Writer's Articles - Democracy Tasmania

Why has Democracy been Suspended in Ross?

Police Minister supports continued secrecy over Tasmania Police manual

One almighty crash

Public Office is Public Trust?

The cost of hubris

What’s wrong with Tasmania, Australia’s freeloading state?

Edmund Burke on politicians

Clear air exclusion

Valentine's Position Statement

The Tragedy of Tasmania's Forests: One act on from Flanagan

Why Tasmania needs an independent inquiry into child sex abuse

Local Government reform: More people participation in smaller units!

In a move to compulsory voting, let's not forget community

Youth Poll: Democrats will find out what 15-20 year olds really think, want and do

Tasmanian Parliament – proposal for change

Bob McMahon: Protests to escalate if project continues

Public opinion and representative democracy

In Australia the people are sovereign

The Sadim Touch

Bryan Green: Two hats and neither fits properly

Gay marriage and a Dissenting Christian

Greens urge release of donations discussion paper

ABC: The Royal Park rally should have been covered

How to bid farewell to the Governor

Putting the 'Un" in Australian

Political gymnastics down at the Mercury, Libs and Labor HQ's

Launceston Examiner : Subverting Freedom of the Press?

Emptiness in the Sky without Diamonds

Bartlett Launches Ploy to Shunt Greens off Debating Stage

Moves by Forestry Tasmania Gunns to seek FSC certification represent a victory for GetUp members

Cundall launches Our Common Ground, GetUp ad

GetUp supports Raverty advertising campaign

Our Common Ground launches new hard hitting ad calling for a restoration of democratic process

Gunns listed on public eye awards

Clean feed: dirty deed

Pump House for Franklin

Out of the Forests: a New Way Forward for Tasmania

Democracy and Cooperatives – empowering Tasmanians

Power sharing in Tasmania

Forecasting crucial changes in Tasmania

Time for change in the culture of Tasmanian politics

Time for change in the culture of Tasmanian politics

Panel probes power sharing for Tasmania

Call to Action

Power Sharing Government for Tasmania? What works, what doesn’t work


Pokies: Bullying has done its job

11am Thursday, Nov 19: My personal protest at Parliament House


Democracy Tas-style: Party before Principle

Insights into division and common ground

So will this election be any different?

Peaceful Community Protest - Taking the Step

In one Aird out the other

Naomi Klein Interviews Michael Moore on the Perils of Capitalism

Where was the climate impact assessment?

Forestry on the throne

Woodworker's Response

Gunns Postcard


The Growing Sadness of our Political Process

Stop raving and step forward

Queensland returning to dark corrupt past - 7:30 Report Transcript

“Finding Home far away from Home”

GM lobby to flood the world: Why?

Dear Mr Burke

Budget Response - Terry Martin


The dinosaurs around Bartlett

Keeping it in the family

The sorry state of politics in Tasmania

Labor mates get together

Whistleblowers call for input to review

Dear Hans Drielsma - A message from one of your "shareholders"

Thanks again, Bob

The stench of decay is everywhere

Hobsbawn and others on Economic Realities

Beekeeper's concerns ignored

More Labor minders ...

The Gunns Dossier: Pulp mill smoke and mirrors (2)

The quality of pollie is not strained

Scrap Ombudsman Tasmania

Climate Action Hobart - 13 June 2009

Opening the door to inappropriate coastal development

Arrest over Budget leaks

Gadd: the Premier's deceit

Harris defends inquiry

Goodbye RPDC

Revolution in Brit; passe in Tassie

The CFMEU will like it

The Barbarians at the Gate

Call it a virtue ...

Vindictive bail conditions axed

Tasmanians for a Healthy Democracy: an update

This should trigger a Royal Commission

Did he know?

Re-sign one day, axed the next

All praise for Chairman David

Diminishing the standing of Parliament

Gray's vision: The LibLab Coalition

The State We're In

Guessing games in the Huon Valley (2)

A night at the Tailrace

Conflict of interest in forest-based tourism management

The Thoughts of Kim il David

The True Face of David Bartlett

Why Should Farmers Pay When Gunns Doesn’t?

Bartlett's Tasmania: House Arrest

Forestry Tasmania, the A.L.P and the right to privacy

YES, we do need to take “a breath”

COAG - Deputation meets PM’s advisors regarding Sustainable “Green Collar” Future

Another arrest. 'House arrest'. Rally

Regressive distribution of property rights

Elimination of all democratic rights

Law and political interest

Labor again ignores due process

Why are we failing so abysmally?

Hegemony: How they get away with it and why do we put up with it?

Abusing positions of trust

Community alarm

Launceston: Centre of Democracy ...

Llewellyn and the pulp mill

Planning Tasmania ... a place to know your place

Not surprising, yet mostly deplorable ...

Freedom of speech at risk?

Why has Tasmania regressed so much?

Scott Gadd, forestry and heritage landscape ...

Bartlett ... and public deceit

Chairman Bartlett

Ethics: Where to read the submissions

Strengthening trust in government

Aristides leaves

What the report says ...

Hobart Airport - the full monty

The spiteful energy of Labor

Rally for Action Against Canal Estates - Speech by Dr Pete Hay

Corruption ...

