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The wombats … don’t you love it … I have now come to understand how the pleasures of pollies can be enjoyed beyond those of their own shores by the linking of some spurious public activity.

This year, wouldn’t you know, the Wombats will be in London where the World Rugby Cup is being played again; maybe it’s connected to the Magna Carta. How many reports will be written, by whom, describing what, merely to offset the cost.

Will one of the Bishops be present or will they deputise the Abbott to bless the proceedings.

Once more to the public trough.

The fares would be booked, the accommodation arranged … oh and maybe parliament not sitting … what a coincidence.

As Victor Hugo said an idea whose time has come.

Read all about it here:

*Pic: Some years ago I was in France visiting the graves of my wife’s many fallen relatives and at Villas Bretonneux Museum there was this plague which intrigued me.

Why would a rugby club offer a club shield to a museum commemorating the sacrifice that secured the village.