I know you now, old shoe
Know the way you glance out your corners
While I try to keep up with your long stride
The way your lips lift slightly when you are amused
The mischief that puts sunlit water in your glance
The various colours that the light makes your eyes
Into which I have so long gazed in deep converse
How your heart constantly melts in gentleness
The constant amusement your wry vision gives of the world
I mostly know the way you will respond to what I say
The expressions that I will see upon your brow
Though your personal vision gives unexpected reply
I love to give you things that will make you concentrate
There’s nothing so beautiful to me than thought on your face
I never believed my inconstant heart would find love that did not tire
But after -w hat - six years now, you’re still a constant wonder
To me, ever new and delightful
I could no more tire of you than of watching a river flow
A fire flicker, or stars in outer space.