Peter Gutwein, I am appalled at the inadequate response you have sent me, Another $10m for FT

The liquidation of Nature

Kim Booth to Step Down from Parliament

STATE: John West would turn in his grave ...

Government must come clean on Forestry exit funds fraud and non-compliance

STATE: MIS post mortem. Forestry job losses

NZ: A programme to poison a nation

Triabunna: Despite the autumn colour, spring (is) in the air ...

STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

Christine Milne resigns ...

Waterloo Bay: The Great Deceit

The Waterloo Bay proposal and the Southwood site ...

Beautiful Tasmania has suffered so long ... for nothing

Paul Harriss Pretence: FT closer to closure

Securing the future of Forestry Tasmania

Lapoinya ... The Battle for Middle Earth

A Blast from the Past in the Tarkine Karst

Is this the end of a very bad dream?

A dog's death from 1080 poisoning ...

FEA’s Receivers Deloitte has at last found a buyer for FEA’s land and trees

Gunns: The Wall of Silence. Sawmiller cash referred to Integrity Commission

Epitaph to Forestry Tasmania

Hobart health risked by cruise ships? Background Briefing's shocking report

Things that can't last ... FT fails the test, says Examiner

Forestry’s FSC Application Decision Delayed

Abbott ignored Joyce, Hunt and departmental advice over failed Tasmanian forest policy: FOI document

Apocalypse Now ... Lapoinya

Pulp mill stink spelled the end of Gunns

Liberals undermining future of Triabunna community. Download Dissenting Report ...

Lapoinya: Has FT found the way?

Lapoinya: You just could not make this stuff up ...

The disastrous economics of the past 50 years ...

Lapoinya: It just makes no sense ...

Harriss Protest Bill: It works

Rise and Fall of Gunns: The Grand Folly ...

Fullers, Tailrace: The Rise and Fall of Gunns. Gunns sues state for half-a-mill

Something in the Water ... An urgent need to re-evaluate

Call for State and Uni to dump Taib Mahmud ... and Ta Ann

STATE: The Irony; France, Tasmania ... and Freedom of Speech

Bob Brown: Wilderness degradation should lead to unique label being dropped

It's time to stop lighting fires

Forico Risks Community Support by Channeling Ghost of Gunns

STATE: Deal ... or No Deal? Revelations from the Triabunna Chip Mill Inquiry ...

But wait ... there's more: TT's Tasmanians of the Year

FT and the Economic Regulator

Jan Cameron sells Spring Bay mill stake to site co-owner Graeme Wood

A breach of competition policy? FLAG ...

Another B.S Woodchip Myth Busted!

FT and FSC: Accreditation is simply Not Possible. Your $30 million to subsidise FT ...

Don't miss Defendant 5, Mon Dec 8, ABC2 9.30pm. FREE tickets to preview ...

Devil disease: I wish I was a scientist

The Devil Disease: The Counter Argument ...

Forestry Poisons implicated in devil disease ... as President Xi strokes baby devil ...

Can it get more ridiculous?

China and US strike deal on carbon cuts in push for global climate pact

Tasmanian Water Monitoring – another casualty of State Budget cuts

World governments failing Earth's ecosystems, says top conservationist

Criminalising Nature Lovers

STATE: How are things going, Will?

FT: Nothing has changed ...

Why the anti-protest bill is necessary to achieve FSC ...

A Forest Industry that only Survives thanks to Taxpayer Largesse

'Frightening the community into silence ... ' Bill passes. FT's $43m loss ...

The Abetzian Nightmare

The story of the Phoenix Timber

Tassie's forestry wars echo UK's motorway wars ...

STATE: The possibility of Eden

The Probe is closed

How Great Cities Deal With Woodchips

STATE: The Inquiry is plunging Triabunna back into a state of grief. UPDATE ...

Even more macho than Vladimir Putin

Triabunna Intrigue

STATE: Insanity ... !

Notification of Planned FSC Certification Evaluation of Forestry Tasmania

Some Things Never Change

Playing favourites on tourism

Tasmanian Government told: Throw out flawed protest bill as tinkering won’t fix it

Wood: 'How much money am I going to invest in it to have it all torn up?'

Harriss Must Apologise or Resign

Selective Harvesting or Selective Memory

Over to you Mr Nikolic ...

Witch-Hunter Barnett uncovers a Phoenix ...

Greg L'Estrange and the Triabunna sale process ...

Logging rampage given the OK as Tasmanian government gags debate again

DPP targets John Gay’s millions ( ... on an equal footing with drug dealing ... )

Early vote in Tasmania's Legislative Council flags end for forest peace deal

Tasmanian government challenged on seriously misleading denials ...

John Gay's $3.1m illegal trading windfall pursued by Commonwealth

Harriss Amendments Threaten FSC

Triabunna and Government: Victim of cognitive capture by self interested promoters and groups

I sat ... where my ancestor sat, transported for machine-breaking ...

Forestry Tas: Devoid of commercial purpose

Hundreds rally to oppose Tasmania’s repressive anti-protest laws

Guy Barnett and The Witch Hunters: Answer these questions, Mr Barnett ...

Chip Mill Inquiry: 'A political witch-hunt and waste of public money'. Graeme Wood responds ...

Sunken treasure or desperate forest policy?

STATE: Triabunna Inquiry Witness List Released. Protest laws to catch pensioners ...

Burnoff policies could be damaging habitats for 100 years

Forestry industry out on a limb

Down Memory Lane

Logging can 'greatly increase' fire severity for 50 years, researchers say

Forestry Tasmania's Blueprint for Entitlement ...

Nothing more than a one-sided comparison of various chunky gifts to the porcelain gods

'Science the biggest loser from Tasmanian World Heritage decision'

All our staff acted in a lawful and professional manner

TAP derides proposed anti-protest laws

Jan Davis: TFGA calls Gunns landowners’ meeting

Hutchinson questions TFA conflicts of interest. Harriss. Weber: Appalling allegiance of loggers

The truth of the plundering of our State Forests by vested interests ...

Federal Liberals’ repressive anti-environment vendetta

Free from senseless and uneconomical exploitation that has ravaged them over the past four decades

Dark day for democracy but Tasmanians will not be silenced

Paul Harriss: We will accept the umpire's decision

Bill to Protect Workers From Protesters to be Tabled in Parliament This Week

Dear Mark and Eric ...

Rebuked, Rebuffed, Reviled!

Greens secure Senate Inquiry into Forestry Managed Investment Schemes

Tasmania’s World Heritage debate needs to look beyond the trees

Country towns: death or deliverance. A visit to Scottsdale ...

Thousands protest governments' efforts to log Tasmania’s World Heritage forests

Misleading Maps?

GetUp: The fake environment group ...

Abbott Government wastes World Heritage Committee’s time ...

The Fix is in: Families to pay for Forestry through their Electricity Bills

The Gay Verdict: A nation disappointed. The John Lawrence analysis ...

The Hollow Man

Flawed forestry repeal bill huge risk to forests, industry

Greg Hall and the unspoken Sins of Omission

Evan Rolley's vineyard

The Great Western Tiers Tasmania - Listed or Logged?

A myopic, selfish and ideologically driven vendetta

Celebrities Join World Heritage Campaign

World Heritage Committee rejects Abbott's bid to delist WHA

Struggling Ta Ann Tasmania splashed out on $136,000 of wine from Evan Rolley. The Sarawak Report ...

Paul Harriss: Ministerial Statement - Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Bill 2014

Christine Milne: Government’s World Heritage lies exposed in Senate hearing

Last Rites for MIS

The Gunns have fallen silent. Anchorage Capital profits at Tasmanians' expense

Chicanery and political deception of the highest order

FT submission: It is not acceptable ...

In Tasmania, even crooks like Gay can run a business

Premier misrepresents the consequences of his own TFA actions

Convicted insider trader John Gay cleared to run companies again

Tough times for the Tasmanian Greens

Forests: Reality bites for Paul and Will ...

400,000 hectares of Tasmanian forests to be logged, not reserved

Kim Booth takes command ...

We must have the Precious Forests

What Jim Bacon told me ...

Jim Bacon: The Emperor has no clothes

Their corporate reputation will be tarnished ... The Gunns doco ...

World heritage fabrication exposed at Senate Inquiry

Will Hodgman's declaration of war

Premier Hodgman Starts A War He Will Not Win

Sick of the useless fighting ...

Greed, pure and simple ...

Hans on for the Libs ... ?

GUNNS – The life and death of a rogue corporation

Tony Abbott: Renaissance Man ...

Commonwealth pursues Gay for proceeds of crime

Tree Rings: A Time-Line

Abbott’s Forest Plan Opposed by Most Australians

The Great Big Pulp Mill in the Sky

What ASIC told me about Korda Mentha ...

Bob Brown: Liberals’ Lie to Voters on World Heritage Forests

Spring Bay Mill chips in for innovative technology investment

Special timbers need to get real. The Honey Trap. Abbott rebuffed

The Zombie Pulp Mill. Doctors' warning

Delisting WHA: What It Means. Homes lost, $16m unspent, says Booth

A Government Funded Forestry Legacy

World Heritage mockery ... An act of real bastardry

Big majority sick of forest war

Howes set to profit from Gunns debt. Gay bid. Tailrace

FSC Preliminary Assessment of Forestry Tasmania

No Pulp Mill Alliance Public Meeting

Part 2 of the Leon Compton Interview with Geoffrey Cousins ABC radio Tuesday 11 February

Geoffrey Cousins on the the latest changes to the pulp mill legislation

Pulp Friction: one independent's perspective

29 MPs let corporate interest dictate their votes ...

Greens to move no confidence on basis of toxic legislation. NGOs warning. Defeated ...

The Rule Of Law – Tasmanian Style

The Pulp Mill Follies

If the amendments get passed ...

The Dictatorship of Majority Government

Doubts removal legislation is really democracy removal legislation

An act of little more than foolishness

How Korda Mentha instructed Premier Giddings to act. The Legislation ...


Liquidators' gravy train rolls along

How Lara Giddings comprehensively failed ... and why her demise is certain

Bob Gordon runs for Labor in Lyons

'Six in pulp talks ...' Lawrence analysis

FOI details on $100M Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan

A happy new year is unlikely ...

Martin Gilmour: Here is a quick lesson ...


Plantations: Economic reality and common sense

New Reserves Show Forest Agreement Delivering

Tasmania is run by unrepentant idiots. TAI damns forestry industry ...

Death of the Forestry Department: Part 3

Nitens plantations worth more than just pulp

The New Forest Way?

Will Abbott dump him?

Death of the Forestry Department: Part 2

Millionaires Graeme Wood, Jan Cameron to turn former Gunns woodchip mill into tourist attraction

Will keeps his Pulp-Mill Dream alive

Death of the Forestry Department: Part 1

Abbott: Think Of Me When You Smell Incompetence

Libs' insane pulp mill proposal

Dealing with Korda Mentha ...

No Pulp Mill Alliance reactivates

PUP, Gay in talks on Hampshire pulp mill

STATE: Buyers Beware; Pulp mill permit may be declared invalid. Jobs go etc ...

The State: Community opposition to the pulp mill will never stop; Chinese buyer? 'Hands off Hydro'

The State: Lara spruiks mill. The Arctic 30, Timberrr. Gunns. KI windfarm. Labor-Green poll woe

ASIC calls for tougher penalties for white collar crime

Tears on the handling of the Western Tiers ...

Australian Federal Police confirm Gay share profit referral

MIS scams uncovered

Human rights crisis in Sarawak, Hydro Tasmania culpable as Murum Dam floods

Peg Putt: We will not be gagged ...

Dear Premier: I note that I have had no formal response to this letter

Will Brian Wightman protect Tasmanian’s World Heritage Area forests?

Adelaide students rally against Taib Mahmud

Abbott-Abetz: Environment? What environment?

New danger for Australian World Heritage wilderness. Ferguson joins plantations panel

Sydney analyst Trent Martin faces five years' jail after insider training guilty plea

Tasmania’s election results and the forest deal

Timber!!! Strange bedfellows in Huonville. Advice from a truckie ...

Pulp Mill: Back on the Agenda ... ?

Our logs are worth more

Pull the other one ...

Dudded on Durability: How the Members of the Legislative Council are being misled

To allow or to disallow, that is the question, Thursday: Progress 'insufficient'

A Tasmanian Houdini ...

Forest and Human Rights campaigners appear in court over Ta Ann protest

Frank Nicklason on John Gay: I have a bad case of indigestion

Former Gunns boss John Gay avoids jail for insider trading

Kill it, says Paul Harriss. Federal Labor's 'final betrayal'

Free speech is not free activism

Ex-Gunns boss John Gay fears prison will harm health

Tasmanian Forests Disagreement Act 2013

FSC® Australia welcomes Forestry Tasmania to membership

Together We Can

Open letter in support of free speech and reform in Tasmania

Former Gunns boss John Gay pleads guilty to insider trading

Meanwhile ... just how long will it take to crack the Tassie Paradigm ... ?

Environmentalists urge Rudd to scrap 'failed' forestry deal with states

It will be the fault of MLCs, not us, say activists. Fear of 'Terrorism'

Ta Ann: the supreme beggar

Sarawak multi-million dollar company benefits again from Australian taxpayers

The false illusion of a commercial public native forestry nirvana must be abandoned

The false dichotomy of clearfell or reserve must be abandoned. Vica Bayley on free speech.

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair! ...

Pictures of a Protest

Taxpayer-funded forests become a burning wreck. Logging halted

Standing up for native forests ... Unhelpful, says Nick McKim. Double standards, says Bob Brown

Cash for no comment tramples free speech

Actions Speak Louder. TFA Threats. Sarawak Blackout. Sarawak Activist Deported. Obendorf Transcripts

MIS class action makes slow progress

Tasmanian World Heritage extension rewards 20 years of dedicated work

Australian taxpayers pay millions to controversial Sarawak timber cartel

'WHA forests logging ended'

The Protest against Ta Ann

Special Timbers: The Broken Business Model

Plantations and Forest Stewardship Council Audits

Royal Assent of Tasmanian Forest Agreement Bill is a right royal mess

FT's slash and burn culture is changing ... ?

Forestry Tasmania changes course on Bruny Island

Countless millions of sawlog tonnes smashed, chipped, wasted ...

A story founded entirely upon a myth

Withhold Royal Assent

Silence on peace deal is telling

Undermining due process

Our cry from the heart ... the pictures

Forest deal 'greenmails' the green groups

A myth driven by the woodchip industry

FSC meets TAP: A Citizen's Report

Foolhardy to risk a fragile peace in forest wars

The ‘blackmail provisions’ in the TFA Act


Bob Gordon quits

Richard Denniss: The Poison Pill. Tom De Kadt: Nothing to lose

'Wither and Die'

Dear Richard (2),

Dear Richard (1),

I don't agree

One almighty crash

Why we voted for the Bill. Silence, says Gillard. Never, says Milne

Community and The Australian Greens will not be “silenced” Prime Minister

Christine Milne: ‘Picking over a dead carcass’

Booth crosses floor as peace deal passes

Reject the forest agreement

Bob Brown: a refutation

The Great Carbon Con

Can’t you just see Bob walking towards you, in your mind’s eye?

The Council's Torpedo

Dump it! Pullinger, Edwards: 'Constructive discussions'

The Substantially Built Mill

Special Timbers sector 'would be gutted'. Mulder passes. Wreckers, says Milne. Bill passes

Pulp mill dreaming

Shock of The New Amendments

Bob McMahon ...

The Tasmanian Forest Gravy Train

MP leads a new war of the woods


Leatherwood: A business struggling to survive, because of ...

Forestry burns causing havoc for Smithton residents

Forestry burn-offs set to threaten health and well-being

Big questions over status of plantation estate

Gunns liquidator to sell timber plantations

PAL: Redressing the injustice

Fraud on the Commonwealth?

Private foresters vindicated in forestry bill turmoil

Back to the Future – the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement 2012

FSC must be obtained, and peace demonstrated

Dear Bob, this is the 21st century ...

Coalition calls on Auditor-General to investigate all forestry payouts

FSC International and Tasmania: Irreconcilable Issues and Values

The MIS Phoenix

Massive amounts of specialty timbers and firewood to go up in smoke

MLC moves to cut down forest reserves

Significant Progress on Coupe Re-Scheduling

Revealed: Taib, deforestation and illicit outflow

TFA bill alive, as MLCs debate changes


Ruth Forrest's amendment to the Tasmanian Forest Agreement Bill weakens the Forest Practices Act


Senate - and state - inquiry into forestry grants

Integrity Commission fails to investigate TFA Committee members

Forestry Tasmania split ... business as usual?


Christine Milne Senate Question: Voluntary Exit Grants Program

Nick McKim: Forest and Reserve management response

Peter McGlone: New Authority welcomed - but there must be more than just a name change

Dr Phill Pullinger: Government agency reforms reflect forests agreement

Corrupt or incompetent? The $44 million question as Leg Co report revealed ...

Underbelly: The suggested grounds for a Royal Commission

Leg Co's Key Findings, Final Report on the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Bill 2012

Unresolved Concerns with the Integrity of the Upper House

Dear Members of the Legislative Council

Fishy Business at John Curtin House Ltd ...

Objections to the nomination to extend the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area pour into Paris

Police probe Observer Tree fire

The cost of hubris

Show me the money!

The Cardinal Sin of Transparency

Wildfire ends Miranda's vigil. Brown fire probe call

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania

Giddings knew Gunns was insolvent

The all-powerful Paul Harriss

Julia Gillard Needs to Come Clean on Duplicitous Pulp Mill Stance

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania. Julia pledge on pulp mill

The Unbelievable Charade


State forest revoked to benefit Gunns pulp mill. Bad news for creditors

Underbelly: Paul Harriss; A Step Too Far?

Lost ... without the pulp mill ...

Tipping Point ... ?

A lack of confidence in the integrity of the Upper House

Ombudsman Refuses Release of Gunns Pulp Mill Appendices

Mill part of Labor's investment plan ...

Pulp Friction - Fact not Fiction

A Greenwash

Tasmanian Forestry Agreement: The Real Issue

The Tree-sitters: Designing a habitat on high

Sustainable forestry (2)

The close relationship of TWS, ACF and Ta Ann

Wilderness Society Congratulates Geoff Law for Australia Day Honours

Greens eat Greens

Timber looks to bailouts, concessions to ward off undertakers

A Plantation in downtown Deloraine

TFA: A mockery of due process

TFA: We stand by our fundamental opposition to the Bill

TFA: A small window of opportunity

Cow of a time for Gunns

Green arrogance burns fiercely

Business as usual for Ta Ann

Environmental Movement Loses a Champion

What Miranda missed most ...

And Ta Ann will hang around. Paul Harriss knew that ...

Not before Christmas ...

Time to design out the rot!

To: The elected members of the Tasmanian Legislative Council

There Must be a Better Way

Boat builders and woodworkers support the Tasmanian Forest Agreement

Plan C: No to TFA 2

It would be brave to say no

Legco and the TFA Legislation

Give sustainability a chance: Tasmanian Forests Agreement in perspective

Roundtable for Two Please

Back to Square 1?

What is the alternative?

Developing the conversation on future forestry

Evan Rolley – Tasmania’s forest chameleon [Part 2]

Wisdom from Hector the Protector

We urge the Legislative Council to reject it

Healing the divide ... as Libs pledge to trash it all. The meaning of Clause 58

That's typical dumb-arse Labor for you!

The Fall of Gunns - Documentary Appeal

Rafferty Rules: The Incredible FT Saga. Crikey: The forestry con job ... and response

A solution to the forestry wars: Am I wrong about this?

Forestry Tasmania: Forensic audit call unheeded

Australian law gives shelter to illegal acts in the name of the environment

The Wacky World of Tasmanian Liberal Forest Policy

Quamby – The Trashing of Aboriginal History

Forestry Tasmania: Wilful deception and crass incompetence

Forestry Tasmania: To be cosmetic or profound – that is the question

The Huon pro-forests rally

One night in Rosevears ...

A solution to the forestry wars

Timber industry spurned compromise that could have saved forests ... and them

Earlier this year Ta Ann was revealed as a loss-making dog. Now?

GetUp! targets Bunnings, Harvey Norman. But it aint over ...

Collapse! At what cost?

