She was her best friend - and found out she was exchanging drugs for sex
He is her father - he cried when she admitted to him she had been pack raped
She is her daughter - but her mother would not tell her how her face got so bruised
He is his old school mate - and could not understand why he was so depressed all the time
She was her neighbour - and was frightened by the screams coming nightly from the house
He was her brother - and was arrested and jailed for beating the man up who tortured her
She was the granddaughter - whose mother had committed suicide after 4 years at the brothel
He was his football team mate - and he hated listening to the bragging about the beatings
She was her sister - who watched her slowly becoming dehumanised
He was the husband - who lost his family and his children after the divorce
She was the wife - who found the phone number in his pocket and rang it
He was her flat mate - who had had helped her to bed so often at night, senseless and in pain
She was her mother - who, not knowing why, watched her daughter became more traumatised by the day
He was the ex fiancée - who regrets the bucks night party at the brothel over the Channel
She was her auntie - who warned her about the overseas work contract she signed before disappearing
He was the son - who listened as men raped his grandmother, mother and sister in the border village
She ................had endured for ten years degradation and violence in prostitution since she was fourteen -
she is a SURVIVOR and she wants you to know…....

“The punters sex trade spin ‘not about us without us’‘
Think again - it is about violence - it’s about all of US”