Image for The Apple Cart

Oh Will Hodgman and his boys with their reckless aimless ploys,

Are creating bigger hurdles in their quest to still inform us

That all is well regardless of the situation that confronts us

Of the broken underwater cables and loss of water levels.

There’s been smoke haze here down under,

And now we await the thunder of those corporate invaders

In their quest to the buying of our lands.

There’s an icy drought around us in the paddocks and the parks

Where the bands play on unfettered and young couples lark and

love and dance. 

There are festivals galore yet the streaming crowds want more

The wines are flowing freely and are running down the hills.

But Will Hodgman and his boys are not listening to the noise that they’ve created

By reafforestation, devil carnage and the fox that’s done his run.

Cancers go uncounted where the wastes had gone unsorted

In the landfills by the shore –

Where problems don’t exist if you look the other way

And where our cherished “children of tomorrow”, good neighbours and our friends

Are lost to us forever with no acknowledgment to this day.