All creatures great and greater……

Old feral cat’s fighting days are over. Bob Annells. Tony Burke. Gunns' last days

The $30-million-loss-making law unto itself

Winds of change for pulp mill site

Golden Tonsils to replace G Bailey? Judy Tierney v Julian Amos

The difference between Long Reach and MONA

No certainty about Pulp Mill permits’ validity

This is why FT needs reform

Southwood: Where was the due diligence?

FT's next takeover target: Gunns' 18 MIS plantations ... You read it here first

Amos bells the feral cats

TFGA organises Tuesday Gunns' meeting

Gunns: The morning after

Gunns, forestry, and the flawed notion of 'social licence'. Creditors' meeting. Monopoly Game

Changing of the Guard among Tasmania’s forestry moguls

The role of government in the rise and fall of Gunns. L'Estrange on Gay shares sale

Gunns drawn amid immense hostility

Gunns and Elites

A disaster for the taxpayer. Change focus ...

Tasmania's divisive timber mill project reduced the mighty Gunns to a pulp

Let us hope the days of the cargo cult are over

Green split. Treachery, say Putt, Webber. SWST vow. TCA takes bat and ball

Liberals to thank for failed forestry schemes in wake of Gunns’ collapse


New Chairman of Forestry Tasmania

Miles abandons sinking FT ship but Ken comes to the rescue

Nitens will be milled and marketed

Mashed Potato Mountain

Locked out!

Locked Up or Locked Out?

Final push for a forests agreement

Camp Florentine as Tasmanian Forest Icon

Forests: Burke's fury. Obendorf: The wounded feral cat strikes

McCall: Set aside the IGA and the Roundtable. Green puts his foot down

All about Miles

Arson attack against Camp Florentine

Tasmania’s forestry saga - in limbo again!

Forestry Association still playing cat & mouse

A sawmill suitable for Nitens and other hardwood logs

Scale back: the corporate lessons of Tasmania’s forestry debacle. Forest carbon ...

‘Cargo cult’ mentality is not an economic development policy

Gunns Ltd ... the worst disaster!

A Dim Economic View

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last…

Liberals' Nixon Report - 15 years ago - warned of forestry collapse

Erich Abetz and Attacks Ads

'A public execution for Forestry Tasmania'

Turning FORESTS into chips

More grist for the mill ...

Never say die, until you have to! Shareholders want help for Gunns

Ta Ann is at the centre of any Signatory Deal

Bryan the Bashful versus the Nome King

'Myths', says Forestry Rob in response to 'work for the dole'. Forest Industry 'Duplicity'

The Gunns Ltd disaster ... for Unisuper ... and Robert

Contested forests and uncontested wood. Forestry akin to 'work for the dole'

Forestry Tasmania must face reality. Obendorf: The Last Elephant

Fine; we can all relax. Can we?

Vale Mike Cassidy 1950 – 2012

Back to the future for the forestry industry

Peace deal shatters ... ? The Facts on Log Supply, from Gunns, FT. Download agreement ...

Frolicking with the pixies at the bottom of Lara’s garden

Pulp mill no part of Tasmania’s future

Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

Dealing with FT: John Powell's tortuous saga (includes all articles)

‘High-quality sawlogs’ and TA peeler billets from plantations – would you believe?

I'm not holding my breath

The Second Coming is more likely ...

Gunns loses ...

Plantations: Putting the value above ... nothing!

Forest Peace Deal - a game of multiple hoaxes?

Denial piled upon delusion ... enough material for a whole round of psychiatric conferences

No Peace in The Forests. Ken Jeffreys: We could have won a gold medal ...

Last (w)rites

D-Day Today: Decision or Deferral or Dead. The Cost. And another pause ...

The over-blown optimism of a plantations architect ...

Defining ‘Waste’ In Old Growth Forests

Plantation Isle Forever!

IGA: We should all be very, very nervous

The End for the Pulp mill and a New Victory for Social Licence?

ABC: The Shape We're in

FORESTS: 'Broaden fund for workers'. 'Inauthentic politicians'. McKim debate-ready. Visit to Miranda

The ultimate contradiction. Let the market decide (in our favour of course)

Arrogance, hypocrisy and wilful ignorance

What Terry and Vica told Leon ...

Gunns: Bankers call in insolvency experts KordaMentha as the wagons circle. The Pig without lipstick

Bob visits as Miranda pledges more time and pro-loggers up sticks

The Case for Restoration Forestry. Check on Gunns' pulse ... IGA: Another extension

My encounter with Michael Hirst

Greens call for clear heads at Observer Tree ... at Make-or-Break time

Ta Ann-backer Abetz visits Sarawak. Sarawak People tell Ta Ann to go

Vultures circle Gunns

Smoke and Mirrors

FT persists with its trashing of history ...

Joining the dots

Clean water needs revised forestry operations

Two ex-premiers blast minority governments

Rivals meet to end war on forests

Tassie tree-sitter claims Australian record

Flatlining Gunns now faces $64m tax bill

The most viewed video on the SMH and Age websites ...

Forester accuses Institute of Foresters of skewing forests report

This is the way the world ends ...

Gunns: Writing on the wall?

Does Australian policy support optimal greenhouse gas mitigation outcomes?

Liberals' plan crackdown on rogue protesters

Not a cent to Forestry Tasmania

Draft legislation welcomed

Does the 2010 election herald a return to Van Diemen’s Land?

$240,000 Gunns roadworks bill goes unpaid. As does Walker Corp bill. Man-up, Green told

Dr Warwick Raverty: Many acts of bullying and intimidation in CSIRO

Outside the tent

Assessing Gunns Ltd

Key forestry negotiations make progress

$325M rescue package to revive Tasmania's public health system

Gunns: Flatlining ....

Logging must be sustainable: Tony Abbott

Environment Groups challenge Big Business

Hoodwinked by pulp fiction

Body blows to the credibility of the IGA

Celebrating TAP's 6th Birthday By Abseiling Down A Cliff

Tarkine National Coalition suspends involvement in Tasmanian Forest Agreement process

The cost of Forestry

Why? The contracts schemozzle ... ?

Wilful blindness and the new forest industry. Booth: Broke FT puts its hand out, again ...

Clear air exclusion

The Yellow Silt Road ... oops Waterfall

Clean water demands changed forestry practices

Have the Engos sold out their principles ...

Gunns and Seaview

Give Peace A Chance ...

The Naked Emperors

Failed Forestry gets another $110 million. McKim: Wind up money. Giddings: A 'contingency' measure

Forestry: the sobering conclusions. Farming: the glittering future

Bring It On – the Australian Greens Build Credibility?

The disinfectant aroma of burns-tainted wine

'Next month' ... and 'APRIL' ...

Is Tasmania a failed state ... ?

Go back to the days of Electric Eric and The Emperor, says Howes

$409,000 grant goes to Gunns

'New life ahead for Zombie'. Ta Ann ship protest

Geoff: It's far worse ... Forestry Tasmania’s shrinking estate

Greens' Whish: My vision ...

More proof needed for Gunns 'equity offer'. What The Ex says ...

Creating the Future

Gunns: Is it all over, Red Rover? 5pm: The Company requests that its suspension from trading ...

Forestry Tasmania – A Compelling Case for Reform

Ban health and climate-hazard forest burns. Four protest arrests

Greens cry wolf on Integrity Commission

Last Roll of the Gunns' Dice ... as Pulp World burns

Forestry Tasmania ... and The Yellow Brick Road

More bizarre pulp mill land titles - the depth limitation

Gunns, please explain ...

DISMISSED! Paul Harris 'called out'. The Stench. DISMISSED: Court rejects Gunns

To be or not to be

Is it time for a little Truth & Reconciliation?

Lipstick on a pig. No more Trial-by Media. The incompetence of FT

Gunns' Forestry Right questioned

No social licence ever, politicians told. Hall backflipping? Green says TV groups 'not mainstream'

No Evidence of Tree Spiking: Tasmania Police

John Hawkins takes on Greg Hall

It's not war. Chameleon Gunns in Melb move? No tree spiking

Bizarre pulp mill land titles ... but what are they for?

Adventures in Wonderland

The 2020 News

Mill: The Arrogance and Intransigence

Erich Abetz and the mystery of those MIS facts. John Lawrence: It was Ponzi ...

The morbid fascination of Tasmania's tragedy ... and our way forward

Rethink FT: The devastating truth about a Rogue Agency

Race to find financier as Gunns pulp mill faces uncertain future

Attacked by Vandals. Found! New roading, logging and burning in HCV forests

IGA deal must deliver on forest biodiversity as well as new reserves

The Problem: No Trust

Who is Professor Jonathan West?

West: Fatally flawed

Rethink Forestry Tasmania ... there's got to be a better way

The Sound and Fury

How About Some Easter Eggs for Gunns? No money, says Burke

The Corporate Assassin

The report Lab-Lib would rather you did not see. Libs' attack: Recant, says McKim. Wilkinson probe

West’s Protest-Free Pulp Mill Vision: A Recipe for Escalating Conflict

Dream on ...

The Future: It's up to private forests ... and a change at FT. Burning Tasmania. Labor hides Report

The Kiwis have landed

Expert Verification Group reports provide basis for forest solution

Biomass rejection is flawed policy

'The garbage media component to what happens around here in Tasmania'

The Rogue Agency

Who is driving the Liberal's Pulp Mill policy? L'Estrange ready to move on? Depressing Dr Amos

Are the old warriors up to the challenge?

Paul Harriss’s Altruistic Trips to Sarawak. Ta very much. Rolley takes Ta Ann reins. MRs

Dark facts uncovered by White Knight. Will prefers Lton Cup to White Knight. Repeal PMAA Petition

Paul Harriss MLC should resign. Questions which must be answered

The $5 billion waste

Gunns White Knight gallops off

MLC's Ta Ann 'gifts': 'This cuts right to the heart of probity.' Borneo journo's special report

Robert's brave endorsement. Mercury's bold backing

Ta Ann's links to allegations of rights abuses, environmental destruction. Heat on FT

Oh, for responsible adults

'Where is the plan to address the long-term collapse in global markets?'

Nobody’s buying ...

Gunns Ltd: A pig without lipstick ...

Native Forest Logging is economic madness

Huon activists anything but anarchic

Extreme tree-spiking exposed in Tasmania

This is the game changer. Milne: Lies, Forestry Tasmania must go. Gunns ...

Why spruik a dying industry? One law for Ali ... Message for Ta Ann customers. Peg Putt's message

Government facing up to challenges facing forest industry

I won't be silenced on forestry by dinosaurs stuck fast in a swamp

Proof that Tree Spiking Does Take Place in Tasmania

What Lara said. True History of Forest Violence. Lara sorry. Bryan's trade trip. Booth's mill call

We shall not be moved. 'Outrageous, inflammatory Giddings must apologise'. FB kill threat reported

How can a Conservation Area morph into a monstrous toxic pulp mill?

Police called as Nikolic heckles. Misdirected abuse in Huonville. Global protest ramps up

Not guilty, says Gay

MLCs accused of blackmailing democracy in move to ditch deal


The Hypocrisy of Will Hodgman's Liberals

Oakeshott and burning ‘Waste’

Forest furnaces: what about broader environmental principles?

Last roll of the dice

Oakeshott Must Change Native Forest Furnace Stance

Dear Mr Chandler

Gunns' White Knight gallops in. Pollies, Lara. Tom Ellison: 'It's desperation'

Is this Gunns' White Knight ... ? PtM's message to Mr Chandler

The Tragedy of Tasmania's Forests: One act on from Flanagan

Gunns in trading halt

Historic Agreement, My Arse

Miranda Gibson breaks Tasmanian tree sitting record today. Broken ...

Gunns Supreme Court bid dismissed

Ta Ann customer campaign launched. McKim. Colbeck. Bryan's begging-bowl to Asia

Gunns’ Pulp Mill lifeline extended – community will protest

Banks holster Gunns. Delaying the inevitable: Booth

Protest at Ta Ann head office today

Wood smoke adds billions to health bill, says report

Six weeks since I touched the ground. Milne: Answer these questions ...

ANZ urged to call it a day

Reduced to a number on a map ...

Travels around Tasmania with some latte sippers - the sequel

TODAY: Target ANZ. Mill protest

Travels around Tasmania with some latte sippers

The leopard has not changed its spots

Logged forests may be a greater bushfire risk. Broascale burning not the best method

Jobs to flow from forest agreement fund

The Bad Fairy

Warning to the ANZ

A pox on both their houses ...

Case against Gunns dismissed

Three Forest Conservationists Arrested on Hobart Wharf

So who actually owns Gunns Ltd, right now?

Connorville reaps $250,000 for letting its trees remain

The only game in town. The Age: The policy failures

MIS growers felled again

Forestry: A Modus Operandi

The Tale of Two Forests

FT, and Foxgloves, and the WHA

Where are you, Will Hodgman?

A pulped forest industry as Gunns scrapes the bottom

No FSC, No Sales. Ask Gunns.

Tasmanian environment group celebrates ten years of forest defence

Expansive with the truth ...

For the delectation of Forestry Tasmania

The risk to Gunns. NAB 'ceasing to be a substantial holder'

Dire Straits ... for the mill? Ta Ann fears ...

Gunns: A forlorn hope ...

Gunns: JVP negotiations are continuing ...

British firm blacklists Tasmanian timber

Compromise the compromise: Clause 27 and all that

Has the Forestry Industry Really Moved on? (2)

Don't bother coming back after Christmas. The meaning of Clause 27. Gunns Ltd plumbs new depths

Has the forestry industry really moved on?

Breaking Contracts

The stupidity that has no end ... but is it Gunns end?

Falling forests. Ta Ann threats. Softwood fears

Frustration with dishonoured agreement leads to forest action. The Observer Tree

Out with the lot of them

John Gay fronts court

How about it, guys?

How Lennon, Rolley and Gordon flogged the softwood resource

Peck's motion is ridiculous ... and rejected

Democratic right to protest is not for sale

The eye of the beholder

The extraordinary incompetence of Forestry Tasmania

It's time to stop the failed drip-fed funding of Forestry Tasmania

The short-sight of Forestry Tasmania

Jan Davis, you are wrong

Gillard’s word is being trashed, along with magnificent forests

Hodgman: Stand up and be counted. Judith King's Citizen's Report

Protecting forests can gain carbon funds and diversify Tasmania’s Economy

Beggaring belief

The Sinking Ship. The Sinking State

Barbara Etter: We need you ...

How Labor pinched IGA funds for Forestry Tasmania

Gunns, The AGM: No JVP. Plan B is Plan A

Blackwood, the TFIA and funding

ANZ Bank urged not to throw good money after bad

John Gay charged

Special timbers sector endangered by Tas Forestry IGA. Petition

Not only in Tassie

Tasmania’s forests vanish as logging continues

Beauty ... in the eye of Dr Amos

Forests for boiler fuel

Farmers are not charities

Triabunna lease dispute resolved

Roundtable Creation Myth Has No Vision Splendid

Industry wants mill loan

Mayne on the Mill: Inaccurate puffery

What a Tangled Web we weave ...

Court case can end Gunns’ proposed Pulp Mill once and for all

Stephen Mayne has fallen down very badly ...

Greens No to mad mill plan. Marr's anger

Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings's mill plan risks Greens, forestry deals

Plantations Vision?

Stephen Mayne is wrong

Plantations Vision

Mayne: Gunns believes pulp mill approval is inevitable ... as it should be

OCCUPIED: Gunns website hacked! Err ... no it isn't

Do you really want to see Eric Abetz get a firmer grip on our precious island ...

Tasmania’s longest running forest blockade celebrates 5-year milestone

Professor Stewart didn’t get much right

Forestry decline: It's no-one's fault, says Giddings. But Libs would forgo $276m

Seven years and counting...

Logging must stop. Nick McKim. Paul O'Halloran's Notice of Motion. Biomass burning ...

Forestry didn't get it all wrong

TCT seeks Supreme Court determination that the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill permit has lapsed

Upper House rejects Libs' forestry snub. Forestry Tasmania debt shock

Gunns AGM Notice and 2011 Annual Report. MLCs decide forest deal future

Triabunna no bar to forest deal. No advice on $34m Gunns payout. Ball motion

$45 million for loggers but not one hectare of forests protected

Power Sharing is a euphemism for Coalition

Attacking Peg Putt misses the issue

Minister dodging questions on Forestry handout. Mill buyers. Gunns quizzed

Hush, Lara, Hush

The Privileges Committee and those explosive revelations

Minister must investigate FT involvement in Gunns mill sale

Digesting grass or burning forests is not the answer

Forests agreement opportunities detailed at Our Common Ground event

Is the pulp mill an issue in council elections?

Tasmania’s forest campaign goes global

Ali released on bail. The action against Gunns. Logs off to China

From within the forest roundtable process ...?

Gunns in Hobart Magistrates tomorrow

Code Green demands EPA investigation

Government Acts to Avert Industry Shutdown ... but there is another way ...

Protesters stop logging inside the 430,000ha East of Ben Lomond. Doing the Govt's job: Brown

Forest activists scale the Sydney Opera House

Hear from Tony and Bryan at Forests. Jobs. Together

Tasmanian Conservationist in court after 29 days in prison. Update. Gunnsblog. Last Stand

Explosive letter confirms Gunns voluntarily gave up contracts, rights

Gonzo Greg’s Report Card

PM's forest peace deal challenge

Call for LCC to clarify position regarding Gunns’ Pulp Mill

Gunns' 2011 Financial Statements

Standoff as MLCs demand Gunns $34m compo advice

George Town, The Mayor, Gunns ... and memories of Robin Gray

Classical George W. Bush technique. Is this really the best we can do?

Pulp mill permit non-action equates to interference by default

Bob McMahon: Protests to escalate if project continues

Gunns, money and the reasons why ...

Schaap gives the nod. Booth: Courts should clarify pulp mill permit. Alex Schaap: My reasons

Forestry sub-contractors deserve a share of exit money

Forest peace deal test. MLCs vote it down, 12-2

Submission: Gunns' Application for Permits to Undertake Dam Works. Double-standard, says Booth

Third of TCCI members do not support Gunns pulp mill project

Vigils held across Tasmania for incarcerated forest activist Ali Alishah

Gunns and money and water. Bob McMahon. Contractors' fury. Vigil for Ali

I'll expand Tassie's forest industry: Abbott. What Tony said: transcript

Welcome Tony, 'tell Eric to stop being anti-Tasmanian'

Maintaining the fiction

IGA money flows to Gunns, FT ... contractors zilch. As Gunns sells water rights

'We don’t want the money spent in Tasmania'. Gunns dips below the Flatline

In defence of our defenders

Not a penny more ... World day against plantations

Gunns and our government ... Maybe the time is now

Forestry should not receive settlement money until disputed logging ends

Lara must release advice on Gunns compo. TCT case dropped

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Gunns at the mercy of the market. Permits: Booth lash. Logging goes on

A failure to acknowledge, let alone disclose

Residual Residue

Cause and effect of Gunnerment

Gunns 'could announce mill partner Monday'. Enviro groups, Beekeepers back IGA

We were just getting out of the hospital when ...

Mill site works too much for air monitors

Meanwhile, Gunns 'expects to finalise ...' What Calton Frame told Alex Schaap

Code Green steps into the breach ... 9 arrests

Why the Greens agreed to compo. Protesters halt site work. Vigil.

Corruption needs to tackled head on

In defence of the indefensible. Today: The Black Flagging. The Blockade ...

Ancient History

Call for Forestry Tasmania administrator as Lara, Julia hand over $34.5 million

Gunns: No way to establish emails' veracity. Les Baker: I wrote some; they are ancient history ...

These emails are genuine

Gunns: Do they deserve public funds?

DPIWE must explain decision to process dam permits. Second week in custody. Gunns' End Game.

Gunns dam permit application is premature

Sudden Impact – When Will Gunns Finally Hit the Wall?

Air pollution and woodsmoke

Application for a Permit to Undertake Dam Works at 'Bell Bay'

A revised offer to Gunns

A hit on the head ... AFR: Wild speculation swirls around Gunns

Get a fxckxng real job!

Into the Abyss. IGA secret agenda, says TFGA

Pulp the Mill launches prosecution of Gunns

This has got to stop

The queue grows of people waiting for Gunns to pay them ... Protest stops logging

Reflections from the vigil-site, Long Reach

Why are these logs being stockpiled?

Gunns rejects deal ...

$11m loser Ta Ann the new Gunns: Brown

Locked on! Misleading information and bias in The Examiner. TV ads. Gunns ... but no Roses

Gunns moves the earth ...

