Image for WAITING LISTS: A Cry from the Heart

A reaction to the Mercury’s story HERE: Tasmanian surgery waiting times the worst in the country

Premier Will Hodgman said on Southern Cross News that he supports any action against suicide ...

What gets to me is that the Premier and his government don’t care about all the Tasmanians who are waiting to see a surgeon about having their knees or hips replaced.

I myself have depression and have been waiting since February 2016 in severe pain (pain level 8 out of 10) just to see the surgeon.

I have been told by the Royal Hobart Hospital that I have to wait three years to see the surgeon.

Like so many other Tasmanians who are waiting I have felt like ending it ...

If the Premier or the Health Minister have any sense of compassion for us they would not let us suffer like this.

To put it plainly we are living in Tasmania - the best state in Australia - not in a Third World country.

• Mike Bolan in Comments: … As long as politicians and governments are featherbedded by their benefits and there remains a growing disparity between those who pay taxes and those who receive them, our social contract is grossly distorted and will continue to create disadvantage and resentment.