Writer's Articles - John Lawrence

Progressives are their own worst enemies ...

Tasmania’s Ailing Health System and Forestry Debt – It’s inextricably linked ...

'Nonsense ... The figure is $75 million ...'

Pokies: Two rippers from John Lawrence ...

Poker machine apocalypse? LABOR'S POLICY ...

Forestry Tasmania's demise in detail: Billion Dollar Loss

Forestry Tasmania's final report: The Billion Dollar Loss

Federal Group’s 20 year haul

FT's coming of age?

The Truth about Forestry Tasmania ... in its own words ...

Forestry Tasmania's insolvency report ...

JOHN LAWRENCE, Mercury: Power game played in the dark

Baby Boomers hijack the debate ...

Doubts about jobs and growth

BASSLINK highlights State's budget woes

STATE: Four common budget myths busted

BASSLINK: Is Hydro insolvent?

STATE: Basslink under water?

John Lawrence: FT directors quit ... and ...

John Lawrence's wonderful analyses ...

Federal Hotels nonsense

SHOCKER: Will Minister Harriss outlast FT?

Has FT turned the corner?

Federal Hotels' predicament

Carbon accounting & FT profitability

Misconduct alleged at Senate inquiry into forestry investment schemes

Ta Ann Tasmania: Just like Google ...

Wilkie urges forestry probe

Forestry Tasmania comes of age ...

The housing crash we had to have: A Gen Y perspective on the bubble

STATE Budget: Is it good management or good luck?

Budget 2015 ... Reaction. Bill's Budget reply ...

STATE: MIS post mortem. Forestry job losses

Paul Harriss Pretence: FT closer to closure

FEA’s Receivers Deloitte has at last found a buyer for FEA’s land and trees

The Surplus Fetish ...

Things that can't last ... FT fails the test, says Examiner

Pulp mill stink spelled the end of Gunns

Lapoinya: Has FT found the way?

Rise and Fall of Gunns: The Grand Folly ...

FT and the Economic Regulator

A breach of competition policy? FLAG ...

FT: Nothing has changed ...

Hydro Tasmania's rivers dry up?

The Budget Reality ...

Liberals' missed opportunity

Triabunna and Government: Victim of cognitive capture by self interested promoters and groups

Tassie: Public Servants make up carbon tax shortfall

Poverty of the progressives

Broken promises and shameless lies ...

Shree: Another mining accident waiting to happen? Ta Ann's last handout?

Last Rites for MIS

Selling state assets is ideology rather than logic

Forests: Reality bites for Paul and Will ...

Bled dry by Macquarie Bank ...

Winning was easy ...

This mantra is seriously delusional ...

What to look for in Lara's Mid-Year Financial Report

How Lara Giddings comprehensively failed ... and why her demise is certain

Missing millions and the law of triviality

A happy new year is unlikely ...

Tasmania is run by unrepentant idiots. TAI damns forestry industry ...

The New Forest Way?

Federal Hotels: End of a chapter

Hobart Airport: A shameful public policy

Hydro Tasmania: The fall guy?

The Debt Fallacy

Frank Nicklason on John Gay: I have a bad case of indigestion

A bail-out of a badly managed private consortium

Ta Ann: the supreme beggar

The false dichotomy of clearfell or reserve must be abandoned. Vica Bayley on free speech.

MIS class action makes slow progress

Tassie's debt and liabilities: a comparison

Understanding Budgets: A Better Way

Like shooting goldfish in a barrel

The Magic Wand of the Confidence Fairy

Austerity pitfalls and alternatives

The Tasmanian Forest Gravy Train

Giddings knew Gunns was insolvent

The Unbelievable Charade

Mid year report: pass or fail?

Federal Hotels: the turning point?

Something had to give ...

Tassie's unfunded superannuation liability

RBF: A hard road ahead

It would be brave to say no

Rafferty Rules: The Incredible FT Saga. Crikey: The forestry con job ... and response

Forestry Tasmania: Wilful deception and crass incompetence

Earlier this year Ta Ann was revealed as a loss-making dog. Now?

