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Now that PM Malcolm Turnbull has set his heart on signing the TTP MarkII version, nothing is being said in the media that it still gives Corporations the right to sue governments if they provide any impediment to corporate profits. 

Nice that the Turnbull govt is keeping the terms of the contract secret until after the deal is done. However the New Zealand government has released its version which acknowledges that the investor-state dispute settlement procedures (ISDS) are largely still in place. To quote from The Sydney Morning Herald 21 February 2018.

Excerpt: The deal will cut tariffs on trade within a bloc that accounts for 13 per cent of global GDP. Had the US been included the bloc would have accounted for 40 per cent of global GDP. More than 20 provisions originally included at the insistence of the United State have been suspended or changed in the final text, including rules around pharmaceuticals and intellectual property. Still in the agreement are investor-state dispute settlement procedures that allow private companies to sue member governments in extrajudicial tribunals. A minor amendment inserted at the request of New Zealand prevents companies that are parties to contracts with governments from suing those governments.

So what does this mean for Tasmania’s moratorium on GM crops? See:  A no-brainer here, not long after the signing, watch Monsanto, Syngenta or some other GM agro business use the investor-state dispute settlement procedures to threaten to sue the Tasmanian Government unless the moratorium is removed.

The only chance concerned Tasmanians have on this is to lobby Tasmanian Labor and independent politicians, urging them to vote to block the acceptance of the TTP in Federal Parliament, unless the investor-state dispute settlement procedures are eliminated from the agreement.

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