Image for The neglect of Tullah Cemetery


I am a property owner at Tullah and have been shocked to discover that Council has neglected its responsibility of maintenance, upkeep and general accessibility for the public to visit the Pioneer Cemetery Reserve at Tullah.

When I first came and lived in Tullah tourist maps clearly showed walking tracks to the cemetery.

Now the main entrance of the walking track to the cemetery has a fence across it and the cemetery itself is not sign-posted and only shows one clearly marked burial among what could be many - or a few. It is too difficult to tell.

This is not the way people would expect government to maintain burial grounds of their loved ones and any descendents who may discover passed relatives who may be buried there.

I intend to write to Council about this - as It is grossly disrespectful.

The question to ask is why has Council allowed this to happen and how do they plan to fix this mess up?

Where is an alternative path to the cemetery located given that the entry looks like it will soon be completely closed off?

Shame on West Coast Council for letting this happen.

*Matthew Ryan-Sykes lives in Rosebery and also owns a property at Tullah. He works in the Tasmanian Health Services on the West Coast. He’s actively involved in the arts community. He has a bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Science and Graduate Certificate of Policy Analysis.