Dear Hodgy
It seems a little dodgy
When aided and Abetzded
by the cronies you love best
that you’re taking on the entire convention
of World Heritage and state that your intention
is to make our wilderness a place
where you can wreck Creation

Dear Hodgy
You are not God –
gee! if you were
I might concur
that to say a word against you
would be to blaspheme
you know what I mean?
but if you were God –gee!
you’d scarcely need to sue me
You could simply shoot a thunderbolt
right through me

Dear Hodgy
With all due respect
I expect
that all this power has gone right to your head
Are you aware that pretty soon we’ll all be dead?
And you and your ol’ boys club will be remembered
for the way you took Tasmania and dismembered
democracy, agreements and international law
claiming that your state is so pathetically poor
that you had to leave integrity behind
subsidising loggers to cut down what is not mined
Then adding to the shame of genocide and extinction
will be your own face enshrined amongst
the irretrievably lost
with a small sign beneath that says
“He forgot to count the true cost”