Investigating stockpiles. Last Stand in Bunbury

Timber folk urged to boycott Chickenfeed, Wotif ... as Gunns in compo stand-off

Surely the pulp mill is dead?

Gunns updates the market, as the Watchdog ... watches, and Code Green protests

Wikileaks, Nick McKim and the pulp mill ...

Polling shows 85% want immediate protection for Tasmania’s forests: Brown

The Final Nail ... ?


Has the contract been signed?

Mill Permits: Acid on Wightman as Giddings stays silent and flick-passes

Is this responsible reporting?

Gunns silent on Giddings' offer

Throw away the dictionary

The Permit: Last minute surprise! And much tortuous detail...

Louisiana paper mill spill causes massive fish kill

States get a bigger say on the environment

A substantial commencement of Rat Cunning

Abbott: ' ... make it happen'. Schaap: Go ahead, Gunns. JP Morgan: Risk too far

Draw a line under the pulp mill, says Milne ... as Gunns awards earthworks contract ...

Smoke from regeneration burns exceeded healthy limits only three times

Rotten, stinking and crawling with maggots

Gunns posts $355m loss

It was not self-evident to me that the works that Gunns had undertaken ...

Better get a lawyer, son. Permits. Code Green strike. Forestry incorrect

It's no wonder there is so much anger. Four arrests. Tarkine fears. Booth fears for forest workers

Is this 'substantial commencement'? Greens seek legal opinion

FOI request on 'substantial commencement' meaning refused. I have more pressing matters: Alex Schaap

I agree with Erich Abetz

The people tell Gunns Time’s Up!

Forced to change ... FIAT, Libs outrageous, says Booth. Brown lashes Hodgman

All they, like sheep, have gone astray ...

As soon as machinery rolls onto the pulp mill site, the community will be there to stop them ...

Giddings: Gunns eligible for up to $23 million. Brown: Open the books, FT

Of course, Senator Brown is wrong

Gunns sticking to August start

ForestrySA cuts log supply to Gunns. Protests. Brown backs Harriss

My Cry from the Heart: Deliver Us From The Message

Questions ANZ and Gunns must answer

Wailing in the Wind

Permits - is Gunns out of Time? Triabunna 13 litigation ends. Forestry hates me. Animals arrested

In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

Addicted to pain and conflict

Pulp mill permit: Three working weeks...

GILLARD'S DEAL: Burke. Giddings, Green. Reaction. Gunns: No Fed funds; State buyback? Tarkine

Our compass for hope into the future

SATURDAY: Protest against Labor. What Lara told the faithful. MONDAY: A Citizen Reporter's view

Tasmanians brave the rain to celebrate forests

TODAY: John Williamson, Flanagan, Bayley, McKim, Putt

Solutions for Peace in our Forests

The Meaning of August 4

Farmers tell Giddings forest agreement a sham

Gunns ...

My Cry from the Heart: When will these people stop?

Going Bush ... err Bust (now with added notes)

Dear Lara and Julia

State ponders $100m Gunns compo. Booth's threat

Gunns Ltd tanks: I smell a corpse ...

RALLY: Saturday. WAIT: Gillard, Giddings told

An infamous ‘peace deal’ - roundly condemned

Forests Heads of Agreement can be improved, but ...

Lara opens John Holland's new Tasmanian office. Are they after pulp mill action?

No common ground on the forests agreement. Whole log exports lashed

Agricultural land: The future hot property

Big Rod and Julia's bribe

Pulp mill Bass Strait effluent

The Road to Nowhere

Back to the Future: Remember Wesley Vale?

TCT blast. White-out fears. Leadership for Lara. I will not be moved, says Julia

Lara: Like a spoiled rich teenager with a spending problem ...

High Farce

Green groups protest, Lara lashes Libs, Farmers wary

There’s more to the Tasmanian forestry issue than its ailing industry

Forestry Deals without reforms to plantations chemical use unacceptable

Conservationists shut down Harvey Norman outlet in Nowra

Compo, buy-back: Deal today? Nope!

This Soap Opera: The Abusive Minority of the Powerful

Bryan, the Lynch Mob and the softening-up process ...

Greens just want the end of special favours

Buyback: Let the market sort it out. Why should we fork out any money?

Buy-back of logging contracts has precedent in fishing buybacks. Class Action?

The Triabunna Experiment ... a new dawning ... ?

Kelty Peace Deal - Is it signed, sealed and delivered?

Dear Gregg


Greg L'Estrange: The Falling of the Sky

APRIN: The Final Question. What Greg and Lara said. Marr to be mill boss!

Gunns torpedoes Aprin, DED, Lara and sells to Wood/Cameron. Greenies blamed

Forestry Tasmania: The Time is Nigh

Forestry Tasmania powers on with biomass plan. Is it because they have to ...

The reason we grow trees for wood production

WORTH THE WAIT? A Look at the Auditor General’s review of Forestry Tasmania

The Inconvenient Truth: Forestry is in crisis

My Cry from the Heart: When we have justice there will be peace

Gunns files profit drop defence

Triabunna deal needs federal intervention

New report shows urgent need to protect Tasmania's high conservation value forests

APRIN: Profit-sharing? A-G report bid. Milne's Senate serve (No. 2). Deal done, Aprin tells Mercury

$30m mill start, business told

Wilkie lashes 'collapse of good governance in Tasmania'. The Mendicant State

Booth fronts privileges committee over these explosive revelations

Broken Forestry model. Christine Milne's Senate serve

Tasmania: 20 years behind, even Queensland.

Dear Nick. Booth's no-confidence threat. The responses to 'Dear Nick'

Day by Day: Pulp, Chips and Pipelines

Bedside ritual

APRIN: The Cunning Plan Revealed

Federal Court challenge to Tamar Valley pulp mill set to proceed

Gunns is dead. Long live Gunns. Gunns Bottom 10 of worst performers

Acid on Greens: Aprin loan approved

APRIN: Buyer rejects bankroll claims. No way, says Vica. Gunns slashes and burns

Deal or no deal? Reflections on Tasmania’s forest agreement

Native Forests transition: read for yourself

APRIN: The questions that must be answered

No Community Support for Forest Peace Agreement ... and MLCs agree

Is the Gunns clock ticking?

Bryan Green: Two hats and neither fits properly

Gunns: Vale Auspine

Why has Aprin got its hand out?

Dr Judith Ajani: The truth about the 'mollycoddled' forestry industry

How to get your piece of the $2 billion pie

Dr Judith Ajani: The truth about the forestry industry. Greens clash over deal. Splintered state.

Forest 'deal' chaos. Forestry accused of doing over sawmillers. Contractors left to rot

'Peace deal struck in Tasmanian forests'. Read the agreement

End to Tasmanian timber conflict 'in sight' ... as Aprin puts its hand out

George, throw those barbs at the forest miners

Contract signed to turn forests into pellets: Is this true?

Keep our native forests open!

'Get out of the way'

Forest contractors and workers face ruin if exit package thwarted

... paid-out contractors find fresh fields to clearfell, and ...

... ground rules change to suit Forestry

Business as usual in Triabunna?

Gunns: This crappy dealing must be exposed

Is the Tasmanian forest agreement collapsing?

The Fall and Rise of Gunns?

Hansard error: The explosive revelations

Reveal the wood supply deal

ABC: The Royal Park rally should have been covered

School Holiday fun in Hobart and relief in Triabunna

Penola pulp mill plans dead

Gunns: The Farce continues

Mill sale hinges on forestry peace deal

Log group 'buys' mill

Dear Greens Members of Parliament

Triabunna: This is a matter for all Tasmanians

Federal government grappling with plant disease

Tourism vision for Triabunna mill

Giddings meeting a deflating experience

Tasmania teeters

No Answer. Gunns Share Price Vertically Challenged

If they loved the ordinary bush ...

TCT seeks Federal Court review of Burke’s mill decisions

Forestry Tasmania’s priorities ... and contempt?

Protesters call for abolition of Forestry Tasmania

Labor to embrace deal on logging

Lost in the Forests

NZ forest industry vs Oz forest industry

A Cry from The Heart: Aerial Spraying Regulation Farce

Pulp mill may hinge on forest compo. Getting to the bottom of the 'lies'. Triabunna reels

Gunns: The Final Death Throes? Share Price tanks. The meaning of 'Substantial Commencement'

Gunns: The Last Throw of the Dice

Pulp Fiction

Watch the Black Flagging

Gunns pulp mill permit to expire again?

Gunns: No JVP? We'll go it alone

Like Gunns, Lara's share price plummets

The truth about Mr Gutwein's Rauma mill(s)

Forestry Tasmania’s secret

Proposal for a Tasmanian Blackwood Growers Cooperative

We ask once again: So Bryan, who are the PAL winners?

To Make Logging Legal, Liberia Will Give Every Tree a Barcode

Abbott: MIS a problem

Startled Mercury wakes up ... a bit

Pulp mill permit confusion

The Black Flagging of Parliament

Syrupy Gutwein's ode to Rauma ... and the truth

We will never give up ...

'The 'letter of comfort' has nothing to do with Forestry Tasmania's financial performance'

Gunns lobbies against repeal bid. The Blackflagging. Doctors' mill health fears. Dear Mr L'Estrange,

Clearfall, burn and sow ... how the eucs win

It's time to meet the people's needs

A Forestry roadmap. More on the Black Flag rally, tomorrow

Ta Ann: Why employ 34 Malaysian workers in an area of high Tasmanian unemployment?

Watch: the End of Forestry Tas Ad

No more circus funding

Huonville: judge for yourself. Foresters claim 'pledge'. Parliament rally, Wednesday. New Ads.

Public native forest transition inquiry

Go the Mill!

Jenny v George. Kim Booth questions Bryan Green

What Lara said about the pulp mill

Reflections of an unemployed ‘new’ Tasmanian

Real Native Forest Blackwood


A missed opportunity for the Forestry Peace Agreement

Splinter group puts Tasmanian forest deal in doubt

Rally: Watch the march, hear the speakers ... count the numbers

Download: Strategic Review of Forestry Tasmania - Request for Tender. What is HCV forest?

Our only weapon is our refusal

$35m: Ms Giddings this is a disgrace ... will you act? The Giddy carousel

A week in the world´s forests

Markets for Change

Greens to push debate on pulp mill repeal act, rally told. Fury at ABC

Forestry: Jarvis was right on the money. Download specs of Review

Booth, Cundall, Nicklason, Landon-Lane, McMahon headline black flags rally, Today

Strategic review of Forestry Tasmania

FT deprives Tasmania of 500 jobs

Expert monitors forest process

What I told Greg Hall. His reply

Conservation groups unite ...

Rally: Saturday May 14th - 11.30 AM. Royal Park, Launceston

Gunns last days...?

Dear Mr Wilkinson

I'm no Gunns' lobbyist: Lennon

Forest peace talks teeter on collapse

Woolworths Must Change The Name Of The Gunns Mitre 10 Hardware Stores

Forest Coalition Joins for Forest Vigil

Massive plantations shortfall in Gippsland

No more smoking Gunns. More smoking Forestry Tasmania

All about the only woodchip mill's plans

FT shutdown. Seven arrests

Misguided enthusiasm at The Ex

Rainforest Alliance: Gunns audit

Mill: Candidates must state their position

How to make money from trees without cutting them down

The Burning Question. What Tony McCall really said ...

Gunns class action: What Maurice Blackburn says. Download statement of claim

Gunns, FT ... and serious cash flow problems

What I said to the Minister

Mr Gordon: Set the record straight

This contemptuous campaign

Another log truck smash ... a sedan 'crossed to the wrong side of the road' ...

Forestry Tasmania debt burden grows. TFGA warning

The Colours of Autumn ...

Way ahead of Gunns ...

The left hand and the right hand

The peculiar investment of UniSuper in Gunns Ltd

Rally to Protest: Democracy Betrayed – Tasmanians Betrayed

Business - including GBE - aids pulp mill bid

A Brief Analysis of Forestry Tasmania’s Financial and Economic Performance

Forest ‘peace’ deal piecemeal on high conservation value

$178 million would end logging wars

Kelty: TCT claims scientific errors. 5000 petition to end burns. New arrest.

Protecting the devil's forests

Forest burns aggravate health issues. Forestry 'goes rogue'

Gunns' 'nanny culture' threat. MIS forests ripped out as $10b 'wasted'. Wightman lashed

Kelty report outlines government action. L'Estrange, Abetz, Milne, Gunns threat.

Will Gunns remain afloat?

Greg responds to Richard ...yet again

Gunns Pulp Mill - Transport & Road Safety Concerns – updated for 2011

TCT dismayed at Norske Skog's quick and dirty Forest Stewardship Council certificate

Devonshire teas and trees. The Last Century Dinosaur

Greg responds to Richard ... again

Rene (and other MPs) in the Lion's Den. Burke must table Kelty report, says Senate

The Mill and Monoculture. SWST quits talks

Gunns' sawmill future at risk

Input Side Insanity

The Resistance, the Anger grows. New Ad campaign

Revealed: The Secret Life of Bob McMahon. Shock new photo

Mushroom time again

Animal Farm ... and Tasmania

Silent monuments to political chicanery

As nightfall does not come all at once

Holding up Gunns through secret deals

The failure of government to govern has paralyzed the state

The Parable of the Insolvent Company

Pictures of protests

Why were 22 NEW PS (public service/servant) jobs advertised

Are private forest growers “missing in action”?

The Faintest Whiff

What Gunns told me

Withdrawal fails to dent Forestry commitment

Lara bans peaceful forest vigil. Forestry Tas HQ protest. Ta Ann HQ picket arrests

TAP, TPEHN condemn Principles because of pulp mill tie. Engos stark choice ...

Inquiry to delve into Forestry cash flow

Tasmanians will not wear it! Kelty must go, says Cousins

Kelty’s Claytons moratorium not the worst of it

Gunns, money and government of last resort

Gunns' mill critical to talks

The Power greater than Money

Pulp mill NO – modern forestry policy YES!

Economic Effects of the Pulp Mill – A tale of two assessments

What's in the black box, Mr L'Estrange?

FSC Australia Launches Appeal on World Forestry Day

Bob Brown gives away greenie HQ

Tomorrow: Protest at Batman Bridge

Hold Lara accountable for every forest logged

Forest wars: the Elephant poo solution

Democracy Betrayed

Pulp friction in Tasmania

Leaked email on Gunns shows pulp mill site unassessed. Gunns support deal ...

Gunns may be running millions of dollars debt to Forestry Tas

Pulp mill protest moved to Batman Bridge Reserve

Amos bluff and bluster over appeal process

Burn-offs spark fear for grapes

The hollow industry

Greens lash failure to assess mill impacts. Gunns shares freefall

Maths, law and Gunns' Tamar Valley pulp mill - a story of beer and effluent

Can anyone remember the CFMEU going into bat for forestry workers cast aside

Gunns reels as Japan paper mills shut. Moratorium meeeting, Tuesday

Compo for Gunns - Deja vu? Lara, Tony on YouTube. No seal of approval. Greens rift? More please ...

The Tasmanian Plantation Elephant

Call to Arms: Environmental activists urged to regroup

The Burning Question

Gunns proposed plantation policy: an open letter

Can we restore the rainforests?

Sweet-reasonable L'Estrange monsters Flanagan 'cynicism and contempt'

Burke and the EPBC Act: Beyond Ignorance and Ineptitude

Forestry moratorium is a mirage. Sounds like pulp fiction

TCT: Burke has done nothing ...

Kelty: Moratorium/Wood Supply deal. Gordon: Deal possible, if mill proceeds

The Resistance strikes back

Gunns deal 'sheds responsibility'. Burke 'ludicrous'. Gunns glitch. Booth threat

Mill approved: Chronicle of a death foretold

Burke decison day. Kelty may report early. Cousins: No-one believes L'Estrange. Logging stopped.

Forest Moratorium?- Public meeting

Community forest restoration project on abandoned pulp mill site. Greens, ET, TWS, ACF latest ...

Gunns ASX statement disputed. I got it wrong, says Lara. CODE strike.

Pulp Mill Assessment Act, Green economy and democracy shape Greens agenda. Bill tabled.

Pictures of a Protest

As Forestry stains the Autumn skies with smoke, as Parliament resumes, so does the resistance ...

The Chief Scientist and the Gunns Pulp Mill. Gunns woos Tamar Valley.

Zombie Firms

Greens push for PMAA repeal. SEARCH ponders direct action. Giant banner unfurled.

Human Health First – No Pulp Mill

Not the cake, Lara, the Bread ...

Shed a tear for the Blue Tier

Gunns and Government must regain community trust to justify a new pulp mill

Mill Statement

Greens v Greens on Gunns pulp mill. Milne's question ...

Burke's mill decision delayed a week. Gunns in another trading halt ...

Australian Forestry Industry: Situation and Outlook

Carbon offsets: This important AFR article

Mill: Wilkie puts the acid on Gillard

Asia Pulp and Paper Part II

New Emergency National Heritage bid for Tarkine protection lodged today

Impropriety by Lennon alleged

TWS, TAP and The Ides of March

Lack of action from Giddings threatens forests agreement

Residents refuse Gunns a social licence!

The Great Betrayal

Putting the 'Un" in Australian

Asia Pulp and Paper - A History by John Hawkins

Forestry Roundtable – Working for the Man

Environment groups watching Commonwealth decision on pulp mill marine modules

TCT maintains opposition to the Bell Bay pulp mill

Preolenna: An obect lesson in economic irrationality

Open Letter to Mr Bill Kelty: There will never be peace if ...

Pulp mill effluent: The Facts

Rowella Votes No Social License For Gunns

Dear Andrew Wilkie

Gillard: No bid for mill funding

Revealed: The Gunns plans

Gunns woos Asian giants

Timber Communities Australia and social licence

Experts Question Aspects of Prescribed Burning

Taxpayers may help fund pulp mill

The message to potential Gunns' JV partners

UPM: We are not engaged in negotiations. Kelty meets Marr. Giddings backs mill 'to the hilt'

Forestry payout fraud probe. More protests

Greg's Chutzpah ... and Postscript. FT profit ... and Bob Gordon's performance ...

New Premier Lennon’s Old Agenda

Government must come clean on support for Gunns

Gunns misses another self-imposed deadline

Dick's message ...

The Future for N E Forestry

FSC certification poses risk to business

For Whom does the Bell Toll?

Wood resource: The global picture

If it had been a pro-mill protest I would have been given a cup of tea inside Parliament ...

Gunns placed in trading halt

Pulp mill start aim next month!!!

Gunns to quit without green pact. Finnish giant may back mill

Section 11 Again, and Again … FSC report. March Mill start?: L'Estrange

The Forests ... The Forests ...

Research, Reform, Revive

Dear Mr L’Estrange ...

Uruguay's $2 Billion Pulp Mill: A different problem

President orders halt on logging in Philippine forests

FSC: Member & stakeholder meeting in Tasmania

Naked and Exposed

Gunns share price goes vertical. Why?

Mill: How many jobs will be lost? Fresh forests protests. Gunns: another mill closed

Forest contractors to claim for losses

Guarantor for the Pulp Mill?

Giddings supports pulp mill. McKim does not ...

Forestry Tasmania lying about reasons for job and cost cuts

Sustainability of eucalypt plantations in Australia is failing

Jo Quail's Florentine fundraiser concert

Flood, fire, mega weather events, climate change and risk…???

Exit packages: were there favoured ones? asks Booth, contractor

Forests peace deal: Felicity Ogilvie's summation*. Booth lashes bully Gunns

Minister Ludwig must suspend payments. Baker sacked. Gunns lying, says Booth

This arrogant, selfish game of Russian Roulette. Mole Creek landslip.

Gunns: The Rainforest Alliance valuations ...

Communities and tree monocultures

South Esk headwaters clearfalls: The devastating consequences

Don't be taken in by the spin

Although difficult, positive change is possible

South Esk headwaters clearfalls: All endorsed by PEFC and AFS

Gullible and derelict in duty to the majority of their electors

Forestry Tasmania's cover-up

Forestry: Why we hoarded $22m to be spent on clearfell options, beekeepers. Fugitive odours ...

Urgent need to address key shortcomings in the Forests Agreement

Has Forestry Changed its Spots?

Trust us. Not yet!

The Forests Agreement to end all forestry disagreement?

