You had me at that glance -
chasms clear of words,
speaking the holy language
with your salivating eyes
across the stick-shift.

Those ristretto shots
smouldering in your sockets
told me
hope-at-all-costs costs,
in some equal & opposite way
(as we are not), and
pondered the expiry
of unspent forgiveness.

Before their brambles
blinked back into berries
your tattletale eyes
even staged a skit: “I’ll shout,”
said the billionaire to the beggar
in the bar,
then the alley.

I’ve got enough friends.
But baby, there’s still room
in my dessert stomach.

*Bronwen Manger is a poet and spoken word artist from Melbourne, and a regular at local poetry readings. Her work has appeared in a number of publications including Best Australian Poems 2012, The Age, Going Down Swinging, page seventeen and Offset. In 2011, twenty of Bronwen’s poems were published in Triptych Poets 2 (Blemish Books). Bronwen has also performed her poetry on TV (Channel 31’s Red Lobster program) and radio (Triple J, 3CR and Phoenix FM).