Cheeky. You are right. Northerners dont like limpids. Bartlett has backflipped on a few things which are important to us. I wrote here a few weeks ago and Matt Denholm echoed the same sentiment on the weekend.  A year or so back, Bartlett couldnt run far enough from the pulp mill. Was it Field who pulled him into line on that issue? Michael?

Just as Labors slimy PMAA didnt go unnoticed, neither has Bartletts backflip. In this respect he has made a fool out of himself. Like an overexcited puppy he was quickly slapped into line by the bullies in the party. He lied to our faces when he twice told residents of the Tamar Valley in the last year that the mill wouldnt be built. And then when he returns to Hobart he falls back into line with gunnerment policy. Read more, Comment at the end of the article, HERE