Pulp mill boss recruited to make project appealing

The Wood Smoke Activist

Forestry lobby group axes chairman

Forestry on notice. Spirit, Global Protest. Mill Dossier. Cundall. Kelty. Gunns and FSC

Gunns: A company teetering on the edge?

Is Botnia Gunns' Joint Venture Partner?

'Gunns has an unfortunate history of corporate dishonesty ...'

Webster gets cash to buy walnuts. Gunns will get cash for the sawmill ...

The Coming Dark Ages (or how Labor turned paradise into a parasite)

Canberra backs forests peace deal. No compo

Indigenous burn control a myth: study

Bartlett’s World of Forestry Fantasy

Greens warn. Gunns threatens. Premier Promises

Socialist Alliance Statement on `Tasmanian Forests Statement of Principles'

Warwick Raverty: Why the Tamar Valley is the worst pulp mill site ...

Financial trouble looming for Forestry Tasmania

Liberals' forest plan throwback to the past

Forest Peace Talks in Victoria now history. Big implications for Tasmania

Ecology, Health and Justice

No Plan B ... Gunns compo ruled out. L'Estrange at Tailrace, Wednesday ...

The trashing of our world

Catch this: Frank Nicklason receives the TT Tasmanian of the Year Award

A day in the Styx

The Future Eaters: Being Vigilant for The Man 2007-2010

Gunns slashes up to 150 jobs. Premier sad. Mill may have backing: Examiner

Forestry exit package. Stop the chop now, say NGOs

Andrew Wilkie: PM to intervene in forestry

Peace or PR in the Tasmanian forests?

Tarkine Book Launch

Styx... business as usual

Groups welcome Premier’s progress on Forest principles. Look for PM's support

Why The Community Isn't Buying The Big Sell

Select Committee into Scottsdale softwood log supply

NO PULP MILL Public Meeting Wednesday 1 December, 7.30 Sharp

Gunns takes Suntas on a pulp mill site tour

War and Peace

Integrity Commission could probe The Auspine – Scottsdale Saga. And, Kim Booth's new call

Mill: Download Dossier of Impacts ...

Pulp mill related: Anne's Update

Lessons in power sharing: Engage in the new political dialogue

Cash-strapped Forestry and MIS: A Lawyer's Picnic


CAUGHT! Frank, you're a champ!

Plantation drop spooks industry. Libs urge caution over mill deal ...

We expect that more members of the community might like to enter and see for themselves ...

Gunns: The Statement of Principles is a major step forward ...

Sustainability versus corporation control and blind progressivism

UniSuper invests in Gunns

A second report on the first Forest Forum ...

Forest Forums: The Elephants in the Room

Mill backing: I made no such comment. Peter Henning: It was in The Australian

A new deal for Tasmanian forests?

Mother’s Day 22 charges finally dismissed. The Whiteout ...

Gunns: The Next Chapter?

Forest Principles not Healthy Community Principles

Community needs to understand. We should be compensated, says LeStrange

Impacts of the Gunns pulp mill. Scottsdale, a way forward. Hope, say groups. Train wreck, fears W-W

China demand pushes log/woodchip imports to records

Forests: Peace in our time?

More dates than Casanova

Native-forest felling split

Mill back on agenda. Union backs industry deal. TAP: How much lost? Gunns admits flaws

Florentine Forest Information Day, Sunday November 7

Stalled FPA review delays move to improve forest practices code

Weld ... business as usual. Rogue corporation, says Booth

Pulp Mill: GetUp Campaign forum for Tas Integrity Commission

Robert Eastment totally wrong, says Dr Warwick Raverty

Lennon: Peace push 'breakthrough'; mill will be built in Tamar Valley. Biomass row.

Gunns: Is the worst over?

Crowded Out

The incompetent leadership

WARRA: The Full Story ...

A loan, a loan, all, all alone ...

Elections, corporations and forest practices

Gunns sets pulp mill time frame

Andrew Wilkie's maiden address to Parliament

I've had enough of the secrecy: A response

A Cry from the Heart: Why?

Gunns 'bullied'. NGOs. FT's 'new loser'. Bartlett: Wrap it, and, Yes, FT still converts

Woody biomass prices in the US increased in the 3Q/10

I've had enough of the secrecy

Risk of Beetle Outbreaks Rise, Along With Temperature, in the Warming West

No agreement can be made until ...

Gunns pulp mill 'Disneyland', lash for Shelton, Lara on the Dilston bypass ...

Forestry Tasmania Woodchip price war

Are the Tasmanian Greens losing heart?

A couple of interesting links, Mercury and the Press Council

Timber industry split over Gunns logging move

Jeremy Rockliff... Where have you been?

MIS: A final domino falls over. Forestry blames GFC. Gunns quits FIAT, says it's lost the battle ..

Wood fiber costs fall

'Secret forest deal leaked. Draft agreement in full'

A win-win for industry?

Tasmania’s forests need urgent bailout

The Height of Stupidity or Stupidity on High?

Into The Woods - the battle for Tasmania’s forests

An Informal Report On An Informal Update Of The Secret Informal Talks ...

Banks Grow Wary of Environmental Risks

Mr Eastment, pulp mills and cities

Dear Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott

Forestry: Nothing has been learnt

From Forest Destruction and Public Subsidies to Profitable and Sustainable Forestry Practices

Are the 'secret forestry talks' illegal?

Tasmanian Forest and Forest Industry Talks Questions & Answers

Why should we be dragged into the forestry mess?

Forests peace plan 'revealed'

Afternoon tea at the Boat House

A wrap on Gunns ... As Bartlett Labor Seizes Private Property for Gunns

Mark Poynter's Devine defence breached

Gunns lose Abbott government?

The Devine Lie

Dossier: Why no pulp mill in the Tamar Valley is acceptable

Amos and Wells on Forestry Subsidies: Round 3

Devine retribution ... John Gay, Working Class Hero

Pulp mill site cleared and awaits finance: `We are as ready as we can be to start building'

The last Tassie Tiger

Beware of Academics Bearing Arithmetic (Round 2)

What debate, Mr Gilmore?

Dr Amos, It's just plain nonsense

The Power of Jarvis ...

An abysmal lack responsibility

Climate, forests and phone messages

New TV ads: Native Forests are our climate pollution banks

Why The Secret Forest Treaty Will Fail ...

TV advertising targets state and federal governments for ignoring native forest ‘pollution ban

Gifts and Arithmetic

Forestry Tasmania exploiting and threatening forest contractors


Beware of Academics Bearing Arithmetic

Compensation for Gunns?

MIS: An abject failure with no place in the future of Tasmania’s forest industry

Beware of Politicians Bearing Gifts

Negotiations represent best chance at agreement for all of Tasmanians

Canadians Call for Ban on All Outdoor Open air Burning

Gunns 13 - Wilderness Exhibition.

Forests: Jarvis reveals the deal

National environment groups say give forest furnaces the flick

Matt's a finalist ... first on TT

National Day of Action on Forests

Cut emissions not forests

TAP has no intention of meeting with Frances Duffy

Rick Pilkington's Rogues Gallery ...

Julie Bishop in MIS pledge

Gunns’ planned pulp mill on the nose for voters

Tamar group refuses Gunns meeting

Forest Defenders halt logging in Tasmania’s Weld Valley

Forest issues need to be in - not out - of the spotlight

Debt, uncertainty at Gunns

Air Quality Standards discussion paper

Leatherwood: Now it's time to convince the Minister

Australia has a huge opportunity to reduce carbon emissions through protecting native forests

A list of Australia's most dangerous pesticides ...

Florentine Mothers Day protest charges dismissed

No social licence. The Tamar Valley Pulp Mill, irretrievably damaged.

Florentine Defenders Vow to Keep Fighting Forestry Tasmania’s ‘Mysterious’ Exclusi

Florentine Defenders Vow to Keep Fighting Forestry Tasmania’s ‘Mysterious’ Exclusi

Dear Premier Bartlett

Dear Prime Minister ...

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Sign now ...

FSC and Gunns: It's not too late...

Book Launch: ‘Standing Strong: Stories of Courage and Activism’

Cutting through the forest feud

Gillard paves way to end Tasmania logging conflict

New anti-mill website

Tasmania fumes over media misconduct

Paper Mill Upsets Baikalsk's Hopes for Strawberries and Skis

Forestry Smoke ... not a good start for David O'Byrne

Gillard poised for major forests statement ...

Tas 'green tick' a forestry first

Whole log exports to cease ... but no-one seemed to have told Forestry Tasmania

Still looking for finance

As fumigation starts, 'Labor and Forestry Tasmania must explain whole log exports'

Public Meetings for FSC Pre-assessment of Gunns Limited

The truth about plantation diagrams

The Premier meets the people

The sun was shining on the sea

Gunns, Finance Pty Ltd, MIS & ASIC

Dangers of allowing forestry companies to burn native forests

'Panel report dubious; designed to stifle debate'

Response to Panel Media Release

Findings of the George River Water Quality Panel

Concrete cultures collapse forestry

Disputed Pulp Mill to go Federal Again?

Equity and ecological sustainability rather than Corporation control

A new method of Labor rule

Upper Florentine Defenders Keep up the Fight

Pulped! No Pulp Mill Alliancee-news

The biomass debate

The latest findings on the cause and the extent of the toxicity in the waters of the George River.

An Open Letter To Bob Brown And Christine Milne

You Did As You Were Told To Do

The Rot Remains at the Core of Forestry and Government

Peaceful Protesters Case Dismissed

The forestry assault


Pete Hay opens 2nd Southern Forest Soiree

Cancer of the Chudleigh Valley

Barnaby Drake responds ...

Gunns to stop using 1080 poison ... anonymous website attacks 'deal'

Peace in Tasmania’s forests?

No Social Licence for a Pulp Mill or Plantation Forestry

Dear oh dear ....

Rainforest Action Network Expands Misleading Greenwashing of Primary Forest Logging

Brazil log prices rise

Gunns certification probe

Plantation reprise (Part 2)

The Truth About Plantations

Our best opportunity to protect Australia's native forests

Gunns reveals pulp mill partners

Blue gum properties hit the block

Tourist drive paves further pain for devils

No to forest furnace power stations

The true story of the fall of Gray, Gay and Gunns

Premier Bartlett continues to ignore community representation

Pulp mill has no social licence. Petition against Forestry burns

Clean Water and sustainable land usage

Acid on Bartlett

Round Table: Fears of another generation of polarisation and opposition

Who is Timo Piilonen?

Improving human wellbeing ...

UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet

Pondering the deeper issues of aerial spraying

World Environment Day warning - watch out for wood-fired power stations

Is wood the way of the future?

All about plantation forestry ...

Bryan Green's $3.6 million 'likely to hinder constructive forest negotiations'

Where has your money gone ...

'Innovative Plan to Support Forestry Jobs'

National Day of Action highlights local forest furnace threats

End of the Tarkine Road. The alternative vision ...

Water policy, reality and the future

Gunns shares soar as China speculation mounts

National Day of Action highlights local forest furnace threats

Forestry crisis is a once-in-a-lifetime chance

Good riddance, John Gay

It's mostly the Greens' fault, says Robin Gray

Dangers of outdoor and indoor burning


Race to the bottom

Gay gone


Death of the Gunnosaur

No green tick for Tasmania's forestry practices

FSC, Tasmanian native forests and Gunns

All eyes on Gunns' share price

Bartlett’s Good Idea

Forest discussions continue ...

Gunns Customers achieve certification under FSC controlled wood program

Gunns Limited Announces Sale Of Hardware Retail Business

Florentine: Worth More Standing – Dinner Dance Auction. Guest Speaker: Peter Cundall

FSC and Plantations

Round and round the same old table?

Gunns ... it was so ...

No, no, eucalypt plantations don't guzzle water!

Devil calls for end to logging


Wood fiber prices up

Ms Tierney, you are wrong. Greens, please don't lose the plot

The Tragedy of Tasmania

Rountable delayed

Canadian Forestry Solution offers lessons for Tasmania

Gunns: Now Maurice Blackburn lawyers join the action ...

Forestry: Time to wean the screaming infant

Forestry burns choke East Coast ... again

Gunns Share Price: 42c ... and falling

Davo's smokewatch

Forestry: We were warned ...

Forestry Tasmania is the stumbling block

The great Gunns sell-off

Exposure to fine particulate matter can trigger cardiovascular deaths, heart attacks

Do it, David

Forests: The Final Solution ... ?

Cousins willing to back Tamar Valley mill*

Premier 'moves to secure a sustainable forestry future'

Florentine: Worth More Standing – Dinner Dance Auction

Bank of America ... and Gunns

Forestry crisis talks

Forestry Tasmania Still Has Case to Answer

Loggers and Greens sue for peace

Bank of America ... and Gunns

Forest workers quit state. Greens, Wildos blamed

Market Watch: Tamar Ridge for sale

Forestry Tasmania stares into the Abyss

Brave New Business

New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer


George River Water Quality Panel Bias: Claim

Gray goes

Mill: Gunns is stuffed

On what basis, Dr Taylor?

Roscoe Taylor plays down woodchip pile risk

A revealing look at the forest business

Tasmania, I wish you well ... Goodbye

Toxins in our water ...

CFMEU quits forest council 'sideshow'

Barry blames the banks, not the Greens ...

Governor opens design school with forestry dig

EPA investigates Gunns. Burning Tasmania: The Video

Integrity? What integrity!

How to finance the pulp mill?

Gunns' Timo and the Uruguay mill

Strategic review.... or yet another downgrade?

Burnie woodchip pile: The Steele Report

The FPA strategy is a failure

Minister Garrett should be sacked - Lessons for the pulp mill

Academic freedom under attack from foresters institute

Eden feels the heat over wood-fired power plant

FAO and WWF: birds of a feather promote “planted forests” together

The problem with monoculture E.nitens

Nothing has changed

Gay, Gray stand down

Fiona Moves On From The Examiner

The Burning of Mt. Dismal – FEA’s finale?

Regeneration burns another reason for forestry transformation

The Flare of Forestry Tasmania: My Cry From the Heart ...

The crying need for change

Where's the apology, Fiona?

Pulp and paper crisis as FEA workers sacked. Milne: opportunity missed

Burning debate fires up

Forestry challenges Ombudsman's order to disclose Going Bush costs

Burning Tasmania: Forestry halt. The facts.

Trouble for Sodra

A Lesson in History


Gunns Through the Looking Glass

FIAT Response to Open Letter

Crossing the line from academia to activism

Keep on fighting folks

These next few days could be the most important yet

Open Letter to Members of the House of Assembly

The MIS nightmare

Mill: The Psychological Impact

Burning Tasmania

PIS drops MIS

A sorry state of affairs

Going Troppo

Gunns and TT: Making sustainability our business ...

Softwood up, hardwood down

ABC should declare on Gunns

George River Water Quality Panel

Gunns: Shares plunge as ASX queries Gray, again

Threaten crayfish. But don't upset Forestry

Forestry worker admits rampage


Stop the Charade

The Smoking Gun: Who gave the orders?

Choking Baikal With Poison and a Foul Stench

A letter to Tasmanian Country

Water toxicity inquiry appointment questioned

Tasmania's lesson: when Labor attacks the Greens, it threatens itself

The Smoking Gun

Gunns: Gay under the cosh. Japanese get tough. Class Action mooted. Mitre 10s, Tamar Ridge to go

Gunns: The Last 10 Years

And, the government did what, exactly?

George River Water Quality Panel receives report

George River Water Quality Panel receives report

Shareholders look to green Gunns; meeting today

Hartz protest

Peter Garrett Rejects Gunns Pulp Mill ... I wish ...

FIAT pulp mill compensation claim wrong – Michael Stokes and Tom Baxter, UTAS

Logging Red Gums is vandalism: The Lesson for Tasmania

Smoke over Chudleigh

Upper Florentine ‘Mother’s Day’ Defenders Still in Court

Ten reasons why pulp plantations are so wrong

A Drive through the Tarkine

Upper Florentine ‘Mother’s Day’ Defenders Still in Court

Overview Report on Dr Taylor

George River: A summary of the water quality testing program

The Truth About The Smoke

Let's not experience the despair of Roelf

The carbon cost of forestry burns in Tasmania exceeds the total carbon footprint of all Tasmanians

Gunns 13 – Gunns likely “Misleading and Deceptive” on pulp mill old growth wood

Tasmanians Voice Concerns over Forest Furnace Plans


Timber industry should speak to bankers, not old-style politicians: our common ground

Timber industry using old-style tactics for old-style politicians

Gunns tries to clear-fell a forest of speculation

Gunns: on an expedition to discover the headwaters of S—t Creek without any Plan B

The far-reaching implications of Gunns boardroom drama

Forestry burns Tasmania ... and Labor

Unhealthy relationship: Open letter to politicians

Beware the 'eco-terrorism' dirty tricks brigade


Who can you trust on forests this Saturday?

Foxoff and the wallabies

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne: The Sentence

Even Gunns owners support ending native forest logging

The E nitens leaf is toxic

John Gay defies pressure to quit

Environmentalism, Lies and Minority Government

Vandals 'frighten' Gunns chairman

Tasmanian Election 2010: Cynicism as Virtue

Cundall's pulp protest charges a test case

Watch: Saving the Tarkine

Spotted quoll in Florentine logging sites

Tasmanian devil and rare spotted-tailed quoll photographed in Upper Florentine logging coupe.

Dr Marcus Scammell: What does this mean for Tasmania ... ?

Fear toxin review is tainted

Levelling the playing field: reforming forestry governance in Tasmania

Atrazine: The word is well and truly out ...

Solving our forest conflict needs a new politics

A Royal Commission, now: Peter Cundall in The Age Good Weekend (not online)

As Forestry ignites the first of 150 burns, Clive Stott despairs ...

Gunns and FSC

St Helens Water – Let’s Wait for the Science

Ads target 'failed thinking'

Tough ad asks Tasmanians to reject failed thinking

Tarkine Update: This is what the tourists will see ...

Victoria ... and plantations

George River Water Quality Panel

People of Tasmania v O’Byrne: The Judgement

Public Forum on Forest and Water Governance

Public Forum on Forest and Water Governance

Brenda Rosser's questions for the panel of scientists

Forestry debate call

So, can we now have that forestry debate?

Probe into water quality, panel members

Gunns' approval for mill 'invalid'

Greens launch forests strategy


Tasmanian Election 2010: Exposing a Weasel Democracy

Gunns under fire over Gay share sale

FEA treading water

Tests negative: Roscoe Taylor

St Helens water supply update

Bartlett shoots the messenger

Public forum on restoring trust

Public forum on Restoring Trust: How to solve governance issues critical to Tasmania’s future

Forest logging creates fire traps: academic

FEA suspended ... 'til after the poll


Selling Gunns shares

Concerned Lilydale Residents Angry that Government and Liberals Refuse to protect their water catc

State rescue package for forestry firm

Genetic improvement of Eucalyptus nitens in Australia

The Politics of Deception

We’re crying out here that there's something in our water

Victorian tests for toxic water

Come clean on 'improved' trees ...

Plantation companies urged to come clean on 'genetically improved' trees

Gunns Ltd Pulp Mill Proposal – Where Are the jobs?

MIS may be worthless ...

I want real answers

State of Denial

The Hangman’s Noose

Libs' 2037 vision

Libs promise $7 million for forestry

FEA teeters

TeamBartlett's $1.2m for the forestry industry

The spraying

What power?

Dr Amos: Dated material of little relevance

Forests Plan: Barlett's blind acceptance is staggering

Zero Tolerance for Any New Tasmanian Pulp Mill

Bartlett's vision: Burn baby burn

GMO Forests Could Sink Canada’ s Pulp Industry

The Tasmanian Water Saga and Plantation Timber

Greatest moral issue of our time

Dr Scammell: We will provide that information

Tasmania says NO to forest furnaces

Message goes to water

Toxins: The known knowns; the known unknowns


Threats to sue Alison Bleaney

GM trees: Tell me if I'm wrong

Open letter to scientists and medical practitioners

Give us a break Bartlett; you are a fool as are your fossil cohorts


What DPIWE says about Scammell-Bleaney


Bartlett's forest strategy is already on shaky ground

Gunns' banking dilemma



FEA suspended ... Gunns share plummet

Dr Scammell: Eight independent scientific organisations

The truth about forestry jobs ...