Gunns: The morning after

The Naked Emperors (2)

Electricity ... a perspective

Pulp mill no part of Tasmania’s future

The Second Coming is more likely ...

Joining the dots

Gunns: Writing on the wall?

Our copycat Opposition

Where to Tasmania?

Wilful blindness and the new forest industry. Booth: Broke FT puts its hand out, again ...

Feathering nests or furthering Tassie ... ? GetUp's banned ad

Geoff: It's far worse ... Forestry Tasmania’s shrinking estate

Giddings still overlooking revenue boost from tax reform

Dream on ...

State of the State: What your mother didn't tell you, graph by graph

Nobody’s buying ...

Cliched, populist drivel

A dog: The financial truth about Ta Ann Tasmania. MLCs 'premature'. World protests

Last roll of the dice

MIS growers felled again

Gunns: A forlorn hope ...

Don't bother coming back after Christmas. The meaning of Clause 27. Gunns Ltd plumbs new depths

How Labor pinched IGA funds for Forestry Tasmania

It will be a tough 2012

Professor Stewart didn’t get much right

Gonzo Greg’s Report Card

The Road to Nowhere

Forestry Tasmania: The Time is Nigh

WORTH THE WAIT? A Look at the Auditor General’s review of Forestry Tasmania

Gunns: Vale Auspine

Lara, Will ... and the Corner Store

Tasmania teeters

Gunns: The Final Death Throes? Share Price tanks. The meaning of 'Substantial Commencement'

Forestry Tasmania’s secret

Winners and Losers

Gunns, FT ... and serious cash flow problems

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ...

Greg responds to Richard ...yet again

Fishwise funds used to pay staff

The hollow industry

Greg's Chutzpah ... and Postscript. FT profit ... and Bob Gordon's performance ...

Budget cuts: The Saul Eslake view

Bartlett's mess

Forestry Tasmania's cover-up

Ponzi government?

Trust us. Not yet!

Delusions, Gutwein and Forestry

Footy: Another extension of the Nanny State

Gunns: The Next Chapter?

Insolvency, disclosure and FT. Ruth Forrest's forensic eye

Gunns: Is the worst over?

The death of Forestry Tasmania?

Dr Amos, It's just plain nonsense

MIS: An abject failure with no place in the future of Tasmania’s forest industry

Forestry Tasmania is the stumbling block

Accounting for Dummies—Lessons from the Forest Industry

Nothing has changed

Gunns Through the Looking Glass

That’s what we need, Will

Gunns: on an expedition to discover the headwaters of S—t Creek without any Plan B

Tourism on the teat. When will it end?

FEA treading water

MIS may be worthless ...

Forests Plan: Barlett's blind acceptance is staggering

Gunns' banking dilemma

Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...

Spend, spend, spend ...

Our vanishing tax base

Forest Industry Plan: Just another glossy edition...

Will Hodgman and Reaganomics ...

Our Economic Black Hole

We also need people who can read a simple set of accounts

Accounting for Dummies ... A look at Forestry Tasmania

Forestry Tasmania: further definitive analysis ...

The Bartlett Vision (1)

Where did all the money go?

We need more info, Matt

PAL Policy: Lazy, hopeless LibLabs

FEA: From bad to worse; MIS trials and tribulations

Why MIS is Australia's biggest scam

A triumph for absurdity, greed and stupidity

Lies, damn lies and Forestry Tasmania statistics

FEA update

Voodoo and the Felmingham Report

MIS: Is Super being used?

Whither FEA?

Gunns after the deluge

Decision time is nigh

Rural communities bear the brunt

Hobart Airport - the full monty

Thank you John Lawrence

The Carbon Credibility Gap

Great Southern to quit Tasmania

We need a better understanding

A better way forward

What Forestry says

Great Southern heads further south

Special Treatment for Plantation Growers

Carbon or food

Tasmania: Look Away!

MIS debacle hurts us all

Race to the bottom

Collapse of MIS

CFMEU - Acting for Members or for Forest Companies?

MIS scheme goes belly-up

Sub prime MIS

A Tale of Temma (2)

A tale of Temma

The death of MIS

The taxpayer subsidy

Gunns and the sale of assets