The visual sight of the river basin after the first big flow from the South-Esk showed little change, but the North-Esk is a major concern as its flow to the Tamar estuary and through Home Reach is now so restricted that the its waters can’t escape leaving a huge bottleneck lake through the Newstead Churchill Park area.
The seriousness of this being the amount of ignorance that surrounds this tragedy, there seems to be no genuine concern or understanding of what this means to the whole area when the expected real flood strikes.

The same old very tied council back in its election spiel is once again using the Tamar issue as a suck-in, The big deal this time is raking the river bed, a practice that was commonplace until the mid 50s, but with the loss of proper silt removal this system was not cost effective even with the heavy duty equipment used at that time, the tidal effects were such that any spoil removed in this manner simply returned and settled back in the basin. Of course this time it’s to be tackled with a totally unsuited scallop rake with little or no idea of the power required to operate such a device against the flow of floodwater.

A couple of years ago our concerned L.C.C called for a $450.000 study/report to be carried out by G.H.D.on the river’s problems ( report No. 53 on the Tamar’s woes in the past 50 years) but to date nothing has materialized, perhaps our likely lads and lasses should pass their time following up this long overdue paper, or is there simply another reason, who knows, it may give them some direction.

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The Gorge in flood was a common sight 50 years ago and I was stunned to see the many thousands of people that flocked to see the spectacle, certainly made their footy crowds look a bit less exciting despite all the bullshit that goes into it and all the money it’s supposed to bring into Launceston, take away the extravagant running costs then give us real a figure.