Clarification needed over GM Eucalypt

FEA's trading halt

Toxins: Summary of the study

Toxins: What Kerry O'Brien said

Forestry warns of old growth logging halt

Oldgrowth logging report and campaign will lock in community conflict, financial losses

FIAT Campaign to hide native forest wood-chipping

Memo to Forest Industries Association of Tasmania: Times have changed

Information for St Helens residents

There are no genetically modified trees in Tasmania/Australia

Bleaney-Scammell and pulp mill fallout

They must be held accountable

They wouldn't, would they?

GM Nitens Coverup?

Positioning for character assassination ...

Joint Ministerial investigation needed into toxic tree plantations

Water contamination scandal warrants leaders’ debate

Meanwhile, in Germany

Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...

The Zombie Contagion for Plantation Isle

Here's the award, Mercury

Deadly water for Launceston and Tamar Valley


Do I trust your government? No, I do not! Plus: Transcripts of AS

We need a leaders' debate

Research 'warrants further assessment'

Director of Public Health’s response to new water concerns

Forestry Tasmania and 'genetically-improved' eucalypts


Call for probe of toxic plantations

Is all Tasmania poisoned? (2)

Georges River: Dr Roscoe Taylor's response

Georges River water supply


Toxins finding demands leaders debate on forest regulation

Massive profit drop for Gunns

The toxic plantations

Plantation tree toxins found in water

Lilydale: the arguments for logging

How do we know?

Gagged at the meaningless leaders' debate

Mill critics 'ready to cancel Gunns pulp mill assault'

75 million tons of woody biomass for energy

Open Air Forum: Solutions for a Better Tasmania

Don't miss the Open Air Forum

Blase Editors

FSC News: Director Kevin O'Grady Resigns

Questions for Dr Roscoe Taylor

Clearfelling, chemicals ... and Devonport's water

Speciality wood industries 'a smokescreen'

New special timbers zone to deliver resource security

Forestry Tasmania’s plan smokescreen for ongoing Native Forest destruction

Levelling the Playing Field is not a moral judgment but a statement of necessity

`Neglected' paper mill workers finishing up

Australian Story: Roscoe Taylor responds

Don't miss the Open Air Forum

Is all Tasmania poisoned?

'A complete corruption and betrayal of the FOI legislation'

Michele McGinity and the pulp mill

Has Llewellyn locked the Libs into the 800,000 tonne chip deal?

Scrutiny on Pulp Mill Process Welcomed

The determination of TT's Tasmanian of the Year

David Bartlett: Tell us the truth

TT's Tasmanian of the Year on Australian Story

Peter Cundall, hero. Rupert Murdoch, villain

Logging 'increases fire risk'

Human Rights And Public Protest

Pesticides found in five rivers


Expert fears chip 'fire sale'


Julius Caesar and the need to save the Upper Florentine

Gunns: Up the Tamar without a paddle

Forestry MIS teat milks 77 per cent; Farmers 7 per cent

Economic Assessment of the Gunns Pulp Mill 2004-2008


... But Bartlett won't rule it out ...

It's theft, says TAP


Fraud used to be a crime

Environment Tasmania seeks input from the public about forestry governance


Labor land grab for Gunns pipeline

Forest Industry Plan: Just another glossy edition...

Duncan Kerr: Well Retired

FT: What do they have to hide?

Levelling the playing field: reforming forestry governance in Tasmania

Managing for the future

What happened?

The river of no return

The questions swirling around Paul Lennon

Gunns backs down

Dick has his say

Excluding local voices

Whatever Happened to Forestry Tasmania's "Battered Briefcase"?

TAP supports Cundall’s accusations of corruption

TAP supports Cundall’s accusations of corruption.

Gunns encouraged to move away from conflict approach to Tassie’s forests

Forest Practices Authority

Forest Practices Authority

Gunns continues to sue ...

Gunns 13 Case Continues Today

A brilliant exposition

Cundall accuses Gunns of corruption

Cundall to act as 'test case'

Download: Poisoned Water Brochure

El Grande Land

The old forest industry on steroids

Contractors will be abandoned

Zombie politics, the self-perpetuating mediocracy

New Forest Industry Plan

Scott McLean Launch - The ‘Woman with the sign’

Green groups hope rule change curbs logging

Gunns: Kangaroo Island has its doubts

Book Launch: Flora and Fauna Guide to The Upper Florentine Valley

Short-term memory loss

Scott McLean's walk in the park: What I filmed ...

Scott McLean's walk in the park: What I said

Cundall for court

Cundall for court

Logging Mt Arthur: Don’t miss this meeting

Pesticide alert to family doctors

Last chance to cruise

Should we give this man a job? (2)

Coastal strip is outside the park

Gunns: ANZ is nervous ...

Power struggle hits Wilderness Society

Dick does mongrel during Scott McLean’s Walk in the Park

It was their democratic right to protest

Gunns 20: It's all over ...

A SLAPP in the face for free speech

Gunns 20 Fundraiser

Gunns 20 trial next week

Westbury: It is a criminal act

Logging Mt Arthur: Don't miss this meeting

Our Common Ground and Plantations

Exclusive: Barty's latest ad

Obscene love affair ...

Moves by Forestry Tasmania Gunns to seek FSC certification represent a victory for GetUp members

Cundall launches Our Common Ground, GetUp ad

GetUp supports Raverty advertising campaign

Our Common Ground launches new hard hitting ad calling for a restoration of democratic process

Llewellyn: Minister of State for Gunns

Sorry David, the Japanese are on to you ...

Funny business over forests

Yes Mr Gay (4): FSC bid

So, what changed?

Dr Drielsma and biomass

Gunns listed on public eye awards

Yes Mr Gay: Call for inquiry


Libs seek briefing on Tamar River silt report

The asphyxiation of a river ...

How extensive is the woodchip pile probe?

If you wish to contact FSC Australia


Backflips, backlash, backwash, backwards

The Examiner at it again

Pulp mill referendum call

Yes, Mr Gay (2)

Enriching foreign shareholders

Yes Mr Gay (3)

Minister Looking After Gunns’ Interests

Llewellyn undermines Rudd

Yes, Mr Gay

Tony Abbott sinks forests on farms


Dems call for pulp mill referendum

'Bring it on'

New Year, same old pulp mill

2007 Retrospective: The wood supply doubts

The test-tube trees

Christmas present for beekeepers

Perversion, lust and greed ... and hope

Warwick Raverty and the pulp mill

It is a bloody conspiracy. Private Carbon Reserves. Ikea Tasmania ...

The tree plantation wedge

More protests in the pipeline

Tasmanians preparing for more protests

Out of the Forests and into a Better Future

Free Speech and Tasmania’s Forests On Trial

Free Speech and Tasmania’s Forests On Trial

Is this the slippery slope for Gordon, Drielsma & CO?

Opinion polls four-shortened

Changing the face of Irish forestry


Gunns Pulp Mill has no effluent testing

The Entire Tasmanian Plantation Harvest Cannot Supply Half Of Gunns Pulp Mill Feedstock

Stronger controls urged on chemicals in water

What of the 20 year Wood Supply Agreement that underpinned Forestry Tasmania

10 Steps for a Safe Climate

TAP's next edition


SOS Erin Brockovich

New party wants probe into mill assessment process

All the willows are gone

Anti-mill paper hot off the Press

Will Gunns burn native forest timber in its pulp mill power station?

The truth about smoke

Lied to again

A massive dose of 1080

Dear Ms Reynolds

The depth of forestry influence

The knuckle-draggers ...

Gunns: Nothing could be further from the truth

Absentee corporate land ownership. That's what it's all about.

I was suckered into the 'clean & green' image

Gunns moves towards Common Ground


Nordea Bank backs away from Gunns

Nordea Backs Away From Gunns’ Pulp Mill


Gunns: Make it up as you go along ...

Trade union calls for tanker ban

Steele Report on the Burnie Woodchip Pile

Tamar Valley Inappropriate Location for Pulp Mill – but plantations announcement welcomed


Gunns mill to chew plantation timber. Proof needed, say Wildos

The legacy of David Llewellyn

Here's the info

Is there a link to this Gunns report?

Stop being hypocritical

Paying out on the mill ...

This, your corrupt Tasmania


The trashing around Cradle

This is the battleground

Burnie pile ... disappointing and disillusioning

I'm leaving ...

We have no idea what is in it

A healthy lifestyle in the country ...

Stop supporting Gunns

Climate deal cannot ignore rainforests

How to kill pests without killing yourself or the earth......

Welcome to the Third World, Tasmania

Chronic diseases and chemical exposure. The Burden of Diabetes

The foresight of John Gay

Judy: Let's be frank here

Go Rick!

Pollutants up in flames

Markets Demand Plantations products

Gunns' 5 year share price decline

None would pass FSC standards

Japanese buyers could halt old-growth logging

Flogging logging in the Age of Climate Change

Clearfelling the Truth about Trees

TT Tasmanian of the Year

Gunns' spray and the clean, green facade

Agribusiness under Justice spotlight

A wake-up call to forest workers

Global lumber: Upin China, down in Japan

One in seven ...

Japan calls for eco-safe chips

Gunns to close Hobart sawmill

Lucky break for relic vandals

A question for John Gay and Forestry Tasmania


A Christmas Card

Death of a Carbon King: 600 years-old ... one hour to cut down

The terrible consequences of deforestation

Another Day Another Forestry Map! Florentine Case Continues 17.12.09

Strathlynn Reflections



Climate Talks Near Deal on Preservation of Forests

Paradise ...



A serious misrepresentation

What a pity it has got to this

Gunns’ pulp mill: We’re not out of the woods yet

Logging more native forests has not created secure timber jobs

Logging more native forests has not created secure timber jobs

Relentlessly pursued


Hands up, says Gunns

Gunns reloads

Stop the subsidies to stop the conflict

Alison, You Rock!

I'm still confused ...


Alison, You Beauty

A waste of taxpayers' money

The Great Walk

Thousands support Walk Against Warming in Tassie’s forests

Milne welcomes news of Tarkine heritage listing

Low point for Tasmanian timber. Woodchip prices up in US

Is This The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

REDD For Dummies - A letter to the PM

NW jobs and the pulp mill: The gross failure of Rockliff, Green, Kons, Best and Whiteley

Gay offloads $3m in shares. Gunns boss sells 20 per cent of his stock

No wonder we have silted up the Tamar

This is the truth, Richard Colbeck

To all readers of Tas Times

This is a dreadful statement

Dear Reader: Please picket the Pipeline

Nippon Paper denies talks over jv with Gunns for pulp mill in Australia

Upper Florentine Carbon figures released on the eve of Copenhagen Climate talks

Seeking to end conflict

Lucy ...

Why the pulp mill should not be built

Gagged: the Gunns 20 and other law suits

Hardwood up

Gagged: the Gunns 20 and other law suits by Greg Ogle

One of the most spectacular political backflips since John Howard's GST

Forestry rethinks wood power


Union gets its way on green star ratings

Labour worries plague Gunns pulp mill

Devil of a problem for the Tarkine road

Out of the Forests: a New Way Forward for Tasmania

Tarkine tourist road dead in the water

Gunns’ Great Southern Meetings to Proceed

Gunns drops court action against two


We've had nine crashes involving log trucks this year

Old Trees


Deforestation deceit reflects badly on environmental campaigners

Tarkine incompetence

Gunns bid scuttled

Coalition chips in with big win for forestry industry

Tarkine: Garrett must listen to the people not just the government

Time to check log truck safety

Like being punished before we'd even been tried

Tarkine Drive

Germany and the pulp mill

Pulping the mill: A wrap


Arrests on pulp mill biggest for years

Schutz für Tasmaniens Urwälder!

McCain closure tipped for two years. Where was Labor?

Tasmania's future ...

We are not passengers

On Gocup Road: Mistakes Made; Fingers Burnt; Lessons Learnt

Nothing will change without that engagement ...

Tasmanian BEK Market Pulp Mill Back On Track

Slash and burn

Just ridiculous

Gunns poised to acquire Great Southern

Today: Peter Cundall helps launch health initiative


Protest the pulp mill ... and get banned from Salamanca, the waterfront and Battery Point




Peter Cundall among 57 arrests at Parliament House


Joker 3 Mill or what? A Battle of Ideas

Out of the Forests: a new way forward for Tasmania

Norske Skog congratulated on ruling out native forests


Why FSC is preferred

Do pulp mills stink?

Greens call for upgrading of Tasmanian Devil to Critically Endangered

Climate action now ...

45 per cent reduction in deforestation ...

Forestry on the credit card

Extra virgin olive oil

Pokies: One brave man

It's all about us

Facts please

What they really mean is ...


What Sodra says; Upper House approves permit

Timber industry shows resilience to global financial crisis

The Joker (2): Losing control

Tassie tourism: "extraordinarily hypocritical"

Cost blow-out for pulp mill

Gunns 'gains finance'

Södra’s interest in pulp mill welcomed by the Wilderness Society

Gunns gains finance

I was also at this meeting

Protest at Gunns’ AGM will target potential pulp mill investors

Dialogue with Gunns a positive step towards finding common ground on a forest solution

Gunns in secret talks with Greens leader to win mill support

State's timber ratings under fire

Pretty scary ...

A serve for Matthew

Whales and pulp mill effluent



Forestry Tasmania's Own Data Shows They Are Not 'Carbon Neutral'

Toxic Contaminants: The Other Scourge

The Joker's Reply

The Ex sticks to its guns

Reports from the end of the Stupidocene 2nd November 2009 [5 weeks to Copenhagen]

Progress everywhere but in the forests


Government must investigate potential illegal vegetation clearance at pulp mill site



Forestry sawmill takeover ...

Democracy Tas-style: Party before Principle

Mill debate gag: Bartlett "a fraud and a charlatan"

I certainly can see the benefit of storing carbon in solid products

New Directions for Tasmania’s Forests


Dissent and be Damned

Insights into division and common ground

So will this election be any different?

State rush to help Gunns

It’s time to show them again.


Pulp mill permit extension undermines government credibility


Pulp Mill

The Joker in the Tas-Times pack

Wood costs have remained unchanged

Pulp mill permit extension undermines government credibility


Labor extends pulp mill permit

Common Ground - is a solution to the forestry conflict possible?

Common Ground - is a solution to the forestry conflict possible?

This deadly woodsmoke issue

Gunns demands legal costs for mill case

Florentine Protection Society: Day in the Forest.

Bartlett's Natural Law of Government: That Spin is inversely proportional to transparency

Senator Abetz, Shields Heritage and Gunns

Smoked out ... and no-one to tell

The burning issue

Toppled tree firm prompts clearance sale

Public Forum: Common Ground—is a solution to the forestry conflict possible?

Protest action

State ads for mill cop blast


No strategies at all in place to protect people’s health



Tarkine: So this is The New Forest Industry ... I feel sick (2)

An apology is due, 'Lady' Fiona

Slip shift 2

ABC: Distortion and hyperbole?

Examiner: moral, not legal right

Crony capitalism

TCA Smear Campaign uses Bogus Photos, Ill-gotten Car

Pulp mill saga: Labor, Liberal MPs and MLCs are the real culprits


Who says it's green to burn woodchips?

Herbicide pollution shocker

Tarkine: So this is The New Forest Industry ... I feel sick

phill Parsons reports from the end of the Stupidocene 23OCT09

Pictures of a protest

She even had a dig at Jarvis

Full text of my edited Letter to the Examiner

Frightening Truth Revealed

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Plantations


Federal Government snubs forestry conference

Tasmania Leads the Way on International Day of Climate Action

Tasmania Leads the Way on International Day of Climate Action


Cap in hand to Canberra, for silica, pulp?

The Beaconsfield Cacerolazo

Farm carbon offers 'unparalled economic opportunity'

Media beat up on pulp mill exposed

What, like the pulp mill?

Tony Burke's speaking notes

Bring out the pots and pans!

Don't forget George Town this Sunday!

The safety of woodchip piles and my apology

Enjoy it, before it is changed forever ...

My complaint to the Press Council

Al Jazeera on the Tasmanian forests

Department admits "error" in plagiarising Gunns

New website: It's not TAP Into A Better Tasmania and the Voters Block ...

Beauty masks the ugly truth

High moral ground indeed

Why the newspaper is copping so much flak

Jobs jobs jobs! How many new pulp mill jobs?

Totally Against Plantations: Who's misleading who?

Peaceful Community Protest - Taking the Step

Argentina appeal to UN over pulp mill

Contractors deserve a fair go

Pulp mill protests bend for the world game

This man required artificial ventilation ...

Labor inaction on forest contractors

The Examiner and Lennon: Contempt for due process

Selling Papers By Accusing the Innocent

Lennon: apology needed

Woodchip stockpile in Tasmania a 'health risk'

Dr Nicklason calls for a completely independent and rigorous examination of woodchip piles

Lennon has a long history over attempting to pervert the course of justice

Mr Jeffreys has not been paying close attention to the facts

The relationship between Gunns Auditors, its Company Secretary and the Annual Report ...

Their investigations have found the damage was a prank involving several intoxicated men

Lennon: Vigilantism has been part of the tactics of anti-pulp mill activists for some time

Shame on The Examiner for being complicit in this ruse

Well Mr Crean, did you go into bat for Gunns?

Cable logging stopped

Pulp Mill Vandals: Equal protection under the law please!

Kim Booth must condemn vandals


Attacks on private individuals should be condemned

TAP warns politicians and commentators

Trade in woodchips down 26 per cent

In one Aird out the other

Nicklason: Above and beyond cant and media cowardice

Faces of the Florentine

TAP Real Community Forum

Police probe Gay home smoke-bomb

I remain unconvinced the woodchip piles are safe

Gunns welcomes Burnie woodchip apology

Gunns Welcomes Apology from Dr Frank Nicklason



Gunns - Return of the stench!


Drumming-out recipe

An Open Letter to Peaceful Community Protesters



44% increase in 1080 use in last financial year

One Sunday at Beaconsfield

The Dilemma

Get the facts right

Losing the plot as the forests keep falling

Wildlife poison shock

Taken to the limits: A Beaconsfield review

Bartlett, forget your silly community forums.

The wisdom of The Examiner

George Town Community Forum

Tasmanians were prepared to be arrested for their rights


Gunns: The real-time valuation

Reflections on the picnic

Great Forest vision is unveiled

Botnia steaming

Beaconsfield: 21 arrests; rabbits in the spotlight

Friday 2 Oct: Lunchtime, Launceston

A confrontation with the State Government is set for Beaconsfield on October 4th.


Gunns in talks over Great Southern forestry assets




Anthem for Beaconsfield



Gunns profit drop

Property rights rule ...

Still the largest chip exporter in the world

The Little Green Book pops up in Sydney

A self-perpetuating oligarchy whose defining purpose is retaining power

Tasmania’s ethical and moral political wasteland

I believe Planning Directive No 2 warrants federal intervention.

Faces of the Florentine

Finnish community is living in harmony with ECF Pulpmills and happy ever after!???

The Great Pipeline Swindle

Gunns misses out

Sign of the Times

Pulping the policy

That is what we do not want in Tasmania's water

Upbeat Airdy spruiks trip


Scott McLean: If the mill had gone ahead there would have been jobs for everyone


Gunns' mill, plantation jobs cut

Paper maker Stora Enso to lay off up to 1,100 workers, close mills in Finland

Snapshots of the Tamar


Uruguay in denial

Some questions for Mr Aird

Gunns Ltd bids for the assets of Timbercorp


Bartlett – A Real Corporate Man

Gunns, FEA and insolvency

Come to Beaconsfield

Brand aid needed

Proof of lying

Dear Sodra

The return of Eric B. Johnson


Bartlett walks both sides of the street on pulp mill

Forestry Tasmania's credibility hurt


Bring your rage

Where's logging, Mr Premier?



If only we could rely on our local media

Gunns pulp mill hangs in the balance


Bazza says sorry



Still waiting for answers

Would you trust this man with your money?

Robert's interesting background

Line in the sand disappears


Overseas Jobs Mission

Hearing adjourned

Follow-up questions for these evaders


Politics has failed — time for civil disobedience

Bugger the Pulp Mill, Sponsor an Idiot!

Gunns — Why they will never find a gullible financier

TAP Revegetates Gunns Land Clearing Site

We are being conned on climate change

An immoral hoax

I'm not sure violent protests achieve anything

Secrets behind push for pulp mill

Plantations tax rort must be ended, not extended

Premier must stop Forestry chipping valuable Tasmanian timber

Argentine pulp mill protestors promise to “fight on” whatever The Hague ruling

Tasmania, however, is going to aerial bait Macquarie Island with Brodifacoum

Why we gave up on the idea of returning to Tasmania

Is this a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?

