Hey There Mister Prime Minister

(When you offered knighthood to the consort of the crown
were you dreaming up employment as the commonwealth clown?)

Hey there mister prime minister
your behaviour at first was rather sinister
If I wanted to be governed by secrets and lies
I’d go back to where they celebrate the 4th of July
and if I felt like living with hypocrisy
I’d support the way you treat those
who try to flee from governments far worse than yours
but you’re embarrassing us so-o-o-o-ohhhh
We’ve got to keep you on your toes

Hey there mister prime minister
your behaviour is absurd if slightly sinister
We all know this country is surrounded by a moat -
you and I or our ancestors all arrived here in a boat
and not one of the first people
ever tried to turn those boats around
I bet they regret it by now

Hey there mister prime minister
I know a true blue Aussie is not meant to whinge
but you’re behaviour has brought about whole new cultural cringe
We all know denial ain’t no river in Egypt
yet climate change – you refuse to believe it
Between fracking, and exporting all our coal
you sold the Reef down the river
and that’s like selling off our soul.

It’s true those people smugglers didn’t stand a chance
against a tough little man with an exhibitionistic stance
and Tony there are some who still might like ya
if you’d just quit smuggling budgies in your lycra
(we learned a thing or two from you before Julia got the axe
about smearing prime ministers by referring to their sex)
And if you’d been a bit more kind to the desperate in the sea
it’d be easier to forgive you when you repeatedly
land yourself and us in global disgrace
As it is you’re a laughing stock and a serious loss of face
is diplomatic suicide in Asia
Your nose is brown our face is red and though we tried to replace ya
I guess we’ll have to muddle along with you still on top
but next time your ego takes control
can someone make you STOP!