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But wait there’s more ...

It’s a planning application for a UTAS development at 40 Melville Street.  Compare the descriptions - UTAS and HCC - and tell me if you think the council’s fudging the details …

How UTAS sees it:

UTAS - The University of Tasmania has announced its intention to:

• Secure private investment to underwrite a new student complex of about 450 beds, worth more than $50 million, at 40 Melville Street, adjacent the recently commissioned Hobart Apartments complex in Melville Street;

• Work on a range of options with a view to provide 150-200 new beds for Semester 2 this year. Those discussions are commercial in nature and details will be provided as arrangements are finalised.

How Hobart Council opaquely describes it:

PLN-18-422 - Application Details
Partial Demolition, Alterations and New Buildings for Communal Residence, Business and Professional Services, Food Services and General Retail and Hire.

• Letter to the Editor on UTAS properties in the city ...

In the light of University of Tasmania recently buying Hobart CBD properties, Hobart Ratepayers want to know: What is the effect on Hobart City Ccouncil rate receipts if ratepaying businesses are displaced by non-ratepaying university buildings?

Are rates levied on UTAS accommodation buildings?

Who is going to fill the black hole left in HCC rate receipts by non ratepaying UTAS?


Of course Messrs (Lord Mayor) Ron Christie, Marti Zucco and all up for election in October need to address this.

Hobart Ratepayers beware of reckless council decisions.

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