I shall refuse bail

Do something before it is too late

The slip shift

We are prepared to put our bodies on the line

Gorgon: The Wong way

Lawyers for Forests lose appeal

Pipeline: Work starts. Rally Sunday

What area of plantations is acceptable?

Wilderness Society: Where we stand

Carbon count continues in Tasmania's forests

TAP: Where we stand

Opening a new front in the neverending Tasmanian War

Help save the Florentine

What are the revenue results by log category?

International protests ...

Tony Burke responds to the analysis of Graeme Wells

Gunns equity bid hits first deadline

SCOOP – secret minutes of Gunns’ board meeting

Gunns buys timber company

Eric Johnson, pulp mills, plantations: What the Wildos say ...

Has poison been dumped on their grounds?

Accounting for Dummies ... A look at Forestry Tasmania

Periodic bursts of high-frequency current

Put up or shut up

The Real Trespassers

A poignant image ...

International Paper Treads Monsanto’s Path to ‘Frankenforests’

Brazil boosts pulp

The growing atrazine scandal

Wilderness Society 'welcomed to the real world'

Forestry Tasmania: further definitive analysis ...

Arresting peaceful protesters is far more important than nabbing bashers

25 Tasmanians Arrested Outside Parliament House

'Loggers breach eagle nest protection laws ...'

Only two companies highlight their modest contributions to the community. FT and Gunns

Forestry: Winging it on a prayer

Atrazine unsafe at any level

Section 11: Labor's failure fans the flame of fears

Forestry profit: Even the ABC fell for it ...

Paul Lennon was right

Working forests

Forestry goes public with profit results

Section 11: Breaching the Equator Banking Principles

Plantations, tax breaks and rortery ...

Pricing our heritage

If the mill is built ...

The whole sorry saga, from the beginning ...

Forestry on the throne

Legal action is virtually useless

'Gunns set to clear Trevallyn Reserve in start-work charade'

'First Step To Secure Pulp and Paper Industry'

Gunns out of control

Section 11 Once More

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

Paul Lennon on Section 11

The Burning Truth

Logs, not tourists, the driving force for Tarkine Rd

The anger of Richard Herr

'Labor backflip on forestry contractors welcomed'

F.A.R.T strikes again

Tasmanian Political Rot: The PMAA Revisited

An alternative to MIS

'Gunns Greed = Climate Chaos'

Where did all the money go?

A narrow-focused forestry machine

Mill Survey: Download and fill-in ...

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS is the catchcry ...

Finally, an EMRS poll from the Dark side?

How my temple was ransacked

Woodworker's Response

The incompetence of Tony Burke

Gunns Postcard

Economic and Ecological Crises, the Change Vector and Marx

The cost of wood ...

Gunns still in plantation contention

Greens slam dishonest spin on pulp mill

Aerial spraying by-law rejected

Rudd, Garrett and Wong are a bloody disgrace

Gunns incompetence exposed

Here is the Place for a Pipeline?

Why Labor will lose the 2010 election

The answer is the survival of Gunns and Forestry Tasmania

Andritz: Trough reached for pulp ...

Frank Strie explains what he believes in

Poll finds 74% oppose mill

Misinformation represented as genuine news stories ...

Like John Gay mowing his lawn and claiming it’s a start on the pulp mill

Land clearing starts

Why landscape legislation is so important

Start to landclearing for the pulp mill a charade by Gunns

An open letter to Scott McLean CFMEU and putative Labor candidate for Tasmania

FSC certified timber specified for 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia ... meanwhile in Tasmania ...

Just Don’t Mention Tasmania

Social responsibilities

Sweden: The reporting of Sodra

Labor tells TAP it is divided on Gunns and Tony Burke

Gunns and Abetz ...

The evidence slowly builds ...

Labor and the pulp mill

The RFA is a farce, none of the so-called codes of practice are adhered to

Forestry: Everybody is suffering

Forestry: Contracts furore

Forestry: Foreign takeover?

A gift from a thief is less than the same gift from a leader

Gunns: Timbercorp's only hope

An open letter to Mr. Tony Burke, Minister for Forests

Crotty: Pulp mill process contemptible

Working man the only thing you risk is getting a real job

Water users and food consumers beware!

Sack Minister Burke

Negligent in the extreme

Gunns honcho still blazing

Chilean court finds Tasmanian politicians guilty of mendacity

Court finds Celco guilty of polluting Cruces River

Accurate, verifiable and ultimately absolutely correct

Minister accused of cut and paste error on Gunns jobs

How I was muzzled at The Examiner

Tainted philanthropy

These stupid pollies deserve the fate of the Dodo

I'd rather eat potato chips than woodchips

Dear Ms Bacon: where do you stand on the pulp mill?

Another piece of government insanity

Bridging the divide

GetUp again

Bob Carr bats for forests and job transformation

Gunns sponsorships are not secure, says L'Estrange

Case Continues as Triabunna Forest Activists Sue Gunns Over Pulp Mill Claims

Rigorous market research for a vested interest

The impacts of plantations

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

PAL Policy: Lazy, hopeless LibLabs

The Little Green book

Actions speak louder than words

Da Vinci, Picasso and Minister Tony Burke

Mill: The Pipeline starts...?

An alleged campaign of covert censorship

The importance of principle

Rubber-stamped by a captured and criminal polity

Timber giant pulls out PR guns

Beatties and the beauty

How to remove citizens' rights ...

Such carnage

The Tamar Valley: A modern portrait

Bad governance affecting the planet and profits

Gunns and ethics

Bad governance affecting the planet and profits

Smoke, Pesticides: Open letters to Lara Giddings, David Llewellyn

The forests are doomed

Dear Mr Gay

Gunns is not turning a blind eye

Mill: The $3b property value loss

Proof that Launceston air cannot take pulp mill

MIS: Bribes, death threat claim

Sack Tony Burke

Gunns 'have never spoken to FSC'

The Examiner: Sailing close to the wind?

Dam well beaten; so will the pulp mill be ...

John Gay asks Bob Brown why he opposes the pulp mill project

Cubit: Tendentious in the extreme

What does Bob Brown have to gain?

Pulp mill rail upgrade misses out

It's time to learn from frogs

You are right Cheeky

A Tasmanian tragedy?: How the forestry industry has torn an island apart

TT Question Time: Muddying the waters?

Biccies for the pollies

Pulp mill refuses to die

The result would be a disaster for all Tasmanians

Minister Burke, please explain (2)

Minister Burke, please explain

No Sodra ticks for Gunns, Tony Burke reads from the Gunns script

Dumped ad part of $14m plan

Gottliebsen as agent provocateur

A humbling experience

Those fugitive odours

Detailed analysis of the Wielangta decision


Gunns knew fugitive emission would be a problem years ago

FEA: From bad to worse; MIS trials and tribulations

Dear Mr Burke

Gunns: In their own words, from 2007

Lies, damn lies and Forestry Tasmania statistics

Gunns: We'll soon know ...

'Pulp fiction'

Meeting votes tell tale of two Timbercorps

Hawke's Environmental Review must be heeded by Rudd

A first-class pulp operation being planned for northern Tasmania ...

Gunns 'closer to joint venture partner'

Poll rejects pulp mill

A serious breach of probity standards

The major problem with water safety

Whose voice should be heard?

Fire and water


Woodchip Communities Australia welcomes Scott McLean

Scott McLean ... Labor for Bass

FEA update

Hypocrisy unbound

Tony Burke's big mistake

A state-sponsored project on the Soviet model

Dear Mr Burke

Serious errors, flawed methodology

The flawed methodology of this report is not the template to follow

As 22 Gunns jobs go, pulp mill panellists including a forestry union boss get $657 a day ...

Llewellyn: Tarkine loop poses a threat to devil

Preserving old-growth forests is vital to saving the planet

Voodoo and the Felmingham Report

Picking losers under the guise of picking winners

The trial of Michelle O'Byrne

This attack is full of irony

Pulp mill panel: Re-written for the layman

The Tamar Valley - a modern protrait

Gay on pulp mill panel

Mr Broden, Congratulations and please help protect Tasmania's forests - The Wilderness Society

MIS critics spit chips. Triple blow for scheme investors

Mayor returns fire on Lennon

Dear Hans Drielsma - A message from one of your "shareholders"

Thanks again, Bob

Support for the Felmingham report

Brown denies profiting from donations

Exposing Forestry Tasmania's false claims

Tasmania ... beautiful one day, clearfelled the next

Felmingham: Misconceptions and inconsistencies

Sodra: We will be writing to Princess Mary

Felmingham: Clearly this is false ...

Felmingham Report: What Forestry says

Brucey hits back for Forestry

Pulp mill protest targets Swedish Embassy

Misleading claims on the Florentine

Södra’s profits at risk

The stench of decay is everywhere

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

Mill: The Eastment analysis

Hobsbawn and others on Economic Realities

Ruling On Triabunna 13 Strike Out Application

If an ethical company had been the proponent ...

The trial of Michelle O'Byrne

Södra pre-conditions mean Gunns has to go back to the drawing board

Vast majority of timber from Upper Florentine chipped

The Government's short-term fixes

Please tell us, Michelle

Brown, the EPBC, and politicians

Gunns: The hidden subsidies

Stop funding: Send a message

Gunns set for pulp mill deal with Swedes. Slumping sawlog prices ...

Brown pays debt. Cash pool plan

The Trial of Michelle O'Byrne

MIS: Is Super being used?

Forestry v Bob Brown

Forestry subsidy would fix rail

Release of Pulp Mill Design Report


Whither FEA?

Ecological Holocaust

In the public interest

Is Gunns Ltd reliable?

The $630m cost of subsidising forestry

Beekeeper's concerns ignored

Why we need a Commission of Inquiry

Andritz targeted

All about dioxins

The Tasmanian Court of Public Opinion is now in session

A photo taken by a delusional man

Government statement should be troubling to us all

I was one of those sprayed

Director John Young in Great Southern debt deal

Activists target pulp mill supplier in Vienna

Government dismisses poison claim

The trial of Michelle O'Byrne

Making Brian Burke look like a paragon of virtue

Wood fibre costs rise

An ATO-approved MIS scheme ... or scam

The Gunns Dossier: Pulp mill smoke and mirrors (2)

Mother's Day in the Florentine

Pesticide link with fisheries

Chile ups chip exports

Gunns is pleased to announce ...

Seeing the wood for the trees

Please, leak a draft of the PMAA

Logging halted in Upper Florentine, two arrests

Am I biased?

Labor-Liberal amalgamation: Tasmania’s Future?

I have no respect for Bryan Green

Woodchip Exports Stopped as Climate Crisis Worsens

More than one basket

The smoke, smell and visual impact was appalling

Erica Betts must be feeling a total prat!

The CFMEU will like it

Sharply declining wood costs

Firewood: $75. Gunns: $10

Vindictive bail conditions axed

Green called a liar and Forestry stooge

Bartlett's LibLab accord

Pictures of a protest (2)

Is Gunns duping us?

Tassie devil on endangered list

Still Wild protest

This should trigger a Royal Commission

Did he know?

This is disastrous legislation

Pictures of a protest

Diminishing the standing of Parliament

The dying industry

The road has now re-opened ...

Reform the logging industry

Gunns: The last straw?

Gigantic Ponzi schemes

Bartlett's forests destruction vision

Stealing your water

Crashing down

Fresh concerns over river chemicals

Working for the Man

A shabby derangement

Pulp and paper industry inquiry

Why MIS is Australia's biggest scam

A licence to damage, abuse and cause harm

Was the Meander Dam built for Gunns?

Badge of Dishonour

The Parsons Report (2)

Dear Mr Gutwein. Dear Ms Taylor

A night at the Tailrace

Conflict of interest in forest-based tourism management

Why Should Farmers Pay When Gunns Doesn’t?

Bartlett is worse than Lennon

Tamar river. 4.30 pm. Tuesday 12th May, looking north from Swan Bay

Validity of the Pulp Mill Permit

Stink over bumper sticker

Premier refuses to meet

Gunns' approval for mill 'invalid'

Bartlett's Road: Mother's Day in the Florentine, 22 arrests

Beautiful East Coast day ... then ...

Forestry Tasmania, the A.L.P and the right to privacy

Campaign against Gunns staff should be condemned

MIS in Senate's sights

The real David Llewellyn

School of forest industries needed

Amos, Cubit: This is sales talk; the spin you get when someone is trying to sell you something ...

Gunns could save Burnie and Wesley Vale mills

Another arrest. 'House arrest'. Rally

CFMEU: What about the mill closure, sacked contractors?

Metsä Botnia pulp mill running at full capacity

Gunns pulp mill on the cheap?

Private prosecution against Forestry staff

More grief for MIS investors

A patient of mine rang this morning ...

CFMEU campaign for Gunns

Florentine: Rush to log ...

This is bloody appalling ...

Bryan's failed Tarkine e-petition

A compliant press, a vision rooted hard into the past ...

Another tree platform removed; Florentine events ...

"Still full of shit, Frank"

60 police raid camp

Decision time is nigh

A triumph for absurdity, greed and stupidity

Good environmental governance and the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill

Who takes responsibility? Apparently no-one

Congratulations Mr Rudd

The mill will not be built

Emissions Trading Scheme Fraud

Fire Influences Global Warming More Than Previously Thought

Fire in the forest: Unprofessional Police

Mill: a straight answer on Tassie jobs please

Fire terror in the forest

Tell the truth: Stop destroying the future of Tasmania's working families

Job losses and economic decline: the true cost of the pulp mill

Gunns planned pulp mill to cost thousands of Tasmanian jobs

New legal challenge to Gunns' pulp mill

Kevin's present

Car on Fire, One Activist Arrested

Banned pesticides found in Hobart water

The Ad ... running today in Europe

Rule out native forest supply ...

Rats are fat after long-term exposure to lower levels of atrazine

World's major banks rule out financing pulp mill

Hegemony: How they get away with it and why do we put up with it?

The so-called waste was actually made up of pure rainforest

A Big Lemon for Indulgent Greed

Mat Horan's a busy boy

Ravages of blind progress ...

Any thoughts?

An unsophisticated 20th century approach

Yet another toxic algal bloom in Launcesston's drinking water

David Bartlett and Gunns' pipelines

Peter Boyer is right

Don't miss ...

I would put her in Risdon

They are a failure

Community alarm

Launceston – the disappearing city.

Insane ...

NZ ups sawlog export

Triazine health tests flawed

Dear Graeme Sturges

The Value of Dead Trees

Mill: It's all a McKim conspiracy theory, says Bartlett

Police: What Still Wild Still Threatened says

Llewellyn and the pulp mill

All about Nine Dragons ...

Can the Government be trusted with the new regional planning laws?

Not surprising, yet mostly deplorable ...

Wood fiber costs fall. Mills downtime

A message to investors ...

Gunns: How many more jobs to go... ?

Someone isn't looking after it ...

Been a long time coming ... now?

Atrazine in the cross-hairs ...

Shit sandwich with water

The perfect storm...

Something interesting to read ...

How Labor's elite rules ...

Forestry Tasmania Survey asks the wrong questions, wastes taxpayers dollars

Keep sprinkling the triazine Julian

1994: Forestry, Ray Groom and Atrazine ...

Lining up to shoot down Labor's Tarkine plan

Gunns: deal close

Air quality levels are already in breach

Forest Activists say now is the time for forest resolution

Celery-top pine barely gets a mention ...

When was the last time you heard any of the big debates in-depth on Local ABC?

Woodcraft review: Memorable for all the wrong reasons

Vietnam's rapidly expanding plantations

Keep the subsidies flowing

Forestry: Prove me wrong ...

Stop the planning review proces

Mill: Alert!

Pressure mounting for pesticides review

Mill: the engineers are back ...

The swans are dead

Rockcliff just sat there and said nothing

Clean and green Tasmania

Make a move, Davids

So, why are we doing this?

Native forest burn power

Gunns a step closer to resurrecting pulp mill

The truth-telling of Alison Bleaney ...

The Gunns Pipeline Act

Carving up the forests

Packed meeting rejects corrupt planning proposal

Activisits strike

What did Green know? What did Kons know? What did Llewellyn know/ What did Bartlett know?

Tasmania's forestry shutdown

Verdict on pulp mill approval legality

What the report says ...

A link between forestry activities and road kill?

Bartlett's philistine Tarkine folly ...

Bartlett: Anti-environmentalism vintage Lennon style

Sharpest quarterly decline

Pulp mill case goes to Supreme Court

The perverted, anti-democratic caucus system

Crunch year for the world's forests

Anatomy of a Smear Campaign

Wong forest action should start at home

Ah, the irony

Competing with pulp ...

Woodchip industry proven unviable again

Smart economy?

Woodchips ...

Move to axe pesticides

Remove Minister for Threatening Species

Low impact selective logging ...

Workplace Standards Tasmania

Pictures of a protest, Hobart Sunday

Firestorm (3): The culture wars

Firestorm (2): The politics of bushfires

Firestorm (1): Replicate pre clearfell ecologies

Plantations Cause Fire Risk: remind Bartlett to acknowledge this

Pesticides: The spraying forum

Going Bush ...

Tasmania, fires and water catchment issues

I have lived in George Town for 50 years

So much misinformation ...

Regulating black carbon

CFMEU and regret ...

Gunns: Missing their mark

Tarkine Federal assessment welcomed

Why did LibLabs reject forest contractors' exit package last year?

The Tamar is just a nuisance

Chile: New study links pulp mill to swan deaths

Federal Labor Must Rule Out Funding Bartlett’s Tarkine Loop

Chips down for timber industry

Stop those bastards

Bartlett isolated

Florentine Solidarity Action - This Sunday Franklin Square

Climate scientists' key conclusions

The smell of Tassie in autumn

Recovery is a distant dream for paper, lumbar industries, that is, lumber!x

Gunns protest claim collapses

Some thoughts on the carving of a tree

The Burning of the Florentine

Clean Air v Deliberate Forestry Smoke.

Disappointment at attack on local charity

Minister for Threatening Species must resign

Forest Defenders Halt Logging In Styx Valley

Don Wing backs preservation of the Florentine

Divisive Premier

It’s Murder Out There on the Roads

Failures in endangered species management

Flying at Jodie

Logging road protest

Tasmania’s new ALP neo-liberal generation

Letter to Daniel Hulme

RPDC: No public consultation ...

Ecosystems as Waste – The Re-emergence of Native Forest Power

Forestry Tas should be disbanded and subsumed by Parks

Health and planned burns

Tarkine road and the impact on devils

Global pulpwood prices plummet

The pulp and paper industry – a paradigm for Australia’s annihilation

1100 jobs, $50m a year

Daniel Hulme – First Speech to the House of Assembly

Thank you John Lawrence

High-Intensity Burning is Not Necessary

Fears for jobs as timber mill cuts production

Tarkine: Libs see the light?

Petition against logging

Jobs go as Christchurch veneer plant closes

KPMG: Gunns mill doubts

Five healthy devils disappeared. 1080?

Gunns: A new accounting method?

Power shift

Regeneration or degeneration for future generations?

Victorian bushfires release huge amount of CO2

One devastating plantation fire ...

Gunns' half-year result

Jarvis wishes to be persuaded ...

Gunns down ...

All must make way for the Gunns Highway

Dear Premier Bartlett

Cutting jobs, not creating them

Emissions soaked up by extra forest growth

Bartlett's plan: Here we go again ...

The way Preolenna was ...

Chlorine dioxide at Mackenzie pulp mill forces evacuation

Legal blitz questioned

Loss of carbon sinks

Time for a new way (2)

Left to die

No 'back to normal' for our economy

Great Southern to quit Tasmania

Media is creating a bipolar disorder

Still Wild wants a home

When will this carnage end?

Ivan: Tell the electors of Windermere

Erroneous and grossly unfair

Public forum on burns

Naives, fools and liars

Only a fool refuses to learn new things or change

Tough time for Gunns, says Gay

Proud Bartlett fulfils ex-Liberal Premier's dream

Illogical, flawed, forestry conned logic


A scenic ride ...

Tarkine: Caring, clever, connected...

Some questions regarding plantation forestry

Relax ...

Complaint to Forestry Tas. Geoff Law charged

Devastating analysis

Bartlett the divider

The Premier who moved the devils from endangered to extinct?

