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I recently spent an enjoyable afternoon in the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery at Inveresk. Run, and in the main,  financed by the Launceston City Council it is the key to the relevance and sense of place of a city of 125,000 that punches well above its weight.

In the entrance is an eye-catching photo of a female wedge-tailed eagle, Australia’s largest bird of prey. (Montage Above)

The caption to the display notes that:

“Tasmanian birds are paler and larger than those on mainland Australia and are considered a subspecies.

Tasmanian Wedge Tailed Eagles are listed as endangered due to loss and disturbance of breeding habitat; shooting, trapping and poisoning, collisions with vehicles, wind turbines and wires and electrocution from power lines. The estimated population is about 1700 and only about 200 pairs breed successfully each year. Their huge nests are made in old growth native forests and can be used for over 100 years by successive eagles…..”

As noted on another important TT thread the Swift Parrot 10 years ago was down to less than 2000 birds with both species seemingly in terminal decline.

What is it about Tasmania and Tasmanians that they take such an obvious pride in the failure of authority to protect the unique and critically endangered?

Is it because Tasmanians do not care?

Is it because Tasmanians treat their surroundings with a similar disregard to the creatures that inhabit them?

Is it because of the power of a bankrupt Tasmanian forest industry?

Or is it because the industry has the power to buy the allegiance of our pollies so that without conscience they will accept the destruction of habitat in our remaining ancient Bluegums and Old Growth Forests with the stroke of the forestry pen?

The Thylacine has gone, the Devil is having a pretty tough time - we seemingly cannot learn from the past?

In Tasmania Forestry still reigns supreme even if it costs every Tasmanian extended waiting lists at the hospital, a larger electricity bill or even part-time teachers and doctors.

No-one seems to care!

We even gave Forestry Tasmania 7 million dollars to buy FSC accreditation?

They should never be allowed such accreditation when through their actions they are wiping out two bird species unique to this very special island.

The only way to teach Dinosaurs such as Harriss and Abetz - Pollies that ensured that the Liberal Party applied to roll back World Heritage Listing over Tasmanian forests - is to hit them where it hurts in the pocket when they have behaved so badly.

They should pay with their jobs, they should never be re-elected;  we can do better, we will do better we must do better.

Do we want to prevent the extinction of two Tasmanian endemic species or do we wish to make the Malaysian owners of Ta Ann who control our pollies even richer.

That is the simple choice.

Forestry Tasmania does not deserve FSC, should never be given FSC and our pollies must not be allowed to corrupt due process when two endemic species are at risk of extinction.

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