Dear Mr Rudd

Tasmania’s new ALP neo-liberal generation

Letter to Daniel Hulme

Outrage at Franklin

How to watch the pollies

Time for a new way (2)

Ethical conduct: why the hold up

House to call shots when Parliament begins broadcasting

Into the breach, fellow councillors

The Government Meets the People

Forestry – letter to Kevin Rudd

Forestry refuses to engage in community conversations

The Show Continues

Regaining democracy

Abetz put on notice

The Fightback

Tasmania: a flow chart

Complete blindness

Call for corruption move

Nostradamus Redux

Just a bunch of greenies ...

The unholy alliance

Police have no rights to block peaceful protests

Did Bart steal Christmas?

C'mon Baz, chain yourself

Protest is our right

Apologise now, Mr Llewellyn

Sandline Dave

More life on Mars

Ethics: Read the revelations, Comment...

Tasmania, you're standing in it!

Tasmanian of the Year

Time to end Cabinet amateur night

Almost last rites

Wrong! Here comes Lisa

Here comes Bryan

Why I am anonymous

How about Mercury North?

We made a line in the sand

Holding the line

Call Karen!

A fork in the road to democracy

Lennon tirade against DPP

Sarah Island is the solution

Psychopathology on display

Back to the drawing board

Dodger Rudd

An Open Letter to Premier Bartlett, PM Rudd

Lennon in the firing line

It's pathetic

The basic truth

Bartlett's line in the sand

My evidence to Jim Wilkinson et al ...

Gunns: World leaders, sustainable, environment friendly

How to end community conflict

Without losses Forestry makes, Gunns could not exist

A Better Australia (14)

Bid to call Lennon, Gay fails

Hornsey: Shred it!

Driver: Cabinet is bullshit

Justifying illegal acts

Violence in the forest

The sad and sorry state of the South Island

The irresponsible Premier

Markets & the Public Interest: Towards a new economic vision

Readers should be aware...

Justice on trial

Yours is a government addicted to chaos

Questions which must be answered

Tasmania's incest

A question about statutory declarations

Bombshell allegations rock Bartlett Government

Public Myths - Convenient Untruths

Support the call for inquiries, Comment...

For Folks' Sake - Happy 5000th TT

What the community survey reveals

TT campaign: Retrospective Commissions of Inquiry

Wriedt relinguished: What Paula says

The nature of the Beast

Herr calls for a commission of inquiry

Mates Plates: Questions for Mr Aird

DPP backs investigative body

Airdy's lovely din dins

Democracy update

Garrett's hand of friendship to Gunns

There must be an unfettered Commission of Inquiry

Flanagan's call for a Royal Commission

Faith restored, says Bartlett

Tasmania's Integrity Day

Bartlett's trust plan

Singh holding to party line

The Need for a New Forest Politics

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“Trust in Democracy” and Section 11 of the Pulp Mill Assessment Act

The 10 Commandments for Tasmanian Politicians

Declaration of Justice and Democracy

Challenge to end our Dark Age

Public support for corruption watchdog

Inquiry bid fails

Restore Democracy Tent

Burnside backs watchdog

Net crusaders shine torch in murky places

Dilemmas of democracy

The forked tongue of infidelity

Challenge to 'democratist' Bartlett

Police Commissioner steps down, Lennon link

Wriedt ... and the size of Parliament

Ethics and Tasmanian politics: the real challenge

Have your say before Friday

Rally ...

Ethics Committee - Get your submissions in!

Ethics and the Picture of Dorian Gray

Speaking truth to power

Ethics: Dear Tim Cox

The talentless rump

Labor's public service blowout

Six weeks, but hey, who's counting

Who’d be a politician?

Democracy for "Democratists"

The search for a healthy democracy

Pulp mill opponents try to scale PM's firewall

Oh, Damon ...

No fast-tracking

The Dream of a New Tasmania

Bartlett steps in for Martin

Mill: Petition

Dream Team

Ethics: it must be independent

Ethics: Fix whistleblower laws first

Ethics: David Bartlett is wrong

Lennon leaves a bitter legacy

Boiling Point

The King is dead. Long live the King

The political death of Paul Lennon

The speech I was not allowed to deliver to the RPDC

Bob Brown, I am stunned

Who should control our vital resources?

FOI debate

Something for Every Tasmanian to Consider

Pulp friction

Law and Justice Part Company – Tasmanian Pulp Mill Assessment Act 2007

It's time to petition The Governor

Governors, Democracy and the Rule of Law

PM backs culture of disclosure

Tamar Residents Will Fight On

When Democracy Turns to Kleptocracy

The profound contempt of the Lennon government

It's democracy, stupid!

Democracy rally: What Jeremy said

Democracy rally: What Peg said

Odd to fear watchdogs, as bark's worse than bite

Our MPs commitment to us

The persecution of Nigel Burch

A chronicle of perfidy, bias and lack of representation

Paranoid delusions

Why Tasmania needs a Commission for Ethics

Four resolutions for Democracy

Tasmania: A failed democracy?

Hobart Democracy rally, YouTube

Why Public Truth matters

Democracy PUBLIC MEETING, Tuesday, April 29, 7pm

Cronyism and bastardry

Democracy PUBLIC MEETING, Tuesday, April 29, 7pm

Rid us of the Lennon cohort

A Diploma of Democracy

Governance and memory: An Anzac story

The culture of coziness

TUESDAY 22 Apr 12.30pm: Public Meeting, CITY HALL.

So What? - Ethics and Governance in Tasmania