A brilliant article

Bleak future for paper mills

Tarkine road would spell death for the Tasmanian devil

Landowner feels heat

MIS forestry ready to fall

Plantations, poverty and power

Dilston bypass: an open letter

Sustainable forestry solutions exist

Early warning

David, be our Florentine

The most fatal approach



Please tell, Mr Jones

Sign the e-petition

No backyard BBQ...

A husk of Labor principles

Dick: move the goalposts

An offence?

Industrial terrorism this time, Mr Llewellyn?

The way it is done in Tasmania

EPA: in-house and under control


What is Tasmania's plan?

Gunns commence modelling

Understanding each other ...

Be careful

E petition on the Florentine

Expert comment ,,,

Wielangta update

Where the tall eucs are ...

Two-headed fish

Could land become as cheap as woodchips?

Loop road trouble in the pipeline

Mills warn of job losses

The richness of Tasmanian seawater ...

Bartlett's divisive, unfair, political motivation

As the icons waste, Bartlett bulldozes

Power fantasies of ALP heavyweights

No to tourism, yes to Bob

Tasmania Police are watching ...

The politics of division

A road too far

Questions for Mr Eastment

This is madness

'Bulldozer' Bartlett

Triabunna 13 defence

There's no money in pulp

Community consultation: Onus on Bartlett

Gunns: she'll be right ...

Gunns: Woodchip market outlook

Not kind, not clever, not connected

"Totally Independent" for Windermere

Gunns donated to Libs after mill approval

Good research


Maybe. Just maybe

In the Florentine

Herzfeld: Pollution along the north

Human booby traps

Michelle's menu

Real number employed in forestry

Forest stewardship

Forestry – letter to Kevin Rudd

Forestry refuses to engage in community conversations

The public pays ...

A profitless wood supply service

The truth about aggregated retention

The rally

Forests the new front

Credibility compromised

It's time to break the law

Gunns may have misled ASX

Gunns "move forward" ...

In defence of foresters

Please drop this subliminal accusation of mindless greed.

Some questions in the public interest

Colony collapse

Bluegums: left to rot?

Thank you

A complete contradiction

Didn't that annoy Forestry Tasmania ...

What Forestry says

Lies, damn lies and Forestry Tasmania statistics

A letter to Norman Baker MP

Australia Day in London

Great promotion Michelle. Gunns wines?

See the Gunns' stunt choppers!

Happy Australia Day!

No end to the cancer

A challenge to Dr Amos

My question is ...

Solutions to the forestry debate

Tell the Japanese what you think

Cherry picking

Who is James Boag? Who is Peter Garrett?

In the beginning there was a river!

The mill

The Show Continues

Is my Super destroying the environment?

Booth: Gunns lying to Tasmanians

The truth about Old Growth

Forestry: My bitter experience

Labor's love knows no bounds

Not much hope

The shame

Utter contempt

In mourning

Special Timbers: a response

A letter to your MP

Weegena community sprayed

'Storming' Forestry Tasmania ...

Questions for Dr Amos

Please stop it, Mr Rudd

Freudian slip

Garrett’s pulp mill approval and sovereign risk: Baloney?

Pretty cheap, really

A cuppa

Come on FT, give us the maps

Hitting The Strand

We should not have to wait

I agree, Pensive

There was no storm

Locked on

Untimely death of so many friends

Voices for the people?

Gotcha, Cato

Pulp mill effluent and changes in fish fertility

Regaining democracy

Does Tasmania need a Statue of Liberty

Into the exclusion zone

Upper Florentine, Sunday, January 18

Parliament House, Saturday, January 17

Listen, Mr Green ...

A request, Mr Bryan Green

Parliament gets the message

Massive turnout tipped

The real extremists

We will never give up

Absolute madness

Perhaps I have upset him

Chemicals: nobody knows

Falling like dominoes

Gunns investors get worried

Extremists, dangerous, illegal

New tree-sit

Worldwide pulp downtime tops 2 million tonnes

Resolve the debate

Forestry on the dole (2)

Forestry on the dole

Who watches the watchers?

Poll cans Garrett decision

Locked onto myrtle

Incredibly moving

Well, Mr Wilkinson?

Turnbull confirms fears mill cannot be shut down

Excavating the wild ...

The cracking of our hearts

Why Jim Wilkinson hasn't bothered to reply?

Without the subsidies...

Labor has done its dash

The true nature of sustainability

Bartlett mirrors Lennon

Litigation, terror state

MIS pay 75% less rates per ha

Jim Wilkinson failed to respond

Pictures of a police raid

Tasmania Police raid Florentine blockade

Great Southern heads further south

Special Treatment for Plantation Growers

MIS raises hackles

A letter to the NY Times

The Fightback

TheTimes are a changin'

Carbon or food

Police integrity row

No end to pulp friction

Gunns investors seek reforms

Tasmania: Look Away!

Serious threat to forests and future

Police gave protesters' names to Gunns

Gunns can't start building, says lawyer

Triabunna 13 launch legal fighting fund

The reeling pulp industry

Lara and Bryan: You are responsible

Get off the Gunns merry-go-round

They certainly sue ...

Does Gunns pay rates?

Has Gunns misled the ASX?

Gibney and the rednecks

The unholy trinity

Arrogance, confrontation backfire

Two more years of conflict and unrest

Farms die for Rudd's trees

The proven fools

Gunns: Step up, Bartlett

Gunns: Adhere to the umpire

Garrett refuses to approve pulp mill

Be afraid

GM and the 45yr rotation

Pulp mill threats and bullying must end

John Gay, jobs and fear

Garrett's final verdict

Snowboards ...and FSC

The Year of Reckoning

A letter to The Examiner

Complete blindness

The verdict on Peter Garrett

Trees and forecasts

Bartlett the divider

Gunns and the devil

Highly Conservative

Gunns directors selling out?

No response

Just a bunch of greenies ...

Legal fight on MIS


The unholy alliance

No, says the Ombudsman

C'mon Baz, chain yourself

Protest is our right

Apologise now, Mr Llewellyn

Carbon storage facility

Drivers' logjam fury

Thank you ...

January 5 should be the end of the road

Sandline Dave

The MIS rorts

Gunns keeps the footprint light!

The forests hysteria

The pulp mill and the forests

Lieing in the sand

Japan's paper companies targeted

Advantage Gunns

The Tarkine plan

Our Southern forests face the axe

Hypothetical? Police Need to Expand Their Vision!

The spraying of mum and the kids

Asthma Foundation won't lobby for asthmatics

What to do if you are poisoned

Fury at forest activist terror exercise

Gunns to pay critics' legal fees

Justice, democracy and letting off flares

Pesticides: the major implications

Witless victims of a corporate sales cycle

Onya Vica!

No need to destroy pristine rainforest

Christmas Times partied ...

Clive in court

Last Words: The Tamar Valley and 2009

Baseless nonsense

Our Current Overworked, Under-resourced Ombudsman Tasmania

Every step of the way

Case raises spraying fears

No land tax for plantations

Severe headaches and nausea ...

Push for protection of agricultural land

Spraying: Government acting unlawfully

Still walking

Geoff Law resigns

Facticus evadus

Wood supply deal extended to 2010

Spraying: This is not an issue of high importance

I'd like to see a detailed analysis

As empty of ideas ...

I'll put up $10,000

Degree of separation, Extraordinary

Mill disaster: the uncanny similarities

24 sleeps to Christmas

Forestry, Gunns to blame ...

Race to the bottom

It's the bottom line Stupid!

Spraying plantations (2)

Challenge to Gunns

Tasmanian of the Year

Almost last rites

Bartlett congratulated on pulp mill stance

Spraying plantations

How about Mercury North?

What about Tasmania!

Holding the line

New blow to Gunns

The scandal of Hobart airport

Call Karen!

Blockade today

Pulping the truth

Timber boss predicts approval

Unnecessary danger signals

Danger ... without a pulp mill

The Appointment

Parents impose own log truck curfew

Fears over chemical spraying

73 per cent want Bartlett to end support

The scariest thing I have ever seen

Back to the drawing board

More Tarkine road opposition

A letter from Ohio

It just gets worse and worse ...

Kons pulps judge

Lines in the sand, when broken ...

Why, Mr Lennon?

Tasmania, situation normal

We run over them all the time

We don't want to kill the planet ...

Bartlett's line in the sand

Self-interested CFMEU

Labor is poison for major project

Submit to the EPBC review

Leven in 60 seconds……A day in the north west of Tasmania

Lennon: my mistakes

Garrett under fire

Law discharged from Gunns case

Police back TAP

Scottsdale revisited… Yarloop in West Australia

Stop the mill here, says Brant

I have sold my shares

CFMEU - Acting for Members or for Forest Companies?

Tasmania: A place to see before it disappears ...

The bid for forest peace

Flano's fantastic oratory

Wanting for nothing

The Millstone

Gunns: World leaders, sustainable, environment friendly

The Florentine needs you

Gunns AGM: Let the buyer beware

How to end community conflict

Without losses Forestry makes, Gunns could not exist

Bartlett's balancing act

Australian Greens want stronger carbon scheme

Pulp mill on the backburner

Bid to call Lennon, Gay fails

Forest industry review

Florentine's front line

Labor drives the wedge

Gunns: Questions for the Chairman

Hornsey: Shred it!

Bartlett offers no leadership ...

Driver: Cabinet is bullshit

Violence in the forest

The irresponsible Premier

"The truth is no state forest is being converted"

Weekend Madness

Access Economics: Gunns looks like a goner

Yours is a government addicted to chaos

Careful research in call to halt old-growth logging

Dear Ferdie Kroon

Bullshit, says Bartlett

Michael Stokes: Re pulpmill pipeline

Bombshell allegations rock Bartlett Government

West Tamar residents call to arms

Lennon lite?

How the economy is killing the earth

Forests for woodchips

A policy whoopee cushion

Nature loss dwarfs bank crisis

Peter Garrett's approval failure

Swift Parrot “Reprieve” Not Enough to Halt Threat

Stop the pipeline here

The Burning ...

Be My Florentine!

Giants: a source of shame

Mill plans hit another obstacle

Hey Don, drive the Tassie roads

Duh ...

Target Jodi

Did Don oppose a chicken farm near his farm?

Don Burke: Yes, in my backyard

Log trucks day and night

Garrett oversees assault on Tasmanian environment

We remain committed to this project

Little interest in Gunns retail share offer

Institutions covering their backsides?

Stop logging ... reduce emissions


The Gunns Dossier: Pulp Mill Smoke and Mirrors

Blue Tier Big Week

China's 'headlong profitless expansion' using our native forests

Sub prime MIS

The devastation of MIS

15 years. I've seen it. It's a joke!

The Black Hole

The Devil went down to Georgia. Where did Gunns go?

Focus on Gunns' share price

Heart of hearts betrayal of the Tamar Valley

Gunns finances: an analysis

Greenies find anti-mill allies wear suits

Chemical trespass and my mum's illness

Water testing must continue

What's that smell?

Anti-pulp mill student finalist in Green Award

The Swifts are back

Garrett: Bending over backwards

Government may seek to strike out pulp mill case

Akerman recycled

Courtenay blasts forest industry

Garrett's hand of friendship to Gunns

Forestry: A beautiful set of circumstances

Gunns breaks through

Gunns threatened by forests

A vote against Gunns

Flanagan's call for a Royal Commission

Raverty's call for a Royal Commission

Logging contractors exploited

Name your price for Gunns

Gunns shows contempt

Gunns: Hoist by their own petards

Parliament is now closed ... against the people

Gunns pulp mill class action: Register of Interest

A few hecklers

A national tragedy

Kamloops ...


Off the back of a truck (2)

The shemozzle

The times they have a'changed

Tasmania's contribution to climate change

John Gay must resign

Pulp mill dead, say opponents

Mill: the massive sleight of hand

Gunns admits pulp mill doubts

Cognitive dissonance

Bartlett too small; Singhing the chorus

Fire Sale!

Shame, Shame, Shame

One man and his $2bn millstone

Singh holding to party line

Focus on Gunns shares

Call to restrict right to appeal

Forest protest legal threat

Singh mill vote dilemma

PAL Policy Review

The Need for a New Forest Politics

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“Trust in Democracy” and Section 11 of the Pulp Mill Assessment Act

Mill: What is credibility worth?

Gunns: Who are these institutional investors?

Chemicals and the public

Pulp mills and public meetings

10,000 marchers target mill

Challenge to end our Dark Age

Gunns deadline dramas

Gunns: Crikey, Mayne

Milne: Stop protecting Gunns

Gunns squeezed by credit crunch

Gunns: why things are grim

Gunns trading halt

Gorge: Climate change flying fox


Sweet success

Pulp mill, climate forum. Share price. Legal attack

A litre here, a litre there

Wal King: an interrogation

What I wrote. What they published

Florentine torched

The Bone Orchard

The importance of critical thinking in environmental management

Forests and carbon

Challenge to 'democratist' Bartlett

Gunns' builder doubts mill; plantation sale; modules

Tasmanians' $30m gift to the pulp mill

Destroyed by MIS

Swift Parrots return ... to logging

Save Wielangta Forest

Write to Kevin Rudd - Forestry Tasmania Replies

Careful, Mr Bartlett

Dear Peter Garrett

Job cuts feared as Gunns loses Fed funding

Evandale mill ... and the bigger picture

Wilderness wonder revealed

Asthma and burn-offs

Other rivers are in an even worse state

Native forest furnace push

People power blocks Gunns

Dams of doom

Emissions hurdle for Penola pulp mill

Letter to Fin Review - Gunns Value

Community views on plantation forestry to be measured in Tasmanian survey

New backers for pulp mill tipped

Pulp and paper emerge ...

State growth fears

Milne 1, Rudd 0

Mill: When will they have the guts...

Carbon: the real culprit

A concerned Kiwi

Pipedream: When will the public be told?

Landowners resist pipeline

Rudd, Scottsdale and Gunns

World Heritage Committee supports activists' call

Plundered Island

Climate change gravy train

Unions attack Gunns over redundancy list

Gunns share price

Potential red faces in Tasmania deal

The Franklin and the future

Inconsistent signals

Gunns manipulated Government

A night for looking back ... and forward

Anger over lost jobs as Gunns shuts mill

Happy Birthday, Franklin River

The retirement of John Gay?

Dambuster Bob Hawke takes aim at pulp mill proposal

Investment analyst or pokies player?

All clear for pulp mill delay

75% of Tasmanians Oppose Government help for mill

You don't know what you've got til it's gone ...

EU Ag Ministers move to ban hazardous pesticides

Pulp Mill Poker

Be Aware, Commissioner Jack

Pulp mill opponents try to scale PM's firewall

Chip off the old block appals unlikely allies

Timberrrr... share prices plummet, as do jobs

Environment protectors limited

Police gear up to cope with pulp mill protest

Hobart haze blows limits

Oh, Damon ...

Dear Kevin Rudd: TAP's desperate mandarin plea

Mill taskforce cost $250,000

Mill: The Jaakko Poyry Factor

An Open Letter to Premier Bartlett

The burning of Tasmania ... and greenhouse gas

EPBC Act on Trial

Mill: elector poll


Some history of aerial spraying in Australia

Bartlett: no more forests...

Forestry Tasmania: Discredited

Mill: Most Australians don't want it

Mill: They'll get what they want

Rumour mill

Mill blowout, doubt, wood supply woe

Have we even got enough water?

Smog alert

Dear Mr Rudd

The culture in Gunns

Mill: Don't believe it

Budget: Mill Nailed?

Budget: Missing the mark?

Gay, Gunns and the stock price

The Dream of a New Tasmania

New era welcomed

Bankers back off

New forests blog

The Burning of Tasmania

Peter Garrett's other visits

Gunns and predatory loan financiers ...

End the Agricultural Land for Plantations Scam

GetUp takes fight global

Tuesday: Pipeline, Budget public meeting

Rumour Mill

Lennon's pulp mill pipeline dream

Doubts over mill funding

Mill: Petition

What a crock!

Mill: Act quickly

Lennon bombshell sparks earthquake

Gunns reloads in cash hunt

Lennon leaves a bitter legacy

A cancer in our midst

A catchment in crisis

The Fat Lady sings

The speech I was not allowed to deliver to the RPDC

In the Otways, hatchets are buried as the chainsaws fall silent

Meeting the RFA without woodchipping is easy

Brown loses logging battle

ANZ to decline Gunns funding

A Hart for Gunns?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals in our drinking water

Who should control our vital resources?

Something for Every Tasmanian to Consider

Pulp friction

History Not Repeating

MacBank silent on finance for Gunns

Law and Justice Part Company – Tasmanian Pulp Mill Assessment Act 2007

Atrazine poisons humans

Gunns and roadkill

New ANZ forest policy ... and the mill

The logging of Bruny Island

The Asthma Foundation

Culture of Fear and Intimidation

It's time to petition The Governor

Tamar Residents Will Fight On

When Democracy Turns to Kleptocracy

Do not forgive them for they know precisely what they do. Them. Or us.

The Oregon plume and smokestack

The profound contempt of the Lennon government


End the forest wars


Ostriches in the silt

Yet another mates' deal ... the worst?

Climate calls for massive shift in forestry operations

Mill: the $108 million loss for the Tamar Valley

Forest management options

The ad The Examiner wouldn't publish; the Mercury did

A chronicle of perfidy, bias and lack of representation

The commercial-in-confidence pipeline

Court gives green light for pulp mill legal challenge

Why Public Truth matters

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Giants of the forests

The New Tasmania

Poison bait not threatening key species

Burn-off air scare

The burning of Tasmania

The culture of coziness

Terrorist detonation

Trevallyn Dam

What Peter Garrett says

Borne in the Florentine

Lennon: the claims, a wrap

6 metre tall Peter Garrett in the Upper Florentine Valley

Alliance forms to save Tasmania from Gunns Pulp Mill

The Clearances Repeated in Tasmania

Howard's legacy ... Rudd's problem

Responsible land management

Battle cry for our Tasmania

Kons questions unanswered

Mill: the massive disconnect

All about atrazine

ANZ in the gun

Mill competitiveness falls while subsidies rise

Forestry: The Big Secret

Island down the plug-hole ... ABC avoids the splash!

ANZ and social conscience

Daring anti-mill protest at ANZ stadium

Dozers get the OK on mill

Tasmanian neo-liberalism - A new vision for terra nullius

Tasmania and the risks to Rudd

The rubbish we are fed

Your taxes at work ... let's add it up!

The time for burning

And, the work has started?

The failure of the RFA

A job for Foreign Correspondent ...

Gunns and subsidies ... but wait there's more

A pipeline too far

Are we too late?

Picture the trashing of Tasmania

Mill: Workforce shrinks, timeline blows out

ANZ: Shareholder backlash ...

Gunns and the credit crunch

Rudd's blinded by minders

Mill: doing the sums

Pulp mill express

Peaceful community protest

The destructive effects

Portraits of activists

Go to it TAP

Water whispers

RPDC: Anniversary of a serial killing

And today it is ...

The Dark Day

Insider Republic: More dogs yap, Hodgman stands firm

The Extremists

The good times ... still rolling

Scandal in the pipeline

McEwen goes out on a limb for Tasmania's trees

Lennon's effluent plan ...

Tasmania - and truth

Mill: public to pay

Mill: project on hold ...

Silting up the future, but ...

.... but Paul may help Gunns

Ecological disasters

It is not a peaceful death

Don't invest in John's company

John's pain

The sad 1080 stories

Forest funds flawed

Gunns' profits fall

The killing hypocrites of native critters

They arrest angels in Tasmania

Wood deal: outrageous and irresponsible


Systems logic and the pulp mill battle

Because it is right ...

The mill that never was...

Gunns: arrogant unprofessional cowboys

Call for submissions

The acid on Rudd

Belittled and ignored

Launceston ...

The real U&H

Efficiency and forestry key to cuts

Dioxins and the pulp mill (working link!)

HCC, pulp mill, climate change

Planning for pulp mill protests

The view from 3000 feet, ground level

Statewide poll is best

We sold for 20 per cent less

A Tale of Two Municipalities – What About the Rest?

George Town backs the mill

Nice one, Peter Garrett

Artificial traps

Communicating integrity

More subsidies for Gunns, please

Mill: the approval

Mr Lennon and the mill

Pulp mill will cost Tasmania $300m

Japanese paper scandal

Funding the mill

Meltdown (2)

Road kill monitoring

Tiers fall on a forgotten history

Dear Mr Garrett

George Town poll: Dear Bruce Taylor

The solution to East Coast water problems

The ANZ and sustainability


George Town: the packed public gallery

It's not my fault!

