Image for Tote sale process is reckless

The Tasmanian Greens today called for a commitment that the TOTE would not be sold while the Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the sale of the asset was underway.

Greens Racing spokesperson Kim Booth MP asked the Treasurer Lara Giddings to confirm the sale process was underway in Parliament today, and said he was shocked that she intends to go ahead with a sale of TOTE if an appropriate price was offered.

“I remind the Treasurer that legislation to repeal the ability to sell TOTE is currently before a Parliamentary Committee and it would be in my view contemptuous of the Committee and Parliament to wilfully obstruct the work of the Committee by proceeding to sell the TOTE,” Mr Booth said.

“As Chair of the Committee I will be placing the Treasurer’s position on the agenda for our next meeting, amongst other things, and I’m looking forward to an interesting debate.”

“The Treasurer should remember that in a power-sharing Parliament she cannot assume she will always have her way and that democracy is best served when all members of Parliament respect its decisions.”

“The racing industry has been serially misled by successive Labor Racing Ministers and Governments and I think it would judge harshly a Minister that recklessly pursued a privatisation agenda without appropriate consultation and support from the industry itself.”