Pulp mill risky, ANZ told

Bali road map, ANZ, Gunns

Dear Mike Smith, ANZ

Gunns meets the George Town Council

Rural Community Fights Farm To Plantation Takeover

The Premier's priorities

Critical lessons from the mill debacle

ANZ, Hobart, Wednesday

Dear Peter Garrett

Inconvenient facts about Gunns

Another unappealing Australian forestry decision

The call to ANZ

Rudd and the pulp mill

Lawyers against the mill

Dear Prime Minister,

Of the people, for the people

The General Manager, George Town Council

George Town: the meeting

At what cost, a pulp mill?

Miller's tale

Mill subsidies: just the tip of the iceberg

Rudd's first domestic

Tonight: George Town

Gunning for Flanagan

Extraordinary Gunns AGM

By request: Pulp the wood, we can, we should

Kevin Rudd's $110 million gift to Gunns pulp mill

Open Letter to Gunns

Flanagan: Uniting against the mill

Launceston Council withdraws support for mill

Dear Mr Rudd

Day of Action against ANZ

Mill, Poll, Forests: latest, highlights

Rally: every picture tells a story

Now is the time for turning

The rally

Pulp the mill. We can. We will

Reap the whirlwind

Power of the Voters' Block

What Malcolm Turnbull told me

TODAY: Pulp mill rally and march

Beekeepers bitterly disappointed

Why don't they tell us it's costing us $250 million a year to destroy our carbon sinks?

Maybe the final wake-up call for Tasmania

Mill: the community wants to know

The 5 per cent in Gunns

ANZ: second thoughts?

Cousins, Flanagan for pulp mill rally, this Saturday

Mill: class action ...

By Christmas, it will be gone

Against the mill

Analysis: the wood supply contract

The Angel of History

George Town: breaching the Local Government Act?

Pulp mill doubts

Pulp mill forum video clips

Meanwhile, in Die Welt

Cundall: Turnbull hated pulp-mill plan

Carbon stink

Global crisis looms as climate change and fuel shortages bite

Expert warns of climate change impact on Tassie's forests

Forum: Secrecy and Lies

Saving ourselves from catastrophe


Steve Cannane: You rock!

Wealthy nations must not "pass the buck" on forest conservation.

A good wrap

Mopping up the farmers

Watch out Meander Valley, Lennon's on your tail

Students walk out against the pulp mill

The right to know

Another ray of light

Hydro and Forestry foolishness

The Misinformed strike back: Ivan's out (2)

Mill: Ecuyer's protest. Some social notes ...

Forests on YouTube

A Royal Commission is essential

The mill, the house: Mr Lennon talks to JJJ's Steve Cannane

State Libs: The Worst Opposition in the State's history ... ?

Open letter to Peter Garrett

Is anybody out there?

Clean, green Tasmania

The message to the ANZ

ANZ branch protests

Voting for Dani

TAP on YouTube

Mill: the risks

Forest destruction for decades

Malcolm's standards

Pulp Fiction or Fact

The Bridge Sitters (2)

The Bridge Sitters

The Voters' Block: Gloves are off!

Swedes cast doubt on mill standards

Dear ABC

Release the wood supply agreement

YouTube: All the Low Head rally speeches

Fatally flawed

Fate of the coast ...

Newhouses's ex eyes Wentworth

Mill: Bondi public meeting

Beazley, has-been

Mayne: How to put the heat on

Howard, Gunns, political donations: our system is broken

Gunns' double-barrelled dilemma

Gunns shares: Not another TT scoop

The risk to ANZ

Peacock: Approval still in question

Gunns: our family name pulped

Ben Quin: why I quit

Vote 1: Hugh Bris, Liberal Lyons

The mill and the finance

Howard boost, voters' bloc

Rally: stop the mill

Judgement day on You Tube

Garrett: hypocrisy alive and well

Mill: the national issue

Quin: the fallout

Quin quits Libs

Mill: comment, latest

The American Club

Can Peter Garrett get any Tamar?

What is insider trading?

Mill: Franklin revisited

Sign the Letter campaign

Mill: the decision

The Weld Angel: In Their Own Words

Pulp mill rejection would boost Coalition: poll

Commonwealth says end log exports

Decision due. Issues unresolved: A wrap

Miotti: the guidelines failure

John Gay: it's world class

But is the pulp mill economic

The citizen's duty to disobey

Lennon v Schofield

It's not worth the risk

Bloomberg on the case

Please help us

Pulp mill jobs. Our future

'Illegal' to jump gun on mill

Ads against the mill

Mill: logjam to viability

Age: Gunns must do more

Paulie on the Chase

Mill: the risk factor

Run, forest, run

Beautiful Valley

Gunns and the cost of carbon

The meeting at Hillwood (2)

Mill: latest

ANZ: Please don't support the mill

This cop-out

Gunns in a bet-the-company project, says pundit

The elevation of Evan

Mill: update

Call for more pulpmill research

Gunns: Getting the facts straight

When the Premier should resign

See you at Hillwood

The mill, the battle, the house

Reading into the pulpmill fictions

Mill will get the nod: John Gay

$60m for log trucks; and for the LGH ...?

Burke's backyard mill

Pulp mill an election factor

Mill: Who's Who on the expert panel

Quin risks chop

Analysis of regulatory and enforcement powers available under the Pulp Mill Assessment Act 2007

Lennon's baby

The finance problem

Boiled by oil and not a drop to drink

Dear Editor, Wentworth Courier

My letter to Duncan

Labor, mill and greenhouse

Pulp the other one!

Party, first

Dear pro-mill MP

What Lisa told the House

The expert truth

Pulping the facts

Poll: No Mill

The trouble with Garrett

The Experts' Conclusion

Gunns bottom line and strategy (1)

Myth-busting: the Gunns pulp mill

Wedges or chips

Smelling the mills

Pulpmill deathwatch

Howard: Mill will be built

Chasing an elusive harvest

Now, it's academic

The mill ...

A serious error?

Dirty Bay

The House of Rubber Stamp

Simply not good enough

The lawyers' banquet

The photographers' lament


Mill: the 55,000 Flanagan drop

A pulp mill winner's perspective

Enough! Already

John Gay speaks

What WILL happen: Big Bill’s visit

What were the effects of Burnie pulp?

Realism v High Hopes

The online polls

The Aboriginal concern

What really matters

Cat out of the bag

Get Up ... Now

Act ... Now

Gunns and the ozone player

More Gay

Mill: what WILL happen

Instant pulp mill - just add water

Turning on Turnbull

Push to shift pulp mill

Where the PM's mate got his inspiration

PM's mate and the mill

Our Weeks of Shame

20,000 signatures

The power of Parliament to amend the permit

Powers and Duties of Members of Parliament under the Pulp Mill Assessment Act

The tick

Mill: transport deaths and injuries

Letters to MPs

It's getting heavy

Paradise Lost

Where will the water come from

Skeletons in the cupboard ...

So much is at stake

It's getting interesting ...

Rudd's false position

The MPs' tour report

What it means

Singh the Recalcitrant

Quin the Recalcitrant

The potential to mislead Parliament

Ruth Forrest, the mill and the surfers

Pete is Turning

What a joke

The pulp mill referenda

Red light for pulp mill

A Wild West public meeting

The Mayor's role

PM's pal damns pulp mill

The West Tamar meeting

The MPs' tour

Pulp journalism

HCC: Pulp mill debate

Postcards from the edge

Forgetting about the future

The experts ...

Case dismissed

Mill bid must be rejected

Banks, pulp and paper

Find the plughole

The toxic blowback

You must act now

Back to the future with Christine Milne

SA's cleaner pulp mill

MLCs: Please do your job

Wondering where Turnbull’s worth Went?

Can't see the Gunns for the trees

We are watching you

Go ... for the Good Name of Tasmania

The tourism survey

To the Decision Makers in our Federal, State and Local Governments

A Green preference vote to the Liberal Party?

Dear Peter Garrett

So Ivan, who do you believe?

They're dumb ...

Petition reminder

I'm so angry I could spit

Dear Mr Dean, Mr Wing

Why is Tasmania pulpwood plantation driven?

The mighty niten

Pulp mill elector poll

Gunns and the CFMEU

You have lost my vote

The great distraction


Eight reasons why

The log truck danger (2)

Mill: Errors of fact and analysis

Mr Rudd goes to Smithton

Libs: a psephologist's view

The numbers game (2)

The numbers game

The message for Peter Garrett

Where, in all this, is the Opposition?

The log truck danger

Lennon, Hodgman, Kent, Edwards ...

Singh for a free vote

The state we're in (2) and a petition

Libs: Just like Labor

Turnbull's poisoned chalice

Uphold your pledge

John Clarke's pulp fiction

A glossy message from the premier

Turn your back

The state we're in

It’s my opinion

Premier's pulp fiction

To hell, all Gunns blazing

What Opposition?

Pulp Mill: a timeline of deceit

Dr Felmingham and thin ice

Mill and risk assessment

A 7.30 report

Mill: Corruption

The incensed locals

Critical mass

The great woodlands of Europe

Juggling the facts

The 11,000-strong message

I won't be silenced

The damaged state

Petition: West Tamar

Rally: Saturday

Join the Voters Block

Mill: a protest wrap

Answer this, Eric Abetz

Mill: Dioxin (2)

Out of control

Shunning Gunns

Voters' Block launched

I am tired of sitting back ...

One toxic scallop ...

Fishing for Mr Gay

A victory

Dioxin ...

Gunns' election timebomb

How to fight the mill (2)

A long farewell to the Tamar Valley

How to fight the mill ...

Blame the Wildos for this one

'Trust me'propaganda

The second mill

Clearfelling Parliament's trees


What John Gay thinks

Tasmanians for Transparency

Stop the fast-track mill

Sacrifice Zone circa 2007

Legal action against Turnbull, Gunns

They're logging the Garden of Eden

Is this the pulp mill John West would reject?

The Robin Gray factor

It's all the Greens' fault

Lennon misleading on mill benefits

Mill: The wife beater

The dangerous distraction

Mill: the fear of being sued

People power ...

Whose credibility?

The poll bombshell

How PAL is taking over Tasmania

The difference between a plantation and a forest

Pulp Mill Act questions

Gunns: Out of Control

MLCs: see for yourself

Julian Green and pulp mill odour

Pulp mill and health

Dear Will Hodgman (2)

The forest promises

Goodbye Simon Bevilacqua

Comment: For better or worse

Dear Will Hodgman

Too little, too late

For evil to prevail ...

Plantations get top water priority

Raverty: those threats

Dear Lin Thorp

And the cost ... $750,000

An interview with Warwick Raverty (2)

An interview with Warwick Raverty (1)

What we lose

Take it back (2)

Small chips for high-rollers

Mr Fletcher

All about Sweco

Take it back

No, Minister

Mill passes state assessment

The North West Coast

Comment: Mill solution an election winner

Letter to The Ecologist

Slaughter, slaughter everywhere and not a drop to drink

The Times on Tasmania

By their fruits ye shall known them (3)

State of dying democracy

Dear Malcolm Turnbull

A conspiracy or ...

Dear Doug Parkinson ...

Mill vote: Never forget

Burning Tasmania

Comment: Watchdog's wise words

Reincarnated in Canberra

Up against the big Gunns

Mill: make your comment

An email from Paula

The pulping of democracy

Reject this, Malcolm Turnbull

Ten reasons to avoid the mill

Sacrifical lamb ritually slaughtered

By their fruits shall ye know them (2)

Other uses for the mill budget

Mill: news, comment

A debacle

Bass says NO

The view from elsewhere ...

I will therefore be voting against the Bill

Terry ...

Dr Raverty's poison antidote

Some questions for Mr Lennon

A corrupt state

The Porter Opinion

Terrorists of Tasmanistan

By their fruits shall ye know them

Comments on Pulp Mill Assessment Bill 2007

Lennon's State of Shame

Scrapping the RPDC process

Dr Raverty's lecture

Time to speak out

Letter to the Governor

Something rotten in the Apple Isle

Leg Council: Throw it out

Not the family again ...

Lennon faces new mill heat

Legal anarchy

Mill wrap: the Pile; The Bill; Nicklason; Crikey; Ben Gray ...

Pulp claims rock Premier

There was no dissent ... A Labor politician said the party did not know what Mr Martin's problem was

Stop the pulp-mill fast-track approval

Mill: All about Budget creativity

Contempt for the public

The erosion of due process

Protest today

Mill withdrawn from RPDC process

Where is Lennon's sense of propriety?

Pulp mill paranoia

Rebecca's paddle against the mill

Hobart to Thursday Island

Rally for the river

Florentine: the arrests

Florentine: the land grab

Mill: my great distress

Voters' Block against the mill

There's something fishy here

Mill: Finnish finance ...

All for naught

Open letter to the RPDC

Royal Commission into forestry ...

Dr Raverty, we need you!

Mayor Dean and the mill

Mismanaging pine resource

Give Gunns the sewage!

Lennon should pay, Kons waits

Mate, Paul's my mate, Get Lost

Labor's Black Forest

Gunns: Assessing themselves?

Auspine: A little history, or, Don't upset Gunns ... ?

Voters' Block against the Mill

Interests of Meander Valley Council

The real conspiracy

Trouble at the Mill (Part 3)

Pissing Away The Good Times

Comment: the conspiracy theories

Flushing Bass Strait

Greed above need

This is a farce

Mill: answers in the air

Don's protest

The facts on those fires

Wielangta fallout

Beware the backlash

The green wash

Trouble at the mill (Part 2)

RPDC: Why?

A Taste-less decision

Trouble at Mill (Part 1)

Mill and the Feds

A second open letter to Julian Green

Voice in the wilderness

The next Rally for the River

Detoxing the public sphere

Dear David Llewellyn

The pulp mill process

Pulp and Chile

Forestry: the graphic truth

Defending Tasmania's ancient forest

Paper mill: Bring back Lara!

Open letter to Paul Lennon

Hazy pollution report hinders mill

Mill: For the birds

Some questions for John Gay

Go home, says Gay

April Fool mill

Where there's smoke there's industry

CSIRO shreds pulp-mill plan

Forests and global warming

Sails against the mill

Mill: the unacceptable risk

To: Ivan Dean: MLC and Mayor of Launceston

Sink this mill

A democracy of four

Bryan Green and pulp wood supply

Open letter to Julian Green ...

Mill: the child's book

The social event of the year

We don't deserve them

My submission to the RPDC (2)

FT: the links start

Parliament as crude charade

Gunns IIS deficient

The bosses' bonanza

The "'Hydro's" not for sale, but... FT?

They won't print my letters

Mr Lennon, I am insulted

Don't pulp our future

Ignorance is far from bliss

Breathtaking hypocrisy

My submission to the RPDC

Six reasons why the draft IIS sucks

Pulp mill and politicians

A lid on the truth

Pulp mill: doctors' damning diagnosis

Mill: That leaked report

Gunns pulp and the RPDC

Just add it up

Robin Gray was wrong

Barry on Edge ...

The science of marching (updated)

Pulp Mill: trucks 24 hours a day?

Mill: Hundreds of million of dollars of losses in tourism sector mooted

Pulp mill: Democracy or Oligarchy

Greens question Gunns' pollution estimates

My pulp mill submission

March against the mill

Gunns seal study flawed

This is madness

Chemicals found in Tasmanian rivers

LCC: You do not speak for me

Sunday at the Palais

Debating the pulp mill

Residents' water pleas ignored

Mill gets water, people get restrictions

My pulp mill submission

Letter to the Examiner

Democracy bound (Part 3)

Flushing Gunns

Pulp mill: distracted by Greeny

Democracy bound (Part 1)

Bob Loone v Eric Abetz

My pulp mill submission

Gunns and free speech

The Ex rises to the occasion

I am so angry

King Island tree farm ban under threat

So, that's how ...

Gunns struck down

7.30 Report's the pulp mill

Outrageous, Bob Gordon

Pulp mill pollution: the dirty reality

Pulp poisons and the Tamar

Go the FULL MONTY to stop the pulp mill

Timber plantations to the rescue

Mr Mayor, 26 billion litres is a deluge of water

My three biggest fears

My profound despair

The Gunns share price

Pulp mill: this bad smell

Backing Bob

Pulp mill tax threat

The failure on threatened species

Doing Peg proud (2)

Letters from Bob

The Lennon-Rolley legacy

My fears about the pulp mill

The water mill

Pacific rim pulp mill fight

Carry on chipping

The Battlefield

Pulp mill facts

Damon Thomas: pulp mill advocate

Mill: take the blinkers off

Pulp, seals and dioxin (3)

Pulp modelling: rubbish in, rubbish out

Toxic or not ... that is the question

Gunns and pulp and share price

An unpublished letter

Pulp, seals and dioxin (2)

Pulp, seals and dioxin

Mr Thomas, who never replies

Pulping the truth about water

The Pulp IIS

Pulp friction in South America

The Gunns party

We don't want it

Pulping the forests

My issue with the pulp mill, project of state significance

Where the woodchips come from

New group for mill fight

It is about buying influence


Logging and Labor mates

1.4 per cent pulp mill support

So, there is a World's Best Practice ... and the Gunns share price plummets

The Fire

Poison smoke

Evan quits, report

Fraught with danger

Why I oppose the mill (2)

Gunns: You read it here, first

Gunns price

The roosting chickens (2)

Barry's timber folk

The burning question

Ship of State

Why I oppose the pulp mill

Gunns: loggers abandoned

Gunns: mayhem

Gunns: pulp mill farce

Gunns a loser

Greener Westpac

The world is watching

Bob's fight

We will not give up

Pulp, and the Premier's house (7)

Gunns shots

The Premier's house (6)

Logging money talks loudly

Pulp fiction

On: pulp mill rally

The Premier's house (5)

The pulp mill threat

The Premier's house (3)

The Premier's house

Recherche: Eric spits the dummy

Recherche: has the Government paid out Gunns?

Recherche: done deal?

Pulping promises

Gunns share price update

Gunns share price: 2006

Gunns order

Pulp mill: abusing debate

Growing pulp mill opposition

Pulp mill: they won't listen

No, thanks!

New venue for pulp mill rally

Campaign centre against the pulp mill

On: Pulp Mill Symposium


The Ex scoops the Barra ...

A pile of trouble

Bill Heffernan and the truth

Crikey at the Gunns AGM

No, thank you

The price of Gunns

Milne: The Unholy Alliance

Too close for comfort

Cadet: JJJ Hacks in

Cadet: State of oppression

The Tour: Come in Spinner

Mr Green, log trucks, pulp mills

Taking the tour to task

Your say: Finland's forests

Your say: Cadet v Examiner

Your Say: The pulp tour

Your Say: Cadet vs Examiner

Cadet: A fight far from over

Pocket man

Takeover bid for Gunns?

Tamar Ridge wine boycott call

Your Say: Pulp Mill

Check the Gunns share price

The industrial museum at Long Reach

Chips too dear: Price blamed for slump

Big Brother ... and the pulp mill

More god-like views

Daft, inconsistent, nonsense, babble

People v Faceless Power

Loggers spit chips

Proper pulp mill process

The gagging of Peter Cundall

Pulp smoke and mirrors

Gunns wants more ... and more

Amazing pix

Pulp fiction?

Gunns Ltd v Kingborough Council (2)

Recherche ...

Gunns Ltd v Kingborough Council

The Pulp Mill

The council and the mill (2)

The council and the mill (1)

A contractor's lament

Dear Public Servant

Questions for Launceston City Council

Good-guy Gunns

The Examiner eviscerated ...

Tripping along

Dear Peg Putt

Talkback questions

Gunns 20: website, debate

The Tamar's new wine taste

The Pulp Mill

Gunns and writs

Bedtime stories

This is my last letter ...

Styx and stones

Mont, Kenny? And The Examiner eulogy

Bloodymindedness overruling commonsense

South Sister: Death of an icon

We are very close to packing our bags

Council blocks logging ... is this a Tasmanian first?

The Gunns 20 Litigation

Recherche Bay: the watershed clash

The Gunns writ

THE PULP MILL: Read for yourself

Gunns writ is an attack on democracy

Not a peep

Whiff of the whisperer?

I've had a gutful of this!

"This is not about free speech"